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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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welcome back 12:30, breaking news over the holmesburg area. john rawlins just arrived on the scene in holmesburg and has the details. >> reporter: hi sara, a very busy place here at is the 5200 block of ply avenue. it's operated by waste management, they have a transfer station for waste trucked in here as well as a recycling center. a 42-year-old man was crushed by a bale weighing a ton and was pronounced dead at the hospital at approximately 8:30 this morning. it's not clear if he have a worker for waste management or an outside contractor that uses the facility.
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it's still an active police investigati investigation, still a lot of questions but one fatality, in an industrial accident here at the 5200 block of bly at this waste management location. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that update. the month of march starting off sunny today and as we continue throughout the afternoon the rising temperatures will make it feel more like spring. the action cam was at the lemon hill plea ground in fairmount park, lots of kids enjoying the day and it was chilly enough to wear their coats this morning. looking at sky 6 hd, a beautiful shot of the center city skyline, nothing but blue out there. david murphy is out. what is happening march is coming in like a lamb? >> even early afternoon i decided to wear a jacket fwlu is
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not a lot of wind and temperatures are on the cooler side as we are done with the month of february, as we take a look conditions are nice overall. there is the cloud cover off to the north and west and we may see patchy clouds develop later on and overhead all very is blue and a wisp of a cirrus cloud. if you want is the 60s wait around another hour or grab a leer jet to washington. 47 still in new york city. not a bad idea if you have the afternoon off, head to the driving range or the playground, either way you look at a lot of sun and not much wind. 59 in philadelphia by 2:00 coming down from a high of 60 or so. and 4:00 probably about the same, 58 degrees. winds on the light side for you golfers trying to hit that thing down the fair way. 4:00, 58 and nice the rest of
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the way and 6:00 the sun heads down and so good the temperatures. 52, and 8:0051. and we'll waffle a bit and the coming overnight is not going to be all that chilly. it will only get down to 47 for an overnight low and there is a chance of a late night shower tonight. i'll talk more about the showers and talk about how much of an impact it may have on the commute and other big changes in the seven-day forecast. for now a nice day to be outside. >> maybe i'll join you, thank you david. s as we take you through this warm first day of march go to to see changes coming our way. super tuesday is here and has the potential of being a defining day for the candidates. they could get commanding leads over their rivals.
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>> reporter: super tuesday i believe is the most important day of the entire primary. >> nearly .25 of republican delegates and a fifth of democratic delegates are up for grabs in a dozen states, what happens today could reshape each nomination race, but the latest poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump will be tough to beat. nationally clinton has 55% of support among democrats and trump has nearly tripled the support of his latest rival, marco rubio. >> there are late deciders but it's likely that donald trump will win on super tuesday. it's a rough couple of days for donald trump, first attacked ruthlessly by marco rubio. and then declined to not immediately disclaim supfrom kkk
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member, david duke. >> i see david duke all weekend long on facebook and twitter. it's never enough. >> and black lives matters protesters interupted trump's event and rubio has taken full advantage, labelling him a conman and taking a shot at his appearance. >> he doesn't sweat because of the spray tan you uses. >> a hypothetical match-up with clinton and trump, clinton would win easily, but if it were rubio or cruz it would be a dead heat. back here philadelphia police are looking for the gunman in a late night shooting in hunting park. he fled with relatives including a 1-year-old child. in a row home on the 3900 block of north percy street. the shooter and victims live in
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an apartment next to the row home. they say they know the suspect's name and are now talking to witnesses. a bensalem high school student is facing charges after police say he sold marijuana laced brownies to middle school students and another student is likely to be charged. authorities arrested 18-year-old jacob francisco for intent to distribute. they were tipped off that children at the middle school ate the brownies last week. and parents of the students of the middle school were concerned they were not notified until yesterday. >> we got the phone call so we were alerted to it, but two days later. >> the principal released a statement saying the school system is cooperating with the bensalem police department. the philadelphia zoo is not getting visitors today, they are closed for a major cleaning
