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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday march 22nd. i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han. matt o'donnell is off. we're working on breaking stories this morning. >> including a deadly explosion that's rocked a airport and subway stations in belgium. we're live with the details. >> a new jersey resort town may be forced to shut down if weeks if state officials don't step in. >> president obama will try to take u.s.-cuban relations another step forward today and end his trip with baseball. >> first let's check in with dave murphy and karen rogers. they've got accuweather and traffic. good morning. >> all right, we're starting out rather chilly this morning but we are going to be bright in a little while. you can see the lack of any significant cloud cover. out to the west there are a few additional clouds by pittsburgh and they'll start to filter in as the day goes on. 35 degrees heading out the door this morning in
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philadelphia. just 28 degrees in allentown, 29 in reading, 33 in trenton, 31 wilmington. down in millville 25 degrees. 41 a little bit better out on the point in cape may. as we take a look at the out the door forecast in your driveway and bus stop 33 degrees by 6:0 6:00. certainly cold enough for some extra gear. as 23 go into the afternoon we are going to see some improvement. 42 bees dry 10 o'clock. 48 by noon and then 56 by 3 o'clock with a high of 57 degrees at around 4 o'clock this afternoon. still holding onto the mid-50's by 5 o'clock. a few more clouds gather as the day goes on. partly sunny overall. allergy sufferers is big time alert. we're going to get really nice weather over the next several days but the 308 len count is going to go up. we could be any who the range by thursday and friday. karen rogers we are going to dee they'll rise in temperatures and then take an early look at the weekend call for easter weekend. that's coming up from accuweather. >> you finally have some good news again. i like that.
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looking outside at 422 at trooper coming from pottstown or limerick this is your ride and you're looking good. you can see from the road surface we're clear, we're dry, no issues. very light volume out here. we do have one problem though. a disabled tractor-trailer in bridgeport on union avenue blocking a lane there at coates street so look for that to cause a little bit of disruption. here on the vine street expressway we had no overnight construction. we're open westbound, open eastbound. light volume. we're dry. so, no problems right now. on the big picture don't forget about the east falls falls bridge remains closed until april 1st. we're getting there. just a little bit longer you have to hang in there. i know that's been causing pretty big headaches. monument road remains closed between ford and belmont. let's go on the ben franklin bridge. no problem on the ben or any of your area bridges. looking good so far this morning. tam and nydia. >> thank you karen. we begin with our breaking news out of brussels. at least one person is dead after a series of explosions across that city in belgium. >> information is still coming in. "action news" reporter annie
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mccormick has been following this story from the satellite center. you have the latest. >> reporter: here hearing multiple reports about the number of casualties and people injured we're only going with what abc news has confirmed at this time. they tell that you say one person is confirmed dead and many injured after two explosions at this airport. we have learned within the past half hour that there are also reports of several explosions at different subway stations in brussels as well. here are the images just coming in. according to abc news around 8:00 a.m. there were two blasts in the departures area of the brussels airport. we have heard one person is dead, more injured. brussels is five hours ahead of eastern standard time. now, all departures from brussels airport have been canceled and all incan coming flights have since been diverted. passengers have been evacuated from the airport, many onto the tarmac waiting for more information. we are checking with american airlines about flights that left philadelphia for brussels. we do know according to online
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american airlines online that flight 750 left philadelphia last night and landed in brussels just before 7:00 a.m. today. american flight 751 was scheduled to leave brussels at 9:40, their time bound for philadelphia expected to land in philadelphia this afternoon. again, all flights have been canceled leaving the airport and all incoming flights have since been diverted. now, these explosions come only two days after the prime suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in brussels. authorities also launched a manhunt for another terror suspect. however, at this hour there is no confirmation that this is related to a terrorist attack. belgium's prime minister saying within the past half hour that the possibility of a terrorist attack is being investigated. the terror level now as you can understand has been raised to the highest level and this is having a ripple effect at many airports around europe. for now reporting live from the sat center, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> such frightening times in that city. thank you so much, annie.
