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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 10, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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this cit added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps. everytime i use this together it felt like leaving the dentist's office. crest hd, 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. it is not supposed to be this way on march 9th but we don't hear anybody
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complaining. it is a warm, beautiful night in the the tri-state area, including here in media, delaware county, and if you liked today, we guarantee that you will like tomorrow. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is the day of records, and shattering high temperatures and get ready for an encore performance. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board. >> jim, if you liked today's weather you will enjoy tomorrow but this is not the typical, for march. 82 degrees is the high today. that is 32 degrees above average. eighty-two is average high for june 11th. this is the warmest march day in nine years, and the earliest 82 degrees on record for philadelphia. and, a lot of record were broke tone day. even in the poconos reaching a record high of 73. trenton, allentown, reading all hit a record of 80. wilmington 81. dover 79. atlantic city airport tying record high of 78. notice cape may with the wind off the ocean out to the
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south. ocean temperature 44. quite a bit cooler there with a high of 62 degrees. the satellite six with action radar showing what we have going on. we have a classic bermuda high heat pump and that will bring us wind from the the southwest. it is also keeping this frontal boundary at the bay but it can only do that so long. that will be moving through tomorrow night, and that will bring us cooler weather on friday, until then though, look at this, we have another day of record highs, for tomorrow. i'll talk about how much it will cool down we will get and track rain in the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. with more unseasonably warm weather ahead we know you will want to check with the accu weather seven day forecast. you can get our forecast anytime on our web site the at six /weather. the warm weather brought teen trouble to center city philadelphia after school let out today. large number of young people prompted deployment of the large number of police. live at 15th and market tonight "action news" reporter
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christie ileto, christie, what exactly happened there today. >> reporter: well, jim, on any given afternoon that corner would be pack with students and people getting off from work. witnesses say out of no where, droves of teens filled the sidewalk and fights broke out. >> just chaotic. chaotic, every where, fighting, everybody. >> reporter: anthony mccoy watched mala touch off at 15th and market this afternoon where six teens, one adult were arrested for disorderly conduct. >> unaudible. >> they were fighting down the block. i was just, seeing high school kid. >> large crowd of juveniles. >> come on over this side. >> what we had this afternoon was a significant number of kid. close to 100. they were just wandering around looking for trouble. >> reporter: septa police remained on the scene hours later. a group of teens were fighting each other and as police tried
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to break it up they began throwing items at officers. >> with the warmer weather we were anticipating something may be breaking, and it is usually neighborhood disputes, or issues that are occurring in the school. >> reporter: even septa a police chief nestle tweeted the youth of our city are off the hook in center city. >> it happens all the time. it doesn't surprise me it happens all the time. >> i walk here every day and i don't want to get in the street fight with 100, 13 years old. i don't want that at all. >> reporter: others say this spotlights a deeper issue. >> a majority of our young people don't have nothing to do after 3:00 o'clock. you don't have study hall like you used to. you don't have different things that will bring the attention back to our young people. >> reporter: and septa police say parents also need to be accountable, officers are out here every afternoon, of course, they will be thomas it will be warm again. reporting live from center city, christie ileto for channel six a "action news", jim? >> thanks, christie. philadelphia's violence has continued unabated tonight
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one day after the worst rash of killings in recent memory. police officials say there have been at least four shootings, and one stabbing so far tonight. the gun fire along the 2800 block of huntington street in strawberry mansion, was deadly. a 27 year-old man was killed, and police chased down and caught two suspects a few blocks away. as for the renewt carnage. >> it is been warm these last two days. it is not uncommon for more people to be out on the highway and unfortunately and tragically we have had a large number of shootings. but police are doing a good job investigating these shootings, making arrest and we will clear them all very quickly. >> reporter: in west oak lane a 18 year-old in a wheelchair was shot and critically wounded on the 7200 block of limekiln pike at 8:15, in powellton, two people were shot, earlier today, including a 16 year-old boy, who was an innocent bystander. the double shooting happened,
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in the 4,000 block of green street. and in west kensington tonight a 25 year-old woman was stab in the chest, on the 700 block of east willard street. she's in stable condition, and there have been no arrests, in any of these incidents. hundreds of people had to evacuate a center city philadelphia high rise tonight. fire broke out at 11, make that 7:00 o'clock. the residents of the academy house at 15th and locust stood outside, watching as fire fighters, did their work. the fire was reported on the sixth floor of the 28 story building. after an hour residents were let back inside and fortunately no one was hurt. a pilot survived a plane crash this afternoon at a small airplane airport in limerick. authorities say he had engine trouble as soon as he took off from heritage field. he lost all power and single propeller plane and landed hard in the grassy area of the airport. but the 42 year-old man from wayne, was able to walk away with the crash even though he
