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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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> breaking right now on "action news" a hit-and-run crash pushes answer unmarked police car into a wall. the officers have been hurt. developing a close call for several people inside a house in germantown. the structure fell to the ground overnight. mother nature hits the read play button on the record-setting temps before we are in for cooler conditions. good morning everyone, march 10, we have david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers. >> reporter: i wish this could go on and on, the change today, cloud cover, clouds and sun, also there are showers to the north and west, it will be late tonight when they push into the northern and western suburbs. light winds in philadelphia, 59 in trenton. 56 in allentown.
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mid 50s in cape may, new jersey. on the bus stop this morning not too shabby, partly cloudy and mild. 5 degrees by 6:00. 57 by 8:00 a.m., so maybe a light jacket for the kids. i came in in just the suit coat and fell just fine this morning. 11:00 a.m., 70s, mid 70s at 1:00 p.m. high of 80 will be another record at 3:00 p.m. clouds and sun, by 6:00 p.m., down to 71 degrees. more on the showers on future tracker 6, some of which could be pushing into the morning rush hour tomorrow morning, matt. cooler air on the way in the seven day. another day like yesterday sounds good to me, live in center city along the vine street expressway, everything has reopened after overnight construction shut it down in both directions, crews return at 11:00 and close once again.
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for now you're go ahead to go on the schuylkill expressway where construction has cleared. the schuylkill expressway westbound broken down vehicle south on the boulevard heading west on 76. june -- juniata they are investigating the crash at g even erie. limerick township, cherry lane at louis road you want to stay on ridge pike no problems reported there. no crash in upper merion in the neighborhood at robin hill road at raven hill road. pine crest country club we have a crash at doylestown road. if you want to use 202 parkway, that's good on this thursday morning. two plain clothes cops were sitting in their unmarked car in
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juniata park when another vehicle barreled into them and fled. their car is wrecked and they are both hurt. katherine scott is live at g street and erie avenue. let's go over to her. go to work, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the plain clothes officers are from the 24th district members of the tactical team. their injuries are minor. the intersection is closed off for the investigation here in juniata park at east erie and g. you can see that's the police vehicle, the unmarked police car up ahead, you can see officers are taking a look at the vehicle right now. this happened around 3:30 a.m., these two plain clothes officers were in their unmarked vehicle traveling west on erie when a car came from behind and hit them and took off. the police vehicle hit a parked car an came to a rest on the sidewalk against the coca-cola building. both officers k taken to the
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hospital to be treated for neck and back injuries. again we are told the injuries are minor. right now all thighs police know they are looking for a dark colored vehicle it will have heavy front end damage. they will review surveillance foot annual to see if they can get a better description of the vehicle. investigators are taking a look at the unmarked police vehicle that came to a rest up against the coca-cola building. police don't know if it was intentional or if the driver knew these were plain clothes officers inside the vehicle. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you for that. "action news" has confirmed that this fiery wreck killed two people in wilmington, delaware. their vehicle slammed into a pole and burst into flames late last night. police have not released the names of the victim. this crash caused 400 people in the area to lose electricity as
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well, but the power has been restored. developing this morning, five people are dead in what police are calling an ambush style shooting in a backyard party in suburban pittsburgh. four women and a man were gunned down in the borough of will -- wilkinsburg. this street is always quiet there's nothing but kids on the street. to see that it's probably shocking everyone else you mean here. i'm shaking it's pretty bad. >> reporter: police say at least two gunmen took off on foot. there's no word on who they are or why they did this. developing this morning, the red cross is helping two families out on the streets after their philadelphia row home fell down around them. the walls came tumbling down at the house of the 5100 block of merion street in germantown
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around 1:00 a.m. two adults managed to make it out unharmed. i was hanking up my clothes, we heard, boom, boom, it all came down. i was laying down it sounded like thunder, i want back to sleep. my mom ran in my room, it was like alicia, it fell on the car. falling bricks did smash out alicia jones back windshield, but she is happy that nobody was hurt. red cross is helping two adults and five children from a neighboring home. city inspectors are looking into what caused the home to crash down. two burlington county police departments will hold a vigil fob sean cullen. a second viewing is scheduled for monday morning followed by the funeral mass at noon. a go fund me account for his
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family has reached $54,000. happening today, the man accused of ambushing a philadelphia police officer is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. edward archer is charged with attempted murder. investigators say he shot officer jesse hartnett in his squad carat close range in west philadelphia back in january. the bullets shattered hartnett's alarm. police say archer told them he shot him in the name of islam. a norovirusout broke -- outbreak has happened on a campus in lehigh valley valley. a similar incident happened last
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month in montgomery county. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we are dry, taking a look outside, one change this morning there are are a few clouds around, the last couple of days we had bright blue skies and hardly any clouds around. we'll have the sun sharing the sky with clouds around. it's a comfortable morning, 60 degrees in philadelphia. pretty nice number on the thermometer in philadelphia. southwest winds starting to pick up a little bit, a little on the breezy side today not too bad. as you look at the clouds there will be thin areas where the sun breaks through. we are on the look out for showers, they will hold off until later tonight. they will come down in allentown and sweep through philadelphia. in terms of today, temperatures look good, sky cover not bad. 57 by 8:00. 65, comfortable by 10:00.
