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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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hd it's sunny out but also cold and accuweather is calling for snow. meteorologist, david murphy, will tell us when and where coming up. and a stolen car was involved in a crash that took a person's life earl why this morning in delaware. and astronaut, scott kelly is back on earth after spending the longest time of any america in space. we have a windy, chilly day today and along with the colder air we have snow in the forecast. david murphy is outdoors on the terrace. >> reporter: when i stepped out here this morning before dawn it was mild, but no more. take a look at satellite, we had rain this morning off the coast by 7:00 and since then the sun has come back and strong blustery winds are coming in from the west and as we look at future tracker 6 these wind gusts in the 20s and 30s the rest of afternoon are not going
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anywhere. by 3:00 blustery and we are starting to get back down into the 20s and the rest of afternoon and evening all the way up to 11:00 it's fairly breezy out there gusts getting better by 10:00 or 11:00. there is the 3:00 a.m. temperature, 59 degrees and we drop to 53 by 9:00 a.m. and we talked how the temperatures would plunge but that is an amazing drop from near 60 at 3:00 a.m. to near 40 at 9:00 and the clear wind coming in on the northwest breeze. 42 in philadelphia and 42 in washington and new york city. down in the 20s in places like binghamton and buffalo and pittsburgh. and your windchill is making it feel like the freezing mark and frankly i think that is what it will feel like the rest of afternoon and evening. here go the temperatures, 44 at 2:00 that is as high as we are going to get and down in the 30s and freezing mark by 10:00. and overnight lows well into the 20s in suburbs.
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down into the low 20s in fact. a nice day to be outside in terms of sky cover, lots of sunshine and you need your shades and you need your heavy coat this afternoon rick because it is windy and chilly. >> david we'll see you back inside. in other news, philadelphia police say a 65-year-old man turned the tables on two attackers last night. they say the man and his wife were walking in queen village when they were attacked by two men, the victim pulled out a gun and shot both of the suspects and the 65 was also taken to the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. police say he has a license to carry. philadelphia police are searching for a man that assaulted an officer it happen bradenton 1230 this morning on east oak lane. police responded to a call for a man with a gun and the suspect reached for his waist band, the suspect tried to push the officer over a railing and then
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took off and the officer was able to chase him but the man got away. police in newcastle, delaware, are investigating a deadly crash involving a stolen car at the intersection of east justice in newport. police saw the car driving without headlights and ended up jumping a curb and crashing into two trees. the driver died at the scene. and turning to politics, the candidates challenging hillary clinton and donald trump are now scrambling for a long shot strategy to have a surge for their nomination. it left the republican establishment with a clear sign of a recovery or chance to stop him. >> for donald trump and hillary clinton, super tuesday lived up to its name. >> what a super tuesday!
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>> both the democrat and republican frontrunners came out looking stronger than ever. clinton won in seven states including texas and georgia, the biggest prizes helped by overwhelming support of african-american voters. now the campaign moves forward to the crescent city and the motor city and beyond. >> bernie sanders won four contests and says he is far from out of the race. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president but about transforming america. >> the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> for republicans super tuesday cemented that donald trump is far and away the favorite. >> i feel awfully good. >> while he won most contests, ted cruz won in texas and nearby oklahoma and alaska marco rubio won in minnesota. >> we are underdogs, i'll accept that, this is a country of
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underdogs. >> and despite poor showings for kasich and carson nobody dropped out. leaving everyone but trump bickering about who drops out of the race. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump path remains. and that would be a disaster. in honor of dr. seuss's birthday, today is read across america day and the philadelphia eagles used the morning as a chance to promote reading. beau allen and swoop read today at the bank. they collected 3,000 books to give to at risk youth. astronaut scott kelly says there is nothing like a fresh blast of frez frozen air to
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welcome you back to the united states. he returned to kazakhstan with his roommate for the past year. >> a descend rate -- >> mission accomplished. >> mark kelly back on mother earth. >> commander mark kelly back on solid ground giving two thumbs up and a peace son telling reporters that the air felt so good. >> cold air was amazing, fresh air, there is nothing like new cold air coming into the capsule. >> the russian spacecraft landed in kazakhstan overnight and kelly and his russian counterpart returning to a hero's welcome. >> i felt like i was there my whole life after the first six months. >> he spent 340 days in space and completed nearly 5500 orbits that is almost 144 million miles, to the moon and back 300 times.
