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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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average. 50 is our normal high for this time of year. this marks the warmest march day in philadelphia's history in nine years, breaking the old record by 8 degrees, that was 73 in 2000. 80 in allentown and 79 in allentown reading and lancaster be mt. pocono and millville 77. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are tracking a cold front across the ohio and tennessee valley, that comes in tomorrow night with a ribbon of showers but before that more records fall tomorrow. so if you didn't get out today, you can get out tomorrow. cooler behind the front but we are talking about temperatures well above normal. when i come back we'll chat about the tumbling temperatures
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in the accuweather forecast. >> okay thanks, okay from going for a run to enjoying water ice. it's a great day to get out and take in the sunshine. gray hall continues our coverage live from media. >> reporter: hi sharrie, of course spring lovers are rejoicing, that is the type of day they are out enjoying, they are happy to say good-bye to old man winter. how can you not love weather like this, spring is still days away and it feels like it's here be many are eager to get outside and enjoy it. >> it's fabulous, and i knew it was predicted to be great but i didn't know it was this great. >> warm weather lovers say hello to the fun in the sun. >> if i can be in shorts and a t-shirt in the beginning of march in pennsylvania. >> oh gosh, no winter, i love
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this. this is my favorite time of year. this is absolutely perfect. >> the warm weather brought outlines to places like rita's water ice. it was a great day to enjoy the frozen streets rather than be outside. >> it's so nice outside. >> one for my son and one for myself. >> instead of the winter rush it's the spring rush. people are preparing their gardens. >> mulch and pansies and we are getting excited about the spring. >> reporter: okay so back out live of course you saw everyone out enjoying the spring-like weather, we should mention however while we enjoy the spring-like weather spring doesn't officially start until march 27th.
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sharrie back to you. >> i'm trying to get a few rays myself before the sun goes down. you can always stay up to date with the forecast at, in addition to it's seven-day forecast, stormtracker 6 live double scan will give you a first look at changes that are in store. we have developing news right now, police are looking for three men after undercover officers witnessed a shooting in juniata park, sara bloomquist is live now on coral avenue where the suspects ditched their car and took off on foot. >> reporter: brian, this was a chaotic afternoon here, there is still a crime scene behind me, there are several crime scenes as this stretched through several neighborhood. lets go to video and see what unfolded here this afternoon. the s.w.a.t. in full gear. that a man may have -- at police and they are working to confirm that now.
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at 1:40 this afternoon, plain clothes narcotics officers saw a man fire into a black sequoia in juniata park, as the suspect ran to a white suv with another man inside it's believed he fired at the officers. police are working to confirm that now, and nobody was hit. they traced the suv to coral park, and the men were gone and they are searching the suv. we understand it was a rental car, they later caught up with a suspect on torresdale after few. it's unclear if he is the shooter and the other man is on the run. the s.w.a.t. team was out and searching railroad tracks and the man that was in the toyota shot earlier in the side showed up at frankford hospital and police are talking to him now. adding to the chaos, a 15th
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district officer was injured responding to all of this that happened at 1:40 at pratt and roosevelt boulevard that officer expected to be treatmented and released. >> police are still trying to sort this all out and there are initial reports and a man was seen firing into a toyota sequoia and later reports that police were fired upon at some points and police working to confirm if that is true. we know at this points one man is in custody, it's unclear if he was the shooter and a second man is still being sought at this hour. live in port richmond, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> lots of moving pieces there thank you. today we learned the funeral arrangements for new jersey state trooper, sean cullen killed in the line of duty on i-295. there will be a public viewing in cinnaminson and a second from
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8:00 until 11:00 followed by a funeral mass. his family is asking that any donations be made to the burlington county animal shelter in west hampton. a city fleet supervisor is accused of scamming the city of philadelphia. seth williams says they operated an insurance fraud scheme that netted them more than $400,000. michael otterson is accused of helping those of -- collision manipulate the bidding is process to fix it. >> he would write up bogus appraisals for the anticipated repairs and endorse and authorize what they could
