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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we're following several new and developing stories. >> a police officer is on the mend after gunfire erupted in allentown late last night. we're live with the developing details. >> the search is on for the vandals who left their mark on a philadelphia park. >> a calmer end to the work week is on tap compared to the wild weather that we started off with. >> let's get things calm for you here and turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> i still got the winter coat on this morning because we have seen temperatures drop a bit but yeah winds aren't all that strong. as you take a look at satellite, there's no precipitation this morning. that's down to the south. we have a fair amount of cloud cover but there will probably be some sunny breaks as we go through the morning and afternoon. we did have strong winds on tuesday gusting as high as 50 miles per hour or more so a driver's alert this morning that there will be some debris on roads every now and then and keep an eye out for that. karen rogers mentioned too that up in the northern suburbs some people have been complaining about little icy driveways and stuff like that so be careful the farther north you go but the temperature is up to 36 in allentown and 36 in reading. and 36 degrees in
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philadelphia. closer to the freezing mark in trenton and down the pike in ac and millville at 32 degrees currently. it's going to be a seasonable day with clouds mixing with some sun, a little breezy at times, not too bad in that regard. by 1 o'clock up to 42. and your high is going to be that 44-degree reading at 3 o'clock. when i step inside we'll take a look ahead at the rest of the week, karen, including the weekend. some nice changes coming on saturday. >> just keep saying weekend and nice. we like that. all right, let's hit the roads right now if you're about to head out you're looking good so far on the schuylkill expressway here near city avenue. that's your westbound traffic headed towards belmont. no problems. no delays. so, looking good here on the big picture seeing speeds mostly in the 50's on the schuylkill and blue route and i-95. don't forget falls bridge is still shut down until april 1st. i know that gives a lot of people headaches. monument closed between ford and belmont with that ongoing construction. burlington bristol bridge right now scheduled to go up for app northbound ship any minute now. stick to the turnpike connector.
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in mount laurel burlington county we have a serious accident here. someone was reportedly trapped in the wreckage of a vehicle and they've shut down the ramp from the james fenimore cooper service area to the turnpike northbound. so the turnpike itself we're seeing 65 miles an hour, no problem but the ramp is shut down. matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. we are following developing news here. learning more about a shootout that put an allentown police officer in the hospital. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at lehigh valley hospital where the officer is recovering to fill us in. >> reporter: matt, this all remains under investigation this morning. we were told the officer was shot in the arm and he's recovering this morning here at lehigh valley hospital. the suspect was taken here, too, last night but we don't know what his injuries are. this all happened at 616 godfrey street in allentown just before 10 o'clock last night. an exchange of gunfire as allentown police were executing a search warrant in that apartment there. police had the area surrounded. neighbors reported hearing officers using bull horns and
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instructing someone to drop their weapon. some nearby residents were evacuated while all this was going on and they were allowed back home around 1:30 this morning. the chief of police says this all started as officers went to serve a warrant. he says the first suspect opened fire on officers. then officers fired back. >> as officers of our emergency response team were approaching the door, they were met by gunfire. one of our officers was struck. that officer is in stable condition at this point in time. >> reporter: a search warrant they were serving was related to a homicide investigation from last sunday when an unidentified woman was found in the recycling bin. the video you're looking at right now is video from that crime scene but as for the suspect police haven't specified what his injuries are. they haven't said what condition he's in this morning but again, the officer remains in stable condition at the hospital. we're live in allentown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you. a driver survivor survives
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colliding into a train in south jersey. this is viewer video of paulsboro last night. the car was on the tracks at beacon avenue and monroe street. witness say the vehicle was trying to outrun the freighter. >> graffiti popped up again yesterday. many skaters say it is in protest to renovations that will force them from the park. the vandalism started after the mayor lifted the ban on skating. it appears the vandals have left behind written protests before the park shuts down for a year long multi-million dollar renovation in which much of the concrete will be traded for more grass a change that will inevitably force skaters out. while some believe the graffiti is a way for the skaters to voice their frustration others see it as a big eyesore. >> it seemed to have popped up overnight. i was here three days ago and didn't notice any of it. it's like a bunch of odd
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ramblings. >> the mayor's office released this statement in response to the vandalism. "we were prepared for something like this to happen when we opened up the park to skaters." park will be closed off dan the graffiti removed fro before the start of renovations. tell us was think about the vandalism on our 6abc facebook page. back to you tam. >> thank you erin. new this morning, pennsylvania's highest court is getting involved in a dispute about whether convenience stores can can carry beer. the case pits the state's beer distributors against the liquor control board and the company that runs sheets stores, the supreme court justices will consider whether a convenience store can sell beer and gasoline without violating state law. only about a dozen businesses that have gasoline pumps currently sell beer to go in pennsylvania. >> if you've ever tried to use the wifi on an american flight and thought to yourself this connection stinks, american agrees with you. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square to tell us what the airline plans to do about it. hi, maribel.