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he suffered cuts and some internal injuries. funeral arrangements have been announced for new jersey state trooper sean cullen. he died after being struck on i295, monday night. a public viewing will be held, this sunday from 2:00 to 7:00 at saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson. second viewing is eight to 11:00 followed by funeral mass at noon. one of the rescues who desperate thely tried to save officer cullen's life is speaking out tonight. monica malpass joins us with the heroic efforts of the registered nurse, who happened on the scene. >> reporter: that is right, jim. what an incredible story. a nurse and her boyfriend were heading home after dinner when they saw that car fire on i295 and pulled over trying to help with that. moment later they heard a separate car crash into officer cullen. what happened next, has forever changed stephanie fischer's life. >> when i first walked up i
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said fight through it, sean. he was fighting. like, trooper is seriously a under statement because he was fighting for his life. >> reporter: registered nurse stephanie fischer was trying to save officer cullen. she has been a nurse for two years but instantly she saw how gravely he was hurt. she did everything that she could do to help. >> i wanted to get him home to his family. as we were working on him, one of the troopers yelled out that he just had a baby, and another on his way. i think that all pushed us to work even harder. >> reporter: moments later a helicopter rushed cullen away. fischer and her state trooper boyfriend went home. it was only later she learned cullen a had died and she made a post on her face book page. >> i walk in the house at 1:00 , covered in blood. i said to myself, this is what i was going to do, help save lives. please god protect these troopers, and all enforcement as they protect us. rest in peace trooper cullen.
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>> truly. >> reporter: fischer's brother-in-law is also a state trooper and new cullen. she said sean cullen was beloved by his collogues. >> quite a story, thank you, monica. politics now, hillary clinton and bernie sanders were back at it again tonight, debating in miami one night after sanders scored a upset win in the michigan primary. tonight's debate was conducted by the hispanic network univision and many questions concerned immigration reform, and economic issues in particular, of interest to latinos. of course, hispanic vote will be crucial in the florida primary next week. on the republican side, front runner donald trump launched a attacks a against ohio governor john kasich today. trump targeted kasich as a loop hole has kasich moving ahead of trum in ohio. kasich told supporters in illinois that his turnout last night in michigan, and kasich voters are hearing his message. he said he expected to win the
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winner take all primary in ohio next week. marco rubio acknowledged that he is not entirely proud of his personal attacks begins donald trump and said his own children were embarrassed by his actions. also, in florida today, former candidate, carli fiorina endorsed ted cruz. >> i will support and deeven if. >> i will support and defend. >> the constitution and the law. >> the constitution and the laws. >> of the united states of america. >> from 22 nations they came, to pledge their allegiance to the united states. our nation, has 46 new citizens tonight, from 22 countries, and after this naturalization ceremony, that took place at the delaware county courthouse in media. still to come on "action news" tonight, isis, building chemical weapons and american effort to stop them. plus man suspected of the deadly random stabbing spree yesterday, has been arrested 31 times before. we're hearing from victim's advocates and one of the men
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who was stabbed and wounded. on health check looking to the past, may be better for your heart, then the latest exercise fad, cecily. after record warmth today, 82 degrees and still warm out there. 62 degrees at the 11:00 o'clock. i'm tracking one more day of record warmth and some changes on the way. i will detail in the accu weather seven day forecast. ducis rodgers with the eagles art of the deal, additions and subtractions when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ we have learned a good deal more about last night's deadly stabbing spree in southwest philadelphia and the suspect who is no stranger to the law. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the latest. >> reporter: five five-year old ron a old stanley had a revolving door at the criminal justice system, slew of 31
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prior arrests over four decade going back to 85. charges ranging from murder, robbery, theft, drugs, assault. but he somehow managed to game the system and they was out on the streets of southwest philadelphia yesterday. residents say he was high as a kite on synthetic pcp drug known as wet. police said he stabbed three people he didn't even know killing one of them, 30 year-old nathan atkinson. >> what we're talking about is the second wound, because the first wound is the actual homicide of someone. now we're talking about the criminal justice. >> reporter: anti violence advocacy group says first victim is traumatized by the crime itself and traumatized a second time by the criminal justice system. >> these events like last night as i watched that unfold on the news and i watched it, i kept adding them up, and, you know, it affected me, and i thought about the families that we ill with be seeing. >> reporter: clifford is one of those stab. he said stanley jumped in the
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passenger seat of his car after stabbing his friend roosevelt gray who was inside this cricket cell phone store at 55th and baltimore paying his cell phone bill. >> his eyes were so red and he had like straight face like he wanted to kill. that is it. >> reporter: did he say anything. >> he didn't say nothing he came in swinging a knife at me. >> reporter: he received stitches to his finger and hand. his friend was lucky too, doctors told him the knife nearly missed his heart. >> i know god is in my life and i got to serve him now for the rest of my life, you know, i just feel bad for the guy that got killed. i really feel bad about him. >> reporter: it seems this cycle of violence is affecting the entire community. as it turns out according to police stanley only kick off what would be a very violent day across across the city, six murders overall. dann yah air, channel six a "action news". word has come that u.s. special forces captured head of the isis unit trying to develop chemical weapons.
