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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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(mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a few flurries are falling we have the city this morning, but it is likely winter's final charge we're in for a big warmup this week. ted cruz and bernie sanders cut into the delegate deficits. it's opening weekend for the philadelphia flower show, people are getting a colorful taste of spring. we begin with breaking news from west philadelphia. two police officers are in the hospital after a driver suspected of driving under the influence plowed his vehicle into their parked police wagon.
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the action cam was at the scene of the 100 block of the south 52nd street. drugs were found in the lincoln and the patrol car was parked here when the lincoln rear end the wagon the wagon hit the patrol car. the driver of the lincoln faces dui charges. a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., sunday morning, sky6 live hd overlooking the philadelphia international airport, meteorologist chris sowers gets you caught up on the forecast right now and snriewrs, so nothing to worry about -- snow flurries. nothing to worry about. >> reporter: we'll have snow flurries, let's get you outside, there's the center city skyline. the flurries are mainly to the west. as we flip it to the radar. we have a patch northern central
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new jersey, this is brushing the lehigh valley. and then we have a batch right here, a couple of flurries pushing into new castle county. places like new castle, wilmington, newark, all showing a little bit of light flurry activity and a little bit of activity pushing through trenton. once that swings through it will move quickly it is probably out here in the hour, we have a lot of cloud cover off to the west. wewe are expecting clouds by the afternoon. we'll bump the temperatures up. 36 degrees in philadelphia. if you do see any flurries in the city itself, it will melt, temperatures are above freezing. wilmington, 32, 33 in reading. allentown 32. it is cooler across south jersey, 27 in millville and wildwood. 28 in atlantic city. here's the day planner, the forecasted call from accuweather. later this afternoon we're bumping the high up to 49 degrees. look for a combination of sun
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and clouds. it's more like we'll start with clouds and increase the sun as the day wears on. 1:00 p.m., 46, 3:00 p.m., 48. 5:00 p.m., 47 degrees. we'll talk warm numbers in the seven-day forecast when i see you again in just a bit. in it i -- nydia? philadelphia police are trying to determine if a drunk driver caused a two vehicle crash that sent 6 people to the hospital. action cam was at the scene old york road in the logan section of the city. a chevrolet with four men in it. veered into a acura ascertain drove it into a light pole and retention wall. firefighters had to free the man and woman trapped inside him all six were taken to einstein in stable condition. police have not filed any charges. turning to the race for president, super saturday is now
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in the books. today has been a very good day. [cheers and applause]. i want ted one on one. donald trump tells ted cruz to bring it on. cruz did put a small dent on trump's delegate lead on super saturday. on the democratic side, bernie sanders cut into hillary clinton's lead with two super saturday wins. they have a debate tonight. everybody is trying to figure out how to stop trump. >> reporter: and senator cruz did that, once again. the super saturday showdown started with a win by cruz, swiping voters by a 2 to 1 margin in kansas and maine. while cruz' wins made headlines, donald trump with victories in kentucky and louisiana. marco rubio had a very, very bad night.
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personally i would call for him to drop out of the rails, i would love to take on ted one on one. that would be fun. >> reporter: it indeed was a super saturday from gymnasiums to barns, wrong lines across kansas, nebraska, kentucky and louisiana and the victory lap for bernie sanders. the vermont senator securing delegates with wins in kansas and nebraska. we want to make sure that the republican does not go into the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton in michigan touting her victory in louisiana. i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us, but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> reporter: undoubtedly a disappointing night for marco rubio and n governor john
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kasich looking forward to be victory us in their home states. bernie sanders is the best on george stephanopoulos. 1:30, pennsylvania senator bob casey discusses the election. and chris christie talks about supporting trump trump. many gathered to remember a philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty a year ago. the solemn ceremony honored the sacrifice of robert wilson iii. he was killed by two attempted robbers at a game stop in north philadelphia. city leaders say his actions were beyond heroic. coming up in the next half-hour, you'll larry from the officer's family. there's evidence that the zika virus is causing more birth defects than realized. the women had the virus and
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underwent ultrasounds. a third of the test included a lack of amniotic fluid. some of the children were born still birth and others born with small heads and underdeveloped brains. the virus is studying rapidly. it is carried byosquito that is rarely seen in our part of the country. the flower show got underway, trish hartman has the art that went into making the show a success. >> reporter: between the blooms and bison you'll see bears and timber lodge. each exhibit is inspired by the national park in honor of the 100 anniversary of the national
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park service. from yellowstone to the liberty bell, visitors will feel like they are traveling around the country without leaving the convention center. one of the fascinating exhibit hopewell furnish anyways in berks county built by temple students. it was reallyistic, what you will see at the hopewell, what they will see and hear and smell. >> reporter: pennsylvania horticultural society officials say ticket sales are up from last year. everybody can wree late to- can relate to the national park and that team is attracting the people. >> reporter: 7-year-old megan is a shower -- flower show regular.