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atlantic city will shut down all nonessential services next month it says unless it gets app financial bailout from the state. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live for us now in ac. she's got the details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the mayor had been warning recently that the day was approaching that they would no longer be able to pay city workers and then late yesterday afternoon a statement came out from mayor don guardian here in atlantic city. and he said that they're forced to shut city hall due to financial circumstances beyond the city's control. that would start on friday april 8th at 4:30 in the afternoon and he expects this closure to remain in effect until at least may 22nd which is when the city expects to receive its next payment of quarterly taxes. city workers can can expect not to get paid during those three weeks even those who will continue to show up. nonessential service will be ended and closed for that time period but essential services, that means police, fire, revenue collections and some
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divisions of public works, those employees are expected to show up for work but they will not be paid their salary during that time. health benefits will remain active for all atlantic city employees. this is all happening as the city continues to argue with state leaders over how to save the city from going bankrupt n mayor guardian's statement he says the city is in talks with the state and the hope is that it will find a solution and this will be avoided. we are live in atlantic city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you. and a reminder right now summon other news, a pennsylvania and delaware will hold presidential primaries five weeks from today oh an april 26. new jersey's contest is on june 7. if you haven't registered to vote in pennsylvania, you own have until next monday. voters in delaware have until april 2nd and new jerseyans have until may 17th. head to for links on how to sign up. >> iit is happening today, the
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purpose of president obama's visit to cuba will include baseball. this morning the president will deliver a speech. it will be attended by cuban president raúl castro followed by a meeting with several prominent cuban dissidents who are calling for the president to rebuke castro's total therien government. the president he urged cuba to start taking steps towards freedom. >> and what i indicated to him is that we can't force changes on cuba but what we can can do and will continue to do is to stand up for the rights that we consider to be universal. >> today the president will wrap up his trip with a major league baseball exhibition game between the tampa bay rays and cuban national team. major league baseball is in talks on a potential deal that could make it easier for cuban ball players to play in the u.s. >> the mysterious case of bald eagle deaths are confirming wildlife officials in delaware. they're trying to figure out
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what is killing the birds of prey. a total of 11 birds were found in dags borrow over the weekend six and disoriented. five died. three are being treated at tri-state bird rescue in newark. tests are being performed to determine what is making them sick and whether it can be stopped. >> we need to figure it out so we can stop any kind of spread if -- you know, whether it's biological or natural, you know, whatever has caused this. >> the lab results should be back in a few days. officials say if you see any dead or sick birds, do not touch them. call fish and wildlife. >> new on "action news" bill cosby's legal team has been dealt a blow in the defamation case against him. it's been filed by seven women. a federal judge here in philadelphia has ruled attorneys for the women can examine the case file for the lawyer who represented andrea constand. couldn'constand is the woman whs cosby assaulted her decades ago. she reached a settlement with coastal storm bee in a civil case.
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now prosecutors have charged cosby criminally. he has pleaded not guilty. >> 5:08. time to turn to accuweather. still chilly today but we are warming up. >> yeah, we are improving today. yeah, by tomorrow afternoon it's going to be nice. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry heading outside, we have sky6 and clear skies overhead right now. there's the moon and later on tonight to the left of the moon we should be able to see jupiter although right now i'm looking at a little star to the right and who knows, that might be an early appearance of jupiter. as we look at the current profile we're starting out chilly. camera you can see isn't rocking around very much and the winds aren't all that bad. 28 allentown, 29 reading and in philadelphia just 35 degrees at this startup hour. 33 degrees in trenton. 31 in wilmington, 25 in millville. and so everybody is looking pretty chilly this morning and even without the wind you'll definitely want a coat and maybe a little extra gear. satellite shows you how we'll start out sunny and then some additional clouds will gather as the day goes on.
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overall we're going call it partly sunny in the lehigh valley today with a high of 57 which is a bit milder than yesterday. not as windy as yesterday, too, which is nice. down the shore also a bit milder, 56 is your high partly sunny skies. not quite as windy as it was yesterday. and in philadelphia we'll bounce up to 57 degrees after spending yesterday afternoon closer to the 50-degree mark. partly sunny, a bit milder and winds out of the southwest only running about eight to 16 miles per hour. overnight tonight not as chilly and cold as it is this morning. only going down to 46 degrees, partly cloudy skies and that's also because of that southwest wind overnight continuing to draw in milder air from the southwest. and then we get into tomorrow and that mild air is here big time. we're going to get a high in the afternoon tomorrow of 70 degrees. that's 15 degrees above average for tomorrow's date. lots of sunshine in play tomorrow. and probably even warmer on thursday ahead of an approaching front n factor we could be challenging a record high on thursday afternoon in philadelphia. doesn't that sound good.
