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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. i was with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 a.m. on this tuesday march 15th. we're working on several breaking news stories this morning. >> flames coming from a diner force dozens of people out of an attached hotel. we're live at the scene. >> also new this morning, people escape an apartment fire in south jersey thanks to a quick thinking neighbor. >> and accuweather is tracking the chance of showers for the next several days. >> let's find out more about that. we've got meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers is watching the roads. good morning. >> well, as we take an early look at satellite and radar, all we've got is clouds and some drizzle falling from the low lying cloud cover this morning. there are some showers down to the south. every now and then the models tend to bring this up around mid day. other runs have had it kind of falling apart before it gets here. i think the big issue this morning is the low lying cloud cover and that drizzle on your windshield that does have
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those wipers going intermittently. 46 degrees in philadelphia, 45 in trenton, 45 in wilmington. 44 in allentown. you can see how numbers beneath those early clouds are very even. winds not as strong as yesterday either so that's nice. cloudy skies drizzle maybe a shower later on but i generally think between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 we're looking at cool and damp conditions. and it stays a little bit milder later this afternoon. 46 degrees by 10 o'clock. and then by noon up to 51 which is better than most of you experienced yesterday. later in the day not only does it get back into the low 60's with a high of 62 around 4 o'clock, but we also have the chance of returning some sunshine into play. also have to bring this up and i almost hate to but we are looking at the return of pollen counts getting a little bit on the high side earlier than usual because of the mild spring that we've had so far or i should say mild late winter. today we're in the medium range but by tomorrow we could be getting close to the medium high range and again it's those tree spores that are giving you the problem. that's all the case first in
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the season. karen rogers what are roads looking like. >> we have this accident on i-95 northbound at 413. this is bristol township bucks county. it's involving an overturned vehicle. we're watching live as a big flatbed tow truck backs up and gets ready to pull this accident out of here. they've had the vehicle off to the side with lanes moving on i-95 northbound but they're restricting a lane as the tow truck is out there and tries to get out the overturned vehicle from the highway here so just watch for that on i-95 northbound. as you look at this shot, you can see some of the raindrops on the camera lens. it is damp out there and that's what you're dealing with this morning. looking live on the vine street expressway open in both directions. did not close overnight. westbound moving okay. eastbound light volume. roads are just damp as you're traveling in and the ben is looking good as well. westbound traffic very light. you see the shine on the roads. they're wet at this point but coming in or out of the city you'll have no issue and on the big picture showing that as well, speeds are in good shape. the one issue we have is a fire in chester we've been talk about edgemont avenue near 14th street is shut down.
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if you're in this area use potter street. tam. >> we're going that breaking news. the fire that damaged a diner and forced dozens of people out into the night. they were inside that attached hotel. again, this happened in chester delaware county. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at that scene, the 1300 block of edgemont. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. no one was injured in all of this. we're told the bulk of the damage is to the diner, so hopefully the hotel guests will be allowed back in pretty soon. you see the hotel next door had to be evacuated due to smoky conditions while all this was going on but again, the good news here, no one was injured. let me show you what's happening. you can see the fire crews remain on the scene here in chester. as they continue to work on the grape leaf diner where the fire broke out earlier this morning. this diner is formally the sunrise diner, that's what a lot of folks around here know it as and it's right next door to the day's inn on the 1300 block of edgemont. there's a fire station right next to the hotel so it didn't
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take crews long to get here this morning. the fire broke out around 3 a.m. and when fire crews arrived they saw flames on the exterior of the diner and they soon realized that the flames had extended up to the roof area. at that point the hotel had not been evacuated. once the chief saw there was smoke going into the hotel, he did make the call to evacuate the guests from the day's inn next door. >> pulled the fire alarm because i didn't hear that going off either when i got here and then i had a crew assist the hotel staff, go room to room and make sure everybody was out of the hotel. it took probably maybe 15, 20 minutes. >> reporter: but since the guests have evacuated we have been seeing them sitting in their cars, sitting in the lobby outside in the parking lot. the damage is to the diner not the hotel. so once enough smoke is blown out of the hotel guests will be allowed back in which hopefully soon be too long from now. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. again the chief says most of the damage is to that dining facility. so that could be closed for a little while now.
