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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 on this tuesday march first. >> we're following a developing story. an argument between two families erupts ending in gunfire overnight. live on that story. >> new. fire heavily damages a southwest philadelphia row home. >> today is super tuesday, a pivotal day in the presidential race. voters in 12 states will decide who should be at the top of the ticket. >> first up weather and traffic on this first day of march with david and karen. good morning. >> we're going to start out with some sunshine a little bit later on. right now we've got clear skies, a few clouds filtering into the north of philadelphia and at times you'll see he
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some high thin clouds roll in. but i think it's going to be a pretty bright and pretty nice day. a little cool this morning in some spots but not too bad. 42 degrees if philadelphia, still in the upper 30's in allentown and reading and lancaster. it's not out of the question that we get down into the upper 30's in philadelphia over the next hour, hour and a half. then 33 in millville. 47 degrees in wildwood. on the bus stop this morning, winds not all that strong. just a little bit of a breeze. clear skies cool. 39 degrees by 6 o'clock. up to 40 by 8 o'clock. so, a coat a good idea but you really don't have to overdo it especially when you consider that once again this afternoon we are going to improve and get fairly mild. 42 degrees by 9 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 47. by 1 o'clock, you're up to 53 degrees with a fair amount of sunshine out there and your high today is going to be around 58 degrees at 3 o'clock. we have a little rain arriving overnight into tomorrow morning and then cooler air comes back, might have a touch of snow in the forecast not once but twice. we'll check that coming up. i know. >> don't want to think about that. we want to think about spring.
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let's look outside live, this is the schuylkill approaching girard avenue. westbound traffic headed towards montgomery drive. we've had a disabled vehicle. on the schuylkill westbound past the conshohocken curve a disabled vehicle there also on the shoulder so app couple disabled vehicles. looking line on the vine street expressway looking pretty good. no overnight construction. we haven't had that in awhile and it's been going pretty well i have to say. switch to go i-95 approaching cottman southbound traffic headed towards systems we have the overhead lights out so give yourself a little extra time and kind of slow it down a little. in bucks county i-95 seven southbound near business route one we had some construction there and it just cleared, matt. >> thanks, karen. we're following a developing story here a family argument in the city's hunting park section blew up into violence overnight. gunfire broke out between two families sharing the same home.
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two people were shot and the family took off way small child. katherine scott is live at east detectives with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: hat, that's right, two men were shot, one in critical condition, the other in stable condition. the gunman is still on the run. and police say the gunman fled with several people including a one-year-old boy and police say that little boy is a particular concern because he was in the home at the time this all happened and detectives here at the east division in hunting park are investigating this case. investigators are hearing that this started with an argument. the people on both sides of that argument live in separate apartments on the second floor of a row home on the 3900 block of north percy street in hunting park. police say that argument turned physical. knives were involved. then someone pulled a gun. just before midnight police were called out for a report of a person with a weapon. when officers got there, the front door was wide open. a trail of blood along the steps and walls led officers upstairs.
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>> when the officers checked the property to see if there was anyone injured inside they saw an obvious sign of a violent struggle. there were three knives on the second floor hallway floor, there were broken glasses, a broken beer bottle. there was things spilled. >> reporter: and while police were in that apartment they learned that the two men with multiple gun shot wounds had showed up by private auto at the hospital. police know who they're looking for. they know the names. they just haven't released them yet. we are live in hunting park, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. new here on "action news," the city's fire marshal is looking into an early morning blaze in southwest philadelphia. the flames broke out around midnight but quickly spread through two floors avenue row home on guyer avenue near 64th street. there are no reports of any injuries. and no one was home when a fire broke out in gloucester township new jersey. the flames destroyed the porch of a home at central and seventh avenues late last night. the cause that of fire is not yet known.
