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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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taped off by investigator as they continue to pull evidence from inside. the scene along north godfrey street starts unfolded at 9:30 last night. when members of the allentown police department arrived to serve a warrant. >> there was an exchange of gun fire with our officers and the individual inside and after a brief standoff he is secured and transferred to lehigh valley hospital for treatment. >> the officer was shot in the left arm during the exchange, he was hoppized and released this morning. he is expected to recover. and the warrant we learned was linked to the woman found earlier in the week in a recycling bin. the young asian woman was shot repeatedly. the suspect here did have an asian girlfriend and some maybes became suspicious after hearing about the murder case and then
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not seeing the girlfriend over the past several days. >> i seen him without her and he looked over at me and i was staring at him and he said how is it going and i said all right and he said god bless you. >> he was not a neighbor that bother anybody else. that is it. >> the body by the way was found in the recycling bin less than five block as way from here and the standoff last night lasted approximately three hours and it's unclear if it happened when the police raided the apartment. the suspect is in critical condition at lehigh valley hospital. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. breaking right now in atlantic county, one person is dead after a hazmat situation in hamilton township. chopper 6 hd was over fox hollow
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drive, you can see the massive response to that situation at 1:30 today. crews originally thought it was a gas leak but when they went inside they found a person and two animals dead. they think it was a carbon monoxide leak but are trying to figure out what happened here. and we are following this story and will bring you any and all updates when we get them. >> a chester county man is accused of trying to murder her cus on on valentine's day. that william brown of west nottingham township knew his victim and took out a protection from abuse order against him two days earlier. her cousin came to stay with her so she wouldn't be alone. brown kicked in the front door and stabbed the cousin and assaulted the victim. she was able to call 911 and kept the line open during the attack and allowed police to
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respond. gray hall will have a live report at 5:00. now a massive drug bust involving a local business owner. police say that david pochenko transported meth for months. allegedly used car batteries built in mex to transport the drugs from georgia to new york city. the batteries still worked but had hidden compartments, police say he repeatedly ran drugs from his home in norristown to new york. and was arrested on the turnpike in king of prussia, at the time police say he was carrying 3 kilos of heroin. he is charged with transporting a total of 27 kilos or 60 pounds
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of heroin over the course of nine different trips. his alleged suppliers in atlanta and in the bronx are also facing charges this afternoon. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney laid out his agenda for business today. it came during the great of the philadelphia congresses mayoral luncheon in center city. the mayor says he will convene a small business advisory board and take a new approach for philadelphia to make it a growing business center again. >> thanks in part to the demand in these big events, there will be 10 new hotels and new jobs coming to philadelphia over the next two years. >> vernon odom will have more on this mayoral luncheon tonight at 5:00. now, it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. we go outside to adam joseph with a first check. >> it's chilly and seasonable
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and i don't think anyone will complain especially after how the week started with the wintry precipitation. the numbers in philadelphia, 41 degrees and a lot of clouds and sun trying to fight that cloud cover. 30s pull in and then a lot of warmth building in the deep south that arrives in the upcoming weekend we have temperature changes day by day, as you look at satellite and radar a weak cold front from pittsburgh to buffalo and they will dry up for the snow showers arrive and as you step out on the town, 37 at 7:00 and as we go deeper into the evening clouds break apart and temperatures stay above freezing through the 11:00 hour with the low temperature dropping to 27 by tomorrow morning. so in that full accuweather forecast. we talk about a chilly breeze for thursday and it comes with a lot of sunshine and then 60s by saturday, and it stays mainly
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dry through the entire upcoming weekend. we'll chat about that and look at the seven day coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> 60s we like the sound of that. >> thank you. thinking of spring we are about to get the first taste of baseball, phillies pitchers and catchers reported to clearwater today. the first official checkin is not until tomorrow but that say welcome sign there, for those of us tired of winter. >> reporter: yes, it is beautiful down here sharrie and as the guys come, jonathan paple upon and chase utley -- they are all gone, and 38 new faces on the roster and as guys report, bringing the glove is as good as a photo roster, so we can figure out who is who. it's hard to figure out so far
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down here. phillies spring training doesn't quite look the same. only 18 players from last week's camp are back for 2016 and even new general manager doesn't know what all of his players look like after they said good-bye to so many. >> walking through the clubhouse this morning i'm stopping to introduce myself to everybody. nice to meet you. are you who i traded for. >> that's right. >> how many guy dozen you recognize. >> the guys from last year. >> some of the familiar faces we kind of grew up with around here. no chase, no cole, the phillies are in rebuild mode, that raises the question before they are a playoff team again. >> they won't put a time able on it. >> that is the truth, the players will ultimately dictate how many games we win this year
