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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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people to the hospital. virtual kidnaps are targeting people -- virtual kidnappers are targeting people in the delaware valley. thon is underway, 46 hours of non-stop dancing in happy valley. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, i want to dance about the forecast. >> reporter: i'll step back you go ahead. we had such a cold stretch of weather, four or five days stuck in the 20s, windchills in some locations were well below zero. this weekend is the complete opposite with highs topping out at 64 or 65678 that's a live shot of penns landing, beautiful shot. a little bit of a breeze, it's mild, 44 degrees, we're one
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degree shy of the normal high. reading, 39. allentown, 39. millville, 42. wildwood, 43. satellite and radar, the reason for the warmup is because of a warm front that is pushing through now and switching our winds from a northerly direction to a westerly direction. this was last week the arctic invasion, everything out of the of the north, polar vortex windchills well below zero. this pushed back into the southern provinces of canada. winds shift out of the south we'll see 50s and 60s. not too far from the south, we're talking about the 60s and 70s in the carolinas and georgia. 3:00 p.m., 62. look for a combination of sun and clouds, 5:00 p.m., 64. gray we'll talk about the chance of rain sunday night into monday morning and also another one for tuesday and wednesday that's
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coming up in just a few minutes. this morning condo residents in burlington county are looking for a place to stay after a fire. look at the intensity here. the fire sent 6 people to the hospital. three residents, two firefighters and police officer were overcome by smoke billowing there. they will be okay. four units in the buildings, building 39 were lost, a dog was also rescued the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning police have a warning about a disturbing new scam designed to take your money, it's called virtual kidnapping. police say there have been a number of them in the area over the past months. dann cuellar complains how it works. >> reporter: the fake kidnapping starts with a frantic call from an unfamiliar person saying someone you know has been kidnapped and is in danger and
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you have to pay a ransom. he was threatening me about what he would do to my daughter. >> reporter: this woman asked that we conceal her identity. the caller said he kidnapped her daughter and baptism wanded $1,000 for her safe return. the victim was instructed to stay on the phone as she went to a western union and wired him the money. she wired $800. the man hung up. she made contact with her daughter and realized she had been scammed. he did a good job on me, i felt stupid, but i did what i was thought was right to protect my daughter. >> reporter: police say there were 17 such cases in camden since january 24. the fbi calls them virtual kidnapping. they use social media to pick
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their victims, they see where they are live and they are operating from overseas and difficult to trace and practiced at the art of intimidation. his voice was horrible, it was scary. he did a good job. they should not send out any money from anyone, again jot down the number and terminate the call and inform the police department. >> reporter: you should note that the scammers use blocked or private numbers, be alert if you get one of these, slow down the conversation try to text or call the person they were supposed to kidnap and more importantly call police. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." breaking news, right now from libya, serbia said an airstrike killed two serbia
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hostages who were taken back in november. serbia said the airstrike was targeting that camp. a lehigh valley teenager learned her punishment for assaulting a teacher at a pep rally. a 512-year-old female teacher was injured after being pushed down 20 rows of bleachers. the judge ordered the 16-year-old girl responsible for the assault to do 40 hours of community service and attend anger management classes and write an apology to the teacher. swat officers took mark fledge into custody. police originally tried to serve a warrant on him for numerous charges including allegedly trying to intimidate and retaliate against a witness in a previous case. there is fallout from bridgegate scaldings in new
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jersey, -- bridgegate scandal in new jersey. taxpayers will be billed $10 million. two aids allegedly ordered closures of the bridge because fort lee's fair did not endorse the governor's re-election bid. it is a heated battle for support for republicans and democrats in the white house in two states today. contenders for the republican nomination were making a final push before the primary in south carolina. donald trump holds a commanding lead in the palmetto state. he could get all of the 50 delegates with the win today. ted cruz took a jab at trump's campaign slogan let's make america great again. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat going
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into the nevada caucus. clinton focused on the las vegas. nevada has 23 delegates. we'll have live coverage at beginning at 5:00. it is 12 hours and counting for students at penn state they are dancing 46 hours straight the events known as thon raising money for child cancer. chad perdelli is in happy valley he filed this report. 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: with that 700-plus penn state students started a 46 hour journey for a unique experience. it's special. i'm overwhelmed with emotion, we've been talking about this week for the entire year. it is unreal that it's finally here. these inspirational young
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men and women entered the bryce jordon center to a ruckus crowd. this culminates the yearlong commitment to raise money for the diamond funds and children's hospital. thon has raise $27 million. sunday we'll learn how much was raised this year. thon is so much more than h more. we're making a difference in the life of a child not just one child, but hundreds of children. >> reporter: this year's theme is beyond boundaries.