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noon, 7 2r degrees, 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, your high is 80 degrees that will be another record-setter this afternoon. a little sunscreen for the sunny breaks and cool drinks if you're getting gardening or something like that done. 77 degrees in allentown. 78 in reading. 78 in trenton. as you look at the numbers, with the exception of the shore just about all these numbers are close to or above the record highs for today. won't be just philadelphia that sets a record, it will be a lot of neighborhoods. future tracker 6 shows you we are dry across the region. we'll see showers late tonight and build through allentown and in the overnights hours you can see how they sweep through. these are light showers, but enough to get the roads wet for the morning commute. 5:00 a.m. on friday. during the commute it gets off the coast, by 9:00 a.m. we're not only drying out, it will be breezy and sun returning. the big change tomorrow cooler air returning to the picture.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today nothing cool about it, high of 80. another record high in philadelphia with a mix of clouds and sun. showers late tonight and into the overnight hours, they end quickly. friday, clouds, sun, breezy and cooler high of 66. al that 66-degree reading tomorrow is very much above average for this time of year. for the weekend, partly sunny saturday, 64 degrees, a nice day there. we spring forward one hour on the clocks when we go to bed saturday night. sunday more clouds high of 64. another afternoon and evening there will be showers building back in. monday, rain early in the day, high of 60 in the afternoon. we start to climb the ladder again. tuesday, showers, but by no means a washout, better high of 65. wednesday, warmer, 69 degrees, i could see 70 again by thursday, so the warm air does not want to quit. we'll skip spring. maybe not. 5:40, still to come on "action news," a pro gun activist who
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bragged that her son knows how to use a handgun was shot by the same sun while driving in florida. we'll tell you what jeb bush is meeting with and not meeting with ahead of the gop debate. >> reporter: heading to 42. things are looking good as you head northbound on 295 and the walt whitman bridge. we'll update construction on the pennsylvania turnpike and three issues in montgomery county early this morning coming up after the break. a woman gives the man who raised her a special gift. you'll see why a lot of people hit the share button on this one, when "action news" comes right back. ♪
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the sky situation here, platt bridge seeing a little -- ben franklin bridge, seeing a little airplane going by. getting up to 80 today. it's going to be warm. good morning outlines, -- gorgeous, gets owe over to matt pellman, good morning. >> reporter: up up on the temperatures, hopefully we can keep the speeds up up up. delco, i-95 close to highland avenue. northbound go the tail lights past the airport. if you have to catch a flight fly up to the airport. things are good on i-95.
