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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 17, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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it is tuesday nht and theig o on "action news" tonht is eing news from
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the city of allentown. a police officer s sh in the arm tonight of 600 block of godfrey street. it happened just about an hour an half ago while the officer was trying tourvey warrant. about a dozen ergency vehicles converged on the shooting scene after wo went tver police radio. buthere is no wd if police capture the n man or for that matter the nature of the waant. the injured copies now hospital being treated r his wound. there is a big pr job fang homeownersnd utility crews in the wake of the storms. it wasn't the snow, or the in th left the mark on the i-state area but the wind that ud a whole lot of damage in places like na, gloucester uy, bellmawr, camden county. theres a lot of cleaning up to do throughout t delaware valley. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is in e hmesberg sectionf pladelphia. jeff chirico is live in gloucester city. jeff let's start with you at
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thelcester ci junior/senior high school. >> reporter: hi, jim. here's so of that damage thaw are tking aut. this scoreboard simply collapsed during the storm. high wind madeor some scy moments for dvers. >> i swear tood it had toe a mini tornado or mhing. >> reporter: fast moving storm was so stro it tpled two tractor trailers on t walt whitman bridge. viewer video shows scene th mike sllya lookedi a movie set. >> these tractor trailers are swaying and when i saw one fall overt looked like someone had gia hand and push it or. >> reporter: it delayed traffic for more than u cross southersey a trail of destruction, wind knocked or this blboard in cden and this tree on florida avenue knew in mantua. >> it was ke sp, crack he will poand saw it coming down from the kitchen window. sparks flying, bang. >> reporter: tree felon carol van grill's home tang down power lines too. fortunately her mi as a
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generator a lessen lrned after a storm last summer following out power for a w. >> i'm worried abt tt. reporter: down power lines closed major roadwayscross the region like na pi west dtford and route 130 near bokhaven circle. >> we have been out since 1:00. >> reporter: one i, 20,000 pse&g ctomers were without power. streets in bellmawrark were dark as families found wa to mage. >> we're living like amish yes. >> reporter: how much longer can you handle that. >> not much longer. >> reporter: right now fewer a thousand customers are without power, a pse&g sa they expect to get them cp and running torrow. we are live from gucester ci jeff chirico for annel six "action news". >> jeff, thank u. lets go live to dann cuellar in the holmesberg boys ub. dann, describe the storm in a word for tse folks it is heart breaking. >> reporter: that is right jim, ve heart baking. they put ha work in this
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clubhouse. they say that storms are capable of aing lives in just mutes this one re did. for a lotf kid here in holmesberg. nobody was hurtut it delivered a terrible blow to their cbhouse rendering it uselessntil fther notice. chopperhd in an aerial e of the devastation the holmesberg boys club in the 7700 blockf ditman suffered the misfortune of being directly in the path of e storm's wrath. ripping ay a huge u of the tar roof. >> it wases a two minute win that d this damage. >> reporter: two minute incredible force of nd that, lifted several tons of the roof scattering it at cross the bkyard of t cb. it le debrisn tree tops. >> i heard, you know, k you wt to cr >> reporter: non-profit volunteer group provides athletic activities for four and 500 k. everything from foot hockey to cheer lding football and baball. theo was med such a way aw can s lht coming through. >> i feel bador all of the
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kid in the neighborhood. they ha games th weekend. practices. the families, the pents. youust fl bad for evybody. >> reporter: as for insurance club officers say forget t. >> acts of god whatever you want toall it that is t covered forhe roof. >> reporter: with all of the more ironic is the clubust d new roof installed a year ago. >> i mean it tk us five years to raise money just to get this roof a year o and now, we are starting with nothing. >> it is pretty heart break to go come here d see l this, and see all of the hd wk we have put into th program. >> reporter: now volunteers say the club vi important to the neighborhood, and thatt keeps kidff the street but now everything has been suspended until they can get help to clean up the ss and tryo ce up with t fds to fix the roof. we are li from holmesberg, i'mann cuellar for channel six "action w. >> thanks, dann. well known bucks county farmill to have me plenty of repairs in the wake of the storm today. strong wind peeled back a cow barn ro ke a tin
