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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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door and approach and then get into a minivan that had been left running. the van takes off but the car thief apparently doesn't know that there is a baby in the back seat. the baby has since been recovered and that's a story in and of itself. let's go to "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist who is live at southwest detectives. a lot to cover here sarah. how did this all unfold? >> reporter: well, jim, police believe the young suspect may have been on the way to school given the way he was dressed this morning. he apparently saw an opportunity to steal a minivan and took it. seems he had no idea there was an infant in his car seat sitting on the back seat. this is video of the four month old baby boy after he was reunited with his parents this morning. he's fine but this all could have ended very differently. just after 7:30 this morning a young man carrying a red umbrella approached a corner store at 49th and walnut. ahead of him the father of the four month old walked into the store. the child's father had parked his white town and country chrysler minivan around the
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corner and left the engine running with the child secured in his car seat. the dad went back to the minivan once passing the young man then returned to the store. while he was inside, the young man went over to the minivan and drove off with the baby. >> short time later the father is texting his phone that's left in the car. he gets a text back to a phone that he borrowed from somebody in the area that the can kid's at penn and colter street. >> reporter: police discovered the child still in his car seat in the rain on the sidewalk along penn street in germantown. >> we're very lucky that there was a phone in the car and we're very fortunate and thankful that the person who took the car did have some kind of a heart and did the right thing by texting the father. >> reporter: this is the infant leaving saint christopher's hospital. the baby's parents then went to southwest detectives to be interviewed. police say this story should serve as a warning to everyone especially parents. >> this is the reason why we tell people all the time leaving these cars running for any moment can can be very tragic. >> reporter: take one last look at the suspect.
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he was wearing a camouflage vest and tan pants and carrying that red umbrella. the minivan is a 2013 model with pennsylvania tags jm jmx6013. now, police believe the infant may have been sitting there on the sidewalk in the rain for about 15 minutes before officers found him. they believe this young man who took the minivan may be from that neighborhood surrounding 49th and walnut. they also think the minivan is likely somewhere in germantown. they've yet to find it. live in southwest detectives, sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news. jim. >> thank you, sarah. one person is in the hospital following a crash on the tarmac at philadelphia international airport this afternoon. this was the scene shortly after 1 o'clock from our sky6 camera at terminal f. police say a service truck hit an empty commuter jet. the truck's driver was sent to the hospital and "action news" viewer sent this picture of the response on the ground.
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police have not said what caused the crash. a philadelphia airport custodian has been charged with stealing a federal air marshal's gun. investigators say the flight officer accidentally left his air marshal issued handgun inside an airport bathroom on saturday. police say 31-year-old victor sheard took the weapon and locked it inside his janitor's closet. police tracked the gun down using surveillance video. fortunately nobody was hurt. this has been an absolutely miserable monday. we have been saddled with cold temperature and a harsh rain that has everybody yearning for those spring and summer-like weather and temperatures we had last week. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board. cecily, when do we get that wonderful weather back? >> in the 80's? by june definitely. not for the next week. we have a very unsettled week on the way but that being said, storm tracker6 live double scan showing that low pressure that brought us that soaking rain, that heavy rain
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has moved over new england. so, we're kind of in between systems right now. we stillivity have the light rain and drizzle. the next system that's across the ohio valley that is bringing some thunderstorms some severe weather, that will be sliding to our south tomorrow so that will keep us with a lot of clouds and an occasional shower but it won't be nearly as wet as today. past 24 hours philadelphia got soaked. more than an inch of rain. allentown less than that, .35, trenton .85, wilmington .88 and atlantic city quite a bit of rain, more than an inch and a quarter. and some more rain is on the way as we head on and off through the week. temperatures, though, tell the story with the winds off the ocean it's only 46 degrees in philadelphia right now. tonight temperatures will be holding steady with a little bit more drizzle and plenty more clouds. so, as we look ahead, temperatures this week are going to be on a rollercoaster ride. we'll be up around 70 degrees on wednesday and then temperatures falling through the 50's as we head through the week into the weekend.
