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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news an attack outside of a homeless
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shelter, two men are beaten with a baseball and a walking cane. and a new federal disaster declaration for parts of new jersey. and the big story is the attempted fire bombing of a home in south philadelphia. police say that it appears that a homemade device was thrown at a window. annie mccormick is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: the arson explosive task force is working with philadelphia police to try to figure out who is responsible for this. it could have been much worse they say if the molotov cocktail made it through the glass and could have caused a massive fire and spread quickly to neighboring row homes. detectives are focusing on the 2100 block of north beachwood after someone threw a bottle with gasoline at this south
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philadelphia home damaging a front window but not penetrating it to get inside. the neighbor described it -- >> i jumped up and heard something go boom and when i looked out the window her pavement was on fire. >> and she believes she saw the suspect. >> he was just watching it, he didn't say or do anything just walked done the street. >> this is a friend of a family member. >> she called me or whatever, and said someone fire bombed the house and nobody knows what happened. >> investigators discovered a milk jug and next to it a broken glass bottle with what appeared to be an accelerant and they found a two that were connected. neighbors say they never had
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problems on the block and police are investigating if this was random or if they were targeted. >> i have been here 15 years but we never had nothing like that before. >> and police also say that another neighbor on the block did witness the suspect and they say that that neighbor tried to interests screen and when he tried to call police the suspect walked away and they only have a vague description of that suspect wearing khaki pants and a black jacket and black shoes. reporting live in south philadelphia. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> breaking now pennsylvania supreme court justice michael akin is stepping down from the bench of a scandal involving pornographic emails. attorney general, kathleen kane has been released hundreds of offensive emails sent by akin
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and others. judge shamous mccaffrey retired in 2013 after he was suspend the by the court for the emails he sent. and now religious leaders are facing child endangerment charges. they were announced they morning, all charged with child endangerment and kane says he were part of a conspiracy that allowed them to be abused by baker. he committed suicide three years ago. voters in five states are heading to the poll, republican front runner, donald trump and democrat, hillary clinton are looking for clean sweeps but their rivals will not make it easy. kenneth moton has the latest
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from cleveland, ohio. >> there is a lot on the line today as voters head to the polls in ohio. it's do or die in this presidential race. >> i am asking for your support. i would be honored to receive it. i hope to be your nominee. >> this is a place i want to win, this is going to do it. >> delegates up for grabs in five states but gop frontrunner, has his eyes on the big prizes, take all states of florida and ohio. >> i think we'll do very well and we seem to be having great poem numbers. >> and john kasich is public enemy number one in the buckeye state. he cast his ballot this morning. >> it's great. do i seem nervous or uptight? i'm having a great time.
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ohio is important for kasich and florida is make or break for marco rubio. they either lose at home it could be down to a two man race between cruz and trump. >> for the democrats, bernie sanders is closing in on clinton in ohio, a loss here will slow her down but not enough to block clinton's path to the democratic nomination. >> we are bringing the country to a political revolution. sanders has his sights on the next contest and hillary clinton and donald trump have election night parties planned in north carolina. voters in the tri-state area have a while to wait before casting their ballots. delaware and pennsylvania are
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not until tuesday april 26th and new jersey voterers go even later on june 7th. on the weather front now, on a soggy morning, we are finally drying out and seeing sunshine later today. sky 6 hd taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge, and gray skies are sticking around and not as windy as yesterday and it feels milder out there. we could see peeks of sunshine through the afternoon. lets get the latest from david murphy at the big board. >> you had all the heavy rain around the region and then drizzle and lighter showers in the afternoon, this morning mostly drizzle and one batch of shower activity pushing up through chester and starting to push through philadelphia. we here are under the lighter shade of green and the roads are hardly wet. and cape may and atlantic city, your roads are slightly wet than continues to fall apart as it pinwheels to the north and after
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2:00 or so today we are likely out from under that. cloud cover then socks us in and we are hoping for breaks now in the afternoon and some peeks of sunshine, right now 50 in philadelphia and up in allentown and 48 in millville and wilmington 47 and reading 49 and 46 in cape may. this afternoon we'll go for a high of 60, 8 degrees are above average. that is a good alert that tomorrow will be milder. that 60 depends on if we see sunshine out later this afternoon. i think it's possible after 4:00 and of course with the time frame we have until 7:00 to get bursts of sunshine in there. if we don't see sunshine we are probably stuck in the mid-50s. and the pollen count, it's starting to inch back up because of the relatively mild last several weeks, and today in the medium zone, tomorrow ahead of afternoon showers, there say chance to get to medium high, if
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you are an allergy sufferer, keeping medications at hand. when i step back in with the full forecast we'll talk about future tracker 6 and show you how the showers involved and the warmer air coming in tomorrow. a popular diner was heavily damaged during an early morning fire. firefighters had to evacuate the days inn next door as smoke filled the hallways, the fire was contained to the restaurant. still no word on a cause. north fire forced people out of their apartments in camden county overnight. this blaze started just after 1:00 at the pines apartments in lyndonwald. a neighbor woke up when a woman knocked on her door and told her to get out. a car thief that stole a minivan with a baby in the backseat.
