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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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san antonio in second. their head to heads will probably decide if it stays that way. the difference is four in the loss column. right now golden state six losses, san antonio ten. they meet three times and the clippers remain on the heels of oklahoma city. they'll be tied in the loss column if it stays this way, as lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, top team in the east, third best record in the league, are at staples. mike breen and hubie brown will have that tomorrow on abc. cleveland leads the east over toronto, just two in the loss column. cleveland wraps up a west coast trip. >> mark: not playing their best basketball right now. reason to be concerned because they're a team that needs to play great basketball and could be a problem facing the cavaliers. >> mike: toronto in second, boston in third. what does this mean for the thunder as they come in here and they do not have a good fourth quarter. this will count as a fourth quarter lead blown. got to get it in.
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no timeouts. morrow goes to the basket. misses the layup. aldridge the rebound, and the thunder will drop back-to-back games. the headline is san antonio 32-0 at home this year. they now are alone at third, 41 consecutive wins, a couple days shy of a full calendar year since they last lost at home. kawhi leonard, nine in the fourth, 26-point game and he's standing by with lisa. >> thank you, mike. kawhi, you guys turned it on in the fourth quarter. what was the difference down the stretch in in game? >> we p finally started to knock down shots. >> 26 points in the game but nine in the fourth quarter. what changed for you? >> like i said, i just started to knock down shots, got my
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rhythm going, my teammates found me, and just kept going from there. >> on the defensive end, how are you guys able to keep their stars, durant, westbrook, from beating you? >> we just competed the whole game and contest every shot. >> thank you. >> talk about the stars, lisa and what they did. oklahoma city's best players only one of nine from three. as a team oklahoma city only 17 points, shooting six of 18 in the fourth quarter. guys, thanks for letting me hang with you saturday night primetime. >> mark: it's been a pleasure. >> get you back to your normal partner. mike can deal with you the rest of the year on saturday nights. >> jeff: no rush. >> mike: with mark jackson, jeff van gundy and lisa salters, mike tirico saying so long from san antonio where the spurs win by 8 here on the home of the nba finals abc.
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a police captain from chester is in the hospital tonight following a chase that ended with a violent confrontation with three suspect car thieves. this new video you will only see on "action news" reveals moments just before the suspect as opened fire. the saturday night i'm walter perez. the big story on "action news" is shooting on the streets of chester delaware county. authority have just released the name of the police captain, captain allen davis, and tonight he is in stable condition at the hospital and one of the three suspects is dead. it all started as a traffic stop involving a car that was reported stolen. it ended though at west third and park are streets in gunfire. "action news" reporter jeff chirico joins us live outside crozer-chester medical center in up land where the officer is treated tonight, jeff. >> reporter: well, walter, shoot-out claimed life of the young man we're told he was from that neighborhood, and it has sparked tensions within the community as people came to the crime scene, demanding
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answers. in this video obtain exclusively by "action news" you can hear police yell repeatedly for occupants of the car to get out as officer in the white shirt approaches the car door a shot is fired through the window. you can hear the exchange of gunfire as the witness ducks for safety. that happened at parker and union streets. in the end one suspect was dead another injured and third arrested. the captain alan davis was shot in the arm and torso. the car was stopped because it was believed to have been stolen. >> persons within the vehicle, weren't cooperating with police. then there was an exchange of gunfire. it is our understanding that someone from the car was shooting at the police. the police return fire. >> hearts of our people right now. >> reporter: neighbors gathered and bowed their heads in pray eras investigators processed crime scene nearby.
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but soon, the crowd became restless and a scuffle broke out. people here, believed that the police, fired first. >> there is a little bit of hatred and we have to get past that. >> reporter: you can see an object thrown at police who then pepper sprayed the crowd, then he ran from the scene, his eyes burning as bullet ridden carries towed away, many of questions about what happened. perhaps, questions that could be answered with this video. [gunfire] >> reporter: now we're told a suspect and captain davis are in stable condition, and captain davis has been with the chester police force for more than 25 years. we are live from up land, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". our coverage continues on six we are posting latest information on the front page. you can see exclusive video of the moments leading up to the shooting as well as a slide show of the continuing
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investigation. one of of the new jersey's best known basketball players was one of the two drivers involve in the crash that led to the death of state trooper sean cullen. authorities say three three-year old dujuan wagner was driving car rear end add long 295. the car that caused the crash, was the same car that caught fire. trooper cullen was hit and killed during the investigation. wagner a camden high school basketball star was drafted in the 2002 draft by the cleveland cavilers. he played for several years until he was sidelined by injury. meanwhile a public viewing for trooper sean cullen will be held tomorrow at saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson from 2:00 o'clock to 7:00 o'clock. a second viewing will be held monday morning from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the funeral mass begins at noon. trooper cullen will be buried at lake view memorial park. meanwhile a big community effort continues to grow in south jersey, to support trooper cullen's family. take a look at this line inside a shop rite in
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cinnaminson. the these folks are buying blue bows and ribbons made to honor trooper cullen. organizers tell "action news" that this campaign started on, facebook and then took off from there. >> we have people that are helping, to buy, and pitching in $5 a bow and they are making their own bow because we don't have have enough people to make the bows. we are teaching them as they are standing here in line waiting so they can get their bows so they can show support for the cause and the cullen family. >> and so far, thousands of dollars have been raised with more events, still in the planning stage. a janitor has been arrested and charged with theft after a security breach at philadelphia international airport. it happened after an airline pilot left his bag with a gun inside, at a rest room in terminal b. police say that bag, and the gun were stolen moments later. sixteen flights were delayed for about an hour, as investigators searched for that gun.
