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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon, in the news this noon, family friends and law enforcement gather to the
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feernl of -- funeral of a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. investigators head to amtrak train wreck in kansas overnight. a baby has been found safe following an abduction this morning. police are looking for the suspect. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live at st. christopher's hospital where the child was checked out. annie? >> reporter: sarah, here at st. christopher's, the baby was treated and released. the bean e -- the baby was taken with the parents to talk to police. police are sorting this out at this hour, the vehicle has not been located. this is video of the infant and parents leaving saint chris christopher's a short time ago. they were transported to
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southwest detectives where they arrived in the past five minutes. it was there they will give their statements to police. this is video where you can see the surveillance video that police spent the morning reviewing. you can see there, the actual minivan that they were working to locate. police say this all started around 8:00 a.m. in the 4800 block of walnut in west philadelphia. the baby's father left the vehicle running with the baby inside in a car seat. officers and detectives focused their attention on the block for most of the morning. according to police a short time later, they think the driverle driverle -- driver realized there was a baby in the back and stopped to take the baby out of the vehicle. the father received information that the baby was left near the intersection of 10th and green. 14 district officers responded and located the baby 0 on the steps of the home near the intersection. the initial description of the
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vehicle police released was a white town and country van that had a partial tag of jmx. police are working with the parents at this hour to get a better description. they are hoping to get more information from the parents now they know the baby is safe and the baby is okay, they can release more information and locate the vehicle. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> turning to accuweather. it is a cloudy, damp and windy start to the workweek as we look live outside sky6 live hd. showing us the dreary scene in center city. rain moved through this morning and we're seeing soggy conditions as spotty showers are possible throughout the day. hold on to the umbrella. let's get the latest from david murphy at the "action news" big board. david. >> reporter: on sky6 live hd it's dreary out there. of course this morning we had heavy downpours coming through the i-95 corridor. most of that highlighted in yell is pushing away from the region. we're stuck with an onshore flow
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that's keeping the clouds in place and keeping us kind of damp. most of the rain is very light and in some cases out to the west all you're seeing is drizzle. lots of cloud cover, too. we had occasional breaks in the clouds south of washington and eastern shore of maryland. that break is not going to make it in our direction because of the wind. check out the direction it's coming off the water that's drawing moisture in and with a frontal boundary pushing up from the south the interaction with the flow and the boundary keeping us under the threat of drizzle and spotty showers. not like this morning. temperatures are interesting. 49 degrees kind of cool an uncomfortable, a little damp that's the number we had when we started out this morning. as i take you through the next 12 hours it's rare that we show you a model projection that
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doesn't take numbers down and dip them in the overnight hours. as the sun goes down there's a warm front coming from the south that will push warmer air in and do battle and keep us flat lined overnight. tomorrow afternoon after we get morning showers out of the way. there's a frontal boundary getting past us, saturday we expect the numbers to zoom. how high do we go? details in the seven-day forecast. thank you david. as the rain moves through, is with you every step of the way. check back with storm tracker 6 live radar follow the meteorologist also on facebook and twitter. police identified the suspects and the victims in the deadly stabbing. collin mcgovern was killed yesterday morning on the 1800 block of rittenhouse square. he became in a fight with steve
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simminger of media. he is charged with stabbing him to death. meanwhile, funeral services are underway for sean cullen. he was killed responding to another accident. nora muchanic is near saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson where mourners gathered to pay their respects. the funeral began a few minutes ago with the procession of bagpipers. it's a sade baderinwa -- sad, sad day as his death is a blow to the police community and his very large family. the dreariness of the weather added to the sad day as hundreds gathered to say goodbye to sean cullen. the 31-year-old died after being struck by a car in west deptford
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while responding to an accident. today, family and friends and police officers from all over the country have come to the church in cinnaminson to pay their final respects. law enforcement is a brotherhood. it's tragic, no matter how far it is we try to be there. it's seems when police are not favored as much, it's important to show that we care about each other. born in ireland cullen was a trooper for less than two years and worked in sea isle city and mount holly and west hammonton. sean was a funny guy. he was a good family man, now, sean, he was just a real good guy. trooper cullen is survived by his fiance who is expecting and a 9-month-old son.
