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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m., thursday, march 3. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us, we have developing news. traffic tragedy five people were killed when a car collided with a tractor-trailer and went up in flames in the lehigh valley. we're live with the developments. accuweather is tracking snow that could make tomorrow's commute is bit messy. astronaut scott kelly returned home to an american appear themed gift from -- an american-themed gift from dr. jill biden. let's go over to david and
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karen with weather and traffic. >> reporter: we have a national weather service winter storm warning from i-95 and south and it doesn't expire until friday. overnight and look tomorrow morning, look for untreated roads and parking lots and sidewalks and side streets to get slipper i didn't. we'll have sunshine -- slippery. we'll have sunshine to start out. it's cold in philadelphia. 24 in allentown. 21 in millville. there's not much wind this morning, but it's enough to give you windchills making it feel cooler. windchill in philadelphia is 20, a couple of spots in the teens. as we roll through the day, sun gives way to clouds, temperatures don't climb all that far. 1:00 p.m., we're at 36 and the
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high is 39. with the winds it will feel cooler. i'll have the arrival and departure of snow with future tracker 6 and all the rest of accuweather coming up. >> reporter: an accident and vehicle fire on i-95 northbound this is the off-ramp to bartram avenue. emergency workers on the scene. i've been watching this for a while. it doesn't seem to be active. it's more of an accident scene. traffic is getting by, i-95 northbound the off-ramp to bartram avenue police on the scene. thanks penndot for zooming that in. we can see a flat bed tow truck on the scene. they are getting ready to clear this guy out. emergency workers on the scene, i-95 northbound the ramp to bartram avenue. switching the camera view, the vine street westbound moving
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nicely, it will scram later, -- it will jam later, eastbound starting to slow. this morning we have a dry commute. fire department activity on carlton street near 64th street watch for that in west philadelphia. overall on the big picture we're in good shape with the speeds, the one big problem i-95 northbound at bartram avenue. developing right now we're learning about the fiery crash that left five people dead in the lehigh valley. police say a car collided with tractor-trailer on 222 in upper macungiey township. katherine scott has more from the satellite center. >> reporter: matt, the road open up after a thorough accident investigation. five people were killed in the crash. the tractor-trailer driver walk
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away with minor injuries. this cell phone video shows the moments after the detective staict crash on -- devastating crash on route 222. thick flames and black smoke after a car and tractor-trailer collided in upper macungiey township at 4:00 p.m. there was a tractor-trailer driving south 222. for some unknown reason, a vehicle traveling north crossed over the center median and caused a head on crash. >> reporter: two of the people inside the subaru were thrown from the vehicle. all five inside the car were pronounced at the scene. the driver at the tractor-trailer of allentown suffered minor injuries. well reconstruct the crash and bring in all available resources. >> reporter: 13-year-old daniel stout said he ran outside and
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called 911. i looked out and saw a line of fire and i saw the truck engulfed in flames on its side. i couldn't see the car. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the scene last night. the road was closed for more than nine hours for the accident investigation. very scary. you don't know who lost their lives. it's very sad. >> reporter: autopsies are being conducted today, forensic testing is needed to positively identify the victims. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." we have or attained surveillance video of two men who were shot in queen village friday night. the 65-year-oldman and his wife were walking home from their south street business. the two approached the couple, the 65-year-old man shot them police say it was self-defense.