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it's for the kids, they are the inspiration to dance for more than 40 hours. you see all the work we've put in throughout the entire year and you see a smile on their face and it makes it. >> reporter: chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." all right a lot of dedication and passion. look at this, we're looking live at thon and happy valley. the crowd is in full swing. the students are going strong, 12 hours later, we all commend them, you can check in on the nonstop dance athon at any time at we're streaming all 46 hours of thon this weekend. you can see chad's pictures and videos at "action news" facebook page. 6:09. much more to come on "action news" for this saturday morning. the government softens its
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stance with the apple the tech giant. bringing down a building in chicago. >> reporter: last weekend was the coldest weekend of the year, this weekend could be the warmest weekend of the year at least so far. i'll have the details coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. all right this, piece of
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dramatic video, strong winds
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caused a building under construction to collapse in chicago. a concrete wall crushed a car. nobody was hurt three housing complexes had to be evacuated when 70-mile an hour winds hit an apartment complex. nobody was hurt. no winds like that here. >> reporter: no, a nice weekend. looking live at the commodor barry bridge, chester, pennsylvania, the sun is getting ready to rise. the big story this weekend will be the very mild temperatures. it's going to feel spring like today. coming off a weekend which was brutally cold last weekend when the highs struggled to get out of the teens. windchills single digits or teens below zero, this is the complete opposite. double scan live we'll keep the
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radars clear until sunday night. when the next system moves on in, it will bring rain to the area, it will bring mixed snow and rain, as well. the normal temperatures is 45. the low temple right now is 43. 42 in millville. 43 in wilmington. reading, 39. allentown 39. poconos 32. and trenton 41. winds will strengthen out of the west/southwest that will usher in the mild air. it should be good enough to get the temperatures well up into the 50s, some locations along the i-95 corridor climbing into the 60s. it will be one of the warmest temperatures we've seen since the beginning of january. pittsburgh already 50. usually it's colder out here than it is along the i-95. everything is coming west to east. the warmup starts here first and
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moves into the delaware valley next. 55 in charleston. 43 in roanoke, buffalo sitting pretty at 41. satellite and radar, showing rain and snow showers pushing on by to the north. we'll see skies clear out nicely, bright and sunny, clouds mixing in from time to time. the water vapor image moving west to east. that's a zonal pacific flow it locks all the arctic air to the north. there's no cold in the pattern and you'll see the temperatures skyrocket into the 60s saturday they are talking about record highs along the front range in the 70s 80 saturdays. future tracker bright sunny day, few clouds mixed in, enjoy it. sunday we start out with sunshine, increasing clouds and sunday night the showers roll in, 9:30, some of it could come down steadily we're not looking
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at too much in the way of rain. it could come bound briefly. at the tail end we could see light snow north and west of philadelphia. 10:00, even though the model is showing mainland cloudy conditions, expect a accumulation out of the precipitation. trenton, 58. millville, 63. dover and wilmington, 63 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're up to 58 tomorrow, as a whole, you can't beat that coming off last week's brutal cold weather. 47 degrees for monday. sun and clouds, pleasant, the next system rides up the eastern seaboard. looks like a rain event. cloudy rain late in the day on tuesday, 48. periods of rain wednesday, 49. thursday, we are back up to a whopping 50 degrees.
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the only issue i have here i know winter is not done with us yet. you get into the 60s and everything feels great, the flowers start blooming and you get smacked in the face with another cold shot. we'll enjoy while it's here. time 6:17 it was a winning combination at the fieldhouse in center city. beer and puppies, a great cause, hundreds of people turned out to support team foster. team foster pairs service dogs with vets who have combat disabilities. two service puppies showed up for the event. we're back in just a bit.
