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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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cocktails in the street and one detonated and spread flames on the street. trish hartman is live tonight. trish what are the details on this? >> reporter: the woman that lives in the home is thankful that she and her two children are not hurt but in the meantime the investigation continues into the suspect and a motive. neighbors on the 2200 block of south beachwood street heard a boom this morning. one woman looked out and saw the sidewalk on fire and a man standing nearby. >> just watching it and didn't stay anything or do anything, just walked down the street. >> police would like to talk to that man. one damaged the window but did not make it into the house. the man was last seen walking north on beachwood. and the suspect may have been standing there watching the fire and nobody was injured in the situation, and folks on the
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block were shocked and the family says many kept to themselves. a relative of the family heard about the attack and came over to check on them. >> called me or whatever and he was just like somebody bought the house and nobody knows what happened. >> neighbors are worried. >> it could happen again that is my concern my main concern is my mom is on oxygen. >> i was concerned, very small children. and you know, the lady next door has small children. >> police don't know if this home was targeted or not, if you have information that could help in the investigation, police would like to hear from you. live at police headquarters, trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> fire forced a family out of their home in camden county, the flames broke out in lyndonwald
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and crews say that the fire started in a first floor apartment and quickly spread to the unit next door. and fortunately nobody was hurt. pennsylvania supreme court justice, michael eakin is resigning after a scannedle into pornographic emails. he served on the supreme court since 2002 and attorney general, kathleen kane is releasing hundreds of offensive emails sent by eakin and others. he is the second member of the high court to quit over the scandal over the last 18 months. judge mccaffrey retired in 2013 after being suspended in court for the emails he sent. three religious members of the franciscan order are charged are allowing a brother to molest at least 80 children there. the molester committed suicide three years ago.
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those charges announced today by attorney general, kathleen kane, have you the full story. >> reporter: that is right. the attorney general says the three men knew about the abuse allegations for years but never told law enforcement and putting hundreds of children in danger. >> the attorney general found significant wrong doing. >> kathleen kane announced charges for three franciscan friars. >> they knew in a brother baker was a child predator and faced allegations of child molestation, in 1988 and again in 2000, these individuals did not report this knowledge to police. >> the three men charges all once leaders within the franciscan friars.
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despite that he was appointed to work where he is accused of molesting more than 100 children, when allegations surfaced there he assigned him to lead youth retreats. >> they engaged in efforts to protect the image and reputation of the franciscan friar rather than act in the best interest the children. >> a victim edwards advocacy group hopes this will help victims knowing they could get justice going forward. >> if these charges stick and they go to jail, it sends another message saying we will find a way and stop you from hurting the children. >> the men are charged with one count each of conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children. they live out of state and are expected to turn themselves in
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later this week. >> thank you jeff. north philadelphia community members, temple students and faculty all hit the streets to protest plans for a new football stadium. temple university's president says he plans to move forward with a $126 million stadium despite calls against him. they believe the university is disrespecting the university by expanding without consulting residents. i think the students have a lot of power and the community members have a lot of power, and we just have to keep talking to temple because temple is not talking to us. protesters say that emailed addressed to the community say that temple is facing a $175 million budget deficit because of stalled state budget negotiations. chester police have released the name of a suspect killed in a shootout on saturday afternoon killed in a car chase. keith montgomery jr. was killed
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after they say he was shot at by officers and they shot back. this in upper chichester township. capital endavis was hit twice and remains in the hospital in stable condition and known suspect was injured an i third was arrested. the federal government is making money available for cape may county communities devastated by the blizzard in january that, is good news for places like sea isle city, nora muchanic has that story. >> the president signed it that is big for a small county like cape may county. >> city commissioner is thrilled with the news that cape may is one of seven counties in new jersey eligible for federal aid to reimburse them for the february blizzard that brought flooding to shore towns. we took an approximately $26 million hit in private and public damage. >> 12 million of that was on sea
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isle city shore line. there was 8 feet of beach eaten way by the storm. now they can try to recoup the money spent rebuilding beaches and cleaning up after the blizzard. >> they can get reimburse many they spent of taxpayer money for preparation and cleanup. >> it involves a lot of paperwork but if they can get a chunk of what they spent on this storm back it's well worth it. the taxpayers are glad it's not all on them. >> the amount of money they would have been charged to regain what we lost, would have been devastating. >> you may recall that when governor christie was campaigning for president he dismissed the severity of the storm when someone asked why he was not home surveying the damage. >> the mayor doesn't feel vindicated by the disaster
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declaration. >> we are happy and we'll have a mop party now. >> they are working with fema to review claimed town by town. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." from our delaware newsroom, an 11-year-old girl is safe after being rescued from a creek last night. the christiana fire department rushed to the scene at 7:00 after a neighbor called 11 and crews found an 11-year-old girl clinging to a tree off muddy run creek. the water was up to her shoulders. two water rescue technicians were able to rescue the girl and bring her to safety after neighbors tried without success. >> i went in to try to see if i could get her. you know i went up to about my waist a little bit higher, it was rushing too fast for me. i knew if i went any furnish -- further i would be in trouble.