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a judge convicted christopher wheeler last year of 25 sownts -- counts and sentenced him to 50 years in prison. the supreme court ruled that the search warrants were unconstitutionally broad. it state department had no comment on the ruling. mayor kenny will present his first budget to the city council. it will call for $1.1 million to equip 800 police officers with body cameras. they are running a small pilot program to test the devices. city council asked the city to fund half of cost and look to fund the rest with grants and donations. one major airline will do a flight from philadelphia to cuba. maribel aber is live at the
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nasdaq. >> reporter: frontier airlines want to fly once a week from philadelphia to cuba. airlines have until march 21 to apply. let's talk stocks. oil prices rose yesterday. futures are pointing to a higher open. reports on weekly jobless claims are due out today. sports authority have filed for bankruptcy. they are close 140 stores that's one-third of their locations. >> reporter: it's been taken over by dick's sporting goods in some places. that's all the business news from nasdaq back over to you. thank you, maribel, have a great one. snow later, a little bit. kind of setting the table. it's cold out there this
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morning. it will be chilly this afternoon, too. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry this morning, though. let's get you outside, we're looking at brightening skies. that's a pretty picture this morning. so glad we have the sky 6 operational camera in chester. there's the commodor barry bridge, looks like a jet contrail, someone flying over philadelphia instead of landing here. 28 degrees is the current temperature. 25 in wilmington, 25 in trenton. 24 in allentown. 22 in trenton. obviously we're off to are a cold start down in cape may. you're below freezing, 30 degrees, there's a slight wind so windchills making it feel like the low 20s. obviously you'll need your sunglasses early on. clouds in charleston, and west virginia and roanoke will thicken and cloud us up later in the day and we'll get snow
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showers developing. in the lehigh valley, chilly conditions, 37 is the forecast high there. at the shore, chilly, 42 degrees, the ocean temperature, 42 degrees, by the way way i i added that a few das ago, because someone reminded that some of you like to do polar plunges and fishermen need the temperatures. it's going to be a day where the clouds increase and it stays on the cold side. overnight tonight, 31, snow arrives. as for the snow, evening commute fine. you'll see the clouds dig in. 10:00 p.m., the snow showers developing. 4:30, tomorrow morning when we are on the air we'll have storm tracker 6 live double scan likely showing you light snow. by 9:00 there's a chance that it starts to wrap down out of the northern and western suburbs, we get it closer to the coast by
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noon, where rain starts to mix in as well. what are we expecting out of all this, the models are going from a half inch to an inch in philadelphia. we actually think we could go to a general one to two inches from south jersey and delaware and allentown. probably less up here. if you're around dover and cape may county, cumberland county you may go up above, two. temperatures are however, while they are below freezing, they will inch back up above the freezing mark by 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., with the high sun angle we'll do okay with melting quickly. the main issue will be the none treated roads and sidewalks and side streets tomorrow morning. main roads pretreated will be wet. sun to clouds, 39 degrees. we get the light snow, only looking at an inch on two. take it slow tomorrow this morning, tune in we'll have the latest on traffic conditions let you know if any accidents show
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up. 389 is the high, we're dry. saturday, 45. sunday, 48. nuisance morning rain or snow shower. after that, 58 degrees up close to 60 on monday afternoon. 68 degrees on tuesday under partly sunny skies, there's a good one. and you're reading that right. 72 degrees, beautiful on wednesday, mix of clouds an sun, low 70s on thursday, these are mostly cloudy skies. i could see it there. under the gun many of them, houston police are in hot pursuit of the remaining thieves seen snatching everything in sight from a gun store. a lot of people do crazy things while they sleep walk. this man apparently committed a crime. >> reporter: we have a vehicle fire, emergency workers are i on the scene. we'll tell you about that.
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6:14, hey, ever been to twisters in ambler. it's a yoga studio.
