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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the next thing i know it'sedic morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress and it also adjusts to my body. my cloud feels... it's like somebody's hugging you. how can a bed do that? (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. >> happening now on "action news," a search for a gunman who fired a bullet into a man's head as he was on a front porch. >> accuweather says today won't be another washout but still you might see a drizzle or two as you get going on your commute. >> political march madness. entire campaigns are at stake for two republicans who are defending their home states. >> which way goes ohio i think is the biggest question. >> and florida. >> ohio. 5:30 on this tuesday march 15th. let's go right on over to dave murphy and to karen rogers, they've got accuweather and
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traffic. good morning. >> it's been an interesting political season no doubt about that. we've got cloud cover out there this morning. some breaks around south jersey but i think generally speaking you're looking at a cloudy start. we also have tracking showers to the south that appear to be falling apart. some of the late model runs suggest most that of will not make it here. however we have drizzle falling from the low lying clouds in many neighborhoods this morning so even though you're not seeing a lot on radar your windshield wipers might be working a little bit this morning. 46 degrees in philadelphia currently, 45 wilmington. all these numbers a few degrees cooler than yesterday but with winds lighter it feels about the same. a little bit on the damp side on the bus stop and elsewhere this morning. cloudy skies, some drizzle on the bus stop, 44 degrees by 6:00 and probably holding on or about 44 by 8:00. as we roll through the day, though, we are going to see improvement in a couple of ways. first of all, we get milder. i'm expecting a high of 62 degrees late in the afternoon probably around 3:30 or 4:00. while there is some drizzle here and there up through about midday or so, we are expecting the reemergence of some sun as we go through the afternoon and of course it's
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milder. we also unfortunately have to talk about pollen. because of the mild second half of the winter we've got a lot of trees that are beginning to bud early and that means some of you are sneezing. we're looking at medium pollen counts today, medium high possible tomorrow. karen rogers what are roads looking like? they're a little damp out there. >> we've been following this accident on i-95. it's northbound at 413 in bristol township bucks county involving and an overturned vehicle. what we can see right now is they're loading the vehicle up on the tow truck as we speak. we have debris off to the shoulder. at this point you can see traffic is getting by on i-95 northbound at 413. it's mostly off to the side. they may need to momentarily block it when they pull this tow truck out. you kind of get the idea looking at this shot it's damp out there, dreary. we're not talking the efrain yesterday but it's damp nonetheless with some low clouds. this is the roosevelt boulevard. that's you were southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. moving okay at this point. pretty light volume heading out very early at this point. an accident in hatfield new this morning on clemons road at forty foot road and we've
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been talking about this fire in chestnut because edgemont avenue still blocked between 14th and providence. we're hearing they should open it shortly. in the meantime is it you can to potter street to get around it matt. >> thank you karen. we continue following breaking news. flames coming from a diner delaware county forced hotel guests next door out of their room. the fire brock out just over two hours ago on the 1300 block of edgemont avenue in chester. the two alarmer damaged the grape leaves diner which is attached to a days inn. we're told guests will be allowed back in their rooms very soon. a liveup date from the scene is coming up in our next half hour. a gunman fired a bullet right into a man's head as the victim was on a front porch in the city's olney section. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at einstein medical center. >> reporter: matt the victim is at einstein in critical but stable condition. police say the bullets fired from the victim could have hurt even more people. they said they did find
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bullets in the home that he was sitting in front of and also in a property flex door. well, take a look at this video. this all happened last night around 9:30 in the 200 block of west grange avenue in the olney section of the city. it was there police say a 22-year-old man sitting on a front porch was shot on the left side of his head behind his ear. now, police took him to einstein hospital. again, he's in critical but stable condition here and police say at least one of the bullets went into the house behind him. >> we found a bullet that went through the front door and landed in the living room. so, we did find one projectile in the house but we believe that the victim was outside on the porch when he was shot. we did find one live round also on the front porch of the property right next door. >> reporter: and we're told that northwest detectives are the ones handling this case. at this point they're looking for more surveillance video but they do actually have some