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>> it was not complex our people using the appropriate equipment and life lines two rescue technicians went into the water and were ale to remove her in a pretty rapid fashion. officials say that the girl fell into the creek when she tried to reach something, the creek was extol enfrom yesterday's rain. it had a stronger current than usual. coming up tonight as the primary in pennsylvania approaches, former governor, ed rendell says he is backing a candidate for congress. and philadelphia schools are facing a shortage of teachers, but we'll take you to one school that city leaders are calling a big success. sky 6 hd taking a look at the center city skyline, finally seeing breaks of sunshine, but don't put the umbrellas away just yet. i'll have the accuweather
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forecast next. nova, temple and st. joe's are getting ready. jaime apody with march maddens when "action news" continues.
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on a local political scene pennsylvania state representative, dwight edmonds won the endorsement of ed rendell. is he running for congress in the 7th district. he has dedicated his life to improving lives of others in the neighborho neighborhoods where they live. is he running against chaka fattah, he faces charges in a money laundering scheme.
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during these difficult times for the philadelphia school district, school officials can point with pride to many success stories. one would be spruce elementary school. "action news" anchor, matt o'donnell has the story. >> reporter: at nearly 1500 students, spruce elementary school in philadelphia is the largest in the city. and known for being able to retain a high number of teaches, when people ask where do you want to work they say spruce for a variety of reasons. >> children from different backgrounds and it's proven to be, because my class has so many different countries represented. >> the district plans to hire hundred teachers so it's fully staffed by next year. bunt funding is underway.
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>> but no school can overcome the state budget. it's long overdue, for now it's only guesswork. >> i think that what we could have done if we were fully staffed, appropriately staff and properly funded? >> we could do amazing things here, not that we aren't now. >> teachers admit that working in an urban district has challenges and you go way beyond being a teacher and quite often. >> our students come from very different backgrounds. but i mean it's nothing -- i don't do anything extraordinary, just what is good for the kids. >> they expect to lose four of 72 teachers on staff. wilmington, delaware police
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med with members of the community today with the goal of creating a better relationship. they gathered at the public safety building in wilmington after a violent two weeks in the city. seven people were shot and three people died and today's meeting the second in a series of community get togethers. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best prices, quality and selection. wake up with wegmans family pack ♪ 1,2,3,4 you can save 30% or more. from tasty energy bars
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potentially a 4 point swing game for your philadelphia flyers. >> are you flyered up? >> yes. >> where is your orange tie. >> i thought i was wearing it. >> me too. i know we say all the flyers games in this push is huge but today is the game of the year. the flyers hosting the red wings. how big is this one? with regulation win it would put them one point back. >> this is an important game.
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it's going to be a hard game we though that but we need to play how we play and we should be good. >> the eagles are busy these days getting their draft board ready and taking care of their own. they signed nolan carol to a two year deal, he will earn 2.6 million next season. they need corners, they traded byron maxwell next week. >> friday should be a city holiday, three teams from the areas all in the big dance. how will anyone get any work done. saints joe's have the second best record in school history. but they have a test in cincinnati whose big men are a big problem. >> would not sneak into clubs where these guys are the bouncers and they treat the basket like it's a club, and unless you have the proper i.d.