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your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast we're going for a high of 57 today, partly sunny, a little bit milder than yesterday, not as windy and overall pretty nice. then turning warmer tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny skies, 70 degrees is your forecast high and on thursday, near record warmth with a high of 75 degrees. the record for tomorrow -- thursday i should say is 76 degrees, so we'll be very close to that. late in the day or at night there's the possibility of a shower and some of those showers probably spill into friday morning. otherwise, though, on good friday we're expecting the return of some sunshine in the afternoon and a nice high of 64 degrees. for the weekend mostly sunny on saturday, easing down to 57 degrees which still isn't bad for this time of year and on easter sunday we're expecting to go back up to 63. now it looks like there will be clouds and some sunny breaks on sunday, maybe some late day or night time rain. we're kind of leaning toward that rain being at night at this point so i think easter has a shot at being dry itself. >> thank you david. still ahead on "action news" developing overnight new
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fallout involving the tennis tournament director whose controversial remarks about female players drew outrage. >> the wife of a renowned pianist charged with capitol murder after police find their two daughtersed. >> live in plymouth meeting. this is the blue route approaching the mid-county tolls. we see a tractor-trailer off to the side. we'll check lionville chester county coming uply. >> when we come back the text message mixup announcing a baby's birth which ends with a hilarious surprise. >> ♪ giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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>> welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a police official cautioned that the situation is still
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unfolding and developing in brussels but here's what we know. at least one person and possibly more dead in two explosion that is ripped through the departure hall there at the brussels airport. meanwhile the ap is reporting that several people have been hurt after explosions in the brussels metro near the eu headquarters. all subway stations have been closed. we continue to follow this story on air and online. >> to karen rogers now with our traffic situation. hi, karen. >> good morning. time to check the suburbs and see what's happening on the roads this morning. and we're going start you off live in lionville chester county. if you're coming up from phoenixville or chester springs, this is your ride here. route 100 at 113 we could see a good shot of the roads, we're clear no weather related problems impacting you today and traffic really moving along nicely. let's take you over here to bridgeport. on union avenue at coates street we have a disabled tractor-trailer that's still blocking a lane so watch for that. on the northeast extension we had roving construction crews but they've since can cleared so no problems with the construction crews now. let's go to your commuter
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traffic report and we found sharky cool telling us 295 southbound in logan township in gloucester county new jersey there's an object on the road so be careful you're not swerve argue round that and thanks to sharky cool for telling us that one i like the name. it's 30 trees in quakertown, 35 degrees in center city. we've got another chilly start but a nice day ahead. 33 in hammonton, 29 in vineland and smyrna delaware. we're leaded up to a nice 57 degrees. partly sunny skies and milder today. tam and nydia. >> all right, karen, thank you. developing overnight, tennis tournament director who said women's pro tennis players ride on the coat tails of the men has quit. raymond moore stepped down from his post one day after his comments about female tennis players drew outrage from many in the tennis world including the tournament's runner up serena williams. the 59-year-old touring pro from south africa has been ceo
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of the bnp since 20's 12. >> a man shunt under way for another alleged suspect of the terror attacks. they've identified him. police have been looking for him for several months but under a different alias. during a aid last week police arrested salah abdeslam in brussels belgium. 130 people were killed during those attacks back in november. international renowned pianist is mourning the deaths of his two young daughters. this morning his estranged wife is facing murder charges in at this he went to pick up his children on thursday. he fond the five and one-year-old slain in their beds. their mother had stab wounds. she remains hospitalized on a mental health evaluation. >> the flyers face the blue jackets in columbus, ohio, tonight. they are now within one point of detroit for the final playoff spot in the eastern conference. the flyers powered past the islanders in brooklyn last night. brandon manning scored his first nhl goal midway through
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the second period snapping a tie. the flyers win four to one. >> the villanova wildcats head to the big dance this morning. they face miami and can kentucky thursday night in a sweet 16 round. the wildcats were back at practice yesterday afternoon. miami hasn't played villanova since 2004 but they're no strangeers. wildcats coach jay wright tried to recruit miami guard jaquan newton and miami's coach courted villanova's top two scorers josh hart and kris jenkins. >> great, well coached athletic strong. great acc team. it's going to be a battle but it's something we're looking forward to. but we'll be ready. >> jeff skversky will be with the cats in louisville. look for his live reports beginning tomorrow. >> nothing on this dog. they say he's a pro with a paintbrush. >> and a new study suggests that just the smell of alcohol can lower people's resistance. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> a dog in new york is getting a bit of a reputation as an artist. this is dagger also known as dog vinci is a black lab who lovers to pain. dagger paints by holding a brush in his mouth and following his owner's commands. us paintings sell for about $100. all proceeds go to animal related charities. he looks good in that hat. >> i wish we could hear what he thinks about her. >> how do you discover your dog loves to paint. >> he has a lot of free time. congratulations. >> i see a philly museum of art exhibition in about a year. >> let's go outside and show you what it looks like on the roads. this is morrisville bucks county. route one, we are clear, we are dry, no weather related problems plaguing you with the traffic this morning. the turnpike eastbound approaching bensalem not one but two lanes blocked here, left lane and center lane so that will slow you down. mass transit is on time, dave. >> temperatures down around the freezing mark karen. we have mainly clear skies out there, not a lot of wind but