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a commando force made the apprehension, in a raid last month, in northern iraq, and, special force was deployed in december for the purpose of capturing and killing, isis leaders in secret operations. the isis leader has been identified by iraqi intelligence, as salem affair. this is the moment, a market exploded in seattle washington leaving nine fire fighters hurt last night. the crew was checking out a report of a gas leak when it ignited, causing a shock so powerful that nearby residents said they thought it was an earthquake. injured fire fighters are out of the hospital, tonight, and their chief said they were wearing all of their protective gear whiz softened the blow. the knife reportedly found at o.j. simpson's former estate almost certainly is not the murder weapon, an anonymous law enforcement told the associated press today. the knife is, common among gardeners and is too small to have made the wounds that killed nicole brown simpson
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and ronald goldman. lapd says results of tests to decide conclusively are not expect for another three weeks. wal-mart is giving its employees in pennsylvania, a raise. starting tomorrow, more than 45,000 workers at wal-mart and sam's clubs across the state will earn a minimum of $10 an hour. retail chain is hiking wage is a cross the country. for most of its .44 million employees, specifically those hired before the beginning of this year. a new report find pennsylvania's incarceration rate is the fourth highest in the country. and pennsylvania has the highest percentage of people on parole. there are 50,000 state prison inmates, and 30,000 parolees in the commonwealth. governor tom wolf ordered the study as part of an investigation into ways to reduce crime and shrink the state's prison population. several dozen people turned out tonight in camden county for a summit on heroin addiction.
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the meeting brought together law enforcement, parents, educators, and health care provide tours talk about addiction, treatment, and prevention. tonight's summit took place at the highland regional high school in blackwood, new jersey. tomorrow, abc news will air a special 2020, on the heroin epidemic. david muir anchors the hour long broadcast starting at 10:00 o'clock while will lead right into "action news" at 11:00. the first uterus transplant has failed in the you had. transplant was performed late last month at the cleveland clinic but the recipient suffered complications and uterus had to be removed yesterday. despite the setback officials at the cleveland clinic say the transplant study, which includes ten women, will continue. on health check at 11:00 you might not need to sweat it out at the gym to achieve a healthier heart. a new report in the journal of the american heart association find that anxious chinese
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exercises, tie che and che gong, work as well, even better than, modern aerobic and strength training. traditional techniques focused on posture, breathing and meditation. they were found to not only decrease blood pressure, and cut cholesterol but also improve the overall quality of life, and decrease impression. it was an old fashion work out with a high tech twist in northeast philadelphia tonight. a company called retrain partnered with the athletes of the special olympics, or personalized boot camp at northeast high school. we train uses a mobile app to provide on demand work outs with a certified trainer, and that happened tonight. >> that is great. >> at northeast high school. >> so there are different points of view. >> yes, tie che or running around. >> just running around. >> you know, do something. with weather like you this want to get outside. maybe early in the day because later in the day temperatures in the 80's, we're not use to it.
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>> warm. >> it will be warm. >> storm tracker six live double scan showing it the is warm, dry right now. we could have a a a few showers in the poconos and lehigh valley, tomorrow afternoon but tonight the action cam on state street in media where there are a lot of people walking the sidewalks, doing some browsing, even some dining outside, because that dining under the stars in media tonight. wednesday night and it is certainly warm enough for that. 60 degrees currently. that is 10 degrees higher then our normal high for this time of the year and it is 11:00 o'clock at night. reading and lancaster it is 65. in trenton it is 64. it is cooler the choser you get to the ocean with the wind off the ocean, cape may, it is only 48 degrees. and in dover, it is currently 60 degrees. so satellite six with action radar showing high, thin cloud really spinning over a ridge of high pressure that is keeping us, with those record temperatures, and it is also keeping this frontal boundary at bay, a as this front has been causing very heavy rain
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across parts of the louisiana a. rainfall, more than 8 inches. one area near lieutenants san a 10 inches of rain. but as this system moves closer to us it will be weakening. the it is going to bring a few showers around, late tomorrow night, in philadelphia, and what that will do is end a record warmth. we have one more day of it. if you like temperatures feeling like june, try to get outside, enjoy it. tomorrow 7:00 o'clock. 59 degrees. sixty-nine by ten. by lunchtime, 77 degrees at 1:00 o'clock and by 4:00 o'clock, temperatures pushing 80 degrees. if you like the warmth you will like it tomorrow. 80 degrees in philadelphia we will hit that. that is a new record high. we will hit a lot of record highs especially along i-95 and areas to the northwest, reading 78. trenton 78. dover, 79, close to the shore again temperatures quite a bit cooler only in the upper 60's. on friday, behind that front that moved through tomorrow night, another area of high pressure builds in.