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increase and steal on each job and approve their inflated repair and costs. and i don't think, and that the galottis were passive people in this scheme. they are all charged with tampering public records and galotti senior is in serving time in prison for murder. and it's at the heart of another pending case that accuses it of using deer carcasses and other props to collect on insurance claims. >> quite the alligation there. thank you. free agency officially began a few minutes ago in the nfl and the eagles are busy all day adding new players and wrapping
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up high-profile trades. ducis rogers is live now with more. >> reporter: nothing official from the team yet but we are waiting for word of confirmations of the deals soon. the word with the miami dolphin will swap draft picks in the first round of next year's draft. the eagles will go from 13 to 8. and the doctors wanted to take a closer look at byron maxwell's shoulder. and heading there is linebacker, keiko alonso. demarco murray trade is expected today as well to the many titans. he was a bust as well. the eagles and titans will reportedly swap fourth round picks and they all lasted just one season with the eagles. the birds are free to sign other
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team's free agents and they have reached an agreement with brandon brooks an offensive lineman from the houston texans and rodney mccloud from the rams, the 25-year-old became a starter in his second season in the league and mccloud has not missed a game in his career and had four forced fumbles last season and chase daniels comes from the chiefs where he played for doug peterson and andy reid. he knows the offense peterson will be installing and the daniel signing means that the eagles will try to release quarterba quarterback mark sanchez. >> thank you ducis. it's a windows down type of commute this afternoon. lets go live to matt pellman to see how things are moving. >> it's quite warm out there this morning but it got' whole
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lot warmer than we like with a vehicle fire. they got the fire extinguished. fire crews are on the scene as well as police blocking off the eastbound side of egypt road at pine town road. this is after you come off of pine town road. if you normally get on egypt road i wouldn't, use trooper or paulings roads. but that does not connect to 422, in north coventry there is a fire brecht and a motorcycle crash along 401 conestoga road. lots of people out and about on such a beautiful afternoon. you see that in center city on the vine street expressway. the overnight closures are back. if you are lucky enough to go to the shore today. heading back on the a.c.
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expressway watch out for a crash. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. it's the waze app or pothole tracker, northern one reported here along the mlk west river drive with speeds like 18 miles per hour as you head home on the schuylkill. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead here today. a former presidential candidate steps back into the headlines to throw support behind a former rival. and an explosion level a neighborhood and sends four firefighters to the hospital. we have details on what caused it. and he was the victim of a tire slashing, and could not afford it. the business that came to his rescue.
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nine seattle firefighters were injured when an explosion
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leveled three businesses this morning. it happened when firefighters were working on a natural gas leak and the blast sent debris across the neighborhood and shattered windows in buildings two blocks away. the firefighters suffered minor injuries and no one else was hurt. former presidential republican candidate, carly fiorina, is throwing her support behind ted cruz, she appeared at his rally because he is willing to take on the status quo. fiorina ended her own candidacy last month. the music world is mourning it's death of a man so influential, he was known at the fifth beatle. he was a producer for the beatles as they moved from pop act to legend. he did sergeant pepper's lonely
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hearts club band and abby road. paul mccartney paid tribute calling him a second father and ringo starr thanks him for his love and kindness. and amazon is boosting their delivery service as they move close to setting up their own delivery fleet. they want more control over its business and costs? >> the deal means that amazon will have 20 boeing freighter planes and gives them a chance to buy 20% of the stake from the company it's leasing the planes from. it continues to test delivery by drones and but has not said when they expect the drones to go into service. moderate gains across the board but when it comes to the dow enough to get back to 17,000, up 36.25 and the nasdaq up 25.5 and the s&p up 10 points on the day.