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>> by going to mars one day it will make things better here on earth, i'm happy to be a part of that. >> one the purposes of this mission is to measure the affects of space on the human body by comparing him to his twin, retired astronaut, mark kelly. this record holder admits being home is bitter sweet. >> i have been there a long time and i look forward to leaving but at the same time it's a magnificent place and i'm going to miss. >> he is expected to return home to houston tonight to be greeted by his family and bosses. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. erin andrews has another emotional incident on the stand how the incident with her stalker changed her life now and forever.
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a recent report by the l.a. pd finds that when officers fire their weapons they are disproportionately aiming at african-americans. and they found people wounded between 2011 and 2015 were black. african-americans make up 9% of the popular and mentally ill increases from 5% in 2014 to 14 last year. members of congress attempted to name a post office after maya angelou but nine republicaned voted against the measure their opposition is to angelou being a communist sympathizer. president obama gave her the
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president medal of freedom in 2011. it was an intense cross-examination for sportscaster and host erin andrews. they received in her $75 million lawsuit against the hotel and stalker that filmed her nude. >> they said what happened to andrews did not hurt her career. >> reporter: a second emotional day on the stand for erin andrews. >> do you believe you will ever get over this? >> no. the sportscaster and "dancing with the stars" host said her life changed when her stalker posted a naked video of her on the internet. >> i look everywhere, i look for lights and red lights and i look for cameras and i check the bed and the alarm clock and the phones. but after the tears a grueling
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cross-examination. >> have you done very well in your career since 2009. >> yes. >> attorneys for the marriott hotel arguing that the nude recordings have not had a negative impact on her career. >> and you got an endorsement for reebok? >> yes. >> and you also got an an endorsement for degree deoderant? >> yes. >> an rues going after the man that recorded her michael barrett and the hotel. claiming the hotel made it easy for them to film her. the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal tricking them into gaining access. >> there was some 10 to 15 other women involved in the stalking. >> erin says her career has done
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well but her personal life continues to be a struggle. she worries about the day she has to explain that video to her children. >> what happens when my kids come home from school, and they say you are naked on the internet. i have to tell my kids mommy didn't do anything wrong. >> this could be in the hands of the jury by the end of the week. parents in north carolina are taking a public charlotter school to court over its dress code. parents of three female students argue it's wrong that they cannot wear pants or shorts to charter day school. the policy says that girls can wear shirts, skorts. >> it sets a precedent that she is not as valuable as the boys are. what she feels doesn't matter. >> a lawyer for charter day
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school, the school complies with north carolina state law when it comes to uniform policy. and right now there is no cure for als hikers, but local researchers say they may be closer to preventing the illness. here is ali gorman with a preview. >> reporter: if you know are you at risk for alzheimer's disease there is not much to do to stop it. but is there? researchers want to know if a certain medication can delay or prevent symptoms of disease. >> the idea of being able to prevent the worst parts of alzheimer's is quite exciting. >> i have been waiting decades to see this kind of a study. >> we'll explain how the study works and how you can get involved tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. and still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of the forecast. sky 6 hd showing you the vietnam
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. coming up tonight on 6 abc it's the premier of the real o'neils and follows a close knit chicago family and they seem to be perfect catholics but when the truth comes to light their lives take an unexpected turn. watch this here on 6 abc, there is one at 8:30 and another episode at 9:30. the goldbergs kicked it off at 8:00 and modern family at 9:00 and a new american crime at 10:00 and then "action news" with jim gardner. what do you think of heavier coats today? >> it's chilly and staying that way the rest of afternoon and evening. stormtracker 6 live double scan
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shows you we are dry though after a brief rain that came through during the predawn areas and was off the coast at 7:00. we are live or this is earlier on the action cam, we are looking at the clouds dispersed to the east. and really windy out there. a good looking day and at least we are dry. 43 in philadelphia and add the 20 miles per hour and get the windchill of 33, obviously it's pretty chilly out there and you'll want to bundle up. 38 in reading and 38 in lancaster, i think these areas in the upper 30s will probably come up to 40 or so before turning back around again. philadelphia only adding a couple more degrees before we are done today. there is the rain and there goes the clouds and more cloud cover to the west and it is falling apart as it descends from the mountains out there. high temperatures this afternoon.