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and some want to shake over the winter doldrums. here at the ranger station you can find more information about the national parks, and kids you can become a junior ranger. the philadelphia flower show runs through sunday, march 13. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." and if you missed the flower show special last night not to worry at all we'll bring i an encore tonight at midnight. i want to post the pictures on my facebook page, the gowns that melissa and cecily and karen were wearing were awesome. we have a major projector ahead on "action news" sunday morning. we have details about the knife reportedly found on oj simpson's former property. you'll hear what police in los angeles are saying about the case.
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a father is calling his son a hero, wait until you hear about the rescue his son pulled off. after a few flurries this morning, winter is over of we have a huge warmup in the seven-day forecast, details when we come right back.
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time for accuweather, we are looking at a gorgeous week
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ahead. >> reporter: we are, it's going to be one of the nicer weeks so far this year. march is a tricky month where the weather goes back and forth, old man winter hangs on you get collision with air masses and fireworks, and late season snow. this winter is different because of the he el nino, we're lookint a moderating trend this week. looks like old man winter doesn't have a chance. looks like winter is just about done. a clipper system is in the process of pushing through now. we have flurries scattered throughout the viewing area, but they are just that, they are just flurries, nothing is sticking, just enough to dampen the vision if you're traveling. 36 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint 23. pressure 30.24. the winds are calm. we don't have much of a windchill. temperatures are above freezing in the city. everybody else looking at numbers close to the freezing mark of 32.
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33 in reading, 32 in allentown and wilmington. trenton, 31. colder in millville. 27. wildwood, 27. atlantic city, 28 and dover checking in at 30 degrees. here's double scan live we'll set it in motion, here's the clipper system a small area of low pressure right there. it is working quickly across the delaware and lehigh valleys. as that hits the coast it will take the snow flurry activity along with it and we'll be dealing with cloudy conditions throughout the first part of the day, by afternoon skies brighten up a little bit and that's when temperatures start to respond. we could get as warm as 50 degrees. we're forecasting 49. but it's really monday, tuesday, and wednesday when the numbers will start to explode as this warmth from the plains and the rockies start to spread or sprawl out across the entire lower 48. temperatures could be as warm as 75 degrees by wednesday afternoon. future tracker 6, once the flurries get out of here, we'll
6:15 am
see cloudy contingency, temperatures on the model are way overdone. we're in the 30s not the 20s. the numbers will climb in the afternoon after we see the sun peek through. 1:00 p.m., temperatures are in the low to mid 40s. the model by 5 has 43. we're forecasting 49. overnight tonight clear and tomorrow this is one of the first really nice days heading this way this weekend. 57 degrees on this model, accuweather is going 60. this afternoon, 49, clouds and sun, milder by afternoon. winds are light out of the north, northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, clear and chilly, 27 degrees outlying suburbs, 34 for center city. winds shifting out of the south and that starts to spread the warm air into the region. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, if you have a few sick days coming up, use them this week. nydia is starting to cough. [laughter]. tuesday, pleasant, 70 degrees,
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wednesday, 74. that would be a record if we hit 74. thursday, 72. friday and saturday as a cold front slips through we're still in the 60s, a gorgeous week heading this way, enjoy it. 6:16, the world's best known dog sled race is in full swing in alaska. the ceremonial start was held in anchorage, 85 mushers and their dogs are taking part in this. the goal is to complete a course that runs 1,000 miles across alaska. they had to a haul in snow in parts of the state because of the warmer than usual winter there. we're back after this.