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good year says it's work on a new kind of tire that is a total sphere, they are called eagle 360, they are in the concept phase, it allows cars to move in any direction not just forward and backward, to navigate tight spaces and would use magnetic levitation. there is still quite a way to go on this, and hope to one version ready for self driving cars going on sale at the end of the decade. and he was the victim of a tire slashing spree in delaware. but this man is back behind the wheel with four brand new tires thanks to the kindness of a business in newark. >> don't know what i would have done without them helping me out. it's a wonderful thing you did. >> harold hewitt and his truck
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are about to get back on the road. he was one of the victims of tire vandals in his newcastle neighborhood. he is on a fixed income and fixing those four flattened tires would have cost around $600. the owners of rhino said they heard his story and wanted to help. >> it meant a lot to me, my truck would still be parked if not for rhino lining helping me. >> you can't help everyone but if small businesses get involved it can lift one person's spirits and that can carry on. >> wonderful message there. hewitt's truck was among 17 cars damaged in that tire slashing spree in newcastle on february 25th. at least one of those victims back on the road today. it is time now for another check of the accuweather
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forecast. adam joseph is back inside. >> i already forgot i was outside. sky 6 hd penn's landing now a spectacular afternoon, a few high clouds streaming in and a southerly wind helping to push in that record breaking warmth. as we look at the present numbers, 78 in allentown and 79 in reading and 80 in philadelphia and 73 in millville. with the southerly wind it's a whole lot cooler right along the shore in beach haven and cape may, it's only in the mid-50s. but if you can get away from the wind and sun at the shore it still feels pretty nice. more southerly inland and southwesterly as you head northwest. with speeds sustained 14 to 18 miles per hour in pennsylvania. and a little less to the south at 3, at some of the shore points. as we look at satellite and
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radar, lots of sunshine here in the mid-atlantic, you see the area of rain flooding downpours and pretty hefty thunderstorms moving from the gulf coast states to the mississippi river as well as ohio and the tennessee valley. this slips from the north to bring us an area of showers, for tonight it feels like may out there. pleasant, dry and 51 allentown and 50s at the shore. as we get into the day tomorrow it's one of those days you want to get outdoors if you can. if tomorrow is your day off and you are a golfer, perfect just grab the shades and the sunscreen, southwesterly wind 6 to 18 miles per hour with the temperatured well into the 70s as we get into the afternoon hours. in fact we are looking at records falling again pretty much across the area, 57 in allentown and 78 wilmington and 80 in dover with some of those high clouds that pass in during the afternoon.
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future tracker will show by 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, an area of showers slips through and 2:00 a.m. on friday morning near 70 in much of the area. as we look at the four day at 4:00, the showers will be gone as we get into friday morning, another beauty tomorrow of 80 degrees but behind the front it's breezy and warm and well above average, a beautiful day of 66 and bright and pleasant on saturday and clouds build on sunday with a shower or two late in the day. still not bad 51 by then is your normal high and we'll sit at 64. i'll let you know if we go back to normal next week coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks adam. coming up at 4:30, the latest on a shooting inside of a fast food restaurant, police released new details about the man they are trying to track
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire in delaware county. they started at 11:00 last night at an auto body business in colwyn, the flames ripped through a storage garage there and investigator a between 15 and 20 cars were damaged. nobody was injured in all of this. police say they busted two brothers that were dealing heroin in newcastle. they are both facing a list of charges now and they got a tip
4:26 pm
that the two were selling drugs out of their south street home. when they went inside they found 53 bags of heroin and three guns. also, in delaware today a broken water pipe shut down an office building in wilmington. on delaware avenue a pipe burst about 7:00 a.m. and the leak started on the 12th floor and sent water pouring down an elevator shaft and crew had to shut off water to the entire building to make repairs. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney, toured a business this afternoon that supports smooth businesses, he stopped by next fab, along with harold epps, next fab provides education and other resources for small businesses, this was part of the commerce department's outreach
4:27 pm
initiative. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, we continue to follow new developments surrounding last month's violence that broke out in philadelphia. reporter, vernon odom will join us live as we learn more about one of the victims and an act of kindness going viral around the world. a stranger help an elderly woman across the street but it's what happens next.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again it's 4:30 now and "action news" continues with reaction after witnesses save children from a fiery crash. plus, vandals strike a philadelphia war memorial. bronze stars are missing and now police need help finding those responsible. first at 4:30, philadelphia is trying to recover from a violent night that saw death across the city. last night there were six murders that happened in six different neighborhoods. police commissioner richard ross called the violence frustrating and warm weather in the winter puts officers on alert for more activity. one victim was killed riding a
