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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you it is 6:00 o'clock on this saturday march 5th. here are stories we are following right new on "action news". a hazing scandal has rocked a chester county high school, a coach is off the job and students face charges in the instant den. details straight ahead. from the bench to lottery winner, lehigh valley judge struck it rich while on vacation, and winning, weather, yes, it will begin to feel like spring has sprung in the days ahead. meteorologist chris sowers joins us right now with the look the at the accu weather forecast. i have seen what is to come and it is very nice and i'm very happy. >> mother nature does this, she will bring us a hint of winter there and then boom, next thing we kind of flip page and go right to spring. the that is exactly what will happen in the seven day forecast, is there a chance of a couple of rain and snow showers overnight tonight, and
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then after that, i think old man winter is done for the season. is there the view looking live on sky six, ben franklin bridge, nice quiet start but chilly, saturday morning around the delaware valley. 28 degrees in slatington, martin's creek, down to 20, teens in tannersville. twenty-six in new who will an. twenty-five in coatsville. the saint david, 26. chester is showing 28. a across interior sections of south jersey numbers really dropped off. vineland 24. bridgeton 23. hammington 28 degrees. same number for cinnaminson and glassboro and smyrna showing a chilly 27 degrees this morning. satellite six with action radar we will start off with a a little bit of sunshine and in those clouds they will roll n they will lower and thicken during the course of the day. a couple of these snow showers make their way in here after midnight tonight. the forecast for this afternoon here's a look at your day planner, we are increasing the clouds, starting off with a little bit of sunshine. temperatures climb up in the mid 40's. normally we should be around 49 degrees. we will top off at 44 or 45 degrees.
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as we take a quick look at future tracker six at that clipper system slicing through in mid-atlantic states, bringing a mixture of rain and snow after midnight. i'll give you more details on that and we will talk about a huge warm up in the seven day forecast when i see you in a little bit, gray. >> looking forward to it, chris, thanks very much. it is now 6:02. three students at conestoga high school face criminal charge these morning. school's football coach has been fired this all stems from a hazing scandal that has rock the school and the entire tredyffrin easttown, district. "action news" reporter dan cuellar has the latest. >> reporter: authorities say it was a recipe for disaster leaving the locker room unsupervised on thursday creating an atmosphere where kids did what they want. the authorities say they did. creating ab ugly hazing tradition known as, no gay thursday. s. >> this is a simple case about ignorance, violence, and a shocking lack of supervision. >> reporter: chester county authorities painting a a shocking picture of a hazing culture, a culture that they say was created by members of the high school varsity
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football team three or four years ago. premise was on thursdays when the locker room was unsupervised anything that these kid considered normally gay, was not gay. >> you would have an older kid, come from behind a younger kid and put his genitals on top of the younger kid's head. that was okay on thursday. >> reporter: but authorities say in october 15 of last year things reached a darker violent level. that is when they say that three, 17 year-old members of the team, held down a 14 year-old freshman and violated him with a broom handle. >> kids reported that the victim was yelling, screaming but he did not have a friend in that locker room on that afternoon. >> reporter: authorities say atmosphere was so bad that some players refused to go anywhere near the locker room on thursdays. the some even quit the team, and yes, the coaching staff says they were unaware. >> a lack of supervision here is the fact that all of this happened under the noses of the coaching staff because
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they were not there to supervise. >> reporter: but like the initial disbelief one cling toss when getting terrible news it was hard for some students to accept that any of this could have happened, particularly among those, who know the three players charged. >> i don't know what went on inside the locker room will but these are some of my best friends and they love each other and i cannot imagine them doing things like this to each other. >> reporter: even a member have the team who readily admits he was not there on the day of the alleged assault was in disbelief and now worries about the team's legacy. >> the traditions of the team are just now obliterated, anything that anybody ever wanted to say about conestoga football as a great team is now blown away by this. >> reporter: three students have been charged with assault, conspiracy and related offenses. the meanwhile, the superintendent, says that the head coach, john logan, has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation. at conestoga high in berwyn, i'm dan cuellar for channel six "action news". your time 6:04.
