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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again here are the stories we are following at 12:30, we skipped from winter to summer as we look from sky 6 hd it's picture perfect out there. accuweather says we'll break records. and six killings in six neighborhoods. we are live with the latest from police. and now the details. we are enjoying a great weather treat today. skies with nothing but sunshine and temperatures that feel like summer. we expect to get to 80 degrees today than would certainly break a record, the action cam was out and about at kelly drive where plenty of folks were taking advantage of this great day and the great part is we get it again tomorrow. karen rogers is here now with all the details. >> reporter: we are so not used to it when we come back to average temperatures, a couple
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of days of this and it's just gorgeous out there. 72 in philadelphia and your average high is 50, we are well above that. 70 in binghamton and 71 in pittsburgh and 70 in washington and 76 in richmond. we are pumping up that warm air and that is what we have got today. really pretty out there too. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are nothing but sunshine out here, can you see high, thin clouds building out from the west and they'll do that more so tomorrow afternoon and we have an afternoon that is beautiful for you today. lets look at these highs, today's forecasted high 80 degrees, the normal would be 50 and the record 73, we are shattering the record set in 2000 also 80, not one but two days of this to get out and enjoy. the record high was 76 so these are new records we are setting. hopefully you can get outside and head to the playground with the kids and no jackets
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required. 11:00 a.m. 71 and 4:00 p.m. 79 degrees coming down from your high of 80 and this nice weather will not last. we have changes coming for the weekend i'll have the latest in the accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. sunny skies or not keep by your side. in addition to the seven-day forecast, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar gives you a first look at changes in store. in other news, no word on what caused a deadly accidents in kensington the driver lost control and then the vehicle burst into flames. it happened at north second street at cecil b. moore avenue, the driver inside was so badly burned police were unable to confirm an identity. they found hundreds of mcdonald's cups and gift cards and now they are checking nearby restaurants to see if the victim
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was perhaps an employee at one of the stores. last night bad one of the most violent nights in philadelphia in recent memories. they are looking to solve six homicides from six different neighborhoods. in point breeze the brother of a nba player was killed. vernon odom has more on the story. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, police tell me that there were six murders in separate neighborhoods in a two hour period yesterday here in philadelphia. this one targeted attack police believe involves a brother of a well known professional athlete from south philadelphia. this is the murder scene, the 2300 block of morris in point breeze, police got a call about gun fire at 7:45 last night. they found dirt biker, demote
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petri was dead. a group was firing shots at the group and one hit peekn . motives for the killing police believe is part of the ongoing gang violence that plagues this section of south philadelphia. >> we know there is two different groups that are fighting back and forth for a while in that area. so we'll take a look and see if that has anything to do with that. >> they use dirt bikes? >> yes. >> the police say the gunman was wearing a hoody but not a mask. they are asking for the public's help. a $20,000 reward is posted. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man from delaware has the freedom to drive around again thanks to the generosity of a
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business in newark. hewitt who is on a fixed income was the victim of tire slashers in his neighborhood. the owner of rhino in delaware heard his story. >> you can't help everybody but if small businesses and people get involved it can lift one person's spirits and that can carry on. >> it meant a lot to me because my truck would still be parked with four flat tires if not for rhino lining helping me. >> 40 tires were slashed in that spree back on february 26th. a water problem forced the closure in downtown wilmington this morning. the fire department was called to the pnc bank center. a broken pipe in a 12th floor bathroom caused problems to the
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floors below and closed the elevators. they are working to restore water and expect the electrical system. now the latest on the 2016 presidential race, a split vote for democrats in their two primaries while the gop frontrunner donald trump retains his lead. >> trump only lost in one state to ted cruz. of course florida is one of the states where candidates on both sides are now focused. today bernie sanders celebrating a major upset in michigan winning the primary thereafter polling behind hillary clinton by double digits. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls. still sanders came away with fewer delegates overall because of her big win in mississippi.
