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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:46pm EDT

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plus local cubans react to the president's historic trip to havana. spring may be here but winter is refusing to let go, the snow has been falling, and there is a winter weather advisory for parts of the
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area, until tomorrow morning. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is a cold snow and snowy start for first night of spring. the change of the seasons will bring snow for some in the overnight hours. it could be just enough to make for a slow early morning commute. taking a live look at the penndot yard in south philadelphia, the salties ready to go and salt trucks are ready to go as well. if in fact the roads do get slick. meteorologist melissa magee is at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa a. >> sarah, how much snow you see will depend on where you live. we will talk about what is going on. we have a winter weather advisory mainly across three counties in south jersey. it is for ocean, southern burlington and atlantic counties. this will stay up until 6:00 in the morning because for these locations we are expecting some steady, and some light snow, mainly east of philadelphia. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. the notice light snow, pressing into the delaware and lehigh valleys a long that
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i-95 corridor even into berks, lehigh, lancaster and chester counties out to the west. tighter on street level with storm tracker six you will notice the snow along that i-95 corridor but just to the east of medicine forward lakes and south of sea isle city we are dealing with some sea side heights i should say. we are dealing with pockets of intensity picking up a cross the region and expect this to continue as we go throughout the overnight hours. future tracker six is showing you by midnight tonight we have this snow showers, we have to allow for it a long that i-95 corridor and points to the east but a bit of the sharp cut off for areas north and west of town. that will be the case as we wake up tomorrow morning. so we will talk about what we can expect breaking this down for you on the first night of spring, region by region. in a northwest suburbs, snow showers are likely, no accumulation expect. along i-95 met the tro area light wet snow will be overhead and central delaware and southern sections of new jersey, steady wet snow on the way with the heaviest accumulation east of philadelphia and these
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locations. coming up we will take a closer look at the forecast, time out future tracker six and also talk about snowfall totals, with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, sarah. >> lets head out to "action news" reporter jeff chirico live in hammington along the ac expressway, where the snow is falling there, jeff? >> reporter: hi, sarah snow has been falling for about two hours but we don't have much to show for it. you take a look, you will see a little on the ground behind me and beyond that you see atlantic city expressway. it is moving fine. pavement is just wet. folks we spoke with here in south jersey hopes that this spring snow is old man winter's last hooray. most who ventured on to atlantic city is boardwalk bundled up or hitched a ride on this cold, rainy first day of spring. the pending snow wasn't even on this north jersey couple's radar. >> are you loving spring? >> i am not loving spring the at all. i actually wish temperature was a lot warmer.
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we came out without our jackets. >> reporter: by 8:30 flakes began falling along the atlantic city expressway in hammington. the road crews had been getting ready throughout the day. in camden county officials a say more than 100 pieces of equipment are loaded and waiting. >> we will make sure that all of the motorist that are out there, that are on county road are passable. >> i'm trying get my spring accessories together. >> reporter: some have develop spring fever, they weren't welcoming old man winter. >> no, i want it to be over already. >> looking forward to spring. can we spring already, right, you know, right do you want spring? >> reporter: first day of spring means free italian ice and licensing lines at this rita's in absecon. near freezing cold not enough to deter this church youth group. >> whether it is snowing, raining, it doesn't matter. >> yes. >> we will go to bed. it will be good.
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>> reporter: good advice to follow, of course, always, take it the slow. we are live in hammington, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. "action news" will be on the air extra early tomorrow morning, and to help you get where you need to go. join david, tamala, matt, karen for latest forecast and road conditions, starting at 4:00 a.m. and a philadelphia police officer was hurt after chasing down a robbery suspect in port richmond. it happened just after 8:00 on frankford avenue near ann street. police say officer was taken to aria frankford hospital with minor injuries. the suspect is in custody at this hour, in word yet on what charges he may be facing. at least one more person was rushed to the hospital after a serious crash tonight in new castle county, delaware. it happened after 7:30 along route 495, in edgemore.
