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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m., monday, february 29. here's what's happening. police in new castle, delaware are investigating a hit-and-run crash that left a man dead. february will end on a mild note, but we're tracking showers that could come during the morning commute. oscars tackle diverse head on. we're looking at the big moments from oscars big night. let's go outside to david murphy and karen has roads, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys we have sunshine tracking to the east, it's coming up over the
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horizon. to the west there's thin clouds, then there's showers falling apart at some point. it will be a brief nuisance rain for an hour or an hour and a half. 49 degrees ahead of the rain. looking for sun coming up over the horizon. we're colder in allentown there's a pocket of cold air that formed in the valley. you're having problems getting back around the freezing mark. 47 in wilmington, 42 in wildwood. on the bus stop this morning, not a bad start. more clouds to the west, more sun to the east. mild, 45 degrees, by 6:00. by 8:00 a.m. we could be up to 50 degrees, i think the rain holds off until after the kids are tucked into school. around 11:00 a.m., between 9 and noon there will be a period of nuisance rain coming through. the high today is a very nice 61 degrees. it will be breezy, but brighter this afternoon, it's kind of a
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continuation of milder air we enjoyed yesterday afternoon. mild and nice tomorrow and then we are looking at rain and colder air coming in. i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: this is i-95 southbound traffic heading toward girard heading toward center city, not a big delay, but slowing at cottman and again at girard. on the big picture, we have a couple of issues, a disabled vehicle blocking the lane boulevard southbound harbison avenue, inner drive stick to the outer drive, a lane blocked there. north broad street at paris street we have an accident blocking a lane there, fire and police crews on the scene. media, delaware county, chopper 6 is heading to the scene of the accident. there's there are injuries, 352, new middletown road at high meadow drive. expect restrictions there. i got off the phone montgomery county, skippack pike at north
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wales road. they were able to clear the accident scene, someone had to be extricated from the vehicle, things are looking good on skip back pike. 42 eastbound, we're hearing about debris on the way near armon hammer boulevard. annie mccormick is live at the accident scene of a hit-and-run. annie. >> reporter: matt it was long this stretch of the road that a man was struck and killed. this is video from the scene delaware state police pronounced the male pedestrian dead around 9:30 near the intersection. lancaster pike at ace memorial drive. one vehicle hit the pedestrian
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and took off. the delaware state police reconstruction unit spent hours processing the scene. there's a shopping complex on one side and vfw and apartment complex on the other side. police hope someone might have seen something they could help them. police will be looking for surveillance video in the area from businesses that may not have been open last night. if you have any information, call them. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you for that. new this morning, a hit-and-run driver killed an off-duty nypd officer, vinlt harrison was -- vicinity harrison was chained lanes and hit by a car. the officer was hit by an infinity. the infinity and the driver was later located.
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charges could come as as soon as today. philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who left two teenagers wounded in grays ferry section. surveillance video captured the shooting before 6:00 p.m. the 15-year-old is in critical condition. 17-year-old is in stable condition. this comes always mayor jim kenny planned to host a meeting on growing gun violence in the neighborhood just tonight. we'll have more in a live report in the next half-hour. royal carribean cut another cruise short involving the same ship that was in a storm earlier this month. passengers complained of a case of norovirus. plus it is returning to bayone new jersey, to avoid heading into another storm. this is the same ship that headed into a major storm in the atlantic and had to turn around
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during the first week of february. i'm not sure people consider leap day as a special day, but that's not stopping retailers from using it as a promotion. there are deals to have maribel. you can leap into saimption saimption -- savings at leap year abounds. expedia is offering 29% off on select hotels and jc penny has select items off for a penny all week long. check online before you go to stores an restaurants. stocks ended mixed friday as an early rally lost steam late in the day. we have a full slate of economic reports with the latest on construction spending auto sales and the februaries jobs report all due out.