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the upper darby school district is apologizing for a classroom picture shared on social media. upper darby high school history class was asked to illustrate the historical impact of the 1920's last august. and one skit highlighted atrocities of klu klux klan. tuesday night an old piss tour of students wear white hoods and kkk circulated on line. the superintendent richard dunlap called the project inappropriate. investigators say there could be more arrests in the targeted shootings have of a unmark philadelphia police car. chopper 6hd was there as search teams scoured the area, looking for, three or four men involved last night. five shots were fired, at the officer's car, on the 5300 block of hedge street in frankford. he was not hurt, they also called for help. the officer and responding teams were able to catch a suspected gunman and one or man. police are still looking for one other suspect and a weapon. this morning police continue to search for a person responsible for a horrific, murder inside of a
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south philadelphia restaurant 567894 year-old thoung knew knew was found dead at fifth and washington street where she work. detectives say someone slash her throat, police say they are looking for a man known as noele a person of interest in the thursday's murder between 25 and 30 years old and we're told he drives a white suv. philadelphia police catch a suspect back robber just moments after he allegedly, commits a crime. police say the man held up the republic black near 16th and moravian streets at 5:15 last night. officers spotted him as he tried to run off. they say his hand were stained red from an exploding dye pack. embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane wants criminal charge's against her to be thrown out, in yesterday's court filing, kane claims prosecutors are using the the evidence, collected by an unlawful court ordered, grand jury investigation. she also claimed that it is impossible for her to get a fair trial in montgomery county because three judges
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there are closely tied to the case and she want them to be removed. kane is charged with perjury and related offences. is there yet another twist in the two decade old saga in the o.j. simpson case. police say they are closely looking at a knife that was reportedly found at the home where the former nfl star was living in 1994 with his connection wife and her friend, who was stabbed to death. abc's lauren lister has more on the new discovery. >> not guilty of the murder. >> reporter: o.j. simpson trial was settled decades ago but a new twist. >> regarding a alleged knife that may have been recovered, possibly in connection with o.j. simpson case. >> reporter: los angeles police department saying that the knife was allegedly found by a construction worker on o.j. simpson's property in the late 1990's. the estate was dewill molished in 98. >> this individual wanted to turn it over to law enforcement. >> reporter: lapd says this knife is being carefully scanned for possible dna evidence which could take weeks. lapd officer, now retired was
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allegedly given the knife by the construction worker and held on to it the for 18 years. >> having been acquitted. >> reporter: o.j. simpson was acquitted of murder charges in the 1994 stabbing death of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. simpson continues to claim he is innocent. >> slow down here. >> reporter: many tv viewers reliving trial in the new fx mini series, people verse o.j. simpson. now ron goldman's father talking to the daily news us about this knife, i hope think tested it and it turns out to be a weapon. it would be one more nail in simpson's coffin. as for what the new discovery could mean. >> double jeopardy he was tried once, and acquitted. you can never try o.j. simpson again. >> reporter: police say they are still vetting the story. law enforcement sources say over the years investigators have looked at 150 knives, none of them found to be the weapon. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. your time 6:08. jury deliberations will begin monday in the erin andrews
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case. attorneys presented their closing arguments on friday, andrews filed a 75 million-dollar lawsuit after secretly being recorded back in 2008. video were posted on line. jury will to have deciding whether two hotel companies, and a convicted stalker, will to have pay the sportscaster millions of dollars. february was a strong month for job growth, the labor department says that 242,000 jobs were added last month. and the newly released jobs report also shows that the unemployment rate held at 4.9 percent, that is actually an eight year low. pennsylvania's unemployment rate has dipped to 4.6 percent, the lowest it has been since september of 2007. lehigh valley judge is a new power ball winner. overnight we got this picture from the florida lot theory, that is james stockless of bethlehem getting his share of a 291 million-dollar jackpot, wow, that is a lot of money. he says he is soul winner but
