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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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football team cleans house after a hazing scandal but the big story on "action news" is the partial collapse of a building in old city in philadelphia. this is what it looked like after a portion of a building fell apart at fifth and race. it set off a chain reaction that damaged a school bus, john rawlins is live at the scene tonight, john what happened there this morning. >> this is what we think, this is a big demolition site. according to lni, they think what happened here is that a support column gave way, they are not sure why, that triggered a structureal failure that caused it to fall on the bus. city investigators are trying to figure out why a floor column failed allowing a section of concrete floor to crash down hitting a light pole and trees
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and a school bus driven by trailer reynolds that just dropped off a load of kids. >> windows are busted in and glass all over the seats and stones flying across the steering wheel while i was getting out of the way. >> so what went wrong? lni doesn't think that they hit anything together that triggered the collapse but that prior work may have weakened the structure, lawyers that represent the victims of the 2013 building collapse at the salvation army. one question is the traffic safety plan where nearby ray street remains open. >> a nearby collapse could cause something to happen on a nearby street. that is everybody's concern and the fact that it was a school bus that went by scares everybody and heightens the
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concern lni will review the plan for this demolition. what was suppose to be closed off whether this street was suppose to be closed off and if it wasn't, to look at that. >> by 3:30 this afternoon the decision was made to reopen the 400 block of ray street for evening traffic. and it could close again between 7:30 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon when demo work continues closest to ray street. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have seen a number of pop-up storms across the region and this evening, and there is still the possibility of winter like weather for the official start of spring this coming weekend. lets look at double scan live radar with cecily tynan, double scan live showing there is some instability showers around and severe weather is really
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concentrated over new england and we had thunderstorms rolling through earlier this evening, even with a little bit of hail and now they have weakened to some scattered showers mainly across south jersey and now once the sunsets shortly after 7:00 all of this activity will move out and skies will begin to clear. temperatures have cooled off and yesterday 71 degrees and today 63 and still that is 10 degrees above normal but the cooling trend started and sunday look at this, will be 25 degrees colder than today. we have a true cold air mass moving in over the weekend and also the potential for a coastal storm. tonight a quiet night over the next 12 hours and temperatures drop into the 40s and clearing skies and bright sunshine by tomorrow morning and then a front moves through on friday with a round of showers and this will produce the winds of change, this opens the door for a very cold weekend and yes on sunday i'm tracking the potential for a powerful spring
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nor'easter that could bring us accumulating snow and i'll talk about the storm system and the timing and what to expect where you live coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> there was a shakeup at conestoga high school in the wake of a hazing scandal. head coach has resigned and the entire football staff is removed. police say that an unsupervised locker room allowed them to carry on a tradition called no gay thursday, that included hazing. a student was held down and violated with a broom handle. the district will now hire a full-time athletic director for more oversight. the video captured the flames after a truck slammed into a house in pennsville, new jersey, both the house and truck caught fire and for the residents of the house it was a close call. live along dunlap avenue is
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"action news" reporter gray hall. what is the latest there? >> well jim quite the frightening morning for the couple in this home behind me. you can see that everything is boarded up now but just hours ago this home was engulfed in flames. >> we are lucky, very lucky things can be replaced. >> cathy walters and her husband are counting their blessings that they escaped this fire and able to stop the dangerous flames at their home this morning. >> 3:30 in the morning we were is a sleep and we heard a loud bang, my husband saved my life, he dragged me out of the bed and said we got to get out of here. >> and the life-threatening inferno was captured on this dash-cam. >> and joshua fisher lost control and ram into the house, he is facing reckless driving
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and other charges. he hit a gas line when he hit. >> it was totally engulfed at the time and walters is still in shock and knowing this could be worse. he didn't want to talk on camera, but cathy says he is a hero. >> he say volunteer fireman and a life member, he was calm and took care of the situation and got us out of the house. >> it's not clear what caused the driver to lose control as the police continue to investigate. the walters family are thinking about rebuilding and thankfully still have each other. >> i'm still devastated. it was total shock, i don't know what to say. >> everybody is safe that is the main thing, this could have been really tragic. >> reporter: indeed it could have been. the homeowner tells me this is the at least the fifth time a car has ended up in his yard and this the most severe and the
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family dog made it out of the house and police are still trying to figure out what caused the truck to lose control. gray hall, channel 6 "action news" back to you. police released new video of the arrest of a suspect in the church's chicken shooting in north philadelphia. "action news" reporter, vernon odom has that story. >> reporter: the man seen here napping on the back row of septa's route 23 bus is attempted murder suspect, roland graham. he was caught on surveillance video allegedly shooting an employee at church's chicken on north broad. this video was shown all over town and septa got a tip call about his real time location. sergeant matt arlen got on the bus and evacuated the passengers. >> he is armed and may very well be willing to shoot it out and he telling people to get off and