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we're looking at more clouds than sun this week with many more opportunities for showers including a possibility of some rain perhaps mixing in with some wet snow for the first day of spring. it's like a joke from mother nature. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. jim. >> thank you, cecily i think. as the rain moves through has you every step of the way. you can check back often with storm tracker6 live radar and follow all the members of the "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter, all out for an evening i think it's the flower show right there. all right. the search continues tonight for the masked man who broke into a home early saturday morning in devon and terrorized a woman into giving him her atm card. "action news" reporter christie ileto is in the victim's neighborhood tonight. christie, do the police have any clues at all?
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>> reporter: only that the suspect was wearing a halloween-like mask when he broke into a home on crest line road. he bounds the victim and made off with her jewelry car and atm card. this camera caught the marked suspect making a withdrawal with the victim's stolen debit card. detectives say about a quarter of a mile away the suspect had broken into a home in tredyffrin township and told the homeowner to "be quiet and you won't be hurt." after binding the victim with duct tape police say the victim ransacked the home for valuables and displayed a stun gun like weapon to get the victim's atm number. many residents didn't want to go on camera but say they're stunned by the violent home invasion. >> it's alarming and, you know, we'll have the keep our eyes opened and make sure that we're a little more precautious. >> maybe we feel a little more secure than we could sometimes. kind of radnor tredyffrin that area. >> reporter: now, the victim
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was able to call for help after the suspect left. her car was recovered at a train station nearby her home and anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact detectives. reporting live in devon, christie ileto, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you christie. no arrests yet after a teenager was shot and killed last night in west philadelphia. police say a stray bullet hit 18-year-old nadje steedley before midnight along the 300 block of north salford. she died at the hospital a short time later. and right now family and friends are gathering outside her west philadelphia home for a vigil. this is a live picture as the community comes together to pay its respects. a delaware high school has been shaken by a deadly crash over the weekends. students steadiestly stopped into salesianum's clap pell chay to mourn the loss of tyler brown. the 17-year-old was an artist and athlete who had been accepted to syracuse university to study
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architectural design. >> i think what's interesting about and special in many ways about tyler was he was a wrestler, he was a rugby player, but he was also on model un and had this artistic talent. >> brown was killed friday night along a stretch of u.s. 301 in middletown. police say the truck he was riding in pulled into the path of a tractor-trailer. the pickup's driver john kirsch suffered only minor injuries. another passenger, kelly muschiatti of padua high school remains in critical condition with head injuries. senators in trenton have delayed a vote on legislation that would require new jersey employers to pay sick leave. the bill would require employers to offer one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. lawmakers say the legislation would help low earning workers who can't take a sick day without losing pay. business groups who oppose the measure say the bill would make it difficult to operate in the state of new jersey.
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coming up on "action news" tonight, family, friends and fellow officers say goodbye today to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. and we're learning about the future of drones in the state of delaware. >> wet and cloudy monday. our high only 50 degrees. that warm air has been pushed to the south but i am tracking some warmer days ahead. i'll let you know when and track the showers in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and march madness and excitement surrounds three members of the big five. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> this was a somber day but a day filled with respect and love at a church in cinnaminson, new jersey. this was the day they came from near and far to pay respects to state trooper sean cullen. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the full story. >> ♪ >> reporter: state police bag pipes filled saint charles borromeo church this afternoon as family friends and about a thousand police officers from all over the can country came to say goodbye to trooper sean cullen. the 31-year-old from cinnaminson was killed last week while responding to a traffic accident on the interstate 295. >> sean was just a funny guy. he -- law a good family man. sean just -- he was just a real good guy. >> reporter: sean cullen is survived by his parents, a sister and two brothers one of loom is also a, whom is also a state trooper and his fiancé erin expecting their second child. cullen's sister made a promise to his nine month old son
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seamus. >> keep your dad alive in everything reporter: hundreds of police officers lined the street in front of the church saluting in the light rain as trooper cullen's casket passed them a grim reminder of the danger law enforcement officers face. >> puts it into perspective how dangerous our job actually is and makes you appreciate when i go home and i kiss my kids and my wife tonight. >> law enforcement is a brotherhood. it's tragic and no matter how far it is we try to be there. >> i didn't know him. i've never seen him before but just the fact of how he lost his life trying to help somebody else is just sad. >> reporter: cullen was buried at lake view memorial park where his brother troopers and the cullen family said their final goodbyes to this young trooper. with trooper cullen laid to rest the public is coming to his young family's assistance. a go fund me page has already raised over $134,000 in four days. in cinnaminson, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> and to burlington county pizza slop is also reaching out to the cullen family.
