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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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warmest march date in nine years and it demolished the old record high of 73 degrees, we topped that by a full 9 degrees, everywhere you see the asterisk you see a record high. even in the poconos, 73 degrees today and allentown and trenton 80 and wilmington 81. and even at the atlantic city airport tying a record high of 78 but with the wind off the ocean, cape may quite a bit cooler, the high only 62 degrees. if you look at high temperatures across the eastern seaboard, there is warm air to the south and jacksonville 80 that is ahead of the a cold front behind the front and temperatures take a drop into the 60s, we have one more day of record warmth before temperatures begin to drop off a little bit. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this is the cold front moving through thursday night and moving through in the wee
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hours of the morning that could bring a round of showers and behind that temperatures drop into the 60s on friday. which is still above normal. looking ahead record highs again tomorrow. if you liked today's weather you'll like it tomorrow. it will be cooler by the end of week and temperatures above average and next week i'm tracking unsettled weather. coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> when i drag myself inside. >> i agree, it's awesome cecily. the record highs give you a great excuse to head to the shore and nora muchanic is live in ship bottom. with folks enjoying the spring weather. >> reporter: it's a beautiful sunny day at the shore but i'll tell you what it's not hot here at the beach the way it is inland, it's 80 degrees in trenton it's 55 here in ship bottom, that is a 55 degree difference, but i'm not
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complaining it's a fabulous day on long beach island. >> it's a beautiful day. >> joanne and her dog, elroy were more than excited to be out in the sun at barnegat light. >> it's an early spring, it's been winter and we just want sunshine. >> are you catching anything? >> seaweed. >> leonard seemed to be dressed for july. >> my slippers and socks and t-shirt. >> just like summer? >> yes, ma'am. >> folks strolled the walkway at the inlet. this brother and sister set themselves up to get the sun and not the wind. >> gorgeous, a beautiful spring day. we are so blessed to be here today. >> it's absolute heaven and the rays are killer, trying to get some sun before summertime.
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>> it was a great day to spot birds on the shore line like kevin was. >> it's perfect the lighting and the wind is low. the southwesterly breeze. >> that breeze was felt by motorcyclists too they couldn't resist a ride. >> the sun is shining and it's warm too, got to get on the bike. >> there were people at ship bottom, but you have to bundle up a bit as you drive over the bridge to lbi. but the families were determined. >> we knew the weather would be great and we took advantage of a nice day like this. >> back live you are looking at the barnegat bay right now and tomorrow is another beautiful day if you want to kick start your summer head on down to the shore, it's cooler here than it is inland. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. of course you can take accuweather with you anywhere you go. current temperatures and the
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exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast is at your fingertips day or night at we are following developing news now. philadelphia police are looking for at least one suspect after undercover officers watched a shooting happen in juniata park, it was 1:30 this afternoon a man was seen shooting into a car and making a get away in an suv with another man and police caught up with one of men and at first they thought the man shot at officers but now they say that is not the case. "action news" is following the story and we'll bring you updates at to the violent night in the city of philadelphia that saw six people killed in six different neighborhood. yesterday five shootings and one stabbing spree happened within the city limits expanding from east ferry. >> when you get 70 degree weather in the winter time it
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gives us pause because it comes upon us quickly. it should not. people should enjoy themselves rather than creating carnage in the streets. >> we are learning more about one of suspects in the violence. chad pradelli is live with more on that. >> reporter: rick, the stabbing rampage happened just behind me yesterday afternoon. police tell me that the suspect walked into the cricket cell phone store and stabbed his first victim. when it was over three people were stabbed and one dead and just moments ago i spoke to one of the survivors. >> i got stitches all the way around and he cut the top of here. >> clifford was sitting outside of his store outside of the cricket cell phone store when he got into his passenger seat and started stabbing him. >> he had a face like he wanted to kill -- >> did he say anything? >> he didn't say nothing, just
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swinging a knife at me. >> moments earlier police say he stabbed roosevelt gray after medley dropped him off. >> was hollering he was staped in the chest. they survived but a third victim did not. after stabbing the two friends he ran down the street and stabbed nathan atkinson. >> he was having problems with his car and after getting out of his car he was stabbed and killed. >> why stanley was on this stabbing spree is unclear and he was captured and charged with murder and other offenses. >> he has a long history of violent offenses, it appears he is on some type of job. >> i have to serve god now for the rest of my life. i feel bad for the guy that got killed. i really feel bad about him.