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nobody stopped to say anything, like is it running in five minutes, everybody got off the bus. >> arlen moves in on the suspect and they determine he is unarmed and proceed to make the arrest without incident. the new wrinkle here is the video from officer arlen's body camera now in use by all of septa's uniformed officers. >> this is something we are building up into and our goal is to put stuff out like this in a timely fashion, so you can let the public know about current events that the police are involved in and how well they do. >> the arrest of roland graham came around the corner from the church's chicken shooting scene. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" in center city. the philadelphia school district is looking for 800 new teachers that can be ready for the classroom in the fall. the district is hoping to get 5,000 applicants in order to
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find the best candidates, manufacture those could come from recent college graduates. we started early because the best candidates are available early. the longer you go in the process the fewer candidates become. >> last fall the district waited too long and ended up with almost 200 vacant positions and many remain unfilled. the teachers union says that hiring new teachers could be tough because teachers have not had a raise in four years. starting salary is just over $45,000. and coming up police are trying to track down the criminals behind a vintage guitar heist in new jersey. and we'll show you when a military policeman makes the home coming to his daughter's first grade classroom. >> we are tracking the potential for snow moving in over the weekend. we'll talk totals coming up in
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the full accuweather forecast and a record from brooklyn as temple and villanova get ready for the big dance.
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you don't hear about this often but thieves got away with valuable vintage guitars during a heist in hamilton, new jersey, frank russo estimated the thieved stole $100,000 worth of equipment in his store and storage. he says this theft is taking its financial toll. >> it's my retirement plan, my plan was to sell it over the
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next few years, sell them off slowly and put it in a separate account so i would have a little stash. >> hamilton police took finger printses from the property and russo is monitoring websites where the stolen equipment may show up for sale. from our delaware newsroom, what a hero's welcome it was in delaware. annie mccormick has quite a story. staff sergeant eric cheeseman got a surprise sec welcome home after deployment at guantanamo bay. he is now enlisting these troops and heroes welcome. together they will pull off an even bigger surprise. >> is this the most covert mission you have been on in all of your years? >> pretty much. >> the father of three. jackson, reilly have not seen his kids in a year.
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cheeseman arrived home and saw his wife kelly, who is in on the mis. reilly's first grade class thinks it's an assembly on heroes, and then -- his girled southern them and he gives them flowers from st. patrick's day. >> hey kiddo! >> reunited the mission is a success. >> you didn't know he was coming. >> where was i at? i was in cuba still didn't you? >> the sergeant is shocked by how many people gathered for his arrival. >> he had no clue he thought he wooz coming to surprise reilly. >> come and get her out of class and that was it. >> the military man can't hold back his tears of joy and the room can't help but erupt in patriotic chants. >> your principal asked do you
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know a hero and what did you say? >> my daddy. >> this is special after serving 20 years in the military, the sergeant is now home for good. he has made the decision he is retiring from the military. reporting in newark delaware, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." ♪ 1,2,3 you can save 30% or more. from the freshest fruits & veggies to the juiciest chicken & meats. let us help you find that perfet balance of size & savings. how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too.
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march mad and is underway but our guys play tomorrow. >> tomorrow is the big day. three teams in two cities playing on one day. college basketball is about to get serious for us. lets begin with villanova and temple playing in the same nooet naacp region, they are in brooklyn, that is where we find jeff skversky standing by live with more. >> reporter: this place will likely be swarming with villanova and temple fans tomorrow. everyone is dying to see the teams hopefully play on sunday. but they have to win their
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opening games tomorrow. here is villanova getting ready for unc ashville tomorrow. and he is expected to start despite a right ankle injury. villanova has been eliminated early the last two years despite being a one or two seed but they are not using it as motivation this go around. their drive to win a national championship is so much stronger than a drive to get past two games. >> we don't like being a team known for an early exit. we want to get past the first game that starts with unc ashville tomorrow. >> as far as temple they are back for the first time in three years and they open against iowa, who a month ago was considered a potential number one seed. only jaylin bond has played in the naacp tournament before, but
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the owls want to bring an edge to brooklyn. >> you get a feeling they are not just happy to be here? >> i hope they are thrilled to be here, and they are over the thrilled piece and ready to play. that is the most important thing. >> we were all just happy when we heard our name called and now we are ready and want to play and get the wins. it went from happy to getting picked to now wanting to win. >> and temple assistant coach aaron mckee says the owls want to win a national championship. first they have to beat iowa and likely villanova on sunday, lets the march madness begin. jeff skversky. >> thank you. st. joes will open in spokane, washington tomorrow against cincinnati. the hawks have been flying beneath the radar all season long but tomorrow no longer. >> we are looking for recognition all season and now be are getting it and it's time to put up or shut up.
