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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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closed for several hours this afternoon because branches came down and it has since reopened and they moved the branches, the larger ones out of way and some are still littering the roadway here. lets go to video from this afternoon, a lot of branches came down here in this area of northeast philadelphia. some on lawns and sidewalks and recycling bins were tossed about and a pine tree in the area of northeast boulevard and proctor that knocked out power to a few of the homes right there. in that particular area peco is on the scene and red lion road at jamison, some branches came down in the roadway and that kaz closed to traffic and crews made quick work of chopping it up and getting it out of the way. it was 12:25 when the winds really kicked up in this neighborhood. >> the house shifted a bit and
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it felt like something was pressing up against it. and the trees were swaying around and a large crash, maybe it only lasted five minutes. >> reporter: so no major damage, a few homes without power and no reports of injuries, the good news here now, the sun is shining again. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you good to see that the sun is out. meantime, "action news" viewers barb stout in gloucester sent us this picture in south jersey and you can see the storm knocked over the scoreboard at gloucester high school. post your pictures and video at #6abcaction or teem them to this storm system is on the way out but it brought us drenching downpours for a time
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today. adam joseph is live now at the big board and the skies are clearing. >> a difference than earlier this the day. the rain started east of philadelphia, this is 10:00 and then then it started to develop and there was intense rain with the line, the thin line of heavy rain and it pushed around the city and to the south and west and it moved it 50 miles per hour to the north and east. by 2:00 in new york city with a couple of lingering showers from philadelphia down to dover. and now everything has completely cleared out. squall line and wind gusts with this, philadelphia 39 miles per hours and west depford, 57 miles per hour wind gusts and pitts grove, 50 miles per hour. and we have some residual
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flooding after the heavy rain and snow melt and solid grown, creeks in northwestern montgomery county and chester county and western parts of delaware county until 7:15 and we are watching a flood warning for the cooch's bridge cresting now around a half foot above its flood stage and is projected to go below the flood stage later tonight and minor flooding in and around downingtown around the east branch of the brandywine creek, cresting at about 6:00 p.m., expected to go below the flood stage later on tonight. we'll chat about a pretty decent second half of the week forecast, after the snow yesterday and ice last night and flooding rain today we'll look forward to it. >> here here. whenever we get a rain soaked day, is your
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best friend. storm trammer 6 live and constant updates we have you covered. and follow our meteorologists on twitter and social media. a 18-year-old is safe at home now after crashing her car into an icy creek, she was driving on creek road when she went off the road into the red clay creek but she was able to keep her head above water and yell for help, firefighters got her out and to the hospital and she is expected to be okay. trish hartman talked to the firefighters that rescued her and trish will have a live report at 4:30. five firefighters went to the hospital after a hazmat situation in camden at 7th and federal. they did not say what caused the leak but four firefighters went
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to cooper hospital to get checked out. there is no word on how badly they were hurt. embattled attorney general, kathleen kane, will not seek another term in office. >> at the end of my life i hope that history judges me well, but what is the time to tell. i hope more that god and my sons judge me well. they will be with the ones with me towards the end. >> she only made reference to the charges she is facing of leaking information to the grand jury to the media. brian taff joins us with more on kane's decision. good morning brian. >> reporter: may good afternoon rick this was by every measure an extraordinary day in pennsylvania politics. a milestone that many agree is head spinning but kathleen kane
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was unapologetic, she still has no law license and still faces criminal charges in montgomery county but she is talking about her legacy and avoiding the talk of many legal hurdles ahead. >> in the process of everything that unfolded in the last couple of years, your family and office have suffered tremendously, and i wonder if you think at the end of the day, if you think that this fight is worth it? >> my sons learn that you don't stand on the sidelines, you fight the fight the best you can every day. i believe my legacy will be in time that i tore down this little boy network. >> with the prospect of re-election out of the way, are you prepared admit you made any mistakes? >> everybody made mistakes, i knew there was a good old boy network, everybody does, i had no idea how deep and powerful that actually ran and the fact
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that i took it on and was not silent about it is what i was determined. >> you bear out some day, a recent poll shows that just 26% of pennsylvanians approve of the job that you have done, that is a steep uphill climb to convince the rest of those folks of what you have done. >> the polling i have seen not only my poll by the harbor poll shows i am up by double digits than the other candidates, and they failed to remove me by saying i can't do my job so clearly i can do my job. >> reporter: to be clear kathleen kane may not be running for re-election, but she is not resigning and we'll see her in office and the criminal courtroom in montgomery county, i asked her will we ever see her