4:30 pm
motorcycle in grays ferry and "action news" learned that man is the brother of a nba player from right here in philadelphia. vernon odom joins us live now with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. six hours now in a 24 hour stretch. the victim is the younger brother of dion waitings who is expected back in town momentarily to join his family in mourning. dion waiters brother was killed on the 300 block of morris street last night. police say he was riding a dirt bike in grays ferry with a group of friends when shots rang out from a separate group of dirt bike bikers. >> a group was fired shots at another group and pinckney was
4:31 pm
hit. >> he plays as a guard for the oklahoma thunder and has left the team to be here with his family he announced the death of his brother on instagram overnight and what was the motive? police know there is a long history of street gang survivalry on the mean streets in this section of philadelphia. >> there are two different groups fighting back and forth for a while in that area. we'll see if this has anything to do with that. >> they use dirt bikes. >> yes. >> i spoke with the father of pinckney and waitings this afternoon he said he was a great kid and that his son had nothing to do with street gangs. >> at this hour police are waiting for people to give tip calls on this case. a $20,000 reward is posted by city hall. live at police headquarters i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action
4:32 pm
news." >> all right vernon odom thank you. there is still no word meanwhile on what caused a deadly accidents in kensington overnight. the driver lost control and hit a building and the vehicle burst into flames. it happened at north second street and cecil b. moore avenue. the driver was so badly burned the police have been unable to confirm an identity. people tried to help but the flames were too fierce. >> i felt it from here first front of the car and then the whole car went up. >> it contains hundreds of cups and gift cards from mcdonald's, they are checking nearby mcdonald's to see if the victim was an employee or if the car was stolen. >> police have identified a second suspect for a double murder that happen aid year and a half ago in may fair. they have a warrant out for ronald dorsey's arrest and
4:33 pm
should be considered armed and dangerous, the two women were found shot to death inside of a home in august of 2014. the first suspect, james meres pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal and is in jail awaiting sentencing. and police in radnor township need your help to track down the suspects using stolen gift cards. police say that these two broke into homes and stole several items including gift cards and a handgun. they have used the gift card two times at the target in the bridesburg section of philadelphia. radnor township is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. two people had to be taken to the hospital after a house fire in montgomery county. flames broke out in lower merion
4:34 pm
and firefighters fought heavy flames in the second floor bedroom when they arrived. it only took 15 minutes to get that fire under control but two people inside at the time were treated for smoke inhalation. >> adam joseph is here now lets talk about that forecast. >> it's the talk of the town, we are breaking records everywhere today and we'll duplicate that here tomorrow. as we look live now at sky 6 hd the temperature is 80 degrees, a few high clouds that pushed in this afternoon and the dew point is super low at 37 and it's a comfortable 80 and the sun angle is not as high as it would be in june. a wind south-southwest at 14, the pressure 30.03. and some definite summer like skiing and snowboarding up in shawnee, a bright blue sky there. temperatures breaking there as well 72 degrees, really melting that snow fast with winds at 17
4:35 pm
and choppy on the waters at the shore with the wind comes in from the south at 7 miles per hour. a beautiful day to head down there. it's a much cooler temperature at the shore, 54 degrees now at any shore location because of the water temperature only in the lower 40s. we'll talk about the records falling again tomorrow and changes come behind a cold front that slips through tomorrow night. we'll talk about it in the seven day coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. >> leaders in upper darby, delaware county are coming together with a new program to help drug addicts, it's called change is possible. anyone addicted to drugs can go to police headquarters for help. it's a safe haven and anyone that asks for assistance will not face charges. >> no questions, obviously if they are wanted and they walk in i have to choice but this is to
4:36 pm
give volunteer help that is seeking help for any type of addiction especially heroin. >> the mayor and police teamed up to make this new program possible. there is a different type of food bank up and running in montgomery county and the mission is to feed anyone that needs help even those with dietary restrictions, monica malpass is live in the newsroom with details on this story. >> reporter: it's a food bank for people that suffer with food allergies, an interesting idea. coming up ali gorman takes you inside of the operation and talks about the personal story behind the beginning. and hear from a nurse that cared for a new jersey state trooper during his darkest hour, new at 5:00 what she is asking everyone to do should they come across an accident scene as she did. we'll have the stories coming up at 5:00. we'll see you in a bit. >> thank you. warm weather means it's time
4:37 pm
to start thinking about spring cleaning, jim kenney joins the sweeping department to join the philly spring cleaning this afternoon. they gathered outside of the strawberry mansion center. they are urging people to volunteer for the spring clean up. the museum dedicated to medical history unveiled a new exhibit. they launched the new exhibit as part of dr. thomas mutter's birthday celebration. up next on "action news," vandaled target a local war memorial, well see you the damage and the most interesting man in the world is getting ready to drink his last beer and hang up his hat. but they are not letting him go without one last hoorah.
