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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  March 6, 2016 9:00am-10:31am EST

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democratic faceoff, hillary clinton and bernie sanders take to the debate stage two days before voters head to the polls in michigan. get a taste of spring with the beautiful floral creations to celebrate our national parks at the philadelphia flower show. the temperatures jump from winter to spring in just a matter of days. sky6 live hd taking a live look at the center city skyline. some of you saw a few flurries this morning, but the sun will come out later this afternoon and by midweek we can say goodbye to our winter coats. meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: may see flowers blooming in the yard later this weekend. let's get you outside and show you what's going on, live on sky6 live hd in cape may. we have a few clouds kind of shrouding the viewing area this morning as a clipper system races on by to the east.
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it's bringing flurries to parts of the area, as well. once the system hits the coast and pulls way, skies will brighten up. you can see the snow is aways from trenton let alone philadelphia. 37 degrees in philadelphia. cloudy. reading, cloudy, 34. allentown, cloudy, 32. you had a dusting of light snow this morning. poconos an inch of snow, 37. millville, 37, wildwood, 37 degrees. forecast for today. you can see how it breaks down, we're shooting for a high of 49. expect a combination of sun and clouds, temperatures warm up into the upper 40s. 4:00 p.m., 48 degrees, 5:00 p.m., 47, at that point we'll go combination of sun and clouds. when i come back we'll warm up a
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whole lot more than this we have 70sen on the way. details in a minute. stay with for the latest with accuweather, you can keep on an eye on the changing forecast and interact with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. two police officers are in the hospital after a driver suspected of driving under the influence plowed his suv into their parked police car. the action cam was at the scene 100 block of south 52 street. police found what appears to be drugs in the lincoln that hit the vehicle. the police van and patrol car was parked here when the lincoln rear ended it. the van hit the patrol car. two officers and the driver of the lincoln are in the hospital. the driver faces dui charges. drunk driving may have led
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to the crash that injured 6 people overnight. the cars were badly damaged when they collided near the intersection of wyoming avenue and old york road in the city's logan section at 2:30. police say a cher lay with four men inside slammed into a acura. crews had to free the couple from the car. all six people were taken to einstein medical center listed in stable condition. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going head to head tonight in their 7th debate. this one in flint, michigan. the city has been dealing with a terrible water crisis. the debate comes two days before the michigan primary. yesterday sanders racked up two more winds in kentucky. hill won in louisiana. donald trump won in kentucky and louisiana, ted cruz
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won in maine. yesterday both rubio and kasich finished well behind the winners. trump may be the new frontrunner, but a strong poll tells a different story, ted cruz won the cpac straw poll in maryland yesterday. he won with 40%. florida senator marco rubio got 30% of the vote. trump was in third with 15%. ohio governor john kasich earned 8%. the straw poll was available to 3,000 attendees from march 2 to march 15. 89:04. a philadelphia police officer was remembered this weekend for his bravery and sk nice after being murdered by two armed robbers a year ago. family and friends and colleagues gathered to pay
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tribute to robert wilson, iii. jeff chirico was there. >> reporter: remembering a hero, outside 22nd district headquarters hundreds gathered for a solemn ceremony to honor the life and sacrifice of robert wilson iii. he was a man behind the uniform. he kohl's the profession he chose to the decision to become an officer. to protect. these officers including him, they are people. lives are precious and these people decided to take lives, it's beyond! wilson was killed during a holdup at game stop at 22nd a lehigh. he was there to buy a gift for his son and made the ultimate sacrifice that was captured on surveillance video. he did everything he could humanly to defend the civilians that were at the game stop. i never seen anything as heroic
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or as brave as what i saw that day. we are going to honor the memory of robert wilson, i think the best thing we can do is emulate who he was as a person, the type of father he was, the type of friend he was, the type of police officer he was. >> reporter: balloons were released in wilson's honor. he believes behind two sons. his former partner who rushed to his side after the shooting said he is touched by the outpouring of support. it shows the impact rob had on everyone including myself. i learned so much from that guy in two years, i thought i knew everything. >> reporter: two brothers were arrested an charged in the murder, ramon williams an carlton hicks have not yet gone to trial. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> both sides are which he scho meet again tomorrow in an effort to avoid a possible new jersey transit strike.