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bringing her halfway to the delegate count she needs to win the democratic nomination. >> the stakes in this election keep rising higher. >> ted cruz picks up iowa. >> our campaign has beaten him not once not twice but seven times. >> but donald trump won in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. calling on other candidates to drop out and unify the party. >> lets come together folks and we are going to win. >> but john kasich insists he will win in his home state and turn the tides of his home state. >> people are finally starting to hear my message. >> and marco rubio is confident he will have home state advantage too, despite trailing in the polls and coming in last in mississippi and michigan. >> he is focusing on florida where the democrats will be tonight meeting up in miami for their second debate this week.
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marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> high school students in philadelphia got a glimpse into the future today it was career day at charter school in west philadelphia. dozens of professionals were on hand to share their career paths. >> there is more to come on "action news" at 12:30, a boy is okay after the unthinkable happens, he was struck by a car and the driver took off. we'll show you the disturbing impact all caught on camera. >> and honesty and hard work reunites an iowa with a special ring.
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the nypd is looking into if an officer shot a partner. he shot one suspect and arrested another and one person is still
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at large. three days and formal mourning and ceremonies have begun for former first lady, nancy reagan. lauren lifter has more now from simi valley. >> reporter: nancy and ronald reagan spent more than five decades by each other's side. >> find a picture of them together not holding hands it's almost impossible. >> when her casket is lowered to the ground they will be as close as if they could hold hands. >> that was her request, she will be just inches from president reagan. >> we spent time, several years in fact working with mrs. reagan to pull up the plan for her
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death and funeral together. >> among the 1,000 invited guests that will attend her private service is former president george w. bush, and laura bush and first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace and she warmly and willingly offered guys and encouragement to me as i settled in, into my role as first lady. >> first though closed casket public viewings wednesday and thursday as mrs. reagan lies in repose. >> and vips including house speaker paul ryan will get private moments to pay respects. lauren lister, channel 6 "action news." an arizona boy is lucky to be alive after being struck by a car and it kept ongoing. we want to warn you this may be difficult to watch.
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zion campbell just got off a bus in tempe and was skateboarding when a car hit him. amazingly the little boy got to his feet and went for help. >> you can see in the vehicle, the vehicle knows they hit somebody because they break and then they take off. the boy will live with the trauma for the rest of his life. today is the first day of free agency. we'll learn what the eagles get from the titans in exchange for demarco murray. eagles defensive coordinator jim schwartz coached him in buffalo. the ring was found out side of a gas station last month.
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and he visited every jeweler in the area, and texted a picture and he was able to trace it back to the owner. >> we have documentation as far as when we made it with her name on it. >> oh my gosh it was like a miracle. sharon says her ring is one of a kind and in fact every stone in it is personal including one diamond from her mother's wedding ring. a body border from new jersey had an emotional reunion with the man that saved his life in hawaii. dillon mcgwinn hit his head on a reef while in the water and he helped him and he is happy to be alive and happy the man who saved him was in the right place at the right time. >> coming up another check of the forecast outside. sky 6 hd showing you the beach in cape may.
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. check out this image of a solar eclipse that was taken on an alaskan airlines flight. they asked them to delay the flight to passengers could see it. and one of the passengers brought especially filtered sunglasses for everyone on board. >> what? >> yes. >> that is interesting. >> i can't even get peanuts. >> we are headed up out there? >> it feels so good out there, we are talking about it head on outside you don't need a jacket or anything. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area, we are looking dry out there. lets see what is looks like out there. sky 6 hd is showing us the commodore barry bridge.
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as we look and look it's hard to see a cloud. a couple of high clouds and less wind than we have had the past couple of days and the water hardly moving out there, looks like a still shot. here is what you can expect. the temperatures 72 degrees already. the dew point 39 degrees and the pressure 30.11 and holding steady. the winds are out of the southwest a light breeze at 6 miles per hour. take a look at how numbers have gone. sunday a high of 47, just a couple of days ago we were in the 40s. monday 61 and yesterday we hit 75. the first 70 plus degree day since march of 2012. and now the 80s we have nothing but sunshine so far and clouds are streaming out from the west. here is a cold front and an area of low pressure and the precipitation is to the west.