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disney has rolled out a pricing plan. tickets at peak periods will cost 124 up from 105. regular season days, $110 for those ages 10 and up. the third tier pricing is value days, $105. disney is the parent company of 6abc. that's the latest in business news, back to you guys. now to holiday's biggest night celebrities gathered at the dolby theater in hollywood celebrating their peers. brie larson won for best oscar. she was the odds on favorite and she won that calgary. leonardo decaprio took open a golden statue, he won for the revenant. he won more than 40 awards and nominated five times for acting,
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but this wases first time for being the winner. the newspaper spotlight film was about the sex i abuse by roman catholic priests. people are talking about lady gaga's performance with sexual assault survivors during the oscars. tells what you think and chime in on how chris rock handled the diversity issue at the oscars. sylvester stallone disappointed. >> reporter: the guys who won it, bridge of spies, he was great. altogether was an interesting night. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry, as we take a look outside we have sun coming up nice and bright in the east and now if you're out in the west and looking west we see clouds gathering. we clouds overtake the clear
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skies as we go through the morning. for a time there will be a shower coming through before we improve in the afternoon. right now we're starting out mild, 49 degrees, not bad heading out the door the winds are getting breezy, it will be a breezy day, temperatures are well above average this morning. here comes the rain on future tracker. again we start out with sunshine, the clouds come in and between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to noon west to east, you'll see a thin line of showers pop through. it's light nuisance rain it maybe around for a half-hour, in other cases maybe an hour. it sweeps through and by 12:00, and watch what happens to the west, we dry out and we'll return a bit of sunshine into play. it's mild, we're starting out not bad, 8:00 a.m., 50. 10:00 a.m., 54. with the shower coming through around then.
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noon, 58 degrees, drying out. it's breezy this afternoon with the winds gusting up over 25 miles per hour. like yesterday we get a high in the 60s, 61 degrees, it's going to be very nice for the final day of february. , of course, this is that weird leap day, we only get that once every four years. high temperatures, 57 in allentown. 58 in reading. 60 in millville. 54 in cape may. tomorrow we get a warm front off to the north of us, we get up close to 60. 59 is not too shabby for the first day of march. it will arrive like a lamb. on the second day of march we'll get a cold front that kicks in, we're mild and periods of time ever rain and colder air coming in toward the end of the week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, not bad, 61 degrees, the morning shower we get rid of that, sun comes back, it's breezy and good. tomorrow, partly sunny and nice, 60.
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55 degrees, clouds on wednesday, again occasional rain on and off i'll be getting that on future tracker tomorrow, i don't think it will be a washout, but wet. brisk and colder behind that system on thursday, 43 degrees, windchills in the 30s, friday, 39. friday we're watching a southern storm that will creep past us, might be far enough south of us that it misses us, if it is close enough we'll get a brush of snow. 43 degrees saturday, 44 sunday, rain and snow showers i can mixn at times. pastor falls victim to an ungodly act inside his church. new documents surface just how much officials in michigan knew long before the water crisis in flint went public. media, delaware county, we have debris on the road. it is blocked right now. that's 352.