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leaders representing n jmplet transit and rail workers union met in washington friday in front of the national mediation board. sticking points include wage and healthcare increases. the strike deadline is march 13. septa is looking for your input on the proposed king of prussia rail line. a public meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. at the raddison hotel, valley forge. another will takes place wednesday night at the municipal building. the project is intended to provide a quicker route to the king of prussia mall valley forge casino and other businesses. activists have formed a new national coalition to save a revolutionary war battlefield in new jersey. it includes national and regional conservation and historic preservation group. it's working to stop the buildings of a faculty housing development on the land adjacent to the battlefield state park.
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it would allow the faculty members to spend more time on the campus. spring won't start for another two weeks, but it's looking like spring at the convention center. let's take a look, 2016 flower show is in full bloom there. the doors are open riebility right now. this year's theme is explore america. it's in honor of the national parks service. their inspiration and vision it's fascinating to see how others imagine the national park how they want to interact with them. the pennsylvania horticultural society says ticket sales are up from last year, that's good news, the show runs through next sunday. hundreds of high school students will be shopping for prom dresses. the fairy god mothers of
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delaware of holding their 6th annual prom fair. hundreds of dresses are available for as little as ten dollars. you can't beat that deal. 9:08 your time. much more to come on your sunday morning edition of "action news." we're tracking the effect of the video games on your teenagers sleeping habits be. the results of the new study may or may not surprise you. a trip to check out colleges ended in a crash landing for a father and daughter this weekend. looking live sky6 live hd philadelphia international airport, don't go anywhere, the weather all week will be spectacular, meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. actress lena dunham will
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undergo surgery after an ovarian cyst ruptured. she suffers from endomeet endom. she is the writer of the hbo series girls. a father and daughter crashed landed when the engine on their small plane quit. the they crash landed on long island. they were visiting a college in rhode island when it happened. the plane was equipped with a parachute that deployed when the
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engine died. they only have minor injuries. time for accuweather, spring is springing. >> reporter: spring is springing. i was talking to a couple of my friends, some are heading to florida and new orleans. i said no, this is the week you want to stay. we had a clipper system pull through and flurries reported to the north. this is more or less a nuisance event and should get on its way quickly. double scan live, all the flurries are interstate 195. central places of new jersey, sayerville, jackson and rushing out to sea. pressure reading is rizing. winds are out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour.
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giving us a an air temperature of 32. millville, 37. wilmington closing in on 40. lancaster, 36 degrees, if you picked up a coating of snow north of the pennsylvania turnpike this morning it is going to melt very rapidly as temperatures soar this afternoon. we're up into the upper 40s in most locations. a little bit of a breeze out to the north. as the system works out to sea, the winds will shift in the southwesterly direction. that starts the warming trend. satellite and radar, starting to see holes in the cloud deck that means we'll get into sunshine this afternoon. accuweather says combination of sun and clouds that's the way to go later on. double scan live we set it in motion, all the flurries well north of philadelphia, that's a
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good 50 to 60 miles per hour it's the new york city area that's picking that up now. the surface maps, there's the clipper system racing on by. once it hits the coast which it will do in the next couple of hours. the winds will turn westerly across the lower 48. when we see a pattern like this it's called a seasonal floe it locks all the air up to the north. so the cold will stay to the north, the warm weather kind of maintains its grip on the lower 48. it could stay that way for the next two weeks. we have nice stuff on the way. future tracker 6 combination of sun and clouds later on. mainly clear overnight tonight. as we head into monday, monday we start out with clouds similar to today, increase the sun by afternoon, monday is a nice day
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with high temperatures close to 60 degrees. so today we're near 50. officially 49. clouds and sun, we'll call it milder. winds out of the north/northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, clear and chilly, 27 degrees outlying suburbs, 34 for center city. there's the southerly wind. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, here we go, jumping ten almost everyday. near 50 ez today, 60s tomorrow. 70 degrees tuesday afternoon. wednesday is the record setter, the record 73. we're forecasting 74 under a mostly sunny sky with the angle of the sun being high as it is it will feel nice. thursday, cloudy, showers late, 672. and friday and saturday at this
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point look a little unsettled lots of clouds, there could showers, but it's mild. temperatures are in the 60s. okay. i'm off all. musicians dance he weres and actors put their skills to the test in delaware. i love that, about a dozen young performers competed in the talent hunts at william penn high school last night. prizes include cash and trophies. the top winner advances to the next round of competition in maryland next month.