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>> you heard police talking about the lengthy criminal history for stanley, court records reveal that stanley went for trial for murder a couple of decades ago but was found not guilty. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. three men including a philadelphia city official are accused of scamming the city out of $400,000. according to officials, robert otter beson a city fleet supervisor worked with a south philadelphia body shop to manipulate the city's bidding process. he would make sure that the city vehicles were fixed at city collision to pull off the scam. >> he would write up bogus tickets for repairs and increase what they could steal on each job. they are charged with theft and
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criminal conspiracy and galotti sr. is already serving life in prison for frying to carry out a hit against he's daughter's boyfriend. there are now disagreements on how service could wind down in a strike happens. today new jersey transit officials say that the agency is planning to trains out of the service should the strike happen. a union spokesperson talks about sharing plans or input. the deadline to strike is 12:01 a.m. on sunday. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. time now for matt pellman and the traffic report. >> we are trying but it's slowly on the schuylkill expressway pretty much a stand still from the roosevelt boulevard from this point at spring garden to south street. a broken down vehicle taking out
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one of the two lanes. a couple of issues on the schuylkill contributing to that more than 20 minute delay. there is a crash on the roosevelt boulevard south devereux drive and flashing traffic lights along aramingo. and a crash 202 northbound henderson road by the wawa taking out a lane. a crash on 295 southbound by 195 slowing us down and a motorcycle crash in upper deerfield along landis avenue by h and r hardware and garden. stay home and work in your garden. >> matt thank you. more ahead on "action news" tonight at 5:00. coming up tonight in sports, trade talk becomes trade action, who is in and who is out for the eagles. and first a massive
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nine firefighters were sent to the hospital after a natural
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gas explosion rocked this neighborhood in seattle washington, it shows how forceful the blast was overnight and crews were responding to reports of a natural gas leak destroying businesses and forces people to evacuate. >> i am shocked. this is devastating. i'm should shaken upright now. >> i was like seven block as way but i felt it over there. >> it took crews hours to put out the flames and shut off the gas at the source and all firefighters are expected to be okay and no one else was hurt. the public memorial services are underway for former first lady, nancy reagan, lets take a live look where mrs. reagan's body is lying in repose. the former first lady died of heart failure early at her home
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on sunday morning. nancy reagan was 94 years old. the cleveland clinic says that the first uterus transplant in the united states has failed. the organ had to be removed because of complications. ali gorman is live now with the details. >> reporter: this is obviously sad news, the woman, lindsay spoke publically and it has failed. yesterday lindsay suffered a serious clickations and she is doing well and doctors are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> the american cad academy of pediatrics are screening kids for poverty asking them if they are having a hard time making ends meet. that puts them at a greater risk for health problems, pediatrics
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are screening kids and getting them access to healthy foods and other services. and a local mother-daughter team is help to address this problem, they have started a different kind of food bank. >> 14-year-old rachel gannon and her mother are stocking the food bank, a pantry for people with food allergies. >> everything in the pantry is gluten free and a dairy free section and nut free section. >> they learned firsthand three years ago about food allergies when rachel starts losing weight and now they know she is allergic to gluten and dairy and they changed her diet. and the foods are be expensive and are typically not offered at food banks. >> i can't imagine what others do if they can't afford foods to
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begin with. to help others they started work on this nonprofit. >> a dairy free mac and cheese. >> applying healthy allergy free food including gluten free bread and butter and treats. >> the rachael ray works off of donations and they hope to expand to other areas in the future. and they hope to get fresh foods, for their hours go to check. >> thank you we'll take a quick break.