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>> reporter: hi, matt. american airlines is suing its wifi provider. the airline says the speed of the wifi service from go go is slow. it is notifying go go it has a better offer from a competing service. this may result in a change of internet providers on as many as 200 of american's jets. solid gains with industrial stocks leading the way. right now futures pointing to a higher open. we've got reports on housing starts and producer prices due out later today. victory brewing is teaming up with southern tier brewing. the brewers will remain independent but are expected to share resources to strengthen their respective positions. victory is based in downingtown pennsylvania. the two could share distribution to the ingredients supply chain to help them complete. that's latest. back to you matt and tam. >> that's good news for the golden monkey. >> good news for us no precipitation out there right now.
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>> there is good news. >> storm tracker6 live double scan snows you we're high and dry. you'll need your coats stepping out because the temperatures have dropped a bit from yesterday. there is the ben franklin bridge and northeast philadelphia in the distance behind it and tranquil conditions, just a little bit of light wind out there but temperatures are cold. everybody in the 30's from north to south. 36 trees in philadelphia, 35 in wilmington, 33 a little closer to the freezing mark in trenton, 32 in millville, the freezing mark there. 36 up in allentown and reading, and 35 in cape may. a lot of clouds out there this morning but we're seeing breaks working their way in from areas around washington, d.c. and points west. now i'm seeing some holes in the action down in the delmarva peninsula and through the day we'll see clouds giving way to some occasional sunny breaks. it's going to be a basically dry day although as we get later into the afternoon i just want to show you that up in the poconos futur future trar is picking up a couple snow showers. some of those might manage to filter down into our far northern and western suburbs
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places like allentown bethlehem and easton late today or early this evening. these are light nuisance little snow showers and i don't think they're going to have much of an impact but something to watch out for. lehigh valley forecast overall clouds and sun, cooler with a high of 43 today after getting up into the 50's yesterday. of course we had that rain and wind to deal with as the temperatures were mild. and then clouds, some sun at the shore, also chilly, a high of 45 degrees inform philadelphia we'll go for a high of 44 this afternoon clouds mixing with occasional sun again way up northwest a possibility of a pop-up shower or snow shower and then winds west-northwest eight to 16 miles per hour. a little breezy, not too bad though. tonight that wind continues out of the northwest more or less and that's going to continue to drag colder air down in from the great lakes. we'll go all the way down to 27 degrees for an overnight low and then tomorrow with high pressure in control lots of sun but we still get that draw from the northwest and that continues to keep us cooler. tomorrow's high just 39 degrees under the sun but we'll start to turn it around after that as you the high
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pulls east and we get more of a westerly and southwesterly flow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast looking at a high of 44 today, clouds mixing with some sun. and then tomorrow sunny but chilly and that high of 39. looks like we're still kind of cool on friday with a high of 41. clouds will increase as a warm front approaches and in the afternoon or evening there's the chance of a shower popping up on friday. but then behind a passing warm front on saturday we zoom all the way to 60 with partly sunny skies. it will be a bit breezy but a pretty nice saturday and 56, not bad on sunday. sunday clouds will increase and there could be a bit avenue shower at night. sunny on monday 53. tuesday it's cooler way high of 46. and as a frontal boundary pushes close in the late day or evening hours we'll be looking at some showers, maybe mixing with some wet snow as well and there could continue into wednesday. >> okay, we'll look out for that. thanks, david. 6:09 now. still ahead, a door backs drive through when a driver takes a slice out of a south