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>> a mother and her son are behind bars accused of selling heroin out of their upper darby home. police say 24-year-old malcolm peck sold heroin to an undercover officer. the delaware county drug task force then found 470 bags of heroin packaging materials, cash and a gun inside a home he shared with his mother tionne. neighbors say the pecks recently moved to the block. >> all them drugs in house i'm shocked and i got four kids over here. >> court records reveal malcolm peck has prior weapons and drug charges dating back to 2011. police say the drug bust is a snapshot of the area's growing heroin epidemic. pointing out that they have taken almost 1,000 bags of heroin off the streets just in the last few weeks. a bensalem high school student is accused of selling marijuana brownies to middle schoolers. authorities arrested 18-year-old jacob francisco for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and corruption of minors. investigators say they were
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tipped off when a group of seventh graders at shafer middle school ate the drug laced brownies last week and fellow classmates notified teachers. >> ♪ >> now to the race for the white house. it is super tuesday. a dozen states will hold primaries or caucuses today. some for both parties, some for single parties. by tonight we could be at a make or break moment for a number of campaigns. stephanie ramos reports this morning from alexandria, virginia. >> reporter: super tuesday is here. the biggest voting day of the year leading up to the general election. voters in a dozen states and a u.s. territory will go to the polls today with 1610 delegates at stake. hours before polls opened the candidates zig sagging across the country holding rallies trying to nab those last minute votes in order to snag their party's nomination. >> let me be very clear to the men and women of texas, i will not compromise away your religious liberties. >> reporter: ted cruz hoping to win big in his home state of texas talking religious
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liberty and the supreme court nomination. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. >> reporter: marco rubio's barrage of insults against donald trump subsiding by the end of the day but at a trump rally in virginia tension. a large group of student protestors marched out of the event and as they passed a photographer from time magazine thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. the secret service now investigating. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need do now is make america whole. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping to keep her lead over bernie sanders. >> now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. >> reporter: but a fundraising e-mail from clinton shows her looking beyond sanders and targeting gop frontrunner donald trump the latest national polls showing 49 percent of republican voters would support a president trump. here in virginia, many more voters are expected to turn out today, much more than the
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last time both parties held presidential primaries. in alexandria, virginia, i'm stephanie ramos for channel6 "action news." >> stephanie, thank you for that. new jersey governor chris christie told a radio audience that he will not rule out running for president again. during the interview yesterday the former gop candidate also defended his endorsement of donald trump saying trump has the best chance to beat hillary clinton. christie refused to say whether he would consider a vice president bid or serving in a trump cabinet. >> the defendant in a deadly planned parenthood attack in colorado gives an interview from behind bars admitting and detailing why he killed. >> with the judge's latest ruling appel now has one success in its fight to keep the government from hacking into iphones. david. >> we're not overdoing it on the kids. we have temperatures that will probably dip into the upper 30's in some spots with light winds this morning so a decent coat. this afternoon, though, mild. we'll have your details coming up from accuweather and that chance of rain overnight into tomorrow morning. all of that coming up on future tracker6.
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>> the jet would use technology to create a soft dump instead of a rattling sonic boom in flight. >> be around when that thing is up ahead that concorde when it was still flying? it was loud even before it hit the sound barrier. >> yeah, heard people talking about it. i don't think i ever heard one of those sonic booms. you still get them from military jets. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you radar is looking on the dry side this morning which is nice and as we take a look outside we have temple university, some of the athletic buildings and fields
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just off broad street there to the left all lit up nice and bright but not a whole lot of athletes out there just yet. temperatures 42 degrees in philadelphia, so a little bit cooler than yesterday but still not bad. winds are light at 8 miles per hour. technically you have a wind chill in the upper 30's so you do want to probably get that coat going. 42 in philadelphia, 39 in allentown and reading, 38 degrees at this early hour in lancaster, 32 the freezing mark in millville. pocket of colder air in central south jersey, 47 degrees in wildwood and 42 degrees down the pike in wilmington. satellite shows you some cloud cover off to the north but in philadelphia we are clear. and it is looking like most of the area will start out with a lot of sunshine. then maybe we'll filter a few more clouds in as the day goes on. generally speaking a pretty good looking day today though still mild. 40 by 8 o'clock, 44 by 10 o'clock but by noon up to 50 and that 58-degree reading at 3 o'clock that's our expected high. again pretty bright and winds not as strong as yesterday. just a little bit of a light breeze about eight to 16 miles per hour. that's not as bad as yesterday.
