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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 10, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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for exposing himself to women that were arrested. and another day of record warmth across the delaware and lehigh valley valleys. it feels almost like summer outside. almost? it does feel like summer. sky 6 hd there are clouds over philadelphia international airport, you don't need to get on a plane to escape, you can stay home and enjoy this picture perfect day. lets check in with david murphy outdoors on the terrace on a day like today. >> reporter: i had the last several days off, when i picked them months ago i could not have expected it would be this nice. as we look at satellite, you see a couple of showers up north and some of this looks like the tail end of this pops up near allentown and up above the surface and not hitting the ground, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the surface
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precipitation is up in the poconos and maybe you get a sprinkle on your windshield this afternoon. 78 degrees in philadelphia, that is actually one of the warmer spots in the mid-atlantic region, new york city not too shabby and 74 and down in washington 70 degrees there, generally speaking it's warm across the region and staying that way for the rest of the afternoon. if you have plans for the playground perhaps again this week, it's a good week to do this. i recommend sunscreen, we have a mix of clouds and sun and it's possible to pick up a bit of a burn. it feels like june and 79 by 4:00, with a high of 81 degrees sandwiched in between, as we roll through the rest of the evening, we are back in the 60s by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight, and back to the mid-60s, 65 degrees there. and cooler air coming in and we
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can't plain because the numbers are still above average. >> thank you david. now lets switch over to erin o'hearn live along the ben franklin parkway, you talked to folks working outdoors and couldn't be happier with today's pleasant conditions. >> reporter: that is right rick, i think everyone is happy, i helped three little kids get ready for school this morning and never saw such enthusiasm for getting to wear shorts for the third day in a row for march. for outdoor workers it's particularly nice, a nice break from the cold weather. not just a nice day but a great day to get things done. you won't find many people that can't say they love this weather, including joe finnegan who is taking advantage of the high temperatures to get a head start on love park's renovations. >> it speeds everything up,
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especially with the paint in the cold weather. >> and people by habit had an extra layer when the day started and quickly realized that weather so so march 5th. >> you can get stuff done quicker in the winter time. >> another advantage -- >> a lot happy. >> i lot of laughter. >> there was no nudging to get people outside on this picturesque day, and to each their own enjoyment it was running up these iconic steps and others took up a new hobby. >> are you a biker? >> no, but we decided to get out the bikes and ride. >> and some were just taking it all in. 80 degrees is unexpected in the delaware valley but for this man from ghana, it was welcome. >> back home it's always warm. i am happy it's warm again.
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>> everybody is in a good mood, if you are headed outside definitely put on sunscreen, i am squinting and i'm happy it's sun and not snow slapping in a face from a few weeks ago. rick back to you. >> what a difference a week makes erin thank you. with rain possibly tonight, as david mentioned. keep close by, stormtracker 6 live double scan will show what is headed our way and we invite to you interact with our team on facebook and twitter. a family survived certain disaster as their row home collapsed while they were inside and continued to collapse hours later -- the action cam was rolling as another part of the house crumbled down this morning. it all started at 1:00 a.m. at the corner of ashmead and mar n
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marion. and they made a run for it. >> i was put on my clothes and heard boom boom boom and it all came down. >> the ceiling came down and i was holding it up and he said come on lets get out. >> the people inside said a friend just mentioned the house looked like it was in trouble yesterday. the cause is still under investigation. the man accused of ambushing a police officer was in school this morning. police say that archer fired shots at jessie hartnett from close range. vernon odom is live with more on the court proceedings. >> good afternoon. archer is held over for trial and the judge's ruling came after a brief but dramatic hearing in court this morning.
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>> officer jessie hartnett seen briefly here headed to the witness stand, it made him a hero across the nation, he survived three gunshot wounds from a lone gunman who was able to wound him as the gunman fled. he fired seven times. he stood stoically in court and recounting his experience in graphic detail. >> was bent over at the waste with his head in the lap, he had his left arm shielding his head the one that did the most damage, it went into the elbow and out the wrist and destroyed his elbow. >> he talked about that horrible night and we'll see what happens. >> hartnett has an eighth surgery scheduled soon for his long road to rehabilitation.
