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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 4, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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this is storm tracker six live and as you can se snow
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is moving into the t-state area. will it be a big storm? no. will it cause school delays? no. butillt cause me slippery roads for your morning commute? itery well could. hofully, for t last time this nter. it the is thursdayight and eig story on "action ns" tonight is t dtinct possibility of slick roads in the morning. this is a live pte of the penndot yard or e ar around the corner from the penndot yard, this is snson seete frt d ogon in south philadelphia where they are getting ready to salt the ros ornight. they say th they've got several hundred trucks at the ready forh task. the meorologist cecily nan is live at the b board with the lest iormation fm accu wther and stm acr sixive double scan. >> jim, this likely will be winter's lastooraynd it is going out th a wimper, li double scan stm tcker showing you rlly big picture with the storm and
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stm system in the ceer is w down to the south overouth carolina that is where impressive moisture is with it. is there a upr low swinging through yes valley. these two will join forces in theoastal storm d deepen buty theime that happens the storm system ties far ea to bring us any sstantial ow. so there is so snow, lng from the skyhe big question is how much willt sck? i don't thk it wl be much. double scan ve reallyoomed in showing we have light snow here in theouthf philadelphia. this bandill mo just a little bit further noh but not much. a lot of d air is a. winter weather advisory is in effect for ars south ofhe pennsylvania turnpike, f the iladelphia region, th isn until 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. for right along the coast that is until 1:00 o'clock tomorrow rning, and we're lookingt, really a a minor nuisance. forhe morning ru hour, it is justse caution. road should be passable. the light o most of it will be mting on theosut there could be a
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fewlick spots main roads will be w and then after this system we have got another weak stem on the way on the weekend and next week, temperatures sky rocket. we will talk about that in the full ac weather seven day forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. "action news"orning team will get an r a tomorrow to help you navigate the snowy commute, slick rds in the area. join us a half an hour earlier en normal sttg at 4:00 a.m. for latest ac weather forecastnd aic conditions. we have breaking news from south philadelphia a tonight this is lee's cafe at fifth and washington, where police and homicide detective are thereecause a woman's body was found a o time ago in the bement. r throat had been slashed. nowets ta a live look at the scene police are telling "action news" that the victim was 54 yes old and a employee of the restaurant, her name is ing withheld untilelatives can beold what hpened. philadelphia homicide detective are also on the hunt
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for lr, who nd wn a 39 year-old man tonight in west oak lane. e victim was ot once in the head on t 7500lock of mainland road at 8:45, we ha noord ju yet on a motive. imagine getting lo in the pearons of new jersey in the dark. that happened toght, to a pair of hunters. spotlights and search d rescue helicopters scanned woods of the buena vista township near main avenue a they were finally found the huntersere at 70. one suffered a leg injury b otherwise, they're okay. the deadly reckon u 222 that killed five peop that killed five people is a tragedy for lehigh valley company. all of the cms re co wo u we car pooling home. authorities declinedo identify the company th th rked r but the coroner says that the vtim, two men and three n we betweenhe es 19 and 59.
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police say that for a still unknown reasonheir subaru crossedhe median and then hit a tractor trailer head on. this is was uer macungie township. the truck driver is okay. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney told city council to day that he wants to levee soda tax so the city can raise another 400 million-dollar. kenney said toy th ny would go to a number of initiativesncluding universalrek. the da tax will charge distributors 3 cents per ounce which would presumably be passed down consumers. key budget totals $4,170,000,000 which is a hundred million-dollar more than last year. a key part of the kenney dget includes $600 million to repair city rec centers parks, library that is a key to ridding nghborhood crime, and gting pp job ss kenney. >> study after sdy o we can improve public safety of our neiborhood, expand educationalpportunities