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ahead of the spring season. the zoo staff is also taking part in an important emergency drills. katherine scott shows us -- >> reporter: there are kids at the zoo today but only the ones that live here. the philadelphia zoo is closed for one day as around 150 staff members fan out for a zoo wide cleanup. >> we could have called it zoo per tuesday given the day it is. we are preparing for our guests this spring. >> clearing, raking and shoveling from the tree house to picnic grove, the season for a resurnlgence of guests. people came out to enjoy the piled day and as temperatures gets higher so will attendance, the abexception of guests allows them to do larger projects without getting in the way. >> it allows us to have a team building event and get the zoo
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in shipshape for our season. we are mulching beds and giving a parking garage a good scrub down. after cleaning this afternoon everybody will take part in a zoo wide readiness drills. we may have to evacuate the zoo and with the zoo empty, you can practice that for our entire staff. >> normal business hours resume tomorrow at 9:30. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." high school students in the grays ferry section are talking about youth and police. the disproportionate minority corpse is hosting forums at the auto ten wreath high school. they are taking part and so are the members of the university of pennsylvania black lawsuit association. they cut the ribbon on a new
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resource center in philadelphia. locates at thomas pierce elementary school. the center and its computers give parents a place to feel more connect. they urge parents to take full advantage of the opportunity. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a 14-year-old in ohio accused of opening fire on his fellow classmates, goes before a judge. and a local doctor is helping patients look better without surgery or prescriptions.
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a 14-year-old student charged with shooting two classmates in an ohio high school entered a not guilty plea but did not say what the motive is for the shootings. police say that the to students shot in the cafeteria are expected to make a full recovery. two others were injured by
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shrapnel or while running away. there is a new trend in medicine helping people heal from the inside out. alicia vitarelli is live now to explain just how it works. >> reporter: the woman you are about to meet avoided surgery and pills by turning to this health care option, it involves a sort of super science using specialty tests to get to the root cause of your own biology and your own issue. >> i could hardly keep my head up, i felt like i was in a daze. >> reporter: angela from ardmore felt this extreme fatigue after having her second son. >> i started gaining wet it was not pregnancy weight, it was after he was born. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with a disease, and put on
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medication to manage her thyroid. >> i felt good for two weeks and then the symptoms starts booksed returning. looking for answers she turned to dr. michael who sort of plays medical detective. >> functional medicine is identifying the underlying causes of illness that you won't see on the traditional labs. >> he does a series of tests unlock your chemistry, blood, stool, saliva and urine. all to treat the source and not the symptoms. and unlock the clues. >> eggs and mustard seed surprisingly, i stripped out gluten and dairy and nuts. and other foods known to be inflammatory like mushrooms and peppers and eggplant. >> just to get the inflammation to stop. >> she also switched to a
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natural thyroid medication and dr. jay issued personal supplements. >> after the inflammation has gone down i feel like i used to look. >> and now she looks like she used to look. >> ended up 30 pounds after getting rid of all of those fooded from my diet. and knowing exactly how your body processes everything you put in it is what functional medicine is all about. >> just causing inflammation in the body will prevent weight loss. >> the only catch here is that insurance companies are only starting to pick up the tab for this, so the out of pocket expenses can start to add up. today at 4:00 more on food sensitivities how one doctor says that common foods like lettuce and tomatoes and even artichokes could make you fat. >> interesting new science.