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someone topped ellen's epic selfie. the most tweeted moment at the oscars. that's coming up. and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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breaking news, media, delaware county, two cars colliding 45
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minutes ago, one car is on a tow truck. both drivers were hurt and taken to the hospital. you can see the number of workers they've got out there, trying to get the scene cleared up. >> reporter: let's turn to karen rogers for more info. >> reporter: i talked to the state police in media, delaware county. 352 southbound all lanes are blocked. looks like they collided facing head on. as we look at the accident scene we have fire crews, police on the roadway. looks like there was a fuel spill and they put the sand down. 352 new middletown road, all southbound lanes are blocked. northbound northbound lane is blocked, as well. a lot of emergency workers dealing with this. you need to watch for this in media, delaware county. use 252 or brook haven road. all lanes southbound blocked and
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one northbound lane blocked. tow trucks on the scene, fire, police responding to the accident, live in delaware county. let's show you this on the maps. 352. stick to 252. 422 eastbound near armond hammer boulevard, we have debris block a -- blocking a lane. schuylkill expressway westbound not looking too gd. wewe have a traffic stop westbod with the left lane currently as they try to merge, you can see slowing. wilmington, this is the ramp from delaware avenue, i-95 northbound closed from 9:00 a.m. this morning to 9:00 a.m. march 21. you'll be dealing with that for
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a little while. the man accused of gunning down his 0 own brother who was a pastor at an ohio church is due to face a judge. the gunfire erupted in dayton yesterday while choir was singing. 70-year-old william shoaler -- schooler was in the office when he was killed. police took his brother into custody. e-mails were uncovered by governor of michigan have emerged, the e-mail exchanged is dated 6 months after they started using their river for water supply, there's high levels of lead in the flint
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water supply. food for thought. body mass index determines how well you remember. >> reporter: we're going up to 60 this afternoon, plus, there's rain on the way, it will be sandwiched between the time they go to school and come home. >> reporter: in tech bytes, a change to apples next big event. they will unveil new products on march 21. a mini iphone and ipad straps for the apple watch will be unveiled. a new smart phone for techies with champagne taste. you can get them in real gold. 18 car karat gold.
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going down the drain slowly, but surely. this is deptford township, gloucester county, route 42 northbound past 55 an accident involving an overturned vehicle. expect slowing there. it's only on the shoulder at this point. watch for crews on the scene. this is happening right now in gloucester county. north broad street at syringe garden. we have a problem -- spring garden. we have a single-vehicle
6:22 am
accident with the police on the scene. the actual accident is north broad at parish. watch for that. >> reporter: mild in the 40s in most neighborhoods. by 7:00 a.m. we'll be up to 48. there will be sunshine hanging out and clouds will overtake us early this morning. ruffle between 9 and -- roughly between 9 and noon we'll have a shower coming through. by noon that's over to the east and we'll get the sun back, 3:00 p.m., 61 degrees, it will be breezy, but a nice mild afternoon just like yesterday. down the at the airport, no major delays, as we go on the hunt for precipitation, our most commonly traveled destinations will not concerned. body mass index may affect
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memory, if you have trouble remembering and tracking when you eat it may lead to overeating. if you have lose change watch this before you cash it in. >> reporter: it's supposed to make counting change easy, but are you getting back all the money you put in. it wasn't like it was a dollar off. it was substantial. >> reporter: plus we tag along with inspectors to check out the accuracy of coin counting kiosks. see the results of the investigation only on "action news" tonight at 11:00 p.m.
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threatening larger protests if the oscars have an all white slate of actor nominees ever again. a crowd gathered in new york city, as well. spike lee boycotted the show and attended a nicks game instead. a bit of diversity on stacy dash has made for a confusing cameo. the academic has taken steps to radios this problem
6:27 am
reduced this problem be please meet the director of the new program. i cannot wait to help people out, happy black history month. thank you. dash made controversial comments on oscars so white, stating that the controversy was ludicrous. she called for an end to tv network like bet and black history month. most people looking as lost was caught object -- on camera. yeah, that look. now we know. much more oscar coverage is coming up. including the run down of the local winners and the opening remarks on diversity. a man is struck by one car and left for dead. the latest on the hit-and-run investigation is up next.
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delivered all, and local winners, too. good morning, everyone, 6 canle february 29, leap day. >> reporter: if it is your birthday today, celebrate, because you have four more years before you get another one. satellite showing we have sun up, but to the west, we have showers moving in. it will move in west to east after the morning rush hour. 49 in philadelphia. 47 in wilmington, it was nice and mild yesterday afternoon. still so in most neighborhoods and still damp and close to the freezing mark in allentown, that
6:31 am
won't last. a little bit breezy, winds from the south at 14. we'll have gusts going up to 25 miles per hour or more, but it will be mild again. 52 degrees by 9:00 a.m. holding the rain off to the west of the city. through the 9:00 a.m. to noon period we'll see a shower passing through. light nuisance stuff it doesn't last that long in any given area. windy this afternoon, high of 61. very nice more sunshine and still holding main clear skies at 6:00 a.m. karen we have another beautiful day on tap tomorrow. rain midweek, colder air after that. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd live over the scene deptford township, gloucster county new jersey. we have an accident with an overturned trailer, it's on the shoulder. as chopper widens out, you can see the back up, lower landing road at 55.