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next year and the following year et cetera. >> matt clentack cannot wait to get a look at the starting rotation when pitchers and catchers take the field for the first time. the starting rotation is different than the opening day rotation from last year. lots of new faces and of course a lot of attention. we'll have much more coming up in sports at 5:00 and of course at 6:00. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> building a whole new team, enjoy that weather jeff. from baseball to basketball, it's a big day for basketball fans. the number one ranked villanova wildcats head to north philadelphia to take on the temple owls. jay wright is trying to get the number one seed in the naacp tournament. the owls are not rarnged but they are 16-8 on the year and only lost twice at home this
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season. sports director, ducis rogers is at the center in north philadelphia and he'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> never look past the owls. that is the first mistake. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we have a rival going on on the 4:00 team. i love my owls and alicia loves her wildcats. lets see what happens tonight and we expect extra traffic this evening along the center to north broad street, it will attract a lot of people to the temple university campus, we have extra people along 95, speeds just 18 miles per hour in the typical slow spot by the betsy ross bridge ain crash on the schuylkill eastbound side past girard avenue. as we look live at penndot, one vehicle is left off to the side here ibm as you head toward the vine street expressway but it's off to the side. not causing an extra heavy delay
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and westbound a 27 minute ride already be that is a 13 minute delay. montgomery county from burnt road to the pike, no issues on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike but on the westbound side of that turnpike past bensalem, a crash on the shoulder attracting attention. and speeds in the 30s from the delaware valley interchange. and they are blocking two lanes at the black horse pike southbound near nicholson road. and lets do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. we have a pothole on 95 southbound through wilmington watch out for it. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> all right thanks. still ahead atlantic city makes a decision whether or not to keep the miss america pageant.
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here is a look at today's closing numbers and for a second straight day the dow with a triple digit rally, the dow closing nearly 258 points up and the nasdaq and s&p up. nasdaq up 100 and s&p up 31 and change. and apple is fighting a federal order to help the fbi break into an iphone, it was used by syed farook, investigators don't know his phone's pass code and they can't just guess because after ten unsuccessful attempts, the phone
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would erase key data, the fbi feels they are missing out on key evidence and apple says they can't just unlock one iphone, they would have to build new software to unlock all phones and could potentially be exploited by hackers. >> they have to create a system to back door these phones, apple is saying look once we create this it's going to get out. >> a big battle here. legal analysts say this case may ultimately wind up in the supreme court. senator marco rubio is getting an endorsement for his run for the white house. nikki haley will endorse him tonight. rube yes is running third in south carolina and the latest polls show donald trump with a big lead and ted cruz in second and the next contest for
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democrats is saturday in nevada. a new poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders if a dead heat. 48% of people likely to caucus support delicious and 47% support clinton and it's within the margin of error, both continue their trends, clinton leading with women and sanders under the age of 55 and republicans don't caucus in south carolina until tuesday. the casino reinvestment authority has approved a subsidy up to 12.5 million there's. that money will go to the pageant over the course of three years to keep it at the jersey shore, and in ex change dick clark productions will promote atlantic city during the other major broadcasts like the new years rockin eve and the billboard music award.
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the pageant left for a time but came back in 1015. this time we helped our viewers who were having trouble with their appliances, here is nydia han with a preview. >> it happens all the time your dishwasher or stove goes bad but what if you spend money and the fix never happens. >> the dishwasher which is over here was working intermittently and stopping and starting and not getting dishes clean and not heating up properly. >> it took the troubleshooters less than 24 hours to get this resolved. it's a tale as old as time and right now the animated disney classic, beauty and the beast is coming to life at the academy of music. the story of bell the beauty who
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doesn't judge a book by its cover and the beast is on stage here in philadelphia. ♪ ♪ >> don't worry i won't be in the show. we had a chance to see all the props and costumes during a backstage tour to bell's famous yellow dress to the beef ragu. and the beast gets fancy at the end and mrs. pots tea pot costume, we got to see how the costume is fitted for the big stage. kevin culp is one of the cast members a philadelphia native and a member of the boys choir and is living the dream with this show. >> what is it like to have your family in the audience. >> i had 48 people last night, family and friends it's amazing to have them see what i'm doing on the road for the last six months. it's a dream.