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we are live in chester, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you for that katherine. we're following a developing story out of lindenwold camden county. a fire at an apartment complex early this morning has displaced some of those residents. it happened just after 1:30 at the pines apartments in the 500 block of doper avenue. one resident says a woman living on the first floor knocked on her door and told her get out. she says she grabbed what she could and ran. >> me and my cat made it out safely, yeah. so, thank god. >> the resident says she stayed with family for the night. luckily no one was injured. the fire did damage two units in the building and there's no word yet on a cause. >> this story is new. a police swat vehicle was involved in a chain reaction crash on i-95. it happened just after midnight in the southbound lanes just past the academy road exit in northeast philadelphia. police say a driver lost control of his car and crashed into the concrete barrier. two officers in the swat utility vehicle stopped to
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help when a third car slammed into them. the driver of that last vehicle is being tested for dui. no one was hurt. and new from our delaware news room state police are looking for the man who brutally attacked a female acquaintance in a hotel room. police say khalil poindexter attacked and slashed a woman several times during an argument. it happened friday night at the west motel in bear. the victim was transported to a local hospital in serious condition. police say poindexter took off after the attack. if anyone has any information on his whereabouts contact delaware crime stoppers at the number on your screen. >> it is 5:06. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that's left a young man fighting for his life. it happened around 9:30 last night along the 200 block of west grange avenue in olney. police say the 21-year-old victim wall shot in the head while on the front porch of a home. another bullet was found in the living room. authorities are hoping several surveillance cameras in that area will lead them to their
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suspect. "action news" reporter annie mccormick will have more on that shooting in a live report coming up in our next half hour. hundreds of people came out last night to honor the memory of 18-year-old nadje steedley. she was on her porch on north salford street when she was hit by a stray bullet over the weekend. mourners lit candles and released dozens of balloons into the air in memorium for the woman who they said had a zest for life. she was a volunteer for an antiviolence organization and the crowd urged anyone who had any information to come forward. >> nobody knows who he is. let's save another life and step up and hopeful that person will come forward. >> there is a twenty thousand dollars reward being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. >> ♪ >> happening today, the vatican is set to approve mother teresa's elevation to sainthood. the catholic sister and missionary was awarded the nobel prize in 1979 for her
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work with the poor, sick, old and lonely in the teeming slums of cal cut today india. pope francis will announce a date and venue for it to happen. the albanian nun is one of five candidates being considered for sainthood. >> turning now to dave murphy, very rainy yesterday. what will it be like today? >> just a little drizzle out there right now. storm tracker6 live double scan, shows you there's no measurable or readable separation out there but that light fine drizzle always evades the radar and you're probably looking at some of that falling from the low clouds on your windshield this morning in a lot of neighborhoods. as we take a look outside or at least try to -- well, not too bad of a shot looking up through north philadelphia from temple university, looks like the flashing red light on the top of the dorm is working just fine. that's the good. and we are looking at that low lying cloud cover making things kind of damp with that drizzle falling but visibility not too bad from the top of about 19 stories up there.
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46 degrees in philadelphia, 45 degrees in wilmington, 45 currently in trenton. notice how even the numbers are beneath the clouds we have winds a lot lighter this morning than we had yesterday and obviously not as wet. now, there are some showers down to the south that appear to be falling apart below washington, d.c. some recent model runs have had some of this clipping us late in the morning although the latest model run we have on future tracker6 really has most of this falling apart so, yes, there is the chance of a pop-up shower coming up from the south during the morning and maybe up to about midday but the chances appear to be less and less of that. also notice as we move from 12:00 up to 6 o'clock how the model is suggesting some breaks in the clouds and i do think that this drizzle is basically with us for the morning along with that spotty little light shower but by the afternoon we're drying out and we probably see the return of some sunny breaks. up in the lehigh valley we'll call for clouds with some sun later. milder. a high of 59 degrees after being stuck in the low 50's yesterday. down the shore, also clouds with some late sun.
