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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this is the suspect police are trying to track down for the sunday shooting of 19-year-old josiah myers inside church's chicken. around 5:30 p.m. the man walked in sat down with a table with food from another store. >> it appeared that the customer shooter objected to the worker cleaning the tables nearby where he was eating. the argument escalated. >> reporter: the alleged shooter then briefly left the restaurant just for a few seconds and then returned. >> briefly left the store and returned moments later and shot not the worker he was arguing with but his brother who was trying to shield him. >> reporter: police say the victim was shot once in the back and then fell to the ground. the gunman then purged two more bullets into my jersey and calmly walke --myers. >> we truly believe there's somebody out there and many individuals out there that would be able to recognize him and give us a call.
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>> reporter: and the victim is in serious condition right now here at temple university hospital. if you know who that man is in that video, call police. live outside of temple university hospital, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad, thank you. chester county man accused of sexually assaulting a child is back in custody after he allegedly went to his victim's house and started shooting at him. douglas cohen was arrested on child sexual abuse charges but was released on $25,000 bail. he went back to the victim's home and fired a gun six times. the victim another child and their father were all inside at the time. no one was hurt. cohen is charged with attempted murder and several other offenses. prosecutors are upset that cohen was granted bail in the first place. "action news"'s sarah bloomquist will have more on that in a live report tonight at 5:00. >> a delaware county emt is
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accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old junior firefighter. mel sis la givens turned herself in today in collingdale. police say she had a relationship with the teenager that involved trading naked pictures. it lasted several months. given center city married to the chief of that department. meantime police have arrested more than a dozen men in atlantic city for allegedly using the internet to distribute cocaine. the attorney general's office says operations skin deep broke up a drug ring involving these men. christopher castelluzzo, luke atwell and aldo lapaix they arrested thomas bullock wrench minute white and thomas white. they also seize the more than a million dollars in cash. >> today pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed an executive order to raise the minimum wage for people who work for the state of pennsylvania. that means all government employees and anyone who works
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on a job that's been contracted by the state will now make $10.15 an hour. that's an increase of three dollars an hour for those workers. this is all part of world jobs that pay initiative while he's touting the benefits of his executive action the governor has also been pushing the legislature to increase the minimum wage to at least $10 for everyone who works in the state of pennsylvania not just for the state. that's 1.2 million workers. he says it's not just valuable for them but for their employers, too. >> it boosts morale when you pay a fair wage. it also improves productivity. it reduces turnover and when you have reduction in turnover you also have a reduction in the costs associated with high turnover of training, of getting people acclimated to your business. association it's a smart move for businesses but it's also a smart move -- >> so far the republican
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controlled legislature has refused to consider wolf's request to increase the minimum wage for all workers in the state but right now it's still $7.25 an hour for them but if you work for the state today it's up to $10.15 an hour. pretty happy about that you guys. >> big changes. we'll see if there's any pushback on this initiative t alicia thank you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> beautiful out there. going to get nicer. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the accuweather details. >> yeah, we have jumped into spring and today could in fact be one of the cooler days of the work week. we have climbed up since the weekend. it was 42 on saturday, 47 yesterday. today so far 61 degrees, 11 degrees above that normal of 50. so, let the warmup begin. and as we look at the numbers across the eastern half of the can country, 62 in chicago, 75 in saint louis, 72 in memphis, near 80 in omaha.
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dallas new orleans also coming in to the middle 70's. high pressure is to our south and that will be the heat pump this week. you see clouds in the ohio and tennessee valley. that is a warm front that will drift through during the overnight hours tonight so we'll have high clouds arriving late tonight and on tuesday but we are tracking a stretch of 70's, records likely more than just one day and no cold air in sight when you look at that seven-day forecast. we'll chat about all those beautiful numbers if you're done with winter coming up in that full accuweather forecast when i i guess come back inside. >> come on inside, adam. we'll see you in a little bit. >> yeah. >> funeral arrangements set for former first lady nancy reagan began. the reagan library announced the details one day after her death at age 94. a closed ceremony will take place on friday. that's expected to have about 1,000 people in attendance but many more expected to pay tribute as reagan lies in public repose on wednesday and thursday of this week.
