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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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an inmate after asking for forgiveness. and the storm that brought us light snow all morning long is almost finished. it wasn't much and most everybody got out to work or school just fine. this was the scene after the sun came up over rodney square, they saw more snow in south jersey and the geese and ducks don't seem to mind. not to foul out there. sorry. still got lots of clouds and the final flakes are falling. meteorologist, melissa magee, is at the big board with the details. >> it's a beautiful sight to see in the sky. and there is light snow falling across the delaware and lehigh valley this morning. because of the high march sun angle the primary roads were wet across the region. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see there is
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light snowfall hugging the coastline from ocean county to atlantic county, cape may you picked up a plmoderate amount earlier today. 5 inches cape may courthouse. and mount laurel, 2.2 and wayne pennsylvania 1.2 inches of snow and philadelphia a little more than a half inch of snowfall. but it continues to depart and that is good news. 1:30 this afternoon some of that moisture pushing offshore with a fair amount of cloud cover with breaks of sunshine. by later on this evening skies start to clear out from a west east direction, we'll talk about what to expect, the winter weather advisory supfor areas near the immediate coastline at success this afternoon and the snow continues to exist from a
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northwest to northeast direction and the roads look to be wet and the winds will pick up, winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. it happens to clear out the snow and clears out the skies this evening and sets us up for a pretty nice weekend with milder conditions to expect. we'll have the details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. stay with for the latest from accuweather, keep an eye on the sky with storm tracker 6 live and be sure to interact with our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. while we didn't get a lot of snow it made for a longer morning commute for many drivers and this storm is a reminder that winter is almost over. that doesn't mean we won't get more snow. annie mccormick is joining us in south jersey. >> reporter: we are in runnemede, south jersey, all morning, areas like this, grassy areas and untreated surfaces by
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midmorning we see accumulations according to our 6 abc ruler, they add up to more than 2 inches in some areas. just in time for the morning rush commuters on the black horse pike they saw plenty of snow and forgot winter is still a nuisance. >> i thought it was march when i woke up and it's still winter and not spring. >> it's a nuisance. >> what type of weather are you looking forward to now? >> summer. so i can ride the bikes. >> get your harley out? >> yes. >> how can you tell? >> overnight the flurries began at one point they turned into rain and local crews started to salt roadways and for the most part little to no accumulation on the roadways. and patients rushed to clear their cars to get their kids off to school and people agreed spring never looked so good.
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>> one and done. >> what is it that you don't like about it? >> not this time of year, i liked the blizzard, but not this. >> an inch or two and we are done. >> even though a warm-up is on the way, some people remember the saint patrick's day snow storms in the past then are not packing up their winter clothes just yet. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." now to a developing story, three high school football players in chester county are facing charges in connection with a locker room sexual assault. it happened in october in conestoga high school. the district attorney says two seniors held down a freshman player and another play violated him with a broom stick and they had something they dubbed no gay thursdays. >> you had an older kid come
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behind a younger kid and put his genitals on top of the younger kids day, and that was okay on thursdays. >> the district has launched their own investigation and the head football coach has been suspended . a burlington county woman was killed in an early morning house fire. the woman was in her 80s and could not get out in time. firefighters responded to the unit block of francis street at 2:00 a.m. they found the woman's body after getting the fast moving blaze under control. the county police and fire marshall are investigating the cause. a restaurant employee died after her throat was slashed in the kitchen and the openers made the gruesome discovery in the kitchen and called the police and now the search is on for a suspect. trish hartman is live outside with more on the investigation. >> reporter: well rick this restaurant is normally open by now, take a look behind me, it's
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still closed. an employee put up a sign closed for renovation and police have identified the victim as song win of philadelphia, she was a cook here at the bitbistro. >> i can't imagine anything like this happening. >> folks in this area are shocked after learning an employee was killed at lee's cafe and bistro. police were flagged down shortly after 9:00 a.m. and found a grizzly scene in the kitchen. >> obvious signs of a struggle. pieces of the kitchen equipment were knocked over and a piece was laying on her body. >> the body was that of 50-year-old song win, her throat was slashed.