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sole glad you stayed -- so glad you stayed with us, 6:20, saturday morning, the federal government says it might be into less intrusive options to assess an iphone that was used by the san bernadino mass shooters. they would allow apple to retain possession and later destroy specialized software. the fbi believes there could key evidence on the phone that belonged to syed rizwan farook, apple ceo tim cook argued that forcing his company to access the phone was an overreach of government power. federal regulators say
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leaders in flint, michigan are not doing enough to fix the drinking water that was contaminated with lead. that came hours after jesse jackson left a march to protest the water. flint's water has toxic levels of lead. residents use the water for 18 months before finding out it was toxic. delaware will keep some of the jobs it thought it would lose to the merger of dupont and dow chemical. agricultural will be kept in delaware even though much of the company will be in iowa and indiana. delaware offered the company $10 million in grants for capital expenditures. jefferson health said it is taking a time out for 6 to 9
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months as it redesigns it's program. the health system said it is working with an organ sharing network to insure patients on the transplant list will take them to a hospital during this shut down. we're back right after this. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. everyone, time 6:24. good saturday morning to you. take a look at this, these were the windchills last weekend. trenton, minus ten and wilmington and philadelphia minus ten. up here, the polar vortex was right here, we had windchills 40 to 50 below in southern canada.
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now the numbers are above freezing. what a difference a week makes. the pattern will go west to east, that means all the cold sits up here across the hudson bay toward greenland. this is warm weather, very mild conditions, very warm down here, all up and down the eastern seaboard with temperatures in the 70s to the south, we'll see 50s and 60s across the mid atlantic and the northeast. temperatures below freezing you have to go all the way up to the circle to see that. in supports this morning, the sixers return from the all star break the flyers with a crucial point on the line up in montreal. jamie apody has that and the phillies reporting to training camp. >> reporter: good morning, it was a big one, the flyers had a two point lead on their opponent, the canadians, both teams fighting for a wild card spot in montreal. continuing the streak with gavee
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flyers a lead, but it only last a minute or so. they go 0 to a shootout, we know how that goes for the flyers. it's up to brayden, one point in his career misses that. flyers fall 3-2. i think the sixers have a chance against anybody, last night they take on the former squad, down bias many as 22, but did not stop fighting. marshall's triple pulled the sixers within 3. a few seconds later, isaiah cannon would have one of his own. in the 4th, he puts it away for the mighty pelicans, sixers fall 121-114.
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it's day two and they are talking about an injury, say it ain't so. >> reporter: he made his debut in 2015. he has a broken bone in his right thumb he got during a bunting drill. while he is behind others are getting a head start of the most of the players are here, codey ashy and darren ruff even though they don't have to report until monday, the only one who is not here is ryan howard and franco is manager upset they are not here yet? it's a long season i'm sure the guys have good reason why they are not here. i don't have any problems with
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it. >> reporter: he said howard has been hitting on his own and good frame of mind. when he comes to camp he could be coming to a position he has never seen before, as a part-time player splitting time with darren r up if. ruff. look at jeff in front of those palm trees. i'm going to find a palm tree myself and lay under it. have a great one. homes lost, several condos
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are destroyed in a raging two-alarm fire in south jersey. we have information on the fire that sent several people and a dog to the hospital. a final farewell. funeral services will be held for supreme court justice antonin scalia. plus a taste of spring, we get to enjoy a bit of a reprieve from old man winter. chris sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris i know you like cold weather, because you're so tough. >> reporter: [laughter]. i enjoy the spring. >> reporter: when the weather breaks that's it, let's get done with winter and move into spring. i know there is more cold left in the tank here. enjoy the weekend, especially
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today. there's a look at the camden skyline. you can see the sun is getting to rise. it officially rises at 6:48. when it does so, temperature will be above the normal high. what a difference a week makes. last week we were talking about windchills below zero. today we'll see numbers in the 60s. chester, 43. center city, 44. sea isle city, 42 degrees. satellite and radar, starting out with a little bit of high, thin cloudiness be but the clouds are racing off to the east. by afternoon we'll see bright sunny skies with clouds mixed in from time to time. 11:00 a.m., 53. 1:00 p.m. we're pushing 60 degrees, 58 for philadelphia. 3:00 p.m., 62. by 5:00 p.m., 64. that's the high temperature we're shooting for today underneath a combination of sun and clouds, the normal is 45.
