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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 16, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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saddened and many concerned for their own child. and merrick garland is chosen by president obama to join the supcourt and her job was to attract people to come to philadelphia. and the district attorney says she was a thief and fraud. and now the details, students and staff at one philadelphia school are in mourning after the sudden death a ninth grader, he died yesterday from meningitis, katherine scott has more. >> reporter: the students are organizing way to remember this young man who died at 15 years old from meningitis, he was in school on monday and but yesterday morning he was gone. students at george washington carver high school of engineering and science walked to class today their hearts heavy. a ninth grader at the magnet school in north philadelphia died suddenly yesterday of bacterial meningitis. >> i played ball with him first
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semester and i had him in my first and second period in class. >> they called an assembly after school on tuesday. some studentses carried balloons to be released after school in his memory. >> they will let the balloons go into the sky and write notes on it and decorate his locker. >> they are following the health department's regulations to make sure everyone is safe and getting the help they need. and that meningitis spreads from close contact and other can't like sharing a classroom or lunch table are not at risk. >> it's not contagious like the flu or common cold but through bodily fluids, have you to be very, very close. >> my heart goes out to the family. you know, it's very difficult for i guess a parent to have to
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bury a child. >> even though it's bodily fluids exchanges, he could have sneezed or anything and i feel bad for the parents, there are hundreds of kids at risk and i think they should have shut the school down and had it sanitized. >> people have concerned and there is a meeting at the school tonight at 6:00, and the health department will be here to answer questions and if you can't make the meeting, there is a number to call for information. we'll post the number at katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." in other news, president obama has named his pick to take the open seat on the supreme court. today the president nominated merrick garland for the job, a chicago native. the 63-year-old put himself through law school and then accepted a job as a federal prosecutor and now is the head judge of the court of appeal, d.c. circuit and today he got
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emotional. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. other than wearing asking maureen to mary me 28 years ago. >> as my parents taught me with words and deeds, a life of public service is as much a gift to him as those he is serving and there is no higher service than serving as a member of the supreme court. >> president obama urged congress to grant hearing and saying that the supreme court is above politics. gop leaders in the senate said they would refuse to meet with an obama nominee no matter who he chooses. john kasich ask meeting in our area today. at villanova talking about his big win in ohio last night. let look live at that event. the governor was invited by villanova's government association. the ohio primary was kasich's
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first victory the 2016 election season and keeps him alive in a three man race in the republican presidential nomination. >> reporter: a win win situation for both donald trump and hillary clinton, both candidates victorious last night after voters made their choice in super tuesday number three. the focus now to unite the party. there is a tremendous fervor out there and i think the republicans should grasp it, the third party guarantees 100% that your democrats will win. >> the overwhelming win in the sunshine state devastating enough to suspend the campaign of marco rubio. >> although we are on the right side this year, we are not on the winning side. john kasich pushing full steam ahead after taking all 66 delegates after winning his home state of ohio.