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two people he bought you the that ticket with also get some cash. they will get 40 million-dollar after taxes. and the judge bought the to ticket while on vacation in florida, and he says, he plans to keep working, at least occasionally. congratulations to him. still much more to come on this saturday morning addition of "action news", paying at the check out has never been easier. we will explain the new system from google. plus co stars come to the rescue when two men are stranded on the ice, and this is all caught on video, chris. this might be the last time you see that word snow in the the forecast this season. a couple of snow showers, possible overnight tonight but big warm up will will steel headlines in the seven day forecast, details, coming up next. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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glad you are with us. it is 6:13. we have dramatic video out of a last contact coastguard rescued to men stranded while trying to cross country ski and kyack across the sea ice. the ice was too thin to walk on and too thick to kyack in. men activated their beacon locators helping rescuers track them and thankfully they were dressed for element. now lets get the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers planning your day. is what in store, sir. >> we have milder temperatures. today still chilly getting you outside but see a huge turn around in the temperatures moving into next week. there is the view from the sky six, down in cape may where there is still appearing to be a little bit of snow on the beach. cape may pick up 6 inches of
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snow with that system yesterday. they were a jackpot area most of the shore points saw moderate snow fall with that glancing blow from that coastal storm. philadelphia pick up under an inch. portions of south jersey interior sections two to 3 inches of snow. mostly melting during the afternoon as temperatures climbed in the 40's. now the numbers have dropped off again. there could be a couple of slick spots where there is still snow on the ground but by afternoon we are back in the 40's and rest of that snow will melt. 30 degrees in philadelphia, dew .16. wind north/northwest at 9 miles an hour giving us a wind chill of 22 degrees. balmy winter. been the third warmest meteorological winter ever for the city of philadelphia the meteorological winter runs from december 1st through the the end of february. take all three months. every high temperature and low, average them up, it comes out to 41.4 degrees. it was not too far off the warmest mark. that has to do with el nino. we knew this would be weird winter because when you get a
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strong el nino it allows the weather pattern to bounce around all over the place this go around it brought a lot of warmer temperatures to the eastern seaboard. that is why, we saw, such warm temperatures here from start to finish. we had a couple cold days but it has been a relatively easy winter to handle. 26 degrees in allentown. philadelphia 30. millville 23. trenton checking in at 27. we have a light breeze out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour and that is putting wind chills in the lower 20's this morning. 6 miles an hour in allentown. 9 miles an hour for philadelphia satellite six with action radar, thinks winter's last hooray, right there, another clipper system, diving across great lakes states this morning. that will produce a couple snow showers after midnight tonight. the once that gets out of here, this little pocket of killed air retreats back north in canada and all west to east wind all week long and it the is actually shifts the more in the southerly direction by mid week and milder temperatures heading this way. later this afternoon and overnight tonight that clipper pushes through, hits the coast as we get into sunday
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continues to pull away, there is those westerly wind, it is warm, warm, warm, the in the seven day forecast. you will enjoy those numbers i will show new a second. future tracker six showing increasing included today, overnight tonight, those cloud lower and thicken. 4:30 a couple have snow showers break out across parts of the area there could be minor accumulations on grass surfaces, maybe a quick coating here but as you can see it quickly moves on its way by 10:00 a.m. temperatures approaching 40 degrees. 10:00 a.m. sunday. as we pick up a coating it is long gone and all will melt. that is a nuisance event. still be careful. first thing tomorrow morning there could be a couple of slick spots out there becoming cloudy for today, seasonal temperatures, high for the most part in the mid 40's. forty-five in philadelphia, 44 in wilmington and then 43 for millville, and then overnight tonight, cloudy skies, rain, snow showers developing after midnight 32 for philadelphia, and most other locations close to that freezing mark. exclusive seven day forecast here comes a warm up,
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46 degrees, morning snow shower for sunday, partly sunny, much mild inner to monday, 57 degrees and then hello, 70's, for tuesday. sun and clouds. seventy-two. and wednesday, potential is there for a record high turning much warmer, 74 degrees. there is another 72 for thursday, and then friday, maybe a morning shower, and then 62 degrees. normal is 49, even that cooler 62 by week's end is still well above seasonal averages. i don't see another cold shot in the upcoming few weeks here. so, as i said, i think winter is gone. >> no more snow. >> well, after tonight, with some showers and then we're donee will give you $20 after that. >> you can give me more if you want. 6:17. scott kelly says, that he is dealing with surprising discoveries after spending a year in outer space. he says his muscles and joints are aching, even more so then the five and a half months he previously spent out in space. kelly says he lost one and a half inches he gained in space almost as soon as he stood on
6:18 am
solid ground. he said now his skinnies very sensitive. >> i have a issue with my skin, that because it hasn't touched anything for so long, like any significant contact, it is very, very sensitive, almost like a burning feeling where every sit or lie or walk. >> kelly returned from the international space station, wednesday, and he holds u.s. record for total days in space which is 520 days over four missions, in outer space. glad you are with us.