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everyone, 9:23 sunday morning, we're taking milder changes in the seven-day forecast. i'll illustrate the pattern that's heading this way. march is a tricky month. here's philadelphia right here. a lot of times old man winter rivers to release his grip on the lower 48. you get cold shots and areas of low pressure that travel north into the cold air, voila you get the late season snowstorms.
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that's not the case this year because of the he el nino. there's more energy along the southern branch. jet stream, mild energy racing across the country. beneficial rains for places in california. they will pick up anywhere from one to two feet of rain over the next couple of weeks. this is all west to east winds mild air across the entire lower 48. when you get a pattern like this it bottles up cold to the north. it can't penetrate the jet stream. the winds are 160 mierl when the cold drops down it hits this and retreats back north. that's our pattern over the next couple of weeks. that will take us into the start of spring. mild, mild, mild. clouds and sun, mild today, 50.
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this weekend the 55th feature film in disney's collection is hitting the silver scene called zootopia and alicia vitarelli had a chance to talk to the power house directors behind it. >> reporter: a small town bunny moves to the big city with big dreams. officer hops voiced by begin fur goodwin finds a friend in nick wildwoods. recognize that voice? it's jason bateman. it's a comedy about two unlikely friends coming together, naive, idealist from the country to live out her dreams and the jaded cynic who doesn't believe it's going to happen. >> reporter: directors say the goal was to make it just as enjoyable for the adults as it is for kids. we're in the story room making each and every other
9:26 am
laugh. we are putting in references that are more for adults than for the kids. they reference the godfather. >> reporter: they have a star-studded lineup that gathered for the hollywood premiere. they gathered together forethe first time together. >> reporter: it's like the oscar and the grammies. it is party of my dreams. >> reporter: they grabbed shakira for her first ever animated film. they say she connected with the heart of the film and the message. i had no idea she speaks 6 languages and she is socially active and uses her fame to do good. for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. coming up on 6abc. it's the brand new drama called the family. the show stars academy award
9:27 am
nominee joan alan as the mayor of a small town in maine. ten years ago her son was kidnapped and they assumed he was killed. he returns out of the blue forcing a family to undergo an identity crisis. you see how the family responds, it's not as easy to do as wonderful as it is to be reuknighted it's hard having been so traumatized all parties for so long to find their way back to each other. the family is tonight in its regular time slot at 9:00 p.m. after once upon a time and quantico followed by "action news" at 11:00 p.m. there's much more to come on "action news." a self driving shuttle is being tested at a california college to take students from one class to another. super bowl champ peyton manning won't be returning to
9:28 am
the gridiron. those stories, plus, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues.
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philadelphia street this weekend. goodbye winter blues, it will feel like spring has sprung as the temperatures climb this week. meteorologist chris sowers joins us outside with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris i'm wondering how long will you be in that coat? >> reporter: tomorrow, close to 60 degrees, this will be the last time this season. i'm seeing the daffodils popping up. we'll see them blooming as temperatures climb into the 70s. double scan live in the meantime picking up cloud cover this morning and flurries off to the northeast right there in monmouth county. you can see the garden state parkway near long branch reporting a period of snow showers down to belmawr, interstate 195 seeing flurries the closures you get to the water.