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police say the driver lost control of his or her pickup truck and it rolled over several times. police continue to investigate. a retired, pennsylvania state trooper, killed a toll collector and a security guard during an attempted hold up at a toll plaza this morning before he was shot and killed, by state troopers. it happened just before 7:00 at the fort littleton exchange at the pennsylvania turnpike in south central pennsylvania. investigators say that clarence briggs, who retired four years ago, was trying to tie up the toll collectors when they broke free. at the same time a turnpike security guard happened on the scene. an emotional turnpike chairman says briggs gunned down the guard, ronald heist, and one of the toll takers, danny krause. >> mr. krause born on march 12th, 1961, has been on the job less than three months. >> arriving troopers exchange
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fire with briggs as he tried to escape and he was fatally wounded. other toll collector escaped without serious injuries. investigators don't know yet why briggs staged the hold up. fbi is investigating a threatening letter sent to donald trump's sister a federal judge here in philadelphia judge maryann trump barry received a letter on friday. the 78 year-old sits on the third circuit court of appeals in philadelphia. the letter arrived one day after donald trump's son eric received a suspicious letter with white powder inside. president obama is making the first visit to cuba by a sitting president since calvin coolledge nearly 90 years ago. air force one touched down in a rainy overcast havana a, as the first family stepped off the plane they were greeted by cunanan officials. about 40 lawmakers and a dozen business leaders were also on board. the first stop was u.s. embassy where the president noted the trip marks a new day with america's former
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adversary. >> this is a historic visit, and it is a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> rain did not deter first family from a walking tour of old havana or dinner tonight at a privately owned restaurant. tomorrow the president talks with cuban president raul castro, and cuban entrepreneurs. hundreds of people marched in the streets of havana just before the president's visit. at least 50 were a rested. dissidents are demanding improved human rights. the group is known as the lady's in white. they marched each sunday after attending mass at a church in the suburb of havana. they usually get arrested. later the group has been invited to meet president obama during his visit. for so many people the president's trip to cuba is more than just political, it is personal. "action news" reporter catherine scott, live now in our satellite center with the story of one local man who left cuba when he was just a child.
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catherine. >> reporter: that is right, sarah the man we spoke to this evening came from cuba when he was 16 years old. his father had been able to arrange for him to stay with family in philadelphia before his parents could come and join him. like many people, he is watching this visit very closely and he is hoping that it is a start of something positive. a painting of a cuban landscape hangs on his wall, photo album brings back memories of his youth. santiago paraday was born in eastern cuba and lived there until he was 16 when his parents sent him to philadelphia in hopes of more opportunities for their only child. the his parents followed two years later. >> we did not like what was going on back there. >> reporter: that was 55 years ago but from his northeast philadelphia home the retired philadelphia school district teacher says that not much has change in his native country. >> not much has changed. they have maybe opened up here or there, but they have not really changed. there are no civil rights there, no human rights.
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>> reporter: and yet today for the first time in nearly 90 years a sitting u.s. president has visited the country. the it comes 15 months after the announcement that cuba and the united states would be restoring diplomatic ties. on the itinerary is a a meeting with president raul castro. >> for me it will be very difficult when tommy see the president of the united states, a person who i admire greatly, next to a dictator. >> reporter: santiago hopes that change will come, and hopes that more open approach will facilitate it. >> time will tell, you know, time will tell, regime change, all that hasn't worked. all of the hard tactics haven't work. so maybe this will. you never know. >> reporter: i did ask santiago if he had any plans to visit cuba. he doesn't right now. he says his daughter is dying to go. he said he hopes to make it back at some point to visit the place where he was born. we are live from the satellite center catherine scott for channel six "action news".