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and a secret that could send you on your next vacation for free. find out how to get frequent flyer miles without spending a dime. >> a great day to fly around here. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast.
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police are investigating after someone damaged a portion of the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial. a memorial caretaker told "action news" that someone pried off three brass star medal ons that line the wall around the memorial. it could cost up to $1500 to replace them. police have not identified any suspects and asks that anyone with information give them' call. students at dozens of schools in newark, new jersey, were told to stay away from the
4:41 pm
drinking water and parents were told they had elevated levels of led. they have also posted sign warning students but parents are still concerned. >> look at the news and you listen to flint and you think it's someplace else and you hear it's going on in your own neighborhood and you are concerned. >> the led was not detected in the newark city water source, that means it's coming from somewhere else probably led pipes. they are looking into their next step. now the big talkers now. after almost a decade on the job it seems the most interesting man on the job is heading to a most interesting retirement. the brewer of the beer made the announcement in the ad which the bearded tan guy is headed to a new adventure, in outerspace or
4:42 pm
something. his only regret is not knowing what regret feels like. he is the most interesting man in the world. >> and off he goes. 77-year-old actor jonathan goldsmith is the face of the beer for nine years now and it seems they are moving him out to make room for someone much more interesting and probably younger man. they are trying to keep their edge for the next generation of beer drinkers. at least this interesting man has an interesting new suit and a helmet. we know he'll need that on mars. a lot of people talking about that. no word on who will replace him. it's an incredible act of kindness that is sweeping the internet. a man in southeastern china helping a struggling elderly woman across the street but his chivalry did not stop there. as he helps her the light starts
4:43 pm
to change afraid they won't make it in time. he scoops her up into his arms and physically carries her the rest of way. and stays with her getting her back on her two feet making sure she regains her balance there. this went viral after the people's daily posted it to their facebook page in china. so far thousands of people across the world praise his kindness. it starts with him helping her across the street and when it feels like it's not safe anymore he makes sure she gets to the other side. >> people share the video but share the sentiment. lets get another check of the roads right now. matt pellman with the update. >> such a beautiful afternoon and people want to be out and about and that means more accidents with more people on the roadways. we had one to end yesterday at
4:44 pm
202 northbound that gave us huge delays and now another one on 202 northbound in king of prussia, these are the northbound lanes at henderson road. as you head to norristown, the short bus is involved and several police officers on the scene, just that left lane is squeezing by. willistown township, a crash on 30. and new water main work started today on newtown road, a lot of construction out there this time of year. things are really getting ramped up and speeds are slowing down on the schuylkill and 95, typical afternoon volume. a crash at 676 at collings avenue and tinicum has a house
4:45 pm
fire shutting down tory road. and a pole down along 130 taking out the right lane and a wreck on the a.c. express lane by egg harbor and the construction continues westbound at the egg harbor tolls. a lot of different things we are coping tabs on. we'll continue in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, adam joseph, is up next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
we see a lot of asterisk on the map today. that means broken records. >> and they are good records being smashed. man today those endorphins kicking in.
