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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14-17 tickets on sale now! "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with breaking news. philadelphia police were on the scene of an industrial accident in the holmesburg section of the city. police say that a man was killed after he was crushed by a 2,000 pound bale of waste. the victim was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.
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we have a crew at the facility now and we'll bring you details on air and online at the other big story today is super tuesday. a critical day in the race for the white house. voters in 12 different states and one territory are casting their ballots, the single biggest day of voting until the november election and the outcome could make or break campaigns on both sides. stephanie ramos reports now. >> reporter: it's a reason it's call the super tuesday, the biggest voting day of the year besides the general election. with 610 delegates at stake for the republican party. >> we need to stay unified as a party. >> donald trump is a bully. and america needs a fighter not a bully. and marco rubio is a fighter.
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>> both marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump from big wins. and rubio is trying to win support in his home state of florida and cruz trying to with win his home state of texas. and recent polls show hillary clinton would beat donald trump. >> i have not even focused on hillary clinton yet. and the one person she doesn't want to run against is me and very that on good knowledge. >> they are also making the round in crucial voting states, sanders takes a break from stump places to vote in his home state. >> bernie sanders got at least one vote here and i have been work on my wife. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton could win big at the primary day today especially here in virginia. >> thank you stephanie.
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and local voters head to the polls starting next month. pennsylvania and delaware hold their primaries on tuesday april 26th, and new jersey's is tuesday june 7th. we are entering the month of march with sunshine and more mild temperatures out there. looking live from sky 6 hd showing us blue skies and dry conditions over the center city skyline, enjoy it while it lasts, there is a wet and windy change in the forecast. with more on that meteorologist, david murphy has more on the terrace. >> reporter: pleasant out here now rick if you have things to get done and can get them done today i would recommend. tomorrow is a different look. as we look at satellite showing you cloud cover holding off to the north and west and we expect the majority of the afternoon to stay bright maybe high, patchy clouds coming in later. 59 in philadelphia, 58 in
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wilmington and 62 in millville. and here are the winds not all that strong, single digits across much of the region. the southern portion of the area winds in the teens but that is not bad. overall we are going for a high of about 60 degrees, we may bump higher than that in spots. 47 is the low and the winds are expected to stay much lighter than yesterday in the rest of afternoon and evening. future tracker 6 showing you later tonight we have showers moving in and here is the view at 11:00. and this continues off and on through the overnight hours, can we get it out in time for the weekend and what happens with winds and temperature tomorrow? i'll have details on that coming up. for now not a bad first day of march at all. >> david thank you. all right developing news right now, two roman catholic bishops are accused of covering up sexual abuse of hundreds of
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children in central pennsylvania. attorney general, kathleen kane, released the report. they say they were abusing children in the jones town diocese over a 40 year period. former bishop james hogan and john adamac. his attorneys are denying the allegations, no charges are filed because the statute of limitations has expired. a bucks county teenager remains behind bars. he is facing charges after police say he sold marijuana laced brownies to middle school students. annie mccormick is gaining new reaction from parents and police. >> reporter: that is right, jacob francisco is the bensalem high school senior, with possession with the intent to deliver and corruption of minor charges.