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a passing shower, maybe a little better chance of that along the coast especially the farther south you go. 56 is the forecast high. ocean temperature up a couple of degrees today and in philadelphia we're going to get milder this afternoon. we'll start out with the clouds and the drizzle but then get some sun into play and we wind up with a high of 62 degrees. that will feel pretty good and it's well above average. winds not as strong as yesterday. then overnight 48 degrees mostly cloudy with some late fog. and by tomorrow morning we'll probably start out with fog. big story tomorrow, though, despite the fog and maybe a couple spotty showers we get a brief warmup up to about 70 for a high. we'll go 69 before that front comes through and transitions us back to cooler weather as we move into thursday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 62 degrees, clouds, some sun, drizzle in the morning and that should wrap up by about midday or so and then clouds and sun on wednesday, mild, a high of 69. a late shower can't be ruled out. mostly cloudy for saint patrick's day, a cooler high of 65 but still above average.
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and yes, there is the chance of a spotty afternoon shower on thursday. clouds some sun and cooler on friday, 59 degrees and the new model trends are to cool things down for the weekend into the low 50's in fact, by sunday we could even see a period of rain. that's the first day of spring. the union home opener, fans will want to keep an eye on that forecast. >> david thanks. 5:11. and still ahead on "action news" why students in massachusetts were not allowed to clear on their basketball team last night. >> the internet video that has prompted outrage, disgust and an investigation. karen. >> looking live here at woodhaven road at knights road it's damp out there. not the rain we had yesterday but nonetheless we've got issues like an overturned vehicle on i-95. details on that one coming up. >> and hamilton takes over the white house. that's later on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> 5:14. quiet times along the commodore barry bridge over the delaware river. it is tuesday. >> yes, it is. >> sometimes i forget. it's a little drizzly out there. >> thgiven the time you get up you're allowed a foggy moment. how are the roads karen. >> every morning i struggle to know what day it is. there you go, i've shared too much. let's look outside right now and show you what's going none bristol township bucks county. an accident involving an overturned vehicle. i know with this shot you can't see anything but the flashing lights but trust me we have an accident with an overturned vehicle on i-95 northbound. we've got some debris on the roadway as well as penndot kind of pans back, you can see this so i-95 northbound at 413 we still have people out there dealing with this accident
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involving an overturned vehicle. it's not blocking all lanes. you should be able to get by okay. we have that traffic shift again with two lanes until 6 o'clock this morning. this has been causing issues in a busy area. this is 70 westbound in cherry hill right near 295 and a similar situation in bellmawr on route 42 between 295 and 544. we have a traffic shift here as well so whenever you're kind of moving your lanes and roads are a little damp that's not helping you any. live outside on 42 that's your northbound traffic. very light volume starting you off. you kind of get a hint of the low clouds out there when we're dealing with the drizzl drizzle. 4-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport but 3-mile visibility in trenton and toms river, two in atlantic city and 1.7-mile visibility in wildwood. so, watch for that as you're heading out. temperature-wise it's not too bad. 46 degrees right now in philadelphia and get a little bit better this afternoon and just a little bit brighter as well, tam. >> thank you, karen. and new this morning, a catholic high school in boston banned all 700 of its students from attending a semifinal
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basketball game last night. this after a group of students chanted inappropriate remarks during a game last friday night. students from catholic memorial taunted fans by saying quote you killed jesus. they were playing newton north high a school with a large jewish population. some parents were upset though at that decision to punish all of the students for what they said were the actions of a small group. a criminal investigation is under way after a video surfaced online showing a man urinating on a kellogs factory assembly line. the company says through its own investigation officials determined the video was recorded at the memphis, tennessee factory in 2014. kellogs says any products that could have been impacted would have been very limited and they would be past their expiration dates right now. the company has not yet identified the individual in the video. >> we are learning more about the death of a maryland police officer who was from delaware county. investigators say 28-year-old jacai colson was hit by
5:17 am
friendly fire. they say the gunman michael ford opened fire outside a police station in prince george's county on sunday and believed ford intended to create an ambush that would take his own life. ford was wounded but survived. police say his two brothers filmed the attack. they are also in custody. >> a north carolina sheriff has decide not to press charges against donald trump in connection with an altercation after a rally in fayetteville. cameras were rolling when a 78-year-old trump supporter sucker punched a protestor during the rally. cumberland county authorities were investigating whether trump or his campaign were to blame for that attack. the gop presidential candidate said he's considering helping to pay the man's legal fees, the one who punchd the protestor. that man, john mcgrath is facing assault charges. >> villanova, temple and saint joe's are preparing for ncaa tournament action. nova will be up first at noon in brick lynn. the cats hit the practice