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and there were bruised to her face. when the owner did not receive his order he wept down to check on her and found her. >> they are seeking out the employees for questioning but the employees present at the time are being questioned by homicide detectives. >> reporter: police have not released any details on a suspect or a motive. police are also looking for any surveillance video in the area that may help in this investigation that employee told me that the cafe will remain closed for the rest of the day and probably for the rest of the weekend. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." thank you a home invasion victim from dover is arrested and charged with manslaughter, 21-year-old jacob leaguer was chased from his house and the female victim haley henwood was one of the suspect's girlfriends, both of the home invasion suspects from philadelphia have been arrested
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for the original crime that happened in october. leaguer was shot during the incident and his father was killed. family friends and colleagues came together to remember a fallen atlantic city police officer. a special memorial was held at saint nicholas church for officer mcmeekan jr. this marks the anniversary of his death, he was hit by a bus and killed at an accident scene in 2005. attorneying to politics, voters in several states head to the polls this week. the gop candidates faced off in a debate last night. they portrayed donald trump as a phoney and conmay but they would support the nominee if it is trump. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30.
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tensions continue to mount after north korea's leader orders nuclear weapons for use. today the white house is responding the full story coming up. and a high school athlete gets a form of herpes from wrestling.
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all eyes on kim jong un react to sanctions on the u.n. after the military got the go ahead to get nuclear weapons on the ready. >> north korea's announcement to get nuclear weapons armed and ready set off panic overnight. the developments coming after it was broadcasted on north korean television the reader beaming with pride saying the warheads are ready to be used at any
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time. she refers to kim jong un as a great leader. the u.s. state department tells abc news they are closely monitoring the situation urging north korea to quote, refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric that aggravate tensions but they say after the release of what was a hydrogen bomb in february and other missile tests make this concerning. they have met today to discuss the possibility of deploying a defense system on the south korean peninsula. instead of getting ready for the state championship. a wrestler is fighting a nasty
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virus. brett has a form of herpes that left lesions on his face they believe he got it from another wrestler or from a wrestling mat. blake will likely never wrestle again. >> i never thought i would get this and the important thing is kids' health, that is the main message. put that above everything else. >> a spokeswoman for the athletic league, there are rules preventing anyone with the skin condition to compete. they are trying to stop the state championships and make sure other families are aware of the potential risks. a convicted juvenile find out how merciful pope francis can be towards juveniles. he wrote a letter from his juvenile lockup asking for forgiveness, he is serving a 11
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year sentence for involuntarily manslaughter. vazquez says the popes letter gave him the will to live. and a bicycle called out the driver of this suv for being in the bike lane, the go provo shows the driver chasing the biker for a block and gets out and punches him several time in the face and now chicago detectives are trying to track down the driver, and a new york woman is charged with driving with a fake license plate. a deputy stopped the woman after noticing the hand painted plate on the back of her car. she had a suspended registration and no insurance. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30 north check of forecast for you as we check outside. sky 6 hd showing you snow covered beaches in cape may, melissa magee has an update from accuweather and a nicer check of
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it won't be a run of the mill liquor tasting. he is expected to take part in the festivities of fine wine. the actor will cut the ribbon and meet privately with 15 randomly selected attendees. all right. meteorologist, melissa magee, is back now with a closer look at the weekend forecast. >> it's going to look really nice and at least conditions are improving and no more snow to deal with as we get into the start of our saturday. stormtracker 6 live double scan can you see what the picture looks like earlier this morning we had light snow showers covering the lehigh and delaware valley. from ocean county to surf city and atlantic city there in atlantic county. the moisture continues to pull