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. 6:24. saturday morning. i have some good news for you, winter is over. here in the seven day forecast, pattern is starting to change and we will say and see some real spring-like temperatures heading this way soon. it is still chilly.
6:25 am
jet stream looks something like this north of the line it is cold, south of the line it is still very mild. your cold air is sitting in place across mid-atlantic in the northeast. we will see one system around the bend been here working its way out onto sea. that will slide in here after midnight tonight. could bring rain or snow showers to the area could be a brief coating west of the i-95 corridor. everything quickly melts tomorrow afternoon. then we will get into next week and your jet stream starts to look like this. this is all extremely mild air for this time of the year. could be record highs east the of the mississippi river. all that cold retreats north back up in to cab inadequacies a it will stay put. it is not coming back. winter is over from this point on. forecast for today increasing cloud, we will start off with sunshine, these clouds, quickly increase and lower and thicken. we will see gray skies throughout the afternoon, seasonal temperatures, high of 45 degrees, and then tomorrow, get close to 50 and then wait until you see what happens next week. i will show thaw in a bit, gray. okay, chris, thanks very
6:26 am
much. can't wait. 6:25n sports eagles eye their future as free agency looms. sixers try and end their losing streak with the heat in town. here's ducis rodgers. >> good morning, the sixers and heat getting to know each other well this weekend. last night they began front even of the home and home, joe he will embiid, shooting around before the game, no jahlil okafor or nerlens noel. who do innings isers turn to for a big man? how about elton brand. he is shy of his 37th birthday eight-point in 30 minutes. ish smith drops his 26 points. sixers still down by ten. we go to the third quarter, mad come back. jeremy grant, and, he has a 71-69 lead. but heat have that crafty veteran dwayne wade, to second one for him. sixers lose, 112-102. they will see the same team again tomorrow night in miami. with sam bradford locked up eagles still have holes to
6:27 am
fill. the nfl draft is eight weeks away but doug pederson and roseman don't have to have wait for that they can begin signing free agents on wednesday, offensive line and receiver are a priority, and the bird also node to save money for fletcher cox and defensive line man would like a new deal. >> we've got a lot of what we call our to do list checked off. is there still more. we talked about fletch. that is still on our to do list. there is in question about. that we are not the forgetting about that or him and we will see how it goes on the market. we just want to make sure we're making good decisions as we go forward here. it is hard to know that until we get started. >> phillies bats are a alive in spring training, they hope it stays that way, come the regular season. phillies and braves yesterday, and come on, you know better, miguel franco goes deep in the second straight day. three run moon shot in the second inning. phillies scored seven runs in the frame. phillies down 11-nine in the ninth. cedric hunter, how about that,
6:28 am
a three run home run, to win the game. phillies take it 12-11. that is a look at sports, i'm ducis rodgers, you have yourself a terrific weekend.