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not too bad. greg? thanks for the update. new information came in overnight about a combo complex inferno in burlington county new jersey. fire chief said 6 people were injured and two-alarm fire florence holgate. three residents and two firefighters and police officer were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the police officer was helping people out of the building. four condos were destroyed and another four damaged. residents say the fire got bigger after an army of firefighters arrived around 9:30. i say the whole buildings in flames, the front building, probably going up a good 20, 30 feet above the roof. the gentleman who lives upstairs of me, said his dog was in there, as it looked like it was partially out, the firefighters point to do a porch
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they moved the ladders, apparently the dog made his way out on the porch. they carried the dog out, it seemed to be alive. the dog was taken to an animal hospital for treatment. when the fire started and what sparked the fire is being investigated. the red cross is helping those impacted by the fire. chopper 6 hd captured dramatic moments here of a brushfire burning in west deptford gloucester county. 25 acres on fire at the grounds of the sunoco refinery on the 1200 morocco of crown point road. the refinery is not threatened by the fire. there were no reports of evacuation and we'll keep an eye on the flames and bring you updates as they become available. a chester high student is behind bars after shooting a fellow student last week. hernandez turned himself in last night. he brought a gun on a school bus
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wednesday. when he got off the bus at 12th and highland. he started shooting hitting another teenager in the backside. he is charged as an adult with an number of offenses including assault. police are looking for a pair of thieves who made off with a pile of pricey merchandise from jewlers row. they crashed and grabbed their way to $400,000 from sansom street. police released video yesterday and hope someone will recognize the chris. the time 6:34. flue this morning, the university of scranton has suspended men and women's swimming programs because of the reports of hazing. the police chief said the
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department has not received a complaint to investigate this. police in new york are investigating a possible hazing death there. bradley doyley died thursday. he was a member of the basketball team. allegations of hazing at an off campus location. he was a member of the school basketball team. coaches an players say he was a leader and full of energy. i treated my players like a son. it's like losing a family member. i don't believe it was the time to go, he feels one of the nicest guys i knew. investigators are awaiting on an autopsy to determine the cause of death. in south jersey, the city of moorestown has shut down the only working well after a chemical was found in the water supply. jeff chirico has details on what the city doing to remedy the
6:36 am
problem. >> reporter: deborah is breathing easy now that the township shut down a well. very happy the well has been shut down and excited that we got to the point. i think they heard what the residents want. >> reporter: she was reluctant to let her children drink the tap water ever since they opened a well last summer that the dep recommended be closed. it had c -- pcp. the mayor said the leaves were too low to threaten the public's health, the decision to pull water from a separate company was made when they found that the well would be fixed this spring. we're using new jersey american water. >> reporter: the switch comes
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too late for deborah who had the whole house water filtering system installed. this may not cost the township anything unless all the water is used before the well is fixed. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." it is now 6:37 today a funeral mass will be held for supreme court justice antonin scalia. his casket lay in repos in the supreme court building in washington. was accompanied at all times by groups of his former law clerks. president obama and mrs. obama paid their respects yesterday. vice president joe biden will attend the funeral service. in new jersey, flags are at half staff for their native son. scalia was born this trenton in 1936. however he moved with his family
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to queens as a young boy. cumberland county college raising their tuition. the school board of trustees signed often on a increase of five dollars per credit. a drop in state funding and student enrollment made the hike necessary. the school held off on tuition hikes in the last two years. in happy valley they are dancing away, they are going strong it is thon weekend. the basketball arena is packed as you see the students dancing the hours away. this is an effort to raise $1 million for child cancer. this is a live picture, you see the students dancing and jamming during a round of volleyball, a couple of students they have to dance 46 hours