4:48 pm
as we look at the action cam along boathouse row and the schuylkill river there, a lot of blue today with a few of those high clouds around this afternoon. but overall a mild march day. call it march madness, so to speak. as we look at double scan live radar an abundant amount of sunshine and high clouds passing by at times this afternoon. as we look at the numbers, we hit 82 degrees officially in philadelphia today. breaking the old record by 9 degrees, which was 73 and 82 is more typical of mid-june not the beginning of march and it's only the second time in philadelphia's history that we have had a temperature this warm this early in the year of 80 degrees or higher. that 80 we missed by one day yesterday that was set in 2000. as we look at the numbers presently, 80 in trenton and 76 in wilmington and upper 70s
4:49 pm
still to the north and west and the poconos breaking records as well at 76 degrees and cooler at the shore, the wind is coming in from the south at 44, and only feels like 52 to 55 degrees right now. in atlantic city as well as long beach island and cape may county. a few of those clouds breaking away from the front situated in the ohio val why, that will not collapse through here until midnight tomorrow night. prior to that it stays warm and feels like may overnight tonight. pleasantly warm and dry and 51 to 56 degrees is where we drop by tomorrow morning. in fact as we look at the records that fall tomorrow we go for a high of 80 tomorrow and the old record in 2006 with 76 degrees be wilmington and atlantic city airport. all the records in 2006 should be matched for the most part. the old record of 75 in allentown and wilmington high
4:50 pm
pressure is anchored in the same location with the front to the north and west. you get the southwesterly winds with a few high clouds and 80 for a high and a few showers tomorrow night and high pressure from the north and friday a much cooler wind and blustery at times be a lot cooler at 56 but still above average for this time of year. it's a seven day that is not very march-like. cools down to 66 but still bright on friday and pleasant here on saturday 64 degrees, turn the clocks ahead an hour before you head to bed on saturday night and a lot of clouds move in on sunday and showers late in the day and 64 and a bit unsettled monday into early on tuesday, monday is the coolest day in the 50s with the northeast wind possible and then we kick the temperatures back up in the middle of next week, sun and clouds next week with a high on the verge of 70 degrees
4:51 pm
again. as we go towards the beginning of spring feeling more summer like around here. >> hurdling towards spring thank you. turns you you can earn frequent flyer miles without flying anywhere or without spending a dime. we'll show you how to gather enough points next in what's the deal. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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4:56 pm
facebook stars got a surprise of a lifetime at an adele concert. they got invited on stage by the singer herself. they were so stunned at first, and then they got it together and brought the house down with a few favorites ♪ ♪ pretty cool. the duo earned them a hug from adele and a standing ovation. >> and they deserve it. they sound great. they pulled it off. >> for sharrie williams and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join us tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00, a stabbing spree victim speaks out match he was attacked while sitting in his car. and three people including a
4:57 pm
philadelphia official are facing serious charges tonight in connection with a $400,000 fraud scheme. plus -- >> beautiful weather, shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts we have seen them all. i'm nora muchanic on long beach island and we are talking to people loving this weather.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. looking live outside. it's an early taste of spring in the delaware valley, temperatures hit 80 degrees in spots and there is no sign of winter's return in sight. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the record highs we are enjoying today. we have team coverage for you. nora muchanic down at the shore with crowds that are generated and excited by the record highs. but first cecily tynan outside with a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: it seems like we moved the clock forward three months. this is typical weather for june not march. the high for philadelphia shot up to 82 degrees that is 32 degrees above average, the
5:00 pm
warmest march date in nine years and it demolished the old record high of 73 degrees, we topped that by a full 9 degrees, everywhere you see the asterisk you see a record high. even in the poconos, 73 degrees today and allentown and trenton 80 and wilmington 81. and even at the atlantic city airport tying a record high of 78 but with the wind off the ocean, cape may quite a bit cooler, the high only 62 degrees. if you look at high temperatures across the eastern seaboard, there is warm air to the south and jacksonville 80 that is ahead of the a cold front behind the front and temperatures take a drop into the 60s, we have one more day of record warmth before temperatures begin to drop off a little bit. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this is the cold front moving through thursday night and moving through in


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