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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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pieces, one low pressure across the tennessee valley and another one along the ohio valley and they merge off the coast and it becomes a big winter storm and that happens too late and too far out to sea to bring us any major accumulation. we are talking about just a little bit of snow. a winter weather advisory is posted primarily on south of the pennsylvania turnpike from 10:00 tonight until 1:00 friday afternoon again for light snow accumulation. temperatures show it's cold enough for snow and temperatures in the 30s and dropping down into the 20s. and the road surface is pretty warm. future tracker 6 showing around midnight, there is light snow, and the main storm system well down to the south, the system becomes a big nor'easter off the coast by tomorrow afternoon. and notice that is when the
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precipitation shield is moving off the coast. we'll be getting a light brush of snow. from the south to the north at 10:00 tonight until 1:00 in the morning with periods of on and off light snow and wet roads and it end between 9:00 a.m. and noon and i'll talk about what to expect from this system and another system over the weekend. the "action news" morning team will get an early start to help navigate the snowy commute. we ask you to join us a half hour early for the latest forecast and traffic conditions. new jersey governor chris christie wanted everybody to know, no he was not taken hostage tuesday night despite a shell shock look in his eyes as he stood behind donald trump. the governor had a lot to say during a press conference in
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trenton. nora muchanic is live now. >> reporter: well jim, he is taking a lot of heat lately, this is part of what is going on. a number of newspapers calling on him to resign and he says he will absolutely not do that. he is focused on new jersey. >> i have been back 22 days since the presidential campaign. >> for the first time since leaving the campaign and endorsing donald trump, he said even when he was away he was still on the job. >> every day i was away i was still the governor, as you saw by me coming back off the trail. >> that is not the opinion of several newspapers whose ed forral boards called on the governor to resign because of his arrogance and neglect of his job. and the biggest newspaper, the
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star ledger lost all creditability by endorsing donald trump. >> i have no intention. and i intend when i said in the press conference, if i had a future role in any other administration, i plan to be here until january 16th, 2018 and then go to the private sector. >> he is making light of the blank stare that is on social media. >> i want everybody to know for those that are concerned. i wasn't being held hostage and i wasn't upset or angry or depondant. i was there supporting who i believe is the best person to beat hillary clinton. >> the governor's approval ratings are the lowest they have
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ever been and he will not be traveling full-time for donald trump campaigning but he will be away next weeks that is when he and his wife mary pat are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. this has been an extraordinary day on the presidential campaign trail. mitt romney went on television hoping to persuade republicans not to vote for donald trump. here is what i know, donald trump is a phoney, a fraud. >> romney mocked trump's expertise in the economy and foreign policy and his personality. >> think of his greed and showing off and absurd third grade theatrics. >> he says cruz, or kasich or
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rubio would be preferable to trump. and trump hark ened back to four years ago. >> i backed mitt romney, i backed him, you can see how loyal he is, he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mitt drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees. >> and mitt romney -- world news tonight will have more on the romney-trump showdown after "action news" at 6:00. mayor kenney laid out a $4 billion spending plan to city council. at the center of the plan kenney called for a 3% tax on sugary drinks. kenney says the money generated would pay for universal pre-k and other initiatives.
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>> study after study shows, we can improve the neighborhoods and expand opportunities for our children and by investing in our existing parks and libraries and rec centers. >> it provides more resources for police officers including expanding the use of body cameras. police are trying to break down bandits that broke into vince clothing store and made off with a big haul. chad pradelli is outside of the store. what is the latest on efforts to capture the thieves. >> reporter: police are not close jim, this is where the win toe was and it's now boarded up. this is where the thieves got inside of vince and stole thousands of thrasher worth of clothing. 15 seconds is all it took for the thiefs to smash the window and get inside and grab as much
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clothing as possible and leave. it appears they cased the store before pulling off the heist. >> they usually have an idea what is in the store and what they want to get and the plan of accessing the store and getting the merchandise and getting back out. >> the bandits got out with $12,000 in clothing and they want to you take a close look at the suspects and one male has glasses and a fur hood and this is another suspect. all of them fled in a light colored sedan possibly blue in color. >> i walked past and saw the window broken into and i was like what happened? you usually don't see this around here. >> but police are seeing it more. bloomingdales and century 21 were the scene of similar burglaries. police don't believe the crimes are connected or have a reason for the uptick.