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not a lot different from now 44 in philadelphia and 42 in allentown and 43 in reading and 42 in trenton and mid-40s in some shore communities as the sun is on the way back right now with fewer and fewer clouds out there. the gusty wind a part of package. 42 by 2:00 and that is your high and then we slowly slide into the 30s by continuer time and 34 by 8:00 and freezing mark by 10:00. and we 20s overnight. tomorrow not much of a bounce back, it's chilly out there and limited sunshine and clouds increasing and 39 is all you'll see for a high and the system comes in and encounters cool air in place and it looks like late at night we encounter snow. by midnight we should have this snow riding up from the south, this is highlighted in shades of lavender, future tracker 6's way of showing you light snow and it
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breaks up overnight and a new model run has rain coming up from the south and more of this spotty off and on snow shower. and in all likelihood that moves up the coast. still looking at a half inch on some models and maybe two inches, this guy the gfs was up to 207 and that was high on the numbers, we were comfortable up to a half inch of snow by the time it is done on friday. we are falling into the 30s late this afternoon all the way to the 20s overnight and windy all wait. brisk and chilly and the light snow friday morning and another high of 39 degrees in the afternoon. we see improvement on saturday with clouds and sun the high getting back up into the mid-40s and a rain or snow shower late at night that could spill into sunday morning, not a big impact. and sunday afternoon 43 degrees
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and drying and then a rimg ridge of high pressure to the east and on monwe are in the mid-50s and tuesday 68 and it's looking good we'll hit 70 next week. >> wow. >> maybe as soon as wednesday. >> okay thank you david. preston and steve is one of the most popular shows in philadelphia. matt o'donnell when behind the scenes at wmmr to find out how it all works. >> scott kelly the astronaut in the suit is funny -- >> the preston and steve show has been on wmmr for than a decade. >> we don't conflict much and put on an entertaining show that way. >> it's a living and breathing organism.
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they impress each other and raise their hands so they don't step on each other. steve provides the wit and informed humor. >> the show is all about momentum and watercooler talk. >> beyond the broadcasting booth interns are listening in to put on the instudio monitors. during the breaks the members talk to their in studio audience and play around or grab a quick bite to eat. when on the air almost nothing is off limits. >> we were in the delivery room with preston and his wife when she gave birth to their daughter. >> but all six are having a good time. >> we are lucky enough to have a
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job that is fun and that translates on the air. >> the show is on every day but the work is never done. >> you talk about the next day and who is coming into town. the preston and steve show extends far beyond the show. >> we have podcasting and social media and instagram and snap chat. with the preston and steve show matt o'donnell, channel 6 "action news." topping the people scene, fuller house star, jodi sweeten will be joining the show. she joins in the footsteps of candace, sweeten is the first celebrity contestant to reveal her spot. the full cast will be revealed
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next tuesday march 8th.
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lets get a check of temperatures before we go. >> 43 in reading and 42 in allentown and pottstown, a lot of gusty wind out there. 44 in philadelphia and mid-40s around the i-95 corridor. and down the shore 45's and a 46 in cape may. blustery winds gusting 30 miles per hour. and if you are driving around be careful of the trash cans and branches and stuff. >> thanks david. here is a look at stories coming up later today beginning at 4:00, a toddler falls out of the car in the middle of the highway. an incredible video showing the
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entire incidents how she was rescued without getting hurt. incredible video. >> we put dozens of mattresses to the test to contained out which one gives you the most z's. >> all right sara thank you. >> don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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