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a huge jump in the price of olive oil is blamed on crops. spain produced 40% of the world edwards olive oil and farmers there say a bad summer in 2014 caused the worst harvest in nearly 20 years and in italy millions of olive trees were attacked by disease.
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they are attributed to 20% of the world's supplies. philadelphia mayor jim kenney stopped by a business that calls itself a gym for innovators, he got a look at next fab, and it collaborates it with traditional tools like 3-d printers and offer professional services, for a monthly fee anybody with use the facilities or launch a new company. members of south jersey gathered to talk about improving main street. atlantic and cumberland and gloucester make up the heartland. they met in hammonton to talk about financing practices for business openers. high school students in philadelphia got a glimpse into the future today. it was career day this morning at boy's latin career charter school in philadelphia.
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they represented various fields from business to medicine to fashion. >> very cool. still ahead on "action news" we'll check the accuweather forecast. >> looking live outside right now sky 6 hd showing you the jersey shore and cape may where it was 20 degrees wooler than it was in philadelphia today. a nice afternoon and evening overall. cecily tynan has your exclusive accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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check out the amazing image after a solar eclipse taking on board of an alaskan airlines flight. an astronomer convinced the airline to delay the flight so the passengers could see it. and one passenger brought filtered sunglasses for everyone on the flight. >> that is cool because i can't even get a blanket. here now is meteorologist cecily tynan. >> you know our next solar eclipse we can see here is actually august 21st 2017. mark your calendars or book a flight. looking at sky 6 hd philadelphia international airport, sky 6 is shaking a bit with winds out of the south and that is bringing warm conditions inland and philadelphia 77 degrees and down
5:25 pm
from the high of 82 and record warmth, allentown 76 be trenton 77 and as nora was saying along the beaches quite a bit cooler. cape may currently only in the low 50s and the ocean temperature in the 40s and you get the winds off the ocean this time of year. it makes a big difference. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this ribbon of moisture, this is with a cold front. this will happen with a wave of low pressure along the front and that moves up to the north and that drags a cold front through the region late tomorrow night and what this will do is end the record warmth, tonight it's still warm. overnight lows warmer than the normal highs for this time of year. feeling like a may night. pleasant and dry, 56 degrees, allentown saw and cape may 52 and wilmington 53 degrees, maybe a sweatshirt overnight and early tomorrow morning. if you are heading golfing, the
5:26 pm
golfing forecast looking beautiful. 72, and 4:00, 79 grab the sunglasses you'll need it. high thin clouds in the afternoon and again record warmth, philadelphia a record high of 80 and trenton and wilmington and reading 78 and allentown 77 and dover 79 degrees and late tomorrow night and early friday morning that is when the cold front moves through and it comes through when most of us are sleeping, around 2:00 in the morning we have scattered showers and temperatures dropping down into the 50s for the morning on friday, but by friday morning at 8:00 that front left the coast and sunshine is back and it's breezy and temperature as above normal. they will be in the upper 60s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, another day of record warmth tomorrow with a high of 80 degrees, thin
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calculate clouds tomorrow afternoon and showers early friday morning and breezy, 66 degrees, saturday beautiful 64 and spring forward one hour and given day light savings time this weekend, 61 and maybe a shower late in the day and monday is looking wet with periods of rain and temperatures in the 50s and adam will let you know how long that rain sticks around in the exclusive accuweather forecast. still to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00. the search is on for thiefs that targeted the local vietnam war memorial. and the 2016 presidential candidates we'll break down who won and who is ahead before next week's crucial primaries.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. one of the first people to treat new jersey state trooper, sean cullen is talking about what happened. and you'll hear from her. >> and a plane crashes at the montgomery county airport sending one person to the
5:30 pm