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video from the area where that crime was committed. of course they're always looking for witnesses to come forward to help them. now, we do have a description that was called in to police dispatch. they say that the suspect is male, 6 feet tall, wearing a red jacket, gray hooded sweatshirt and he was last seen running west on grange avenue. for now reporting live in north philadelphia, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> annie, thanks. we're awaiting an update from police on a terrible crash in gloucester county. it happened along route 322 at berkeley drive at 7:00 last night. the action cam found a tarp draped over the vehicle and two child safety seats along with other belongings placed on the side of the road. officials will only say the driver lost control and struck a stone wall. they have not said how many people were in the car or how badly anyone was hurt. >> the search goes on for a west philadelphia car thief who drove off with a baby in the back seat of the vehicle. the four month old child is now back safe with his parents but the family's minivan is
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still missing. philadelphia police say surveillance from a corner store at 49th and walnut shows the suspect, the baby's father left his car running while he stopped into that store. it's a 2013 white town and country minivan with pa tags jmx6013. tredyffrin township police released a photo of the type of mask an intruder wore over the weekend. he was spotted on an atm video. he bound her in duct tape and stole jewelry and drove off in her car to take out that cash. >> 5:36 and today is super tuesday part three and could turn out to be a pivotal day for the presidential candidates in both parties. >> now there are enough delegates up for grabs to turn donald trump into the likely gop nominee if he has big wins. but his rivals are looking to blunt trump's winning edge in two key states. >> abc's kenneth moton is live in cleveland ohio a state that
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tends to be a bellwether for the entire presidential race. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam. yes, ohio is always very crucial and it gives us some insight into how november will go. yes, florida and ohio are the big prizes today but other states voting today could really make the difference. it's here, the day that could be a critical turning point in the race for president. >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place, this is going to do it. >> reporter: gop frontrunner donald trump was in the winner take allstate of ohio overnight attacking its governor and his rival john kasich. >> kasich can not make america great again. can't do it. >> reporter: the stop trump movement is in full effect. >> this country's not about us tearing one another down. >> reporter: rivals spent election eve seizing on the recent violence at trump rally. >> look a bernie sanders sixty nine don't worry you're not going to get beat up at my rally. >> one difference between this and a donald trump rally is
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i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> reporter: trump's response to these images. >> there's no violence. there's love tests. these are love fests. >> reporter: trump's likely democratic opponent hillary clinton called him out. >> i do hold him responsible i think if you go back now several months he's been building this incite. >> reporter: clinton rallied late into the night. bernie sanders was in chicago can confident. >> help lead the country into a political revolution. >> reporter: sander center city trailing clinton in all five states voting today. in his home state of florida rubio is 20 points behind trump but here in ohio governor kasich has a chance to win making the contested republican convention likely, matt. reporting live in cleveland, ohio this morning, kenneth moton, channel6 "action news." >> probably what would happen. thank you kenneth. although who knows in this election he's son, right. the pennsylvania legislature has moved one step closer to
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legalizing medical marijuana. the house approved a key amendment to a senate bill last night. its passage would pave the way for a government regulated growing and dispensing operation. the medical cannabis act has more than 220 amendments to comb through before it goes up for a final vote. governor tom wolf supports the legislation. >> let's turn to dave murphy. you'll need your umbrella just not as much. >> yeah, i mean, drizzle out there basically this morning. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you actually when you look at the radar we're really not picking up any main precipitation but that fine light drizzle falling from the low lying cloud cover is difficult for radars to pick up and so you don't see it. it is a little damp out there, though. as we take a look outside, cloud cover a plenty and you can see how the surface at the airport is a little on the damp side and that's because of that drizzle that is still continuing to fall. as we take a look at the current temperatures, 46 degrees in philadelphia, so a little bit cooler than yesterday. the dewpoint you'll notice is still very close to the
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temperature and that is an indication that the air is fairly saturated. so that drizzle definitely in play. winds out of the north-northwest at just 9 miles per hour. not as strong as yesterday. future tracker6 is trying to pick up some showers coming up from the south and between now and nine or 10 o'clock there's a possibility that a little bit of this does filter through but if you see something, it will be light and quick and by noon probably no longer a part of the picture and as we advance through the afternoon look at how the mild tries to break up the clouds a little bit. i think there's a chance we'll return some sun into play later on today. plus it's going to be milder than yesterday. we'll still be in the 40's at eight to 10 o'clock but by noon up to 51 which is better than we saw later in the afternoon yesterday. and 60 by 3 o'clock with a high of 62, sandwiched right in there around 4 o'clock this afternoon. probably still holding 60 by 5 o'clock. and again during the afternoon some sunny breaks return. as we take a look at high temperatures across the region, 62 degrees today in philadelphia and wilmington and millville. 60 in trenton and milder than yesterday up in allentown, too, with a high of