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today nick's pizza and pasta on route 130 in cinnaminson is donating a portion of its sales to the cullen family. the owners say they just wanted to do their part during this very difficult time. a pair of inventors slowed off their late of the creation for drone flight in delaware today. mark and kyle ryan have created a restraint system that physically controls a drone from the ground. the tether allows the drone to fly and record video but the added safety measure protects air space, people and property. the pair hope that today's demonstration will encourage more commercial use of drones in the state of delaware. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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>> the union soccer stadium in delaware union has a new name tonight. "action news" was there when the philadelphia union unveiled the new signs for talen energy stadium in chester. the major league soccer team will start its seventh season
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at the stadium on sunday against the new england revolution. three members of the big five are all juiced up and ready to play some ncaa tournament basketball. >> one team had to sweat it out. the other team knew they would get in. a stroke of luck or the ncaa committee wants us to be shut ins. either way there will be no reason to leave the house on friday. villanova saint joe's and temple all play that day in their ncaa openers. let's start with nova. a two seed in the south region. jaime apody is live on campus with more on the cats. jamie. >> reporter: yeah, ducis the second seeded wildcats will take on 15 seed unc ashville friday at 12:40 p.m. at the barclay center in brooklyn. let's take a look at what the cats were doing earlier this afternoon. a light shoot around for villanova today. jay wright likes there they don't play again until friday. so they can get their legs back. right about now, they are upstairs watching film on unc
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ashville. the key for their first round game says the coach is not to look past it. >> they won't be overmatched physically. they're a little undersized butter they're tough and athletic and very skilled. a good team but you know that's what you're going to get in the ncaa tournament. you don't win your conference tournament without being a really good team and being hot at this time of year. >> reporter: now, this is interesting. the field has a lot of par are the this year more than ever. any team can get beat on any given day. in fact the associated press top 10 teams have a combined 74 loses this season. that's the most in history. live at the davis center with the villanova wildcats jaime apody channel6 "action news. ducis. >> jamie thank you so much. temple was certainly a bubble team but unlike last year the owls snuck in. as the 10 seed in the south region, yes, the same one as villanova, they will take on iowa from the big 10. coach fran dunphy has only had
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a day to scout his opponent but he already has a game plan worked. >> we need to shoot it well certainly and they're going to limit how many good shots we'll get so we have to move the ball, we have to move our bodies and we have to step up and make sure shots. we have to read the defense better than we've been reading it. >> phil martelli and the saint joe's hawks drew cincinnati following their a10 tournament victory yesterday. saint joe's will be playing about as far away as possible in spokane washington. they're fine with that that especially since they went 10 and two on the road this season. >> we need to get away as far as we can. we could have been the seeded team on the road this year. we're a really good road team. feel like the road definitely helps us. >> i'm delighted for them. i'm delighted for their families and this is about smiles and memories. >> to the ice. at this point for the flyers every game is huge but tomorrow is even bigger. they will host detroit the team they trail by three points in the wild card race. today good news, reinforcement
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are on the way. jake voracek gets a nice welcome from his teammates. he skates with them for the first time since suffering a lower body injury late last month. while he won't play tomorrow, voracek appreciates his teammates' gesture. >> it was amazing, you know. it was -- it felt really good i'm not going to lie. after missing three weeks without skating with the team it was a great feeling and i'm very happy that the boys did something like that. >> phillies in -- visiting baltimore in sara society today. maikel franco in the zone again. blasts two homers today. second time this spring he's done that. the phils lose eight-seven. he's batting .367 again save some of that for the regular season. >> all right dewpoints more than twenty students from philadelphia lower bucks county and south jersey were recognized this morning for their dedication to sportsmanship. aria 3b orthopedic institute
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hosted the the breakfast ceremony in langhorne. 21 students received the high school sportsmanship award for their work both on and off the field. the students also got a $1,000 scholarship for college. (applause).