airport. and an unpleasant reminder that temperatures are heating up but pothole season is here. we are learning more about the people that rushed trooper sean cullens side after he was hit. stephanie fisher and her boyfriend pulled over on i-95 after spotting a car on fire. she had no idea she would have to use her training to try and save someone's life. erin o'hearn is outside of cooper hospital where trooper cullen was treated. >> reporter: rick, stephanie fisher has been a nurse for two years. she didn't know trooper cullen but that did not stop her from rushing to his side moments after he was struck. she could not save his life but he forever changed hers. >> i walked into the house this morning covered in blood, i said to myself, this is what i was
5:31 pm
born to do. help save lives. >> an excerpt from stephanie's face back page after she learned he died. she knew it was -- >> i asked what his name was, i said fight through it sean, fight through it. he was fighting. the trooper is seriously an understatement, he was fighting for his life. >> her and her boyfriend who is also a new jersey state trooper, pulled over on their way home from dinner to assist law enforcement with the car fire and then she heard the sound of normal car striking cullen. >> i wanted him to get home to his family, as we were working on him. one of troopers yelled out that he just had a baby and another one was on the way and that all pushed us to work even harder. >> fisher's brother-in-law is also a state trooper and knew sean and his brother garret and both had reputations as great
5:32 pm
guys. >> i felt like i knew him. it's emotional. please god protect these troopers. as they go out to protect us. >> as we mentioned, stephanie's boyfriend is also a new jersey state trooper. he could not go on camera but told me off camera, that as a member of law enforcement, he is on duty 24/7 and what they did was not the brave thing but the right thing. >> thank you. funeral arrangements were announced today a public viewing will be held in cinnaminson and a second 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. and a funeral mass in the afternoon. his family asks any donations to
5:33 pm
be made at the burlington county animal shelter. >> you can see more signs of support from trooper cullen's friends and colleagues leave your own condolences at hree women waived their preliminary hearings, they re can an accused of pummeling him with a piece of woods and their fists. the attack outside of this sunoco left barnes in a coma for 7 months and he died in november. from our delaware newsroom, this is 28-year-old devon stillval and his brother james, the pair was allegedly arrested for dealing heroin in newcastle.
5:34 pm
they searched their home on south street and reportedly found 53 bags and heroin and three guns. the pilot of a small plane is in the hospital with possible internal injuries because of this crash at the pottstown limerick airport this afternoon. chopper 6 hd was overhead as they checked out the aircraft. the pilot from wayne told authorities he took off and then turned around because of engine issues. the plane lost power and he set it down on the grass. wilmington's battle against crime was a topic of discussion today on capitol hill. senator chris couns questioned loretta link about how to strengthen the violent network the program that wilmington has been a part of for a few years and get a comprehensive safety plan. >> wilmington, delaware, is one
5:35 pm
of our success stories and we asked for more money in the budget for it, and $5 million is not a lot compared to other things we ask for but certainly the benefits will be great. >> attorney general lynch added, quote, by supporting victims and their local jurisdictions and their law enforcements we'll have safer communities. thieves struck at the vietnam memorial at penn's landing. several brass medallions were stolen, they were put in place to keep skateboarders from riding on the walls and damaging them. septa riders got a reminder on how to be safe while riding public transportation, they gave out pamphlets today and this serves three of the lines and
5:36 pm
three bus routes, riders are asked not to look at their phones when they walk near platforms or near the tracks. >> and no one should ever cut across the tracks. the spring is almost here and temperatures heating up and an annoying problem is popping up. we are talking about potholes and crews are working overtime to fix them. walter perez is working on that. >> reporter: you know you have baseball season and football season and here you have -- pothole season that starts now at mlk -- who can forget the brutality of the previous two winters and the punishing effect they had on the roads in the delaware valley. francisco just moved to land dales from austria in 2015. >> i had to learn how to avoid
5:37 pm
potholes and take extra care driving here. it's better this year but still my fair share of potholes. >> there are potholes out there. this is the start of pothole season for the northern eastern u.s. but there is no comparison to the past two winters for what we see now this year they only need 20,000 tons of patch material. >> we put down 22,000 tons with our contractors last spring. >> the reduced need for road salt helped matter as well. penndot had to drop 161,000 tons of salt across our region and this year they only used 55,000 tons. we spoke with several commuters that it didn't dawn on them that pothole season was off to a mild start until we mentioned it.