9:31 am
if you're in atlantic city and getting ready to travel north up into monmouth county. by the time you get up there that would be gone. they had a coating north and west in quakertown and allentown. now we're seeing temperatures above freezing south and east. hammonton, 34. glassboro and vineland, 36. woodbine 40s. 41 there. 39 in sea isle city. on the boards in atlantic city, 36 degrees. clouds and sunshine by afternoon, looking at a high temperature of 49 degrees, which is actually where we should be, good morning. the average high is 49. looking ahead, a quiet week ahead. the next chance of rain isn't until thursday, that's a few showers at best. it's a clouds and sun mix-type week and record warmth is on the
9:32 am
table. we have 70 degrees-plus weather. when i come back i'll have the more in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. 9:31 voters head to the polls in maine today for the democratic caucus. hillary clinton and trump are the front runners this morning but their main rivals are nipping at their heels. everybody is trying to stop trump. >> reporter: senator ted cruz did that. the super saturday showdown swiped voters by 2 to 1 margin in the state of kansas and taking the state of maine. we're the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this rails. >> reporter: while cruz's win made lrls, donald trump made headlines, in kentucky and
9:33 am
louisiana. marco rubio had a very bad night, i would advice him to drop out of the race. i would like to take ted on one on one. >> reporter: it was a super saturday, long lines snaked around caucus an locations, nebraska, kentucky and louisiana, a victory lap for bernie sanders, the vermont senator securing delegates with wins in kansas and nebraska. we want to make sure that a republican does not go into the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton in michigan touting her victory in louisiana. i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us, but now all eyes turn to michigan. [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: undoubtedly a disappointing night for marco rubio and governor john case issue, both are looking ahead to be victorious in their
9:34 am
respective states, abc news new york. and primaries in our area are still more than a month away. in pennsylvania and delaware, voters head to the polls on toulouse, april 26. in new jersey, june 7. a 20-year-old victim was found shot three times along 5 # andy arch street at 10:00 p.m. he was rushed to penn presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced. police have not released any motives or suspects in the shooting. we have the latest details on a bizarre kidnapping case involving a former eagles football player in north carolina. safety earl wolff was abdomin ducked at gunpoint last month. away as approached and forced inside a car. one person was adler. earl wolff was on the eagles in
9:35 am
the 2013 draft and wairveld last year by chip kelly. please are in the process of removing lead pipes in flint michigan msh. that resulted because of the lead leak into the pipes. only half of americans are confident that tap water is safe for drinking. it could be a sign of widespread water problems across the country. a family in flint is showing the amazing impact of the water troubles, they said they used 151 bottles of water per day. she said the 17-year-old daughter and niece suffered from hair loss and skin rashes because of the contaminated water.
9:36 am
the family only uses tab water to wash their hands. there's a renewed sense of hope and excellence at one charter school? logan. dell val charter athletes played a role in that. >> reporter: when nick heads to nationals he'll have the school behind him. with nationally ranked the division winning football team and basketball team already city champs. the dell val athletic program are soaring and the successes are rubbing over on the school community that's seen its share of struggles. with the support of the staff and the students we are getting back to the right place. >> reporter: a student died after being hit by a stray bullet devastating the student body. grieving for the classmate they
9:37 am
learned the school was in danger of closing. many teachers and students left and morale plummeted. students started to see a new found focus. my goal is to make a difference, if i can making a difference on the top i believe it trickles down to the children. this is more of people coming to school to learn. students want focus. we had a bunch of kids who were counted out for the most part and not expected to be successful and now they are champions. >> reporter: in logan, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." and the kids keep on winning friday night delaware valley boy's basketball team defeated getties burger in the first round of the p-i double a tournament. philadelphia all brass
9:38 am
ensemble will perform in south jersey this afternoon. last night they wowed the crowd in center city. they sound good. this is bravo brass as they played the glory at saint mark's church. it is one of its kind in the country. the young musicians will be performing again at st. mary's episcopal church in burlington, new jersey. 9:37. much more to come on the sunday morning edition of "action news." the self cleaning bathroom. we have details on how it work and where you may find it. three feet of snow in the sierra mountains. folks will be digging out for days. back here at home looking live at the commodor barry
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bridge in chester. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we see you back here after the break. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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the driver managed to get out of car and pulled to safety. it took crews 15 minutes to reach the woman trapped inside the car. she drown. rain in northern california turned into snow when it reached the sierra nevada mountains. it is dumping three feet of snow it's what parched california needs to relieve the drawght. each here they depend on the snow when it warm weather hits to supply it approximate with water. the snow is pretty to look @. >> reporter: even i don't want to see three feet of snow. live weeing on sky6 live hd we have nice weather heading this way. it starts this afternoon, once we see the clouds breakdown, the sun will shine through,
9:42 am
temperatures will moderate later on. close to 50 degrees today that starts things off. later this weekend we could see record highs up to 74, 75 degrees. today 49 that's the average. 71 we'll smash that later this week that's the record for today. starting out at 34 degrees this morning. temperatures area wide are well above freezing. 39 in wilmington, 37 in millville and philadelphia. allentown, 32. atlantic city, 36 and wildwood checking in at 39. satellite and radar, here's a good sign here, the cloud deck is starting to breakdown.