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jersey pizza place. >> a family scare on the clops slopes that could even happen to expert skiers. karen. >> we have building volume on 422 eastbound at oaks but no major delay just yet. we'll check the vine coming up. >> and hear why a sheriff down south is blaming beyoncé for a recent attack on his home. that's next on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look there the commodore barry bridge. beautiful in the early morning. it is 6:13, 39 and at least there the commute is looking pretty good. >> it look like christmas. >> it does a little bit. >> what? >> doesn't it? >> the lights. >> yeah, there's lots of lights out there. >> i think it does. >> okay. every day could be christmas, why not. i'm looking towards spring. i'm not going back at this point. looking live on the vine street expressway, it's a nice dry commute. we're looking good there with no major issues. this is the vine eastbound headed towards i-95. no problems. all lanes opened and looking good. we have a few issues out there, though. so this one in cheltenham causing a problem on tookany creek parkway at ashbourne road. an accident happening here in montgomery county. in new hanover township we have another accident here. who he is are on the scene and they're blocking a lane on middle creek road attman'sville road and this is a new accident coming from new
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hanover. tinicum township a downed tree causing problems. when it fell down it brought wires, too. kind of a double whammy. river road closed near smith town road. stick to mount airy as an alternate. you may find situations like that with yesterday it's 50 miles an hour wind gusts. downed pole due to an earlier accident and 168 southbound near nicholson road we have two planes lanes blocked in haddon township camden county. things are starting to get busy. as volume increases and you've got a couple lanes blocked on the black horse pike that will be a bigger issue for you so watch for that one if it stays out there. temperature-wise it's chillier than yesterday. 33 in warrington, 35 in saint davids. 36 in center city and most of the suburbs in new jersey you're about freezing hammonton 32 and a little bit below that in browns mills. we're getting back to reality matt. >> thanks karen. the latest poll says the front runners have a sizable lead over their rivals in the
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next presidential primary. sanders has the momentum having gained nearly 20 percentage points since the last poll. donald trump is leading the gop pack with 38 percent, ted cruz 22, rubio 14 and jeb bush at 10. south carolina's republican primary is on saturday. the democrats will hold theirs the following saturday. >> new here on "action news" a tennessee sheriff says his home was shot up and he's making argument he was targeted because of beyoncé much he says the first thing that crossed his mind after hearing gun slots was recent violence against law enforcement officers end blames his incident on beyoncé's performance of her song formation at the super bowl. >> i think we've lost five to seven officers, five deputies sheriff's since sunday's super bowl. you know, that's what i'm thinking, you know, here is another target on law enforcement.
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>> neither arnold nor anyone in his family were hurt. no bullets actually hit the home. arnold is already in local headlines in tennessee. he's being investigated by the fbi and the tennessee bureau of investigation in a public corruption case. this is the mess left back an unfortunate accident in somerdale new jersey last night. a customer hit the gas at mama nuccio's pizza parlor driving through the front of the store. owner robert croce bought the place a few months ago. he said if it wasn't for a mess in the back that he walked over to clean up he likely would have been run over. >> 6:16. swallowed by snow. a father who was showing his son ski stunts gets the scare of his life. david. >> my goodness. we're dressing the kids up. cold enough for snow this morning but it's not snowing. we're in the 30's. dress them up warmly. this afternoon they can ease back a bit on the gear. i'll have your day planner forecast and we'll check out conditions on airports in some of our travel cities. >> new details about a blockbuster new phone.
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>> a video he hints that the company's next flagship galaxy s7 could be water resistant and have wireless charging. >> it's expected to be unveiled next week and a new shopping site has unique products. it only sells items that last forever. >> every product listed comes with a lifetime warrant tea and while buy me once doesn't have a big selection it does have toys cookware furniture and even socks. >> and how about this? for a simple doodle it's the work of cyclist steven hundred using his gps app that tracks his progress to create drawings by riding dozens of miles around city. >> he says he pours over the map of the city before plotting what figure he'll draw through his movements. very catchy. i like that darth vader. >> he has a lot of time on his hands clearly. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day, everyone.