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there is also a juvenile that is expected to be charged. but they are not releasing his name because of his age. >> monday bensalem police announced the arrest of student jacob francisco, accused of making and selling brownies with marijuana. they accuse him of selling the brownies to middle school students and then sold them to seventh graders. and they got into the hands of at least a dozen students. today parents reacted. >> i didn't think it starts so early, i understand that kids experiment, but this is 13 years old, 12-13 years old. that is scary. >> the school superintendant is not ready for an on air response and referred "action news" to this statement. saying in part, the first was to screen all the students to make
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sure there was no negative effects from consuming the brownies. parentses of schafer students not directly affected are concern that automated phone calls did not go out until monday. >> the phone calls came out, but two days later. >> reporter: a search warrant uncovered drugs and cooking supplies. many are surprise that they got into the hands of kids so young. >> if you don't know what it is. you didn't buy it in the store and you don't know what it is, or you are buying something you shouldn't be buying, you are literally playing with fire. >> reporter: and bensalem police officer says the parents of the students that ingested the brownies are giving full cooperation and commending the students that noticed other students taking the brownies and
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reported it to staff. bill cosby's attorneys are trying to delay a preliminary hearin hearing in delaware county. district attorney is fighting the effort though, saying the appeal should be heard after cosby faces trial. a catholic high school in south philadelphia, received a large grant from the philadelphia school partnership. they presented a $300,000 check to saints john newman and maria goretti high school. it goes towards transforming the school's education system and helping them adopt common core aligned assessments. the philadelphia zoo is closed today and as the calendar turns to march, it's gearing up for the spring and summer rush. they are tidying up animal exhibits and doing landscaping work. it's a day of bonding. >> we have our chief financial
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officer working in the goat yard, turns out he has a lot of landscaping experience, who would have thought. people are doing things they wouldn't normally do. katherine scott has more coming up on the cleanup in our next half hour. still to come here on "action news" at noon. a large fire and explosion in downtown san francisco. what parks the blaze and what stopped it from spreading. >> and another controversial and deadly police involved shooting, this time in north carolina, what civil rights leaders just said about the case.
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a passenger bus was destroyed in a dramatic fire at a gas station in san francisco. the bus driver pulled into the station as his engine began overheating and smoking and moments later flames engulfed the bus and exploded. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. officials say that the gas station owner likely prevented a larger blast by immediately shutting off the gas. a deadly officer-involved shooting is investigating in
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raleigh, north carolina, witnesses say an unarmed black man was shot in the back while running from a white police officer. but the police chief says that the gun was found near the man. the shooting happened when an officer tried to serve a felony drug charge. now the naacp is calling for transparency in the investigation. >> a warrant for arrest is not a license to kill. >> amen. >> that's right. >> we don't know exactly what happened but we know there are some things, if one is running away, that is not a license to kill. >> the officer involved was placed on administrative duty. friends and family gathered to remember the police officer killed her her first day on the job. ashley guindon's funeral is going on right now in virginia. she was one of three officers
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responding to a domestic violence call and the other two officers are expected to survive. robert hamilton remains in jail charged with capital murder and several other accounts. the fbi and apple will face off in a hearing today on capitol hill. the fbi wants them to hope a phone for a suspect in the san bernardino shooting. today members of congress are trying to decide if they should get involved. president barack obama is hoping to make progress today on filling the supreme court vacancy, he is meeting with senator republican leaders vowing to block any of his nominees, they want to keep it's seat open to a republican president can possibly fill it next year. the first time they met since scalia's death last month. scott kelly is coming back down to earth after nearly a
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year in space. kelly has been at the international space station for 340 days, longer than any other u.s. astronaut. he touches down in kazakhstan tonight and goes then to houston for testing. the ultimate goal is to send a crew to mars. in other nasa news, the space agency is investing of the potential revival of the supersonic jet. the agency granted a contract to lockheed martin to develop a passenger jet to travel faster than the speed of sound. the jet would use technology to make flying safer and quieter and greener. there are new trends in plastic surgery and they may surprise you. we'll tell you what is the fastest growing procedure in the u.s.
