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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 16, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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it's been a long haul and the second phase goes through mh of tomorrow. and tt would be rain. a winter rain. around this time of year, more and more people start dreaming of spritime, and one of those persons is sittingt this de. hey, what can i say? monday night, the big story is double scan radar. know today is moving ea.ght us it is what is behind that that brings us the messy day and we havehe latest on rrent ndio, but fir we get the latest from auweather uble scan radarnd teorolist cecily tyna >> j, the storm system n done with us quite yet. the accumulating snow is over, ending few hours ago. doublscan live not a l of ite, but wt you see a lot of eeciallyorth and west of i-95 is blue. this freezing rain, and we have pches of heavier freezing
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rain moving through doylestown and another hding towards it is changing overo rain reallycross the interior south jersey and athcoast. with the cold air hanng on at the surface, fezing rain advisory has been posted for delaware, all t counties surrounding the i-95 corridor and theuburbs including the high valley and berks cnty until 2:00 in the mornin the reason why, cold air is very hvy and nse. what we have happeni, we have e warmer air ridgbove t to warm from the top to the bottom. wildwood is 46 degrees. buin reading, it's 20 drees cooler. that warmer a will swly erode tards the norwest and warm everything overolain rain. andhen we have drier a movinin overnight. what to expect tonight, it will be all rain acrosshe board. by 3:00 in the morning. temraturesontinue to warm. by dawn, arou 50 degrs. i don think we'll have any
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prlems with the icing for the morning commute. kids, youre going to scho. dzzle the morning sh, and a second part of the system bringing us high winds and hvy rain that could cause floong. the detls on that inhe full >> thank yo forecast. let's go live to chad pradelli k monomery what is the situation in the northern and western suburbs? >> wl jim, the rain or freezing rain pked up in the la hour. 10:00 we really h no precipitation. i want to show you dn here, this is an untated parki lot and you can see some of t snow from earlier this evening. now it's gting that crust fm this frozen rain thais beginning to fall he. that behind me, that roadehind that route 422. weave been watchi the trafcrom this vtage poi and it is moving along nicely. but it looks like people are slowing down just a bi we we out around the daware
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valley, drivers need to u caution. tonight mother nature h us with a dose of wier. the storm with b of everythi, snow, set and rain. >> must have caut snow der the tes and trying to not hit the guy in fnt of me a turned into the skid and i came off t road. >> driving down route 23 in vall forge when he went off the road, justissinghis te. >> and i didn't go over ts little embankment there, either. >> that is scary, could youave flipped the car. >> yeah, i am glad. >> and the crews snt the evening cleari sewalks and applying salt. trafficight on the schuylkill expressway as darkness fell, the road conditions seemed to worsen on roads like 422. >>ust came out 422 and it s really bad. itsuay takes me 150 minutes to get here and it took me twice as long. >> and nev gettingis c startg, his message to drivers
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be careful. >> am a ltle shaken up, but i'm ok. lived to talk about it, on the phone with the folks letting >> how are you at this int? >im do, i am done, am [laughing] for summer. >> wl with warmi area, if looks likehe road conditions and some surces like thisarng lot are goi to get a l better over the coming hours. live in oaks, p., chad pradelli for chnel "action news." >> thank you, chad. a christie has been philadelphia and live on the parkway. christie? >> thenow d freezing rain le behindcy snowpa. sidewks that are slick and slippy, not to menon slushry roads for dre out tonigh one of the biggest thishat redents s has been a challenge getting around today is the fte had muie elements in srt period of time.
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>> i was cleang it up at at the hall so nobody slips and fls. >> and mher nure threw our sleet and then ice and rain, four elements all in one day. >> a comple examp challenge mak it from 11th to 3rd. >> and iis eher one of the other. it is having a hard time now, ther nature is n cooperating. >>ow would you describeow >> rely, really bad. it's like ice mixed wh snow, which i didn't know it was going to b a it like sticking the ndshield even when you scrape it off. >>nd deldot works to keep it clear, and back in center city.
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>> i can't it, i am over this wther. >> the roads are passab, but through to treat the road come because it is cold and may be slick and slippery in some areas. reporting live for cnnel 6 cti news." >> thank you. the winr srm had an impa orravel in and outf philalphia ieaonal airport throughout the da at last check, about a dozen flights have been canceled, but the plow cre kept t runways cle. clear enough, and the majority of the planes were still ting fnd still landin you can visit for live conditions as the rain there you can use street-lel forecasnfrom stormtracker 6 live radar. also, be se to follow our team of meteorogists onacebook and on twitter. other news at this our, a three-arm fire ripped through an apartment building in newa, delaware tonight. fortunately the firefighters were able to contain it befe it spre fuh io the flames first broke out at 4:30
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and grew aone -- in inteity for more than an hour. fortunately nobody was hurt. the red css is helping 12 famili -families displac by the fire. rygo figureut wh t off a deadly blaze in they have notdentity filed the vicm pulled from the he on the 500 block of strathmorroad only si he was an eldey man. it took theirefighters about o hrs to exititgsh the flames. efforts cplicated by the wintry weather. >n radnor arresting a fresan with lsd overdoses at villanova university. justiyim fing a list of drug crges tonight after investigators say theyecovered 37 doses of lsd plus marijna and close to $9,000 in cash from
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h dorm room at vianova. the police say he suppld the lsd th sent three students to the hospital over the weekend. y faces expulsion. > classes rumed at your ursis following an outbreak fecting people. and a highly ctaous no norovirus was to blame not food poining. and they say that era custodial stf called in to continue the aggressive cleaning, sitizing and the disinfecting of school an autopsy tomorrow on the wman found dead in a recycling bin in allentown. tnly do they not kw how she died, d't knowhe he is. 18 to 30 of asian dient. 5-footall a 119 poundwith ort, black ha.