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away and in fact the winter weather advisory will expire in about 15 minutes for areas in south jersey. outside we go sky 6 hd from our temple university camera looking at a portion of our center city. pretty chilly in the region. some of this snowfall we have seen so far, somers point 4 inches of snow, egg harbor 3.4 inches and dover and locations west. 2.4 inches and 1.4 in nottingham and chadds ford an inch of snowfall in the region. and 32 in warrington, quakertown 33 and slatington 36 and center city 35 and chester 32 and lower 30s as well in oxford. in new jersey in browns mills, 34, for smyrna and dover, coming
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in at 35. the winds come in at a northeasterly direction and there is a bit of a chill feeling like 24 in philadelphia, 19 in the poconos and 31 in wildwood and the current windchill in beach haven the lower 20s in dover. here is satellite 6 along with action radar the low pressure continues to depart for the rest of afternoon, and mostly cloudy in the region but again a few breaks in the clouds, and what will help us later on today and the winds will start to clear out and scour out the cloud cover as well. this is a beast of a storm that continues to travel well offshore, that is where you will find the center of the storm system and we tap into the counterclockwise winds gusts sustained 12 to 25 miles per hour and gusts as high as 30 miles per hour and hurricane force winds well offshore. something to deal with through the rest of the afternoon.
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as we go into the weekend 8:00 in the morning not a bad start sunshine and clouds, 32 in philadelphia and 28 in allentown and 33 in wildwood but overnight saturday into early sunday morning, 1:30 in the morn during the overnight hours, a couple of light rain showers in philadelphia, by 8:30 in the morning a lot of that moisture is still holding on for areas south of the city and we'll start to get clearing through the mid hours of the morning. not a major storm we are tracking just news an snow showers and a rain and snow mix in locations. the snow is coming to an end and high temperature 42 and milder on sunday a high up to 45 and overnight saturday into early sunday morning 48 and monday turning milder up to 60 degrees, and on tuesday, partly sunny and warm, hopefully you get out and
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enjoy it. coming in at 70. wednesday it's beautiful and 72 and thursday more clouds around maybe a shower possible otherwise we are in at 70 degrees. think about someone working for you on tuesday or wednesday. >> i feel a cold coming on. that never works. is it a sequel for a remake, one thing we know about the new ghostbusters is it's a girl powered reboot. the trailer was just released and stars kristin wigg and this film is promising to deliver the laughs. >> that music -- the ghosts and the homemade gizmos and slimer all back. thank goodness.
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original cast members bill murray and there are hints. chris hemsworth plays the receptionist but he is wearing a jump suit will he strap on a proton pack. zoom in on kristin wigg's board, hidden an equation an actual link to the online explainer. >> erin and abby spent years together researching and getting into the science of ghosts and so many nods to the original. the haunted bookshelves. the head gear -- and this billboard with a famous quote. that is a big twinkie -- >> there are things you will want to see says people watching the trailer in l.a. but coming at you in a slightly different way. the billboards are very 70s.
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is there time travel involved? sadly not in theaters until july 15th, so until then -- abc news los angeles. >> okay. topping our people scene first it was jodi sweeten and now ginger zee, the abc meteorologist, is the second new cast member for dancing with the star. she has been on maternity leave since december and the dance rehearsals have begun with her professional partner, val. and the full dancing cast for season 22 will be revealed on "good morning america" next tuesday on march 8th. well, the force will soon be with you in your living room. star wars episode 7 comes to dvd on april first. different stores will sell
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meteorologist, melissa magee, one last check of the weekend forecast on a friday. >> the snow is moving out that is the good news and temperatures are coming up today.
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42 for the high in philadelphia. mostly cloudy and a few breaks of sunshine today. it is chilly though, windchills around 24 in the city and 41 is the high in lancaster and 39 in cape may. where they picked up 5 inches of snow and toms river 40. it gets milder every day into our weekend. >> thank you melissa. that does it for us. now for melissa magee, david murphy and the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams we'll see you later. i drive a golf ball.
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