6:32 am
42 northbound past 55. you can see the heavy traffic on 42 northbound with crews on the scene with that one. i want to show you another situation we've been dealing with this morning, chopper is overhead in media, delaware county. 352. look at the emergency workers blocking 352 southbound in media. debris on the road, a fuel spill, sand out there, as well. 352 southbound new middletown road is blocked at high meadow drive. there were injuries with the accident scene fire and police crews out there, stick to 252 or brook haven road instead. let's check out i-95 and see what's going on here. 422 eastbound. this is i-95, heavy southbound jammed from academy to cottman and allegheny to girard. now we have the debris on the roadway, it's causing problems with one of the lanes blocked looking better with speeds in
6:33 am
the 50s 422 eastbound. tam. thank you are karen. two teens were hit by a hail of gunfire in grays ferry 24 hours before the mayor was set to talk about this very thing. the growing violence in this neighborhood. katherine scott is live outside the 17th police district with more on the story. >> reporter: that's right, before this happened, the mayor was scheduled to be in the area tonight to talk about gun violence. last night two teens were injured in a drive-by shooting. one was taken to the hospital in critical condition. other is stable. surveillance video shows the victims standing outside a chinese restaurant at 31st and tasker in grays ferry, likely waiting for their food. a white or silver car approaches the corner and someone inside opens fire. a 15-year-old was hit in the abdomin and foot, a 17-year-old in the arm and leg. i was in the kitchen cooking and i heard some noise,
6:34 am
pop pop pop, i didn't see nothing, so i want back in. >> reporter: it happened around 5:45, the momentsment teens are struck one ducks into the restaurant the other running down the street. you see more running for safety. police are looking for a light colored car with a darker hood. in january a man was critically injured after being shot on south ringgold. earlier this month two shooting victims were being transported when the ambulance crashed. a cab driver was shot three blocks from the weekend shooting. the mayor had planned to attend a meeting to discuss solutions to gun violence in the area. and the investigation into this drive-by shooting is underway. police are trying to determine the motive. we're live in grays ferry. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." a driver struck a
6:35 am
pedestrian in new castle county, delaware, last night and fled the scene. the man was walking along lancaster pike in hockessin 9:30 p.m. and died at the scene. police are working on a description of the fleeing vehicle. happening today a judge in california will decide whether or not to dismiss a defamation case against bill cosby. janet dickenson filed the suit in may. his lawyers argued that the model has changed her story several times. dickenson filed a defamation lawsuit against cosby's former lawyer that has been dismissed. going on to politics, trump picked up another endorsement heading into super tuesday. jeff sessions is backing the billionaire for president. david duke gave trump his
6:36 am
endorsement. asked about it, trump didn't disavow it, but said he would have to learn more about duke first. marco rubio and ted cruz said a true leader would make it known he disavowed it. hillary clinton is looking forward to debating any one of the republican candidates. bernie sanders acknowledged saturday's painful primary results said he is optimistic elwin his home state of vermont tomorrow. the oscars parties are going strong in l.a. where it's 3:36 not late at all. hollywood's biggest night was jammed packed with drama of its own. spotlight beat out the icy frontier epic the revenant. but leonardo decaprio ended his dry spell. he won his first best actor award something he has been nominated for five times.