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>> catherine, thank you. only "action news" was there as the villanova wildcats basketball team arrived back at home tonight with smiles on their face after a huge win over iowa today in the ncaa tournament. guys have have a lot to be proud of and so do their fans. this will be their first sweet 16 appearance since 2009. and the c ira center in the school spirit tonight. you can see live from our sky six temple cam, the building is lit up in blue in celebration of the villanova's win. sports director ducis rodgers is here now and a big win this afternoon for villanova. >> you could have started smiling about ten minutes into this game they were that dominant. there the was so much talk about villanova's recent struggles in the ncaa tournament. that is a thing of the past. thursday they will be in louisville, kentucky to take on miami in the sweet 16. jay wright has exercised those demons. nova jumps all over iowa hawkeyes from the star. this three puts cats up by ten in the first half. they will build a 34-point
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lead. josh hart had 19. ryan arcidiacono one of the four players with double digit scoring. villanova wins 87-68. sweet 16, here they come. the monkey is off of hear back. >> it is a nice relief, you know, just to be able to talk about our opponent, and our team, and we get it, it was all part of it. we have to handle it. i'm mostly happy for our are class. >> we have been talking about this game and not getting past this this first weekend. we are extremely glad to get that monkey off of our back. >> we came back strong there was no sense of urgency. it it was just playing defensive and we were able to win this game. >> hawks of saint guess trying to get to the sweet 16, playing top seeded oregon trailing by seven early in the second half. >> they have been hanging in there. >> still close. >> thanks, ducis. >> villanova fans do have have plenty to be proud of with today's big win but hates been a while since the team made it the to the sweet 16. fans were eager to cheer them
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on today, hoping they could make it happen. "action news" reporter trish hartman was right there with them. >> reporter: from the very beginning, it was clear the wildcats weren't have have a problem handling number seven iowa in the round of 32. >> this is a pretty impressive run for them right now so i'm happy they are doing this well. >> reporter: bellair terrace at connolly center on villanova's campus was pack with students watching intently. after all team has not advanced to the sweet 16 since 20 on the. >> would i like to see them get to the final four. sweet 16 by itself is a big deal for us. >> reporter: many students had been hoping for an all philadelphia showdown this round. >> i know people were looking forward to temple/villanova match up. that would have been crap i and interesting. >> everyone was happy to be, surrounded by friend watching wildcats dominate the hawkeyes. >> every student is here, and it is great to be, surrounded by the classmates. >> reporter: there were brand new basketball fans like this student from ireland, visiting his sister.
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>> college sports is big at home but you don't get this much following. this would never be anything like this in a student lounge. it is great. great for the passion. >> reporter: those passionate students stayed until the very end. >> thrill with the final score and a trip to the sweet 16. >> we're all in it to win. >> a macing. last couple of years losing in the second round but now it is awesome. >> reporter: they haveville know of takes on number three miami in the sweet 16 on thursday. reporting from villanova university, trish hartman for channel six, "action news". and as ducis mentioned st. joes hawks playing right now in spokane, washington. fans are gathered at the perch, on the st. joes campus where the game, hoping, and praying, for their team to bring home a win. much more to come tonight on "action news", one of the world's best known families have a new addition tonight. details on d.c.'s new baby eagles. plus a moving tribute half world away from a fallen new
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jersey state trooper. we will take you to ireland for the details. plus ducis rodgers returns with more on villanova's win and latest score of the st. joes game when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ >> two police pipe and drum band from america who happened to be in the same area of ireland put on a special performance today. the camden county emerald society and massachusetts police band played on behalf of two state troopers who died recently in car crashes. new jersey state trooper sean cullen and massachusetts trooper thomas doherty, the band were visiting ireland on prearranged trips. friend and family gathered to remember police officer jacai colson, the delaware county native, killed in the shoot-out in the maryland police department last week. >> ♪
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>> there was a candle will light vigil and moment of cile tones day to honor him in prince georges county. colson was shot the by a fellow police officer who did not recognize colson and viewed him as a threat. a private funeral for colson will be held later on this week, he is in delaware county. a delaware county congregation church was damaged by fire friday night held a palm sunday day services today. parishioners worshiped at darby recreation center this morning. their church and day care inside was damaged by a two alarm fire. the pastor says that he is optimistic that they cannery build. >> it is just a minor setback but we know god is still in control and that he has, our destiny in his hand. >> now the day care hopes to be backup and running, in just about a month. there is still no word on exactly what started the fire. christians around the world celebrated palm sunday day, the start of the holy week today. here at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul mass