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and cover charge you ain't getting in. >> the team that should make the deepest run, is villanova, they were the top ranked team in the nation at one point. we know that nova is prone to early exits, so jay wright is proceeding with caution. >> i think we can beat anybody and get beat by anybody, that is the truth. >> does that make you nervous coming into the tournament? >> we lost the last two years i was not nervous, i was upset afterwards. >> should the wildcats win they could face a second round match-up with these guys, but first temple needs to upset iowa. and looking for inspiration on a court of a different kind. >> there is a lot of pressure but as i mentioned before, i believe it was billy jean king's quote. and correct me if i'm wrong.
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pressure is a privilege. so we are in a pressurized situation and we are police officer ledged to be in it. >> the phillies refuse to lose, aaron nova allowed two runs in four and two-thirds. the phils beat the rays 5-2, they are unbeaten their last five games. >> don't care that it's spring training. >> i agree. cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast. not an overly exciting accuweather forecast. >> there is sun outside. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington,
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while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn.
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okay lets get to the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan -- >> breaking news the sunshine is out. and we have not seen it since saturday. and we have daylight savings time. wear the sunglasses on your way home. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we got rid of the showers and finally we are seeing breaks in the clouds and i got this great shot from kelly in spring city about a half hour ago. saying what is that? seeing blue skies and sunshine and it's taking a while, that being said. tomorrow is one of those days you need the sunglasses and the umbrellas, i am tracking midweek warmth and temperatures tomorrow in the mid up toer 60s and the arm high for this time of year was 52 and well above average,
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however in the early evening and late afternoon hours, future tracker 6 this is at 6:00 we see showers moving through and definitely don't put the umbrella away quite yet. temperatures slightly above yesterday's high, currently 53 in philadelphia and allentown the same. the poconos saw a lot more sunshine, 59 degrees, that is a warmer spot. that is kind of unusual. cape may 53 and wilmington 55. satellite 6 along with action radar show that we did have a round of some light mid-day showers and now you see the showers have moved on. seeing breaks in the clouds, so tonight partly cloudy and some fog will develop late tonight and could slow down the early part of the commute. not that cold for this time of year. and allentown 42 and cape may 46 and wilmington 43 degrees, tomorrow this whole system
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slides through and we'll see some peeks of sunshine early but as it swings through late in the afternoon and evening, this is when we could have showers and it will be mild with a high of 69 degrees, behind the system for thursday saint patricks day the luck of the irish looking nice, 66 degrees and partly sunny and mild. and big changes as we head through the weekend, this cold front right there, that will move through on friday with another round of showers and what that does is opens the door for a weekend chill, and temperatures in the 40s and the cold air in place and the possibility of a coastal storm, the northwest suburbs could get a touch of wet snow for the first day of spring. march madness. the exclusive accuweather forecast tomorrow peeks of sun early, late in the afternoon and evening, some scattered showers, a high of 69 degrees. thursday, st. patrick's day
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looking good, partly sunny and breezy and chance of a spotty shower. 66 on friday, this is when the cold front moves through and brings us another round of showers and 66 degrees and heading into the weekend, saturday finally a full day of sunshine, sunny and cool the high only 50 degrees and sunday the first day of spring, and also the home opener for the philadelphia union, looking at the potential for a potential storm that could bring rain to the region and wet snow north and west and the high only 49 degrees and a chilly day and behind that system monday 52 degrees and tuesday clouds and sun and high of 53. but a couple more, not quite a couple more hours, 45 mines to enjoy the sunshine. they recognized accomplishments in the city of
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delaware, the newcastle department of public safety hosted the event today. the awards for handed out for citizen involvement for good acted committed and done in the second half of 2015 and we congratulate all the recipientses tonight. abc world news is next on channel 6, and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, jaime apody, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the exit polls coming in right now. what the voters are revealing already. will donald trump essentially seal the deal? >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place. >> his rivals looking to stop him tonight. all eyes on john kasich and his home state of ohio. and hillary clinton. can she finally put it away? or, another sanders surprise tonight? clinton tells us she's optimistic. >> but not confident? that's a word a lot of your supporters might want to hear you say. >> okay, i'm confident. >> our team standing by on it all. also tonight, the severe weather hitting right now in several of the states voting. now images of the tornadoes in ohio. where the storms track next. and dangerous driving for millions in the east. the alleged uber gunman. the murder spree and the new video here tonight. breaking news for the millions of americans prescribed


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