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for our children d create bs all by invest particularn r existing parks, libraries and rec cters. >> kenney attended a a discussion with prek providers tonight to get input on a pl to expand qualityr for three and four years old who currently do not ha access. but the ctroversial center piece of e kenney spending plans that proposed soda tax and "action news" reporter cistieleto spent this night getting rction to at from pladelphians, christie what did u hear? reporter: well, supporters say that the the dollars on much need programs across the ci but sesses a their customers say th it wi hu their llet and in time their bottom n soda's may cause this now but mayorim kney's osed soda taxn sugary beverages coulditmall binesses and residents in their wallet. >> 40 cents forh soda. so this 12-ounces he
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wants, 3 cents per ounceo this can of w, will be extra 36 cents. that is 76ents for this c of sewed a i just don't age with th. >> it will be like two doll e a. >> these neighborhood they get 3 cts. >> reporter: do you think it will be d for biness he. >> of crse. >> reporter: store owners worryhe proposal drives stomers away. >> they will go elsewhere. th willo toherry l they llo to the suburbs they ll not go spent $2 extra for a ler soda o$4 for a2 pa of soda. >> reporter: others. >> i guess it can't be a bad thing fm a public health standpoint. >> reporter: taxis said to gerate 400 million-dollar mainly funding prek ucation. >> any money going to schools is great. >> fifteen million-dollar went toward the love at. we didn'to on at. ridiculous. take from it thatoney, not fr th. >> reporter: while ci council squash the matter before. >> it is back on the table and hopefully mayor nyi listen to our ccerns and
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small businessman, and te it om there and drop its well. >> reporter: now berkley callus enly city ctly to implement a tax likeh reporting live from logan square christie iletoor channel six "action ns >> jim? >> thanks, christie. new jersey tnsit and its union that are reateningo strike, will et for mediation talks tomorrow in washington. new jsey transportation officials say today painted a dire picture for cmuters, as far as rail workers walk off the job at midnight next saturday. announcing contingency plans for tins to stop running new jersey transit says it will expandervices on 30 bus routes and bring in help from privateus carriers. it was a scare for so students on their way to school this morning in northeast philadelphia. when two of the wheelsn their bus fell of the bus was driving along its wayo rime ademy charter school when this happened. the bus run a company
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called philly trs was filled with iren. mercifully nobodyas hurt. the dtrict officials are now trying to find out aly at happened d wh a manmade a gesome discovery while cleaning out a vacant home in the park de section of idelphiah afternoon. police say that he found a severely decomposed bo in the entrancef a property at 53rd d jefferson. officials say rains we thereor seral e if not longer. investigators aretill trying to determine the person's a nder, and as well as how they died. we haveold you abt the drug ncan bere and anecdote to heroin overdose. no whe is it being usedith more effectiveness then by police in delaware county. thease in point, two recent incidents in netter pvidence township. "action news" rorteran cuellar, explains. >> reporter: for office's cross the delaware valley, it is becoming an casingly all t familiar call. >> we found 23 year-old female unconscious laying on
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the o and she was vy gray in cor. >> reporter: not breathing and with a faintulsit was believed to be a heroin overdose. netter providence officer william wean i rushed to get a rcan kit now car mid all trol cars. ey mistered first one and then aecondose of the drug in r nose. >> within a couple minutes the female started to breathe, and we got a pretty ro pulse. >> reporter: it w t second life saved in as many ds by netter odence officer using a dg, a tool they did not have uilust recently. >> we have beenogh for 23ears and i he eaot of tragedies. we never had thisools mething that we can administer on the scene. >> two days, the gentlemen have saved two veal proudfhem a, you know, credit to e ossion. >> reporter: life saving effort is part of the county wide program created by d.a. jack wlen. since the program gan 15 months ago, 195 lives ha been sav across daware county. >> we're going to do whatever we can to prevent the ss of
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a li but is very difficult task, because of this severe epidemic that we are facing with th heroin. >> reporter: whalen says delaware county has led the commonwealth in saving lives andhey cannot sa everyone tor these officers it is eply satisfying to sa a life. >> we are not to ing ts job home we're to but this is ry important to u u know, we can go home knowing we saved a li. >> reporter: in netter providence i'm dan cuellar for channel six "action news". tensions were even higher then usual d insults were flowing freely tonight at the publican edential debate in detroit. abcews correspondent megan hughes has the stor >> reporter: fresh from his commanding seven victories on super tuesday donald trump got no respect. >> trump's rivals now teaming autopsy begins him. >> he doesn't have answers. >> make himhe psident of the united as. >> ted cruzn second place is tng hard to met a two n re.
