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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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up ahead of it. this expands from the north to the east and that could breng us isolated tornadoes and wind damage, the watch is posted for our area until 11:00 tonight the exception is the lehigh valley and the poconos, so what does this mean, a big difference between a watch and warning. the watch means conditions are favorable for development. just be aware. but if a tornado warning is issued that means the radar detected the possibility of a tornado or a funnel cloud is spotted visually, get into your safe spot, and grown level, lowest level of your house and no warning issues just watches. we have the warm air temperatures in the 60s right now, this is what to expect tonight. early this evening, we talk
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heavy rain and the squall line moving through from 7:00 until 10:00. damaging wind gusts up to 17 miles per hour. and we'll have more details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. stay with "action news" as the storm as approach the area. many can you get the latest call on our website at now, to the bombshell announcement from pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, this morning he announced he was diagnosed with a treatable form of prostate cancer, we have team coverage of wolf's announcement. ali gorman is here with what wolf's announcement means. now sara bloomquist is live with more. >> reporter: the governor and his wife made the announcement from harrisburg this morning. he was recently diagnosed with a mild form of prostate cancer, a treatable form of prostate
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cancer and promised today the diagnosis will not interfere with his duties. >> my wife and i found i had a mild case of prostate cancer. >> tom wolf told reporters this morning that the prostate cancer was detected several months ago and recently confirmed after a series of tests. he did not specify what treatment he would undergo only that it would not involve chemotherapy. >> this is something that will take place in the coming months. >> and the governor said it would not interfere with his duties, he was talking about it today to raise awareness about early detention. make sure i'm public about this, the importance of regular checkups, to detect things like this. whoever you are and whatever the problem, regular medical
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checkups really do matter. >> the first lady joined him at the news conference and is confident that the treatment will deal effectively with the cancer. >> was concerned when i first heard but also being reassured by physicians it was early and treatable. and a really good prognosis. >> governor wolf says he will take a few days off and take his first vacation as governor and begin treatment near his home in york, pennsylvania. coming up at 6:00 we talk to steve morrison of wmm rx about his own diagnosis and the governor's announcement today. well wishes have been pouring in for governor wolf all day, including a message of relief from mayor jim kenney. >> i'm confident that the governor will bounce back and be the strong leader that he is. members of my family have gone
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through this, it's painful but you get through it and i'm wishing him well and keeping him in my prayers. coverage continues now with registered nurse, ali gorman, live at the big board. >> reporter: prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in pennsylvania. the hope is that this gets more men talking and checking in with their health care providers. >> i want to make sure that this is an example of why routine checkups actually matter and make a difference. >> with that statement governor tom wolf sends a vital message, don't put off vital medical appointments but screening for prostate cancer has become controversi controversial. where it does good or leads to unnecessary treatment. men should at least have a
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conversation with their medical provider about it. this includes african-american men and men with a first degree relative who was diagnosed younger than age 65 as for what is in store for the governor, urologist savage is not treating him but early stage typically means that the cancer has not spread. for much older men with slow growing cancers, it may be close surveillance. >> you watch the prostate cancer and that includes repeat pse tests and biopsies and treat it if anything changes. >> treatment could include minimally invasive procedures but the most common include surgery or radiation, the prognosis for early stage prostate cancer is very good. >> 95% to 98% of people are cured with the treatments be
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have a good outcome. >> reporter: and governor wolf did not say which treatment he will have but that it's minor and will not interfere with his ability to serve as governor. >> thank you ali. our coverage of governor wolf's diagnosis continues on our website, you can watch his announcement in full and the reaction as it comes in all of that at now to breaking news tonight. within the past 45 minutes, "action news" confirm that 29 cadets have resigned from the pennsylvania state police academy surrounding a suspected cheating scandal. this after they got information about test questions before the exams were ministered. the state commissioner called the situation unfortunate but the move was necessary to restore honesty and integrity. governor jack markell says changes are coming to the department of labor into