9:43 am
the clipper system hit the coast it will continue to pull away it will take the cloud cover along with it. awider view shows the pattern change. if you look close closely all the clouds are moving west to east, that's the zonal pattern change i was talking about earlier in the broadcast. that's the direction the winds will flow across the country bottling up all the cold air up here. you see the dip here, now that the winds are blowing west to east, that will retreat into canada. we'll see 60s, and 70s across theow 48. it's 58 in dallas. 62 in new or a leans 47 in
9:44 am
atlanta at that, and memphis, 34 degrees. this cold pocket continues to retreat north as a ridge of high pressure develops this weekend. it's a heat pump high, it's typical of what you would see during the summer months, bermuda high pressure systems setting up there. it usually brings heat to the eastern seaboard. this time it will be moderate amounts of heat to the eastern seaboard. you won't feel the humidity, but you'll feel the milder changes. today, 49 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington, 48. lancaster, 47. seasonable temperatures. millville, 45. toms river 45. overnight tonight, clear
9:45 am
conditions. philadelphia 34. tomorrow we're up to 60 degrees, lots of sunshine, a pleasant breeze, tuesday, partly sunny, nice, 70 degrees, wednesday, sunny, warmer up to 74. that's the record certificate right there. the record was set a few years ago, 73. we should break that with all the sunshine we're expecting. thursday, cloudy showers developing late in the day with the cold front it should get up into the 70s before the front pulls through. friday, cloudy and mild, high of 63. saturday, cloudy showers possible, 62. the good news even behind the cold front we're seeing mild pacific air.
9:46 am
temperatures are holding in the 50s and 60s. that should be the trend at least through the next two weeks. thank you. you can find the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at if you're looking for a job take note the cia may want to talk to you. it's in need of a librarian, the pay is good. you must have a master's degree and the abbott to pass intensive background check which includes a psychologic exam and lie detecter test. the cia also said applicants must not have used illegal drugs in the last 12 months. the federal government employees
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more than 1400 librarians. thousands of sailors are getting to keep their job after failing their physical fitness test. the service has loosened their body fat restrictions it is allowing those to get one more opportunity to be test this spring. the navy said they are losing too many talented sailors, some are resorting to lipo sucks and diet pills to save their career. we're back after this. ♪
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i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. on a sunday morning, 9:48 the time, sky6 live hd giving you this glimpse of the platt bridge near the philadelphia international airport. kind of gloomy out there, but meteorologist chris sowers says prepare for the warmup. media mogul rupert murder
9:49 am
dock is married again. he married jerry hall. murdoch and hall held a celebration ceremony for family and friends at saint brides. they married officially friday. we are at the "action news" big board with big talkers. students at a college in california don't have to walk to class any more. they can board a shuttle with no one behind the wheel. san antonio college is test driving the shuttle. it takes students on a preprogrammed loop through campus. while it's driverless it needs a human touch. someone has to hold down a trigger on a joy stick. it moves slowly and many students who are walking cut it
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welcome back on this sunday, 9:53, 37 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at a gray cape may, new jersey. but don't fear, it is going to be awesome. 74 degrees on wednesday. hang in there. it appears peyton manning will go out on top. he will announce tomorrow that he retire from football. that news is coming from our sister station espn. questions have been swirling
9:54 am
whether he would retire since he dead the broncos to a win and super bowl 50. he will ended career with 18 seasons in the nfl, four super bowl appearances and two championships breaking record 'long the way stay can "action news" and for all the developments. here's jeff skeverski with the rest of the your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: they are all important, but with five weeks to go in the season, this stretch coming up will make or break the flyers. their next seven all against potential playoff teams this is the time to make a run. it's a big stretch not a big slice to go with it. that looks good.