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>> reporter: maza is a nice restaurant. did you ever do twister i mean the game. yeah, my kids love it. we're live in amber with the sun coming up on this beautiful morning. >> reporter: i talked to police in delaware county, they are showing me there's a vehicle fire, fire crews came out, they sprayed it, they called penndot in to salt the area and temperatures are below freezing, they put the water on the roadway, that's causing a problem. they have a vehicle fire they said they have to remove a concrete barrier. this is near i-95 northbound near bartram avenue watching this in delaware can do. traffic is getting by, but creating a slow go. we're getting breaking he is details about another big accident on the highway, new
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jersey turnpike northbound near heights town, police and certainly am i -- emergency workers responding to the scene, chopper 6 is on the way, as well. ben franklin bridge we have light volume. we have snow showers coming tonight and tomorrow morning, it could be slick, right now it's dry. the commute is looking good. very light volume on the ben franklin bridge. 28 degrees in philadelphia. 24 in allentown. 21 in millville. that's why it's an issue with the vehicle fire, the crews are out there trying to salt the scene, you have temperatures well below freezing. it's quite a bit colder than yesterday, a chilly day high of 39. scott kelly arrived home in the u.s. to hugs beer and apple pie. he touched down in houston at 2:20 a.m. he was welcomed by jill biden
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and his identical twin mark kelly. dr. biden brought the astronaut beer and apple pie. he returned to earth tuesday after 340 day mission the longest any u.s. astronaut has been in space. a judge has set a meeting for lawyers for the uber driver who faces an important hearing to determine if there's enough evidence to send him to trial. who people who survive are in fair condition. more arrests could be made in a smash smash and grab heistn houston it took the burglars minutes to get inside the gun store they ripped the door off the hinges. the first thief inside jumps the counter and grabs the assault rivals. another one smasheses the --
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smashes the cases and the others fill bags with handguns. a florida man busts a bathing beauty in his backyard pool. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids warmly because we're below freezing and the windchills in the 20s and stopping in the 30s on the barometer. i'll have the day planner next and get you to the airport. >> reporter: google is changing the mobile payment game it allows user to purchase item by saying i'll pay with google. it connects to participating businesses with wi-fi and bluetooth. >> reporter: mcdonald's is on board. government has announced it will pay a big bounty to qualified hackers who are able to detect vulnerabilities in the government systems. check out the future, vehicle tires.
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the i alligators eat your cat. >> reporter: we're looking at the blue route, traffic is moving okay, this is are a good shot of the road conditions. it's dry out there. other than it being cold we're dry. patco, new jersey transit, dart on time. >> reporter: we're in the 20s right now. staying there by 7:00 a.m. winds not that strong, but strong enough to give you windchills in the teens. 29 degrees by 9:00. we have a high of 39 degrees. later tonight we'll see snow showers move in. tomorrow morning slick conditions where they have not pretreated. at the airport, green aircraft on the big board. no signs of precipitation in the big travel cities. there's new proof that genetics may have more to do with going gray than age.
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researchers have isolated the gene that say it is cause bide a lack of certain pigment. it is determined from birth. the break-through could be use to slow or stop the graying process. sam bradford is scheduled to speak to the media today. the eagles agreed to terms of brad for on a two year deal. espn said he could make up to $22 million in the first year of it. eagles traded for bradford a year ago, he has a history of injuries in the nfl, but put up impressive numbers in the second half of last season. the burglary suspect with the a sleep walking defense. developing overnight, residents talk about a fiery wreck on the lehigh valley highway they could see from their homes. brand new reaction and more on the victims coming up at 6:30.
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. new ton "action news" an all out brawl erupted in a allowing atlantic city courthouse. police say 30 people were involved in the melee and they arrested four of them. an arizona man charged with burglary claims he doesn't remember doing it, because he was sleep walking. thomas dooren reportedly break into two homes that were nearly 7 miles from his own home. one of the victims caught him
6:27 am
red handed. police arrested him after a short chase. boydss -- besides his claims of sleep walking he added he was drinking and take prescription medicines the night before. new details are coming in on the deadly crash in the lehigh valley. students are returning to a charter school that was the subject of security threats, we'll tell you what precautions the administration is taking today. >> developing now on "action
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news," a fiery wreck kills five people in the lehigh valley. we have reaction to the traffic tragedy. surveillance video shows gunshot victims who need help, but police say these are the bad
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guys. we have winter's last harrah, let's get more on the nuisance storm. tamala edwards is off, erin o'hern joins us. let's go more from david and karen. >> reporter: let's start you out with the winter weather advisory this concerns the light snow. it starts at 10:00 p.m., it doesn't end until 1:00 p.m. friday. it's in the morning rush hour is the best chance for roads to become slippery. the high sun angle will make roads better. satellite shows you the lack of cloud cover. although to the lower left-hand side of the screen you see a batch arriving. cold this morning, 28 degrees as you step out the door. 24 in allentown. 21 in millville.