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again in another capacity down the road and her answer was interesting, she said quote, i hate politics, i am not a politician but she refused to rule out another elected office some day. we are live in scranton, channel 6 "action news." >> having conversation there with kane today brian thank you. in new jersey today governor, chris christie, talking publically to the residents of new jersey for the first time since ending his bid for president. he brought his budget proposal. before breaking down the numbers he calls balanced and one that does not include new taxes for new jersey residents, he thanked them for allowing them for allowing them the great privilege of running for president of the united states. >> while the results was not
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what i had hoped for and maybe some of you too. the experience has made me a better governor and better american and better person. [ applause ] >> christie says there is a lot more work to be done in new jersey and intends to make the next two years great ones. and the latest rutgers poll shows his favorability ratings hit an all-time low. 29% of voters have a favorable opinion. down 4 points since december, in terms of those that do think he is doing a good job. 59% have the unfavorable opinion of the governor with many saying they just felt he put the state's needs on the back burner during his six months of campaigning. a lot of news coming out of this, chris christie, two more
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years to go. time now for the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman is in the traffic center on a tuesday afternoon. already a busy one. >> i'm not sure how high my favorability rating will be after this report. because of the heavy downpours mid-day, we have flooding left over and a clogged drain and they need the front end loader to unclog the drain this, is the off ramp from 422 westbound at egypt road in oaks. the ramp is partially blocked. and elsewhere newspaperer providence there is a downed tree one of many shutting down fruit farm road and in other spots, normal afternoon volume as people head back to work on this tuesday after the long holiday weekend. here on the vine westbound break tapping as you head to the schuylkill expressway, and in camden, gloucester county, many
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accidentses in cherry hill, one shutting down chapel avenue and church road is a good alternate. and one in audubon closing down the black horse pike and the white horse pike is a better bet. and a crash on the shoulder at 31 miles per hour and runnemede 31 is blocked because of a wreck. and lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on a tuesday afternoon. the normal fare on the blue route at delco. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> lots of jam, need some peanut butter matt. and more coming up on replacing supreme court justice, anthony scalia. and will the miss america pageant be leaving atlantic
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plans are now set to honor the late court justice, anthony scalia, it will be 9:00 on wednesday morning at the shrine of the immaculate conception at washington, d.c. a texas judge declared he died of natural causes, his bench has been draped with a black wool. it's part of a supreme court tradition that dates back to the 19th century. the casino reinvestment authority is considering the plan today, kicking in the 3 million over the course of three years and in exchange the pant
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would stay at the yearsy shore, and dick clark productions would also promote atlantic city during other events they produce. new years rockin eve and the billboard music awards. people were trying to get to tampa florida but send at least three hours trapped on the runway in philadelphia. in this "action news" exclusive. the passengers tell us they were stuck on the tarmac with no heat or air conditions and offered just a cup of water and then their flight was canceled after three hours. >> three hours, we were sitting out there and we are angry. once they got off the fronts ear flight, there was more trouble, everyone received a full refund and vouchers for a new flight, food and hotel, some of those passengers found out that the hotel was fully booked and they
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had to sleep at the airport on their own bags, one woman traveling with their kids including one infant. >> i don't know what to say it never ever happened to me and i will never fly with this airline again. >> all the hotel vouchers are worthless because it's booked and there is no shuttle taking us there either. >> frontier air lirns working to get them to tampa but because of weather conditions some of them may not be able to fly out until thursday. >> hope they get there. thank you. we are talking about storm damage, we want to show you this damage here in the city's holmesburg section, chopper 6 hd is over the boys and girls club, you can see in the middle of your screen. heavy winds simply ripped the roof off the boys and girls club here and storm damage throughout
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the day and throughout the area, we are looking at some of it here now at the city's holmesburg section of philadelphia. >> this is the boys and girls club, and we are keeping an eye out for storm damage as the day goes on. meantime at 11:00 we have a special report on how to find more happiness in your life. if are you not feeling as satisfied as you may like, are you not alone. here is reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman. >> doctors are seeing a growing trend, people not happy with their life, some it's world events and some money or relationship problems and some it's social media. some people are stressed out from work. >> there is no stress free place for them to go, they are at work and come home and they still have work to do.