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straight they have to do all they can to keep it going. we're streaming at our website at, you can check in on their dancing at any time you like. you can see more pictures and videos all weekend long on the "action news" facebook page. we wish them luck and commend them for this great cause. saturday morning, a new film in theaters race takes on multiple meaning we'll take a look at the movie about sports legend jesse owens. winds in the midwest no match for trucks. plus, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, when "action news" saturday morning continues in just a bit. some had a difficult time
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driving in the strong wind in iowa. gusts clocked at 60 miles per hour knocking over several big rigs in the hawkeye state. the winds caused flight delays in chicago. mother nature approving herself there. >> reporter: that you say how it was tuesday, monday it was freezing, tuesday spring, winds whipping, now it's nice and quiet. we love it. >> reporter: there's a nice shot, cape may, sun rising on a mild saturday morning in the delaware valley. we'll see highs topping out in
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the 60s. double scan live we don't have any issues out there right now. we'll keep it that way today, 44 degrees in philadelphia at this hour, at what dewpoint of 27. wind out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. there's somewhat of a windchill out there. we can handle 37 degrees as opposed to minus 17 we saw last week with the wind. trenton, millville, 41. wilmington, 43. wildwood, also, checking in at 43 degrees. satellite and radar really telling the story, everything moving west to east. it's a pacific wind flow it's called a zonal weather pattern. when the winds run across the country west to east, it locks all the cold air up to the north. you have to go up to the hudson bay or the northwestern territories of canada to get into remotely cold. 37 in bismarck. the normal high is in the mid 20s and already showing 37.
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temperatures were in the 70s and 80s across the front range yesterday. it's cooler out there right now, but the milder air will push east of the mississippi. memphis 65. the frontal system are two hours north, winds out of the southwest nice and warm. that sums it up in one word, nice and warm. most of the southeastern part of the united states. we get into sunday, we're watching this cold front here, these frontal systems fizzle out. the air is pacific in origin, it's so mild on sunday, but this front will knock the numbers down next week with highs in the 40s where they should be for this time of the year. even that is not all that bad. future tracker 6 showing a combination of sun and clouds today. it's nice and quiet get out and enjoy it. very spring-like. 64, 65. sunday we start out with sunshine, the clouds roll in
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they lower and thicken a small little system area of low pressure skirts on by, it brings wet weather to the area sunday night. nothing going on north and west, but as the colder air gets involved we'll switch it over before ending, briefly, north and west. there could be a grassy accumulation, even though the model is not showing much of anything here. i expect to see snow flying, monday morning, 3, 4:00 a.m., it will stick to the grassy surfaces, car tops things like that. sun and clouds today, warm, 64 degrees is the forecasted high. winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25-mile an hour. it will be windy at times partly cloudy and mild tonight. 35 degrees outlying suburbs, 42 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. not a bad weekend overall, we're up to 58 degrees. another mild one tomorrow, the normal being 45. both days unseasonable mild
6:46 am
across the delaware valley. 47 degrees for monday, sun and clouds, it's a quiet day, it's pleasant, tuesday into wednesday we're watching the next storm ride up the eastern seaboard. right now it appears as if it's going to be a cutter or storm that pulls west of philadelphia. it's a mild storm for us, mainly a rain event. 49 wednesday. thursday, 50. and 44 by the week's end. you can handle 44. i think so. remember you can get the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast at some of burlington county's bravest men and women were honored in cinnaminson. bagpipes kicked off the 200 club valour awards that honors men
6:47 am
and women who put their lives of others above their own in the line of duty. > a pleasant good morning to
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you, 6:50 saturday morning, sky6 live hd right here, overlooking chester, pennsylvania, over looking the union stadium there. it is off to a great start morning and we're in for a great treat the entire weekend stay with us for the details on the forecast in just a bit. topping the people scene, dwayne the rock johnson is set to appear in the blockbuster film san andreas. last year's film brought in $73 million worldwide. itthis year it goes global. we have a look at the resurrection of jesus christ.