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can. that is tanners brothers dairy in rhboro. pieces of t wd frame were sentlying ercing the concrete silo nearby. severalorkers were inside the barn at the time. fortunately, in of them n any of the cows ttouan seerom chopper six we hurt day. lower bucks county and far northeast, seemed to be in the cross hairs this aernoon. a giant tr came down on richard angle's home in feasterville. two bedrooms and bathroom were destroyed, and he hed creaking and moved to the backut ofhe house, in the nick of te. meteorologist cecily tynan will be along in a w minutes with details on a warm th cing is end in the accu weather rast. a delaware teenagers thanking everyone who came her aid d wh a car hit a icy patch, and then flipped over into the red clay creek in ryndell wear. eighteen yr-old emily ernest wasrapped upside down. fire fighters
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and bystanders jumped inhe icy waters to scue her. r familyays teen has a mild concussion but oerwise okay. police have cid h wi careless ing. so lookt the mess, and this momma nucio a's pizza parlor in new jersey. customer hit the gas in e parking lot at 8:30 dvg righthrough the front of the store. the oner robertroce bought the place a few mths o. heaid if it weren't f a ss in the back that he wa over clean up, likely would have been run ove philadelphia detectives are trying to track do a group one m who wereki masks while robbing a nr city bomingale's tonight athe shops liberty place. the dem bandits ransack the othing racks specifically swiping high end jeans. they made f with 20 to 30 ir worth at least $2,000. pennsylvania attorney generalhe thleen kane has
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apparently given in enormous political pressure and will in the r for reelection. kane made the announcement to dayn her hometown scranton pennsylvania. she has gotten pressure from her own pty not t to run because of her serious legal oblems charges including perjury, otruction, and the suspension ofer law license. she narrowly survived a te in t state senate last week to remove her om office. after the ne conference she sat down wh ban taff. >> are you prepared to admit that u made any mistakes. >> everybody makes mtakes, everyone. for emple just as you said, i knew there was a good d boy network. eryone does. i had no id how de and w powerful that network actually ran. >> kane told brian that ev though that she will be a one term attorney general she wl notule out the sbility of running for rielected office. in tnton, newersey governor chris rtie today unveiled his new budget, that during a 30 minute speech at the ste house.
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it it was his first appearance back in the garden state since quitting the race for president. christie's bget totals $34.8 billion and contains no new taxes. the bget ds call for increase fding for pension but leaves the troubled transportation fund for a later time. love park in pladelphia will soone closed for a ssive renovation, but it is last days, have been mark graffiti laced vandalism. live the park tonight is "action news" reporter christie lleto. whatre e dails there christie? >> reporter: well, jim aprently the graffiti s cleaned up ds ago but pped ain today. me sters are saying they e not behind the tagging but there arethe who are protesting the rs spring renovation, saying that they believe that the renovations will force to em from skating here. what do you mean by that. >> it is b. it is bad. >> reporter: passers by could not help but notice extensive graffiti onhe walls of love
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rk. a multi million-dollar novation vandals lve behind had their cling ca in spray paint. >> it popped up overnight. i was here three days o a di't notice any of i it is not coherent. it isdd wo. >> reporter: image as period after mayor kenney lifted pk ban on skateboarding. or just too graphic tohow but mayor's office l "action news" at we we prepared for sething like this to happen wn we opened up the park to skaters. >> skaters definitely did th. >> reporter: he skates here three times a week and says skatersre s with the w concrete for morerass and forced them ou >> they are tryingo i e express eelves that ty do not the want ts pretty much. >> reporter: most say aiti is a eye sore. >> nobody should be looking at that. thashould be, li i said, blocked or something. that ridiculous. >> reporter: now officials say graffiti will be removed
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before renovations begin. reporting live from love park, christie llo f channel six "action news" jim. >> thanks, christie. in montgomery county, pennsylvania mickas a w pi cef tonight. briankeleton was promoted just a few u o. he is ting over for chief william albany who announced his retirement in december a after 40 years on the for. albany will stay on to mtor skeleton over the next several months. still to come on "action news" tonight top dog in west minister named ju a few moments ag plus w the premeourt will honor stin aonin scalia this week cecily. temperatures surged up to 60 degrees todayh is 60 degrees above normal. we had wind gusts of 50 miles an ur. i'm tracking cooler weather before a big warm ufor ur weekend. i'll have details with the accu wther forecast. health reporter and registered nurse l gorman ins us tonight. >> if you areookgor more happiness in your life, you areot alone.