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>> we'll show you how one local businessman found more balance and joy in life and what you can do to fine the key to happiness. it's tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. >> interesting. i think we can both watch that. >> i'll check it out. you know the forecast is something to be happy about. the long range forecast. lets check in with meteorologist, adam joseph. >> the day is ending on a much brighter note this afternoon compared to earlier today when we had the earlier downpours passing through and here is the snapshot working west in berks county and we get sun returning behind that heavy rainfall. as we look at double scan live radar we are sweeping around with double scan not finding anything going on and the rain was moving at 50 miles per hour, a 2 to 3 hour window of rain earlier on today. that brought a half inch to philadelphia and .75 to trenton
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and an inch in the lehigh valley and an inch in southern areas of millville, and stronger winds of 50 or so miles per hour came with the heaviest rain and passed through philadelphia during the lunch time hour. but talk about a big swing in temperature in a relatively short amount of time, we gained 50 degrees basically in 350 hours, in philadelphia our low was 8 degrees, today the high was 60 degrees that is a 52 temperature change. and as you go down the list here the most impressive is the poconos, they were 11 below zero on sunday and today hitting 50 rising that temperature 61 degrees since sunday morning. as we look at the numbers, still in the 50s in much of the area, especially to the south and east and upper 40s for allentown reading and wilmington and on the verge of 50 degrees at the 4:00 shower. there is the rain and you can
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see how quickly it passed through to the south and east and there is still clouds west of pittsburgh and overnight tonight we'll see a mixture of the stars and clouds at times and temperatures will drop to seasonable levels. 33 philadelphia and 32 in millville and 30 in allentown and 30 in reading. temperatures will not plummet below but some of the colder suburbs north and west there could be patchy black isolator on tonight if there is standing water. 10:00 tomorrow morning, 33 in allentown and 33 in philadelphia and 40 in southern areas and as you can see sunshine mixing with clouds as we get into wednesday afternoon there could be a brief snow shower in the poconos at 32 degrees and clouds again fighting that sunshine with temperatures overall a little bit above average in the middle 40s, the four day at 4:00 forecast, and the official high, clouds and some sunshine and sunny and brisk here on thursday, a high of 40 degrees
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and clouds and crease ahead of a warm front here on friday. 44 degrees and as we begin the weekend, it's windy and very mild with high temperatures once again approaching that 60 degree mark and there could be a brief shower especially in northern areas saturday evening. where do the temperatures go we'll let you know coming up in the next half hour guys. >> thank you. still ahead police are trying to track down the man that robbed a bank in broad daylight in center city. and a teenager rescued after driver her car into an icy creek. we'll have a live report. >> and if you have feeling under the weather you may want to skip the vitamin c supplement.
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here is a look at closing numbers for today. today being the first day of trading because of president as day. the dow rallied to close at
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16,196, and the s&p up nearly 31 points today. and police in center city are looking for a man that robbed a beneficial bank this morning, they say he walked into the branch at 12th and chestnut at 9:00 a.m., he handed the teller a note saying he had a gun but that he never showed one, he took the cash and ran up towards 12th and market. there was excitement at rutgers camden university. it was the signing of a steel beam that will be lifted on top of the construction site. city officials were on hand to sign the beam and students were looking on as well. it's a $60,000 world class teaching facility in the heart of camden, a new science and nursing facility is set to open
4:27 pm
next summer. a bowen boeing engineer taught them about flying be safety. still ahead on ""action news" at 4:00, we have more information about a woman's body found stuffed inside of an allentown recycling bin
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. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again it's 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a crash that left a local beauty queen critically injured. and you could waste a few bucks on a common immune booster, we'll explain why vitamin c may not be helping you much at all. and a wild ride for an ohio family when their newborn was delivered in the car, but mom and dad were more than prepared. it was just another day on the job. but first we continue to get new reports of storm damage across the area. this afternoon storms knocked the tree on the home in buck county, the whole thing came down on to the ground landing on
