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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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matriarch, where they putted body a special investigation next. winners, winners everywhere! play today! jenkintown, and this is the surveillance video that has police searching for a pair of thieves. they were no amateurs as they lifted a woman's wallet right from her shopping cart.
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and, then they went on a spending spree. it is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight, it is a supermarket slip by a group who had obviously done this before. "action news" reporter christie lleto is live at abington police. christie, what are authorities saying about this. >> reporter: well, jim, police say this was well planned, thought out. victim tells "action news" in a matter of minutes, everything important, was snatched away. >> my stomach just dropped, i started to shake. it was the worst feeling in the world. >> reporter: that was teresa dell gaiso after she realize her wallet had been stolen from under her nose. store surveillance found this man using a folded newspaper to snatch the stolen wallet while a second man acts as a shield blocking her line of sight while she bags bagels at the grocery store. >> i'm right in front of my cart. >> reporter: we showed her the surveillance footage. >> a guy, who was well
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dressed, and would never think of, you know, looked like your neighbor with his hand in my handbag in one second and walk out of the store. it was nauseating to see. >> this was in the the a spur of the moment type of crime. this is well planned and throughout out. it is evidence by the fact that two people, involve. one serving as a blocker, and as well as the females who then take the card and use them. >> reporter: thirty minutes later police say these women used a stolen credit card in a nearby target spending a thousand dollars in merchandise and gift card. credit cards have been later declined at rite aide but it is not charges but her father's now stolen dog tags that hurts, the most. >> just return it back for one second, you know, one second, one split second, and have your life taken away from you, all of your memories. >> reporter: now you police are asking shoppers in the the to make themselves target by leaving their purses and wallets in unattended shopping
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carts. anyone with any information about the suspect is asked to contact detectives. reporting live from abington, christie lleto for channel six "action news". >> thanks, christie. fire fighters had their handful in upper darby. chopper six was over unit block of the road where large twin home was engulfed by flames shortly after 6:00 tonight. fire is still not under control. it has been in reports of injuries. train service resumed following a fire in the commercial building alongside the tracks near the holmesberg junction station, thick smoke and fire fighting efforts forced suspension of amtrak and septa's trenton regional rail for an hour and a half this evening. in camden county a mother and son have been charged with posing as real estate agents and selling homes that they didn't even have the right to enter. it is a homes sale scam that has bilked potential home buyers out of thousands of dollars. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at the suspect's office in olde city
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philadelphia chad, what are the specific allegations here. >> reporter: well, prosecutors say the suspects were illegally selling or leasing homes, that they had no right to do so. they did many real estate transactions, right here at this commercial space in olde city. now some of the victims are left with no money and no house. the nearly two dozen a alleged victim thought they were purchasing a slice of the american dream, a new home. >> and one case we have a gentlemen who saved his life savings for the past five years to put down on a house that he and his three children are now getting kick out of. >> reporter: because the camden county prosecutor's office say lisa smith and her son christian edmonds had in legal ride to sell or lease the homes. they would target vacant foreclosed properties and use craigs list or word of mouth to market the houses including this one on the unit block of ber wick lane in sicklerville. >> either the closing date came and went and they never got their properties or they were advice by a municipal
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authority that they could not turn water on in their property. >> reporter: duo seemed legitimate. they used several commercial spaces like this building in old city to conduct business but investigators say they did not stay in one location too long. a check of the new jersey real estate commission's web site, shows smith, who also went by lisa edmonds had a real estate license revoke. >> her license was revoke in 2010 for life for taking money from her clients. >> reporter: prosecutors say smith, and edmonds operated under several companies, sterling reality investment, raq realtors, short for real estate queens, angel will home savers and breeze capital consulting. and, in all, they are accused of stealing more than $135,000. >> it is very sad, you know, this is hard earned money that these people put down to buy, you know, a home and now they are finding out that, you know, they don't own it.