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aggregations of racism. they investigated and found an unhealthy work environment. "action news" asked markell about the report today. >> you have to have an environment and a system which people trust will work and i think we probably will have improvements we have to make in that regard. governor markell did not elaborate on the changes that will be immented and could not comment on the secretary of labor. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report wednesday night. lets swing it to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> are you not expecting anything good out of this commute. >> we are always hopeful. >> with a wet afternoon and heavy volume it's not the easiest ride home, slow going on 422, westbound lanes from 23 from this point at oaks on out to 29. no accidents at this point and
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just volume and wet conditions slowing us down and there is a truck fire in warrington, buck county along 611 easton road and a vehicle into a building in chester, you will want to avoid the intersection of third and franklin streets and downed wire as long springfield road and surry road. and downed wires in medford, burlington county near raymond drive. and as is the cases in many weather events like this, flooding shutting down 130 and part of route 70 southbound, if you want to stay on 295, no problems reported there. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" tonight. septa alerts right on your phone. the agency's new program that is putting real time updates in the
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apple is escalating its
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fight with the fbi tonight over data privacy, the company says it is not up to the courts to decide if they should allow the fbi to hack into a terrorist phone, they think its congress' job. and david muir sat down with apple ceo tim cook and defended his stand. >> this would be bad for america and would set a precedence that i believe that many people in america would be offended by. when you think about those that are knowns, compared to something that might be there, i believe we are making the right choice. >> you can hear more of david muir's interview with david cook on world news after "action news" at 6:00. one new jersey lawmaker wants to lower the drinking age in new jersey from 21 to 18, his point if you are old enough to serve in the military, you are old enough to drink.
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nora muchanic has the story. >> since 1984 the drinking age in all 50 states 21 years old but a new jersey lawmaker introduced a bill to lower the age to 18 in the state. >> if you are old enough to join the military as two of my sons have, to be handed an m 4 and sent on missions to defend your life, you should be able to buy a drink. >> a spokesman for mothers for drunk driving says lowering the drinking age is a bad idea. >> we have the science and data that backs upkeeping the drinking age at 21 years old. they are not fully developed. >> the age limit was up to 21 to cut back on teenage drunk driving deaths, they say that these days kids have uber and
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lift and other ways to get around and they can drink and not be tempted to get behind the wheel. >> we have students at the college of new jersey what they thought. >> i do agree that when you become 18 you become mature enough to make your own decisions. >> drinking is a big responsibility and 18 is kind of young. >> i don't think 18 is a responsibility able, i think you are young and still a kid and will make stupid decisions. >> 74% of those asked opposed the drinking age and new jersey would risk losing millions in highway funs for not keeping the 21-year-old limit. he says it's an uphill battle but he is not giving up. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." in health check some doctors are offering a new option to stop migraine headaches by freezing them away, instead of
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using pills they use nitros oxide to put a burst of cold in your head to stop it from sending the pain signals. these guys are involved in the head pain and maintaining it because patients get better when we do the nerve blocks. >> the doctor applies the needle to deaden the nerve ending within 20 seconds the pain starts to getting better and the relief could last up to three or four months. coming up tonight on abc it's an all new episode of american crime. then on "action news" at 11:00 a woman's tragic death was rule aid suicide but her mother believes there is much more to the story and someone has
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something to hide. here is a preview of tonight's special report. >> it's a mystery that only one living person knows the answer to, what happened the day erica kochman was shot in the home she lived in with her boyfriend. >> it was not suicide period. >> they placed the gun if her hands and cleared her boyfriend who was a police officer. now they are asking to reopen the case. >> "action news" turns to an outside expert looking for answers. >> it's consistent with suicide and with someone else pulling the trigger. >> did erica pull the gun or is there more to this story? .