9:55 am
so does this. flyers eat up columbus last night. first period from center ice. he closed his eyes and shot it goes in 2-o how about gagne, he scores, 3-0 flyers. ten seconds later, how about another claude giroux get there there, 4-0. in the third they get two more, the biggest night of his life, two goals and two assists, flyers win 6-0. lots of goal and lots of pizza. flyers within three points of the final wildwood card spot. first one from center ice, we got a break on it, but that was -- that allowed us to push
9:56 am
the momentum in the first period which i thought was key. i think we know what we have to do to win the game. we had our mind set in the right place. >> reporter: next up tampa bay. a sold-out crowd villanova a standing ovation in south philadelphia. if things bounce their way nova could be back there again celebrating in three weeks with a trip to the final four. they could return in the east region for the ncaas, they are focus the on georgetown, the cats come out flying. how about the assists, a minute later, off the steel, no look to josh hart. nova wins 87-71.
9:57 am
next up, the big east tournament later this week. phil martelli goes down again to duquesne. isaiah miles 1,000 career point, it's not enough. they drop back-to-back games for the first time this season, hopefully this does not come back to haunt them in the tournament. crazy finish, west chester down 2 in overtime. how about at the buzzer in overtime to win! are you kidding me, they are going to the conference tournament championship game later today, what a finish. the sixers game today in miami may not be as exciting.
9:58 am
that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. all right this weekend an annual tradition continued down in the florida keys. it's the annual key west conk she will contest. the idea to create music with the conch shell. you don't seem too impressed by that. i was impressed. it's a florida thing. impressive. there's much more to come on "action news." several surfers need help getting back to shore. a cool job keeping a pooch busy, it has catapulted him into internet stardom. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
9:59 am
good morning, it is 10:00 a.m., sunday, march 6. in the news two philadelphia police officers are rushed to
10:00 am
the hospital after an alleged drunk driver slams into the back of the police van. democratic face off, hillary clinton and bernie sanders take to the debate stage before voters head to the poll in michigan. we celebrate the national parks at the philadelphia flower show. the timing of the flower show is perfect as temperatures jump from winter to spring in a matter of days. sky6 live hd taking a look at the camden skyline. by midweek we can say goodbye to our winter coats for good. meteorologist chris sowers is at the "action news" big board with more. >> reporter: the coats will not
10:01 am
be needed it will be the last time you need the coats at least to for a while. 40 degrees in wilmington, philadelphia, 35. wildwood is 41 now. satellite and radar there goes the snow flurries that pushed through early this morning. picked up a coating across the lehigh valley north hampton and lehigh valley saw a quick coating from that, there's not much going on now. the skies are brightening up west of lancaster. the clearing line will work east like that as the clipper continues to pull away from the coast. it will not go completely clear, it will be a combination of clouds and sun.
10:02 am
with the added sunshine this afternoon it will increase the temperatures. 1:00 p.m., 46. 3:00 p.m., 48. shooting for a high of 49. here's what happens with the controversial weather pattern. we'll get a ridge of high pressure developing here at the same time a cut off low develops here. the wind blow counter clockwise around the low and clockwise around the high. you get a huge southerly flow for everybody east of the mississippi river. we have the jet stream going west to east it's mild, mild, mild. no cold in this pattern at all. as a matter of fact it gets to warm we could break a couple of
10:03 am
records, three days of potentially 70-degree-plus weather in the seven day forecast. when i come back i'll detail that and tell you how long it will last. stay with for the latest from accuweather. keep an eye on the changing forecast all week and interact with our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. the time 10:02 there are dui charges pending against a driver who plowed into a parked police van in west philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene the south 352 street. two officers inside the cruiser were not hurt, but the pair of policemen and the driver were taken to the local hospital for
10:04 am
treatment of non-life threatening injuries. drunk driving may have caused this crash that injured 6 people overnight night. the cars collided wyoming avenue and old york road at 2:30 a.m. a car with four men inside was traveling westbound when it slammed into a car. the couple had to be freed from the car. all six people were taken to einstein medical center in stable condition. democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going head to held in the 7th debate, this one in flint, michigan. it comes before the michigan
10:05 am
primary. yesterday sanders racked up two more wins in kentucky and nebraska. in republican contest trump won in kentucky and louisiana. ted cruz beat trump in maine and kansas. those wins offer hope to antitrump folks for others in the race, marco rubio and john kasich continue to chip we at the lead although yesterday they finish well behind the winners. donald trump may be the republican front runner, a straw poll tells a different story, ted cruz won the conservative political action straw poll in maryland. marco rubio got 30% of the vote. trump was in third with 15%.