4:30 pm
an apartment in the backyard. fortunately nobody was hurt. lets go to adam joseph live at the big board with the latest from accuweather. it looks like the worst is behind us now? >> it has completely moved away, with the intense rain this afternoon. low pressure pushed from the southwest and then moved to our north and west. this low tracked well to the west pumping up the southerly strong winds and the rain is lifting all the way into northern new england at this time and the western side of the low where it was all snow near rochester and buffalo, they saw 20 inches snowfall with this storm, as we look at the wind gusts with this squall line, 27 miles per hour and northeast philly, damage there of 50 miles per hour and 57 in west depford and pitts grove township an estimated 57 miles per hour wind gusts and wrightstown 49 miles per hours. we have minor flooding going on
4:31 pm
in parts of berks county and delaware county this until 7:15, the crumb creek and the west and east branch of the branny wine creek and the perkiomen creek and east of reading seeing minor flooding and all of that should subside by 7:15 tonight. when i come back we'll talk bay quiet second half of the week. not like february at all. >> we have storm damage we want to show you, chopper 6 hd is over the scene here in richboro, bucks county, look at this barn as the camera zooms in, animals and cows still inside of the barn but no roof. the roof totally blown off by the heavy winds, we look live from chopper 6 hd right now and some of the storm damage we continue to look at this afternoon, in the last half hour we saw a boys and girls club in philadelphia, their roof was
4:32 pm
torn off as well well are looking at a barn in richboro, buck county, more storm damage we continue to look at and the camera pans and more and more of that barn simply losing its roof and the animals seem to be okay. and this is a birds eye view of how significant the storm damage is and continues to be throughout the tri-state area, viewers are sending us pictures of storm damage all day long including this one from john mccaffrey from brooklawn, new jersey, join the action by posting your pictures and videos with the #6abcaction or email them to and when storms like this move through, has your covered. there you'll find storm tracker 6 live and constant updates from our weather team, follow our meteorologists on facebook, twitter and other platforms. icy roads led to a crash and
4:33 pm
remarkable rescue. a high school student went off the road and into this icy creek, she was trapped in the freezing water upside down in her car. "action news" reporter, trish hartman talked to the student and her mom and she joins us live from hockessin fire department with the story. >> reporter: well, sharrie that young lady is recovering this afternoon her family is amazed she was not hurt more seriously and they are grateful to the first responders and bystanders that came to help. they arrived at the scene at 7:30 and found this honda accord upside down and the 18-year-old driver screaming for help. >> she was actually holding herself up out of the water. the water was probably about 8 inches from covering her head. >> that driver is emily earnest, her parents say she was on her
4:34 pm
way to school when she lost control of her car at snuff creek hill road and her car when into the icy creek and hit a rock that kept it from submerging completely. they jumped into the water as soon as they arrived. >> she was upside down stick buckled and we asked for some tools to get her out and we had to break the window. within minutes they cut her seatbelt and pulled her from the car, shivering but upset. >> she was upset, hysterical and panics, we were able to get her on the bank and into one of the fire trucks to warm her up. >> in a written statement to "action news," emily wrote, i am grateful to the people that stopped and called for help and rescue teams that got he out of the car safely, i feel very blessed. >> now, emily was treated at christiana hospital and released earlier today, her parents say
4:35 pm
she has a mild concussion and state police say that icy conditions contributed with the crash and she is cited with careless driving. >> all right trish thank you. bensalem police are in the middle of a death investigation on mill road, someone found a woman's body on the side of the street this morning, the situation seemed suspicious but have not commented on a possible cause of death. new information now on a woman found dead inside of an allentown recycling container, the lehigh county coroner says she was shot multiple times before she was stuffed into the bin. her death is ruled a homicide. she is described as being 18 to 30 years old and asian. a former beauty queen has been critically injured in a car accidents in salem county. this is video of kara mccallum a
4:36 pm
few years ago, she won the miss new jersey pageant in 2013, she remains hospitalized after her convertible crashed last night. investigators are trying to determine the exact cause of the accident. the trains that travel through philadelphia could be putting people's health and safety at risk. that is according to several environmental groups along with concerned community members that held a news conference in center city that low income minorities in the city face this threat from oil train explosions and people living in these blast zones are not aware. >> lack of regulations and lack of safety and with america's dilapidated infrastructure it's