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gunfires sprays a philadelphia police car two suspects in custody but search this morning continues for more. protesters interrupt rallies for trum in new orleans this one turns violent. here at home get a taste of spring as the 2016 philadelphia flower show, opens up its doors. meteorologist chris sowers is here with the look at the accu weather forecast, bye-bye, winter. >> bye-bye. >> yes. >> and, say what is going on. we won't have too much case have of spring this weekend, but wait until you see what happens next week. if you are just now tuning in we have made adjustments to the seven day forecast and increased numbers by mid week. outrageous for beginning of the march. really nice stuff is on the way. in the meantime it is a chilly morning around the delaware valley. it is clear. look at these wind chills. feels like 19 degrees in allentown. sixteen in the poconos. sixteen for millville. eighteen in wilmington. nineteen for dover. pair of two's in philadelphia you will need to bundle up this morning but by afternoon temperatures will climb back down in the the 40's and it
6:31 am
will feel better. satellite six with action radar starting off with the sunshine, increasing cloud throughout the a afternoon. forecast for today, call from accu weather, increasing cloud. by 11:00 clouds are rolling in about 40 degrees, 1:00 o'clock temperature 42. we have cloudy skies at that point. o'clock 44. wye 5:00 o'clock back down to 43, cloudy skies. we're dry this afternoon but after midnight tonight, that rain and snow shower activity will move in. we're forecasting a high of 45 . if you are a snow lover this is your last chance to see some of the white stuff tonight. after midnight a few of these snow showers will move in, i'll have details and talk more about this and have that extremely mild seven day forecast when i see new a bit. gray? >> chris, thank you. 6:31. very close call for philadelphia police officer when someone started shooting at an unmark car, amazingly he was not hit and did he not fire back. this morning two people are in custody but search continues for two other suspects. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has the details.
6:32 am
>> reporter: chopper six over 5300 block have of hedge street as officers, investigate a shooting at an unmark philadelphia police car. it happened around 7:00 as officer already in the area conducting an narcotics investigation heard shots fired nearby and then drove to check it out. >> one officer, who was operating a a solo car south on 5300 edge, then saw several males three, to four, with guns, who pointed a gun directly at the police car and fired several shots at the police vehicle. >> reporter: of the five bullets fired one hit the car's bumper piercing the radiator. officers chased after the men on foot, quickly nabbing two, including the the suspect gunman. >> it is extremely brazen for one individual, possibly more than one individual, to fire, multiple shots at a car. >> reporter: police comb the area for one or two other men and the gun, chief inspector scott small points out no one was hurt in part because the officer whose car was fired upon kept calm. >> the officer showed a lot of restraint this time by not
6:33 am
firing their weapon. officer used his head, took his time and made two arrests without using deadly force. >> reporter: initial gunfire that drew police attention happened just yards from here, investigators found ten spent shell casings from a large caliber handgun, and that is 15 shots, fired, in all, and in one was hurt. in frankford jeff chirico for channel six, "action news" your time 6:33. new on "action news" four people were hurt when a car crashed on the vine street expressway, and rolled over. that car was still on its roof, when "action news" arrived at the scene, near the 23rd street exit in center city. police say the driver lost control at about 4:30 this morning and hit a wall, the driver and three passengers were injured, and all taken to the hospital to be treated, we're told they are in stable condition. also new overnight investigators are trying to figure out what caused a row home fire in hunting park. this started on the second floor of the vacant home on west wishart street near front street just after midnight. fire fighters say that
6:34 am
neighboring homes for for for ay damage and flames were put out in ten minutes. from our delaware news room police are right now looking for a purpose who shot and killed a man on west seventh street. this happened last night in wilmington. victim was shot several times in the chest, and he was pronounced dead at the scene and his identity a has in the the been released. police say a man had a seizure before he lost control of his car in south philadelphia. a three two-year old woman walking nearby was hit, critically injured. the driver was not hurt, but also hit two parked cars along eighth and wharton street. a bipartisan group of congressman is raising concerns about the safety of drinking water near the old military bases in willow grove and warminster. representatives brendon boyle, patrick meehan and mike fitzpatrick are asking navy to investigate this. they believe that the foam used in fire fighting may be the source of potentially cancer causing chemicals found in dozens of nearby wells. the group says similar ground
6:35 am
the water contamination is being investigated at horsham air guard station which is still in operation. donald trump rally turned into kay uses in new orleans last night... protesters chanted black lives matter, some even held signs, saying your hate is killing people. trump supporters shouted back as security escorted at least two dozen people out of that rally but some of these confrontations between protesters and supporters turned violent, with some shoving and also some biting. doctor ben carson has ended his white house bid, he has not endorsed anyone for the nomination at least not yet. though he says he has talked to all of the candidates this week. today ted cruz is hitting the campaign trail in idaho one day after speaking at the political action conference. he poked fun at donald trump for being a no show at the
6:36 am
event. marco rubio is holding rally with is in jacksonville, puerto rico today, on the democratic side, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders is campaigning in michigan ahead of tomorrow night's debate. there are more than a hundred delegates up for grab this weekend in primary and caucuses. today republicans will cast their votes in kansas, kentucky, louisiana, also in maine. democrats will vote in kansas, lou san, nebraska and then, in maine tomorrow. voters still have to wait to cast ballots here, in the tri-state area the primary is in both pennsylvania and delaware are not until tuesday, april 26th, and new jersey voters will go to the polls june 7th. it is now 6:36. from our new jersey news room negotiations continue to avoid a possible new jersey transit strike, officials representing new jersey transit, and railroad worker union met in washington yesterday to avert a system wide strike. sticking points include wage ape health care increases.