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today president obama reflector on the one chance he had to meet her calling her both charming and gracious. >> septa is making plans to expand its service through montgomery county. and today the public has a chance to weigh in on that plan. vernon odom is covering the story live for us now in king of prussia with the details and what it could mean for the western suburbs. vernon. >> reporter: it could mean a great deal, sharrie. good evening. it is called the king of prussia rail project. it's a billion dollars septa plan to expand high speed rail service all the way out here to king of prussia. tonight begins the series of three public hearings on this matter. this one at the radisson hotel. the king of prussia mall is the biggest employment engine here west of philadelphia. for nondrivers, it is accessible only by bus. septa's high speedline stops in norristown. a good distance away. septa's moving full speed ahead on extending the high speedline out to king of prussia where they believe
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they would pick up an additional 9,000 riders a day coming to and from homes in the city and other suburbs. >> i think it would be a lot more convenient because it's taking me two hours to get out here on the bus as opposed to the train which would probably take about 45, cut that time in half. >> all the workers out here would love a train to come out here yes. >> reporter: so you von to take that long bus ride. >> i didn't feel septa is starting on the sell this new train route they want to build more lines on. >> the purple line on the map comes off the norristown high hh speedline come down's peco's right of way then into the turnpike's right of way, comes along the backside mall with two stops at the mall and then comes north onto first avenue and right through the business park. >> reporter: septa hopes he to start construction in 2020. with the new rail line up and running in 23. >> we've tried to route the extension in a way that we stay within mainly public rights of way. but there is a small section along the turnpike where we do back up top a residential
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area. we're within the turnpike's right of way. we're working with them to secure access to that right of way but we are still adjacent to residential areas. >> reporter: one possible key hitch to all of this is of course how to pay for it. septa is hoping to get a half billion dollars in federal funding but that's only half the bit. live in king of prussia, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news. >> vern thanks very much. stick wind gust mass nj transit and is meeting to avoid the first strike in 30 years. unions representing more than 4,000 rail workers have authorized a walkout. they could walk off the job at midnight on sunday if a deal is not reached before then. buses light rail and patco would cross other ny transit rail tickets if that strike were to happen. >> it is time now for the first check of the "action news" traffic report on a monday. >> let's head over to matt pelman standing by in the
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"action news" traffic center with an upday. hey, matt. >> we have a bunch of people meeting out here this afternoon on the roosevelt boulevard extension as they do so many afternoons in the typical northbound jam that we always see coming off the schuylkill through this point at wissahickon on up to proud street. just volume here but north of here on the boulevard northbound past grant there's a crash in the outer drive and if you're coming southbound at cottman you have one, too, accident there in the outer drive as well. watching a crash earlier this afternoon in limerick township along ridge pike at louis road. upper providence township a wreck on 422 westbound abapproaching royersford. speeds are not impacted a whole lot at this point. upper providence township delaware county there's also a crash along rose tree road at 252 right by the route one media bypass. things starting to o slow on the blue route northbound by macdade just 14 miles an hour. crossing the river into south jersey a couple problems early this afternoon. there's a crash on 295 northbound approaching the
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black horse pike. mostly on the shoulder but still speeds coming north of westville are just in the teens. some earlier debris on 42 northbound by 130 has cleared out. we're trying to recover there. seeing delays on the wilmington newark regional rail line this afternoon. 20 minutes because of amtrak signal problems. hope you had a nice weekend and potholes, potholes, they're popping up everywhere. there's one on the ben franklin parkway outer drive. watch out for that as you travel past the barnes foundation. and we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> those holes can be difficult to escape this time of year. all right, matt, thank you. still ahead it's a busy week in the race for the white house. what analysts say the candidates need as we move towards the next round of primaries. >> and peyton manning says goodbye. details on the super bowl champion's decision to walk away from the nfl. >> plus, dozens of local airmen can come home from a deployment overseas. we'll take you to their hero
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's welcome as they see their friends and family for the first time in months.