4:37 pm
a real threat. >> they are holding community meetings to hold evacuations and the emergency response plan. >> police are hoping that the surveillance video will lead to an arrest during an armed robbery. a man pointed a gun at a woman and she followed demands to give up her car keys and purse. and he stole her honda accord. if you know anything about the crime or recognize the suspect are you asked to call police. there is a fight brewing between advocates and federal officials over autism screenings, this after plans were pushed aside by government agencies. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on this. >> that is right, autism awareness groups are pushing for screenings for all toddlers between the ables of 1.5 and 2 years old, tonight in health check why this early prevention may be the way to go and why
4:38 pm
federal officials put the plan on hold. plus, american airlines suing over slow wifi, the legal battle the airline is taking on against one of its craontractor all in the name of customer service. >> monica thank you. some delaware students have been making a big difference through fundraising in wilmington. the boys at the adams school will working to support homeless war veterans, they collected household items and gave them to vets in need. a form homeless veteran delivered a personal thank you to the school and governor jack markell was there to honor them as well. and returning to the stage in paris, an american rock band finishes the set once interrupted by terrorists. and upstate to the problems that plagued adele edwards
4:39 pm
highly anticipated grammy performance. and adam joseph is back with the full forecast when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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the eagles of death metal are playing out of a soldout crowd. some survivors of the attack are expected to attend. the band members sat down for an interview before the performance saying they still have not overcome the tragedy. >> this is not just a regular show for us tonight. of course this is much more than just a show. but at the same time it's just going to be a show. >> yes, somehow they serve each other you know. >> well, the first concert was at the bataclan theater and that
4:42 pm
theater is closed sin those attacks, terrorists struck six other locations that night killing 130 people. at the big board with the big talkers and fellow parents out there know they have a plan but when they have a baby they know. we have stories of delivering newborns in less than ideal locations but this time it happened to an ohio mom and dad. mom is a nurse and dad a firefighter paramedic. and they knew they would not make it to the hospital in time they gave it a go. 15 minutes later their son was born in the front seat. for dad it was just a routine drill. >> the same thing would have happened if we were in the back of the ambulance, delivered and waiting for the cord to stop
4:43 pm
pulsating before we could clamp and cut it. >> the good news is the little guy is doing just fine for mom and dad just another day at the office. love that story. this is the grammy performance fans were waiting for and the one they are talking about today. adele of course blowing people away with her powerhouse vocals but what happened with the audio glitch that has fans fuming -- >> adele looking unsettled during the song. you can hear some kind of a pitchy mishap with the instruments, she tweeted the piano mikes spell on to the piano strings. [ bleep ] happens. they confirmed that the microphones fell while theyber
4:44 pm
moving it during the show. to her credit she killed it and did a fantastic job as for adele she did what any human would do, she consoled herself also tweeting because of what happened i'm treating myself to an inand out burger of course. maybe it was worth it. if i couldn't love adele anymore than i already did, this just takes the cake. >> bad day shake it off with an in and out burger. >> she keep its real. >> she sounded amazing. >> she did. time for a check of the highways and by ways. lets get an update for matt pellman. >> she had the song chasing pavements and we are rolling in the deep puddles and the wind is driving out of 95 and the road surface is mostly dry but a broken down vehicle as you
4:45 pm
approach woodhaven road. and a bunch of accidentses in upper merion this afternoon one along allendale road and one on bridgeport and crooked lane is another accidents scene. you'll find twigs and branches and debris on the road and an accident closing fruit farm road and some debris is clogging the drains in spots like here in oaks, montgomery county, this is the off ramp from 422 egypt road still have a lake partially blocking this and traffic is squeezing by and several sets of downed wires, blocking 147 at market street and 545 is blocked and jersey avenue gets you around that. and still have a crash along chapel avenue and in audubon avoid the southbound black horse pike because of a crash, the white horse pike is a better bet. coming up in the 5:00 hour.
4:46 pm
quick break and meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast in just a moment.