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>> we'll go all the way to cleveland and secure the nomination. >> and hillary clinton swept four of the five states up for grabs including florida and ohio, the winner take all states and the frontrunner now has a laser focus on donald trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president, call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> as for bernie sanders an overall disappointing night after the math for his path for the nomination looking extremely grim. the next republican presidential debate in utah, the debate that donald trump said he didn't know about and likely not participate in. >> in new york channel 6 "action news." >> back here a former tourism leader in philadelphia is charged with theft and fraud, joyce leavitt is accused of
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stealing $200,000 from 2012 when she was the nonprofits chief financial officer an audit in 2011 uncovered the alleged theft. >> she embezzled the money by charging person alex pensions to her corporate credit card and used corporate checks to pay for her personal visa bills. >> williams says the corrupt charges included items at costco and $4100 in skin care treatments. about 1500 reads in delaware county are without power following a problem at a substation there. officials say that the power company met ed, believe that it was caused by a rodent of some sort that got into the substation in tinicum township, it called sparks and small fires at traffic lights and homes. they hope to fix the problem and
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have the power restored soon. turning to the forecast the sun has returned. meteorologist, david murphy, is on the terrace with the full details. >> i feel comfortable on the terrace and sunshine in the region and more cloud cover in philadelphia but still fairly bright, take a look at satellite and we had full sunshine for a bit this morning and now turning the skies milky white with the clouds come in. you can see showers that are trying to push into central pennsylvania. some of that may stroll through the region in the late afternoon and evening hours. we are enjoying a nice temperature profile right along with a lot of others in the mid-atlantic region, 59 and almost 60. and comfortable up and down the
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i-95 corridor, we expect our high of 67 to chime in at 3:00 and 66 by 4:00 and still the low 60s, straight through the dinner hour comfortable and late this afternoon and this evening. by 8:00 down to 56 degrees by 10:00, and the pollen count is running in the medium range and over the next several days, we could be in the medium high range but those of you that are starting to feel the sniffles it's happening early and you'll want to keep the medications handy. a nice walk today and maybe a spotty shower around and we are in good shape in terms of the weather. if you are worried about a shower go out with your weather app on your phone. >> i always dot stay with
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from our delaware newsroom, newcastle police say that speed and alcohol played a role in a late night crash, a bmw went off the road and the impact sheered off the passenger side of the car. the 32-year-old driver and passenger were injured. they are hospitalized but expected to survive. the police investigation continues. hazmat crews were called to maintain a gas leak at a port richmond business overnight. it came from a 6,000 gallon of liquid nigtrogen. there is still nora head on "action news" at 12:30, one facebook post catches the eye of police and police go knocking on his door for an explanation. and harrison ford is coming back to the big screen for a fifth indiana jones.
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two philadelphia families say a family took their rent doe posities but never handed over the keys xg she was suppose to move in on february 1st however jenny says that the landlord continued to give her the run around and jasmine mcqueen said she gave her $850 in 2011, jennings says she needs the money back to rent a new home. >> i moved out of my old house to live in this house, and i have four children and now me and my four children live in my daughter's apartment that is one bedroom. both women reached out to police and johnson plans to give jennings back her money this friday. but she denies taking any cash from mcqueen. and now they team up for an
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in-depth investigation for air flights. >> an emergency airtrans port could save their life. but people were left with sticker shock. >> was struck down, $54,000 and whatever dollars. >> that is why we have insurance, you don't go after the little people. >> why someone local families are left are sky high fees for airtrans port. this is part of a national abc news brian ross collaboration on "action news" tonight at 11:00. a colorado man is upset after he received a ticket resulting from a video he posted on facebook. michael dalton uploaded a video that brought him attention, it showed him driving through a parking lot on private parking. he got a ticket for reckless
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driving -- >> is this where we are at, can they use videos from facebook to give me traffic violations. >> you have a first amendment right to post whatever you want, but if you are breaking the law and it's in our jurisdiction we can do something about it. >> dalton has been cited for harassment and trespassing at the same development. amazon wants to make paying for items more personal. they are looking into payment with a selfie, they filed a patent application for that technology. customers would be able to take a picture or short video themselves to authenticate payments. and amazon could assure that it was the actual person making the payments.