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>> ♪ >> it is another jam packed week of primaries in the race for the white house. there are four republican and two democratic contests tomorrow. the big prize is michigan where polls show gop frontrunner donald trump has a double digit lead over ted cruz. marco rubio is third and john kasich is in fourth. cruz picked up several key wins over the weekend is closing the delegate gap with trump but analysts say cruz needs this to be a two-man race. >> i think ted cruz knows that the only way he can beat donald trump is if marco rubio and john kasich drop out. that's any other going to happen before march 15th when those home states of two people vote. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to battle it out on the democratic side. they debated last night in flint, michigan and will take part in a town hall meeting tonight in detroit. >> well, it is end of an era
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in the nfl. super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning said today he's wrapping up his career. manning was emotional his voice cracking at times as he choked back tears during his press conference in denver. his future has been the source of a lot of speculation since he hoisted that lombardi trophy on february 7th. today after a storied nearly two decade career in the nfl he put an tend to all the questions. >> it is something about 18 years, 18 is a good number. and today i retire from pro football. >> extraordinary career. manning has earned five m.v.p. trope trophies two super bowl championships and retires with dozens of passing records but he also noted today he still owns one record he is not proud of a record 28 interceptions as a rookie. he says every year he pulls for a new rookie to break that one. >> how about this beautiful shot here in the big board today. it was a hero's welcome in
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delaware as two groups of airmen arrived home safely to their friends and family. about 60 airmen of the delaware air national guard came home to the new castle air national guard base to signs, salutes and big hugs and kisses. >> daddy!, daddy! >> i love you so much. i missed you. >> i know they missed him, too. you can't beat. that the airmen are just home from a 120 day deployment to the middle east and boy, did they arrive in style in an aircraft called a c130h which they used during their missions. the group includes pilot crew and maintenance teams. airmen say with every mission it gets harder to leave especially the little ones. >> the work is rewarding. i like -- i enjoy it. i like what we do and it's a good mission. it's just being away from the family is really tough and
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like i said as they get older it gets harder and harder. >> while it's thrilled to have this group return they say we must remember that fellow delaware national guard men's and women are still serving overseas. since last fall more than 300 members have been deployed but today about 60 of them are home and their family and friends could not be happier. can't get enough of those hugs, sharrie. >> no, greater reunions there no document. meantime some members of the air force showed off their musical talents at a philadelphia school today. >> ♪ a bit of rapping i think here. that full spectrum a small part of the u.s. air force heritage of america band. all members are on active duty based out of langley air force base in virginia. well, today they gave a special performance at edison high school in hunting park as part of an air force recruitment program.
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and that has to get the teenager's attention i would think. >> double threat sing and dance. >> and rap. i like it. all right, it is time now for the accuweather forecast. >> something else we can't get enough of this week. let's turn it over to meteorologist adam joseph who's got -- >> who me? >> the weather. >> oh, what i'm about to say. >> yes. >> as we take a look right now, live on sky6 from the pagoda cam. we're about to see a warm front pass through from the south and west overnight. now bringing a few high clouds our way but right now it is beautiful no matter where you are. 64 in the lehigh valley, 65 in reading, 60 wilmington. in fact the warmest numbers are north and west away from that wind that is can kicking in off of the water right now. notice along the shore you're saying what warmth? it is only in the upper 40's right now your favorite shore town about this time of year inland locations always stay very warm, the shore stays very
4:19 pm
cold because of that very cold ocean water. as we look at march as a whole, the question right now is, is winter over? more than likely it looks like it is when you look at the long range and when you look at very strong el niño march he imarches in50. back to the 1950's we looked at three other strong el niño months of march. those months the snow totals were very low. this year we've had an inch which is above what we saw in the previous years of el niño so one could say we've already had way too much than we should during a strong el niño pattern. as we look at satellite and radar, there are the high clouds coming in from the ohio valley. some of us north and west could get a brief sprinkle late tonight as that front progresses through. so overnight clouds will be building a little bit later and it does not get very cold tonight. 38 allentown, 39 in reading, 44 philadelphia, 40 in millville and mid 40's down to the south. future tracker early tomorrow morning some of those high clouds with the front with
4:20 pm
temperatures already in the 50's to the south, near 50 in philadelphia at 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning. 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon sunshine some high clouds and we're right on that verge of 70 degrees across much of the area. even at the shore tomorrow it will be a little bit cooler than inland but still pretty nice with temperatures near 60 and as we look at future tracker temperatures, we'll give you one more day here, 76 wednesday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. that meet pump of a high building all of that warmth tennessee valley across much of the eastern half of the can country. that four day at 4:00 forecast now don't scratch your eyes. this is correct. first 70's of the year tomorrow at 71 degrees. record shattering 78 on wednesday. 78 with another record here on thursday and not as warm but still well above average sun and clouds friday with a temperature of 66 degrees. and those 78's are more typical for june around here, not the beginning of march. we'll see in the next half
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hour what happens next week in the seven day. >> hopefully we've turned the corner. >> yeah, agreed. thank you. still ahead a fashion recall involving thousands of pounds of a popular food. >> and turns out apple computers may not be as safe as users think. the malware that's now targeting mac. >> and talk about a crazy commute. let's just say if there were kids in the car that parents would have a little explaining to do. we'll tell you what stopped traffic on this major highway besides the crash coming up in big talkers. and remember, "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us on facebook we're 6abc "action news." on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be a part of "action news."