5:38 pm
>> i go to the city and i just graduated. there is not that many potholes, last year they were like craters. >> if you see or drive over a pothole, it's important that you report it. go to for a list of road repair contact information. reporting live from martin luther king drive, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." now, lets get an update on the commute home one more time from matt pellman. >> we are dodging the pesky hot holes and fires and accidents, it's like an obstacle course out there rick and monica. a crash by the exit for the vine street expressway taking out the right lane so jammed here and just a bit farther north there is a broken down vehicle taking out the right lane and the dv on wissahickon and the one on south street is cleared but delayed from the roosevelt boulevard to south street as you head to the
5:39 pm
sixers game tonight. this is the vine street expressway backing up toward the schuylkill and again a reminder the vine will close overnight tonight for construction starting at 11:00. and tinicum township buck county, a house fire shutting down tory road and smith town road gets you around that. and upper deerfield township, cumberland county, burlington avenue a scene of a motorcycle crash. lots going on rick and monica back to you. >> thanks matt. still to come, what a night for the presidential races, we'll break down the winners and surprises and where the candidates stand in next week's big contest. >> and player finalize moves, jaime apody finalizes who is leaving and who coming. and we are tracking a cool down but it's still above normal. we'll talk about the changing numbers in accuweather.
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now the race to the white house. voters in four states turned out to support their candidates and when it was all over. there was surprise outcomes. donald trump won in hawaii, mississippi and highly coveted michigan. and senator ted crust won in iowa and picked up delegates in all four states. and governor john kasich picks up 17 delegates in michigan and disappointing night for marco rubio, he did not earn any delegates. hillary clinton took mississippi and an unexpected win for bernie sanders who beat her in michigan and they both picked up delegates. >> sanders win in michigan by the way was not expected. polls taken before yesterday's primary show him trailing hillary clinton by double digits. something sanders talked about last night. >> i want to take this
5:44 pm
opportunity to thank the people of michigan that refuteated the polls that had us 20 points down, a -- and hillary clinton s running a campaign that is focused on the issues. meanwhile, the republican commission released the emails from her aide as her time as secretary of state and the rnc want them before july 1st. they say the emails are relevant to whether she is fit to lead the country. howie roseman fit to lead the eagles. he is back on the band wagon after the miami trade is official. it's better than we thought. the birds get the eighth overall pick in the first round in
5:45 pm
return for byron maxwell. and they move up five spots in the first round and this thing almost didn't happen. maxwell told the dolphins his shoulder hurt and he needed a more extensive physical. and his deal along with alonso and his bum knee. and good-bye demarco murray, the trade is not official but it's rumored to involve fourth round picks. so the eagles say good-bye to three players and hello to three more. as a busy free agency. they sign brandon brooks to a five year deal, 6'5", 235 pounds and "action news" learned that the birds are expected to sign rodney mccloud, a five year $37 million deal. mccloud is only 25, he started
5:46 pm
every game the past three years and never missed a game due to injury. he had a career-high 82 tackles last year and the birds are investing a whole lot into the safety position. it's about time. >> and the eagles are about to sign chase daniels to a deal of 21 million dollars, he was doug peterson's backup in kansas city and reports are he is not signing here to be a backup it sounds like he and bradford will compete for the starting job and that makes training camp fun. and what does ron jaworsky think of these moves. >> the eagles are saying we are going to win for a long time. it may not be 2016. but we'll build this football team the right way. get rid of guys that are underachievers and bring in guys
5:47 pm
that are overachievers and build this team like the way joe banner and andy reid built the team for the long haul. everything so far, there is a long way to go in the none playing season. right now doug peterson and howie roseman have done a great job. and the phillies, they had darin ruf playing for them a two-run shot and he was not done, he added another one the bottom of the fourth. i wonder what ryan howard is thinking of all of this. >> the sixers host the rockets, they will do so without jahlil okafor. and the owls left for the acc tournament in orlando and