6:37 am
brie larson won best actress for room. movie fans in ambler montgomery county celebrated a native son's big win. josh singer took home the oscar for spotlight. the best adapted screen play went to adam mckay who grew up in malvern. we'll have the big winners and chris rock's monologue coming up later. you have to agree, chris rock did a great job. >> reporter: give it to me again. i go with my heart. >> reporter: that was cool, best picture an actor, i'm crowing about it because it will be at that years before i -- 25 years before i get it right again. we have clouds to the west of
6:38 am
us, sunshine early, things will improve after a little rain comes through. let's get you outside, in the meantime, we're looking at chopper 6 there's center city, you can see early on we have sun coming through. it's actually looking good out there. we are looking at the cloud cover coming in a little bit later on in the day, and once that happens, later this morning we'll get a little nuisance shower coming through for a short time. i'll show you that on future tracker. in the afternoon the sun comes back it will be nice again. 49 degrees, winds out of the south/southwest at 14 miles per hour. it's comfortable, but breezy and mild for this time of the year. here's the situation with the clouds and rain, we're okay, you so he chopper we have the sunshine up. as we go through the hours, 9 to 12, you'll get a period of nuisance shower steady to moderate rain not a big deal.
6:39 am
12:00 it's over to the east, maybe a leftover sprinkle. watch what happens to the clouds the rest of the afternoon, boom, they sweep away. by 3:30, we could be back into sunshine. might be patchy clouds leftover, but it's that small period in the morning where we have an issue. noon, 58. 3:00 p.m., with the rain centered in this part of the day we're back to bright conditions and like yesterday mild air in place, it will be bluster, but a high of 61 which is great for leap day february 29, 2016. 57 is the high in allentown. 58 in reading, 58 in trenton. everybody north to south is enjoying nice numbers. down the shore, cooler, but well above average for this time of year. tomorrow, another nice day on tap. close to 60 degrees, if we manage to hit 60 that will be three in a row. march arrives tomorrow like a lamb it will be dry and pleasant with a warm front pushing up to
6:40 am
the north. fuse, we'll have more clouds he and we'll have periods of rain on wednesday. enjoy today and tomorrow. 61 degrees mild, a breezy afternoon following nuisance shower. nice today and tomorrow, 55 degrees with showers around on wednesday. brisk and colder on thursday, 43 degrees, friday, we could get a brush of snow, we'll watch that. 39 degrees, sunny and chilly on saturday, 43 degrees, and rain showers on sunday, snow may mix in. police explain why they arrested several clue ku klux kn for fighting and let them go. >> reporter: you can see eastbound traffic past oaks to 23. we have a couple of accidents
6:41 am
coming in and check on the schuylkill expressway when "action news" comes right back. > 6:43 is the sun brighter on
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6:43 am
leap day? of course not, like any day for the sun, it doesn't have a calendar, but it's a beautiful shot of the sunrise. this came up about seven minutes ago over south jersey, you see it live on sky6 live hd. let's go over to karen rogers, you say it's not a good morning for the commute. >> reporter: we have a handful of issues popping up. chopper 6 hd has been busy.
6:44 am
live in deptford township, gloucester county. we have a trailer that flipped over. they have it on the tow truck. we have police on both shoulders, the accident scene is 42 northbound past 55 an area that would be jammed anyway with people slowing down to check it out, it's extra slow on 42 northbound from could also road to 45. -- could also -- coles road to 45. chopper 6 was overhead of a an nasty accident in media, delaware county. 352. we have southbound lanes blocked that's new middletown road at high meadow drive. this accident had injuries, you can see there's a lot of debris on the roadways. there was a fuel spill they put sand out there. they have a tow truck on the scene. they are trying to clear the accident in media, delaware county. stick to 252 at brook haven road. taking you into tall minute son,
6:45 am
hen drink road at old 40-foot road. a new accident coming in at aning ton township moreland road at huntington pike. checking the schuylkill expressway, we are dry anticipating some rain coming in this morning, but not just yet. this is the schuylkill expressway approaching the curve, eastbound heading toward gladwyn. heavy from the blue route to the curve and boulevard to the girard. temperatures mild, 49 in philadelphia. heading up to 61 the matt. thanks, karen. new this morning, castle california police released five members of the ku klux klan who were involved in a vicious brawl. the evidence indicates they acted in self-defense. they stabbed three counter protesters during an antiimmigration rally in an i'm i'm. seven people were seen beating stomping and attacking the chancemen with wooded posts. i'm not sure.