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>> ♪ >> police are looking for the man they say beat his girlfriend to death with a hammer in north philadelphia. investigators say the can couple got into an argument
4:25 pm
last night at a home on north 17th street. they say that led to the attack. 32-year-ol32-year-old died at te hospital. they're still trying to track the boyfriend down right now. police in wissinoming looking for the man who robbed a dollar store at gun point. he walked into the dollar store on torresdale avenue and locked the door behind him. then he pulled a gun and went behind the counter. he made the employees give him cash from the register and then ran away. no one was hurt here. and police in grays ferry are still looking for the driver who slammed into a house early this morning. they say the driver was speeding on south 28th street when he or she lost control and crashed into that home on the 1300 block but after the crash the driver ran away. two people who live there came out to check the damage. they were not injured. >> perdue foods is recalling thousands of pounds of chicken nuggets. the u.s. government announced the recall which involves more
4:26 pm
than 4500 pounds of applegate farms chicken nuggets. the u.s.d.a. says the recall was issued because some of the packages have plastic materials in them. there were also cases where plastic materials were inside the nuggets. the recall affects the 8-ounce packages. the problem has not hurt anyone. we do have more information and more details on this recall at our web site, now here's a look at today's closing numbers. a mixed bag here. the dow though continues its win streak up nearly 67 and a half points. the nasdaq down nearly nine points and the s & p 500 up 1.77. meantime a security company in california says it's found the first known case of malware to attack an apple computer. palo alto network says it found a ransom wear program on its mac systems last friday. the software highjack computers and locks out users
4:27 pm
until they pay a ransom. the company said it reported the problem to apple which took steps to help protect the users. >> and still ahead in the next half hour of "action news" today in reaction to a violent confrontation caught on camera, septa police change their protocol to increase safety for officers and riders. we've got the new details straight ahead. >> plus, juice cleanses have turned into a $200 million business. but are they really worth their often pricey costs? we'll take a look coming up in what's the deal. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with an admission from a former high school counselor accused of trying to seduce a student. >> plus the search is on for the person who hit a two-year-old in a philadelphia neighborhood and drove away from the scene. >> and a new app known as yelp for humans has hit the market. it lets you rate the people around you and it's getting a lot of buzz both for and against the idea. we'll take a look at the controversy ahead in big talkers. >> but first at 4:30 septa police are making changes aimed at increasing safety for both officers and passengers. the move comes as a result of an internal investigation into a violent confrontation that happened.
