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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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good morning, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, february 26 we're following a breaking story. a raging inferno destroys a restaurant in the germantown section of philadelphia. we're live with the details. >> gop presidential candidates took aim at frontrunner donald trump. the billionaire absorbed his
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attacks and fired some of his own. wintry winds are moving in our direction, we are tracking sub freezing windchills as we get later into the day. let's get going with dave and karen, good morning. >> reporter: we're off to a cold start, that's for sure. there are some stubborn clouds hanging in this morning, we'll see skies transition to sun later. 35 in wilmington, 34 in trenton. 35 in millville. around the freezing mark from lancaster up through reading and through allentown. with winds starting to kick up a bit it feels like the 20s. 26 degrees is the current windchill in philadelphia, 23 in allentown. the teens out in lancaster. heading out this morning looks like temperatures more or less are on or about the freezing mark with early cloud cover giving way to eventually sunshine. as we roll through the day, it
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will be sunny, but windy with a high of 42. at the 3:00 p.m. period, the windchills will probably be below freezing. at the best of times it will feel like 30 today. karen, things get better over the weekend, especially on sunday, details coming up. >> reporter: something to look forward. let's get this friday started, looking outside live, we have construction in bucks county, i-95 approaching business route 1 blocking the right lane of the off ramp, so traffic is getting by, they will be clearing this out pretty soon watch for that as you head in bucks county. lower providence township, a water main break at trooper road and clark hill drive. balligomingo road blocked at 320. airport road is blocked at
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macarthur drive. stick to commons bull very -- boulevard. he will myra avenue is shut down at front street, atco avenue will get you around that. a gunman killed three people in a shooting in kansas. the shooter was killed in a shootout with police, they have an idea on a motive they insist is not connected to terrorism. police remained with a standoff with the gunman's roommate after the gunman was killed. spca think they have uncovered a dog fighting operation in germantown. officials found the raiments remains of ten pitbulls yesterday evening. they found seven dead pitbulls at a vacant home across the street earlier this week. authorities have yet to identify
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any suspects. and now we're tracking politics, going on to a heated and contentious gop presidential debate. the action was right here, donald trump and marco rubio. rubio took a couple of swings at trump. you're the only person on the stage that are has been find for hiring illegal people. i'm the only one that hired people. fireworks flew over topics like illegal immigration. the other candidates said they tried to claim spotlights, too. governor kasich, you have the floor. you have the response, i promised governor kasich he could respond. could somebody attack me, please. a lot of heat, not clear how much light we'll see. the democrats, hillary
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clinton was in florence, south carolina she played up her aliens to president obama, since she as a lead in south carolina be bernie sanders as creeded -- ceded that and moved on to michigan. more than 100 people gathered at the u.n. attorney universalist church in cherry hill. a panel of leaders spoke about the black lives matter movement. police continue to investigate two stole two of the churches black lives matter matters signs, police say they have yet to make any arrests. from our delaware newsroom, delaware state police are testing body cameras. 25 troopers started a pilot program to evaluate different options, including the styles of devices and how to where them and how to store the video that gets recorded. happening today, negotiations are scheduled to
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resume between rail workers union and new jersey transit as a transcribing deadline looms. union officials are against proposed increases in healthcare costs. the walkout deadline is march 13. today we'll have to deal with temperatures that are not very spring like. >> reporter: we're cooler today and winds will make it feel chillier. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are high and dry as we look outside, we are tranquil at the airport. the camera is not bouncing around too much. the winds are a factor this morning, as you step outside, across much of the region, you'll notice the breeze. 37 in philadelphia. 32 in allentown. 35 in wilmington. at times the winds have been popping up into the low 20s across the region. the windchills are making it