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beauty and the beast is in town until sunday at the academy of music, disney is the parent company of 6 abc, and you guys can you not put me in the prop room. it's really beautiful. >> that is one of my favorite songs, be my guest. >> and she is my favorite princess. >> alicia thanks very much. lets check in with adam joseph. >> a decent amount of clouds but we see a few pops of sun here and there and the camera bouncing left and right live on sky 6 hd right now, tracking after a busy week. 41 in philadelphia and 37 in the lehigh valley, upper 30s in those far northwestern suburbs and 20s in the poconos and lower 40s in southern new jersey and parts of delaware. as we look at february we are
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halfway through the month. everything in red is normal temperatures. we start add above normal in february and then the arctic attack the 8 through the 15th, eight straight day of temperatures below average and above average yesterday and today slightly below but when you take a look at the long stretch of the chill from the 8th to the 15th, how cold it was, we were so much warmer that first week we were averaging just over normal. pretty close to that normal .3 above average, so far this february. as we look at satellite and radar, pretty quiet across much of the country here, a weak front to the north and west of the great lakes and that swings through here overnight tonight and mainly dry and clouds with that and that sends the temperatures down here on thursday. as we look at the forecast tonight, 21 in allentown and 27 in philadelphia and 24 in wilmington and upper 20s at the shore, a winter chill out there but a mix your of clouds and
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stars, and tomorrow morning we are looking at windchills in the teens, a cold start tomorrow with the wind out of the northwest and the wind continues in the afternoon tomorrow and windchills only staying in the mid to upper 20s and teens up in the poconos and that wind will be between 7 and 14 miles per hour. maybe gusts over 20 at times than will keep it on the cold side. however, there are changes coming right after thursday. the accuweather forecast four day after 4:00 coming up. despite windchills are in the 20s, we'll hit 38 degrees with wall-to-wall sunshine and then a warm front approaches from the south and west and getting closer than normal at 41 degrees and behind the warm front the temperatures skyrocket on saturday, 60 degrees with high clouds and very windy, winds gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour on saturday. and then it's mild with clouds increasing sunday afternoon after morning sun it's still not
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bad with a temperature of 56 degrees, we'll show you the seven-day forecast of where temperatures go next week and we are tracking a system next week as well. we'll have the details in the next half hour. >> up next on a wednesday afternoon, it's couple accused of pulling off crimes over a dozen businesses in five different counties in our area.
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police in south jersey arrested a gloucester couple for robberies. they will charged with 14 burglaries and one attempted burglary, police say they took more than $40,000 from convenience stores and gas stations between november 30th and january 7th, they are held in help rate jails today. a number of jobs are up for grabs in wilmington a work job fair is going on today and city councilman darius brown is hosting the event that runs
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until 6:00, more than 25 companies are on hand taking resumes and conducting interviews. this is the anniversary of the job matching website. governor tom wolf is applauding a new shipping service connecting philadelphia with two ports in the gulf of mexico. wolf was among those on land to welcome the sea land atlantico, the shipping line made its first call to philadelphia a week ago and will continue making weekly calls right here. they say the service will have a big environmental impact opening new routes and opening job opportunities. dozens of middle schoolers got a lesson in life today with basketball from the pros. 60 kids from holy name school in camden attended the event. p.j. mcconnell and the flight
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squad led the students, with skills intended to create positive values. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, reports of a student shot and injured in delaware county. we'll have a live update in a few moments. and more details of a big drug bust in delaware. and it may look silly but this cat video is a bold public health statement. the serious message behind it.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. "action news" continues with new information about a philadelphia detective off the job and facing a list of serious charges. and a thief makes off with a fistful of diamond rings, see how he got away with the crime straight ahead. and a mom gets heart breaking news of her twins but a sonogram gets her hope. we'll talk about this coming up. and police are trying to piece together what happened at a shoot that left a student shot and then hospitalized. "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist joins us live now outside of the chester police department with the details. >> reporter: we have limited
4:30 pm