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court yesterday. they are two seed in the south region. temple faces iowa at 3:10 on friday. the owls are a 10 seed in the south. coach fran dunphy had to sweat it out during the selection show over the weekend. you see the selection committee left the owls out last year. saint joe's will leave for spokane, washington, tomorrow. the hawks are an eight seed and they play cincinnati at 9:57 p.m. on friday. penn's women's basketball team watched the selection show last night. the quakers earned a 10 seed, the highest in the program's history. they will open against the washington huskies on saturday in college park, maryland. >> great times for all of our local teams. wonderful. it's 5:18. is there a connection between daylight saving time and poor heart health. >> whoever said that you can't put a price on love may be wrong. researchers think they've done just that. >> ♪ (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
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with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. yourbut the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. >> hey, it's tuesday. >> hey. >> let's see what it looks
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like right now. we're live outside state road at bridge street. traffic here moving just fine. no big issues as you head out the door right now. we are a little bit damp so we're dealing with there this morning. roads a bit wet but hey, nothing like yesterday. meanwhile mass transit is on time this morning, dave. >> on the big board we've got jackets on the kids, karen. temperatures are in the mid 40's this morning. it is going to be mild later this afternoon. there's drizzle around but probably not enough precipitation to warrant rain gear for the kids. you can see how things improve during the day. we have the chance of a little drizzle through the morning hours but in the afternoon we see some sun coming back into play and we're going to get milder today with a high of 62 probably late in the afternoon around 3:30 or 4:00. if you're headed to the airport any problems? well, not a lot of rain out there. a little drizzle in philadelphia. boston some showers but everybody else dry and as of now no great shakes with any major delays. 71 degrees in orlando in case you're heading down south to see disney today, tam. >> nice in orlando. thank you david.
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going to health check a bit of new research that shows a connection between daylight saving time and increased risk of stroke for some people. this doesn't apply to everybody just people who already have an elevated risk of a stroke. the study found the increase comes in the two days after the time change. so that would be yesterday and today. researchers say the study avenue officials previous work which has shown that an upset in circadian rhythm can impact a person's health. >> good morning. topping america's money will she or won't she? >> the federal reserve kicks off its two-day meeting and despite wall street's recent volatility fed chair janet yellen not expected to raise interest rates. >> investors will be on the lookout for clues about future rate hikes. >> america's pot economy is shooting up like a weed and the impact of legal marijuana on the u.s. economy could hit $44 billion by 2020. >> as for legal pot sales last year they surpassed $5 billion. that's more than americans spend attack company bell and weawendy's combined.
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>> ♪ >> in the morning buzz, the is the hottest ticket on broadway. the cast took the soldout show to the white house. this is viral video of miranda showing his incredible freestyle skills in the rose garden. listen. >> drop the beat. >> throwing up some words, i believe going to say some freestyling that you never heard. constitution the potus i'm free styling you know this. >> ♪ >> my boys and i were glued to this. this is part of the white house live stream feed yesterday evening. the president and the first lady hosted a full day of student workshops and performances. part of an effort to continue to highlight different kinds of american art. "hamilton" mixes hip hop and classic theater to tell the story of alexander hamilton.
5:27 am
a.m. milton was the nation's first treasury secretary. the obamas have been big supporters of the show. matt o'donnell called it. >> 50-50 chance. >> it was lauren b. bachelor star is engaged to lauren bushnell. the reality tv star gave her the final rose and a ring in the final season last night. the newly engaged couple had immediate chemistry. ben caused controversy for telling the other final contestant jo-jo fletcher i love you as well in an earlier episode. i guess you're not supposed to do in. in the end higgins told fletcher he loved bushnell more. jo-jo though will get another chance to find love. she'll be on the next bachelorette and that will kick off with the series premiere in may. people are still talking about last night's bachelor finale. we have just posted that on the 6abc facebook page. you can tell us was think about ben's decision and do you believe matt that you can really find love on reality tv? >> i'm sure that ben and lauren will spend many decades
5:28 am
together just like all the rest of the couples on the bachelor. [laughter] >> oh, wait. thank you, tam. 5:28. still ahead on "action news" the new discovery that indicates the t rex was not always the giant of jungle. three chicago police officers wounded in an exchange of gunfire that left their assailant dead. "action news" will be right back.
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