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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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v v vets treat a disturbing case of animal cruelty. and more on cuba next. each 80 calories. try to beat that! has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. an abandoned puppy tied up with wire nearly decapitates herself. vets working afternoon the clock to try to save her. i'm monica malpass, the big story on "action news" is a
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depict- animal cruelty. and a puppy clinging to life. who left her to die? and can she be saved? and joining us from the delaware county spca with the latest. >> monica, her injuries so severe that the spca says clover is lucky to be alive. and one of the men discovering her was floored by her condition. >> cleaning it and getting rid of the dead tissue. >> 6-month-old clover recovering after the spca said she was discovered in an upper darby home with deep gashing around her neck. chewing herself free from a cable wire tethering her to a banister. >> the property manager came in and he is the one who found her in there. and he asked if i could keep an eye on her while he got help. >> and kenny said he waited in
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disbelief, and clover's injuries so graphic we can't show it. >> the dog chews itself out and when we got it out the remaining collar out of the neck. it was bad. i couldn't see having a kid and a dog in the house. >> it was a cable around her neck. because it was hooked it clinked and the hook could not slide. and i didn't even see the problems with her neck until i got down like this and had to lift her head up. >> clover was rushed into emergency surgery to remove the infected tissue around her neck. the officials believe she may have spent three or four weeks in that condition. >> yeah, that feels good. >> and clover has surgeries left. >> she is lucky she did not hurt any important parts in her neck. >> officials say charges are
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pending against the person responsible. they are also trying to raise money to help cover clover's medical sports. if you would like to help go to our website at >> thanks. a mysterious case of bald eagles deaths are concerning them in delaware. they are trying to figure out what is killing the birds of prey found in dagsboro over the weekend. a total of 11 birds discovered sick and disoriented. five died and three treated in newark. as the surviving eagles are nursed back to health, tests are performed to determine what is sickening them and whether it can be stop. lab results should be back in a few days. officials say if you see a sick or dead bird do not touch it, please call fish and wildlife. atlantic city's financial crisis forcing a shutdown of city government next month, and city hall itself will be closed starting april 8. all non-essential services expected to be cut off for at
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least three weeks. atlantic city doesn't even expect to have money to open for business until may 2 at the earliest when it gets its quarterly tax revenue. during the shutdown, police officers, firefighters and sanitation workers are expected to work without pay until the city gets up and running again. atlantic city mayor don guardian released this statement tonight, we are greatly aware of the potential impact it will have on all of our employees. we are making every effort to find solutions prior to the april 8 deadline. we have developing story tonight in the apple versus f.b.i. legal battle over a terrorist iphone. the justice department thinks it found another way around the security code without needing apple's help. both were set to square off tomorrow in court, but they have been granted a delay to explore the new option. an unnamed outside party came forward over the weekend demonstrating a method to unlock
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the phone. apple says it is too early to declare victory in the case because if the hack does not work the government may not come back demanding assistance again. the divisions are evident on day two of president obama's historic cuban visit. if a picture is it worth 1,000 words, smiling at the dinner tonight and him urging president raul castro to take questions from reporters about human rights, not just crowning moments over the decades of bad relationships, to many they are stunning. cuban citizens shocked to hear their leader admit that not all arrests are fair. and obama told abc news in a closed-door meeting with castro he urged cuba to start taking steps towards free codofreedom. >> i indicated to him that we cannot force changes on cuba. but what we will do and continue
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to do stand up for rights we consider to be universal. >> protesters gathered outside and sfom -- some were arrested and they ready to lift the blockade. and after getting reaction to today's historic events, and you also learned after cuban connection with the former philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, haven't you? >> that is right. people see it as a new chapter. change that will begin basic freedoms and economic prosperity for the people of cuba. >> in old city tonight, some people were celebrating president obama's historic visit to cuba, opening the door to normalized relations. >> i think it is a great thing. i just got back from cuba a few weeks ago and i think the people down there are really happy and he can ki-- and excited for the changes coming. >> over some exotic cuban
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differences, the owners are celebrating a business venture in cuba where today mayor nutter and his wife, lisa, were acting as the company's ambassadors. >> sending into a five--year sponsorship in the cycling foundation. >> and business is beginning to flow with the cuban nation after a half-century. if something cuban-american has been pushing for after his family fled cuba decades ago. >> to me personally as a cuban, born cuban-american it is truly, truly an emotional and happy moment. >> and the former city manager, a cuban american who applauds the progress that the cuban government is making in terms of human rights. >> today the president successly raul castro to take questions from the free press. that has not happened, i am not sure ever. >> it is personal after his parents fled cuba his father went back to negotiate for the