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>> decisions were made based on safety of the flying public to delay flights, to make sure that no flights took off with dangerous items on board. >> the weapon was found about two hours later inside a janitor's supply closet near the rest rooms. the authorities say that the pilot from republic airways was authorized to car that i weapon as part of the federal flight deck officer program. today's temperatures were a bit cooler then earlier this week. now rain is on the way but don't be afraid, mild conditions are not coming to an even. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, hi there, melissa. >> hi there walter, we have changes on the way for second half of the weekend but certainly not a bad start. a tiny tum from what we had a across our region yesterday. yesterday a high of 69. today we maxed out at 61. that is still a good 10 degrees above our average of 51 this time of the the year. outside tonight, we are where we were normally should be. fifty-one in philadelphia for
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a daytime high. forty-seven in allentown, lehigh valley. forty-seven in cape may. 48 degrees in lancaster. here is the change, storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing you high pressure over our region and it is starting to move east. it is losing its grip across the delaware and lehigh valleys. all of this moisture out across ohio valley and tennessee river valley will work its way from the southwest to northeast direction with the frontal boundary that will be lifting northward as we go throughout the day tomorrow, and even as we get in the start of the workweek on monday. we will talk about what we can expect? lots of clouds around tonight but daylight savings time begins on sunday, showers arrive by sunday on and off and steady rain moves in by monday, details, walter with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. you can find the seven day forecast a along with the live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day on our web site the just go to six one of the largest concrete pouring projects in
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the city history is wrapping upright now in center city. more than 300 trucks spent the day pouring tons and tons of cement, to create the the base for the new 213 apartment high rise. that massive foundation will be 6 feet deep and crews will build a 26 story high rise complete with 322 apartments. there will be retail space on the first floor. new apartment building is expected to open by next september. much more to come on "action news" tonight an important recall involving a popular brand of dog food. the makers are pulling it off shelves tonight and we will explain why. march madness in full swing, three top local teams in action today ahead of tomorrow's selection sunday, jamie apody has highlights. we will have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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a mother forced to bury her only child is asking for your help. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> reporter: tiffany williams said her only child deandre bing was her best friend. >> we look the at the personal relationship. we was, that was my best friend. what he myself best friend. i was his best friend. on friday, january 23rd, 205 the 17 year-old had plans to visit his friend's new baby in north philadelphia. >> he got out of the school.
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he said mom, i'm going down to see the baby. i said, okay, i texted him okay. and then that was the last time that we communicated. >> reporter: just before 6:00 p.m. police were called to the 2,000 block of lambert street, for reports of a person with a gun. and there they found bing suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. >> that was one of my biggest fears raising my son in this day and time in this place. that was my biggest fear that would happen to my son in the streets. >> reporter: bing died an hour later at the hospital. >> it just change my whole world, january 23rd, i never thought that would be the last day i would see my son alive. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 for at rest and convictions of the person or persons responsible. all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission a at 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> if anybody knows anything, please, please, contact the police and let me know. that was my world, my only child. >> for crime fighters i'm rick
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williams for channel six "action news". officials from purina issued a voluntary recall for number of the wet dog food products. according to the company several of their 10-ounce tubs of the wet dog food may not contain advertised levels of the added vitamins and minerals. this prompted a recall which includes their benefull prepared meals, chopped blend and pro plan saferry meals. affected brand have best before dates ranging from june of 2017 to august of 2017.