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began indoors and the congregation moved outside, to logan circle. the faithful held palm to remind palm laid before jesus on his triumphant arrival in jerusalem. priests leading the services were dressed in red and white symbolizing the blood jesus shed for the world. holy weekend with easter, on sunday. thousands of christians gathered in st. peters square to attend mass with pope francis, earlier today. the pope blessed palm and olive branches, in remembrance of the jesus entrance into jerusalem. ahead of his impending death on a wooden cross. wait is over, second eaglelet hatched today. egg hatched earlier this morning. the first egg hatched back on friday. this is a all going on at national arboretum in washington d.c. eagles have been nesting in a toll up poplar tree since 2014. still to come on "action news" tonight, a congregation in trenton marks a milestone, and taking a live look, sky
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six, from atlantic city, the rainy, and cold night out there. meteorologist melissa a magee has your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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melissa is back and she's tracking spring snow moving in the region. >> it is pretty light in nature and heaviest will be east of philadelphia as far as snowfall accumulations, sarah we will talk bit. here is storm tracker six live double scan radar light snow across i-95 metro area, couple areas north and west of town but heaviest will fall east of philadelphia. so we will go in tighter, on street level, storm tracker and notice on route one, from the south and west of philadelphia, south of coatsville, north of wilmington we are dealing with light snow but in new jersey, from wrightstown, browns mills, sea side heights, medford lakes, mays landing and millville we've got snow. that will continue. it will persist through the early morning hours which is
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why that winter weather advisory has been posted. outside we will go, sky six live in hd, as we are looking at a nice shot of the ben franklin bridge on this sunday night. we have a mostly cloudy sky, again, light snow showers, are currently overhead. temperatures, right now, they are marginal. so we are a couple degrees above freezing mark. thirty-six in philadelphia. thirty-eight in al-zawahiri even town. thirty-three in the poconos. thirty-five a at the coast in cape may. same thing in lancaster. even though we are tracking that precipitation, temperatures, ahead of the system have been quite mild, so as the snow continues to move on through, the road, main road, look to be mainly wet across the region. here is satellite six with action radar. you can see we have light snow, and across the region and what we are tracking here is an area of low pressure to the east of philadelphia, and where you are closest to the center of the storm is where you will pick up, on the heaviest snowfall accumulations. the storm system as it continues to migrate to the north and east will be a moderate snowfall event across
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southern new england. but for us we will track light snow as it goes throughout the rest of the overnight hours. future tracker six showing you by midnight tonight we do have to allow for some snow that will continue on that i-95 corridor. it tips as well for areas east of philadelphia, a bit of the sharp cut off for our neighbors north and west of town. it does look like the snow will taper at two or 3:00 in the morning for philadelphia a, and by six or 7:00 the showers will start to exit from a west to east direction across coastal sections of new jersey. it is as far as snowfall and what we are expecting, about a coat to go an inch for the heart of our region. and it may be hard to find any snow, on the ground, because of the moisture is so wet and the roads are so wet, and temperatures are above freezing, as we go throughout the the overnight hours. one to 3 inches for area of lakehurst and atlantic city and wildwood. little to no accumulation for areas west of lancaster up through allentown. so we will talk about what we can expect. snow will exit the coast by
11:27 pm
six or 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. a accumulation is mainly on grassy or non-paved, untreated surfaces. the main road look to be wet the but wouldn't be surprised if we had secondary road across coastal sections of new jersey that picks up some slick spots. sunshine thomas temperatures in the upper 40's near 50 will melt the snow fairly quickly across the region. the here's exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, breezy, sunny tomorrow by the afternoon, up to 50 degrees. sunny and milder on tuesday, 56. even warmer on wednesday, up to 68 degrees, and warm on thursday, in at 71. good friday, early shower, to some sun. otherwise a high of 64. it is cooler on sat the day with a high of 57. next sunday for easter sunday, a high temperature, of 63 degrees a how extra time but most of the snow, sarah should be gone by that morning commute. >> we like to hear that. thanks, melissa a. there is extra joy in the songs at a trenton church today.
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>> ♪ >> the baptist church celebrated its 100th birthday, members of the sister church, came all the way from augusta, georgia for this occasion. the church has moved several times, and expanded as need changed. dedication to the community, has never wavered. today the irish center in mt. airy remembered the 1916 easter rebellion in dublin, ireland. more than two dozen new artworks related to that event were unveiled. there were musicians and other performances to mark the day irish nationallist first declared independent from britain. up next on "action news", ducis rodgers has sports, plus a very special birthday, for a woman whose long life and love of golf keeps her inspired.