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is 6:19 sunday morning, this week a small ceremony will be held in malaysia to mark two years since malaysia flight 370 disappeared. it it went down in a patch of ocean off the west coast of australia 239 people were on board, families of the victims are dissipate for -- desperate for answers. officials in los angeles say a mystery knife found on oj simpson's old property does not appear to be connected to the murders that happened there. abc news has learned that the
6:20 am
preliminary investigation shows the knife does not match the details of the crime. however, police are testing it for possible dna evidence. simpson was acquitted in 1994 in the murder of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. a small plane crashed on long island this weekend. a father and daughter were returning from visiting college, both suffered minor injuries. teenager said pulled out a burning home is his hero. when the mobile home caught fire, he could not get out, he is blind in one eye. when he realized he had not made it out, caleb ran back in.
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it's a mild moment. he suffered severe burns to his back and the family's home is a total loss, his family is staying with friends for the time being. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore now at sunday morning, march can be a tricky month because a lot of times we can get cold air masses that stick around longer than she they should. same time the mild air along the gulf coast states wants to surge. you get the collision of the
6:24 am
cold air as march goes back and forth. there's mild air that will surge across the lower 48 through mid month this will continue to be the pattern. by the time this pattern breaks down, at that point we're actually close to april. i don't see any surprises by old man winter over the next two weeks. we have flurries this morning, they will pull away, clouds will give way to sunshine it's a milder day high of 49. gray? chris, thank you so much for the update. it is 6:24. in sports this morning, the flyers bounce back and close in on a playoff berth, here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: they're all important, but five weeks to go in the season this stretch coming up will make other break the flyers. their next seven against all potential playoff teams this is a time to make a run. flyers eat up columbus last
6:25 am
night. first period from center ice. he closed his organize and shot and it goes in -- closed his eyes and the shot, and it goes in. ten seconds later, 3-0. 4-0. two goals, 2 assist, 6-0. lots of goals. flyers within 3 points of the final wildwood card spot. the first one obviously from center ice we got a break on it, but that allowed us to push the momentum in the first period which i thought was key. i think we know that we need to do to win this game. we did all the right things, i'm glad we turned it around real fast. next up, tampa bay, she is
6:26 am
probably still eating that pizza. standing o in south philadelphia, as they celebrate their big season title. nova could be back there again celebrating with a trip to the final four. for now they are focused on georgetown, the cats came up flying. assists, a minute later off the steel, off to josh hart. villanova wins 87-71. next up the big east tournament for them later this week. phil martelli st. joe's, second half, isaiah miles, gets them within 2. it's not enough. they drop back-to-back this season. home e hopefully this does not
6:27 am
come back to haunt them in the tournament. crazy finish, west chester down 2 in overtime. how about at the buzzer in overtime to! they are going to the -- to within, they are going to the conference championship game. what a finish. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day! tall he will be able young actors entered a competition sporting new trophies and cash prizes in delaware. beautiful. it was hosted by the omega fraternity. they go to the next round of competition hosted by the university of maryland neck month. good luck, everybody. welcome back, storm tracker
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6:29 am
6 live shows us, some of you are seeing light flurries right now. the big weather is story is a warmup coming our way this weekend. a scare off the field, police say form he were eagles player earl wolff was kidnapped. michigan primary this weekend, the democrats face off in a debate there tonight. 6:29.