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an early loss in the trading day managed to end in the green. the nasdaq up 39 and the s&p climbing 8.5 points by the end of trading. johnson & johnson is ordered pay millions over a lawsuit over its talcum powder. they aregarded $72 million to
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the famy of jackie cox, they maintain she died over ovarian cancer because of the product. people gathered to talk business today including mayors from absecon, egg harbor township and they discussed the economic alliance, created to attract new businesses to the county and keep them there. new affordable housing is available in wilmington. governor jack markell celebrated the opening of the lost, there are 80 units in the warehouse and totalled $60 million and is paid for in part by state funs and low income housing credits. coming up a check of the accuweather forecast. looking live at sky 6 hd, meteorologist, cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast five-day forecast. don't put the umbrellas away
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just yet.
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on this cluster of thunderstorms, this is not severe but moving into chester county, we have three lightning strikes and heavy rain associated with that, you can also see this band of yellow, that is heavy rain crossing the pennsylvania turnpike and all of this is racing to the north at 60 miles per hour, that is an indication of the tremendous wind energy with this system. also 422, reading right now heavy rain heading up to i-78 and down to the south there has been some severe weather, severe thunderstorm warning has been posted for sussex county and this cell actually did have some rotation with it. they did have a tornado warning over maryland and this continues moving up to the north and 14 lightning strikes associated with this and we see bowing out of that and that is an indication of rushing wind, and we have wind damage tonight and the tornado watch, posted more
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posted for most of our area. a watch is very different than a warning, if you have a warning you have to seek shelter but a watch means conditions are favorable that a tornado could develop. i'll let you know if there say warning. temperatures now tell the story, 64 in philadelphia in february. there is a lot of warm air streaming up from the south and we also have tremendous wind gusts already, atlantic city airport the wind gusts 41 miles per hour and the wind advisory has been posted along the shore and this is not associated with thunderstorms, this means tonight we could have wind gusts of 50 miles per hour with winds out of the southeast and the reason why we get it along the shore we don't get the frictions with the lands and we could have wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a squall line we
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are tracking tonight and tornado warnings and watches lined up along that, that rushes through between 7:00 and 10:00 tonight and that brings us gusty straight line winds and the possibility of a straight line tornado, at 7:00 tonight, this is when we begin to see the squall line developing in the western suburbs. it moves quickly, by 8:30 pushing into the i-95 corridor and by tomorrow, just a few lingering showers and also winnie conditions, tomorrow is a lot better than today. tomorrow windy with a shower and a high of 53 degrees, friday blustery, high 40, the weekend is looking nice and chilly on saturday. and lots of sunshine and 44 and sunday bright and mild and monday 63 degrees with the possibility of a shower and adam we'll have more details on that tornado watching coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> still ahead in our next half our at 5:00, donald trump gets
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the third straight victory and hillary clinton earns a major endorsement. and a worker and none union worker get into a fight. and now investigators are involved. and bravery in a crisis, you'll hear from the firefighter of the year. quite inspirational. and eagles part ways with a veteran player.
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"action news" continues at 5:00 as we have a severe line of thunderstorms making its way through our region and lets head over to meteorologist, adam joseph, at the "action news" big board with the latest from double scan. >> reporter: we have 150 miles in this tornado watch all the way from south carolina to the mid-atlantic and the delaware valley, that is the light shade of red, wherever you see the bright boxes of red not only in north carolina and virginia and parts of southern maryland, those are tornado warnings where tornadoes are possibly on the
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ground and radar indicates more than a dozen of those warnings as we watch the main squall line approaching from the west near richmond and washington and even some of these cells that are developing ahead of the line, have some rotation in them. we'll watch those as they progress from the south to the north before the squall line also approaches during it's middle part of the evening hours from 7:00 until 9:00 from the west, we look at the scale here with the storms, lightning on the moderate side and the highest risk is torrential downpours and very strong winds, with not only downpours but also the thunderstorms in the form of straight line wind damage, near 60 miles per hour, hail is a low risk this go around and tornadoes on the moderate side. when i come back we'll chat about double scan live radar and look closer and time them with future tracker 6 for you coming up in a lit bit. >> thank you. tornado watches and severe storms making a
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required view on all of your devices, stormtracker 6 live double scan is a step ahead of any changes and follow the team on facebook and twitter for the very latest. now to the latest on the 2016 race for the white house, nevada republicans turned out in record numbers to caucus last night. and when it was over donald trump was declared the winner earning 14 of the 30 available delegates with 47% of the vote, rubio 7 delegates and cruz earned 6. we have a busy weekend ahead of super tuesday next week. here is the current delegate county. among the republicans, donald trump has 81 and ted cruz and marco rubio tie with 17 a piece and on the democratic side, the race is much wider, hillary clinton has 505 delegates and 52 pledges and 453 superdelegates
