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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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"action news" investigating. and testifying how a peeping tom derail her life next. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. they came together tonight in the grays ferry section of philadelphia. a community scarred by and fed up with gun violence. coming just one night after a drive-by shooting, they are insisting we must take a stand.
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it is monday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is it the philadelphia neighborhood committing itself to stopping the violence. live at south detective headquarters and "action news" reporter dann cuellar. what happened at the recreation center tonight? >> in the wake of violence across the city, the practice has been to call meetings where the police vow to beef up patrols and get to the bottom of the meeting. tonight the police were not asked to attend and the mayor calling for a new strategy to stem the violence. >> and my friend was murdered. >> it was gut-wrenching as they talked about person after person lost to violence in grays ferry. >> we lost a son a couple of weeks ago that was shot 26, 27 times. >> and mayor kenney seems deeply moved. >> the violence and death of these children makes me heart-sick and i am sorry for
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your losses, i truly am. >> last night two teens were critically wounded in a drive-by and the violence captured by surveillance cameras and that is just part of the ongoing turf war. tonight he was urging people to step in and try to intervene. >> there is a war going on and everybody sitting back not saying anything opposed to trying to figure out, at least trying to reach out and call. >> emotions got heated. >> we going to get there. can you let me get there? can you let me get there? can you let me get there? >> opposed to the prior administration that would beef up patrols and see what the police can do, mayor kenney's plan is to raise hundreds of millions tourbish parks and
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rec centers. >> and they won't was us to raise the money, they don't want to give up profits to put back into our communities. >> in the days and weeks to come you can expect mayor kenney to be speaking more about his proposals regarding raising new money to address social issues. the real question is whether his strategies will work. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." firefighters were able to extinguish this row house blaze before anything was hurt. it broke out on west tioga at 6:15 and out a half-hour later. first responders had to rescue two seriously-injured people from a wreck in egg harbor city, new jersey. a pick up driver lost control near moss mill road, went off
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into the woods and slammed into trees. and the investigators have not determined what caused the crash. and upper darby police arrest add -- arrested a mother and son for allegedly selling drugs out of their home. >> they say that malcolm peck sold heroin to an undercover officer and that and other tips led him to his home and what left neighbors stunned. >> said good morning as we broke both doors home. >> they found malcolm peck and his mother, tionne, with over 400 bags of heroin, packages materials, cash and a gun. >> we found heroin in the kitchen and additional couple hundreds in the dead room. >> and he is the mastermind.
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>> there is no way she didn't know what was going on and that's why she was locked up. >> this woman did not want her face on camera but lives next door. and she witnessed moments of the weekend raid. >> i saw a lot of cops over there and they had bats. i knew what it was. >> they say the pecks recently moved to the block. >> all the drugs in the house? i am shocked. i have four kids. >> and weapons and drugs charges dating back to 2011 and his mother nothing until now. the drug bust is a snapshot of the growing heroin epidemic. >> the quicker we lock them up, the quicker somebody else takes their place because the demand is so significant. >> both mother and son are behind bars and police say in the last few weeks they removed almost 1,000 bags of heroin from upper darby streets.