4:30 pm
christie ileto joins us live with the details. >> according to the officers repeatedly telling him to put his hands behind your back, put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: septa police chief nestel breaking down the findings surrounding this october incident caught on surveillance cameras. of a septa officer forced to tase omar lopez at the huntingdon station. the officer tried to break up an altercation between lopez and another man when police say lopez turned other officer. >> at one point mr. lopez punched the officer and grabbed at the officer's gun belt and at this point the officer used his taserly he deployed the taser 10 times all for less than five seconds as a matter of fact six of those times were for one second. >> reporter: an autopsy report says an overdose of the drug pcp killed lopez and not the taser shocks he absorbed. >> and it was determined that the officers' actions were appropriate and within the
4:31 pm
guidelines of departmental policy. >> reporter: but procedural changes are being made since it took eight minutes for backup to arrive because no one knew the officer's location. now officers must notify dispatch of their exact location when they close an and open train station. gps tracking devices are common for vehicles and officers and a master lit of area hospitals. since lopez wasn't taken to the closest. >> episcopal hospital is .6 -- .7 o.7 from the location. frankford area hospital is 3.3 miles. that along with not being able to obtain witness information for the multiple people watching the eight minute struggle septa brass say a sergeant has been disciplined. there's still a criminal investigation into all of this and as for the officer involved he returned back to work this past weekend. reporting live in the sat center christie ileto channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, christie thank you. philadelphia police are looking for the driver who hit a toddler in olney and then
4:32 pm
drove away. "action news" is told at the two-year-old's injuries are nonlife-threatening. the crash happened at 1:30 this afternoon on the 200 block of west grange avenue. if you saw or know anything about this, you are urged to call police. there's new information now about a murder we first told you about thursday night. police have released this picture of noelle lemu s s del cid. they think he may have a cut to one of his hands and say he drives a white suv. if you know where he is, are you asked to contact police immediately. >> a former chester county swim coach and college counselor pleaded guilty today admitting that she tried to seduce a high school student. emily feeney worked at malvern prep when prosecutors say she told a 16-year-old boy she could get him into harvard in exchange for sex. as part of a plea deal feeney
4:33 pm
is now on five years probation. she also has to register as a sex offender for the next 15 years. >> we have flew video this afternoon of the robber who threatened a store clerk with a hammer. the man allegedly tried to hide several items in his clothing at the family dollar in kensington last wednesday. as he began to leave that female clerk tried to stop him. well, once they went inside, the doorway, you'll see here in just a moment, the two struggled and that's when he pulled out a hammer and threatened her. the man then took off but not before leaving behind everything he allegedly tried to steal. anyone with information about the man's identity is asked to call east detectives. >> the oldest bridge in new jersey has reopened after undergoing emergency repairs. the route 206 bridge over stony brook in princeton is now back opened to traffic. however, a truck detour still remains in place until permanent repairs are fully completed. the emergency repairs became necessary after part of the historic bridge began to
4:34 pm
collapse just last month. >> meteorologist adam joseph tracking a really nice change in the weather department today. beautiful the next several days even more so. >> even better. can you imagine june-like temperatures here for a couple of days in a row. not a bad start to the week. a look at some of the numbers right now and our live shot at bear creek here, that sun low on the horizon kind of getting sun splashed on the camera. 65 degrees. winds out of the west-southwest at 12 miles an hour, wind chill of 65 degrees and in penn's landing we are sun soaked at 61 degrees, so a little cool interphiladelphia by about 4 degrees if those northwestern suburbs with that southwesterly wind at 20 miles an hour and in cape may, beautiful blue sky there as well and much cooler, only 49 degrees and it's because of that wind coming in off of a very chilly ocean temperature in the 40's with those winds out of the south-southwest at 13 miles an hour but we'll
4:35 pm
track 70's for a few days in a row. we'll take a look at a seven-day forecast that is not very typical of the beginning or so of march and i'll share those numbers in just a little bit guys. >> all right, adam thank you. a plan is accused of trying to set his estranged wife's house on fire in bucks county. joseph todd is in the hospital now recovering from burns and facing several charges once he's released. police say todd was running around the buckingham township property on brandon way when officers arrived yesterday afternoon. they say he raced inside and locked the officers out. police eventually made their way in through the garage and found the man in the basement reportedly trying to torch the house. they say he set the heater on fire and was trying to break the gas line at the time. no one inside that house was hurt. flames shot through the roof of a barn being used as a garage in moorestown burlington county. there was a lot of smoke