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psychologists say this is a growing trend andn so cases social mia can make things worse. we will shoalou e unique way one local businessman found aore balance and joy in his le a what you can do to find more happiness too. plus the devils they know, ducis rgers with the flyers taking on the new jersey devilshen "action ns" continues night. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan
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politics now e front runners in south carolina, they have sizable le over their rivals, according to a new poll out tonight. hillary cnns ahead of bernie sanders 56 to 38 percent, machining likely voters. that is according tohe the cnn/orc poll. however, sanders s momentum, he has
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gned 20 pcentage point since the last poll. donald trump ang e republican pack wi 38 percent, ted cruz follows with 22ercentnd then marco b 14 jebush with tennd ben cson and john kasich are polling n'synx will digits uth rina. courtroom a of jtice antonin aa has be draped in black bunting at e supre court as h the front of e n behind which he sat for 30 yes. wordas co th alia's body ll l in reposeriday at the supme court followed by his funeral saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the east mack late conception in washington d. meanwhile president obama peat d tt intendo nominate a ndate toill theow empty aon the bench. he challengedis republican opponents in the senate to rise o what he called, venom and rangor. there is no si that t mcconnell is ready to an
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his position that the next supreme court sce should be mated the next president. finding happiness. some psychologists say there a a growing trend of americans, feeling sessed outnd not content wi their lives. manyre eng solutions. health rorter and registered nurse allie gormanos us tonight the with ideas that perhaps can help. >> reporter: yes, talking about run of the mill unhappiness in the clinical depression. there are tons of different asons as y me people n'te hpy. experts s there are also many simple thgs you can do to improve the quality of your life and boost your mood. the pursuit of happiness, how to find is in best selling books and in magazines. behavioral therapist steven rosenberg says lately many people justre not p. for some it is tragic world events li shootings and rrorism. forthers constant work load mey or relationship
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problems. >> they look at thgs and they say well, i'm not satisfied wi where i am today. >> reporter: kevin kaufman is a successfulusiness owner. he founded his company in 1989 d was never off the clock. but as time passed, wle his siness was booming, h personal lifeas tanking. >> unfortunate part about it is you n live in the moment wh you a like that because you are ws thinking about the next thing you have to do, next deadline. >> reporter: he knew something has got to give so he started to do pnosis with cr rosenberg. he helped oe fure out wh they wa in life, and then teaches se pnis. with the guided cd kevin listen to his a information patients and goals daily. >> when do you self psis you are actually seeing the affirmations inour n a you a feelg th in yr bo.
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>> reporter: he says with this they go ur subconscious mind and that helps make your goalsour reality. >> it is ke a c passhat givesou direction. >> reporter: doctorosen offers other tips continue on crease your happiness. first get rid of the negativity whether it is a toxic relationship or your own thoughts. >> when you start thinking negatively, you have really no chance of ever dng something positive. reporter: second he says, stay in the mt. this ione he tells athletes he has work with in the past. third, give back. vonteer. fourth give bk to nature. it can help calm t mind. and finally erectend lit social media. >> try your best to put down your phone. >> reporter: he says in some cases people can feel social media envy, seeing other people's post can make you feelad abt yr life. th se he says, ke things in perspective. >> it is just a little
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millisecond of thr lives very often they a doing the same thing that you are doing. >> reporter: for kevin heays the cnges he has made has made him happier. he delegates more work, playness a bd r charity events and spd quality time with his grandson. and other ti include tng enough sleep ercise, and spending timei people you like to spend time wh. at can be family or id. getting rid of clutter. doctor rosenberg sa when your u is cluttered your mind is al cluttered and one of the ke to happiness having a clear mine. >> i was waiting to talk about sleep. it is eraordinary how much better you fe when y get a good night eep. >> you are cranky if you don't t enough sle. >> cecily is looking at me ke i mu never get my sleep, i know, you were tking it. >> not you jim never. >> thank you very much. a rn short haired terrier wonest in e
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tonight at we nter kennel club, dog show, the prestigious dog competition wrapped up just 15 minutes ago at madison square garden in new york. winning dog's name cj, cj beat out more tn 2700 other gs. philadelphia animal ce and nol te kick off a half price adoption event today. it al fing half i fees onets ahing for foreverom for two weeks or more. you canheck out the dogs and cats at the main shelter at 100lock of wt htg park avenue. this promotion will run unl sunday. that would make you more happy, adopt a t. >> absolutely. >> it will be warm this weekend to so when u go pick up your new pet you can arhort sleeves. >> and you can takeourog outor a walk. >> yes, youan do that too. >> storm tracker six live double scan ong a ce break in the ai after