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show all we can do. we got the recognition and now we can't drop the ball. the sixers are home to the wizards and thankfully just 16 games left to their season. and we know where his pot of gold is. five innings just one run and fourth inning ryan howard facing a lefty -- good-bye. ryan's first home run of the spring, a solo shot and game tied at 1-1. we go to the sixth inning and steve pierce gets the run back for the rays and tampa bay hits four homers and the phillies fall 6-1. and the union is putting on their best face, the home opener sunday against new england, they are 1-1 and the coach told us earlier he likes this team's effort thus far. you can catch the union and evolution match here on 6 abc on
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sunday, the coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. when we continue in just a moment.
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yes, we could have a reasonably significant snow here this weekend. just because the calendar says spring that doesn't mean we won't get winter weather. we had spring snow the last three years. now you know. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we don't have snow but scattered showers across south jersey and delaware but the sun is setting at 7:10 and once the
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sunsets we say good-bye to the showers. the action cam is taking a look up, and earlier today the sunshine and blue skies and the daffodils are in bloom and it looked like spring and felt like spring but things change into the weekend. the accuweather highlights, showing we got pop-up showers and this is a great shot from katherine, from reading and you can see the dark clouds and we had hail from the system and also the rain shaft with brief heavy rain. again everything is diminishing and moving off within the next half hour across south jersey, and this is sunday, low pressure will intensify off the carolina coast and this means that north and west of i-95 as early as day break we are looking at snow accumulating and south jersey and delaware during the day mainly a rain event and then the evening once the sunsets, even there it looks to change to
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snow. hard to believe the temperatures 58 degrees down from the high of 63 and allentown 56 and millville 60 and dover 60 and cape may 56 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing those pop-up showers once the sunsets the skies are clearing and tonight seasonably cool, the average low is 43 and maybe one degree higher than that. allentown 39 and cape may 46 and wilmington 41 degrees. tomorrow the cold front moves through and doesn't look like we'll see much in the way of showers, a few pop-up showers and really the big impact is the winds, it's windy ahead of it with winds out of the west and winds behind it out of the northwest 61 degrees the high on friday, but what the whips do is pull down some cold air for the weekend and that is one ingredient, if you want to see snow, this high pressure builds in a fresh supply of cold air and saturday 48 degrees and sun
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is 10 degrees cooler and then you need the moisture and moisture developing a nor'easter and the question is how quickly to the lows get together and bottom out and how close to the coast is the track and there are trends with the computer models. it's moving in quicker that means that the precipitation will begin before dawn again, north and west of i-95, this is all snow, a wet snow south and east it's rain and heaviest accumulation is i-95 and areas northwest, during the day it melts on the road but once the sunsets we'll see some roads beginning to get covered. how much are we talking about? the best chance 3 to 6 inches of snow if the storm develops faster it could be 6 to 12 and slower and off to sea, could be less. we'll get more information as we get closer to the event. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 61 tomorrow and windy and partly sunny and saturday
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drop down to 48 degrees and sunday cold with the northea'ea 38 degrees and next week the snow melts quickly by thursday temperatures up close to 70 degrees and again i'll get new information and i'll have an update on "action news" at 11:00. >> cecily thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir is next. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the new backlash after donald trump warns of riots at the convention if he's blocked by the republican party. leaders now calling his words unacceptable. breaking now. the new video. the young american captured, accused of fighting for isis. you will hear his explanation, right here. now saying it was a bad decision. lead in the water. the grilling on capitol hill. our reporter, tracking down authorities. why didn't they act sooner? and the new report that this is far beyond flyint. locations in 4 the states? the tearful plea. the young american sobbing, begging to be free. now we see the alleged prank in north career ya that landed him 15 years in hard labor. the effort now to get him home. sea change, bowing to public pressure, sea world announcing a major change


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