information from chester police at this hour. in part a source tells us that because the victim in this case is not being entirely cooperative. the shooting happened at 12th and highland, here in chester at 9:00 this morning. there was a detective at the scene looking for shell casings and sources tell us that a teen had a gun on the school bus and that teen was exiting the bus and shot another teen getting off the bus at the same time in the buttocks, the teen shot was taken to crozier medical center with what is considered not life-threatening injuries. no word on what the motive may have been and we don't know what school the teens were coming from, chester high school did release early today and the chester upland school was aware of the shooting but not if any of their studentses were
4:31 pm
involved. when two teens were getting off a school bus this morning. police hope that anyone with information will contact them. >> all right sara thank you. a man is under arrest after being accused of leaving a woman's body on the road in norris county. police say that eric finnegan put erica mackins body on the side of the road after she died of an overdose in philadelphia. he is charged with abuse of a corpse and held in buck county at the correctional facility. police announced a huge drug seizure, that they seized a lark cachet of drugs and cash, the largest seizure of prepackaged heroin in history. more than 48,000 bags, the
4:32 pm
street value of those drugs almost $500,000. officials say they arrested all five people on olney drive in newark. all were brothers. >> we feel it will impact the overdose situation in this area. we believe the organization was responsibility for putting 50,000 bags of heroin on the streets per week. >> this is a result of the two and a half month investigation by the wilmington d.a. and the fbi. and a man will spend time behind bars after the straw purchase of 10 dwuns. ronald williams admitted to illegally transferring six guns that he reported as stolen. fox a plymouth township police officer was killed in the line of duty by a man using a gun he
4:33 pm
illegally obtained by a straw purchaser. detective adam o'donnell is charged with assault, kidnapping and other offenses. police say he was escorting a man out of the special units, when he kicked the man in the knee and he was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken femur. he is suspended with intent to dismiss. >> an alleged thief is on the run with thousands of thrasher worth of diamonds. they say that the man walked into liz elle jewel box and at one point he took his coat off and laid it on the case and took a tray of eight diamond rings, he distracted the clerk by asking her to make a phone call about a necklace he was interested in. he got out of this gold minivan
4:34 pm
and you are asked to call police if you know anything about the crime. a welcome change from the damp soaking we got yesterday. >> an active beginning of the week and now we are quieting things down a bit and the sneen is back in full force tomorrow. as we take a live look out there, at philadelphia international airport a lot of clouds out there and 41 degrees, a little below the average and winds from the west northwest 15 creating a windchill of 33, we are tracking a cold front that will swing through overnight tonight and it won't bring any precipitation and brighten in the sky in cape may, temperature 41 degrees and windchill 36 and one more stop up to shawnee in the poconos, a lot of cloud there's and they could see a brief snow shower with the front overnight tonight and temperature 28 degrees and creating a windchill of just 20 degrees, we'll clear that sky tomorrow and the temperatures will drop briefly here on
4:35 pm
thursday, we'll chat windchills tomorrow and also chat about a huge recovery here in temperature in time for the upcoming weekend, we'll show you the numbers in the seven day. >> thanks adam. new on "action news" the pennsylvania turnpike official is offering an explanation as to why so many drivers got stranded on the highway during last month's blizzard. he says the agency relied on an earlier forecast that predicted less snow, it came during a hearing by lawmakers looking at the state's response to the storm. hundreds of motorists including the temple gymnastics team were stuck outside of pittsburgh for almost 24 hours. a local congressman is looking at a controversial conception device underestimated by the fda. rick williams has the details. >> it's called e sure, a device
4:36 pm
that "action news" is following for nearly three years now and coming up in health check, ali gorman explains the new allegations pointed at the device's maker. and tonight at 5:00, reality tv star caitlyn jenner is coming after announcing her identity as a trans woman. some of the stories we are following for you when we see you on "action news." until then back to the studio. >> thank you rick. there is a bran new place for college students to stay in shape at eastern university. the school opened a two story fitness center on their saint david center it includes weights and cardio equipment and indoor turf, it's meant to serve everyone and is helpful for student athletes as they train for an upcoming season.
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>> all right, coming up here on "action news" today an embarrassing email mishap, we'll show you the attention that has leaders apologizing to parents. >> and big talkers videos are known to take the internet by storm but this one as a message. and pope francis wraps up his visit to mexico with a message for one of the most dangerous cities.