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rking overtime with the sn yesterday, the freezing rain, st night and th the heavy rain and uerstorms toy. and the action c taking look along the banks of the schuylkill ver, and everything has really settled down after a windy day of stormy day with a high of 60 degrees. pretty dramatic changehen youonsider e temperatures, e st five days. is is really the core of the cold air th winter, so ursday, it is 28. friday 26. saturday's high 24. sunday 20. yesterday is 33egrees. i don'tee any co air like thisnhe way e rest of the winter so the wots behind us. weill ha a f shots of cold air d mbe some storms but that was the ce of the cold air this wter. that should make you happy a as well. ght now 37 degrees in philadelphia a trenton 38. wildwood 37. allentown is 3 readings 38 degrees. out in the suburbs we will be dropping below freezing. most ofhe roads haveeen blown dry
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with wind gus t if you have any standing water, untreated road could have a ltleit of patchy ice ornight. satellite six with action radar is showing a systemo brought us a tremendous wi. half inch to an ih of rain. cold front is aw from frustrates. there is a disturbance to the south bringing someld ts should pass through tomorrow. and tomorrow we wi see cud breaking innd se nine. temperatures not b 34 degrees at 7:00 o'clock. by 1: clock 43. by 4:00 o'clock 44 degrees. the d, we could he a co front and as a co frt moveshrough could have snow shower in the poconos. elsewhere it will be dr 45 degrees ahead of i behind the temperatures take a little bit of p, the gh 40 degrees, with windut of the northwest b th high pressure will migrate east as we headhrough weekend and that wi the cold o brings temperaturesp in the mido upr 5s and i uldn't be surprised if saturday, aew areas hit 60 degrees. so the elusive ac weather seven day forecast, not bad
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tomorrow, cloud, mixing with sun, maybe a snow shower in the pos th a hi of 45 degrees. thursday a tray off it is colder with a high of 40 but we'relsoeeing load of sunshine. so all and a a nice day. heading in to friday creasing o 44 degrees. look at e end at a difference a week makes. the saturday ndy, veryild with a high of 58egrees. sunday sts md, 56 increasing cloud sunday into monday a few showers monday, plenty of cloud with a hh 53 degrees. tuesday, sy cloudy, cooler but th a a high of 4 there are indications there could be a aal system fing wednesday. e strength, trackoo ely toell. i'm'sotinghattead out to sea. most peopleith ng that. >> yes, they would. >> you made a mtake. when we make a mistake we are not a afra to correct. cj winner of the best in ow tonight at west minister was a german shortaired pointer.
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>> not a terrier. >> okay. >> i alogize to cj, and erybody else. >> yes. >> that is the al. a newedical center opened tonight on penn medicine's campus university city in philadelphia. physicians and leaders from the university of pennsylvania's pearl man school of micine, cut the ribbon, on a novartis nn center for advanced cellular therapeutics. this is high tech. center will fos on peonalized cell therapist for caer which enable patient's own immune cells to be reprogrammed outsidehe body and tn reinfused to destroy the ms. this ishats gog on at theniversity of pennsylvania.
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flyers in new jersey tonight, and th need is. >> yeah, a team they are chasing in the standings. up and down, up and dn flyers clde an as unpredictable as the stock rket. five losses in six games enter tog. that had tm six pnts out of the playoff spot visiting
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the devils. the flrs, in the third periodordan to mas it two-two. sometimes script just write themselves m. flyers bounce back nicely, on the the power play, wayne simmonds h 21st of the season. the-two yers. fifty later nick cousins, one of four, third peri goals for the flyers. offense is a alive. they beat the di six-three. lightening lose tonight. flyers are four points back. college stball tomorrow night it nber oneerse rked opponent but villanova a ainst temple rankings doot matter. fran dunphy and owls ll host this one at the liacouras center. temple lostast eng points. the wdcats are yg to protect theirxpected number one seed in the ncaa tournament. both sidere expecting a battle. >> when we scheduled ts, we offered espn to play this late in the year, thought on t road, at tple, in february, it is not going to get any
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ugher than a >> villanova is a pnomenal basketball program. they have trific talent, great coaching. it is great wi challenge for . our whole ge so be good. >> st. joes h a big game of its own tomorrow, we
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over on hawk hill tomorrow there will be a significant game, one with major implications. st. joes will host 15th ranked dayt first place inhe conference will be on the line. coach phil mtelli w asked how a w over flyers would a
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affect the hawks ncaa tournament standings. >> it is just based e numbers, and the numbers say that we're 21-four in second place in one of the best conferences in america and we arelaying f first place tomorrow nh a >> you tell tm a no rain clearwater florida tay phillies tchers and catchers report tomorrow. first work out thursday. jeff skversky will have reports alleek long. that is sports. >> thanks, ducis. jimmyimmel ve next on channel six followed byight line. jimmy's guest e stephani, m sorry and secretary of stateohn key. "action news" nnues 4:30 a.m. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers andhe entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner good night. >> ♪♪
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