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forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. >> it wasn't a bad start but we are tracking some changes, daylight saving time begins tomorrow. >> that is right you may not see a whole lot of sun, we are tracking clouds and some showers. >> it will be in there somewhere. >> it is always there storm tracker six live double scan radar, you can see it is dry, no issues with precipitation but we will track moisture, some showers and steady rain that will be moving in by sunday evening. outside we will go, sky six live in hd, it is a gorgeous shot of the center city sky line, partly to mostly cloudy depending on your location with clouds that will continue to build and thicken up across the region as we get in the second half of the weekend on sunday. we had a high in philadelphia of 61 degrees. still 10 degrees above average and 51 is our normal daytime high for this time of the year. the southeasterly wind numbers are still above average at
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this hour. forty-seven in allentown. forty-eight in the poconos. fifty in reading. at the coast in cape may 47, beach haven in at 50. here's satellite six with action radar, lots of cloud moving in across mid-atlantic region, we will widen out and see reason y we have a ridge of high pressure starting to lose its grip across our region allowing for that moisture that you see out across the ohio valley and tennessee river valley to work its way in to our region. in fact there are flash flood watches and warnings posted across the south east. we're tracking this frontal boundary that will lift northward throughout the day on sunday and for that matter linger on monday as well. here's set up for tomorrow. rather cloudy. high temperature just 58 degrees with that easterly win. we are tracking this area of low pressure that will lift to the north and pull eastward as we go throughout the day. future tracker six timing out precipitation for you, 9:00 in the morning mostly cloudy, wouldn't be surprised if we had a spotty sprinkle south and west of philadelphia, as
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the atmosphere continues to moisten up but a lot of that moisture will move in after about 9:00 o'clock tomorrow. 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon that steady rain starts to approach areas from south jersey, also into delaware, showers, will move on in by 5:00 o'clock in the evening. so wet weather gear will be needed, umbrellas needed as well. steadier rain moves in as we get into sunday night. breeze will pick up. it looks to be a soaking as you return to work on monday at 6:00 in the morning just in time for that commute, on monday. one thing to keep in mind is that we are springing forward, tonight. daylight saving time will begin sunday. turn the clocks ahead one hour before bedtime and also good idea on check batteries in the smoke detectors. we will lose an hour of sleep tonight but we will gain an extra hour of daylight, and sunset tomorrow at 7:06 in the evening. so just another sign that spring is right around the corner. and here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, mostly cloudy tomorrow. couple on and off showers. a high temperature of 58,
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breeze which periods of rain on monday, a high of just 52, it is a raw chilly feel to the day, on tuesday cloud breaking for some sun in at 62, good looking day on wednesday, sunny, milder up to 72 and then on thursday mostly cloudy, a couple showers are possible for st. patrick's day and a high temperature of 66. sixty-two on friday, and then next saturday, a few you more cloud moving in, high temperature of 61. not a bad day but those showers will move in walter by days end. >> thanks, melissa. time for tonight's winning power ball numbers.
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i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest...
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i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios >> irish pride in full display this afternoon in wilmington delaware. the forty-first annual st. patrick's day parade marched along with irish dancers, pipe band and floats. even the painted lane dividers were repainted green for this wonderful event. time for check of sports.
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jamie apody in for jeff and a real heart breaker for villanova. >> yeah, hopefully luck of the irish is with them tomorrow for number one seed. at one point they were number one team in the country but after tonight villanova may have lost their number one seed in the ncaa tournament. down by 14 in the first half of the big east final jay wright was also down. he is tough though. didn't even wrinkle his suit. don't mess up his hair. nova rallied in the second half, josh hart triple, cuts seton hall to two. tied at 64. chris jenkins who led cats with 23 points, nails a three to put them up by three. that was last time they would score. isaiah white head to the hoop got the hole and the harm. it puts set on hall up by one. controversial play with under ten seconds to go. jenkins on the miss, hart looks like he butchers, refs let them play and top seed, goes down, in the big east final 69-67.
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so now, we will wait. top seeded temple, in the ac semi is a begins u-conn team who needed four overtimes just to get there. it was owls who came out flat. josh brown had 12, early but all huskies from there. u-conn took a 31-19 lead in the first half and then cruised. owls lose 77-62, for a team they have already beaten twice this year. with a win temple was likely a lock. now 21-11 dunphy's squad in for a pretty nerve racking day tomorrow. josh brown, do you go long in the tournament. >> you know, it is not in our hands. the it is just prayer, and tomorrow is selection sunday, we are hear our names called, but it is not in our hand right now. >> that is tough. >> phil martelli for president. with the candidates we have i would vote for him. his hawks facing dayton in the a-10 semis, how about poppa now, career high 14 points.
11:29 pm
st. joes wins it, 82-79. hawks going back to the a-10 finals for second time in three years. they will play vcu12:30. twenty-six-six. michael neuvirth out in a key game with the flares with the stomach virus. the fans are probably sick to your stomach after this one. hometown kid shane gostisbehere, a dream come true to play in florida. wow show off for family and friend. we will pick it up in the third, flyers/panthers tied at two. michael rafl unties it. fun just getting started. florida would score twice in the one minute span. the first alexander markoff and then, riley smith, with the game on his back. it is time for mr. clutch, gostisbehere has scored 15 times in this rookie season, all 15 either tied game or given flyers a lead. this one send them to overtime. it will get to the shoot-out. that is never good. steve mason had zero saves. markoff with the game winner.
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the flyers down a point, and trail penguins for two in a wild card spot. sixers honored dolph shays tonight. his number four was raised to the rafters tonight. sixth are were only ten healthy players hosting pistons. elton brand gets it back, puts it in. sixers up by ten in the first half. but back came pistons, all five of their starters scored 19 or more. yeah, all five of them. sixers winning streak snapped before it the became one, they lose 125-111. we will have more sports after this.


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