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the 4-month-old child is back home safe with his mother and father and the minivan remains missing, it was captured on video at 49th and walnut. police are looking for a 2013 white town and country minivan with pennsylvania tags jmx 6013. federal disaster aid is coming to new jersey to help fix the damage from a severe winter storm. today president obama signed a disaster declaration for several counties, including burlington, camden, cape may and ocean counties at the shore. and it will help with repairs during the weekend of january 22nd. still to come, three chicago police officers shot in the line of duty, an update on their condition and how police tried to help the suspected gunman. and a woman survives after her vehicle plunged off the
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homeless shelter in fishtown on sunday. police say that two men were standing outside of the brotherhood mission on jared avenue. two other men arrived and began hitting them with a baseball bat and a walking cane and they tossed a plastic bag on the victim and took off in a light colored kia heading east on jared avenue. a top isis commander has recordedly died weeks after reportedly wounded in syria. omar alshasnoni. isis are bought in doctors to treat him but were unable to save his life. according to the chicago police, three officers were shot. two have been released from the
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hospital, they were wounded during a drug investigation that led to a foot chase, they were chasing a male and female suspect when the man fired on the officers. the officers shot back wounding the gunman and police arrested and questioned the woman with the gunman, but so far she is not facing charges. a woman survived weapon her vehicle fell from the fourth floor of a parking garage, the suv landed upside down from the sidewalk below and planting on the side of the garage, it happened yesterday in towson, maryland, some how the woman walked away without serious injuries. a group of investors are suing volkswagon for $3.5 billion for the company's emissions scandal. the lawsuit filed in a german caught was filed by several
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a struggling cosmetic company is cutting jobs, avon products made the announcement after shares lost 40% of their value last year. 2700 employees will be laid off. and avon stock will continue to trade on the new york stock exchange. turning to health check this noon, a new study found that going cold turkey is the best option for smokers trying to quick. abruptly stopping to slowly cutting down overtime and the cold turkey option is most
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effective and better for avoiding a relapse down the road. half of all smoker will die of a smoking relates illness if they do not kick the habit. and patients donned graduation caps to celebrate their completion of the grow clinic. designed to help young children diagnosed with failure to thrift, where their health is at risk because of slow weight gain or weight loss. and the grow clinic is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. all right the "action news" team is work on news stories for tonight begin agent 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> we are covering big news in the music world, a deal in the making for more than two decades and today we are getting a glimpse into some of the details
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with the deal with michael jackson, and the deet beatles. and it's something we all dealt with, how to keep your darks dark and your whites white. we put laundry detergent to find out which works best for your clothe and preserve them and keep them looking pristine. and if you have not download the the 6 abc news app, you can watch us live on your smart phone or tablet. >> i saw some of my clothe in the video. thanks alicia. your accuweather forecast is coming up when we come right back.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit meteorologist, david murphy back now with a look at the
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changing forecast. >> it will get milder today and milder tomorrow but we are still dealing with clouds. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us light rain in the center portion of the region and a lot of this is pushing into philadelphia, in most cases this is the lightest shade of green the radar shows us and in that case you'll have a hard time even getting the roads wet and every now and then you get green mixing in. and nuisance rain for another 90 minutes and then it's likely past. delaware looking like it's pretty much done and atlantic city steady stuff off the coast and that should spin up to long island and not be an issue for us. outside you can get pretty pictures on a gloomy, gray day. that is fairmount park with flowers and leaves becoming to come out. the pollen counts are running
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ahead of schedule. 47 is your temperature in philadelphia and winds 8 miles per hour not all that strong but it's still cool and jacket and layers weather out there. 49 in trenton and 48 in wilmington and millville, a kill cooler in cape may. a shot of precipitation but it looks like it will dry up. between 3:00 and 6:00 we expect the clouds to break up a bit and we get sunshine in, assuming that happens, the number at 50 now will zoom on up to 60 for a high this afternoon. if we don't break the clouds we'll probably get stuck in the mid to upper 50s and clouds and sun up in the lehigh valley second quarter at the shore, same story, if we get the sun, 56 degrees, and passing shower in spots and that shouldn't hang around until 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. 60 is the high in philadelphia and mostly cloudy and sunny
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breaks later in the day and milder than yesterday. winds from the northeast not as strong as yesterday running 7 to 14 miles per hour. for the evening commute it will likely be dry between 4:00 and 7:00, temperatures at 60 at 4:00, and slowly fading to 57 at 7:00, and clouds and sunny breaks, overnight with mostly cloudy skies and clouds dig in and we have fog by morning and 48 is the overnight low, and tomorrow with a warm front getting through and cold front from the west, yes we get fog and a chance of pop-up afternoon showers and we get milder with a high up close to 70 degrees tomorrow before another cool down. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast clouds and sun today and we have the showers around for another couple of hours, tomorrow morning fog and mild in the afternoon with a high up to 69 in philadelphia and a spotty late shower. mostly cloudy for st. patrick's day and yes again there could be a couple of spotty showers in
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the afternoon on thursday. clouds and sun and 59 degrees and as we head into the weekend, the latest model projection, may or may not effect us with precipitation and it sweeps off the ocean and highs around 50. if we get rain it most likely will be sunday afternoon and at this point, i won't promise it and there is one model breaking off from that. >> thanks david. a dallas dynasty continues at the iditarod in alaska, dallas stevie won the race this morning, the third straight title. and he completed the nearly 1,000 mile race in record time. by the way his only loss in the past five years was to his own father. >> okay much more ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 12:30. ben chose lauren and also got down on one knee.
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hear from the happy bachelor couple. >> it's totally a new way to ride a roller coaster and the reality thrill experience. can you hold it together. >> i'm trying.
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they'll always be our babies. so there will be things to keep us up. but tonight johnson's can help with a bedtime routine. clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. tonight, we sleep. "action news" at 12:30 c
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break out at 3:00 a.m. and cause aid hotel to be evacuated as well. katherine scott reports now from chester. >> there is quite a bit of damage from chester including a hole in the roof. there is no word yet when it will be able to reopen. >> i heard the alarm and saw smoke season came down to ask what was wrong -- >> hotel guests mary fisher lear


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