6:46 am
a deputy's body cam video captures the arrest of a shoplifting suspect. a loss prevention employee and deputy confronted the woman an asked her to go back into the store she refused. as she struggling she slammed her head into the wall. many criticized the deputy for the way he handed the arrest, but the county said he handled the situation as best he could. a memorable monologue, chris rock deals with the oscar controversy and doesn't stop. we'll go live to hollywood next.
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a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. won his first oscar, of course took this occasion to get his name plate fastened on to the statue at the governor's ball overnight. you know what i would have said just put i'm the king of the world. what it must have been like standing there, you can see the emotion. the night belonged to the host chris rock who launched into the uproar in the lack of diversity for this career's nominee. lauren lister is at the dolby theater with a full look at the oscars. >> reporter: i wonder if we'll see the moment from leo come out after all the oscar parties are
6:50 am
over. mad max was filmed that scored the most oscar gold. along with leo. taking center stage was the controversy over diversity. >> reporter: spotlight took oscar's top prize winning best picture. if they were nominating hosts i wouldn't get this job. >> reporter: it was chris rock who owned the night addressing the academy controversy right out of the gate placing black actors in parodies of several norm nateed films. calling hollywood racist. hollywood is sorority racist, it's like we like you rhonda,
6:51 am
but you're not a kappa. >> reporter: leonardo decaprio's losing streak ended winning him gold for the revenant. his acceptance speech a dire warning. climate change is real it's happening right now, the most urgent threat facing our entire species. >> reporter: best actress as predicted went to room brie larson. thethe biggest upset bridge of spies to mark rylance. the most awarded film of the night, not the sensitive serious films that nominated the awards, mad max fury road with a 6 win oscar hall. and as the oscar red carpet gets rolled up behind us, what moment stuck with viewers. leonardo decaprio's best actor
6:52 am
generated 440,000 tweets per minute, the most tweeted oscar telecast ever. "good morning america" keeps the oscar party going, george, robin, laura and amy are behind the scenes talking about all the biggest celebrities they have been been up all night. >> reporter: i put some of the prettiest dresses on my facebook page, too. >> reporter: this is 30 bypass 322. heavy to 113. we have a problems with mass trans. media/elwyn line train 326, 20 minute delays because of manpower issues. paoli thorndale canceled because of equipment issues. lansdale doylestown line 40 minute delays because of overhead wire problems. >> reporter: warm for this time of the year. 46 in quake town and pottstown.
6:53 am
48 in chester and center city. in south jersey, more of the same. scanning for 50s, smyrna was at 50, 49, not too bad. it's going to be a decent day you may want to wait until the afternoon to get your stuff done. we're looking at a decent shower from 9:00 a.m. to noon west to east. the high is 61. it will be breezy and nice out there. we'll be back with the top stories. i try hard to get a great shape.
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wounded two teenagers in the grays ferry section as mary kenny plans for a meeting on growing gun violence in that same neighborhood. >> reporter: we're back up 42 from the ac expressway. we have an accident tall tallaminson40-foot road. >> reporter: we have inching east. we could have rain after the rush hour and through the morning hours. controversial it's a mild, nice
6:57 am
day, the rain is light and quick and by noon it's over. 61 is the windy mild high today. "g.m.a." has more on oscars right after us. we'll see you in 30. for karen, matt, david, i'm tam. have a great monday! d morning
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7:00 am
america." good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. ♪ happens to you happens to you ♪ ♪ happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in alabama. facing fire from all sides after failing to condemn the kkk. >> not only is that


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