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>> donald trump has ien checks to hillary clinton not once i not three times ten times. >> reporter: marco rubio ain a sailed ump's character. >> he has spent a career. >> reporter: all of the taunting got a riseut of trump. >> this little guy s lied so much out my record. he h li. >> he referred to my n mething else must be small. i guarantee y eres no problem, i grantee you billion air mogul fighting ba. >> donald trump is o fraud. >> reporter: begins a attack from t 2012 g.p. standard bearer mitt rney. >> he was failed candidate. hehould have bten president obamaery easy. he failed miserablely. reporter: this debate was a rtch between donald trump andis nemesis "fox news" anchor megan kelly. >> hi. >> how are you doing. >> nice to be with y man. >> you are looking wel >> as are you. >> this weekend t republican slateaces voters inour
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states and puerto c >> with the detroit debate over michigans still a political hot st. democrats debate in flintn sundayn tuesdayhe ste host an important pmary for both parties. megan hughes abc news, washington. and here is the latest in the hillary clinton e-il server pbe. the fbi has granted immunity to the clinton sta shore set uper pvate eail server so he can orate with instigators. brian pagleon had one ti pleaded fifth as to t iiminate mlf. skperson for clinton campaign said they are glad that he is orating. bernie sanders held a rally today at the 4h fa ground in lawrence, kansas. he covered a range of issues including id of fr public colleges and fighting institutional cm. this is the way it looked as the democratic presidential ntenderot a haircut at a localaer shop.
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i st sders seven c. still to come on "action news" tonighthe wit over the fatal oing a man in a wheelchair by police but office say was juified. plus, we will tell you abt the star soccer player whose donation will help research nssions in sports. that is all coming up next. a drug inour medicine cabinet right n could be the next ccer fighter cecily. light snow started falling, we will have new information on how much snow toxpecthen you wake up tomorrow morning and track a major temperature turnaround next week in the au aer seven day forecast. we willearrom sam adford on his new two year de, we wille from c rodgers on th sty plus a le in one at you must sees. "action news" nnues in just a moment.
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family of the manilled by wilmington police is sug tonight insisting thathe shooting was not justified. so cell o video pred thecene in pmber as officers, trained their guns on 28 yr-old jeremy mcdole a wheelchair. authorities say mcdole had 38 calir gun s family clms he was unarmed. lawsuit alleged that the officers were poorly trained and could ha us less than deadly force. theesults of an official investigation had in the been reed. in montgomery, alabama birthplace of the modern civil rights movement a white le officer is now charged with murder afrunning down an unarmed black man. the shooting hpened last week. twenty-three year-old aaron smith spped 58 year-old gray gun, walking home, a struggle ensued, smith oped fi killing gn. the there was all out man hut hunt tight to fd thieves who ed a a saw
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and a pickup tck to smash to a houston gun shop. therew ma off tmore than 50 fearms, three of already been captured, but therere several other suspects still on the loose andhe number guns now on the street as officials war that i had more is, are still to co. health check at 11:00 tonight new use f one of the oldest drugs on the rket. aspirin isest known as a pain reliever andts widely used to wd off heart attack and strokes. now atud friday massachusetts general hospital in btoninds regular use could cut risk of con cancer by 19 percent. of ue, taking asrin a regular bas not without risk including beding. so it the is mhing to be discussed with your doctors. brandy chastane will nate her brno science upon her death. the 47 year-old o america's best known fa soccer srs. she scored winning goal in the 1999 wen's world cup and
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research on chronic aatic even se patty or cte h focused overwhelmingly on men particularly, national football leaguelayers. but yet e a recent study fou th among high school hletes girls soccer players suffered second most ncussions after football. chastane hopes that her donation will he unravel how gender plays a role in ct thee. lets get thatccu wther forecast, it is snowing in parts of the lare valley. >> light snow isalling and it coulcomplicate the rningommute a little bit but this is not a mor e. storm tracker six live double an showing that the snow pretty much ride right on schedule where you see bright white that is the the more d raid snow, the gray, are ju snow frries. you can see right now steady snow is generally soh and east of the new jersey turnpike and we will see some snow swers as we he through the overnight u. we' live on s six apwe ll ta a lot a the commodore barry bridge.