6:50 am
here's tamala edwards with a preview. >> reporter: there are a couple of new films in theater that take you back in team, the resurrection of jesus christ, this time it's told through the eyes of a nonbeliever. i have seen two things i cannot reconcile. dead without question, but that same man is alive again. >> reporter: they are ordered by pilot to find out what happened to jesus. it makes him question his own belief and his spirit at. who told you she he he was alive. race is based on on the incredible story of jesse owens. you're a natural. i don't trust naturals, i will say you can run, and and you can
6:51 am
jump, can you win. >> reporter: owens was a legend dear athletic -- legendary athletic superstar. he was in the olympics in the 1930sing and he took home four gold medals in the olympic games. you can find where any film is playing by using your internet-ready cell phone or tablet by downloading the free app at for channel 6 "action news" i'm tamala edwards.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:53 saturday morning, let's take an opportunity to focus in on the coastal storm
6:54 am
next week. we're watching an area of low pressure that will develop down here across the southern states. what's will happen now this will cut to the north, but west of philadelphia. remember the winds below counter clockwise around the areas of low pressure. as long as it tracks west of philadelphia, the winds will be out of the southeast. it's not a nor'easter or anything like that, it's just a coastal storm riding up the eastern seaboard with a southeastern wind. we'll see primarily rain out of the this. what we will need for snow is for this storm is hit the coast, once it comes up, you're looking in the winds out of the north. that's not going to happen. the latest forecast guide suggests that, it will cut to the west. this is what it looks like right now. the latest computer information has come in. it a wintery mix for the lehigh valley and the poconos. you go over to rain, this is mainly an event for i-95 corridor and south jersey and delaware. this is not a forecast, tuesday
6:55 am
into wednesday, this is the latest computer guidance, all of the models are starting to agree this looks like a rain event for the middle portions of next week. gray. are your kitchen cabinets looking a bit dated? you don't have the budget for the entire makeover? designers at knock it off has the perfect do it yourself project that breathes new life into the old cabinets. >> reporter: new cabinets are the most expensive part of any kitchen renovation setting you back ten grand. if you're willing to work with what you have, we have an affordable alternative for you. we're going to make your cab let's look high end. we chose boardwalk paper. the first step is sanding down everything related to the cabinets. then we'll cut the wallpaper with a small razor blade to the
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size of cabinet inset. we'll use the wallpaper paste its in a bottle and it comes with a roller. all we have to do is roll it on the back of the wallpaper and that's it. with the wallpaper in place we'll freshen up the cabinets in a bold pop of color and semi gloss of color. it's easy to keep clean. we are giving it an antique glaze, we did that for 140 bucks. with arrives like that you can't afford not to give this a did i try. for more budget friendly ideas go to live well network,/knock it off. next week the designers show you how to get the look of marble for kitchen countertops
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for thousands of dollars less, don't want to miss that. an elementary school recognized the man who embodies a hero. fitzwater elementary school honored their custodian, he was 28 children and nine great grandchildren, he knows that a little caring can go a long way. on my bad days, when i come in here, the kids, i see them sad, i feel like i got to perk them up. i feel i have to make the kids happy. thank you for your service there. in honor of black history month students were stdingy what -- studying what makes a person a hero and he has everything that makes a person a hero. we have more stories coming up, a delaware county retirement
6:58 am
community creates bonds between young and old. a texas woman is in legal trouble after getting into a bar fight with a police officer. this is caught on camera. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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you, it is 7:00 a.m., saturday,
7:00 am
february 20. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." we have new information on a raging two-alarm fire that destroyed several condos in south jersey. it sent half a dozen people to the hospital. virtual kidnappers are targeting people in the delaware valley. police have a warning about the scams. the annual event known as thon is underway right now. it is 46 hours of nonstop dancing in happy valley. meteorologist chris sowers is happy outside he has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, hi, chris. >> reporter: how you doing gray? very, very nice this morning, everybody is happy. as we flip it over to the temperatures, keep in mind some areas the numbers you see in front of you right now, some areas were 50 degrees colder last week with the wind. a huge difference. high temperatures when all is said and done, will top out in the mid 60s. enjoy it. 41 in saint david. chester and center city,


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