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reporting live from upper darby for channel 6 "action news." it wasn't heroin but pot brownies that they say a student was selling to middle schoolers. arresting jacob francisco for possession of marijuana within tend to deliver and corruption of minors. investigators first learned of this when a group of 7th graders ate the drug-laced brownies last week and classmates notified teachers. and a deadly fire in was set by the woman who set the fire. brenda mccabe set fires in her home and her husband was critically injured trying to save her. investigators have not released a motive. and a philadelphia woman recovering from the zika virus, the city's first case. the woman is over 60 and recently returned from a trip
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from the caribbean. and the c.d.c. confirmed the second travel-related zika case in new jersey. the infection is typically mild in adults, but a danger to pregnant women because it may lead to serious birth defects. ♪ on the eve of super tuesday, the pivotal point in the race that can make or break campaigns on both sides. tomorrow voters in 12 states make their choices. alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont and virginia all hold contests tomorrow. and alaska only republicans caucus, and the democrats caucus in colorado and american samoa. and the candidates for the republican candidates made final pitches today and the front-runner donald trump looking forward to a huge night tomorrow night. if the polls are right, he will
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win most of the super tuesday states. and ted cruz ahead in his home state of texas, but he warned today what he called the "trump train" could become unstoppable if trump wins most of the states tomorrow. marco rubio continues to blast trump for not disavowing duke and the kkk. the secret service in a new controversy, an agent of a trump rally reported putting a "time" magazine photographer in a choke hold and slamming him to the ground. the physical confrontation after a verbal confrontation after he stepped outside of the media area to take a picture of the protesters. and constant the secret service is investigating the exact circumstances. the democratic side, hillary clinton will try to extinguish bernie sanders campaign with a successful super tuesday tomorrow. today she already starting turning republican rhetoric away
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from sanders and towards trump. and he raised more than $40 million in february. >> it's good to have you back. new jersey governor chris christie told a radio audience today he will not avoid running for president again saying that trump is the best chance to beat hillary clinton. and christie refused to say whether he would consider running for vice-president or serving in a trump camp. still to come on "action news" tonight, erin andrews' stalking case. >> i am so embarrassed. >> we hear more from her emotional testimony today as she takes the stand about being secretly recorded naked. a federal judge rules in favor of apple about breaking into iphones. hard to believe it is the last day of february. reaching a high of 64 degrees. 70s to the south.
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but i am tracking cooler air on the way, as well as a chance of snow. details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. if you are saving your loose change, you want to catch the investigation before you cash it in. jim, we decided to test coin-counting machines after one family told us they were short-changed more than $40. butting the kiosks to the test and which are the most accurate. plus the machines that are to protect your dollars are not regulated. >> and can the flyers catch fire against the flames. >> and a south jersey woman turning 100 on this weekday. 100 or 25? "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> a 14-year-old student has been charged with attempted murder after police say he shot two classmates inside after high school in ohio this morning. police in madison township north of cincinnati say the two students were shot in the cafeteria. they are expected to make a full recovery. investigators say the suspect initially ran from the scene,
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but was later caught. they have not identified a motive. hundreds of officers in woodbridge, virginia paid tribute to a police officer tonight killed her first day on the job. in a large profession, they he is courted the body of the officer to the chapel for her funeral services tomorrow. she was shot and killed saturday after responding to a domestic violence call. erin andrews gave emotional testimony in court about the grief she continues to feel after a man secretly shot nude videos of her and posted them on the internet in 2008. >> it was everywhere and it was publicity stunt you know, scandal. my naked body was on the front page of the "new york post" and they had put bars over my body parts. and my girlfriend called me and
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she was throwing coffee on all the papers feeling so bad. >> and filed a lawsuit against the nashville marriott hotels for making it easy for mike the barrett to record her. a federal judge siding with apple tonight against the f.b.i., ruling that the government cannot obligate apple to help break into an iphone this is a separate case from the terrorist phone in san bernardino, california this is not that case, this involves a drug suspect in brooklyn. the justice department says it is disappointed in the ruling and plans to appeal. oscar winning character actor george kennedy died. he won the best supporting actor award in 1967 for his role in "cool hand luke." and he was also a staple in the "airport" and the "naked gun" movies. he appeared in more than 180 movies and television shows. his grandson said today he died yesterday morning of old age. kennedy was 91.