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>> troubleshooters helping our viewers having trouble with their appliances. here's nydia han way preview. >> reporter: it happens too often. are stove refrigerator or dishwashers goes kaput. you call someone to fix. it what if you paid and the fix never happens. that's when our viewers called the "action news" troubleshooters. >> the dishwasher which is over here was working intermittently, stopping and starting not getting dishes clean, not evening heating up propeproperly. >> reporter: it took the troubleshooters less than 24 hours to get results. found a out how we did it and what you can do about it on "action news" at 11:00. >> we help them with all kinds of things. let's take a look outside right now and check the ben franklin bridge. no speed restrictions today, no problems on the roads. so we've got an easy ride so far at least on the ben. the burlington bristol is finishing its opening for a northbound ship. might want to stick to the turnpike connector but should be done shorterly.
6:21 am
in newark we've got old baltimore pike closed down near route 72 for that accident investigation. that's been causing a problem all morning, dave. stick to pulaski highway as your alternate. >> temperatures in the 30's across the region this morning, karen, down to about 34 by 7:00, 36 by 9:00. we are going to wind up with a high of 44 today which is our average high for this date in philadelphia. clouds mixing with some sun. there's a slight chance avenue pop-up snow shower in the poconos. low impact, real spotty most of you don't see it. all green aircraft on the big board at the airport right now and when we look at our big travel destinations no sign of precipitation. looks like it's going to be a nice day for the phillies who gather for their first meetings in clearwater today, tam. >> good for them. hopefully the summer will be good for us. thank you david. new on "action news" flint michigan residents recounted tales of horror as they told the surgeon general how poisoned water has affected
6:22 am
them. residents lined up to talk to the doctor. a new study found in even though flint residents were eagle boo poisoned by their own water supply they were still paying some of the highest water rates in the nation. >> temple owls host the villanova wildcats at the liacouras center tonight. villanova remains the number one team in the country for the second straight week. the wildcats are 22 and three and only lost one game in their last 15. temple lost the last meeting with nova by 23 points. tipoff at 7:00. flyers beat the devils last night for only the second time in their last seven tries. there's a devils goal but flyers forward wayne simmonds and center nick cousins scored 50 seconds apart in the third period taking down new jersey six to three. flyers are four points out of a playoff spot. they face the canadiens in montreal on friday. >> local university welcomes kaitlyn jener to campus today. >> katherine scott is live at a lehigh valley hospital where a police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt an officer was shot last night after serving a search
6:23 am
warrant in allentown. we're live with all the latest details coming up at 6:30.
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>> happening today, former olympian and reality tv star caitlyn jenner will visit philadelphia. jenner will have a conversation with buzz bissinger. the journalist is helping jenner write a memoir. tickets are five dollars for students and $30 for the general public. >> ♪ >> new this morning a and
6:26 am
idaho man sharing what he calls the most frightening experience he's ever had as a father. it's an effort to get the word out by tree dangers while skiing. he took this video of he and his son ethan skiing in idaho when suddenly as you can see there ethan fell and then slipped under a tree and got stuck. >> heads up. you're okay. it's okay. here we go, here we go. here we go. i got you. whew. >> where is your glove. >> father did an amazing job staying calm. he's sharing the video to spread the word about the dangers of tree wells. voids around the bases of trees that form after a heavy snowfall. winston says to take the time to know the dangers around you and most importantly never ski alone which is good advice. "good morning america" will have much more on this story.
6:27 am
"gma" is of course at 7 o'clock right after this newscast. it's scary stuff. i mean, you just never know what you're going to run into when you're in unfamiliar territory. >> heart attack just watching that. thank you erin. 6:27. an officer in lehigh valley has been shot on the job. a live update on his condition is up next. >> new this morning neighbors hear a loud bang and wake up to find mangled metal littering their delaware county street. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news," an allentown police officer shot while investigating an unsolved murder. >> new this morning, investigators for the san bernadino terror attack want apple to do something it's never done before and the company explains why it will not. >> windy wallop. powerful gusts damage buildings and leave south jersey resident in the dark.