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but they can change their mind. bernie sanders has 70 delegates and 51 pledged and 19 superdelegates. candidates on both sides picked up endorsements today. >> reporter: good evening rick, it was a 22 point victory in nevada and marco rubio got a boost from voters who waited the last week to make up their minds. after celebrating a landslide victory in nevada, i grab, grab, grab. now we get greedy in the united states, we'll grab and grab and grab. >> a tamer donald trump today for evangelicals. but trump could not hold down his mowning attacks on ted cruz. >> he gave us obama care -- >> cruz and marco rubio coming
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in neck and neck for the second contest in a row. >> donald became president nobody knows what he would do. >> donald has not outlined what he would do on any issue. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton gained the endorsement from senator harry reid. >> want an election about real change that makes a difference in people's lives. >> south carolina primary with a dominant lead, bernie sanders is already looking ahead to the next contest on super tuesday. >> secretary clinton was the inevitable candidate. but she is not the inevitable candidate now we have a real shot to win it. >> voters in 12 states and one territory will head to the polls next week on super tuesday, a crucial day for republicans and
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democrats. in washington, channel 6 "action news." monica? thank you. there are reports tonight that the white house is vetting a republican to replace late supreme court justice, antonin scalia, a former federal judge and is considered a moderate in his home state, a spokesperson for the governor denied the report but senator harry reid said he was told that president obama will make the decision soon and they will not hold confirmation hearings for whom ever he chooses as a nominee. including trump and clinton's new endorsements as well as the search for the next supreme court justice, you can watch all of that following "action news" at 6:00. >> in other news, a fight between a union dock worker and a non-union worker is now being
5:35 pm
investigated. >> seen here in the surveillance video during a bare knuckle confrontation in south philadelphia with powerful union leader, john dougherty, it happened at this repair shop. they say that dougherty swung first hitting him twice in the face breaking his nose and he says he acted in self-defense when he threatened him and his family. >> dougherty approaches him and gives him a combination, a left to the nose and a right and locks right and grazes his head and the three guys jump in and start to punch him. >> the fbi and state attorney general's office take over the case after d.a. seth williams' bows out. after receiving key endorsements from the union. they said the members were
5:36 pm
harassing him. but after construction, and peppered him with racial slurs during the fisticuffs. >> now an investigation. >> it has to do with intimidation. >> dougherty issued a statement, saying that john dougherty was not the aggressor, a none union contractor on site that was half his age made threats to his wife and daughter and he denies the alligation. >> as they wait, keysy's lawyer tells me he is preparing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against dougherty and his local union 98. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police are trying to track down the suspects that robbed a store and punched an employee in the face. this is the video of the suspects in action on february 21st at the kicks usa store in south philadelphia. police say that the two stole
5:37 pm
clothes and shoes and when they left without paying an employee followed them and the male suspect punched the employee in the face. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. philadelphia performing arts school is sending a letter to parents after cases of head lice was discovered. both the east and west building are being cleaned nightly and an exterminator treated the campus and will return on saturday for an inception. one of philadelphia's finest is being honored for his bravery. paul grugan rescued someone from a burning apartment. there was zero visibility and he got tangled up in wires in that home but never turned back. >> most people would have said let me get myself out, i'm tangled and let me save myself
5:38 pm
and i'll come back later but he continued his course. >> these individual acts are rarely accomplished without the whole team pulling together. >> and giving credit to the rest of his team. firefighters runs in his family, he is the son and nephew of three fire chiefs. and deserves all the kudos tonight. >> he does. thank you. you can get alerts from septa to your phone. the alerts will let septa riders know if there are delays. they partnered with ready philadelphia for the new program and users can choose the alerts with emails or push notifications, we posted the link on our website at all right time to get a check of the traffic scene midweek. >> think we should sign up and get an alert. >> can you call us individually. >> i am overthrowing with alerts. >> here they come. gifts for you guys rick and
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monica, lots of alerts, 202 southbound backing down from 29 on down to the work zone at 401, extra heavy this afternoon because people are going slowly with the wet conditions as they should. because if you don't you are running into things. a crash at malvern close to the post office, also one as you get on the northeast extension in landsdale, from the pike to the nex where speeds are in the 30s, a slow crawl with the heavy rain rolling through, a truck fire in warrington close to titus elementary school. and on the big picture speeds don't look great, 15 miles per hour on 95 and 15 on the schuylkill and traffic light trub troubles on the kelly drive. and this is 95 southbound extra heavy and debris up ahead approaching bridge street blocking a lane. i could go on but i won't. rick and monica over to you.