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55 is your high today in allentown, 56 in reading. you get up to 54 in trenton, 56 in wilmington. looks like about the same in millville. a little cooler right now by the cool ocean water and again getting up to 58 in philadelphia. as we take a look at future tracker6 later tonight at 8:30 it looks dry but after we get past about 9 o'clock or so look for a couple of little spotty showers beginning to develop and in the overnight hours a front coming through will trigger more showers so that by 5:30 in the morning right here on 6abc we'll probably have storm tracker6 live double scan showing you some showers that will make the beginning of the day a little on the damp side. does look like toward the end of the morning commute this is getting over toward the east of us and then we're going to transition to more sunshine tomorrow but behind that departing front we're going to be very windy. look for gusts up to 40 miles per hour tomorrow. windy and blustery and then getting cooler later in the week. your exclusive accuweather 7-day still bright but nice today, a high of 58 degrees not bad.
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wednesday that rain i just showed you ends early and we will have a high of about 49 in the morning but i expect that number to drop during the day so that by about dinnertime we're down to 40 degrees so windy, sun returning but definitely getting cooler on wednesday and then brisk and colder on thursday with a high of just 40 and wind chills in the 30's. clouds with a touch of snow possible on friday. now, this is a system that's going to be centered well to the south of us but it might be just close enough to give us either a coating or at worst maybe one to 2 inches of snow. not a real big deal and we might have to slow it down a bit. improvement on saturday up to 45. 46 on sunday and in the morning a little rain or snow shower there. and then monday turning milder back up into the 50's. whenever you want information go to to get the latest on storm tracker6 live double scan and what people like me are thinking about is coming next. got you. >> thanks, david.
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the zika virus has made its way to the city of philadelphia. the department of public health says a woman over the age of 60 became the city's first case. the patient recently returned from the caribbean. she was not hospitalized and is recovering. also yesterday the centers for disease control confirmed new jersey's second travel related zika virus case. the virus is most commonly transmitterred by mosquitos. most cases are mild but the infection can cause serious birth defects. >> happening today, family friends and comrades will say a final goodbye to a virginia police officer gunned down during her first day on the job. hundreds of officers in woodbridge virginia paid tribute to officer ashley guindon last night. in a large procession they escorted her body to the chapel for today's funeral services. she was shot and killed saturday after responding to a domestic violence call. >> the man accused of a deadly shooting spree inside a planned parenthood in colorado springs is speaking out behind bars explaining what he says drove him to kill.
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57-year-old robert deis undergoing a mental competency evaluation he complained his guilt in loud outbursts during preliminary hearings. three people died and nine were injured. in his phone interview deer called those who died that day casualties of war. >> do you value life? >> of course. that's why i did it. value. i killed three and i saved 3,000. >> deer is charged with first degree murder. an update on his mental competent ceascompetency is sets month. >> a federal judge sided with appel against the fbi last night. the judge ruled the government cannot obligate the company to assist in breaking into an iphone in a routine drug case. the justice department plans to appeal. and this is a separate case from when a judge recently ruled that that appel must provide special software to unlock the phone of one of the san bernadino attackers.