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it may be just thieves looking for items to resell or simply wear. >> it's not like someone just walking down the street, they were prepared. >> reporter: and many of stores here in center city have the gates that go over the windows and vince does not. and the suspect took advantage. a jackknifed tractor trailer caused a mess during rush hour in mercer county, it spilled fuels on the northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike at exit 8 in east windsor. crews poured sand on is the highway to soak up the fuel. a north philadelphia elementary school reopened its library today way celebration of a classic. pennsylvania secretary of education, pedro rivera visited
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julia school to read the book green eggs and ham to a kindergarten class. budget cuts caused the library to shut down in 2010 and now the library will be open part-time during the school year. coming up the wild ride to school for students in northeast philadelphia. and quarterback sam bradford talks about his new deal with the birds. ducis rogers has that coming up. >> i am tracking snow moving in tonight and another over the weekend and next week an extended period of the warmest air of the season. le the tale of two seasons.
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alarmed parents want to know how the wheels and the bus went round and round and then came off in east philadelphia. gray hall has the story. >> that school bus missing a couple of tires may not sound like a big deal but that changes when you hear how they came off. bus number 414. operated with a contractor used by the philadelphia school system lost two wheels on its way to maritime charter school. >> when something happens to a bus your heart races a bit. >> laura ross, a parent shared these pictures with "action news," her eighth grade daughter was on the bus when the tires came off. >> she is our calm child. she was pretty good but it sounds like when she initially
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called me they were loud in the background and i thought they were even screaming. but she says everyone was okay. >> ross wants to know how this could happen and so do we. the school system losing its tires has never occurred before and philly trans has a good record. they are asking questions. >> thank god it was on a side street and not a main street. >> no students were hurt and philadelphia school buses are not allowed to travel on major highways with students on board and likely it was not going at a high rate of speed. >> we want to see the records and history on this bus. how old is this and how many miles and when was service and get a report of what happened. >> the investigation could take several days and we reached out to philly trans for a response and they have not returned our phone calls, if the company is
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found in violation it could face fines. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." better news here, the opening of the philadelphia flower show is just a few days away but if you can't wait, some businesses around the city have already broken out their blooms. pennsylvania horticultural society announced their winners of the philadelphia bloom contest. they chose the best arrangements by businesses that decorated windows and lobbies with flowers and the best went to hub properties in center city. and we have a preview special saturday night at 7:00, the entire "action news" weather team will be at the convention center to take you inside of this year's displays. that is saturday at 7:00. plus an encore presentation at midnight here on channel 6.
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sam bradford wants eagles
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fans to know he wants to be here. >> he is saying all the right things. love flowed between sam bradford and eagles brass. and there are talks of the possibility for the future. jeff skversky is live with more. >> reporter: hey ducis, eagles quarterback, sam bradford, was out to lunch near his home in oklahoma when he got the call from his agent that the deal was done and his next order of business was to get his receiver out to oklahoma to work out and bond to build a better relationship into 2016. bradford signs the extension worth $36 million today. he says he was never tempted by free agency. and bradford is dying for the feeling of playoffs for the first time in his career. >> what do you think it would
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mean for you and this city to make the playoffs for the first time for yourself and for these fans to get back into the post season. >> for me it would mean everything, that is why we play and put some much time in. you grow up dreaming of super bowl and i got a taste of it last year, our fans are passionate and we were talking about this how they may be the most passionate in the nfl and they create a great atmosphere. >> reporter: yes, they do. and even though eagles coach doug peterson was vocal in his desire to bring bradford back, they will still look at quarterbacks in the upcoming nfl draft. >> you look forward in the draft, if there is a guy there that you can develop and mature and bring along, you have to continue to create depth and competition at your position, it's not out of the question obviously but at the same time