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thank you. coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00, the troubleshooters are getting results once again, this time we tackle a case that is a lesson for all of us. here is nydia han. >> before you pay to join a swim club, the troubleshooters have a warning. this woman is waiting 12 years to get $450 her swim club owes her. how can this happen and what have we learned from this. >> i was upset. almost $800. >> and the problem solvers work to resolve yet another medical bill. also coming up tonight on 6 abc, an all new prime time lineup starting with a new episode of the mup pets. kermit urges to broadcast from
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the hospital after miss piggy broke her leg and they reconsider their relationship status. and coming up at 9:00 watch marvel agent carter and an abc special on super tuesday. and then at 11:00 watch "action news" with jim gardner. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment
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before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. david here now with another check of the accuweather forecast. bright blue skies, a great way to start the month. >> a nice afternoon for a walk. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a lack of precipitation and of course taking a look outside on the action cam, fairmount park looking nice and bright. isn't that a nice shot of the water? you can see the sunshine glinting off of it. several highlights for the forecast. the first one is a true highlight. it's gorgeous today and tomorrow it will be windy and blustery and cooler although overall
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after light rain we'll see plenty of sunshine again tomorrow. then believe it or not we may be back into a cooler pattern, cooler perhaps for snow on friday, temperature 59 degrees and the winds very light out of the east at 6 and kind of blustery yesterday but not as much today and temperatures in the region up in allentown up to 50 and 52 in trenton and 58 in wilmington and down at the shore temperatures in the low 50s and light winds everywhere, and satellite showing you there are is a little more cloud cover out to the west that could filter in over the next couple of hours. but no more than patchy clouds the rest of the afternoon. up to 60 in philadelphia and wilmington and maybe higher than that. 64 in millville and dover and cooler down by the ocean water and staying in the mid to upper 50s in the northern tier of suburbs. the rest of the day and evening, look for 59 at 2:00 and coming
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down from the high in the low 60s to 58 by 4:00 and 52 by 6:00. the overnight low as we get towards morning will only get to 47 degrees, so a mild pattern. later tonight there is that chance of a pop-up shower and more of that later on in the overnight hours. by 11:00 new model run has rain out west of the philadelphia and and off and on shower activity through the overnight hours. by 5:30 in the morning we'll probably have something to show you on stormtracker 6 live double scan and maybe even a rumble of thunder overnight. that is not out of the question. this gets off the coast quickly and we probably see roads drying during the second half of the morning commute. behind the departing rain and associated front, it's windy and sunshine tomorrow and a different sort of day with a high in the morning of 49 falling to 40 by dinner time and 40 miles per hour gusts keeping
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it blustery tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 60 is today's high and bright and nice out there. rain ends quickly out there and the temperature dropping through the 40s, brisk and colder friday and 39 on friday, friday is the day where a system way down in the carolinas may be close enough to brush us with light snow especially during the morning, you may wake up and build to a coating to an inch or so. then some improvement on saturday with a high of 45, sunday a weak feature brings us rain or snow shower. and looks light season 46 with drying, we climb the ladder again on monand 60 on tuesday and i would not be surprised to go up from there. >> all over the map there thanks david. a historic wilmington theater is bringing some of broadway's biggest starts to the area. karen rogers has more on 6 abc
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loves the arts. >> reporter: the play house in rodney square is onest smallest theaters on the broadway circuit but they have two blockbuster shows on the calendar. it was built to provide world class entertainment for the dupont workers. >> to provide the culture they were used to. and part of an ongoing commitment from the dupont family and company has for wilmington. >> they attracted some of broadway's biggest shows and artists, lena horn and joel gray and tyrone power, and lucille ball and anthony quinn. the list is epic. >> they kicked off with annie and chicago and there is more to come. >> we are doing, mama mia and the music from abba.
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>> and the blue man group, a strange piece where the guys are entirely blue and comedy and percussion and circus and a little bit of everything. >> both shows take the stage in march and executive director mark shields says the intimate theater is one of its charms. >> are you really up close with the performers and feel the energy coming off the stage as an audience member and the artist can feel it coming from the audience. >> blue man group takes the stage march 18th through the 20th. for more go to dupont or visit love the arts for events. i'm karen rogers. and topping our people scene at 12:30, the rolling stones say they will play a free concert in
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havana on march 26th, the biggest act to play in cuba since the 1979 revolution. the concert is expected to bring a massive audience in a country where the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music. they have increasingly allowed large none official gatherings there.
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david with a final look at accuweather. >> we have decent numbers this afternoon. under the sun and a few puffy clouds and not as windy today and mid to upper 50s in the northern and western suburbs. we'll hit 60 along the i-95 corridor and could get better than that in a couple of places. down the shore cooler but less wind than yesterday and lots of
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sun, it's a beautiful beginning to march. >> we'll take it. thank you david. here is a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. a fast food chain hoping to bring families together. >> and our vegetables actually making you gain weight. meaning healthy foods are causing you to pack on the pounds. that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. get out and enjoy it.
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