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release of 3,000 prisoners and succeeded but at 13 his father was gunned down by an anti-castro group. does i think it was worth it? he believes to. >> he brought people together and for themselves that was worth dying for. >> mostly about the people of cuba. after suffering under the embargo they can finally live with dignity. the drinking water crisis in flint, michigan raised nationwide concerns about lead problems elsewhere. and today a public hearing about the safety of the local drinking water. there are service lines made of lead but there is a corrosion inhibitor significantly reducing the risk. if someone has lead pipes under
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their home they should run it for three to five minutes after nonuse like overnight. and after a double hosted a party with under aged drinking and marijuana, abdul ahmaddiya and nichelle davis-ahmaddiya arraigned on charges of corruption to minors and providing to minors. and 300 teens showed up at their home for a party that their 17-year-old daughter promoted on social media. >> beer cans, beer cases, all over the place. it was an absolute animal house. that's the way i describe it. >> the couple's daughter also cited for possessing and transporting alcohol. the wayne bryant community service in new jersey will have to rebuild a wall destroyed by an out-of-control car today. officials haven't figured out what caused the driver to plow
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into theable about 4:00. four people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. no one in the community center was hurt. the man leading the free library of philadelphia two decades died. he will be remembered for modernizing the library system inexcluding creating the free library's website, installing computers and wifi and programs for children and the events series. retiring in 2007, and he died today at the age of 72. [sirens wailing] a young boy battling leukemia arrived to an officer's salute, sworn in today as an honor rather member of the gloucest gloucester police force. and he dreamed of it and would not let his treatments stop him. >> how come you want to be a police officer? >> because they are the coolest job in the world. >> he just wants to help people. he has a really great heart and
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he is just a wonderful kid. >> liam says he had a great time today driving around in a swat vehicle, steering the team's remote control robot and taking part in a k-9 demonstration. some of the officer came in on their day off but wanted to be part of making little liam's dreams come true. very sweet. still ahead, housing hits a stumbling block and what it means for most americans. and hulk-a-mania. and awarded millions more dollars in his sex tape lawsuit. we explain why. and apple wants you to think small as it unveils its newest products. we want to you think of big in the temperature department the next couple of days. after this very cool stretch, we talk about the rising numbers in the accuweather forecast. all right. and also ducis rodgers with the flyers taking on the islanders, and villanova look ahead to the sweet 16 when "action news" continues tonight. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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now. a flight that left philadelphia in route to dublin, i recalled did not get very far, diverted because of an unruly female passenger. we do not know what they did, but landed in boston, american airlines flight 722. she was taken into custody upon the law enforcement meeting her at the tarmac and she is being detained right now. no word when the plane will start the flight again to dublin, ireland. more contests coming tomorrow in the presidential race of 2016. republicans caucus in utah. and four of the five remaining presidential candidates spoke at the american israel republican affairs committee in washington today. donald trump declared his support for israel despite earlier pledges to be neutral as president. and promised to relocate the
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embassy in israel. and ted cruz slammed trump for not being neutral and israel will no longer be treated as second-class citizen. and bernie sanders campaigned elsewhere skipping the event. hillary clinton on the campaign trail tonight in arizona. she spoke to more than 1300 people in phoenix and urged them to think of the kind of future and president they want. and bernie sanders campaigned in utah taking aim at the israeli government in salt lake city accusing it of treating palestinians poorly. and pledged to be a friend to israel and palestinian it is elected president. and the primaries in pennsylvania and delaware five weeks from tomorrow on april 26. new jerseyans go to the polls june 7. don't forget to register to vote since the deadlines are approaching. pennsylvania you have next until monday to register and links on the website for how you can do that, to register to vote.
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we know more about the retired state trooper that shot and killed two pennsylvania turnpike workers during an ar r armored car robbery this weekend. clarence briggs and his wife donna filed for bankruptly $315,000 in debt. and sunday he killed turnpike employees danny crouse and ronald heist working at the toll plaza. and briggs was shot and killed himself by police. he patroled the turnpike before retiring in 2012. this video in the news room of a wild police chief involving a stolen cement truck and a juvenile behind the wheel. happening yesterday in dodge center, minnesota. cell phone video available. and the pursuit lasted an hour when the youngster drove down a dead-end street. a florida jury awarded hulk hogan additional $25 mill in
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punitive damages this afternoon in his sex tape trial. gawker may go $15 million and the owner nick denton $10 million. and the punitive damages are on top of the $115 million that the jury awarded hogan last week. >> i feel great. i am really happy about everything that's happened. and i think we made history today because i think way protected a lot of people from maybe going what i went through, so we are very excited and very happy. >> and hogan sued gawker after posting a video of him having sex with his then-best-friend's wife. and hogan did not know that he was being taped. and apples big announcement about selling some smaller version of his popular devices. the new iphone se with a 4-inch screen. it looks like the 5s. but it has the internals of the 6s inside.
