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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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and three men were shot and killed on a snowy day in 2014 and philadelphia's district attorney announced charges against an accused gunman. we are live with the latest who put dollars over the fundamental safety do not belong in government. >> members of congress called for the governor of michigan to step down in the wake of the water crisis in flint. but we begin with the latest details on that story we are following in old city, part of the building under construction on 5th and ray street collapsed. the driver said he had just dropped off kids at the national constitution center. he jumped out as bricks and other debris was dropping on to its roof. the department of lance and inspection is at the scene and we'll follow it throughout the day and bring you the latest at
12:31 pm and on "action news" beginning at 4:00. a short time police announced charges in a triple murder in 2014. three men were killed execution-style in lawn crest. and charges were announced for a man already behind bars. vernon odom is live now with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick. the da had to go to a grand jury to wrap up this case largely because of witness intimidation problems. this is quadirjeffries, he was charged for a triple murder that took place in lawn crest. the killing the da says came during the course of a home invasion robbery when they were looking for a large amount of cash and a drug dealer stash of
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marijuana. the home belonged to curin charles, one of the murder victims. >> mr. charles was dealing marijuana out of the house and all three victims were shot excuse style with gunshot wounds to the head. after the detailed investigation, evidence established that quadir jeffries was one of the killers at the scene. >> jeffrey was convicted over a year ago in another home invasion case that one in hunting park. rick, jeffries is now doing 20 to 40 years in prison for the hunting park case and a murder conviction in this case could keep him off the streets for the rest of his life. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. viewer video shows the fiery moments after a truck lost control and slammed into a house in salem county this morning.
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it happened at 5:30 a.m. in pennsville along dunlap avenue, both got out okay as did the driver of the truck, officials say it broke a gas line causing the fire, the cause is still under investigation. secretary of state, john kerry, determined that isis is committing genocide against christians and other minorities in iraq and syria. it does not require extra action against the militants but others argue that the american military must do more. this is only the second time a genocide was committed during an on going conflict, the first was 2004 in sudan. bernie sanders will get back on the campaign trail with a rally tonight in arizona, the democrat insists he has a way forward despite four losses tuesday night and hillary clinton's wide lead.
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and there is still no winner in missouri, the races remain too close to call. and donald trump backed out of the next debate and john kasich followed suit prompting fox to cancel the event. back here the sun is shining today and feeling mild for your saint patty's day and there is still a chance of a shower or two later in the day. david murphy is live at the big board with details from accuweather. >> reporter: the first light showers are moving in points northern and west of philadelphia, lancaster county is giving up a shower into the northern western corners of chester county, north and west of pottstown picking up light rain and more of that moving into areas north of allentown and eastern pennsylvania and more out by harrisburg that may survive its way to the east. more of the pronounced precipitation will arrive in the late afternoon and extend into the first couple of hours this evening. won't be raining all the time,
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this is pretty scattered. along way shower maybe a thunderstorm will pop up. we are under the threat of that off and on thing afternoon and evening. we have a good deal of sunshine in the philadelphia area, the northern and western areas cloudier currently. 58 in new york city and nice numbers up and down the mid-atlantic. we expect the numbers to stay nice. 64 by 2:00 and i think we'll get a high around 65 degrees perhaps by 3:00 or so. and 63 by 4:00, and 62 by 6:00. and if you have plans to be out this evening, are you looking at decent numbers 50 as late as midnight. we are looking at the potential for a pop-up shower or gusty thunderstorms in the corners of the neighborhood. i'll have a look at future tracker 6 later rick, but
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overall rick if you take out the pockets of precipitation it looks good to celebrate rick. there were contentious moments on capitol hill when the governor of michigan and the head of the environment am protection agency talked about the water crisis in flint, they pointed out reasons for residents getting sick. >> reporter: on the hot seat, the governor of michigan receiving a tongue lashing from the members of congress. >> you were not in a medically induced coma for a year and i have had enough of your false c con -- >> on oversight and government reform regarding the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> there was a failure of government on all levels. federal, state and government officials failed the families of
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flint. they switched the city's water supply in order to save money and that led to outbreaks of led and legionaires disease. >> it provides our regional office with confusing and incomplete and absolutely incorrect information. >> both the epa and governor say they were in the dark for over a year about the consequences of the move based on false reports by the environmental quality department and other agencies, but congressional leaders wither not buying their testimony. >> you said you have the authority, did you ever shut these programs down or go after them. >> sir -- >> you did not -- >> okay -- >> you did not and i hear calls for resignation, and i think you should be at the top of the list. >> and now congress is calling for a bill to fix led
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contaminated pipes in flint and other cities. the uber driver who is charged with a michigan shooting spree that left six people dead is suing the ride sharing company. jason dalton is suing, saying it caused him psychological damage and he told police uber's app took over his body and made him do it. he is facing six counts of murder. delaware state police say that drunk driving could be the cause a crash at the toll plaza in newark, according to police, matt rude of virginia was heading northbound when he did not slow down, and caused a chain reaction crash involving three other cars, two people were treated at the scene and rude faces charges of dui and possession of marijuana and speeding. there is much more to come
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on owing at 12:30, a major league baseball star takes a stand and quits the team in honor of his son. what the white sox are saying about adam laroach's decision is causing so much attention.