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we have to make sure it's the right thing for us. >> you would not rule out drafting a guy at 13? >> i don't know about 13 but if the right guy is at 13, we have to do what is best for the philadelphia eagles. >> reporter: as far as bradford is concerned. he believes his best days are ahead of him and that is good news for the philadelphia eagles and because bradford has never won more than seven games in his career. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> to baseball phillies played two today split squad style and they fall to the astros 3-2. and the other squad takes on alex rodriguez and the yankees in tampa and a-rod reaches out and touches someone in the first and fourth inning, miguel franco goes deep and the phillies bang out 15 hits and they win 13-4
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victory. and the flyers home stand continues tonight against edmonton and they close the gap for the final wild card spot and they have won three games in a row with 20 games remaining in the season, the sense of urgency with this team continues to grow. >> they are must wins, and i think we are playing good hockey and have good composure and a good team and we have a lot of work to get done but we are twoing in the right direction here. >> they are but i said it last night it looks like it will come down to the final week of the season. dozens of young female athletes had a chance to talk to women that broke barriers in sports. the discussion took place at rowan university in glassboro as part of women in sports day. val smith king, the former swimmer and marathon runner, joe
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cecily tynan has made a promise, i saw this on social media. this will be the last snow of the winter. >> well, we could get a little more sunday morning. they we are in the 70s next week. i think we are really running out of time for winter but a little bit of snow on the way. stormtracker 6 live double scan, actually you see the gray, you know what that is? it's virga snow falling higher in the atmosphere but evaporating before it hits the
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surface. the action cam out and about, showing us we did have good sunshine today and made it up to 41 degrees 7 degrees below normal and temperatures holding in the 30s and 38 in philadelphia and allentown and trenton and reading 34 and wilmington 36 and wildwood 35 degreed. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a fragments storm, there is one low pressure across the ohio valley and another one across the tennessee valley and the low to the south, this is the one that has all the juice, the heavier precipitation and that will be missing us and we'll be dealing with the lighter snow, this is when we begin to see snow showers breaking out south of philadelphia as we head through the overnight hours, we will get on and off snow showers, temperatures right around or right below freezing, it's very marginal for anything to stick. by 6:00, some snow showers and then as we head into midmorning
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by 9:00 it's shut off north and west of the i-95 corridor and snowing in south jersey and delaware and temperatures above freezing. it's all out of here by the afternoon, and by the afternoon sunshine will be reappearing. what are we talking about as far as accumulation, not much at all. perhaps a slushy coating around philadelphia, we are looking at an inch of snow and south of philadelphia and delaware up to 2 inches. but again this is mainly on the none paved surfaces, the morning rush hour, a good idea to get up early beginning at 4:00 tomorrow morning we'll have light snow and slick spots and then temperatures rise into the 40s and we'll melt everything by the evening rush, and the evening rush tomorrow looking pretty good. really a bigger deal tomorrow afternoon. this low becomes a beast of a
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storm and the low pressures consolidate and bombs out. this is part of reason that the anthem of the seas returned to port, they are looking at hurricane force winds offshore and right along the coast winds tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, 40 to 45 miles per hour gusts. it will become a strong storm but it happened too late to bring us significant snowfall. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we get the light snow in the morning and by the afternoon the snow is back and temperatures rebound into the low 40s and a lot of melting going on. ahead of the next clipper, 45 degrees and saturday night into sunday morning, a few snow or rain showers again doesn't look to be a big deal, a grassy coating at the most and a high of 48 degrees and behind this temperatured really rebound dramatically, on monday up to 60 degrees and we have not hit 70 yet this year, it looks like we
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have a potential three times next week. tuesday beautiful 70 and partly sunny skies and wednesday a touch of spring fever and 72 degrees, and thursday a close call, the possible of showers moving into quickly enough could be in the upper 60s. and this point calling for 70. we'll round the corner next week. >> thank you. abc world news with david muir is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shack, and adam joseph. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, donald trump under attack. the republican revolt under way. mitt romney taking aim with a blistering new attack on trump. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> trump tonight, firing back. >> mitt, drop to your knees. > . >> and don't trump about to face someone else. fox host megyn kelly after a very public feud. breaking news tonight. a young police officerer charged with murder. authorities say he thought the suspect was holding a weapon. new developments. the urgent manhunt right now, after nearly a dozen men make off with ar-15-style rifles. where they're searching now. the billionaire ceo and the deadly crash. less than 24 hours after he was indicted. new tonight here, the 911 calls. you'll hear them. was it an accident?


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