6:30 am
>> good morning. it is 6:30 on this wednesday, february 17th. weather and traffic right now with david and karen. >> we're off to a cooler start this morning with temperatures in the 30's in most neighborhoods and it's also fairly cloudy. take a look at satellite. we do have some breaks now in south jersey and we are expect something sunny breaks as we go through the day but starting out kind of gray over the city and across most of the region. as we just mentioned we did have strong wind gusts on tuesday, up over 50 miles per hour so a driver's alert this morning. there could still be some tree branches on roadways. keep an eye out for that and it's one of those mornings where if you're on some of those secondary roads that didn't get a whole lot of traffic yesterday you might be swerving around some of those bits and pieces of debris out there. 36 degrees in philadelphia. 36 in allentown. same story in reading. 33 a little closer to the freezing mark in trenton. 35 in wilmington and 32 on the nose in million vigil as we roll through the day it looks like an average day in terms of temperatures. we'll be at 42 by 1 o'clock and by 3 o'clock 44. that is the average high for today. clouds mixing with some sunny breaks.
6:31 am
better conditions coming as we head into the weekend, karen. details ahead. >> we're dry at least out there. no big weather related problems. starting to get busy though on i-95. taking a live look at girard, this is your southbound traffic headed towards center city. pretty heavy from academy to cottman and allegheny to girard. we have a few accidents. one in new hanover township blocking a lane at middle creek road at is that so a man'sville road. tookany creek parkway at ashbourne road. in mount laurel a serious accident we were hearing someone was trapped in the wreckage of one of the vehicles and it's taking a while to clear. we've got police and fire crews all on the scene with this one in burlington county and they've shut down the ramp from james fenimore cooper service area to the new jersey turnpike northbound. now, on the turnpike itself we're seeing speeds like 65 miles an hour. no problem. in newark old baltimore pike near sunset lake road we had an accident investigation causing some closures but it just cleared and traffic now moving better there, matt and tam.
6:32 am
>> thank you karen. and we're continuing to follow a developing story in allentown. a police officer who was shot while trying to serve a warrant. "action news" report katherine scott a live outside of the lehigh valley hospital. that's where the officer is being treated. she's got the latest. good morning katherine. good morning tam. we lope to learn more as the day goes on but we do know that one allentown officer was shot last night while trying to serve a warrant. he was taken here to the hospital after being shot in the arm and was listed in stable condition. police haven't said what injuries the suspect has but the suspect was taken here, too. let's go to video from last night and you can see there was a heavy police presence outside 616 godfrey street in allentown. this happened before 10:00 p.m. allentown police were exexcitinexecuting a search war. last night officers from the emergency response team were
6:33 am
approaching the door to serve that warrant when police say they were met by gunfire. and police fired back at the suspect. neighbors reported hearing officers using bull horns and instructing someone to drop their weapon. >> there was an exchange of gunfire between our officers and the individual inside. after a brief standoff he has been secured and has been transported to lehigh valley hospital for treatment. >> reporter: and some nearby residents were evacuated while all this was going on and they were allowed to return back home around 1:30 this morning. again, that officer was in stable condition. as for the suspect, he was taken here,, too but police haven't specified his injuries and they never said what condition he was in. we're live in allentown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. and a possible drive by shooting injured a man in bucks county. chopper6 was over the scene at bath and buckley street in bristol borrow last night. the victim is described as a plan in his 20's. he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound his head.
6:34 am
no arrests have been made. >> it is 6:34 and new this morning, a driver is in custody after going on a demolition derby in delaware county this morning. the action cam found the damage along the 500 block of south 13th street in darby borough. the driver smashed up three parked cars ripping the front bumper right off of one of them. no injuries were reported. bill cosby lost a legal fight that would have put his appeal on criminal charges on the fast track. it also trade his nex delayed ht appearance. the montgomery county judge now has denied cosby's appeal of that decision. but another appeal filed with pennsylvania superior court is still pending. coastal storm bee is charged with indecently assaulting former temple university staff andrea constand back in 2004. >> cleanup continues across the delaware valley after powerful winds left behind a lot of damage. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in bellmawr camden county where some people still don't have power. good morning, annie.