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are. two people are in custody after a wild car chase in california. you can see the suspect the car thief weaving in and out of traffic and then jumping out at a shopping mall. a major league baseball star is making headlines for abruptly walking away from his team. white sox first base man will
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retire and give up a $13 million salary after being told to cut down on his son's time at the clubhouse. he feared the kid was being a distraction. >> to think he is obviously a man of great conviction, i don't think we'll see a change of heart from him. >> teammates say that laroach's son was a big help and never caused trouble and even had a locker next to his dad's in the white sox clubhouse. the woman seen having sex with the wrestler on tape got emotional in court saying she did not know she was being filmed in her own home. >> in a taped deposition heather cole testifying that she and
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hulk hogan, that she did not know they were being filmed by her husband at the time, bubba clem. cole saying she slept with hogan at the request of clem. >> you had sexual relations with -- >> yes. >> do you recall the number of these encounters you had -- >> weeks later clem revealing he recorded one of their encounters. but cole who said she and her husband had an open relationship admitting he had done it before. >> did he record other encounters during your marriage?
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>> yes. >> and yesterday gawker refusing to allow clem to be called as a witness instead allowing the lawyers to read out the questions for clem to be in the court record. >> leading to confirm that he told the fbi that he and miss cole knew that the sexual encounter was being recorded. >> reference to a fbi investigation related to the tape sealed by the judge. >> it's white noise, the whole purpose is to distract why we are here work are here to recover damages for what they did to hulk hogan. >> and an expert for gawker claimed that the website only made $11,000 off the hogan tape and that is a stark contrast to the number they put at $15
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million. now a florida woman fighting to keep her pet alligator, rambo, the foot long reptile wears clothes and rides on the back of a motorcycle. and he has his own bedroom in her house and considered him like her own child. you may think she is crazy for treating rambo like a family member but she is not. >> i get that all the time and then once they meet him, his personality just takes over. you have to see how he is sitting there. he is camera shy. >> and she has a license for the alligator since she rescued him 11 years ago but recently rambo grew to 6 feet long, the law is you have to have 2.5 acres of long to have a gator that long. so the case is still under investigation. still a check of the
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forecast as we look outside from sky 6 hd showing you the irish memorial on penn's landing. david murphy has an update on your saint patty's day forecast.
