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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  March 13, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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night we would not be in the number one. >> this will be a 13-point victory for hawks of st. joes. >> my phone didn't blow up last year and it started to blow up a little after 6:00. i'm grateful for the blowing up. >> you know, we have a lot more to do. this is a "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. >> a packed show with the big news we have three teams in the ncaa tournament all will play friday, and villanova a two seed in the south opens autopsy against unc ashville. temple sneaks in as a tenth seed in the south. owls open up with iowa. st. joes out west with the
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eight seed that will take on cincinnati. welcome to sports sunday i'm ducis rodgers with 97.5 the fanatic's mike missanelli. all three playing on friday. how you great is this for our area. >> selection sunday with three local teams getting in we have a rooting interest. we thought villanova will carry the torch. i think st. joes has a chance to win two games and upset number one seed. >> nova has been in this position before. cats have not won more than a game in the tournament the since 2009. is this the year, that jay wright, finally breaks through? >> i hope so. i mean, he is really got to put this on his resume as one of the great coaches in college basketball. they have to get past second round. i think they will. >> all right. >> jamie apody went one on one with coach wright this afternoon. >> even if it is this time of the year, does it not matter much. >> i mean there is people that will argue there is a big difference. but to us, we have matched up
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against so many great teams. i think couple years ago we were number two seed and we were matched up, or three seed matched up a against u-conn, and you you know, it was a really high seed and they win national championship. you know, it doesn't matter. you will will play great teams in the tournament. the difficulties a appointment game in not winning last night. so, we were much rather be a big east champion then to be a number one seed but we knew big east championship would bring with it the the number one seed. we knew when we lost last night we wouldn't be a number one seed. i think at this point when you hear in the crowd is when we didn't get a chance to come back and play in philly. >> is it good to get away from the distractions. >> we have played here before. once the game hits it is all about basketball. the leading up to the game the distractions are tough. it is mayhem around you. go on the road, there is not many distractions but you can get in the environment where
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people are against you. so, much rather be in philadelphia. everybody would rather be in philly. >> a lot of distractions, he was on every network. >> i think they got a little bit hosed in the seeding. i think their resume deserved it. a team like virginia got number one seed overville know of, could have gone the other way around. >> let's move to temple. temple was lone team that had to sweat it out. do you feel owls are tea serving of getting an ncaa birth. >> they played well in the even of the year a lot of big character wins toward the end of the year. the win sets up, there is nobody that will tell me any different, ncaa will say can we put together an enticing match up. temple wins first round match and villanova wins they are playing together in brooklyn which would be fantastic, big five back in the ncaa tournament. after being jilted last year the owls are breathing a sigh of relief. >> my phone didn't blow up last year. it started to blow up a little
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before 6:00. i as grateful for the blowing up. we were in. happy for our seniors. >> i was up most of the night just thinking bit. i woke up early this morning still thinking bit. i could not wait until 5:30 to see if we would get called or not and just unbelievable feeling. >> let's move on to st. joes, st. joes taking on cincinnati. the hawks win the a a-10 today, and they are an eight seed. is that fair. >> it doesn't make any sense in light of the fact that day ton gets the seven seed in their league. i don't understand what the committee is looking at. one team wins the conference tournament and other did not and gets higher seed. what it means is, they will have to face number one seed you win your first game and they have a tough first round game with cincinnati and they have to play oregon in the second game. that is really unfair. i think they will flip the script on people. i do. i think because there was an injustice, st. joes will win two games, first two games in the tournament. >> coach martelli said he
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likes his squad. >> the result this weekend was really due to the fact it has been a solid team. not just a two man show with the the two superstars. so i'm delighted for them. i'm delighted for their families. and this is about smiles, and memories, and they created a a lot of them for a lot of people. >> all right. you kind of allude todd this, my question will be of the three teams, who are you most optimistic about. >> you have to be optimistic with villanova i'm looking at my brackets here. i have them winning two games. then they have to run against kansas which is i think, over matched with kansas. so they won't get a chance because final four but at least they will get out of the first round. >> st. joes two games. >> i say st. joes can win two games. temple is in trouble. they are playing at a good time because iowa struggled but i think iowa will come back and overall deeper than temple. >> iowa has five wins overtop