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>> "action news" is going behind the scenes of the most popular morning drive radio show in the region. our camera spent hours tracking what happened at the preston and steve show when the mics are hot and when they are not. we also get advice from the entire gang on how they get up so early in the morning. how do you do it every weekday morning? watch our special report on the preston and steve show tomorrow morning on "action news" and listen to their show on 93.3 on wmmr at about 7:30 this morning i'll be stopping by to join them on the radio. >> it is 4:47. coming up next on "action news" for the first time google says its self driving car is at fault for a fender-bender. >> a frantic mother turns to her community in louisiana to help find her missing toddler. as it turns out a neighbor's pet saved the day. that story is later on "action news." >> ♪
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listen. now you hear them. now you don't. every family deserves a two-room suite. yeah, it's pretty great. >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. i have some terrible news. it's only tuesday. so, let's get through this day. we're looking outside live. this is bucks county, i-95 at business route one. not looking too bad at this point. the overnight construction is clear. all lanes opened. no delays. we're dry. not bad at all. let's look at the big picture o the schuylkill westbound we have a disabled vehicle on the
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shoulder approaching girard and also one on the shoulder past the conshohocken curve so he two disabled vehicles on the shoulder on the schuylkill expressway. main lanes are opened so you're doing all right and you see speeds on the schuylkill mostly in the 50's so it's not really impacting you too much. we have some construction crews its a roving crew causing a little restriction on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and the mid-county tolls so watch for that as you head out. also some construction out here, the guys are out here bright and early or dark and early blocking the left lane of the turnpike between downingtown and 29. so you'll see one lane blocked there, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. new on "action news" one of google's self driving cars has been involved in a fender-bender and it's one of the firs first times that the vehicles was to blame. the car hit a public bus in silicon valley when it was trying to get around sand bags near a storm drain. the company says the car's test driver thought the bus would yield and did not have control before that collision. >> time for your first look at business at the big board. oil prices have risen 30 percent in the last 11
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days. some of that has to do with production being halted overseas. experts say a bottom may have already been established for the oil market. good for oil traders, bad for prices at the pump. they have risen nearly four cents in the past week. the major stock indices were down slightly yesterday with each dropping less than 1 percent and futures point to a higher open today. a french cash maker hopes to break the land speed record. the top speed for the bhugati i.the speedometer goes to 311. it can go from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds. one third of the models have been sold is a at a price tag of two pinterest $6 million. luxury vehicles there's a market for it. >> do you see anything going by when you're going 311 miles an hour? >> let's find out. >> let's not. it's 4:52. new this morning, vehicles
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explode during a fire at a san francisco gas station. we'll have that dramatic video at 5:00 a.m. >> developing right now police in california are looking for the man who led them on a chase with his two young children and their mother in the car. it's new on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> developing right now police in southern california are still searching for a man who led them on a chase with his two young children and their mother in the car. it started as a domestic dispute in los angeles county yesterday.
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the woman involved has a restraining order against the suspect. the man is wanted on suspicion of kidnapping. the chasewood with the driver stopping at several intersections even calling police with his car battery died the man ran off into some brush leaving the woman and his kids behind. they were not physically hurt. the search for the man continues. erin andrews delivered emotional testimony in a nashville courtroom. the sportscaster told jurors about the grief she continues to feel because a man secretly shot nude videos of her and then posted them on the internet in 2008. >> he was everywhere. publicity stunt. my naked body was on the front page of the new york post. they put bars over my body parts. my girlfriend is calling me telling me she was around new york city throwing coffee on all the papers because she felt so bad. >> andrews is suing the
4:57 am
nashville marriott hotel claiming the hotel made it too easy for the man, michael barrett, to record her. barrett spent more than two years in federal prison. a missing louisiana boy and his family have a hunting dog to thank for his safe return. eli allicott went missing last tuesday night. his family turned to the community for help. doug downs and his hunting dawy dog honey joined in the search. after hours of searching with her keen sense of smell honey helped find little eli safe in the woods. >> time right now 4:57. still ahead oprah's closet cleanout. the media mogul is giving her fans a chance at getting their lands on some of her exquisite no longer needed items. >> parents are outraged after cell phone video surfaces showing students holding a mock slave auction. that's next on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, first day of the month of march. we're working on several developing stories. >> a heated argument between two families takes a violent turn and gunfire erupts. we're live with those developing details. >> sweet about face. philadelphia mayor kenney now supports a plan that would have city residents paying a little more for their sodas. >> super tuesday showdown. it's the make or break point for presidential candidates. all of those candidates are scrambling for last minute support. >> let's turn to david and karen. david, one question, lion or lamb.


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