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the u.s. auto industry this morning reportedly had its best february sales since 2000. ford reported a 20% jump in february and fiat chrysler and neeson reported gains and snow storms bogged down january sales though but as the storms move out, car buyers emerged and low gas prices are expected to keep the sales rising through the year. millions of dollars worth of
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cancer medication is thrown out every year. drug makers are holding vials that hold more than what the average patient needs. they injected right amount and then throw away the rest because of safety concerns. they say they are wasting around $3 billion every year on that excess medicine and patients are paying thousands of dollars for drugs they never even receive. more americans are choosing to change their backsides when it comes to plastic surgery. butt implants and lifts are the fastest growing types of procedures in the united states. and more than 40% of breast reductions are performed on men. overall the number of plastic surgery has gone up 115% over the past 15 years. a hospital in michigan performed an interesting doggy dental procedure. this golden retriever named
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wesley was outfitted with braces at the animal hospital. the 6-month-old pub was unable to fully close his mouth and unable to chew his food and began losing weight. the braces should be removed in a couple of weeks. >> that is funny. now the "action news" familiar is out working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. >> coming up today at 4:00 we have a special performance to show new big talkers. a second grader in our area just completely owning the stage during his school's talent show. his performance is seen by thousands of people but he has overcome an obstacle to get to this point. we'll have his story. it's inspiring. and it may be hard to believe, but common foods like lettuce and corn and tomatoes, could be the reason you are packing on the pounds. why seemingly healthy foods
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could be affect your weight. you won't want to miss this story. coming up today at 4:00. you can take us with you on the go with the streaming 6 abc app and on our website. >> thank you. accuweather is coming up when we come right back.
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immediate . meteorologist, david murphy, is here. >> we like to say it's starting like a lamb. but tomorrow move like a lion. sto stormtracker 6 live double scan we have no precip. there is fairmount park, water and ducks and cars in the distance. and people have their shades on with all of that sun in the region. temperatures 59 degrees, and we'll probably add a degree or two. winds remain light and yesterday someone said dave did you call for the gusty wind? i said we did. but if you don't like it get out today. in allentown a typically cooler
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area up to 58 and heading to the 60s in millville and dover. a little cooler down the shore right now and it will stay a bit cooler down there. there is additional cloud cover to the west trying to streak in later in the afternoon and we have enjoyed sun so far and it will stay bright. a high of 55 degrees in the afternoon and maybe get a little above that in spots toward the lv and 52 degrees at the shore and sun and clouds and pretty bright and just a light breeze down by the water. in philadelphia, we'll call for a high of 60, you can see us going above that. obviously still mild out there. unlike yesterday and we have the winds southeast, and probably not getting there much above the afternoon. 58 degrees under mainly sunny skies by 4:00, the sun goes down, and 52 by 6:00 and 40s by
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7:00, to hinder your out and about travel today and this evening, future tracker 6 showing later tonight we'll be on the lookout tonight for showers and by 11:00 the latest model run has most of this to the south in philadelphia. in and out you see this through the commute and the broadcast, we'll probably have wet roads and a few pieces of precipitation to show you on stormtracker 6 live double scan it looks like it gets over to the east and off the coast at 7:00 or 8:00 and we'll see sun come back. the transition will involve an uptick in wind. 47 is your nighttime call. and the winds building overnight. the frontal boundary gets out of here and a high of 49 than is earlier in the day, temperatures tumble in the afternoon. 40 by dinner time and sunshine and march typically the most windy month of the year will be showing that windy face tomorrow
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with gusts up to 40. your exclusive accuweather forecast good and 60 degrees, tomorrow 49 and dropping during the afternoon and rain ends early and rainy and chilly after that. brisk and cold on from and we have the southern storm and brush of snow. and over by the afternoon s saturday dry and sunday and morning rain and snow shower. >> an abandoned kitten with an interesting look nicknamed mustache cat with what looks like a well groomed mustache above her mouth. fortunately she was taken to a no kill shelter. and there are plenty of applications to adopt her.
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it's perfect. >> much more ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 12:30. a woman boosted her health overall without surgery. a different health care option and the rolling stones are set to make history in cuba. more on their upcoming performance straight ahead. >> don't look like you. >> drama and passion. and excitement.
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welcome back 12:30, breaking news over the holmesburg area. john rawlins just arrived on the scene in holmesburg and has the details. >> reporter: hi sara, a very busy place here at is the 5200 block of ply avenue. it's operated by waste management, they have a transfer station for waste trucked in here as well as a recycling center. a 42-year-old man was crushed by a bale weighing a ton and was pronounced dead at the hospital at approximately 8:30 this morning. it's not clear if he have a worker for waste management or an outside contractor that uses


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