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>> you spoiled us for the last couple of weeks and we're not prepared for this. >> the good news is today is kind of the nastiest wettest and coldest day of the next several. it's going to get better. >> not that much better. >> exactly. storm tracker6 live double scan showing the good news that steady rain from this morning has moved out but we still have a lot of clouds and drizzle and the action cam taking a look in university
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city and this really captures the flavor of the day. it was damp, it was gray and really a great day for the umbrellas. right now it's cool and it's damp. the temperature is 46 degrees. the dewpoint is 42. when you see the temperature and the dewpoint this close together, it shows that the air is almost saturated. that's why we have that misting going on. also, we have some breezy conditions out of the northeast, the wind 14 miles per hour so the wind chill makes it feel like 40 degrees and pressure is falling right now so we do have some drizzle around. the temperatures will be holding steady overnight so if you look at these temperature, this is where they'll be tomorrow morning. 46 degrees in philadelphia, 43 in allentown. cape may 49. wilmington 46 degrees. so, temperatures holding steady but today was the first below average day temperature-wise in the past week. last week we had seven days in a row of above average temperatures. today we fell 2 degrees shy of the average high of 52 but
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march still pretty mild running more than eight and a half degrees above normal and the next several days will be on a bit of a rollercoaster ride temperature-wise. satellite6 along with action radar slowing we're in between systems right now. there is another disturbance moving across the ohio valley. what this will do is really dive south over virginia tomorrow. so that means we'll have plenty of clouds with occasional showers but not as wet as today. tonight cloudy and damp with areas of drizzle and again temperatures holding steady in the low to mid 40's. as we head through the day tomorrow, we'll wake up for the morning rush. it will be damp with some drizzle, plenty of clouds, not as wet as this morning's commute, though, at 6 o'clock 47 degrees, by 8 o'clock 48 degrees and as we head through the day, this low pressure will move away from us. that means we'll see a lot of clouds and isolated shower possible but by the afternoon temperatures rebound so it's going to be warmer than today with a high of 62 degrees. the warmest day of the week will come on wednesday. that's when this warm front moves through. it will bring us morning fog,
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some showers. we hit 70 degrees late in the day. doesn't last long. another front, a cold front rolls through on thursday with breezy conditions. that will drop temperatures back down into the 50's. association thso the exclusive r 7-day warmer with a spotty shower but not as much rain as today a high of 62 degrees. on wednesday morning fog a few afternoon showers with a warm front, 70 degrees and thursday saint patrick's day it will be breezy with ap a possibility of showers 59 degrees. on friday again a possibility of a shower, 57 degrees and heading towards the weekend when spring arrives temperatures will be dropping. saturday finally mostly sunny skies, 52 degrees so seasonable. sunday our first day of spring also the home opener for the union game, it will be wet with the chance of some of that rain changing to some wet snow sunday night in the northern suburbs with a high of 50 and monday a gusty breeze and a high of 52 degrees.
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i will have an update on all of this on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you cecily. finally tonight chef jose garces teamed up with pat's stakes today to promote his upcoming clarity event. garces spent some time serving up cheesesteaks at the historic establishment. all money raised today goes towards the garces foundation think local give local benefit taking place on friday. the foundation raises funds to provide philadelphia's immigrant community with medical, educational and nutritional programming. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news at 11:00 here on channel six. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> ♪ katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington, while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn.
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several breaking stories this monday night. on the eve of the make or break showdown, donald trump now defending himself tonight. after the fights and after the scare onstage. >> this is a love fest. >> and this question tonight. could the republican nomination be nearly wrapped up tomorrow? plus, sarah palin, and the emergency. and hillary clinton and former president bush. what led to this moment? the young officer ambushed, shot and killed. tonight, the suspect who allegedly started it all. police say his brothers recording the whole thing. and was it a fellow officer who fired the fatal shot by mistake? the severe storms. the tornado in ohio. historic flooding in the south. and the pileup in the east. more than 100 cars. the amtrak train derailing. passengers screaming for help. what the engineer saw


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