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supreme court justice clarence thomas stunned the courtroom today my asking a question and thus ended 10 years of silence by thomas during oral arguments. in fact he didn't ask one question, he asked nine of them in a case about gun rights. witnesses say you could hear gasps in the courtroom when thomas' voice was heard. the last time he asked a question in court was february 22, 2006. this was the second court session since the death of thomas' good friend, antoine scalia. and they heard also arguments on a philadelphia case death penalty. it was reinstated in 2014 by the philadelphia state supreme court but williams argues that the then-chief justice should have been recused himself because he was philadelphia's d.a. in 1986 during the original trial and conviction. president barack obama awarded the medal of honor today
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to the edward byers of rescuing an american civilian held host among by taliban in 2012. the pentagon said that he used his own body to shield the hostage. and he is the first living active-duty navy seal to receive this award in 40 years. it is supposed to make counting your loose change both convenient and easy. in fact some people even have fun doing it. but tonight, an "action news" investigation is calling it into question the accuracy of some coin-counting kiosks. investigative reporter has checked out machines in the area and you have results. >> who wouldn't love a big pay-out cashing in loose coins. but we were alerted to a potential problem that some of these machines may possibly be short-changing customers. armed with hundreds of dollars in coins we tested 17 machines and only one was accurate.
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>> haven't had a family vacation in several years. >> they were saving every penny to bring the magic of disney worked to their four kids. >> we have a big jug that has a build-in counter on it and our entire family has been collecting it. >> they changed you have change, $240 by their count they hoped to use for souvenirs. when they jumped it into the penny arcade -- >> when we finished it was $204. >> a $44 difference. >> i thought about it and started thinking well often does that machine get checked? >> we also wanted to know how accurate these coin kiosks were so we took $100 in rolled coin across the delaware valley. and some choice in grocery and big buck stores. the results out of the 17 machines "action news" tested only one gave us back the correct amount of money. coin star where the machine was
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right on the mark. but at this wal-mart on roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia we were shorted 17 cents and lost 10 cents after dumping the change into the kiosk at a wal-mart in maple shade. inside here, it was once again off this time by a quarter. at t.d. bank penny arcade on warnington up $2.43 short and abington the counter off 21 cents. and the city avenue bridge in philadelphia actually paid us 3 cents extra. finally at pnc bank on city avenue it returned an extra 9 cents. and the camden county department of weights and measures, the agency responsible for testing the coin kiosks. >> anything off by a single penny we would fail it. >> on all three of their tests the machines were right on the money. consumers can look for this sticker to be sure the coin
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counter they are using passed the new jersey inspection process. >> it means it has been tested by the state and is accurate. >> the new jersey inspectors are only expected to test those in stores and accessible to the public, not those in banks. and no oversight on kiosks. >> maybe it is flying under the radar. >> after they were short-changed we had good news to the family. following our call refunded $44. >> it is nickels, pennies and dimes but it adds up. >> and there are also large fee ace attached to the convenience. coin star is 10.9% if you don't belong to t.d. bank you pay an 8% fee. and they say they have their own inexpectors who regularly test the kiosks and they will work with any customers who leave they have been shorted. >> if you are in the bank, the tellers will always do this for you if you want, right? >> well they wouldn't know
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necessarily, because you put your money in the machine. >> but you can get it changed by the tellers, by the human touch. >> absolutely. >> if it is your desire, thank you so much. once every four years people born on leap day get to celebrate their birthday on the all day. and today "action news" caught up with a new jersey woman celebrating her 100th birthday. katherine marshall a resident at fountains at cedar park. and today friends and family showered her with flowers and candy for her in actual 25th birth day. instead of throwing a party she donated $100 -- she is 25 -- so the food bank. we wish you a happy birthday. and the accuweather forecast. >> and march begins tomorrow. typically coming in like a lion,
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but more like a lamb. and some changes on the way and stormtracker double scan showing that we have a dry, pretty comfortable night. 40s right now in philadelphia. 47 degrees down from the high of 64. which is 17 degrees above normal. allentown 40. atlantic city airport 48 degrees. and wilmington currently 43. and good amount of sunshine this afternoon after we had showers moving through in the morning. and satellite 6 along with actions radar showing the stalled frontal boundary to the north. it is keep the really cold air at bay at least the next couple of days. tomorrow height pressure builds in and it will bring us a round ever rain really the middle of the night. enjoy tomorrow the first day of march. loads of sunshine. it will be mild. not quite as warm as today, but a high of 60 in philadelphia. a little cooler in the northwest suburbs.