6:35 am
>> reporter: good morning, tam. the good news is that most of the power now at this hour has been restored to a lot of people who lost it yesterday at the height of the storm the loss of power was in the thousands for customers around this area but i want to show you the damage that is left behind still from that storm. you can see that wires are down here also this tree was uprooted in the front yard and that tree even fell on their next door neighbor's house. >> it was like snap, crackle, pop and i saw it coming down right from the kitchen window. sparks flying, bang. >> reporter: next carol says a tree fell on herman clue what homon her home.there were n major roadways like mantua pike in west deptford and route weren't 30 near the brooklawn circle. it caused traffic issues, too. winds knocked down this camden billboard and on the walt whitman bridge, toppled tractor-trailers delayed traffic for an hour. >> these tractor-trailers were like swaying. when i saw the one fall over it looked like someone had a
6:36 am
giant hand and just pushed it over. >> reporter: over in bellmawr at the height of the storm 20,000 pse&g customers were without electricity. over the bridge in holmesburg, the winds are to blame for ripping a roof off the holmesburg boys and girls club. officials say it happened in a powerful two minute gust. the club just raised money to install the roof and they have no insurance. >> feel bad for all the kids in the neighborhood, you know. they have games this weekend, practices, the families, the parents. you just feel bad for everybody. >> reporter: that's right, widespread damage around the entire tri-state area. well, back here in bellmawr we can tell you that we just checked the pse&g web site moments before we went on air and it looks like 167 customers are now without power which is a big improvement. for now reporting live in bellemare, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> thank you annie. turning to accuweather and dave murphy. >> winds are down this morning, temperatures have dropped a little bit but at least we're dry. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that. heading outside sky6 not a lot
6:37 am
of wind out there, a little bit of a breeze. there's our sky6 camera in chester and the commodore barry bridge with the clouds behind it, it does look like we're going to start out fairly gray and look at some sunny breaks during the day with the clouds winning out overall. 36 degrees currently in philadelphia. the winds light at seven but that's enough to give you a wind chill of 30 so certainly a morning for a little extra gear. and there's satellite showing you the clouds. some breaks have just opened up in south jersey and down toward wilmington, delaware, so some of you will see some early sun and overall today it's clouds with some sunny breaks. future tracker6 i'm showing you the late afternoon hours here because there is the chance up in the poconos of a couple of spotty snow showers developing and it wouldn't be out of the question if late today some of that filtered down into our far northern and western suburbs, places like the lehigh valley and berks county. they're going to be fairly light and spotty though so i don't think it's a big impact event certainly. overall the story is going to be just how it's cooler and mainly dry today. 35 degrees by 8 o'clock, 38 degrees by 10 o'clock. by noon, 41 degrees and then
6:38 am
by 3 o'clock, that's your high, 44 and that's right around average for this time of year. winds only running about eight to 16 miles per hour, so a little breezy but not too bad. high temperatures not much difference from north to south today. 43 is what you'll see in allentown reading and trenton, 43 in wilmington, 45 in millville and atlantic city. and down in cape may probably about 43. then tomorrow high pressure is in control so we'll see plenty of sunshine beneath that high but it will be centered just far enough away from us where we'll get a breeze out of the northwest and that will continue to draw cooler air into the region. tomorrow's high 39. after that th we start to get milder. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 44 is today's high clouds mixing with sun. sunny and chilly tomorrow with that high of 39. and then friday inching back up to 41 with clouds increasing ahead of an approaching frontal boundary and we he do have a chance of a shower from that front on friday night. then on saturday behind a
6:39 am
passing warm front we zoom. 60 is your high. it will be a bit breezy but milder with partly sunny skies so a nice saturday for you and then sunday clouds increasing but we still get mild with a high of 56. late in the day or evening a chance of another shower. probably not a lot of precipitation there, though. then monday still looks nice, 53 degrees the high. fair amount of sunshine. on tuesday, clouds increase. we dip to 46 for a high and that's our next issue as in the afternoon or evening there could be some rain that eventually mixes with a little bit of wet snow and then continues into wednesday morning and wednesday we could see a mix of wet snow and rain as well so that's a time period we're watching. >> okay, thank you david. it is now 6:39. up next more stories you didn't see last night. apple den flies an fbi request related to the san bernadino shooters. they say the no go is to protect everybody else's privacy. >> a den nick debacle in center city. thieves make offer with thousands of dollars worth of
6:40 am
diner jeans. >> fort washington 309 past the turnpike, the traffic moving nicely here. we'll check the schuylkill coming up. >> and old is new again this year when it comes to the oscars. that's later on "action news." >> ♪
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6:42 am
>> ♪ >> 6:42. oh they got a big one on the temple campus today in north philadelphia. villanova is coming to town number one in the nation facing off the of off with the temple owls liacouras center. tipoff 7:00 p.m.