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>> reporter: the defendants are charged with theft by deception and burglary. the camden county prosecutor's office believes there are more victims out there. if you are a victim call the prosecutor's office. i'm live from olde city, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> jim. >> thanks, chad. from our delaware news room tonight, a suspect is in custody after a police chase that lasted for miles tonight in wilmington. authorities say that it is connected to a murder investigation from earlier today. pursuit ended at 9:00 on the 1500 block of linden street, that is where the driver crashed into a parked cars, and then a house. wilmington police are releasing few details about the the homicide but they say a woman was found dead inside a home on the 2300 block of north tatnall street at 4:15. a federal prosecutor has been tabbed to take over the reopened investigation into the death of john and joyce sheridan. assist tenth u.s. attorney michael robert son will preside over the case appointed by governor chris
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christie. sheridan was ceo of cooper health systems and the office of somerset county prosecutors jeffery soriano determined that john sheridan killed his wife in september 2014 and then killed himself. the campaign for president took an extraordinary twist today, with donald trump engaged in a dust up with the pope. it was back on the plane headed back to rome from mexico where the pope made reference to trump's campaign pledge to build a wall along the border between mexico and the united states. said the pope quote a person who thinks only about building walls, where ever they may be, and not building bridges is in the christian. trump, hoist presbyterian responded to the pope's word within minutes. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian and as president, i will not allow christianity...
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>> even before today trump was critical of the pope and his praying at border between mexico and el paso, texas. trump called the pope a political figure being exploited by the mexican government. back home fill will a police are still investigating this morning's accident that sent an suv into a bank. it happened at 15th and jfk boulevard in center city. a total of four vehicles ran in the building including a philadelphia school bus, a septa bus and a car. in addition to the suv. the impact shattered the plate glass window at td bank. a total of 19 people were injured including 14 on the septa bus, and in of the injuries were very serious, and this school bus was then saved from the driver. dozens of people turned out tonight in tribute to a new jersey police office shore was gunned down in the line of duty, 22 years ago. they gathered in cape may, at the grave stone of lower township officer david douglass, senior, to remember his sacrifice.
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it was on this date in 1994, that douglass was shot and killed by a man who had just burglarized a home. an investigation is underway tonight into the alleged biting of a little girl at a philadelphia day care. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has that story. >> reporter: our report is on the bright side academy a child care provider an 111 west erie avenue. sammy and his wife want to know how their 17 month-old daughter ended up with bite marks on their face. >> hi. >> they really didn't know how they got on her they told us another kid bit her and that is as far as it went. >> reporter: bite marks as seen in these pictures were very prevalent. doctors say although they were in the serious they undoubted were very painful at the time that it happened. >> we will get to the bottom of this i want answers for why my daughter's face why she got bit multiple times. >> reporter: is what even more disturbing is parents say this is the fifth time that their child has been bitten at the day care apparently by the same child. >> we're just concerned about what is going on at this day
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care because it has been happening too many times and nothing has been done bit. >> reporter: we went to the the day care to try to get answers. we're with "action news". we're here to speak to the manager or a supervisor. >> you have to go to the main office. >> reporter: divisional vice-president tells us by phone that they are aware of the incident and that it is under investigation. when we asked about the four other biting incidents that the family alleged, she said she was sticking to her original statement. the parents of the 17 month-old say they have had enough. >> i'm concerned about the staff, you know, who i leave my child with. who is watching her when i'm at work. >> reporter: story may be instruct for other parent wanting to know how their care providers fair during random inspections by the department of public welfare. if you'd like to check on them we have posted a lincoln that on my personal facebook page n hunting park, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". well, american track great jesse owens is being told on the big screen and tonight philadelphia got an advanced screening. movie is called race. the it tells the story of
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owens running career which led him to the the berlin olympics in 1936, in the heart of the nazi regime. tonight owens granddaughter jean a strong was among those taking part in the panel discussion before the premiere. the race opens up in theaters, tomorrow. still to come on "action news" tonight, viewer video of a meteor fireball at the new jersey shore. chopper down, it happened without warning to today, at pearl harbor. plus your new look phillies rotation takes to the mound in clearwater for the first work out of spring training, adam. spring fever is popping you the in the tennessee valley and southern plains and we will also tap into some of this spring heat and i'll let you know when it arrives in accu weather. and a cemetery has been accused of losing a body and now "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman is working to help the family get closure, wendy. >> reporter: imagine your loved ones body vanish and
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this cemetery has no idea where they put him. the shocking lengths the grave digger will go through to find the body. the plus what happens when we go looking for answers. >> that and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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we have dramatic video of a tour helicopter, crashing today, into the water at pearl harbor. the chopper came down, right here mere the memorial to the u.s.s. arizona five people were on board, everybody survived but authorities say a 16 year-old boy is in critical condition. fbi agents searched a home of said farouk's brother for a third time today. farouk and his wife tashfeen malik, gunned down 14 people in san bernardino in december. agents hauled out paperwork and computer from the california home. he has in the been named as a
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suspect. he is a veteran of the navy who has earned medals, for fighting terrorism. the u.s. has slapped north korea with new more stringent sanctions tonight the in response to that country's continued nuclear weapons testing. president obama signed a bill that passed congress with near unanimous support. these philadelphia students are pulling their energy into helping victims of the flint water crisis. tonight, youngsters from the math, civics and sciences charter school, loaded up 500 cases of bottle water. they had been collecting the water, they are shipping it to michigan, tomorrow. tonight, an "action news" investigation is exposing a grave error, a body allegedly lost by a cemetery where a family's loved ones was supposed to be buried. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltman is here with an "action news" exclusive. >> reporter: jim, it is difficult not to lose a loved one but then imaging their body vanishing and never presently being laid to rest.