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53 in allentown. wilmington 58. with wind out of the southeast off the ocean along the shore points about 10 degrees cooler than philadelphia. afternoon high of 50 degrees. futuretracker showing around this time tomorrow night, this is when the clouds are thickening and we see some showers developing in the far northwest suburbs. most of these really will be falling when most us are sleeping. around 4:00 in the morning this is when we can get a squall line of heavier rain and perhaps a rumble of thunder. then it moves out moving offshore by about 9:00 in the morning. looking at about a quarter to a half inch of rain. what this will do is open the door for a very windy day. wednesday the sunshine back, but with the low pressure to the northeast and high pressure building from the west, we get the wind tunnel effect. winds gusting up to about 40 miles an hour. and we hit the high early and temperatures dropping. thursday and friday stuck in the 30's. and friday an opportunity for
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snow. and the accuweather forecast tomorrow in like a lamb, it is supposed to be a lion. 60 degrees and lots of sunshine. and wednesday early-morning rain and windy, 49 degrees. and thursday we cloud up and a high of 39 degrees. and friday again only 39. chance of morning snow showers at this point doesn't look to be a big system, either a nuisance or coating of an inch. and saturday increasing clouds and high of 45 degrees. and sunday another opportunity for snow showers with a high of 46. and monday turns milder high of 53 degrees. looks like temperatures rebound back into the 60's for next week. and, of course, david murphy will have details on "action news" beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> thank you, cecily. coming up on "action news," flyers highlights, an important game. they are all important from here on in when we continue in a moment.
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plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> flyers and flames if he we go -- wells fargo center. into and the flyers had a chance to upgrade their roster and chose not to. and they are going ahead with the team they have. before you criticize maybe the g.m. knows something we don't know. and brayden schenn, and career night. midway through the first period getting the flyers on the board. the game tied at 1-1. and now 2-1 flyers in the second period. schenn again, his 20th goal of the season. that matches his career high. 3:00 later, goal number three for brayden schenn!
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his first career hat trick. the flyers hang on to win 5-3. and pittsburgh wins as well and thes flyers remain 3 points back of the final wild card spot. you heard the saying winning isn'tnything it is everything in. and keep an eye on nerlens noel. and the streak might be over and in the third, schmidt. and the sixers out score the wizards 34-19 in the quarter and again the streak might be over, but "might "requesti" "not a st. and the sixers lose for the ninth straight time 116-109. still ahead the phillies with a former number one overall pick on the roster looking to regain his form. and hearing from villanova after the cats fall in the latest basketball poll. where should you start when you're
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villanova falls to number 3 in the latest college basketball poll released today. nova wraps up the regular season with home games against depaul and george town. reigned three weeks at number one. >> i think our guys had great humility and handled it with great humility. we learned just how hard people come at you and how much distractions there are around you. i thought the guys handled it pretty well, but we can always do better. after you are through it once you are always better the second time. and young arms in camp for the phillies, and acquired from houston in the giles deal, he has been stuck in the minors with an e.r.a. of 5. and the phillies can contend
11:34 pm
sooner than you think. >> and we have an understanding of we know where we are going to be right now, but we know where we need to be and the work we need to do to get there. after being with the astros a couple of years and kind of are gone through the system and seeing the turn-around and how quick it was, i think the future is bright and a lot sooner than a lot of people expect. >> and the first game tomorrow at 10:00 against toron toronto. and "jimmy kimmel live" next and andy samberg and ginnifer goodwin and music by the strumbellas. and for "action news," i'm jim gardner, good night. >> "action news" sponsored in part by --
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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