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feel like the mid 20s, so take about 10, 11 degrees off the temperatures, you get what it feels like this morning. satellite shows you there's cloud cover hanging in, but we are seeing breaks to the west. we think as the sun gets up over the horizon, a lot of clouds will evaporate and filter out. the disturbances will get farther away from us and we'll winds up with mostly sunny skies, up in the lehigh valley, lots of sun, 38 degrees feeling like the 20s pretty much all day long. at the shore, lots of sun, windy, high of 42 with windchills getting close to the freezing mark during the height of the afternoon warming. in philadelphia, 42 degrees, mostly sunny skies, winds will gust at 35 miles per hour. that will keep the windchills in the 20s in the afternoon. a good looking day, but you'll noticed the coat. as we head out on the town. it will be cold. the winds will die down, we'll
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have lots of stars out, blustery, 33 degrees and below freezing after 8:00, 8:30. by 11:00 we're in the 20s, dinner and a movie. make sure you have the coat and extra gear. overnight tonight, less wind, winds dieing down by morning. with an overnight temperature of 25, if you're out around dawn on saturday it will be cold. 46 degrees, breezy, not as windy as today and temperatures improving a little bit, the big weekend improvement comes on sunday as a warm front gets past us, we surge all the way back up into the 60s on sunday and probably staying that way on monday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. windy and chilly today, 42 bundle up. tomorrow, 46 degrees, sunny, less wind in the afternoon on sunday, breezy, a high of 63 degrees. that's going to be gorgeous. monday, 63.
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afternoon shower and sunshine. monday, march march arrives tuesday, 57 degrees, wednesday, 35 degrees, and thursday, 46 degrees. nice numbers coming up. a bill waiting for the governor's signature in nora muchanic will make it legal for children to engage in sex sexting in the state. i am posture -- imposter spies on peta. >> reporter: we'll check 309 coming up. a little boy gets an unfortunate reaction when he and his family are escorted off a commercial flight coming up later in the morning buzz. let's turn to our breaking
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news this morning, a massive fire destroyed a restaurant in the city's germantown section. >> philadelphia firefighters battled the massive fire at the house of jin restaurant at the intersection of west cheltenham and pulaski avenue. owen e annie -- annie mccok is live at the scene to bring us more. >> reporter: i want to take you to the video that we got overnight when firefighters were
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fighting this blaze, when they arrived at the restaurant this is how intense the flames were. the popular japanese and chinese restaurant was consumed in flames. it took more than an hour to get it under control. it appears that other businesses near the house of jin restaurant are not heavily damaged. the owner said he was too shaken to speak on camera and in business for 18 years. now the fire has destroyed his restaurant. out here live there are fire crews working off ladder trucks to douse the hot spots that are in the buildings. at this time the fire marshal who is on scene said it's too early to discuss a cause, he said they are still investigating. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." all right, annie, thank you for that. let's go over to karen rogers with the latest on the commute this morning, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody, we know one of to wake up a little earlier in the suburbs to get going, this is 409 fort washington, 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. everything is clear. coming up from quakertown, montgomeryville, ambler, the roads are dry, and hardly anyone out there. we have debris on the roads, balligomingo road is blocked at trinlt -- trinity road. stick to 320. chester county an area that was hit hard with flooding. north brook drive is closed brandywine drive. street road is closed, use lenape road. something was reported on the roads at north masher street. you will find there's roads with
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debris, we have gusty winds. 20-mile an hour winds. 37 is the temperature in philadelphia. you factor in the change since yesterday, it's 20 degrees colder than yesterday. put on the coat. it's chilly out there and watch for debris on the roads with the gusty winds, tam. new on "action news," lawmakers in new mexico are considering a new approach tosey would 0 be prosecuted if it was consensual. supporters say the current laws are too harsh and unfairly burden teens with criminal records. the governor has until march 9 to decide whether shell sign it. sea world officials admit they spied on animal rights
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activists they spied on peta. an employee of sea world was suspended after he posed as a peta activists. apple asked a california judge to reverse her decision that ordered the fbi to hack into the iphone of the san bernadino shooters. they said if they crack the phone, criminal and terrorists and hackers will go to great length to steal the program. a man attempted to kidnap a ten-year-old girl out of her bedroom. before 4:00 a.m., the family claims the child ran into her father's room screaming she said a hooded man woke her up and grabbed her legs, she kicked herself free and the man took off. the man used the ladder from the yard to reach the girl's window.