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that brings us a return of sunshine and instead of wind out of the southwest they are out of the northwest, and there is in really cold air up to our north but it is slightly cooler, so instead of temperatures close to 80 degrees we will be about 66 still, that is 15 degrees above normal. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast good amount of sunshine tomorrow. high thin cloud, with a high of 80 degrees. showers tomorrow night and behind that system on friday, plenty of sunshine, not as warm, breezy, 66. heading in the weekend saturday looking nice, 64 degrees. we will spring, forward one hour as you go to bed saturday night and beginning daylight savings time and sunday not a watch out but unsettled. mostly cloudy with a few afternoon showers. sixty-four. wet the day will be monday with periods of rain, 58 degrees. and then thursday lingering shower 65. wednesday partly sunny and mild again with a high of 68 degrees. >> thanks, cecily. we have breaking news and apparently tragic news from wilmington delaware.
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this video is just into "action news", two people are feared dead in a fiery crash on new castle avenue near terminal avenue. it happened within the past half an hour. the vehicle slammed into a pole and burst into flames, both victims were trapped in the flaming wreckage. no names have been released, until family members could be told what happened.
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>> ready, set go and eagles are ready, set, gone. >> they went a lot of guys are out, new guys coming in. eagles trade with the dolphins could be the most significant move. two teams will swap picks in the first round of the next month's nfl draft. eagles move from 13th, to eighth. to make that deal happying also shipped kiko alonzo and byron maxwell to miami. alonzo never looked confidentable coming off that knee injury and maxwell was a bust after signing that six year. sixty-three million-dollar contract a year ago. trade of the demarco murray to the titans was complete.
2:04 am
he was another bust. eagles and titans will swap fourth round picks. eagles move up 13 spots in that round. once season ended it was clear eagles needed to upgrade both guard positions. they are halfway there. brandon brooks agreed to the five-year deal. he spent four seasons with the houston texans. twenty-six year-old guard stand 6-foot five and weighs, 335-pound. rodney mccloud comes from the rams on a five-year deal. the 25 year-old was undrafted but became a full-time starter after one year. he has never missed a game in his four year career. mccloud forced three fumbles last season. eagles are expect to sign quarterback chase daniel of the chiefs. doug pederson knows him well. he was daniels offensive coordinator in kansas city. daniel has started two games in his six year career. it will be a three-year deal worth 21 million-dollar. a little more than backup quarterback type money. and eagles add another
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cornerback from the bills, ron brooks, greed to a three-year contract. he is a special teams player. and and a year ago jeremy maclin left eagles for kansas city. today chiefs paid dearly for their pursuit of him. nfl found chiefs guilty of tampering essentially having contact with maclin while still under contract with the bird. cap as city has been docked a third round pick this year, six round pick next year. also andy reid has been find patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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split squad action for phillies down in spring training. in one game they beat minnesota four-two. other quad hosting orioles in clearwater. what has gotten into darren ruf. he had a home run yesterday. here a two run shot. phillies lead three to nothing. the fourth inning, ruf, again. his third home run in two days. phillies win, eight-four. since january 27th, the sixers have played a dozen games. guess what they have lost all 12. trying to snap that skid with the rockets. brett brown can see the light: no, he cannot. lets get to the fourth quarter. smith in the lane. sixers down by two. and at the other even jason terry, he is still in the league, a four-point play. sixers lose 118-104. that is 13 straight losses. at tournament lasalle and duquesne. jordan pricings bananas. scores 36 points and grabs 12 rebound. it is his third, 30-point game
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of the season. explorer win 88-73. they play tomorrow. that is sports. >> thanks, ducis. stories of edgar allen poe came to life on stage tonight in the olney section of philadelphia. young performers acted out interpretations of his work at olney high school. he lived in philadelphia from 1837 to 1844. thinks all part of the poe project launched last year to engage young people in the author's work and help them understand more about the era in which, edgar ellen poe lived. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy ease guest, connie britain from nashville, and, music from the wild feathers. "action news" continues at 4:30, now for the entire "action news" team, cecily tynan, and ducis rodgers and for everybody else, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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