6:30 am
we begin with the weather, we've got good news this week. >> reporter: i'm not even depressed. everyone knows what a snow lover i am, it's time to move the page and move on. we go live on sky 6 overlooking the ben franklin bridge, cloudy skies and flurries are starting to fall west of philadelphia. as we take a look at double scan live how broken apart the activity is. we have a cluster well to the north across northern portions of new jersey, up mere morris town and about her again county they are picking -- bergen county, they are picking up steady to light snow. smyrna, wilmington, seeing light snow same thing with western sections of gloucester and salem counties in south jersey. this is pushing off to the east and should be out of here in the next half-hour, 45 minutes. the temperatures are climbing up
6:31 am
to 49 degrees. wilmington, 32. reading, 33. allentown, 32 degrees, millville, 27 and trenton 31. forecast for today starting out with flurries first thing this morning and clouds will give way to sunshine by afternoon, it will be that point where the numbers start to respond, 1:00 p.m., 46. 3:00 p.m., 48 and then by 5:00 p.m., back down to 47 degrees. the call from accuweather today will be clouds and sun, with a forecasted high of 49. gray? chris, thank you so much. remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at here at the big board, the democratic presidential candidates clash tonight in a debate in flint michigan. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are already in michigan trying to win the 147 delegates up for grabs in tuesday's primary. some polls are closing in on
6:32 am
clinton in michigan. trade and frp will be big -- foreign policy will be big topics in the debate. i will make flint a separate issue in this campaign. i will make michigan's come back a story of resilliance and success in this campaign. and let me thank you for the dedication and the hard work you do in the political process for the people of michigan and for the people of the united states of america, thank you so much for what you do. >> reporter: as for the republicans ted won -- ted cruz won in maine and kansas and donald trump in louisiana and
6:33 am
kentucky. i would love to take on ted one on one. that would be so much fun, because ted can't win new york, he can't win new jersey, he can't win pennsylvania, he can't win california. the republicans vote in michigan on tuesday, too. marco rubio and john kasich are struggling. the republican primary in puerto rico is today and the democrats vote in maine today. "good morning america" will have more on the super saturday showdown and the road ahead for president, "g.m.a." weekend begins at 8:00 a.m. time 6:33. a former eagles player is the victim of an apparent kidnapping. we are learning about this, police say safety earliary was abducted at gunpoint last month in -- earl wolff was abducted in at gunpoint last month. the suspects forced him inside his car. one person was arrested.
6:34 am
earl wolff was selected by the eagles in the 2013 draft. he was traded by chip kelly last year. from our new jersey newsroom 14-year-old girls were critically injured in the atv crash. the young driver lost control and hit a tree. both girls were wearing helmets. medics airlifted them to cooper university hospital. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in west philadelphia. the 20-year-old victim was hit three times at 52nd and afternoon at 10:00 p.m. last night. officers took him to penn presbyterian hospital, but doctors were not able to save him. it's been one year since philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii was shot and killed. jeff chirico was there as loved one remembered him. present! >> reporter: remembering a hero outside 22nd district headquarters hundreds gathered for a solemn ceremony to honor
6:35 am
the sacrifice of robert wilson iii. he was the man behind the uniform, he chose the profession he chose the decision to protect, these officers including him, they are people. lives are precious and the people who decided to take lives is beyond. wilson was killed during a holdup at game stop at 22nd and lehigh. he was there to tbie a gift for his son and made the ultimate sacrifice that seth williams said was captured on surveillance video. he did everything humanly to defend the civilians at the game stop. i've never seen anything as hero he can or brave as we saw that day. we're going to honor the memory of robert wilson. i think the best thing we can do is em late who he was as a person.
6:36 am
the type of son he was, the type of father he was, the type of friend he was, the type of police officer he was. >> reporter: at the end of the ceremony they released balloons in his honor. his partner said he is touched by the outpouring of support. it shows the impact rob had on everyone including myself. i learned so much from that guy in two years, i thought i knew everything. >> reporter: two brothers were arrested and charged in wilson's murder ramon with the -- ramon williams and carlton hips have not gone to trial. a man from florida who landed a helicopter in washington, d.c. last week almost collided with a delta plane. hughes agreed to a plea deal back in november.
6:37 am
his sentencing is scheduled ford next month. septa is looking for public input on a proposed king of prussia rail line that would extend the existing norristown high speed line into king of prussia. a public meeting is scheduled tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. at the raddison hotel valley forge. another meeting will be held at the norristown municipal buildings. before both meetings there will an open house at 4:00 p.m. it is to provide a quicker route to the king of prussia mall and valley forge casinos and other businesses. vacationers traveling to ocean city maryland will have a smoother ride along the coastal highway. five miles will be reassure failed as part of a $3.4 million project. it will begin at the delaware state line and finished at 656th street in ocean city.