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>> we'll see you tomorrow. still to come the eagles will parting ways with linebacker, domeco ryan. and the area is currently under a tornado watch. >> we are watching storms down to the south, no warnings at this point but the watch continues and this line to the west of washington we are watching push in we'll time it coming up in the accuweather forecast.
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jaime apody here now. eagles cut ties with a veteran linebacker. >> this was not surprising but still. the king of of lions core is no more, today ed team released domeco ryan, he missed ten games the last two seasons with injury. and the move saved the team $3.5 million but costs them a true leader in the locker room. doug peterson is at the combine in indianapolis and they are there to scout talent. but what about the talent they
5:44 pm
have, they want him back but have a contingency plan but in the meantime we wait. >> would i like to have all the guys signed? yes, but the nature of the business is you can't and you won't and whoever is there at the end of the day we'll coach up and put them in a position to win football games. it will be interesting to see what happens at first base this year, will ryan howard be the most expensive platoon player, he has to prove he can hit lefties and darren rough would like to pick up more than the career-high 268 at-bats he had last year. jeff skversky caught up with him. >> do you feel like this is the year have you the potential to play the most baseball you played in a season? >> i have to go out and earn it and swing the bat well and the ball has to fall in and i have
5:45 pm
to help the team win if i'm doing that, players play themselves into more playing time and hopefully i can do that. >> they lost last night without cloud giroux, their captain will not suit up in minnesota because of a concussion. villanova. the number one team in the nation takes on the number five team in the nation, also 24-3, the wildcats beat xavier in the year so they want revenge. >> you are just that much closer on the road, a you against the world type of mentality. so you know we are dangerous on the road and that is why we are so close. >> an equally close game at umass as they look to bounce back from their first road loss in the season. the hawks have first place in
5:46 pm
their grasp and a by in the tourney and another streak they with not afford to snap. >> i am on them and on them about how good teams don't lose twice and we got on with the approach that we are going on the road to win a game at umass. >> all big games as they prepare for the tuournament both of thee teams should get it. blackish is taking a serious tone tonight. >> they are not just children they are black children. come on think. >> the episode is titled hope, it focuses on the reaction to the fictitious police involved children, they hope that parents will be inspired to talk to their children about the subject. in university city, national
5:47 pm
discrimination lawyer is here to speak, crump talked about his important work of holding law enforcement accountable. his speech was part of the pen law school's law week. and a powerful new american crime. this episode is different than what we have seen so far. >> i got into a space where i wanted to hurt myself and then i went into this other space, why should i hurt me they did it to me. they did it to you. that woman did this to you so -- >> taylor who has been bullied this entire season brought the gun to school and ended up shooting another student. today they come to grips with their actions that led up to the shooting and they'll took about members of the lgbt community.
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we have a correction for you. trayvon martin was shot by george zimmerman george zimmerman who was not a white police officer.