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as we continue in montgomery county, limerick township there's a downed tree along cherry lane limerick center lane the location changed a bit. instead of cherry lane stay on ridge pike as the alternate. we're hearing that a crash in upper merion at robin mill road at raven road has cleared out. if you're heading to the infamous triangle of slowness this morning, not slow so far, things are looking good on the schuylkill expressway the blue route in montgomery county. pine crest lane there's a crash, 202 parkway could be an alternate. eastbound at the neshaminy toll plaza we have construction taking out the right lane. about this time things were
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going south with the crash by girard. nothing like that this morning. this morning just a pothole on the road westbound side close to the boulevard. pro gun activists jamie guilt was shot by her 4-year-old son. an officer saw her in pain and realized what has happened. she runs a facebook page which she posted her young son who can shoot. a second day of public viewings will takes place today for nancy reagan. the former first lady's body is laying in repos at the reynolds reagan presidential library in seemy valley, california. more than 3,000 people have passed by the casket to pay respects. reagan will be buried at a private funeral tomorrow.
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she died of congestive heart failure at her los angeles home. jeb bush will meet with every gop canada before the debate in florida except donald trump. he has not said whether he will endorse any of his rivals. bush met with marko rubio yesterday today he has meetings scheduled with ted cruz and john kasich. the democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders debated in miami last night. the hispanic vote will be critical next week. and a lot of questions centered around the issues important to the community. clinton said sanders opposed a immigration reform bill. a california teacher shows off her quick thinking as she
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to our good buddy benefit, the ben franklin bridge, looking good, nice and clear between camden and center city no issues. if you're taking it westbound on the bridge overview, burlington bristol bridge had may it please thence again, they have cleared out. it will start again tonight at 9:00 p.m. betsy ross bridge has on going bridge westbound that blocks the ramp to richmond street in port richmond until early may. everything back to normal on the high speed line and trolleys are looking good. >> reporter: most neighbors are in the low 50s and 60s. a light jacket works for the kids on the way in. after school it's shorts and ts we're going for a record high in many neighborhoods. 60 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 69 by 11:00 p.m. a high today record-setting 80 around 3:00 p.m. in the upper
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70s between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. new on "action news," a california teacher is earning high marks for a brave deed, lana owe -- o' shea saw a tree branch was going to hull and she pushed her students out of the way and was hit on the head. shell recover. a 24-year-old lied about his age and being abandoned by his mother. they took him in and enrolled him in the high school. they went to the fbi late last year, because his behavior had taken a dark turn and worried that he might hurt fellow students. he denies his allegation, he claims the couple used his illegal status as referg to do work. they say that's not true. railroad workers
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threatening to walk off the job. there's a disagreement how serve e service would wind down if the strike happens. transit officials say the agency have been talking to union about taking trains out of service. a union spokesman said the agency has not shared plans or sought input. breaking overnight, a hit-and-run crash injuries two philadelphia police officers, we'll have a live report at 6:00 a.m. an illinois woman pleads to the man who raised her to adopt her. the video is coming up next.
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this is the moment the market explode understand seattle tuesday night leaving nine firefighters hurt. the crew was checking out a gas leak. residents thought it was an earthquake. the injured firefighter is out of the hospital. the chief said they were wearing protective gear which softened the blow. law enforcement officials are certain that the knife found at the former oj simpson estate is not the weapon that killed nicole brown simpson and ronald goalman at the brentwood property in 1994. misty knight's facebook page showed the touching way she
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surprised him on his birthday. they sorts through a gift in a box and finds a special set of papers. knight included a note thanking farrell for his years of devotion adding that's so grateful to be able to call him dad. the video has been viewed 34 million times. very touching moment. 5:57. breaking right now, a hit-and-run driver slammed into a does an and may not have known it was an unmarked police car as the driver fled the scene. we're live with an update on the officer's conditions. a couple was about to go to bed when they found themselves literally trying to hold up the roof. more on the incredible story of how they got out of there when "action news" continues. (avo) how much protein does your dog food have?
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6:00 a.m., thursday, march 10 we're following breaking news. someone ran into two philadelphia police officers injuring them as the person fled the scene. the action cam shows the aftermath of a dramatic house collapse in germantown. it happened while two people were inside. accuweather is be tracking record warm temperatures for today. there will a lot more of all that. matt pellman is filling in for karen this morning. look who snuck outside. >> reporter: look who is out here without a coat in like forever since i was off the


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