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herody discovered yesterday in a recycling ctainer in a paing lot in the 800 block of east tillman street. the police are asking anye who knows who she is to please call them. new detls aut aoine scalia's hlth in t days before his death. and george w. bush back on the cpaign trl, the first time tight for his brother. and turni the table. ahiladelphia teenager attacked iner high schooleceivesn ardor standing up to bullies. the snow isut of here, stilleing with freezing tomorrow i am tracking heavy and could cause some localized the details in the acceather feast. and plus, a big announcement about the next "st wars" movie and preparaon for vilnova-temple when "actio news" continues tonight.
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there is new information coming out that suggests that anine scaa w notn good health ior to his death this past weekend. this w the scene as scalia cask was being flo from el pasoo washington, andhen arriving at dulles aiort. a jud in tex is repting taing to the physician for the supreme court who said scantoin scalia had htory of hrt issues and t well enough to go through suery. and the succeor discussi, beginningi mitch mcconnell decling a new jtice should be nominated by the next the republicans don't want a democratic president to change e political configuration of
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the court. and president oma says it is his constitutnal authority to nominate adjust physian and that's what he will do. and pat tmey relead a statement saying the next cou appointment should made by the newlelected esent. he, obama, ctainly has the thory to do so, but let's be clear says tooy his nomee will be rejected by the senate. ♪ bush delighted big rally in charleston, south carolina today making h first appeance acally tonight. his first appearance on the campaign trail for his brothe jeb. and as mh as he talked about b in the sitive, he seemed to be talking in the negate about one donald trump. >> and i understand that americans are angry and ustrated. bute do not need someone in
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the oval offe who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustraon. >> asking them vote for someo who will be msured and thoughtful, that his brother. and jeb bush followed the preside with the stronger speech of his caaign. clinton, i can promise you that. tru iseeping up his attacks on ted cruz. using rtoric that is harsh even for this campaign trail. trump said cruz ia totally stable individlnds "the single biggest liar i have ever cme acro." and cruz responded tod by saying trump has lost it and that his south carolina poll numbers must be plummeting. the democratic side, hillary cnton at the caucuses insisting that the sena's resal to csider a nominee of president obama to succeed toine scalia will not py well with vots and the democrats uldete control
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of the sena. bernie sders hd a rallyn michan meeting privately with families affected by the water crisis in flint. and welcoming pope francis today to one of the mt poorest areas of xico, thanking him for visiting calling attenon to their rlity that often go overlk. and delare county, high praise f a teenage girl for philadelphia who basally said i am not going to take it anymore. "action news" reporter dann cuellar with the story. >> and standing tall against bullying in h community. >> honor by a natiol >> we are goi to put this medal on yread because we you have ne.are a hero for what
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>> itouches my heart and mns so much to . >> a couple of wesgo the sophome at northeast high viciously attked in the school bathrm and then the attackers posted on social media to humiliate hernd she reposted it and a statement about bullying. >> i refuse to held htage andill not be bullied. >> the girls w beat her has en dciplined it was determined it was a mutual fight a she will disciined when she returned to e public and oths say it is a street fight and they released a video saying how it began. >> and these girls, i just want them to understand tre are consequences to your action >> the anti-bullying gup have hiredttorneys to look into the and the girl is attending cyber
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school and wants oers to fl >> i wanto help a lot of i want everye receivinghis to feel that way. the 58th aual grammy awards are wrapping up in los angeles. ed sheeran "thinking outlo "requesting the song ever t year and "traveer "requesting the best alm. and kenick lamar the winner of the best rap album. and his album "to pp a butterfly" bringing him 11 nominations. and the next show,on't miss t oscars on the 28th of the gtz and glam, the oscars begins at 7:00. on the heels of the biggest mov opening all ti, disney announced that "star wars" episode 8as begun filming.