6:31 am
trenton, 25 degrees. light winds, but enough to give you a windchill feeling like 20 in the city and some spots in the teens. bundle up. 28 by. 31 by 10:00 a.m. the high 39 degrees at #-- 3:00 p.m. in advance of the snow, we have high clouds. karen what's going on? >> reporter: we have a vehicle fire looking live camera i-95 northbound ramp to bartram avenue. i talked to police, they said they put out the fire, but temperatures are 25 degrees colder than yesterday. they had to call for salt crews to come out on the scene. they had to have penndot remove a concrete barrier. we are looking at a bus backup,s an improving situation, not the
6:32 am
case on the new new jersey turn. chopper 6 live on the scene. here we're looking at new jersey turnpike northbound a jackknifed tractor-trailer. we see sand all over the road. looks like a fuel spill, as well. a couple of heavy duty tow trucks on the scene. this is the new jersey turnpike near heights town in mercer county. we're looking live right now with chopper 6 talking about this jackknifed tractor-trailer that's causing a problem this morning. and we can see a lot of emergency workers on the scene. looks like they had a fuel spill and traffic is trying to sneak by. big problems in the outer lanes on the new new jersey turnpike northbound, mercer county. we can see there's a backup. they were allowing some of the stuck traffic to get through, you can see the effects with the backup there. turnpike northbound near heights
6:33 am
town. other problems in the area, 422, big accident here, look at all the emergency workers, center line is blocked eastbound at 202, this is creating a jam, as well. developing this morning, the lehigh valley highway fiery wreck that killed five people has opened. we're learning more about what led to the traffic tragedy, katherine scott has more. >> reporter: injuries are so severe, forensic testing is needed to identify the victims. the coroner determined that two victims were female, and one is male. further examination is needed on the other two bodies. the autopsies are she woulded for today. 13-year-old daniel stout watched the terrifying scene unvolunteered. cell phone video shows where the
6:34 am
car and tractor-trailer collided. stout called 911. i want out and saw a line of fire and i saw the truck engulfed in flames on its side. i couldn't even see the car. >> reporter: it happened at the route hundred split. the vehicles hit head on. two occupants were ejected, all five were pronounced at the scene. the driver of the tractor-trailer of allentown escaped with minor injuries. investigators brought in all available resources to reconstruct the crash. a tractor-trailer was driving south on 222 here. for an unknown reason a vehicle driving north was traveling north and crossed over the center median, over the grass and caused an impact, head-on collision with the tractor-trailer. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the scene last night. the road was closed for more than nine hours. it could be several weeks before forensic testing positively identifies the victim.
6:35 am
and so far investigates have not determined what caused the subaru to travel across the median. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thanks, katherine. this is video of a rollover crash that injured two people in north philadelphia. two cars collided at grant avenue at 3:30 a.m. the victims are in stable condition. the accidents has cleared and the road is open. there will be extra security at tacony academy charter school in wissinoming section. someone sent a student this media post. it led to a shut down and sparked a police investigation. the student showed school officials and contacted police. 6:35, the philadelphia district attorney is investigating what appears to be a self-defense shooting in queen village. this is newly released surveillance of the wounded suspect. one young man suffered a gunshot
6:36 am
to the stomach sits down outside a bar. his friend puts his hand to his neck and shoulder wound standing behind him. they were accused of attacking an older couple walking home from their business on tuesday night. according to their attorney, the 65-year-old victim turned the table. they attacked him and attacked his wife. he begged to stop. they kept on coming. he explains we have a firearm. they said we don't care. they punched him in the face. the businessman who opened fire has a license to carry a gun. republican ben carson won't be attending the gop debate saying he sees no path forward in the nomination. donald trump will face questions on his healthcare plan he started to out line yesterday
6:37 am