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4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now and the worst is behind us for sure. >> the sun is popping up. the action cam captured the flags whipping around today with winds gusting from 45 to 55 to 60 miles per hour especially with the heavy rain and again things have really quieted down, as we look at double scan live radar in the cloud cover and not finding any precipitation whatsoever. that was move agent 50 miles per hour especially the squall line, past new york city and past boston and looking forward to
4:49 pm
northern you neck already, 48 in allentown and 44 in reading and 50 in millville and 48 in wildwood, a high of 60 in philadelphia today and at the shore temperatures hovering around 50 degrees, the 24 hour change, a good 25 degrees or so above yesterday at this time. philadelphia to the north and west. 19 degrees warmer in millville and 15 degrees warmer at the shore and even the poconos a change of 23 degrees in 24 hours. overnight patchy clouds and seasonable, low temperatures 29 to 33 degrees and with that wind much of the rain that fell will really start to dry up on the pavement, if there is any puddles left over there could be patchy black ice and the numbers won't be dropping well below the freezing point overnight. sun and clouds to the north and west, and a little breezy at times at 14 miles per hour, and high temperatures cooler than
4:50 pm
today at 45 degrees, as the weak front moves through and high pressure comes through on thursday, we'll have a chilly northwesterly breeze with temperatures dipping to around 48 degrees and the high will break down and a warm front passes through as the end of the week and pushes the temperatures back up for the upcoming weekend. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunshine tomorrow and temperature 45 degrees, it steps down a bit on thursday with a bit a breeze. it's brisk at 45 and clouds increase with a warm front on friday, no precipitation whatsoever with temperatures at 44 degrees and behind that temperatures really rise over the weekend, it's very windy on saturday, sun and clouds and more clouds late in the day, maybe a brief shower in the evening 58 degrees and we stay very balmy here sunny and breezy with a high temperature of 56 and stay in the 50s on monday and it comes with a lot of
4:51 pm
clouds and brief shower and mostly cloudy on tuesday and temperatures go back into the 40s and overall after the last 24 hours with snow and ice and rain and sleet and a little bit of flooding, that seven day is pretty decent into the third week of february. >> spring is getting close. >> yes, it is and we'll change the clocks in a few weeks. >> i never change mine, that is why i'm always late. >> he is in a die dream. >> his own world. still ahead on "action news" the second you feel a cold coming on many run to grab the vitamin c but it turns out it could be a waste of time and money. and don't forget to watch abc time time, a jam packed lineup with fresh off the boat at 9:00 and muppets at 8:30.
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americans spend more than a billion on vitamin c supplements, but consumer report says that could be a mistake. the common cold can leave you sniffling and sneezing and aching for a week or longer. you may be tempted to try anything sooner, think twice before loading up on vitamin c supplements, chances are you are already too late. >> taking vitamin c supplements may shorten your cold a day or so but taking it after you are sick won't help. >> and it won't prevent a cold in the first place.
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taking high doses of vitamin c can cause other health problems, for example men that take excessive amounts are twice as likely to develop kidney stones and consuming more than 200 milligrams of vitamin c a day could cause stom track cramps, 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for women a day to maintain good health. that is the equivalent of an orange. >> some of the best foods for vitamin c include red and green peppers, citrus fruits and kiwi and broccoli and for those colds, get the quick fix, choose over the counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. and try throat lozenges or honey
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for soar throats and get rest and drink plenty of liquids and get a good humidifier. according to the national institutes of health, that includes keep chemotherapy. i am taking a lot of vitamin c this winter. eat the fresh fruits now. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, rick williams, alicia vitarelli i'm sharrie williams. join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on ph almost 17. now here is monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next, a 180 turn for mother nature after a bitterly cold weekend heavy wind and rain is downing power lines. we have live team coverage, and
4:57 pm
pennsylvania attorney general says she is not running for re-election, the job she is turning her focus to instead now. in his first public appearance since abandoning his bid to be president, governor chris christie unveiled his budget. i'll have reaction coming up. pet moments are beautiful,
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. what a difference a day makes. yesterday the tri-state area was dealing with a wintry mix of snow and rain and then driving downpours causing problems in buck county and south jersey, tuesday night and the big story on "action news" was the dramatic turn in the accuweather forecast. the spike in temperatures and the spring like soaker that moved through was a 180 for mother nature. vernon odom has more on today's rain and first we start with cecily tynan with a first look at the forecast. >> reporter: hi monica we went from winter yesterday to wild today with the same storm
5:00 pm
system. around 11:00 the cold front was getting closer and we had an intention squall line of heavy downpours developing over maryland and what happens was it pushed to the east of philadelphia moving through at 12:30 with rumbles of thunder and intense wind gusts. it was moving at 50 miles per hour so at 2:00 the heavy rain pushed offshore but then we had the damage and lots of trees bone over thanks to the squall line winds, philadelphia reporting a gust of 29 miles per hour and west depford 57 and pittsburgh township 65 and tuckerton a wind gust of 54 miles per hour. we did have localized flooding than is posted for 7:15 with some of the smaller creeks and streams and also parts of western delaware county and mont county and s


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