4:36 pm
pouring from the building but no one was injured here. >> it is a medical first right here in the united states. today we heard from the teen behind the nation's very first successful uterus transplant. "action news" anchor rick williams live in the news room with more on this story. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. that's right that history making surgery happened less than two weeks ago actually and coming up tonight in health check we'll take you inside one woman's fight to have her own biological child despite doctors telling her it wasn't possible and the team of experts it took to bring her one step closer to that dream. also coming up tonight at 5:00 a big name in sports getting ready to put on his dancing shoes. the football star who announce thannounced he's joining "dancing with the stars." those stories and much more coming up. always found see a football player on the dance floor in "dancing with the stars," sharrie. >> never boring. that's right, rick, thank you. >> we've got some breaking news right now out of west philadelphia where a car
4:37 pm
chase, a police pursuit has can come to an end in dramatic fashion. chopper six now live over the scene. apparently this started in delaware county and as mentioned, just came to an end in west philadelphia. the pursuit we're told really stepped into high gear in the area of 58th and katherine continued east along katherine culminated way foot chase right there near 52nd and katherine and that pursuit did net one person, one apprehension. one other person is still being sought but we were just watching as police pulled someone who was injured out of one of these cars and put them into one of those ambulances. we do not yet know which of those cars were involved in the chase or perhaps one of those was struck by the fleeing car. a lot of details to work out right now but we know at least one person was hurt and has been transported to the hospital. police are looking for one person and there is another in custody as we speak following a pursuit and a foot chase here in west philadelphia. >> meantime spring break season is here but one group
4:38 pm
of college students is trading in their week in the sun for a week of service. students from the university of georgia are in philadelphia marking the month of march, which is intellectual disability awareness month. the students are volunteering with the nonprofit group spark. each college student will be teamed up with a buddy who has been diagnosed with a disability. they will donate their time all week attending fun activities and going on field trips with their designated buddy. >> and still ahead here on a monday afternoon maybe you have tried one or someone you know, one of those juice cleanses but are they really a good investment to help you lose weight? we'll take a look in what's the gleam plus, dramatic video slows a young teener narrowly escaping an abduction. find out what she did to get away. >> in big talkers we get a first glimpse into a royal family vacation. and meteorologist adam joseph returns with a vacation-like forecast coming up.
4:39 pm
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>> ♪ >> in florida an urgent search is under way for the man who police say tried to kidnap a teenaged girl. she can be seen on surveillance video running from a man who was allegedly following her in that suv there. police say the man in this sketch drove up to the 13-year-old as she walked home from school. experts say she did exactly the right thing as he tried to grab her. >> she did was exactly the right thing. the kicking, screaming, yelling, anything that she can do to draw attention to that situation, get away from her would be can kidnapper. this girl saved her own life. >> he goes on to say that more than 80 percent of children who escape an attempted abduction did something proactive to get away. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and talk about a crazy commute during the morning rush hour. and only if their eyes could
4:42 pm
blur this scene the way our video editors have. in texas today commuters say things got really weird during a traffic jam on a major highway early this morning. a woman got undressed, climbed onto the top of an 18-wheeler and started dancing. if there were any kids in any of those cars lets just say the parents had some explaining to do, nothing like an early morning anatomy lesson. it's not clear if she was involved in the crash or why she pulled this stunt but let's just say that people in the cars stoppe stuck watching e scene were pretty shocked. >> all of a sudden she started throwing her clothes at the oncoming traffic. she was taking her clothes off. she was nude by the time she got on the 18-wheeler. >> we didn't know what to think. >> or where to look, right. but the houston fire department shut it all down sending its ladder truck over to get the woman down to get her clothed and also of course to get her in police custody. and i'm sure they asked just a
4:43 pm
few questions. now to a big talker follow-up. remember people the app that's been referreds to at yelp for humans. it launched today and has a lot of people talking. the app was created by two friends in calgary can dan it allows users to rate other people in three categories. personal professional and romantic and you can rate them without their permission. a way to reference check people around us the way we would look into a restaurant. they call your character your currency. this has generated a lot of online buzz from people applauding this app to those who fear bullying or cyber events. either way it's a real thing with real people already downloading it and rating the people around them. and they are the latest pictures of the royal family that are being shared. royally on social media. will, kate, george and baby charlotte in their adorable there are no reon the family's first holiday as a family of four. kensington palace released