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he has two other brothers who are troopers. it's a shame how he lost his life trying to help somebody else it's sad, it's really sad. i can't put myself in their shoes, but they seem to be a strong family with the support they are getting right now we hope they will be okay. we'll maintain our position as part of their family for the rest of their lives. back living, looking at the front of saint charles borromeo church. the public has responded generously including a go fund me page that raise $134,000 in four days. trooper cullen will be buried at the lake view cemetary down the road 130 about five minutes away. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." thank you. charges are expected to be filed today against a suspected
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gunman who shot and killed a smearld police officer who grew -- maryland police officer who grew up in our area. jacai colson was ambushed inside a prince george county police station yesterday. the suspect went in and fired, after he was hit, the police fired their weapons and hit the suspect. alan davis remains in the hospital after being shot by three suspected car thieves. this video shows saturday's deadly shootout. someone inside the car shot at officers and captain davis was struck twice. one person inside the car was killed when officers fired back. another suspect was injured and a third was arrested. a young woman convicted for her role in a center city beating lost her bid for a lighter sentence. katherine knot was found guilty of simple assault an ordered to
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spend five to ten months in jail. she was involved in an attack against a gay couple. the motion was denied. the 25 will continue to serve her jail term. the new jersey state senate will vote on a bill to allow a state takeover of the atlantic city finances. the state will have greater power and responsibility in the restructuring of the city's finances for the next five years. atlantic city is facing $400 million in total debt and could go bankrupt in just weeks. still to come on "action news" at noon, an amtrak train goes off the tracks. the federal investigation underway in characterization consist. tomorrow is -- underway in kansas. tomorrow is another important rails what a new poll shows about the primaries in five states.
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at least 30 people were injured when an amtrak train derailed early this morning in southwest kansas. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it derailed after midnight. amtrak did not say how fast the train was going when it
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derailed. passengers said it was shaking before it crashed. one extra stopped me in the darkness of the field. friend, friend, what's going on, is there any blood? at this hour federal investigators are heading to the scene to look at what happened. survivors of a terrorist attack on a beach along the ivory coast left 16 dead. 6 6 assailants were killed. this was the third attack on a popular tourist location in a west african location since november. 8 firefighters were injured battling a blaze in maryland. they were responding to a burning town home in germantown when the buildings collapsed. they are expected to survive.
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the fire spread to neighboring houses and left three families homes atlantic city nobody else was hurt. heavy rains caused a river to put streets cars and homes under water in and around baton rouge. the river is expected to crest at 12 feet today which is lower than predicted. now residents say they are focusing on making cleanup plans. turning to the race for the white house. candidates are pushing for last minute support ahead of the round of crucial primaries. delegates of five states are up for grabs. new polls out today show donald trump with a commanding lead in florida, but he is in a dead heat in ohio in kasich's home state of ohio. he is hitting the campaign trail with former candidate mitt romeny in hopes of stealing the deal. ted cruz is insisting this is a
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twoman race. this is a two person rails between me and donald trump. only two candidates have any plausible path to winning the republican nomination. >> reporter: on the democratic side new polls put hillary clinton ahead and bernie sanders holds a lead in missouri. >> a new adventure is underway, the exomars is expected to reach mars in october. it will float around for five years and analyze gases and where they are coming from. it is carrying a radio built by nasa. a new study puts smart phones in a crash test. find out which brands held up best. spring arteries are early, the reason you might be sneezing and wheezing sooner than usual.