6:37 am
another session is scheduled for monday in new jersey. strike deadline is march 13th. a popular spot at the new jersey shore is looking to hire some help for this summer. casino pier in seaside heights is holding job fares today and tomorrow. they run from noon until 2:00 inside the arcade. pier's looking for everything from ride operators to mascots to emt and life guard. if you cannot make it to the shore this weekend you can still apply on line. we have details on our web site at six happening today, the 2016 philadelphia flower show is opening up its doors to the public. things kicked off last night with the black tie affair at the pennsylvania convention center. this years theme is explore america, 100 years of the national park services, the doors opened to the public, this morning at 11:00, so the show runs through next sunday march 13th. we have an exclusive behind the scenes look at this years flower show, our one hour special airs tonight at
6:38 am
7:00 o'clock and then there is an encore presentation tomorrow night, at midnight. it is now just about 6:37. there is still much more to come on this addition of "action news" sat the day morning. upper darby native tina fey is back on the big screen. we will look at her new film, whiskey tango fox trot. plus country music singer, joey feek loses her battle with cancer. the sunnies just coming up look at this gorgeous shot right here. we have a gorgeous spring-like forecast ahead for you. meteorologist chris sowers has details in the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, "action news" this saturday morning continues after this. (vo) when i first took jake home
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country singer joey feek lost her brave fight with cancer friday. joey and her husband made up the duo joey plus rory. they chronicled joey's battle since her diagnosis two years ago. taking fans from treatments in daily life on social media gentlemen i decided to end treatment late last year, she died at her home in indiana, joey fee k was 40 years old. sixty-nine year-old woman is dead after a freak accident that happened in georgia. a tree crashed down on top of her honda crv. catherine nero pulled from the wreckage but she later died, police say, the tree was rotted out. 6:41. we have brighter news this morning. the lets get you caught up on
6:42 am
the forecast because a big warm up is coming. >> extra mild temperatures. honestly looking at how everything might pan out here looking at weather patterns this could be the top ten warmest march when all is said and donnas this pattern will change here over next few days and that cold weather we are seeing this morning, this is the last of it. it will in the return in the seven day forecast. here's a live view at the camden waterfront. the boot shul shot. it is just chilly this morning. temperatures down in the 20's. double scan live is clear. philadelphia, sitting at a cold 30 degrees at this hour. dew point is 16, and we have a wind of 9 miles an hour out of the north/northwest. so combine the temperatures and wind it gives you a feels like temperature of only 22 right now. most other locations, cross the delaware valley are seeing those wind chill in the lower 20's as well. huge drop in temperatures this week, sunday, monday, tuesday, all three days, we topped out at 64. wednesday was 61. thursday and friday, 41 degrees, which is below the seasonal average and certainly
6:43 am
felt like it was cooler with the breeze. temperature right now below freezing every where, 24 degrees in reading, wilmington only 26. fill will a 30. millville 23. dover 27, and a pair of two's, only 22 degrees right now in atlantic city. the satellite six with action radar, one last little clipper system to go here. once this pushes through overnight the tonight, that is pretty much it for old man winter this storm will hit the coast and race north in the back and bay region. from that point on our wind will go west to east across the lower 48, that is a down sloping wind off rock that is complieses and warms and then that warm air just floods the entire lower 48. we have a nice warm up heading this way. the here's future tracker six later this afternoon increasing those clouds. dry day. and couple rain and snow showers out here to the west. most of the activity should hold off until after midnight tonight. and then four or five or 6:00 in the morning a couple snow showers develop across the delaware and lehigh valleys. maybe a brief coating west of the i-95 corridor, and then let's say by dawn but by then
6:44 am
we quickly melt as temperatures rebound back in the 40's by afternoon. here's 5:00 o'clock in the morning again, light snow and or snow showers, falling across parts of the area. 32 degrees is the magic number. we will get warmer then 32 and in longer sticks. you can see the heat, the temperatures pretty much borderline at that point. already above freezing south and east. we're so far above freezing by 10:30 that it turns over to rain across south jersey and delaware. millville 39. philadelphia 36. reading 10:30 until the morning already 38. whatever snow you do see stick to go our grass surfaces first thing tomorrow morning it should be long gone by mid-morning. and then we will start to warm things up nicely here. this is a pattern that i hate to see during the summer months because this kind of pattern just bring tremendous amounts of heat to the delaware and lehigh valleys. this is what is called an eastern ridge, lot of times it gets the name bermuda high pressure system. the wind from the southwest, charging in the mid-atlantic and northeast. it is going to do a number of these temperatures.