4:44 pm
pics from the ski trip to the french alps on twitter saying it's the first time the can kids have played in the snow and it's not just the little ones having fun on the family trip. the royal couple also had a snowball fight showing that they're just like us only with better titles like duke and duchess and probably a better and of course more royal photographer following them around to capture every cute moment that of course has twitter very happy today. >> bet it was a great vacation. >> yeah. >> they don't do anything halfway. >> all the way in. >> adorable. >> alicia thanks scrunch let's get another can check on the roads right now. >> matt pelman standing by with the upday. hi matt. >> no vacation on our roads but we have some royal delays brian and sharrie but at least everyone in these jams is keeping their clothes on. that's the good news. this is 95 in delco southbound by ridley park there was a fender-bender now all off to the side but it is attracting some attention and slowing
4:45 pm
things down a little bit extra as you come south of philadelphia international airport this afternoon. had the culmination of that police chase in west philadelphia so you want to avoid 52nd and katherine. also still have there crash on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at cottman in the outer drive. stick with the inner drive as you come south of woodhaven on the boulevard. flower show continues of course at the convention center so all week this week we'll see extra traffic on the local city streets as well as the vine street expressway around broad street. have a couple accidents in cheltenham this afternoon. one along cheltenham avenue near ogontz another on ashburn near penrose. in upper moreland one on upper blair mill road. a a crash taking out two lanes on the inner drive outer drive the way to go in that neck of the woods. in pennsauken a crash on westfield avenue by mr. tattoo a favorite spot of brian taff.
4:46 pm
>> if only you could see under this collar. >> keeping it hidden from us, matt. all right. >> thanks, matt. >> coming up meteorologist adam joseph has that very warm exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> now to the good news portion of the newscast today comes via ya via the accuweather forecast. >> you'll enjoy the outdoors if you like it. a lot warmer than a typical beginning of march. as we take a look at the action cam which was down along the waterfront here in wilmington, the wilmington -- excuse me, philadelphia and that is the delaware river is what i'm trying to say here, the tugboat pulls one of the barges here. needed to bundle up earlier
4:49 pm
today especially along any sort of waterfront because of those strong winds and those cooler waters but overall everyone will really warm as we get into the middle of the week. lots of sunshine to begin this new work and the school week and that's another thing the kids are going to be itching to get out for recess especially the next few days and dress them very lightly. as we look at the numbers, 63 right now in martin's creek, 65 in slatington, 62 in coatesville, 61 to 60 degrees in and around bucks county. these are some of the warmer numbers right now because as you slide to the south, we have that southerly component to the wind and you look at that bay and the ocean temperature only in the lower 40's and that kicks those temperatures back to only around 47 degrees in the boardwalk in atlantic city, 49 in sea isle city. even bridgeton vineland hammonton further inland but those numbers are far from the 65 we're seeing in those northwestern suburbs. only in the upper 50's presently which is i say only but it's all relative when
4:50 pm
you're taking a look at the typical numbers for this date. as we look at satellite and radar, we have a warm front to the south and west. there's automobile can of sprinkles along it. that's going to push through during the overnight hours tonight so a few late high clouds will be passing in. not as cold tonight as the last few nights. 38 to 44 for that split in temperature with that west-southwesterly wind. high pressure anchored just south of the carolinas. high pressure winds around it are clock-wise so we'll pump them in more out of the southwesterly direction kicking those numbers up to 71 as that front lifts to the north turning brighter especially in the afternoon after morning high clouds and this is 21 degrees above average. we're going add another 7 degrees on top of that for wednesday, up to 78 which is very june-like around here. record warmth in fact, record shattering here for many locations in the middle of the week. in fact, as we look at that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, the first 70's of 2016 starts tomorrow and we're going to add two more
4:51 pm