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59 degrees. down the shore 58 in cape may the way things are looking. and then tomorrow with a warm front passing through we'll see fog in the morning and perhaps a couple showers during the day. i don't think tomorrow is a washout by any stretch of the imagination. i think the big story tomorrow is that we do warm up ahead of this approaching cold front. we wind up with a high close to 70 degrees, we'll go 69. unfortunately lined that front for thursday we do start to cool down a bit. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 62, clouds, eventually mixing with sun. we've got some drizzle around for awhile this morning. then clouds and sun and mild oon wednesday a high of 69 degrees. on thursday saint patrick's day look for mostly cloudy skies, still fairly mild, just a little bit cooler than wednesday, 65 degrees will be the high on thursday. and again there's the chance of a couple of spotty showers in the afternoon. on friday, clouds and sun, cooler, 59. again we can't rule out a spotty shower as we stay a little bit on the unsettled
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side. the latest model projections are to cool us down for the weekend. we'll go with highs closer to 50 degrees on saturday and sunday. sunday for the union home opener and the arrival of spring some of the late model runs are suggesting some rain is possible during the afternoon. we'll see. it's a little ways out. >> say that again. i like the way it sounds. arrival of spring. >> arrival of spring on sunday. >> still ahead on "action news" gunfire erupts in chicago. three police officers are hit. interesting details coming out and we'll have them for you. >> the uber driver charged with a massacre in michigan last month is making strange claims about his actions. karen. >> we're live right now on the mid span of the platt bridge and we're looking pretty good. it's a bit damp out there, not as wet as yesterday morning. we're going to show you what the roads look like, take a look at the blue route when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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black silk, from folgers. is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look, everybody getting going there over the platt bridge. not nearly as wet and rainy as it was yesterday morning. but we could be in for a few raindrops here and there. it's 5:45, and 46 degrees. >> see any fogginess out there. >> yeah, we have some low visibility in a few spots an little bit of drizzle but not as bad as yesterday. we're just going with. that let's take a live look here. we've got the blue route at i-95. this is your northbound traffic coming off of the ramp from i-95 moving okay at this point. penndot shifting around a little bit and showing no big problem. roads a little bit damp and in
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this shot the low clouds not really an issue out there. i can take you to some of the other areas though and show you what's going on. we had some construction on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's westbound between delaware valley and neshaminy service area so you want to watch for the crews out there blocking the left lane so certainly not enough rain that they can't blame the construction. those men and women hard at work. same situation here in cherry hill. 70 westbound near 295 they're doing the traffic shift for about another half hour. watch for that. it will take you just a little bit longer as you're heading out. let's look at visibility reports. we mentioned some of the low clouds. it's especially an issue along the coastline 3-mile visibility in -- 4-mile visibility a little bit better at philadelphia international airport. how about the temperatures currently 46 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's not too bad. temperatures basically uniform. headed up to 62. we've got clouds and drizzle early but the afternoon looking a little bit brighter which i think we can all use after yesterday was so dreary and kind of chilly, matt and
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tam. >> that would be nice. thank you karen. we're learning more about a deadly shootout that injured three chicago police officers. the trio stopped a man and a woman in an area of suspected drug activity when the man pulled a gun and started shooting. the officers returned fire killing that man. the injured police are described as veteran officers each one recovering from nonlife-threatening lower body hits. police are now questioning the woman at the scene of the shootout. the man charged with killing six people in michigan while driving for uber is blaming his ride sharing app. investigators say jason dalton told them that the app was controlling him through his cell phone. and he claims an artificial sense took over his body and made him fire at random targets. now, dalton does not have a history of mental illness. a judge has ordered dalton to undergo an evaluation to see if he's competent to stand trial. >> an nfl official has acknowledged for the first time a link between playing football and the brain disease referred to as cte. jeff miller the league senior vice president for health and