6:43 am
>> that's going to be a good game. let's go to karen rogers. she's got a look at your commute. >> so far it's been a pretty good commute. we've noticed a disabled stake vehicle here. penndot on the scene blocking right lane on vare avenue near maiden lane. this is the schuylkill westbound near vare and we're seeing a little bit of volume build between passyunk and south street. watch for that disabled vehicle. you see the slow speeds on the schuylkill westbound near city avenue about 32 miles an hour. don't forget we still have an east falls falls bridge shut down until april 1st so that's been giving people lots of headaches and those headaches continue. on i-95 slow speeds 18 miles an hour at cottman, 24 miles an hour right now at girard so slowing kind of in the usual spots there. and there's that disabled vehicle we talked about earlier. we also have a problem with a fire location. you want to watch for that. that's on green street right there. so look for that fire location causing some issues on green street at 24th street. let's pull in another issue that's around the area. this is a downed tree. we had 50 miles an hour speeds with the wind yesterday and we've had debris on the
6:44 am
roadway and here downed tree that also brought some wires down on river road it's shut down between smith town road and dark hollow road so stick to mount airy road as your alternate for that one. let's check the temperatures. we're dry out there today. so that's some good news for you. 36 degrees in philadelphia. we're sitting just at the freezing mark in millville. 36 degrees in allentown. we've got a couple people on twitter seeing a slick spot or two here or there. just use caution. today's high 44 so getting back to reality. yesterday high of 60. the mild weather is gone for now tam. >> thank you karen. new this morning, an 18-year-old is under arrest accused of practicing medicine without a license. malachi love robinson was so good at it he ran his own medical clinic in west palm beach florida. police and health department got a call about him following the facility's grand opening back in january. love robinson was reportedly caught giving a physical exam to a female undercover officer. the team claims the allegations are false. >> new this morning, apple ceo tim cook is responding to an unprecedented court ruling.
6:45 am
a judge ordered apple to unlock an iphone belonging to one of the san bernadino shooters. the fbi hasn't been able to get into syed farook's work issued phone for two months. so they want apple to disable an auto erase feature a feature apple says does not exist. authorities hope to obtain crucial evidence on the husband and wife team who carried out the deadly attack in california last degrees. overnight tim cook published a message to customers on apple's web site explaining his position. while apple is comfortable handing over data to law enforcement that is already in its possession, the company is against creating software that allows a back door to the iphone putting any user's security at risk if the program happens to get into the wrong hands. >> happening today, florida lottery officials will present checks to the people who are sharing last month's historic powerball jackpot. a public supermarket in melbourne sold one of the three winning tickets. the winners are splitting the $1.58 billion jackpot with others in california and
6:46 am
tennessee. the couple from tennessee took the lump cash payout. we're still waiting to hear the decision from the winners out west. >> it is 6:46. coming up a live preview of "gma" is up next. also modern day tech helps oscar go old school. david. >> dressing kids in winter gear for temperatures in the 30's. this afternoon they can dial it back a bit. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next.