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the police are investigating. the flyers three points out of the playoff spots host the arizona coyotes tomorrow. flyers had a 3-2 victory. 5:17 a retail favorite is closing its door across the country. arby's is going vegetarian. >> reporter: extra gear on the kids and you too, we have windchills in the 20s and staying under the freezing mark this afternoon. i'll have the day planner forecast next and possible delays at at the airport.
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. hey it's friday, we survived, just barely. let's take a look outside and show you what it looks like, chadds ford, delaware county, 202 at baltimore pike. nearby we have flooding, we're dry at this intersection. traffic is moving nicely.
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we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle in ocean county. fire and police on the scene. route 9 is blocked stick to the garden state parkway as the alternate. >> reporter: on the big board we have the day planner it's going to be chilly. today's high, had -- 42 degrees, even though we wind up with a fair amount of sunshine during the day, the winds will be strong and blustery, looking at a high of 42 degrees, the windchills will make it feel like the 30 and the 20s most of the day. bundle up and stay budged up despite the -- bundled up despite the fact we'll see sunshine. no delays in our most commonly traveled destinations, you want to go to dallas no problems today. a medical break threw for
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infertility treatment, the first successful uterus transport. the uterus came from a deceased donor. the woman has been asked to wait a year before becoming pregnant. sweden had success as with the transport five babies born in 2015. brian taff has a preview of a special report. >> reporter: we see it every time a mass shooting happens in america, a surge of gun sales follows, but for some the rush to go out and buy a gun is not just about protecting themselves, it's about protecting you. i love the idea of being empowered. >> reporter: this is where everyday people without a badge are training for the unthinkable. why are they taking it this far,
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would you do the same? tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. 5:22. new this morning, a fire destroys a rhode island tourist attraction that has philadelphia ties, coming up in the morning buzz. a daring rescue of 678 people from an ice -- 68 people from an ice breaking ship in anlt arctic can a. >> reporter: kohls will close 18 stories, employees will be offered work in other stores. volkswagen is facing a march 24th deadline to say whether it found a an emissions fix. time is running out for the german automaker to fix the scam. arby's is going vegetarian.
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the view in center city, from temple university cameras. it's going to be cold with winds today. 36 degrees. a massive fire destroyed a multimillion dollar mansion in rhode island that had philadelphia ties. nobody was hurt, what sparked the blaze was under investigation. the property was owned by john drexel iii. his great great grandfather founded drexel university. passengers started clapping after a boy was escorted off the airplane. a boy broke out in hives after boarding. the little was burst into tears
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as passengers applauded their exit rather than offer sympathy. actors eva longoria said diversity is not just a black and whitish she asked people to wear a brown ribbon to call attention to the lack of latino diversity in film. the "action news" morning team boy will reveal our picks for the top awards of the oscars. live coverage begins atmosphere 7:00 p.m. still ahead on "action news," a new jersey hospital is warning patients they needs to get tested for hip tights and hiv we'll tell you how they were exposed. philadelphia museum of art gets a hopper, we'll explain
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what that means. breaking now on "action
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news" a philadelphia restaurant goes up in flames overnight. we're live at the scene. a mass shooter opens fire in the nation's hart land this morning we're getting a first
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look at the killer and learning about what might have made him do it. kill him with kindness, a local businessman comes up with a way to confront the thief who stole from him already. good morning, 5:30, february 26. david murphy has the cold start and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we have a fair amount of cloud cover, but we have breaks in the clouds down to the southwest, we think we'll transition to mainly sunny skies. starting out beneath the clouds and chilly. 37 degrees in philadelphia. 35 degrees in wilmington. 34 in trenton. 35 in millville. with winds in the teens and low 20s, it feels like 26 degrees, basically you take the temperature and subtract ten or so degrees from it you get the windchill and how it feels. 22 in reading, and mid 20s i


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