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25 teams this season. >> still to come here on sports sunday is howie roseman back in mike's graces. we will delve into this question next but first melissa magee next. >> here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, cooler on monday, steady rain in the morning, tapering to showers in the afternoon in at 49. tuesday, an early showers, otherwise turning sunny in at 62. sunny and warm by wednesday up to 73. st. patrick's day on thursday, in at 65. "action news" sports sunday continues with more after this. blank
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they had a busy week reshaping their roster dead weight gone, contracts gone, they bring in the guard in brandon brooks. they added pieces on defense. mike, are you on board with
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what howie roseman has been doing. >> howie hero, is what we call him now. the things that they did were amazing. i don't know how it will work out as far as him drafting players or the players he brought in they still have have to perform but getting rid of those contracts and improving their draft position getting eighth pick in the draft where you can get a good player was a win/win. moving up in the fourth round. i don't know how he did it. he has come from no where, resurrection is right. he has listen from the ashes. >> do you think they go offensive lineman with that pick at eight. >> there will be some really good players there. if the the quarterback jared is there at eight do you take him. >> i know it is a essentially one year deal but do you need that quarterback. if he is there, is he best player left on our board. you you would have to take him. >> that would be the perfect world. >> but also the quarterback is there that would make for an interesting training camp. >> yes. >> for a look at the rest of the day in sports we will turn
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you the over to jamie apody. >> it will be interesting training camp regardless, always is. the don't look now hottest team in baseball, i don't care that it is spring training, your philadelphia phillies. to take, cc sebathia and yankees. top of the first, ryan howard, he cannot hit lefty's. rbi double. one to nothing lead. it was two to nothing phillies in the second. hernandez, rbi single to score williams. phillies win, again, three to nothing over the yankees. they are eight-zero-one in their last nine games. things may be falling in place for flyers. jay voracek skated for first time this morning, may skate tomorrow in his quest to get back in the line up. the flares three points behind detroit for a playoff spot which means time to throw a party. they did throw a party, a carnival actually, which is nice diversion for the team and fans as they take care of the stretch, playoff push, great time for fans to get to interact with their favorite players, the flyers always
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love it. >> it is always supportive, no matter what. i think it is great that we come together and put a good streak here and we have to continue it. we have to continue to make playoff who canny will it make fans happy? they will beat detroit who will be here on tuesday. back to you guys. >> thanks very much. you heard jamie mention flyers three points back. they have detroit this week. chicago, and pitberg, two of those three teams they are chasing in the standings. would you look at this as a make or break week. >> this is the make or break week. they have got to get the points out of this they have three tough teams. they have to get five points at least out of these. they cannot get over hump. they get close, within two, within three, it is hard to come from behind and in the nhl when you have to accumulate points. this is a tough week. >> they start off so far in the hole, in the beginning of the season. your they getting more buzz. >> i think people are afraid to dip their toe in the water.
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>> yes. >> when you dip your toe in it gets bit by a shark or something. but i think, people, are laying back, when they get into that playoff realm, when they get as one of the wild card teams i think people will turn it on. >> do you think they will get that wild card spot. >> they are just going to miss it. it is so tough to catch up. i would love to sit here and say they will be in but this week getting five points out of these teams, pittsburgh they have good success with but that always flips around and penguins beat them last time. i think it will be tough. >> i know, malkin out, for the future. mike missanelli, i'm ducis rodgers. thanks for watching sports sunday. for jamie apody and the entire sports sunday cruise, i'm ducis rodgers and i just said that, we will see you back here next week. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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>> i'm alicia vitarelli. >> and i'm karen rogers. tonight on fyi philly. >> "i could stay here all day" >> we're celebrating women's history month in style. >> "i love the color" >> whether it's 70 years of elegant apparel. >> "all these busy mama's are the queen bees" >> or a buzzworthy business open to working mother's. >> this is really good. >> plus a celebrity chef shows us his menu for a very special event. >> "i found my inner artist" >> we're painting the town like we do every week. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at volver restaurant on south broad street inside the kimmel center for the performing arts. >> chef jose garces has turned this restaurant into a destination all its own. >> we'll have more on their newest honor later in the show. >> but first we are honoring women here on fyi philly. >> march is women's history month. and we found a few stories celebrating fabulous philly females. >> you can


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