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6:49 am
>> blank debts trying to track down the didn't nim bandits. a group of nine men wearing ski masks ransacked the clothing racks at the bloomingdale's at the shops at liberty place last night and made off with at least 20 pairs of pants. phillies pitchers and catchers report for spring training in clearwater florida today where it will be 69 degrees. their first workout is tomorrow, the same day single game tickets go on sale. the phillies will play their first home game against the san diego padres on monday april 11th. our jeff skversky is in clearwater and his live reports start tonight. >> poor thing. time for a preview of "good morning america." >> rob marciano joins us with a look at what is coming up after we're done. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, matt. hi, tam. it was stormy in florida. we'll touch on that and the changing weather. plus coming up a showdown
6:50 am
between fbi and apple this morning. a federal judge siding with the fbi as it investigates the san bernadino massacre. ordering the company to work with the bureau. apple pledging to fight that order. what this could mean for your privacy when it comes to your phone. also ahead the counterdown to the south carolina primary. the latest polls showing donald trump in the lead. president obama going after trump now. all the latest politics on "gma." plus best in show crowned at the westminster dog show last night. this morning that beautiful pup will be live on "gma." some history made there. german short haired pointer. i believe that's the correct terminology. anyway it's a good looking dog and i'm sure he'll have a lot to say on his crowning achievement. >> better get out the liver snacks. >> get the treats. >> kluk wagon. >> let's check your morning commute as we look live in new jersey. this is the 42 freeway and
6:51 am
your northbound traffic there a little bit of volume building between 544 and 295 but a good shot of the roads. we're dry this morning. no weather related headaches. but we do have a couple of accidents just coming in here. this one in perkiomen township on trap road at commons lane. another new one in upper providence township on cider mill road dave. >> cold this morning. everybody just barely above the freezing mark in some cases. 33 in marts creek, 35 in saint davids, 36 in center city. south jersey temperatures pretty much the same story. we are dipping down closer to the freezing mark in the rural central area of south jersey and it looks like more of the same. low 30's to mid 30's in delaware. as we roll through the day it's going to be cooler than yesterday but basically dry. clouds, some sunny breaks, getting up to 44 degrees for a high. that will be at about 3 o'clock in philadelphia. and there is the slight chance of a spotty pop-up late day snow shower up in the lehigh valley or poconos. but most of you aren't going to see. that you want to get some shopping done? wait until the afternoon.
6:52 am
we'll be in the 40's, matt, not bad. >> you got it david. release of video showing a thief stealing a little girl's birthday gifts in georgia may have helped the culprit grow a conscience. homeowner eric throughout says surveillance cameras caught someone taking the package on monday. see it there. truitt posted video of that and then the suspect's car on social media and alerted investigators and then yesterday truitt found his daughter's stolen gifts wrapped in a tarp with an apology note and cash. deputies arrested two suspects on unrelated charges and are questioning them about the theft. >> new on "action news," the oscar is going a little bit vintage this year. the statue will have a slightly new look based on the original trophy from 1929. a new york fine arts foundry spent three months restoring the features of the original design using digital scans and 3-d printers. this is the first production change if 34 years. the oscar is plated in 24 karat gold and dimensions remain the same. don't miss live coverage of the oscars sunday on february 28th right here on 6abc. >> ♪ when heartburn hits
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fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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>> top stories at 6:55. an allentown police officer was slot in the arm while trying to serve a warrant last night. officers exchanged gunfire with a gun plan on the 600 block of north godfrey street last night. police say the gun plan was taken to the hospital for treatment. the search is on for the vandals who spray painted
6:56 am
graffiti all over philadelphia's love park. some skateboarders say the acts may be related to plans to replace much of the concrete with grass in a renovation due to start soon. homeowners and utility crews in our region will be cleaning up the mess today from yesterday's storms. powerful gusts damaged buildings and left some south jersey residents in the dark. >> you might be driving through some debris with those 50 mine winds and your local streets. the main roads looking good. winds left hand to dry out the roads. this is i-95 approaching cottman. just your normal volume jamming you up past academy to cottman and allegheny to girard. we have a problem here in haddon township and i think this is going to affect a lot of people in camden county because 168 southbound the black horse pike near nicholson road we've got not one but two lanes blocked here from a downed pole, dave. >> cooler air has returned to the region this morning, karen. we're in the mid 30's across much of the area. still 35 by 8 o'clock. we are going to climb to an average high of 44 degrees by 3 o'clock. clouds some sunny breaks. little bit breezy. but not too bad overall.
6:57 am
>> all right. matt is over here writing down that he wants to live to 175. we'll see you back here in 30 minutes for updates. for karen, for matt, for david, i'm tam. >> that would be good.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. it could affect everyone with a smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young boy slipped dangling 30 feet above ground and the hero bystanders who helped rescue him. the new best in show crowned after facing rough competition


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