6:45 am
we will sky rocket in the accu weather seven day forecast. increasing cloud, seasonal today. forty-five is the forecasted high. overnight tonight those clouds lower and thicken. couple rain and snow showers develop probably between the the hours of three and 4:00 a.m. then we will see steady, light snow for an hour or two and then that tapers off and pulls out to sea. 29 degrees in the suburbs 32. for center city. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast looking more like april, 40's this weekend, 57 for monday and then here we go, 72 degrees, tuesday, sun and cloud, that is not a record but not too far off the record high for that date. wednesday will be a record as we hit 74, and thursday, some rain, late, 72 degrees, and then friday, morning showers, and 62, and i see temperatures pretty much holding steady in the 50's, 60's, and 07's from that point on the rest of the month. the as you said earlier, winter is done? no complaints. >> we need it. >> chris, thanks very much. it is 6:45. i'd like to remind you you can get seven day forecast and check storm tracker six radar
6:46 am
anytime of the day at six is there a huge effort along the jersey shore to fish out abandoned crop pots. conserved wild life foundation received a grant from noah to to help in the clean up efforts. they are using local fisherman to retrieve 26,000 pounds of crab pots, and abandoned marine debris, from brick to stafford townships. the craps create a navigational hazard and threaten wild life. the company of central new jersey will then burn traps to produce electricity. >> it provides the commercial fish are man with a place to dispose of the derelict gear at in cost to them. >> organizers say the project will take about two years. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. pleasant good saturday morning to you. it is 6:48. we will take a live look here at sky 6hd over the temple university tennis courts there
6:49 am
and in one playing any matches yet. the sunnies beginning to come out. it will be, it came out for a while. meteorologist chris sowers will let you know about the 70's later in the week. there are three new films looking to pet an end to dead pool's reign in the box office. here's karen rodgers with is what new at the box office. >> there is something for everyone at theaters this weekend. action, comedy, and an animated cartoon from the little ones. the first, london has fallen it is a sequel to the 2013 hit olympus has fallen. >> welcome to london mr. president. >> what is wrong? >> bugs the hell out of me. >> after british prime minister dies, world's most powerful leader gather for a funeral but service becomes a target of the terrorist organization to destroy them. secret service agent mike banning, once again, springs into action to bring u.s. president benjamin asher to safety. when his commander in chief falls in the hand of the sinister organization, it is up to fan go to save him from
6:50 am
a perfectible fate. >> those who threaten our freedom, america will rise up. >> whiskey, tango, fox trot is a dark war comedy starring tina fey. >> network needs reporters on the ground in afghanistan. you are all of the unmarried, personnel in this bureau. are you going to be joining in. >> travel or the crying. >> american journalist kim barker, after going through a personal crisis at home she decides to get out of town to cover the wars in afghanistan and pakistan. when she arrives a british journalist was more experienced in wartime reporting takes her under heroing. barker soon realizes it is a man's world in the region. the film is based on the memoirs of real life journalist kim barker. >> welcome to afghanistan. >> my kids are excited about this one, zootopia is fifth fit animated feature from the disney company it features jennifer goodwin and jason bateman. >> i'm here to ask you some question. >> they should have gotten a
6:51 am
real cop to solve this. >> you are under arrest. >> for what hurting feelings. >> you air a key witness. >> no, he is. >> hey. >> modern, metropolis of zootopia is a city like no other, melting pot for animals of every environment can live together from the biggest elephants to the smallest squirrel but when officer jody fox arrives, she discovered that being the first bunny on the police force is a big, tough animals isn't so easy. the she's determined to prove herself and jump at opportunity to crack a case, even if it means, partnering with a fast talking, scam artist fox. walt disney is parent company of six a abc. >> we are in a really big hurry. >> i am on. >> break. >> it. >> we will find where any of the films are playing by using your cell even if or tablet, just down load free app at six i'm karen rodgers for channel six "action news". your time 6:51.