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i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios ducis is here with sports and more on nova's big win and st. joes hopes for a win. >> st. joes is close right the now, nova sitting pretty waiting for sweet 16 to begin. they are on to the sweet 16, cats have of villanova a man
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handled iowa today in a game that was never really in doubt. nova starts the game off, with a swagger. first half nova beats press, miguel bridges left opened, cats up 17. they shoot 59 percent on the floor. later in the first half defense, and spurs the offense. josh hart lead all with 19 points. lead is 25 a at the break. second half ryan arcidiacono, nova wins 87-68. next up thursday against miami in the sweet 16, jeff skversky has more from brooklyn. >> finally villanova is back in the sweet 16 for the first time in seven years. it is a huge weight lifted off their shoulders because last three times they were here as a one or two seed they came up short. as you can imagine jay wright and company went we will in the locker room. >> i was than the really celebrating but i was just like, ahh, big sigh of relief,
11:33 pm
because we will not get anymore of those questions. i was just excited. >> it goodies for our program, good for the team. everyone is talking about this game anus not getting past this first weekend. we are glad to get that monkey off of our back. >> as sweet as this feeling is right now, the cats want more. they are 54 points are most they have ever scored in the first half of a ncaa tournament game and they believe that this is just the beginning. >> we're not satisfied. this first weekend getting past that we are not satisfied with that a at all. >> we weren't coming into the tournament trying to get back to the second round. i think we could win it all. but i also think we can get beat by the next team. we're in the so good miami couldn't do this to us. >> villanova players say the celebration end tonight when they get back to campus, they will turn the page thomas they get set for miami in the sweet 16 on thursday, in louisville. with villanova in brooklyn jeff skversky for channel six "action news". st. joes trying to get to the sweet six as well, taking
11:34 pm
on top seeded oregon. right now we are midway through second half this game is tied at 45. st. joes has trailed throughout this game down bias many as ten points, just went on a ten-zero run, tied at 45. aaron brown lead all, excuse me, lead st. joes with ten points. join us for sports sunday coming up at 11:45 on six abc. jeff skversky will have one on one with jay wright and fran dunphy will join us live in the studio to talk about the owls disappointment and help us break down this ncaa tournament. sixers rookie jahlil okafor will have surgery on his knee tomorrow. meanwhile team hosted boston tonight. brett brown and evan turner getting rhea acquainted. third quarter isaiah thomas shows it off. he converts. celtics up by 13. fourth quarter sixers chipping a way. ish smith to nerlens noel. deficit down to five. boston had six players in double figures. avery bradley. he drops in 20 points.
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the sixers lose 120 -105. the flyers will be without goalie michael neuvirth for the next three weeks. he is out with the lower body injury. it is believed to be knee related. yesterday neuvirth was pulled during warm ups. the team has called up anthony storlarz as flier begin a crucial four game road tripped against the islanders. phillies and astros. darren dalton, alumni day, feeling love from the crowd. zest air hernandez batting .390, three for four, including this game tying double in the seventh inning. the phillies win, five-four. union hosting revolution, it is home opener in chester. cj sapong comes to play. he scored twice in the first half of this match. right in the first 32 minutes. union win, three to nothing. they move to two-one on the season. >> good for them. >> thanks, ducis. still to come here on "action news" iphone and ipad may get a make over. we will tell you what changes
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apple is expected to unveil at an event tomorrow. ♪ ♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries.
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see store for coupon. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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general mills will start labeling its products to contain, genetically modified ingredients. maker of cheerios, yoplate and betty crooker joins campbell's soup as one the of the few major companies to identified gmo's.
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f.d.a. says again netcally engineered food such as corn and soybeans are safe to eat but some groups say there has not been sufficient testing to determine whether gmo's pose a health risk. apple will unveil its latest products tomorrow, among latest products expect to be unveiled are smaller versions of the iphone and the ipad pro. apple has not commented on speculation about the event, the a announcement comes just one day before apple goes to court against the just advertise department. apple is fighting fbi over its the demand that the company help unlock the encrypted iphone on would have of the san bernardino shooters. bad news if you are taking a road trip for spring break. average price of gasoline has jumped by 17 cents over the past two weeks. gallon of regular gas is now above $2. the parts of philadelphia gas is a at 2.10 cents. new jersey is still has some the of the least expensive gaza around, coming in at 1.60. industry analyst say hike is due to growing demand for gasoline across the nation,
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big party today for woman who truly shows age is just a number. merion golf club hosted 100 birthday party for sherm caldwell. she plays golf, plays bridge twice a week and volunteered at bryn mawr hospital for 40 years. she may be last person who witnessed bobby jones win four majors in one year, in 1930. she played hooky from school will to do it and does all of the memories were worth it. "action news" sports sunday next here on channel six. "action news" will be back early tomorrow morning, starting a at 4:00 a.m. with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. for walter perez, melissa magee, ducis rodgers, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great
11:43 pm
night. >> ♪
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what a dominating performance by villanova. >> i think we can beat anyone if we play the way we did in the first half. >> it is the greatest feeling in the world. >> this is "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. >> welcome to the sports sunday i'm ducis rodgers. we are pleased tonight to be joined by temple head coach fran dunphy. coach, thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure, ducis. >> we will get to your owls in a moment, update on st. joes and ore


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