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we have high pressure in control than is pumping up the southwesterly flow, you always get mild and we do that today and tomorrow. both days, we are look agent 30 degrees above average, that is huge. here is the high off the coast acting at a heat pump and we are enjoying the results of it. 2:00, 79 degrees and 4:00 p.m. we hit our high of 80 degrees. by 6:00, 73 and mostly clear skies and a gorgeous evening, no weather worries, 8:00 it's 67 and 10:00 we are in the low 60s. how about the overnight hours? it stays mild and we only get down to 56 degrees, so even in the overnight hours we are above our arm high for the day and that is 50. here is a look at your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. today's record is 73 set in 2000
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and we top off today at 80 degrees, it's warm and beautiful with mostly sunny skies and tomorrow it's another record setting day 80 degrees for your high and the record is 76 and we'll go above that. one chance we have for showers in the lehigh valley, but the last model shows it's dry throughout the day, the showers hold off until late thursday night by friday and they wrap up before the morning commute and a few light showers thursday and friday because of a front moving through and behind that front it changes the weather a bit. and friday not as warm and 68 degrees and still 18 degrees above average. and friday sunshine and average, and saturday night we set the clocks forward. sunday unsettled mostly cloudy skies and a shower and 64 for your high. the warm front that comes through a wave of low pressure that rides around it and to be unsettled and the wettest day,
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occasional rain on and off and we knock the temperature down to 58 degree, that is the only 50 in the seven-day forecast. it looks like we'll see a few more showers, the temperatures bump back up at 65 degrees. we have everything, upper 50s and 60s and 80s for two days. >> straight to summer. thanks karen. march is women's history month. fyi philly is highlighting businesses run by women this weekend. clueing pino's palace. where anybody can find their inner artist like erin o'hearn did. >> its called pino's pallet, the motto is simple paint, drink and have fun. >> wanted to be part of the community and sharing people's joy. >> anyone is be an artist
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starting from a blank canvas and following guidelines from an instructor. >> it doesn't matter if have you a lot of artistic ability or none at all. >> you say that some people would the least amount of artist ability do well. >> i am hanging it in my living room. >> while wine is the drink of choice painters can bring whatever quenches their thirst. they do private events as well. >> it's a party not a class. and coming up tonight on 6 abc american crime ends his critically acclaimed second season. here is a preview. >> how much time would i get if i took a plea deal? >> why?
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>> i'm talking to my lawyer. >> a lot of loose ends need to be tied up but we are told to expect resolution even if we are not happy with how it all ends. and it's not certain yet if we get a season three of the series. and the middle starts at 8:00 and the goldbergs and modern faman at 9:00 and american crime followed by "action news" with jim gardner at 11:00. and the people scene, some of joan rivers' treasures are going on the auction block. they are selling the comedians jewelry and an engraved dog's water dish from tiffanys, there will be an online auction in june.
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time for one last check of the forecast with karen rogers. >> then we go outside. looking at temperatures around the region looking good. 75 in allentown and 75 in philadelphia and 73 in millville and 77 in trenton. cooler along the coastline. 62 in beach haven and 55 in cape may. we have a nice high of 80 today, whatever you do outside just get out there and enjoy it with mostly sunny skies. at 11:00 a.m. we saw 71 and 4:00 p.m. 79. >> thank you karen. finally this noon, a new york couple used points to earn a free flight on a luxury private jet, sounds too good to be true right? but here is video of the couple playing cards from boston to washington, they found the app on jet setter and used an online
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promotion to earn the points and the points paid for the entire trip. >> we took a picture of our drivers license for safety and okay great we'll send you an invoice and it said a big zero on the bottom. the couple run a travel blog together and there are sites like jet setter that allows you to rack up points that could allow you to travel anywhere for free. >> how many points is that? >> that would be interesting to know. the eagles making all kinds of moves from the trade that may or may not happen to a new quarterback. and we have it all coming up on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we'll see you a little bit later.
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