10:06 am
ohio governor john kasich earned 8%. straw poll was available to 3,000 cpac attend des from march 2 to march 15. hundreds of family friends and fellow officers are remembering seasht robert wilson iii. yesterday officers stood at attention and saluted the sergeant outside the 22nd district headquarters where he worked. he was shot and killed a year ago when he tried to stop two robbers at a game stop in north philadelphia. he did everything he could humanly to defend the civilians that were at the game stop. i've never seen anything as heroic or as brave as what i saw that day. we are going to honor the memory
10:07 am
of robert wilson i think the best thing that we can do is emulate who he was as a person, the type of son he was, the type of father he was the, the type of friend he was, the type of police officer he was. two brothers were charged with the murder. they are awaiting trial. the search continues for suspects who shot at a police officer's unmarked car friday night in frankford. a group of men shot at the officer's car along hedge street. five shots were fired none of them hit the officer.
10:08 am
he chased the suspects along with responding police. one 21-year-old man was arrested an charged. the rest of the suspects are on the run. if you ever wanted to see what it was like to be a firefighter. check out this video. the ashton fire department put a gopro camera on the helmet as the firefighter work the scene in wilmington. no idea how it started, but it gibbs you an idea how crews get fires under control like this one. new jersey transit and union leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow in an effort to avoid a strike in more than 30
10:09 am
years. they met in front fortunate national mediation board. the strike deadline is march 13. septa is looking for your input on a proposed king of prussia rail line. it would extend the norristown high speed line into king of prussia. a public meeting is expected at 6:00 p.m. at the raddison hotel valley forge. another one will takes place at the norristown municipal building. the project is to provide a quicker route to the valley forge casino and other businesses. "action news" has save
10:10 am
princeton coalition includes national an regional preservation groups that's working to stop the institute of advance studies to build a faculty housing development adjacent to the princeton battlefield state park. the institute said it will allow faculty members to spend more time on campus. spring is not starting for another two weeks, but it's looking like spring at the pennsylvania convention center where the flower show is in full bloom. trish hartman is live at the convention center. trish? >> reporter: that's right, nydia we're here at a brand new exhibit called the railroad garden in the grand hall concourse, model trains are
10:11 am
running through national park landscape. it's stunning. all the landscapes were build by the garden railway society. i hope i got that right. this is tom one of the members who built the display. it's amazing, tell us what went into the display. it was built by the individual members of the club. we have over 700 trees, plants and they are live we're watering every morning. ten trains and trolley. we have a 1 passion are represented here and designed by our individual members. it's beautiful. this is the first year model trains are at the garden show. this is a big deal for you guys. this is huge. it was a wonderful opportunity,
10:12 am
bauchmann came to us to help them put on the display. we're excited about being here. enjoy the show, thank you for chatting with us and sharing the trains us with us. let's take a look at the video we shot earlier of the gorgeous bloosms. in the main hall hundreds of thousands of plants and flowers make up the exhibit that pay tribute to the national parks. 250,000 people visited the show last year and organizers are hoping more people will visit this year this these people of travel and supporting the national parks will appeal to a
10:13 am
wider audience. it took two weeks to construct the exhibit. this is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the pennsylvania horticultural society. the flower show runs all week long. if you have a chance to check it out, the railway garden is in the grand concourse hall. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thank you so much. hundreds of high school students will be shopping for a prom dress today. fair god mothers of delaware organization is holding the 6th annual high school prom
10:14 am
fair it happens from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the hilton in newark. hundreds ever dresses are available for as little as ten bucks. take it from your friendly consumer report that's a good deal. still ahead on "action news" sunday morning. why residents in one south jersey town are turning to the internet to give a century's old cemetary new life. right now you're looking live outside, sky6 live hd taking you right now over the ben franklin bridge, a bit
10:15 am
gloomy out there, that will change, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. a popular beach destination in maryland is getting a makeover before the unofficial start of the summer season. a stretch of the coastal highway will be reassure faced, the work along the five miles of the heavily traveled roads will begin at the delaware state line and go to 62nd street in ocean city. the work will be finished by memorial day weekend. iditarod gets underway today. there are 85 mushers with 16
10:16 am
dogs on average. the goal is to completely a course that runs 1,000 miles across alaska. it is now 10:30 a coast guard crew had to come to the rescue of surfers who got caught in surf over the coast of oregon. three men were pulled from the water yesterday afternoon. the treacherous weather created dangerous rip currents. the surfers were pulled into a helicopter and safely taken to
10:17 am
shore. there is a gale warning along the oregon coast with waves up to 20 feet. 0 let's get you caught up forecast. last check of the forecast, not just yet. >> reporter: almost. let's get you outside, we've got gorgeous weather heading this way. all the storminess that the west coast is seeing it's a good sign for us. if it is stormy on the west coast it's quiet on the east coast.