5:51 pm
watches continue for our area. especially southern areas of delaware we see the bright area of red and that is where we have a brand new severe thunderstorm warning for eastern parts of kent county as well as far southern sussex county all points dover and harrington and winds with these storms near 70 miles per hour and in fact the storms themselves on double scan live radar, are racing to the north and east at speeds of 65 miles per hour, so it's the momentum of the storm in addition to the winds bringing it down creates such powerful winds and hide away acres also 10 minutes before the 6:00 hour, and six lightning strikes and heavy rain in southern new jersey, as we look to the north and west, we have torrential
5:52 pm
rain along the pennsylvania turnpike, these are also racing to the north at over 50 miles per hour and the rain is brief and heavy and continues to move along. so not seeing flooding issues and downpours south and west of pottstown and higher terrain of chester county and no severe weather with it. and zero lightning strikes at the present time. tornado watch means be aware that the atmosphere could possibly rotate storms for basically the entire viewing area except the lehigh valley up into the poconos, it's when you hear warning that you indeed want to take shelter on the first level of your home or basement. the temperatures warm, 64 philadelphia and 62 in millville and 60 in dover and we have very strong winds coming in from the south and east fueling some of these storms as well as bringing up the dew points to support that squall line. in fact as we take a look at
5:53 pm
satellite and radar, bringing blizzard like conditions to chicago and the great lakes and we are dealing with severe storms west of washington here and that squall line bring a rush of wind and the possibility of tornadoes. we see many tornado warnings with that line presently to the south and west. future tracker at 7:00 tonight, we have the individual storms developing ahead of that main line, at 7:00 it approaches lancaster and the western suburbs, 8:00, 8:30, it starts to break apart and watch it near the coast at 10:00 tonight and midnight things begin to wind down and ease a bit with lingering showers and the same thing for tomorrow's rush hour at 7:30 a.m., a lot of clouds and a few showers around and the worst of it will be long gone. >> as we take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 53 tomorrow and still fairly warm windy as well with a lot of clouds and a brief shower
5:54 pm
as a second front passes through. blustery cold and 40 miles per hour winds and 40 degrees and winds ease but chilly and sunny on saturday at 44, and here we go, sunday into monday, bright and mild, highs in the low 60s as we depart february and go into the month of march, it's really not bad tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the lower 50s. we'll alert you, facebook and twitter on air if anything breaks with the tornado warnings. >> thank you. we'll take a break and more "action news" coming your way after this.
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5:56 pm
nonprofits in philadelphia met to see how the media could see how to maximize their impact in the community. they held their work shop in center city.
5:57 pm
tamala edwards was the moderator. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with stories next at 6:00. >> the potential tonight for severe weather, cecily tynan is tracking a tornado watch and ahead what governor wolf says about his cancer diagnosis and treatment. and here from the philadelphia mom with quite a birth story on an amtrak train. for jaime apody, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass, have a great night, "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program.
5:59 pm
with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, reveals he has cancer and firefighters make a deadly discovery after putting out flames at a home in manayunk. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a period of very turbulent weather for the tri-state area, and in fact there is a tornado watch in effect for much of the region until 11:00 tonight. this is a live image of stormtracker 6 live double scan, you can see the storm system heading our way from the south and we are expecting some heavy rain and dangerously high winds. lets learn more about this in considerable detail. virginia state police reported three additional deaths from the storm system and that brings the death toll up to six and stormtracker 6 live double
6:00 pm
scan showing the scope of this storm, the upper level low is strong over ohio and northwest of it you get blizzard conditions and southeast is where you get the severe weather and as we zoom in, i want to show you the squall line i'm tracking and this is what spawned additional tornados across virginia and heading across washington, d.c. and moving to the east and ahead of it we do have heavy rain and one cell of severe weather, right over the mouth of the delaware bay and heading towards gandhis beach and bay side and rushing north at 65 miles per hour and that is the indication of strong winds in the upper atmosphere. and this has the capability of producing wind gusts up to 71 miles per hour, and wind damage is a good possibility tonight. and this watch is up for the entire area except for the lehigh valley and the poconos. the watch means conditions are favorable for


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