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safety spoke about the connection during a congressional committee meeting on concussions. he referenced a boston university doctor who found cte in the brains of 90 former pro football players. mill are added the broader scope of the issue has yet to be addressed. >> it's 5:48 and a tornado touches down in the midwest. >> and a new discovery indicates that the tyrannosaurs russ rex wasn't always one of the biggest dinosaurs. david. >> all right guys we're loading up the kids and we're dressing them in light jackets as we have temperatures in the 40's right now going up to the 60's later. i'm skipping the rain gear because all we've got out there on the way to school is drizzle. they can do without an umbrella for. that we'll be back with your day planner forecast let you know right where those numbers are going today
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>> the national weather service has confirmed that an ef1 tornado touched down in phillipsburg ohio yesterday. high winds blew the roofs off of several homes. so far, though no, storm related injuries have been reported. >> we've got just a little bit of drizzle here and there, some low clouds you're dealing with, too. let's show you what it looks like on the roads. not too bad. this is aramingo at lehigh avenue. traffic moving okay. see the big puddle in the foregroundly you'll be driving through some puddles left over from yesterday. everything is looking on time with mass transit. no big problem heading out the door just yet, dave. >> do you know what my windshield wipers were doing, it was like loop, whoop. now it's just whoop, whoop. temperatures are cool in the low 40's in the northern and western suburbs. mid 40's around center city and chester and mid 40's down through the heart of south jersey and up and down the state of delaware. not a lot of wind this morning. as we roll through the day things improve in two different ways. first of all the drizzle is around during morning hours
5:52 am
but it starts to taper off around midday. secondly the temperatures get milder than yesterday. by 4 o'clock we're up to 62. that is going to be your high this afternoon. and clouds give way to a little bit of late day sun. so if you have errands to run maybe you can wait until later. it's milder and drier. matt and tam. >> thank you david. you can always get that seven-day forecast an live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web site. just go on over to >> a fossil found in central america is giving paleontologists a better glimpse into the t rex dinosaur its a mini t rex fossil indicating a smaller dinosaur evolved into the large predator. the discovery suggests t rex was once the size of a horse but quickly evolved into a 40-foot 7-ton giant. t rex lived 90 millions years ago. a dog that had been missing for near two years is now back home with its owner. syracuse disappeared from his
5:53 am
yard in california back in april of 2014. the owner had no idea where the dog went. then just days ago police found syracuse wandering around while they were out investigating a shooting. they brought the today ugg to animal control and the microchip implanted in syracuse led to his elated owner. >> look at that. it is now 5:53. up next a case of finders keepers may land an airport janitor behind bars. >> amazon may soon let people pay for items by just taking a photograph. the story at 6:00. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here out across penn's landing. nice clear start to your tuesday. better than we had for your monday. it is 5:56 and 46 degrees right now. a teenaged boy is in stable condition after he was hit by a police cruiser. a police officer was responding to a call when he hit that 16-year-old. it happened in the 1700 block of south 56th street just after 6:00 yesterday evening. the teen was taken to the children's hospital of philadelphia. and a philadelphia airport custodian has been charged with stealing a federal air marshal's gun. investigators say the flight officer accidentally left his air marshal issued handgun inside an airport restroom on saturday. police say 31-year-old victor sheared took the weapon and locked it inside his janitor's closet. police tracked down the gun using surveillance video. no one was hurt.
5:57 am
>> city inspectors are investigating a partial house collapse in the wynnefield neighborhood. the side of a home on the 5600 block of lebanon avenue crumbled last night leaving the three story home exposed to the elements. the person who lives there is fine. inspectors will determine if nearby homes are in danger. >> 5:57. we're following some breaking news. a diner fire forces out hotel guests who were staying next door. >> when avon comes calling the next time it will probably be from a long distance. that's next. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weight is so good...
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday march 15th. we're working on several breaking news stories this
6:00 am
morning. >> flames coming from a dine are force dozens of people out of an attached hotel. we're live at the scene. >> also new people escape an apartment fire in south jersey thanks to a quick thinking neighbor. >> and accuweather is tracking a chance of showers for the next several days. >> let's find out more about that. dave murphy has latest in accuweather. karen rogers is taking a look at traffic. good morning. >> gosh everybody. and there's a little misty light fine drizzle here on the terrace. not enough for an umbrella. take a look at satellite. big issues is the low lying clouds, drizzle in some spots. you see the showers down to the south and west of us kind of falling apart. we may or may not pick up a little shower this morning and then after those get through, we have the chance of some sun returning later. for now it's cool, 46 degrees under the clouds, drizzle on the windshield and then your eyes if you're walking to the bus stop. 44 in reading. really even numbers across the region. as we roll through the day things improve. first of all the clouds and drizzle are going to break up a little bit later this morning. as we go


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