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it's definitely conditions that warrant the extra winter gear. this afternoon after school once again they might be able to change into a lighter coat. it's not going to be as breezy and it will be a little bit milder later. if you're running errands not a bad afternoon to do it. 38 degrees right now by 9 o'clock, 45 by 11 o'clock and with less wind and still a fair amount of sunshine through the afternoon it's a good one to get out there and get stuff done. noon 48 degrees, 54 by 2 o'clock. expecting that high today of 57 degrees at 4 o'clock. partly sunny skies later in the afternoon. nydia and tam. >> okay, thank you david. in health check saying no thanks to drinks may not be enough to check your inhibitions. the mere smell of alcohol appears to reduce people's level of control over their behavior. that's according to a new study. experts suggest that just the smell alone could get some people to consume. and studies have suggested that even the sight of alcohol could lead to physiological arousal and salvation. researchers hope the study's findings could be useful in treating alcohol addiction. >> up next in your morning
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buzz a space station delivery rich in science and technology. >> and details on the events ves working a round the which, to try tclock totry to save her. across brussells. that follows reports of three explosions at three different metro stations in the heart of the capital. very symbolic areas next to the seat of the european union and
5:24 am
of the belgian government. >> that's really a big deal. we're getting these reports of additional explosions. local media reporting additional explosions at several metro stations within the city of brussels coming after the two explosions that took place at the airport roughly about 8:00 local time there in brussells. brussells is five hours ahead of us right now because of daylight savings time. normally it would be six. alex, at this point, they've shut down the airport. they have shut down the metro station. i can just imagine this is a city in the throes of a lot of angst right now. >> well, absolutely. imagine in the u.s. in d.c. or philadelphia or new york shutting down the main airports, the subway station. that would wreak
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>> ♪ >> we continue to follow our breaking news out of brussels.
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two explosions ripped through the departure hall at brussels airport during the morning rush hour today as hundreds of passengers were trying to check in. abc news is now confirming the death toll at 13. there was also at least one explosion in a brussels metro station near european union headquarters. the subway was leaving molenbeek station. brussels has shut down its entire metro station. all eu personnel brussels have been told to stay in their offices or homes in the wake of the blast. they're at a level four. we'll continue to follow the story on air and online. >> taking a look at the morning buzz. starting with this. a rocket project that began with an explosion in virginia nearly a year and a half ago. tonight it will conclude with the launch of a supply ship. the unnamed rocket will leave at 11:00 tonight from cape canaveral headed to the international space station. it will have food supplies and
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experiments. it was carrying science experiment from ocean city high school students. nasa expects the enterers rocket to come back this summer with the main engine. a text messaging mixup resulted in a funny moment for a couple of new parents in georgia. mark and lindsey lashly welcomed their first child on saturday. during the excitement they realized the family had sent the message to the wrong person when they textd the announcement. dennis williams got the text he congratulated the family and let the sender know i don't think you were trying to get to me but when he got a second text with a picture of the baby he decided he was going to make the most of it. dennis and his brother went out got some gifts went to the hospital to say congratulations and meet the new baby and the parents in person. the pictures have received over 150,000 likes on facebook. i think that was pretty nice of dennis. nydia. >> indeed, tam, thank you. still ahead on "action news." a heartbreaking story. a part native american girl
5:28 am
who is just six years old was taken from her southern california foster parents. we'll tell you why. plus we're learning more about the deadly explosions at an airport and subway station in belgium. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking on "action news," twin blasts strike the brussels airport right before flight to philadelphia was scheduled to take off and the reports of a thud explosion a tn nearby. >> fire crews investigate a science lab blast. >> a dramatic move that could bring local government to a stand still. good morning, it's 5:30 now on this tuesday march 22nd. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is joining us. let's get a look at your accuweather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning everyone. on the big board this morning we have satellite showing you a lack of cloud cover in the vicinity. just a couple of little clouds down south of philadelphia. there's more on the way to the west and we probably will transiti t


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