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4:39 pm
pope francis is wrapping up his trip to mexico by saying mass in prison in juarez. the city once considered the murder capital of the world. he took time to shake hands with the 700 inmates that gathered at the chapel. he says they cannot undo the past but believe their lives
4:40 pm
could change and some prisoners broke down in tears as the holy father urged them to help and stop the cycle of violence. >> the people of flint, michigan, knew their water was contaminated and now they find out that they paid the highest rates in the nation for that contaminated water. they did a survey of the country's five largest systems, flint residents paid nearly $864 a year more than double the national average. the viral sonogram that is heart breaking and awe inspiring. a sibling bond even before birth. it's a picture of her twins holding hands during a moment of crisis. the family was devastated to find out that baby mason has a hole in his heart and abnormal
4:41 pm
brain, and his chances are grim. but his sister, madeleine, holding him their tiny hands connected. >> i am carrying him and she is the only one holding on to him and it's comforting to know that if he does pass he won't be alone. >> the family comforted knowing that mason feels their love and their prayers. it doesn't get more beautiful than that. now to a viral add one of twitter's viral ads. the stop smoking campaign, and it's veered to cat lovers, called cat mageddon. the company truth, out with this message, is a serious one, but kind of funny because it grabs your attention, cats they say
4:42 pm
are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes, if you won't stop smoking for your health, think of the furry felines and all of their cuddly cuteness from cat mageddon. finally if only they could recall this email oops, control alt delete. lombardi school sent out for the coming event, when they opened the attachment they were shocked and angry. the pdf attach to the email they sent to "action news," was hurt feelings form, it's a tongue in cheek that is for quote, whiners, to seek sympathy from someone who cares, repeated whining may lead to your file being labeled candy [ bleep ]
4:43 pm
and there are fake q&a check all that applies, i'm weak and i cry like a baby and i want my mommy. the school says it was a clear mistake and saying it was not an official document of the bandy wine school district. it came somehow from the outside and got attached to this email. >> someone is getting a stern talking to. >> someone. >> we'll be following that to find out who. >> want to invent the email retrie retrieveal button. that would make me a wealthy man. now matt pellman is live in the traffic center with the update. >> we have people whining about the traffic that is okay, i understand i whine too when i'm stuck in a delay. from you out and about on 95, passing allegheny down near
4:44 pm
girard we had a disabled vehicle and that is gone now and the schuylkill speeds of teens and 20s. and by temple university near broad street as people head to game this evening. and an accident along elephant road near deep run presbyterian church. watch out for a crash at the getty station at york road at swamp road and upper southford a crash. and one off belvedere road near hill top and horsham township by the lowes look for a wreck atwell, road and an accident at gradiville road at old gradiville road. and one in newcastle along addison drive and one in newark
4:45 pm
along old pike. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> okay matt thanks. still ahead many banks are offering big promotions and sweet deals to customers. we'll help you decide which is the best. and outside through the center city skyline through sky 6 hd, the clouds are out there and adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast including a weekend warm up.