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pennsylvania lawmakers are debating a bill to legalize medical marijuana. details on the plan and what governor tom wolf said about the legislation. a new study on humidifiers and whether they do what they claim. it's a study making national headlines and the study was baysed in philadelphia. meteorologist david murphy will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when yaks comes right -- comes k snoovment snow know 12k3450 12k3w450. >> >> 12k3w4r50erbg9s. >> 12k3w450
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meteorologist david murphy is here with a closer look at the soggy forecast. >> reporter: i'm trying to make you happy. he has the blues. >> reporter: i can see that. storm tracker 6 live double scan is green. it's mostly light, though, if
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you were watching the broadcast this morning it was heavy bands of yellow pounding the roads. right now it's the light nuisance stuff. overall we're expecting light showers and drizzle the rest of the way. it will be cloudy and cool and uncomfortable. there's the heavier stuff from this morning pushing toward long island. we don't have worry about that. the western suburbs you don't see anything picked up on radar. that doesn't mean there can't be nuisance drizzle out there. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd there's the picture of north philadelphia. obviously this is one of the places that got rain earlier and we're seeing a little bit of rainfall or rain drop popping you mean on the camera lens there looking north along broad street. 49 degrees is the current temperature. dewpoint, 45 degrees, that gives you an indication how saturated thing are out there.
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winds out of the northeast at 15 miles per hour. the ocean temperature off atlantic city it's cool and uncomfortable in the water. 45 in trenton, 45 in allentown. 46 in reading. 48 in wilmington, 50 in dover, 50 in millville. very similar to the numbers that we showed you this morning during the broadcast, as we have an east wind that's keeping us stuck under the clouds and damp and holding the temperatures in the 40s today. as we look at future tracker 6 looking ahead, the bulk of the precipitation is pushing away from us, but there's enough moisture coming off the ocean and frontal boundary it will turn things enough to keep scattered showers and drizzle in play. in the evening commute there could a lot of this falling away. i think a lot of you will have the intermittent setting on the wipers going because of the spotty showers. by 11:00 p.m. it's starting to fade off the map a bit.
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in the lehigh valley, cloudy and damp, breezy, 47 degrees. 9 wind out of the northeast gusting always high as 20 or maybe 30 miles per hour at times. 50 degrees in the shore communities. 46 in the ocean water. 49 degrees the hi in -- the high in philadelphia under cloudy skies and light nuisance showers along with drizzle there. anne the strong gusty wind that could develop in the afternoon. the evening commute we're holding in the mid 40s until 7:00 p.m. with the east wind keeping us cool and the frontal boundary from the south that will keep the numbers from going down as they normal would. cloudy and damp and breezy today, 47 degrees. tomorrow, breezy and warm, 62. wednesday, breezy and warm, 70 is the high and late-day shower.
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saint patrick's day, 65 degrees is the high, a spotty shower, by no means a washout. highs of 60s on saturday and sunday. 20 students from lower bucks county and south jersey were recognized for their dedication to sportmenship award for their work on and off the field. they got a $1,000 scholarship for college. the next half-hour at 12:30, a number of people hurt from the train derailment in kansas continue to climb. the team maybe heading to the big dance, but local college basketball players came together for a worthy cause. those stories and much more
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hello, again, here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30. the philadelphia parents of a four-month-old baby are reunited with their child after someone stole a minivan with the baby inside. we know the identity of a man stabbed to death in rittenhouse square and the suspect accused in the crime. a maryland police officer
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from our area is shot and killed in the line of duty. katherine scott tells us how he is being remembered in delaware county. now the details on a developing story we've been following all morning. a 4-month-old baby was found safe after someone stole a minivan with the infant inside. the theft happened on the 4800 block of walnut street in west philadelphia outside a food market. the infant was left on the street in germantown and taken to the hospital to be checked out. the baby is okay and the child's mother and father were seen leaving the hospital with the baby late this morning. about 30 minutes went by from the time the theft was reported until the time the baby was found. the white town and country minivan that was taken the suspect has not been located. it has a pennsylvania registration beginning with the letters jmx. anyone with information call philadelphia police. police c


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