days to it. again, that's 78 on wednesday, the old record for philadelphia is 73 degrees set back in 2000, so it should be at least 5 degrees warmer than that and the other areas of allentown trenton wilmington atlantic city all the records from 2000 should be either met or surpassed and then more records again on thursday with sun and a few clouds of 78. not as warm as we get a weak front passing through, 66 degrees on friday. then on saturday sun and clouds. there could be a few showers late in the day saturday, 59 for a high. we turn those clocks ahead an hour this weekend. sunset on sunday 7:06 p.m. with a high of 62 and a lot of clouds and even at 59 a week from now on monday it's still 7 degrees above average so that 59 looks cool but that's still well above normal for this time of year so a lot of good in that seven day from later sunsets to 70's. >> thanks adam. >> all right. >> still ahead on "action news," juice cleanses are
4:52 pm
increasingly popular especially as people get their beach bodies ready for the summer. we've got details on that. >> but do they really work and are they worth the money? we've got the answers next in what's the deal? >> ♪ fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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4:54 pm
>> thinking about getting your body beach ready? about 20 percent of adults concerned about their weight have tried a cleanse and surprisingly men are edging out women. juice cleanses are an estimated $200 million a year industry. consumer reports looks under the lid to see what they deliver. susan williams did ler first juice cleanse two years ago and has done several since. >> i will do a cleanse if i've eaten too much, if i've been drinking too much, if i've been having too much sugar, i feel like it resets my system. >> by replacing solid foods with juices made from fruits vegetables and even nut milk,
4:55 pm
some cleanses claim to jump start a healthier you. consumer reports nutritionist amy keating looked at three daypro grams from some top selling brands including blueprints renovation cleanse pressed juicies cleans one and the original fresh start. they promised to do things like rest your digestive system rejuvenate your body increase energy and eliminate toxins. >> we just didn't see a lot of evidence to back some of the claims they make. >> none promised you'll drop pounds but you probably will in the short term because most are relatively low in calories. the juices consume are reports refeud also tended to be too low in fiber and protein and too lie in sugars and they're prices see. three days of juices can cost as much as $200. >> if you're left lane thee and you do a cleanse for one, two or even three days it's probably not harmful. but any longer than just really that smart because they just don't contain all the nutrients your body needs. >> and for truly sustainable changes, consumer reports
4:56 pm
reminds us that healthy eat sag better way to go. >> consumer reports advises checking with your doctor first if you want to do a cleanse and consumer reports reached out to the manufacturers regarding claims they make. some did not respond. those that did defend the benefits of their products after reviewing all that information and conducting their own research, consumer reports health experts remain unconvinced that the products are worth the money. brian and sharrie. >> it is quite a bit of money. never realized it was that expensive. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news at 10:00 on phl. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5 o'clock. >> dumbing up next on "action news" at 5:00 a man is back if custody after police say he fired six shots into a chester county home narrowly missing two children inside. the can connection he has with
4:57 pm
one of those children that had him in court just two months ago. also coming up a school threat investigation in south jersey. the fight at one salem county school that forced district officials to take action and why parents say, though, it's not enough. >> remembering nancy reagan. how president obama honored the life and legacy of the former first lady after she died over the weekend. we'll have those stories and more coming up next at 5:00. pet moments are beautiful,
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> 5 o'clock and we are continuing to follow breaking news out of west philadelphia tonight. here is the latest on a story we first reported in our 4 o'clock hour. we know that four people -- at least four people injured during a police pursuit that began in delaware county and then ended in west philadelphia. chopper6 is over the scene. again, this is the final result of what was a police pursuit that turned into a foot chase. it started in yeadon and ended up here in west philadelphia around 58th and katherine. you can see police cruisers there as they try investigate what happened here. we know four people were injured during that police
5:00 pm
pursuit. two people were being sought by police. we're still trying to determine why they were being pursued by authorities but one person was apprehended another person still at large but again, four people apparently in some of the passenger cars were struck by the pursuing vehicle. the vehicle that was fleeing from police. four people have been rushed to penn presbyterian hospital. their injuries not yet known but again, we will continue to follow this story for you. a police chase that found in a foot chase, four people sent to the hospital. we'll continue to have the very latest from west philadelphia as more information becomes available to us tonight. >> and now to a violent attack at a chester county home. six shots were fired into a window barely missing three people inside. according to police the suspect is an accused child abuser who was out on bail. one of the children was the alleged child victim. >> "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist request is live in downingtown tonight with more on this story. sarah. >> reporter: rick


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