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harrison ford may not be returning for any star wars
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movie, but he will be picking up his hat and whip. he will play indiana jones once again and team up with director, steven spielberg. >> indiana jones -- always knew some day you would come walking back through my door. >> harrison ford will return as the iconic archeologist in a fifth indiana jones movie. ford will again team up with steven spielberg who directed the first four films. >> you have chosen wisely. ford made clear to us he wanted to reprice his role as indy. >> i would like to see me do it before i turn 80. yes. >> don't call me junior. overwhelmingly reaction focused on the fact that ford will be 77
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years old when the new movie is released. there was speculation that another younger actor will take up the role as indiana jones. >> spielberg says there is one person that could play indiana jones and that is harrison ford. and after a box off smashing return as hans solo, he could become an action star once again. is 80 the new 30? we don't know who else will be starring, disney owns the franchise and is the parent company of 6 abc. david murphy now with a closer look at the accuweather forecast. already starting to get sun out there. >> sun down south and more clouds the more north you go. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that we have survived
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the morning dry as well. had a little bit of fog earlier this morn bug that is gone. taking a look outside at sky 6 hd in chester, sunshine is breaking through the clouds at the commodore barry bridge and even areas north there are peeks of sunshine, temperatures looking good too. 62 in philadelphia and the dew point separation drying out a bit. winds northeast at 6 miles per hour and temperatures feeling good in case you have plans to head out this noon to get work done. 59 in allentown and 62 in wilmington and 64 in millville and 63 in cape may and cooler down by the ocean water, as we fast forward on future tracker 6 you can see high clouds mixing with sunny breaks and there are showers out to the west of reading and as we go through 4:00 and 6:00 some will try to pop through most neighborhoods and they are brief and light,
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and not real impactful rain and there is another possibility of a line coming through and adam and cecily will have more on that tonight. 67 is your high in philadelphia. the warmest today of the seven-day forecast. 68 in wilmington and 64 in millville. and 64 and 65 in reading and allentown as well. probably cape may stopping at 60. as we roll through the day nice for the afternoon. 67 around 3:00 and still holding on to the 60s at 6:00. and sagging down into the low 50s by 10:00 tonight. still not bad for this time of year. tomorrow st. patrick's day we are in for sunshine early in the day and as we go past noon there are chances of clouds filtering in at times and maybe see a spotty shower passing through around the 3:00 to 6:00 range. and tomorrow overall for all of your dogs in center city for
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example or anywhere else you are celebrating st. patrick's day it looks good a spotty shower at times. tomorrow's high is 65 degrees and still beneath this warm front and the pop-up showers, the frontal boundary, the next one sweeps through the region for the weekend and that chills things down. the way things look now we may not even see 50 this weekend. 67 and nice today. clouds and some sun, and more sun the farther south you go. sun to clouds then on st. patrick's day a spotty afternoon shower and dry most of the time and another nice high of 65 and down to 56 behind a departing front on friday, showers are circulating around an area of low pressure on friday, a little damp at times but not a washout. the real cool air comes in for the weekend and you guys want full sunshine and we hear a lot of chatter about that and you'll get plenty of sun and a high of only 48 and another 48 on sunday and more clouds building in and at some point we expect rain to
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alive and with the temperatures cooling down i would not be surprised to see wet snow mixing in on sunday afternoon or sunday night. may even see more of that in philadelphia. the amount of liquid we are looking at is not much. so we are not looking at a whole lot. still in the 40s in all likelihood. >> thank you david. this weekend is fyi phillies annual spring into the shape fitness special. alicia vitarelli is here with a preview that is sure to rock your routine. >> allow you to channel your inner rock star, it's called pound fitness where you get to live the dream and feel the burn at the same time. >> reporter: pound fitness is a full body workout that allows you to jam out and unleash your inner rock stars. the mantra is rock out, we have
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a jam session for 45 minutes, created by drummers, the unique workout includes weighted drum sticks designed to help you burn more calories. >> we are going to squat for a lot of the class. >> a lunge and then we do a bridge track and glutes get a workout. >> instructor laila olson says the goal of the class is to let loose and have a good time. >> are you definitely working out and you feel that during the class and you feel the power in the sound. i feel sore after a day or two, but we are here to have fun. >> right, and you can check out fyi phillies annual spring into shape fit and special this saturday at 7:00 on 6 abc. if that doesn't make you want to jam out and workout i don't know
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what to tell you. >> okay. >> i can see you rocking that. >> with drum sticks or turkey drum sticks -- that would be fun.
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before we go lets get one last check of the accuweather forecast. clouds and sun out there with light winds and temperatures nice with low 60s in philadelphia, be as we go through the afternoon in the northern and western suburbs, we'll probably see clouds increase a bit and a chance of a spotty shower this afternoon and highs in the mid-60s. the i-95 corridor 66 degrees and down the shore cooler sea isle city and cape may 58 to 60 and more sun the farther south you
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go in the region, but comfortable conditions out there. >> thanks david. here are stories coming up at 4:00, more than 100 local soldiers back on local soil after serving abroad. we'll take you to the homecoming at 4:00. and now a man opening fire at a police station leading to the death of an officer faces charges. >> now for david murphy and sara bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams we'll see you later. i drive a golf ball.
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