day. mitt romeny will deliver remarks expect told layout the republican establishment's case against trump who dominated super tuesday contests. bernie sanders is looking ahead to the michigan primary on tuesday, he told the rally that trade policy like nafta which hillary clinton supported shuttered factories across the country. hillary clinton salutessed -- saluted the labor movement saying they will always have a seat at the table when she makes it to the white house. who thought we would have a little bit of snow. >> reporter: i have people saying winters last harrah. we're getting warm next week and hopefully that lasts through the end of the month. here's the tracker imagery, taking a look outside you need a
6:38 am
coat. it looks great, it's cool and the chilly air has returned to the region for the next couple of days. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. windchill making it feel like 20 degrees, he definitely on the cold side. 24 in allentown. 22 in reading. again, you shave maybe five or six degrees off the temperatures you arrive at what the windchill is. winds are light, but coat weather. you need your shades, there's not much cloud cover close by. this cloud cover inching in from the west will overtake us as the day goes on. we'll get snow from the clouds later tonight. 28 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m., 31 degrees. 34 by noon. the high will be 39-degree reading in philadelphia at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. winds are light, clouds increasing, though, later tonight we'll get to that in a second. high temperatures, 37 in
6:39 am
allentown. 38 in reading, 40 in millville, cape may and dover. even numbers across the region. chilly conditions this afternoon. later tonight, 6:00 p.m., dry, clouds increasing. as we go up to 10:00. brand new model here, looks like some of the early bands of snow may be pushing through wilmington and delaware and getting close to philadelphia. in the overnight hours we get in and out of snow shower activity by 4:30 we'll likely have some snow to show you. most of it on the light side. we continue through the morning commute. the latest model run has this knocking down quickly. a changeover to rain. i would allow snow through the morning commute. as we get into 11:00 a.m. it's chaining to rain down by the shore and this is a low impact event. the latest model runs are showing half inch to an inch of snow on the ground.
6:40 am
it could make for slippery sidewalks and side streets. we're going for the possibility of one to two inches of snow. maybe more than two down south. we change over to rain, it's so mild there it's mostly on the grass in the southern areas. sun to clouds, 39 degrees is the high. light snow tomorrow, about an inch in most spots, 39 degrees is the high there. saturday, 45. a morning rain or snow shower on sunday, not a big event there. 48 the high. after that we're off to the races. on monday, we're turning milder close to. tuesday, 68 degrees, 72 on wednesday, i could see another 70-degree high on thursday. i don't want any complaints. more stories you didn't see last night. including school backlash over a
6:41 am
boy who was sent home from day care without wearing pants. a couple with bad karma, just bought a car and this happens. >> reporter: a big problem on new jersey turnpike, watching a fuel spill, they put the sand down, now they are trying to clear it out so they can open up the lanes. wouldn't it be nice that it was the only problem this morning, hint it is not. also coming up, what do you think? i got nothing up here, so let's go to the break. [laughter].
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6:43 a.m. let's get to or traffic scene with karen rogers. >> reporter: east windsor, we have a jack knifed tractor-trailer. they have a fuel tank that ruptured. they put the sand on the roadway. they are allowing some of the stuck traffic to get through. they have heavy duty tow trucks on the scene with this. only one lane is sneaking by. this is the new jersey turnpike northbound in east windsor near exit 8. the outer lanes were completely blocked for a while. look at this backup, let's keep watching this as chopper pans back. if you're waking up this morning thinking you're driving to new york, think again. traffic is not moving, it's a mess on the new jersey turnpike northbound we're live with
6:45 am
breaking news, east windsor, jackknifed tractor-trailer. they are dealing with the fuel on the road, allowing traffic to get by. we can see the backup is extensive, approaching exit 8. watch for this on the new jersey turnpike northbound. we'll show you other problems in the area. 422 eastbound near 202 we have an accident that continues to block the center lane. a number of emergency workers on the scene. look at the backup on 422 eastbound, you can see how everyone is crawling along. that's the problem with the turnpike northbound near heights town. we have an issue on i-95 that's been causing problems, as well near bartram. they had to salt the area because there was a fire scene. they had a vehicle fire, i talked to police, they said they had to salt the area because the temperatures are so cold out there. that created a problem, as well.