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you can see itas reduced visibility, varieties built in philadelphia at about a me. due to the falling snow. visibility is more of an issue then road conditions. temperatures are marginal to support snow. all this is ally melting on the road. 32 degrees inhiladelphia the enton and allentown 33. wildwood 31. lmington 31 degrees. certainly not in the deep freeze by any stretch of the imagination. satellite six with action radar ong that the mainly that will eventually form a coastal storm and move out to seas way down to the uth over south carolina we are getting clipped with a northern fringe of thisnow. future tracker showing around 1:00 o'clock temperatures ound 30 degrees th sn showersround heading in the morning commute. not a wi lid band of sn just so snow shers around at 7:00 o'clock. by 10:00 o'clock most of it has v off the cot mixing in with a t built onave rain. by 1:30unshine is back as temperatures in the 4s. so athing th do stick will be lting
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ry ily. expected oall amou it was low at 60. i brought it do en lower. north of the pennsylvania turnpike we're looking a grassy coating, sth a coatingo perhaps a slushy inch, again on the non-paved surfaces. allhis should be mting on the road. it is not a huge event but we will have date impacts throughout the eight hrs until with 8:00 o'clock. low imct by 11:00 o'clock and sunshine is ck by 0 just a ince event. the exclusive cu weather seven day forecast, lht t snow in the morning. suhine returns by the afternoon, little tn the chilly si 42 degrees, normal high is 48, on saturday, cloud, ien up ahead of the next clipper 4degrees th stem could bring a f ow orain ors sunday morning, again not looking to the b deal, sunshine is back by the aernoon 48 degrees and th syem opens up the door for gh pressureo move off the ease eastern sboard andring us wind out of the southwest. classic heat m
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6drees on ny, tsday first day of 70 degrees, this year. beautiful. warming it up mo on wednesday, 72 degrees. on thursday ahead of the cold ont we will see increasing included wi a psibility of some showers if the rain hos off late enough we wi hit degrees. we will have three days of temperatures in the 07's. of course, david murphy will be track ago this light snow beginning at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. thanks cecily. thats way night of high fashion in the pal center in philadelphia young ladies throughout the ty spent t evenining searching r a prom dress, among tse rows and rows of gently used outfit. once theyicked out the perfect dress they could al choose a pair of ses and accessories all f free of charge. more than 20 residents of the radnor whip re about to get a o-up ew of h their pice dartment wks this was the first g of the citizens police academy.
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the amy runs for nine weeks, duringhich time residents wi len about things like use of
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we hear from the new quarterback today who is the old quarterback. >> he is coming back for at least two more yr we wi see. sam bradford is confident he ne gsack to t ayoffs mindou a place he hasever been. bradford met with the media todayo discuss h wwo year contract he is okay with the fact that the bi wt with the srter dl. he h so no interest in testing that free agent market. >> this is where i wted to be. i waed to be ba here. i knew that. soo finally get it done a to kn wl be ba he and thai d't to he worry about anything else, you know, it s huge relief to get that phone ca this week. >> best days are a aad of him. what he did toward end of the season last year, building on that he non continuity with the players. he kws the team. he knows the players. the it might be a different setf plays th wre installing but he kno the guys. so, you know, that right
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there, you know, leads meo believe can ha success. >> time to work. to the ice home cooking is supposed to be a plus tonight in another oh so ical game it doesittle wl f flyers. flyers hosting edmonton, dave hakstol's team tshree points t the aff ot. second piod is a disaster n a span of two minutes oilers scored twice, first shane gostisbehere turned it off, hart os, and then moments later shot on a patrick maroon beats mhael neuvirth then the rebound. a chance to get on the board in t third period. flyers on a four neower play. butilers scored shorthanded lowery, with the score. flyers fall fr to tng. penguins win. flyers are now five points back. >> i thk is important you know u realize h you play and you he to do better than what pned nht. but it is important to just turn the pagend just have to move on. >> still ahead e pllies win, and s
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well, two forhe price of tw phillies go split squad in carwater ty se to houston three- t. other squad takes on alex rodriguez and nes nearby tampa. a rowith a home run in e firstnningff adam morgan two run shot. twone aer one. to t fourth, miguel franco goes e that is a solo home run. phillies bg out 15 hs in the 13-four
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victory. college basketball temp is ong in t top sd in the next week cference tournament facing memphis tonight. second half, obi turns around jumper ten pointsff the fence. owls by nine. second half, senior devon coleman. senior night at liacouras center. owls win 71-63hey clinch at top seed in the conference tournament. finally tonight tirood has gotten in the course design business and this 11 year-old is in the crse come nation business. on the first hole of the first tiger sned uen america, tlorrozero noteed a pter. a hole ione for the 11 year-old. even g is like, yo dude can y gi me so pointers. maybe help me out with that, myack problems. >> that is sports. finally the smell of freshly, baked bread was in the the air in berlin, new jersey tonight. hundreds of women brought their bt recipes to the
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tables of lucy's n tohip up lious loav from scratch. this isecond annualouth jersey mega hl k women of all gerations shared their family recipes from th time honor tradition. jimmy kimmel live next followed by night li. jimmy's guest janaitman niomi kingnd music from c-low green o only ung c-low. >> yes. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. >> "action news" continues at 4:00 a.m. with tamala edward, matt dnell meorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily ta dus and the te "action news" te i'm jim gardner good night.
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