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a middle schooler got an honor from the fire department essay contest. she beat out entries from students across the city. and today commissioner sawyer paid a visit to abby's school to talk about fire safety and present her the award in person. david murphy is close to home here. the forecast is getting interesting as we get closer to spring. >> yes, it is. the first day of spring we got 3.9 inches of snow and we may be in for more snow this first day of spring, stormtracker 6 live
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double scan shows you that we are mainly dry, and in philadelphia, squeezing out sunshine and focusing on the northern and western areas, there are light sprinkles moving through and one now cutting into the northern western chester county above coatesville and another one in southern berks county and some of this is coming through areas close to the lehigh valley and southern berks and more on the way this afternoon and eventually we'll see this stuff filling in all the way to philadelphia. as we take a look outside, for now looking good at the shore at cape pay and nice blue ocean there reflecting the blue sky and looking comfortable where it isn't raining, most areas get up into the 60s and cooler tomorrow and the chance for wet snow for sunday afternoon and sunday night, the temperature is 54 degrees and winds 10 miles per hour and feeling good out there
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if you are in to taking a stroll and 54 in the city and 52 in cape may. future tracker 6 handling the showers and between now and 4:00 it's not raining all the time but occasionally you have a threat of a brief shower coming through and also late this afternoon and this evening, be a pop-up gusty thunderstorms and it looks like it wants to put one in there at 7:00 through the northern and western suburbs, the placement of the cells is not exact but the placement is. spotty showers and gusty thunderstorms in a couple of neighborhoods late today and tonight and temperatures are treating us good. 64 by 2:00 and 65 by 4:00 and sitting on the high of 65 until 4:00 and back to 50 by 10:00. if you have plans to go out and celebrate the holiday, don't cancel them but make sure you have a place to duck inside in
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case a thunderstorm pops up. everyone is looking good, 63 if allentown un63 in reading, even down the shore with a flow off the ocean cooled you down the last couple of days, today are you looking at 63 degrees in cape may. so similar down at the ocean as you are in the lehigh valley and cold front stasrts to sweep through and it's windy and cooler and a spotty shower cannot be ruled out and behind the system for the weekend we look at cooler air coming in for saturday. and probably staying in the upper 30s for sunday the way things look now, and could be cold enough with a coastal storm to perhaps make for rain and eventually making wet snow, i suspect that would be in the afternoon on sun and maybe sunday night as well. 65 and your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, and clouds and sun overall with a slight chance of a pop your shower or thunderstorm and cooler with a spotty shower
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tomorrow and 58 degrees and breezy and sunny and chilly on saturday, lots of sun that is what you are waiting for over the last week or so and 46 is all you'll see on the thermometer and 38 on sunday rain arriving and probably mixing with wet snow and changing to all snow sunday night. if you head to the union for the home opener the first day of spring you will want to bundle up and that snow will be gone quickly, monday is dry and breezy and 48 and partly sunny on tuesday, and wednesday we are back up to 64. >> thank you david. and topping our people scene at 12:30 now, "time" magazine chose its pick for the 30 most influential people on the internet. kanye west and kim kardashian and donald trump.
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and james cordon and j.k. rowling and rapper drake made the cut. weeks of intrigue and suspense is leading up to how to get away with murder-at 10:00. >> that is what she says -- according to her wallace mahoney is my father. i know -- she is probably lying. >> the questions will be answered or will they? wes and laurel are trying to get to the bottom of his mother's murder and the identity of his father on tonight's how to get away with murder. and analise escapes to get peace at her mother's house. and on tonight's all new
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"scandal" at 9:00 olivia continues to spy on jake and his new fiance, and abby questioned cyrus's motives when it comes to a potential presidential candidate and a blast from the past surprises everyone. and what a great night for television. it kicks off at 8:00 with grays natply and "scandal" at 9:00 and the season finale of "how to get away with murder" and the stars of tgit live tweet during their shows, just use the hashtag of the show and #~ 6 abc.
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david murphy has one last check of our forecast before we
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shove off. this afternoon we go for a mix of sun and clouds and a gusty thunderstorm here and there and temperatures are nice in the mid-60s, 65 in philadelphia and sun mixing with clouds and gusty later on and another shower or thunderstorm is possible. and down at the shore you will get fairly mild there as well with 63's and 65's down at the coast and a spotty shower cannot be ruled out. >> enjoy your afternoon david, have some green beer. >> don't forget to join us later today for 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. we'll see you later.
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grab a shamrock, because we're bringing the emerald isle straight to you with the ultimate st. paddy's day party plan. mario's got a dish that'll get the party started in no time. plus, i'm in the kitchen with the fabulous kim cattrall, and we're whipping up a sweet treat that'll have everyone buzzing. st. paddy's day party starts right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> top of the afternoon to ya! thank you. welcome to "the chew," everybody. you think we're looking a little green today, you're right. no, we aren't under the weather. we're feeling fun, festive and fresh, because we're having a st. paddy's day party around here. [ cheers and applause ] happy st. paddy's day.


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