5:48 pm
they play the winner of east carolina and florida on saturday. they likely need a good showing in the conference tournament to assure a ticket to the dance and all the eagles moves you can follow them on my facebook and twitter page. my thumbs hurt. a busy day. coming up tonight american crime its critically acclaimed season. >> how much can you get? >> five years with supervision. >> served in prison. >> tailer considers a plea deal. and coach dan tries to get help to clear his daughter's name. watch the season finale of american crime tonight at 10:00. here is the prime time lineup, "the middle" at 8:00 and modern family at 9:00 and blackish at
5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
at the end of the week but it's not too bad. as we look at double scan live radar high clouds at times and the southwesterly wind pumping up the heat and the action cam at the schuylkill trail and that fine was really in control and then a more milky white sky as we went deeper into the afternoon because of the high clouds. here is the almanac, 82 degrees at 2:47 p.m. smashing the old record of 73 set in 2000 and our low of 43 below the freezing point. and 6:02 sunsetting but in a few days it will set at 7:06. and west of town, mid to upper 70s. 76 in saint davids and 74 in quakertown and slatington 76 and chester 76 but as we head to the south we see the cooler number
5:53 pm
as long the shore and around 10 to 15 miles inland. it's only in the 50s at the immediate shore and then 50s in woodbine and hammonton before you get the 70s. there are ice crystal clouds up there, but over it all and the storm system to the south in texas and louisiana, the associated front over cleveland and cincinnati is stationary at the time but will slip through. may pleasant and dry, 51 to 56 for the overnight low and as we go region by region for tomorrow. center city record breaks once again 80 degrees and warm and bright if you are going to be up toward the lehigh valley and allentown and equally as warm with temperatures in the upper 70s. breaking the old record of 75 degrees with a few high clouds
5:54 pm
and down the shore tomorrow still a decent day mostly sunny and cooler than inland locations with the temperatures topping off at 69 degrees, friday a few showers friday night with the front as it sinks to the south and high pressure from the north and a lot of sun and the wind from the northwest feels cooler despite the 66, it's still 15 degrees above normal. the exclusive accuweather forecast breezy tomorrow and not as warm and bright of 56, a great start to the weekend, 64 degrees and we match that on sunday and the difference on sunday, a lot of clouds and late shower as we turn the clocks ahead late saturday night and unsettled on monday and the cooler day with temperatures back in the 50s and then as the showers depart thursday morning it turns mild with sun and clouds and temperatures mid to upper 60s. a good seven day. a philadelphia institution
5:55 pm
celebrating its birthday with an attraction. the mutter museum demoed this interactive exhibit it allows people to get close up to things not on display officially. and they had cake and coffee celebrating the founder, dr. mutter's birthday.
5:56 pm
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coming up upper darby makes its police station a safe haven for people wanting help for drug addiction. and tackling problem properties in the city. those stories are coming your way next. for jaime apody and rick williams, have a good night. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and philadelphia police identify a suspect wanted for a restaurant shooting and radnor police are searching for these persons of interest in a burglary. but the big story on "action news" tonight is june 11th, so why june 11th? because that is the first day that the average high temperature is 82. oh, yes it was 82 degrees in philadelphia today. folks everywhere were enjoying the summer-like weather and
6:00 pm
records fell in all three states as temperatures were 30 degrees above normal and yes we get another one like this tomorrow. we go live to gray hall in philadelphia in just a moment but first meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the latest information on this record setting day from accuweather. >> reporter: you are exactly right. it didn't feel like march at all it felt like june, with the high soaring up to 82 degrees, to put that in perspective it's 30 degrees above average and the first time in philadelphia's recorded history, the earliest in the year we have ever hit 82 and demolishes the record of 73 set in 2000. and 80 the record high in trenton and wilmington and allentown 80 and atlantic city airport tying 78 and even in the poconos, the ski resorts


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