6:38 am
it will be if i finished by meml day weekend. instead of putting the huge furniture in a dumpster, a local hotel chain is donating it to churches and senior centers in the camden area. i'm nora muchanic, coming up at this innovative charity effort. coming up, chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. sky6 live hd overlooking camden. snow flurries in spots, chris has the details in just a bit. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't.
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on sunday morning, the time 6:41 if you're just waking up with us. if you're looking at the scene this is a live picture of sky6 live hd over the philadelphia international airport. yeah, there are snow flurries out there, but won't last long at all. >> reporter: the fun thing is, after this week, that view you might see buds on the trees, grass turning green. looks nice. let's get you outside and show you what's going on. we have nice spring weather heading this way. the warmest air of the season so far arrives wednesday with high temperatures shooting up into the mid 70s, can you believe that? the beginning of march we are talking mid 70s. moot meantime as we flip it over to double scan live, we have a couple of flurries, one small cluster over route 55 in
6:42 am
gloucester county, if you're traveling through buena, vineland, malaga, that area you could encounter a couple of flakes there. this is pushing off to the east at 15 to 20 miles per hour. that's the last of it. it is an unorganized small clipper system raising off to the east. we are right on par for where we should be for this time of the year. we're allentown, 32. wilmington, 32. a pair of 3s in reading. philadelphia, 36. somewhat colder closer to the water. 27 in millville. wildwood, 28. atlantic city, 28 degrees this morning. there's not much of a windchill that's the saving grace. 28 in atlantic city, it feels like 28. there's no windchill there. millville, 3 miles per hour, again, most areas seeing wind speeds between 3 and 5 miles per hour this morning. here's a look at the clipper system always it races on by.
6:43 am
steady light snow to the north section of new jersey. portions of the lehigh valley piking up snow showers, everybody else seeing mainly cloudy conditions this morning with a couple of flurries. future tracker 6 by afternoon skies brighten up, a combination of sun and clouds later on. going mainly clear overnight tonight. and here's a sure sign that the pattern is changing. the next clipper system, this morning's clipper is over the delaware. we get into tomorrow morning, look how far north the next clipper system is, it's up into canada. the colder air is retreating. maybe we clouds with it tomorrow morning, but just like today we are expecting sunshine by afternoon. from that point on the temperature will really start to skyrocket. for today, highs around 48, 49 degrees, mid 40s event, 48 in wilmington, clouds and sun, we'll call it milder. yesterday was a struggle we climbed up to 42. today it will be better than that.
6:44 am
millville, 46. atlantic city, 45. chilly on the boards in atlantic city, if you're heading to to te wrestle state championships you'll need a coat. cape may, are 45, trenton, 46. overnighter, upper 20s north and west, low 30s for most south jersey. here comes the are warming trend, 49 degrees. breezy and warm feeling like spring tomorrow, 60 degrees. 70 degrees tuesday. partly sunny and pleasant. wednesday could be the record se, 72. 74. thursday, 72. friday and saturday a cold front pushes through. here's a sign that winter is coming to an end, behind the cold front we're still in the
6:45 am
60s. my kind of cold front. san francisco, california is expected to get more rain today after the steady rain caused minor street flooding in the area. the storm caused delays for flights heading into san francisco. the rain turned to snow in the sierra nevada mountains. far to the south in california in san diego, folks were getting sandbags to prepare for the latest storm from el nino. the city's fire rescue department gave out 70,000 sandbags, the area rarely gets rain, but when it does, it can be prone to flooding. police have recovered $20,000 from a man's racing trailer, but they still have to find the thieves. here's rick williams. november, i think it was
6:46 am
24, 25th, my trailer was stolen on a tuesday night around midnight. >> reporter: linwood morris said his racing trailer was stolen out of an industrial park along the 6200 block of baltimore avenue in yeadon. cameras on the lot captured images of two vehicles carrying it out. >> reporter: a chevy truck with special cam on the back and special wheels along with him was a black range recovery and black wheels and -- rover, and black wheels and black license plate. my golf cart and two tents, generator, battery charger, excesser -- compressor, everything i need to work with at the track away from home. he estimates the property is worth $20,000. 1,000-dollar reward leading to the arrest and conviction of
6:47 am
someone. all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips all calls will remain anonymous, for crime fighters i'm rick williams channel 6 "action news." 6:47. in health check, sleep deprivation may fuel the munchies. a sleep study allowed half to get 8 hours off sleep and the other half 4 1/2 hours of sleep. they asked for high fat snacks than the well rested group. we're back in just a bit. ♪
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that is the beautiful sound of gifted young musicians at work. the bravo brass performed the glory of god at saint mark's church in center city.