6:52 am
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on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at welcome back. 6:54. saturday morning. the headline this morning has been winter is over. it is kind of funny because i posted that head line on social media and everybody's
6:55 am
response was, it hasn't really started yet. it has been a easy winter around the delaware valley. temperatures nice and mild. jet stream will look like this later this week. wind flow clockwise around the high, chilly stuff out here to the west but it will stay to the west and not heading this way. thinks all mild eras our surface wind shift from the southwest. what will happen beyond next week is dominant flow across the united states will start to look like this. it is west to east. this is all mild air here. even in southern canada cold retreats all the waste up here to the pole and continues to pull, further north. so once we get past next week it looks like is what called a zonal flow, wind from west to east and all that cold stays locked up to the north across the northern territories of canada and arctic circle which goodies news. winter over here. increasing cloud, seasonal. temperatures around 45 degrees. gray? >> chris, thanks very much. are you looking to add a little visual interest to a room but don't want to spend a
6:56 am
whole lot of money to do it. designers at live well network, show knock it off, say you can make a big impact with a simple door project without blowing your budget. >> this is all of the rage, so it noise surprise that people are switching out their plane jane doors for those with the vintage variety. unfortunately, actual vintage doors can cost 175 bucks or more. the here's an idea to knock off that cost of your morning latte. first step to make this door look amazing is to frost glass. to do this we are using a spray frosting not the kind you eat, but a spray frosting that will take it from fully transparent to a bit opaque. next we are painting the door a vibrant color, red. >> red. >> red. >> look at that. last step in the process is the personal says, i actually have real house numbers and we will use these as a stencil.
6:57 am
we are tracing them out and filling them in multi surface paint but you can use vinyl numbers or letters and apply directly to the door. >> this is awesome. >> what was once a plane old door now doubles as a vintage decor all for a cool price of five bucks, just call this a diy doorway to serious style. for more budget friendly project ideas go to live well it off and tune into knock it off sunday night at 7:00 on the live well network. a south jersey woman celebrated a very special milestone last night and "action news" was right there. >> unaudible. >> how are you? lucy worth, she turned 100 on friday, happy birth the day. she celebrated her centennial birthday with friend and family in mantua township. she is one of eight, three children of her own and plenty of grand kid. she said her secret to a long
6:58 am
life is working hard and having fun, when you can. happy birthday to her. she looks great by the way. 6:57. we have another hour of "action news" coming right up. here is the stories we are working on this morning. finding work after retirement of being laid off is often difficult for seniors, but one local company is working to change that. plus a new use for something you likely already have right there in your medicine cabinet, we will tell you how researchers say you can cut your risk of a particular cancer, with aspirin, those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
pleasant good morning to you it is 7:00 o'clock on this saturday march 5th. here are stories we are following for you right the now on "action news", a hazing scandal has rock a chester county high school, a coach is off the job and students now face charges in the incident, details, straight a ahead. and from the bench to lottery winner, lehigh valley judge struck it rich, while on vacation, we will explain, and winning leather ahead. it will begin to feel like spring has sprung in the same day. meet will role goodies chris sowers is outside with the look the at the accu weather forecast. chilly start to the day but warmth is coming. >> spring has in the sprung just yet it is chilly right now. funny, we have been talking all morning long winter


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