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it is a story that caught our attention especially when we learn this may not be the first body that the cemetery allegedly buried in the wrong spot. this would have been mary's seventh fifth birthday date family members stood by spot where she was supposed to be laid to rest. >> she's not here. >> reporter: her daughter says she had long planned to be burr aid long side her closest sister in the double grave. >> that was her last wish. >> reporter: but in a, strange twist according to family members, patishaw's dying wish never happened. >> it is a great possibility that they will dig up four or five graves before they find the right one. >> reporter: it started in february, a year ago after patishaw an upper darby resident passed away from heart disease. when family members arrived at grave side funeral they were approached by this man, the ground keeper and owner's son maurice clark who told them that there was a problem. >> the ground was too frozen
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to to put her in the ground. >> reporter: the memorial park in feasterville agreed to hold her cost death until a week later when still in grief they were told they could findly put their loved one to rest. >> this is not where we buried her. >> reporter: this shows the site the where cemetery buried mary patishaw compared to the plot they faired important that included her head stone and her sister's grave. >> you can see how far the distance is from where the guy said she buried verse where the pictures were of the funeral. >> reporter: that is not all, the family says that the soil above the sister's grave had not been dug up. it was not disturb at all. they went back to approach the grave digger. >> she doesn't know where he is. >> reporter: over multiple exchanges the the family recorded their conversation was maurice clark. >> we found the body. i have have to dig it up to make sure it is right one. >> reporter: they acknowledge patishaw's body was buried in the wrong place but more disturbing is the length you would have to go to and grave he would have to disturbing,
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just to find her. >> i will come out here, and i will find this body. >> you told the family that you you were going to have to dig up graves to find her body. how many graves did you have to dig up, to find that body. >> when we went to speak with clark he called the police. >> how did you lose her body. >> call the police good this is amazing. >> i never heard of anything like this. >> reporter: state senator and funeral director robert tomlinson says pennsylvania cemeteries have very little oversight, no inspection, in quality control and no record check. >> you have a right to open up graves and pop up to see if that is right or wrong one. >> reporter: when police arrived at white chapel they did intervene. >> have you found mary patishaw's property yet. >> answer the question. >> i don't have no questions to answer. >> just not the way clark,
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planned. >> don't touch the camera. >> reporter: as it turns outs patishaw's body may not be only loved wonderful lay to rest in the raining place. another casing go through legal sister, they placed a man's head stone and casket in the different section then her memorial service. the only real resource may be for patishaw's family to file a lawsuit. they have complained to the licensed cemetery owners but only for purposes of selling plot. >> extraordinary story. one can only hope that eventually these wrongs will be righted. >> we hope so. >> thanks, wendy. we have got video tonight of a fireball, light going up the sky, over the tri-state area. michael cheatle shared this clip with "action news" of the valentines day meteor, streaking over stone harbor, new jersey. the just after 4:30 in the morning on sunday but he is not the only one who saw it. the international the meteor organization received, 154 reports about the bright flash, spotted from virginia,
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to canada. lets get that seven day accu weather forecast. is there anymore meteors coming in anywhere near us over next number of nights, it will be warm. >> we will check them out. those meteor they are typically size of the grain of sand when they enter our atmosphere and they move in and they explode, blow up, come in as a fireball and moving at speeds of 25,000 to 165,000 miles an hour. remarkable. it the is remarkable. clear skies, chill toy day. but double scan live radar is not showing, any precipitation, whatsoever. we will just track a few clouds, and they are pushing in mid-morning tomorrow. but right now 24 in allentown. twenty-five in reading. so it is, pretty chilly out there. these temperatures will fall as those wind continue to ease out of the north which created wind chills in the the 20's through most of the day to day. we had a ribbon of cloud that broke away from a warm front just to the west of the ohio valley and parts of the great