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and the ipad pro going from a 12-inch to 9.7 inch display. the poker site setting up, the first in the u.s. continues a crack down years ago chased it offshore. the gamblers must physically be located in new jersey borders to play even though playing online. and signs tonight that it is getting too expensive for many folks to buy a home despite low mortgage rates. job growth and wage increases. sales of existing homes slumped more than 7%. and the median sales price nationwide increased 4.4% and much due to a supply-and-demand balance, not many homes for sale
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leading to bidding wars. and they found the housing market tilting toward wealthier buyers nearly half million homes for sale and up and few options for first-time buyers or families looking to trade up. i do and march is colon cancer awareness month. and eight local colon cancer survivors shared their story. get your rear in gear and macies partner raising money for colon cancer research. time to talk about the accuweather story. adam in for sacecily. and going above normal and a win-win situation heading our way. looking at double scan live radar, clear skies above after some clouds that developed this afternoon. and the early-morning snow.
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overall, a pretty decent but chilly start to the workweek. as we look at the action cam in manayunk along the canal, not many folks taking a stroll there overnight tonight. a little on the chilly side. overall, again not too bad. as we look at the numbers right now, we have the spot along the canal there. 37 degrees on the toe path. 35 in reading, 34 in lancaster, 46 in wilmington. and in millville the temperature of 40 degrees. we still have a wind around 10 miles per hour out of the west-northwest. and the wind chills it is western-like feeling reading 29, 29 in lancaster. 16 in the poconos. above freezing in philadelphia. and feeling like 34 for millville as well as the atlantic city airport. the high pressure to the south, that high pressure is really a beat. because it is taking over the eastern half of the united states. you can see it is kind of squashing a lot of cloud cover
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and the early snow going towards halifax. and tomorrow morning in the rush hour, watch for sun glare once the sun breaks over the horizon after 7:00, mostly sunny. a chill in the air temperatures between 34 and 36 degrees from 6:00 to 8:00. but not having harsh winds like this morning or some snow in new jersey early this morning. and the dayplanner tomorrow, temperature 45 degrees, and then at 2:00, 54. and high clouds in the afternoon with the warm front that difficulties to our north and west. and then the front locks itself up into central parts of new england. just to the north of this front, temperatures only in the 20s and 30s. and south of the front, that means a southerly wind 15 degrees above average a high of 70 two days from now. the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast, 57 tomorrow replaced by the 70, much warmer wednesday. and breezy warm high clouds thursday. 75 degrees. but the next three days the pollen level on the medium if not high side. thursday night a front comes through with about a quarter to half inch of rain with lingering showers on friday. that drops the pollen, as well as the temperature on friday to 54. overall, good friday sunshine in control. and then seasonable, nice saturday, 57. easter sunday, sunshine giving way to clouds but dry and 63. and a few showers common -- coming on monday. but most rain in the overnight hours. >> thank you so much. and jimmy kimmel live after "action news." and here is a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks monica. hello, philadelphia. i was i was awake preparing for you.
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>> the favorite hammer song. >> it's not on there. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security.
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i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including
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later, the islanders power play and steve mason with great saves. and manning scoring the first nhl goal and flyers win 4-1 and are 1 point back of detroit. sixers and pacers. and ty lawson with the three at the buzzer. and brown not pleased with the sixers' defense. down a dozen, and the fourth quarter, the move by monta ellis. and the sixers lost six in a row and record at 9-62. and with the opening round games behind them, villanova now focused squarely on the miami hurricanes. the two teams meet thursday in louisville, kentucky in the sweet 16. no rest for the cats, back at practice today this afternoon. they are the 2-seed. miami the 3-seed. the cats share with us their scouting report on those hurricanes.
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>> great, well-coached, athletic, tough, strong. a great acc team and a battle, but something we are looking forward to. we will be ready. >> the biggest thing is how physical and experienced. two fifth-year seniors, a lot of juniors and young guys coming off the bench to help the upper classmen, too. >> jeff skversky, if you are watching you are pack your bags. sending jeff to louisville for the games, with the cats as they chase their dreams and live records beginning wednesday. and ahead, st. joe's talks about the disappointment. and the phillies continue to shine as we get closer to the season opener.
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st. joe's so close to pulling off are an upset last night. instead, the hawks returned to campus. and plenty of are fans there to greet and console them. eliminated by oregon, don't expect them to get over the disappointment anytime soon. too there's still a lot of hurt mixed in with tremendous pride and appreciation for this group allowing me to coach them. i wanted one more practice and one more day with them, one more game. and that will stay for awhile. hopefully when they wake up tomorrow this thing will be a little bit less and they will feel and remember that they are champions. >> still had a tremendous season, all right. two weeks from today guess what? the phillies open the regular season in cincinnati. until then, still make-believe
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baseball. the phills and tigers tied at 1-1. and franco with the single bringing him in. and hunter, a 2-run homer and the phillies win 4-3. they are 14-5 thus far in spring training play. we will take it. >> what we can, a little at a time, thank you. and "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel and his guests are harrison ford, elizabeth olsen and music from cam. and for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. you have a great night tonight.
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and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford, elizabeth olsen, and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones! and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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