6:46 am
as we saw the emergency workers leaving the scene on i-95 northbound at bartram avenue, but slow in the area. a couple was driving behind a tractor-trailer in washington state when one of truck's tire flew off smashing their brand new car. they managed to duck out of the way as the rubber ripped up the windshield. the tire left behind $4,000 in damage. a georgia mother is furious after a teacher sent her 4-year-old son home on the the bus in his underwear. he soiled his pants friday afternoon. she said the school didn't do enough to prevent her son from being humiliated. how do you walk by a school of teachers and get on a bus in your underwear in 40-degree weather? fulton county school officials say the teacher has resign and the school principal sent a voice message saying the student was put on a bus with a
6:47 am
sweatshirt tied around his waist to conceal his underwith while alternative clothing was located. the new transportation hub in new york city is set to open. the transportation center contains 75,000 square food and retail space and retractible skylight. the designer said it's a way to honor those who died in the september 11 attacks and hopes it's a place to inspire and place for people to pass through. a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but
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we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important.
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"good morning america." rob marciano joins us live from time square with a preview. hey rob. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning, erin, good to be with you. the war against donald trump. mitt romeny taking the stage today expected to launch a new attack on the front runner, george speaks with trump live this morning. a massive manhunt i don't event for a band of robber, incredible footage showing ten members of a crime ring swarming a gun shop and making off with dozens of guns. three suspects captured. the legal battle between hulk hogan and gawker suing the
6:51 am
website for showing unhe -- unhe edited sex tape. tina fey calling out hollywood for no roles for women in comedy. we'll see you in a bit. heading up north on the new jersey turnpike, it's a mess. i want to take you to chopper 6 live on the scene, we're seeing traffic get by, we had a jackknifed tractor-trailer, a fuel tank ruptured, we're backed up for miles happening live in east windsor, new jersey turnpike northbound they blocked all of the outer lanes for a while near exit 8. because of that traffic is at a standstill. they are letting one lane of
6:52 am
traffic get by. i want to take you live to 422. still the accident blocking two center lanes, it's a serious accidents with injuries on 422 eastbound at 202. >> reporter: on the big board we're dressing the kids warmly this morning because we have temperatures in the 20s, windchills in the teens. this afternoon we're only getting into the upper 30s, here's how the number profile looks today. 29 by 9:00 a.m. we'll see the high of 39 degrees probably around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, notice how clouds increase as the day goes on. light snow arrives later on tonight. probably after 10:00 p.m. in most neighborhoods. new on "action news," new york city, a police horse broke loose and galloped through time square. gunny was spooked by loud noise, he high tailed it through the city near rush hour.
6:53 am
the officer is hospitalized and expected to recover. the horse caused minor damage to three cars. a 6-foot python in australia let's its appetite get the better of it. a snake catcher noticed that the snake didn't look right. the python sporting 15 stitches will be on an biotics for two weeks while it heals.
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our top story at 6:56, route 222 in lehigh valley is open after a fiery crash that killed five people. the victims were in the car that slammed into a tractor-trailer in upper macungiey township. the victims will need to be identified by forensics, it was that bad. >> reporter: chopper 6 live on the scene, new jersey turnpike in east windsor, they are blocking all lanes once again on the turnpike northbound near exit 8 because of a jackknifed tractor-trailer. it is officially a mess right there. i want to take you outside live to another accident 202 southbound at henderson road that's blocking traffic. >> reporter: cold this morning with temperatures in the 20s, karen, climbing up to 39. see how the clouds are
6:57 am
increasing ahead of snow arriving. this is the future tracker 6:10 a.m. view at 4:30 we'll have slipperiness tomorrow. for karen, tam, erin, david, i'm matt, see you. "g.m.a." is next! (vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives.
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good morning, america. waging war against the front-runner. mitt romney blasts donald trump calling him a phony and a fraud as the billionaire gets closer to capturing the gop nomination. trump joins us live. new overnight, major arrests in that brazen gun shop robbery. at least ten suspects caught on camera swarming a store smashing display cases and getting away with an arsenal of weapons. the massive manhunt. smackdown, hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit suing a website about his private tape. we have what the former pro wrestler is saying as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life. the 11-year-old hitting the shot of a lifetime in front of one of the greatest golfers of all time, tiger woods' epic reaction this morning.


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