6:50 am
they are the only all brass ensemble for youth in the region and one of a few across the country. the 1920s never looked so style issue, the local chapter foreorphan armenian relief hosted aoaring 20s fundraiser. headlines this week about a family who unpacked a very valuable fine in their great grandfather's home got us all thinking. >> reporter: if you don't recognize the face on this cards, that is ty cobb who had the best batting average, 367. these cards were found in a home in the south. experts confirm this is a jackpot find. i think you could argue this is the coolest find we've
6:51 am
ever seen. the attic finds are like the auto takes place found by dr. martin luther king apraised at $100,000. there was the van gogh painting found in the attic in norway, this comic book introducing superman found in the wall of the old house. back to baseball cards, these are not the ty cobb cards, different story. a few years bag we were cleaning out my grandmother's attic and buried in the one of the boxes were stacks 1910 baseball cards. >> reporter: jackpot again, 800 cards this time estimated worth $2.8 million. some 20 accuse co usens has divided them up bly.
6:52 am
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morning, it is 6:54, 36 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the sunrise in cape may, new jersey. we are going to experience some beach weather coming up this week. we're going to soar into the 70s. here's a look at what it takes to put out a fire. this is the view from a go pro
6:55 am
camera attached to a firefighter last week. he and his crew were battling a blaze in chester heights. no word on how the fire started, but the dramatic video showed what it takes to fight fires like these. lena dunham is in the hospital for surgery for a burst ovarian one person's trash is another person's treasure. new mexico tells you where it is heading. >> reporter: when the win dam motel in mount laurel was replacing furniture, the plan was to rent dumpers and cart it
6:56 am
away. instead of renting # thousand -- instead of dumping them, why not donate them. they serve as beds, we know people in camden that don't have beds. vicky has been scouting out senior centers and churches, almost 50 pieces have been gotten so far. paint pauls on market street accepted a room full of chairs and couches and trying to match them with owners. why waste, something that could be used? >> reporter: eric moore the caretaker loves the idea and drieferred two of the pull out couches. they will find a home. >> reporter: the idea of donating it instead of putting it in a dumpster makes so much
6:57 am
sense, it is hoped that other hotel will do this, too. trash needs to be turned into treasure. >> reporter: vicky is a recent transplant from michigan her job brought her to south jersey where she is cruising her creativity to save money and offer someone a comfy bed to someone who can use it. an suffer crashes into a police cruiser, two police officers are hurt. spring light weather is about to light up the flurries, but not before a last gasp from old man winter. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we hope to see you back here after the break.
6:58 am
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so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ showing a few flurries falling west of the city, this is likely winter as final charge. we're in for a big warmup this week. bernie sanders and ted cruz
7:00 am
close the delegate detective at this time. we begin with breaking nes from west philadelphia, two police officers are in the hospital after a driver suspected of driving under the influence plowed his vehicle into their parked police wagon. the action cam was at the scene, the 100 block of south 52nd street. police found what appears to be drugs and the lincoln. the lincoln rear ended the wagon, the wagon hit the patrol car. the officers in the wagon and the driver of the lincoln are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the driver faces dui charges. sky6 live hd taking a live look over the commodor barry bridge in chester, pennsylvania, let's get you outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. chris, what's upit


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