10:18 am
if it is cold on the west coast it's warmth on the east coast. that will happen over the next few weeks. there's the view, the center city skyline, shades of gray as the clipper system pulls through. wewe are in the process of clearing as the flurries pull away. the skies are beginning to brighten up west. 38 degrees, dewpoint, 22. pressure 30-point # 1. winds you have the out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. we have a windchill of
10:19 am
31 degrees. 40 in wilmington, 41 in wildwood. near 40 in millville and dover, reading, 35, allentown, 33. trenton, 35 degrees. salt light and radar, again, you can see the holes in the cloud deck to the west that will be the trend throughout the day him we'll see the clouds pull away eventually seeing the return of sunshine later on the wider view clouds are moving west to east across the
10:20 am
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inside story is coming up later on six abc here's matt o'donnell with the preview. >> it is sunday morning and almost time for inside story. we will have our news maker bob casey the democrat from pennsylvania, on the show and ask him about donald trump, talk to him about hillary clinton, u.s. senate race in pennsylvania, and also isis, funding, and the supreme court, will the president, present an nominee and will that be soon? also chris christie we will talk about his decision to back donald trump, will this endorsement, ruin christie politically or turnout to be something that was a good
10:26 am
idea. and also a ahead mayor kenney's soda attacks, and the pa budget, well, it is still not finished, inside story at 11:30. lots to talk about. >> yes. all right. it is in the weather department certainly not odd to see warmer temperatures this time of the the year. last year at this very same time we were just coming out of the polar vortex march 6th was last time only 26 degrees. we steadily started to warm up through seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth up to 58 degrees on the tenth. now what will happen this same time this year. we will see temperatures, come 15 to 20 degrees warmer, 49 degrees, this after afternoon work clouds giving way to sunshine and then breezy and warm for monday, there is a 60. seventy for tuesday. seventy-four for wednesday. seventy-two for thursday. the those numbers are actually average for the beginning of the may. so, good stuff, moving for. >> thanks. this week with george steponapolus is coming up next on six a abc. >> this morning george takes a close look at this weekend's
10:27 am
presidential primary and where the candidates stand right now, here's george with the preview. >> good morning, after saturday votes in five states it is race for president about to take another dramatic turn? ted cruz scores big wins overdone old trum in kansas and maine, comes close in louisiana and kentucky. they are both now saying it is a two man race. bernie sanders keeps his hopes a alive with wins in kansas and nebraska but hillary's huge win in louisiana puts her further's head in the delegate count. we will talk live this morning and full analysis on our powerhouse round table plus martha brings us an exclusive look inside the fight begins isis from the decks of the u.s.s. true man. it is all coming up on this week. >> "action news" continues at noon, here's some of the stories we are following for you, two philadelphia police officers are recovering, after a car crashes into their police van, latest for you at noon. plus, spring cleaning for your finances, we have got easy tips for cleaning up your budget. now for chris sowers, gray hall and the entire "action news" team i'm nydia han have
10:28 am
a great morning. we will see you right back here at noon. >> ♪
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10:30 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. split decision. ted cruz crushing the billionaire front runner the kansas and maine caucuses. >> this now represents a movement. >> while trump captures two major victories of his own. >> i would love to take on ted one on one. >> is this now a two-man fight to the finish? as trump's own party revolts. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> is the gop falling apart? john kasich and republican party chair reince priebus is here live. plus, bernie's bounceback? >> we have a path toward victory. >> after big wins this weekend, can sanders steal hillary's momentum? bernie sanders joins us live. and, an exclusive look at


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