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all right meteorologist, adam joseph, says it's only wednesday but you have reason to look forward to the weekend. >> sunshine coming back and temperatures skyrocketing over the weekend and no complains when you look at the seven day. well maybe the end of the seven day. the action cam was at city hall,
4:48 pm
a lack of sunshine and a breeze if you are walking around center city, especially the buildings can work as a wind tunnel at times. there was a chill in the air today. as we look at double scan live radar a lot of clouds but not really any precipitation whatsoever. a front to the north and west and coming through to bring a snow shower to the poconos and for the rest of us it only brings a wind shift. 43 was the high today, that was at 2:29 p.m. and at 4:52 in the mo morning the low arrived. and the record 68 degrees set back in 1976. 30s to the north and west, trenton sitting at 39 degrees, right around the low his for the shore and 44 for dover and wilmington coming in at 40 degrees, again a lot of clouds littering the mid-atlantic back across the great lakes and there
4:49 pm
is the front here and as that drops through overnight tonight, a lot of those snow showers will fall apart. for tonight a mixture of clouds and stars, more after midnight, beyond that frontal passage and 21 in the suburbs and 27 degrees in center city with the northwesterly winds kicking in and you need to bundle up for the bus stop forecast, it's sunny and breezy and windchills only in the teens to start your thursday with despite the air temperatures are between 27 and 28 degrees, between 6:00 and 8:00. it's fresh high pressure coming in and that again will give us wall-to-wall sunshine and a bright day and the breeze continues into the afternoon with windchills in the upper 20s with a high of 38 degrees, the high will begin to weaken and sink to the south and east on friday as a warm front approaches from the south and west. another cloudy day on friday as the front arrives and the warmer air tries to come in and 41
4:50 pm
degrees and we bump it up on thursday and then as the warm front excels to the north in the upcoming weekend southerly wins tap in so the weekend we are looking at temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. in fact we take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we start with the chill lots of sun tomorrow and 38 and a lot of clouds on friday and 41 and we hit 60 on saturday and sunshine and clouds, and even though it's 60, one thing you'll notice is the winds. for gusts 34 in the lehigh valley, 30 in the poconos if you are expected to go skiing up there 20 plus miles per hour wind gusts at the shore and we subside the wind the second half of the weekend and still decently warm at 56 degrees, and monday continues to be mild at 54 degrees as a system arrives from the south we could see a snow mix rain type of event
4:51 pm
arriving late on tuesday but notice the temperature, 46 degrees as that particular system arrives and it will be moisture loaded here on wednesday. with more rain and snow likely and temperature of 41 degrees, too far out to say who gets rain and who gets snow it's seven days away and something is in the pipeline for the middle of the next week. >> all right thanks adam. meantime, a young boy in oregon admits he learned a tough lesson the hard way. 8-year-old jackson hart ate a cookie he found at a ground at a rock quarry, it turns out he ate a medical marijuana cookie. >> it's two doses for an adult, that is enough to hospitalize a child. >> i felt like i was vibrating up and down and everything looked like it wasn't real. >> jackson's mom rushed him to
4:52 pm
the hospital where he stayed for almost five hours, she hopes this serves as a warning to keep medicine away from children. >> not to eat random cookies at a rock quarry. don't forget to turn to abc for a jam packed prime time lineup. "the middle" at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs and then american crime and taylor struggles after he tries to stop feeling like a victim.
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time now for what is the deal we are talking free meal. it's the lengths that banks are going to to get your business and to cash in. forget the free checking, they say that this many many banks are giving away free money to lure customers. lets start with the big bucks, citibank is offering a $500 cash bonus if you open a checking account by the end of the february, there are stipulations you need to look into before you sign and get the bonus like minimum deposit or minimum purchases. but here are the incentives, you can get up to $300 at chase $100 at wells fargo and $100 at charles schwab bank all for opening new checking accounts. here is something that money crashers found as well.
4:56 pm
citizens bank is offering a $1,000 bonus for anyone that signs up for a college safer savings account, that will go toward education we have listed all the details at finally at 4:00, quick thinking skiers rescued a young boy from a dangerous situation, the child slipped off a chair-lift at whistler mountain in british columbia, they shot this video as the boy dangled and started to fall out of hi jacket. the operator stopped it on time and grabbed a tarp and grabbed skiers and on the count of three the boy let go and made a perfect landing. >> a great ending to that story. >> look at that again, my goodness. >> that does it for "action news" at 4:00, i'm sharrie williams, join me, brian, adam
4:57 pm
and ducis rogers for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. and here is a look at what is next at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00, a valentine's day attack in chester county, the investigation underway after a man kicked down the door of a home and brutally assaulted two people there. and the mayor promises business owner will have a much better time. >> and the villanova wildcats and the tell temple owls face off on the court, should be excited for both teams.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. he kicks in the door of the house and changed the locks at the house and had her cousin sleeping over there for her protection. >> this 45-year-old man is facing serious charges after a brutal valentine's day attack in chester county he is accused of
5:00 pm
stabbing one victim repeatedly with a knife and raping the other. >> police say that a stealthy call to 911 not only stopped the attack but may have saved a life. gray hall has all the details. >> reporter: well rick and monica, the d.a. calling this a terrifying case of domestic abuse and the 911 call by the victim saved her life and the life of her cousin. >> he comes right in and stabs the cousin immediately in the chest with a butcher knife and keeps attacking the cus lynn and gets to her and chokes her until she is unconscious. district attorney tom hogan is describing a recent attack by>


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