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princle photographyot underway today. and the sdio releasedhis teaser of the director brian johnson working on the set. and ty announc cast mbers, bicio del to, laura dern and new-comer kelly marie tran who ined popularity innline comedy visits and s for release december 2017. > online videos, youtube >> a way to get popular. >> and fol are becomg stars. >> social media you know. and i tell you th'a good place to be rig now, inside ur house wating those, not on the roads. we still have freezing rain out there, especlly the norwest suburbs. and stormacker showing rht w switching oro rain sth andast of i-95, but still have pockets of pretty intense freezing ra, some moving into legh vae east right now and allentown
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and berks county. e pket movg right into reading right now. a to the south we also have me across parts of lancaster d chester county, downi town, westchester a heavier band through lancaster. this will switching over to all rain by aut 2:00 in the morning. you can see there is a huge bale going on. warm air moving up from the soueas atlantic airport , wildwood 46. philalph,renton and wilmington finally climbed above freezing. but rding 26, allentown 27 and the poconos 26 degrees. is goi tbe the wee hou of the mning before we get the temperatur above freezing in the far northwest suburbs. satellite 6 and action rar owing what's going on right a warm front pushing through, is isll a piece of mh bier storm system the sto system actlly spawned 15 repos of tornados across the deep south, and th's a cold front. that's what wilbe ming thughomrow afternoon.
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futuretracker showing tomorrow morning not looking at a lot of heavy ra. a littleit of drizzle he or there, and noticehe tperatures, 51 in philadelpa at 7:00 in the moing. even in the lehigh valley6 i rlly think kids should be goingo school tomorrow then as we head later in the morng aund 11:0 some pckets of rnropping out north and west. and then it reay getheavy around 1:30 in t afro temperatures close to 60 degrees, righthe of the cold front. around 5:.through pretty quick looking at the impacts of the weather tomorrow, 7:00 low impact. little drile and teetures above freezing not a big deal. and ring and moderate by 10:00. the high impact arou 1:00 when we get some heavy rain. 4:00 lessens a by 7:00 o of here. looking at a pretty good soaking in theiddle of the day. geral 3/4 of an inch to an ch and a quarte the morning rush hour lite drizz, but the hea rain on
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top of the ground that is frozen solid wl be rning off. weould he are of localiz foding and wi a factor 40-50 miles per hour and could have wind gusts up to about 60 miles pehour athe sre early tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day focast, rainy, windy and very rm. our high up to aut 59 degrees. wednesday, it will be breezy with some sunshine, 46. we dropping it dno 40 on thursda mtlyunny skies. heading iohe wkend friday and this weekend is goi to be ry warm for february. 58 drees on satuay. sday 54. cld have a shower on saturd. and monday a few showers with a hi of 48 degrees. and, of cour,avidurphy will be re on "action news" beginning at 4:30 to track the temperatures which shoulbe warm and rain later in the day. >> tha you. > and several apps and programtse days motivate people to exercise more. on "healthcheck" tonight,
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a big opportuni for the other. >> two coaches that know each other well and have a lot of respect for sech other. villava the numr one teamn the country the second saight week. wednesday night they expect to get a test when they visit temple. asiderom a couple of close calls, wright's team pretty dominant. 14-1 over the pt5 games. wednesday against the owls a big five mes and nova kws what comes tthat. past couplef years.t game the we jt know they are going to they are tough,e're tou and 's going toe an uy fit. it aays a great game
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with two traditionally great programshat hava really stopping passion for baetball. and both teams take pri in representing philadelphia basketball. so about as good as it gets. over in north philadelphia, temple preparing for its bgest game of the season. thewls have straightened things out lately, winning a season high five strght gam and have a f ws over top 25 teams this season. t owl does not seem intimidated by nova. >>illanova the number one team i thi we can at them. weave beaten two ranked tms so i think weave aood shot. >> the better the pgram y play the more nervous and aaid and apprehensive and a of ose things, but it's what we live for. youive for the juice anthis is great juice game. >> the jce sports cast. when the clock strikes midnight the eagles gain a tool towards keeping sam braord here.
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midnight the teams can put the franchise team onhe lgue players preveing them from the birds he until march 1 to use that designation. if not, bdford can test the op market beginning march 9. > the flyers strgling to find victoe to move up in the standis. thafully off, dropping five of the last six games. and ty will visit the new jeey dels. ahead, sing training almost here and the manager
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fix, the wait is nearly er. phillies pchers and catchs due rept in clearwer for this will be a young team.. look further forhe staing rotation. aaron nola in line to behe eighth b nothing set in stone yet. >> i know that nola and eickhoff here the top. >> that is 1, 2, 3 in your mind? >> i won't s 1, 2, 3, but i am the top of the rotation.tbe at > u.s. women's national tm facing prto rico in group pla and lloyd scoring on a nalty kick. u.s. crushes puerto rico 10-0.
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if you a not famiar wh so soccer, that is 100 in football. "jimmy kimmel liv next on channel 6 followed by night his guests tonight david spade, da and music mashup monday from panic! at the sisqo. for cily nan, dis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. ♪
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