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>> his attorney does not dispute the evidence. >> the evidence is quite clearly agree with you on that, however whether or not he was acting under a mental illness or could differentiate right from wrong when that happened. it needs to be explored. >> that means psychological testing for archer, he goes back to prison not eligible for bail and no trial date is set. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a chester city police officer has been charged with indecent exposure and assault. they learn that roosevelt -- is accused of exposing himself and for making advances to them. jack wheelan has a press
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conference later this afternoon. we'll have the latest online and on air beginning on "action news" at 4:00. one of several dogs inside of this home on the 1600 block of regent street mauled a woman this morning. animal control workers have since taken the dog away. they plan to meet with the victim in the hospital to get a clear understanding of why this happened. police need your help tracking down two suspects. this is video surveillance of the shooting that happened on pemberton street. two men jump out of a white jeep and open fire, three men were hit by bullets, one in the hand and one on the backside. if you recognize the vehicle or either of the two suspects you are asked to call philadelphia police. from our delaware newsroom, police say they made a record heroin bust in dover at a raid
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at the first state inn on north dupont highway, they found 65 bags of heroin and $13,000 in cash. officers from five different departments worked together on the investigation. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, find out why an expert says the knife found in o.j. simpson's former estate is likely not the weapon that killed nicole brown and ronald goldman in 1994. those stories and much more when "action news" at 12:30 comes right back.
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thousands of people are expected to pay their respects today on the second day of a public viewing for former first lady, nancy reagan, her buy body is lying in repose at the
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presidential library. a private funeral will be held tomorrow. their two children will speak at the service. and now to the race for the white house, it's being called the final major republican debate of the primary season. frontrunner donald trump and his rivals will hit the stage before tuesday's winner take all primaries in florida and ohio. and today hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back on the trail after last night's feisty democratic debate. kenneth moton joins us live from washington with more. >> hi rick, donald trump is getting closer and closer to the gop nomination and his delegate county is growing and so is clinton's as she ramps up the attack. >> madam secretary i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders got right to it taking on each other during the debate in the sunshine state. the secretary of state hit with another tough question on her private email server. >> if are you indicted will you opt out. >> oh my goodness, that is not going to happy will not answer in a. >> there was a clash at donald trump's rally in north carolina. he was interrupted a few times. and he may have a favorability rating in the latest "washington post" poll but is ahead in the winner take all contest in florida an ohio. >> he is going to lose ohio and i'm going to win ohio. just watch. >> and reporter michelle fields of conservative news site says she was forcefully grabbed by trump's campaign manager after
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she asked a tough question. >> the trump campaign has not responded. and he his gop rivals will hit the campaign stage in florida where some polls show him up 20 points. >> thank you. an anonymous law enforcement official is almost certain that the knife found in o.j. simpson's california assist is not the murder weapon. and that it's too small to make the wounds that killed nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman in 1994. the l.a. pd says that concludsie results are expected frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. . there is new research about finding love online. one of the largest dating sites, okay cupid says they have found the key to making relationships last. we break down the online dating data that focuses mostly on
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women. >> reporter: mustering up the courage to send the first message. it's a move that many women dating online dread like in the movie "two nightstand" now o.k. cupid said that women that initiate conversation online on that site than men that make the first move on the responses will be from more desirable men. >> do you ever make the first move? >> no, how about you guys? >> sometimes. >> in the unscientific analysis, says that women initiated contact led to more can't. >> this is showing that if they actually speak up, they have so much to gain.