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lakes. the atmosphere is so dry you can see basically it stayed off of the satellite imagery here and any of the snow showers remain well to the north, with this front, tomorrow. and so first thing tomorrow morning with that rush hour, bright, sunshine here, and very early in the morning, a chilly start, and 22 at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. at 8:00 o'clock your temperature coming in at 24 degrees. as we progress through the morning hours those cloud will really start to thicken up by 10:00 o'clock and then completely cloudy here, lunchtime and armed with temperatures hovering in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees, and then temperatures will start to back off, at 7:00 o'clock in the evening into the middle 30's as we kind of break that cloud cover apart as that warm front lifts through. on saturday we've got a warm southeasterly win, 12 to 20 miles an hour gusting at times to 30, pushing that high up to 60 degrees. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 40 for thomas those clouds increase. warm southeasterly wind here
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saturday, sun and cloud, your temperature of 60 in philadelphia. fifty-eight in allentown. spring skiing in the poconos up 50 degrees and even in the state of delaware those numbers in the the lower 60's, and then it stays mild on sunday, morning sun, giving afternoon cloud. mix of evening showers pulling in with a weak system but even beyond that it is mild. fifty-four on monday sun and cloud. we will watch a southern system coming up late tuesday and wednesday depending on the track will depend on what type of precipitation we will see but at this point is there so much warm air leading up to the storm and with temperatures near 44 both days, majority looks to be rain but some snow but we will continue to track that. in the meantime enjoy that weekend first. >> we certainly will. thanks, adam. woman who makes showers returning troops are celebrating in the right way, was honored as a hero herself tonight. maria highland runs a group of heroes welcome and the foundation of valley forge
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presented valley with the local hero award for her work. highland's daughter who is a marine founded hero's welcome in 2007. it new has chapter in 11 states.
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new results. >> phillies were the worst team in baseball last year, starting staff had the fewest wins in the the game too and second worst era. perhaps in 2016 with a brand new staff, the phillies can they out those ugly numbers. the phillies are throwing, five new starters on the mound, who are not on their opening day roster last year. this change up is expected to be led by 20,141st round pick, aaron necessity lah. >> definitely a lot of potential, lot of talent, over here, and i think our, biggest thing once you getting, and playing we have to play as a team a lot of great quality people, in here, and athletes as well and pitch ers in here. there is, you know, nothing but high expectations. >> reporter: sky is limit for knoll a and jared eichoff both pitched well late last year as rookies. charlie morton, and jeromy hellicson are veteran. fifth spot is a open competition with jobs up for grabs, there is a different feel down here in clearwater
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this year. >> players are not stupid. they know there is jobs available. they know there are things they can do to make an impression. it is a great thing to see a lot of energy. a lot of competent totition. i think it will breed a lot of excitement and vice verse a we're looking good so far. everything is going great so far. >> it better be great. it is only day number one. phillies manager pete mackanin believes this team will be better than what people expect but that depend on the pitching staff. we're with the phillies in clearwater, jeff skversky channel six "action news". still ahead sixers make a trade plus a local high school basketball star will have a good day at school tomorrow.
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the sixth others make amiable or trade they acquired joel anthony in the 20,172nd round draft pick. they waved ja car samson. long season for bruiser flint and drexel dragons continues, hosting el on tonight brian dawkins scores 14-point. drexel loses for 11th straight time 81-76. also delaware beats, charleston. flyers are preparing for yet another key game. tomorrow night they will visit montreal canadiens. big for both. flyers are six points out of the wild card spot. canadiens eight-point back. that should lead to some desperate hockey. >> you don't have to look at standings too long to know every night is critical. we're coming off here of a good performance. we're able to get two points on the road. so now we have another challenge in front of us.
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>> and finally tonight high school basketball in new jersey. washington township and cherokee. township down three, point guard spencer cook from 75 feet away. shut the front door. that ties the game, and send it into double overtime where township wins, 50-44. spencer cooking to have a good day at school tomorrow. >> you bet. >> thanks, dues is. jimmy kimmel live next followed by night line. jimmy's guest tonight kerry washington, nicholas walldo, music from jason duru lo. "action news" continues at the 4:30 with tamala edward, matt owe done will he will and karen rodgers and david murphy. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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