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>> the unspoken rule that men should spark the conversation is out dated. >> while leanne wants the man to make the first move -- >> want him to be like i want you. >> not so for ashley, it's empowering to know that the success rate for women is higher if they make the first move. >> all right. glad i'm married. exactly. >> reporter: i know plenty of people that have successful relationships using sites like that. stormtracker 6 live double scan we are looking at no rain so a successful weather day and probably staying that way the restst afternoon. the action cam in somers point, new jersey, the poor seagulls were braces against the cold air for a couple of months now but not this week. a delightful day at the shore
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and cooler by the ocean water, but philadelphia 78 degrees, not bad, winds from the southwest at 13 miles per hour. so not too bad on that score either. 76 currently in trenton and 76 in wilmington and the lehigh valley, looking at mid-70s, 73 in the poconos, and the warm air making a push through the region, if are you down next to that cold ocean water, it's cooler at shore points and we are cooling in cape may down to 67 degrees. showers out to the north and west and by the time we get into the late night hours, this starts to push down to the lehigh valley. if you get a sprinkle before that no big deal. 81 is your forecast high in philadelphia. 81 in wilmington and 77 in allentown and 70 is the forecast high in cape may, cooler down the shore. as you look at these numbers, lets check out how many records we have already hit. in philadelphia we are at 78
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degrees, we have already set a record and allentown and trenton and atlantic city, you officially tied the existing record, and it's only mid-day so they will all get shattered. wilmington 1 degree we low the record. 72 by 6:00, and it is still going to be hovering in the low 70s by dinner time and 60s after that. 67 at 7:00 and 8:0065 degrees. by 6:00 it looks like most of the rain will be off to the north and west. if you get a quick spritz it's possible but the main stuff is holding off. by 11:00 it looks like a better chance of break away showers moving into the northern and western suburbs, it's not until the overnight hours where we get the precipitation in a more sustained form light to moderate showers until 5:00 a.m.
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if you get out early in the rush hour tomorrow morning are you looking at wet roads. but it looks like it gets off the coast quick and by 9:00 we may return to some sun and the breezesic pick up. today nothing cool about it, 81 is your forecast high, got to go to the shore to stay chillier. will you be in the 60s for a good portion of the afternoon there. showers overnight and breezy and cooler on friday, and 66 and well above the average high of 51 and 64's for the weekend with showers sunday afternoon. set that clock forward one hour before you go to bed on saturday night. rain early on monday for the first half of the day and drying in the afternoon, high of just 60 and back up to 65 with showers on tuesday and wednesday back up to 70 and i think you can probably book 70 for thursday as well. >> just amazing thank you. the weekend is almost here
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and you won't find a better way to wind down than with tgit. >> i'll be right back with that -- >> could she flirt any harder? >> come on i googled you, she was totally flirting. >> jackson looks to move on from april on tonight's gray's, they take their skills to a military hospital to perform a risky surgery but not everyone at the hospital is happy about it. tonight on gray's at 8:00. >> i am olivia pope, can you tell us what happened? >> things got out of control. >> in what way? >> i can't believe megan is dead. i need a cigarette like right
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now. >> olivia and her team take on embattled secret service agents and fitz reveals secrets of his own tonight at 9:00. >> we get all cozy wozy. that is why you and frank broke upright? >> you are wrong. they are up now. >> careful. >> the keating five try to let off steam as the manhunt continues on "how to get away with murder" and the students are called into question by the district attorney. that is tonight on how to g"how away with murder" at 10:00.
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one final check of the rising temperatures. >> we have already set or tied records so you know they will fall. upper 70s is where we expect to be in kutztown and reading and 81 in philadelphia this afternoon. we already set the new record sitting at 78, 2 over the current record of 76 and down the shore you cool off a bit. highs of 70 and 72 by the cool ocean water. but that is a pretty good day at the beach. >> i think you should take us to lunch to celebrate david. finally at noon a stray dog lost its way and ended up underneath his police cruiser, he spotted a pack of dogs and saw this guy and tried to coax him out with a hot dog, as you can see he is safe and sound. >> nice.
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a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, new jersey transit workers are a day away from a possible strike. they came back to the bargaining table and we'll have the latest on the ongoing talks. >> how to get the best buy on a stroller, we put more than a dozen models to the test. now, for meteorologist, david murphy, taking us to lunch, and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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>> announcer: pack your bags, because our hosts are going coast to coast and saluting america's best dishes. clinton's shaking things up with a buzzy drink straight from the island -- long island, that is. then, carla's taking us down south with a decadent sweet treat that'll have everyone begging for seconds. plus, michael symon is putting his spin on an american classic, the casserole. the adventure begins right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you, hello. welcome to "the chew." thank you guys very much, we appreciate that, thank you. you know -- [ patriotic music ] america, it's the land of the free and the home of some delicious food. from the atlantic to the pacific, from north to sou,


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