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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> with matt o'donnell, karen rogers, tamala edwards and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning it's 6:00 a.m., i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han. matt o'donnell is off. we're working on several breaking stories this morning. >> including a deadly explosion that's rocked an airport and subway station in belgium. we have just learned the explosions are being considered acts of terror. >> a new jersey resort town already strapped for cash may be forced to shut down within weeks if state officials don't step in. >> president obama will try to take u.s.-cuban relations another step forward today and end his trip with baseball. >> but first up let's get a look at what you can expect with your accuweather. dave murphy is outside, karen
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rogers has traffic inside. good morning. >> we're off to a chilly start this morning. i don't have gloves tucked into this fleece they give us. almost wish i had run back to the office and gotten them. it's a little bit chill to start out. we've got clear skies, though and there will be plenty of sunshine coming up over the horizon, some of those clouds you see out by pittsburgh down by washington some of that is liable to filter in as the day goes on. 35 degrees currently in philadelphia and a lot of spots down closer to or below the freezing mark. we're at 32 in trenton and wilmington. in the upper 20's in allentown, reading and lancaster and the mid-20's in millville. and as we roll through the day we are going to see some improvement in those temperatures. by 11 o'clock, we'll be at 45 degrees. by 1 o'clock, 51. we will transition to partly sunny skies during the afternoon but it will get a bit milder than yesterday. 56 degrees by 3 o'clock an high of 57 with less wind than what we saw yesterday. and a word to the wise if are anally leg sufferer you'll get a lot more of that over the next couple days. the weather is really looking good for wednesday and thursday and even friday but unfortunately the pollen
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counter will also be going right on up with there. when i step inside we'll give you the details on those warmer numbers coming ahead in the accuweather 7-day forecast. for now karen do we have any issues on roads early. >> nothing major here. looking live in new jersey, this is 42, that's your northbound traffic a touchily volume here and that's about it from can turnersville or blackwood. no problems on 42. a new accident in burlington county in moorestown. we're looking to reports of that on westfield road at bridgeboro road. 95 that's southbound traffic headed towards center city. a little bit of building volume southbound here and again southbound near girard but you can see an easy 14 minute ride. you know that's going to double later on. for now you're looking pretty good. this disabled tractor-trailer cleared out of bridgeport montgomery county so all lanes back opened on union avenue here at coates street. tam and nydia. >> thank you karen. we begin with that breaking news out of brussels belgium. a deadly series of explosions essentially las that city
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right now on lockdown just minutes ago officials confirmed that this is a terrorist attack. >> information is still coming in. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has been following this story all morning from the satellite center. good morning to you annie. >> reporter: good morning nydia. the brussels prosecutor did announce a short time ago this was a terrorist attack. abc news is confirming that 13 are dead, more have been injured from two explosions at brussels airport and also several other explosions reported at several subway stations around brussels. well, here are new images just can coming in from the airport. according to abc news around 8:00 a.m. there were two blasts in the departures area of the airport. all departures from brussels airport have been canceled and incoming flights have been diverted. now here's more video. passengers have been evacuated. many onto the tarmac. brussels is five hours ahead of eastern standard time. american airlines has said that flight 750 left philadelphia last night and landed in brussels just before 7:00 a.m.
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american flight 751 was scheduled to leave brussels at 9:40 a.m. their time bound for philadelphia. american airlines has now confirmed that that flight has been canceled. now, back out here live american airlines also telling us that there are no reported injuries to any of their employees in brussels, of course we're still learning more information about what is going on with those flights and the passengers at this time. brussels is also asking for all people that are in the city to stay indoors. we'll have more information coming to you in the next half hour. for now reporting live in the satellite center annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> our thoughts with everyone there annie. thank you. be sure to stay with 6abc and abc news for the very latest. "good morning america" will have complete coverage coming up at 7:00 a.m. other news now, cash strapped atlantic city will shut down all nonessential services next month unless it receives a if this bailout from the state. mayor don guardian set a deadline of april 8th. all nonessential services will be cut off at that point for at least three weeks.
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police officers, firefighters and sanitation workers will work without pay. atlantic city doesn't expect to have enough money to open for business until may second when it gets quarterly tax revenue. state lawmakers are debating a financial takeover plan of a.c. >> it is now 6:05 and happening today, the focus of president barack obama's visit to cuba will described trade and human rights to include baseball. this morning the president will deliver a speech at a historic theater in havana. it will be attended by cuban president raúl castro followed by a meeting with several prominent cuban dissidents who are calling for president obama to rebuke castro's government which they tall a totalitarian regime. yesterday in a closed door meet wind gust castro the president said he urged cuba to start taking steps towards freedom. >> what i indicated to him is that we can't force changes on cuba. but what we can do and will continue to do is to stand up report rights that we consider
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to be universal. >> today the president will wrap up his trip way major league baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. major league baseball is in talks for a potential deal that would make it easier for cuban players to play in the u.s. >> reviews coming in from apple's springtime announcement and many under weapon of mass destruction. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. lots of boos. >> reporter: modest gains for stocks yesterday but that was enough for the dow to post its seventh straight winning session longest winning streak since october. futures pointing to a lower open. now on apple apple's new product lineup gets pretty much a lukewarm reception. the company introduced a smaller iphone and ipad yesterday along with a new few new watch bands. the lackluster event brought out the critics on twitter where some wondered about apple's lack of innovation. one wall street analyst agreed saying the new products probably would not have an
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impact on the company's stock. amazon says kindles made in 2012 and before will lose the connection if the device isn't updated. if you do lose connectivity you'll have to update the e-reader manually by connecting to a computer via usb cord. amazon spokeswoman says the kindle mobile app will not be affected by the upday. tam and nydia, that's one way to make users install an update, make it not work. [laughter] >> there you go. >> i gave my kindle to my mom. i've got to call her and say update it. >> right. so, let's update you on the weather forecast. we've got storm tracker6 live double scan, no rain. stepping outside, clear skies overhead, stars are out and we'll be get something sun coming up over the horizon before too much longer. there you see that full moon. later tonight check out that moon over to the upper left of it you'll get a shot of jupiter. right now we have a bright star or planet over to the right. as we take a look outside, we are looking at or look inside at the numbers the. we are looking at a cold start, 28 degrees currently in
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allentown, 29 in reading, 29 in lancaster. 35 degrees in philadelphia. winds aren't all that light but obviously with these temperatures you are going to want a coat and maybe a little extra gear. satellite shows that you there is some cloud cover welling up down by washington and out by pittsburgh moving into central pennsylvania and overall we are going to transition from a bright sunny start to more of a partly sunny day. we'll go partly sunny in the lehigh valley. a bit milder, 57 degrees is the high there. down the shore a bit milder today, not bad, 56 degrees on the boardwalk under partly sunny skies. and remember, there will not be as much wind today as there was yesterday. yesterday was rather blustery. partly sunny and a bit flight philadelphia with a high of 57. and winds out of the southwest at eight to 16 miles per hour. overnight tonight, good news, not as chilly as it's been the last couple of nights. we'll only go down to 46 in philadelphia, some suburbs in the low 40's. winds continuing out of the southwest bringing in that milder air. and only eight to 16 miles per hour tonight. and then tomorrow that southerly flow continues and
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we bounce all the way up to 70 beneath a warm front to the north of us. tomorrow's high will be 15 degrees above average and we should have app decent amount of sunshine perhaps mixing with some occasional clouds. with a cold front coming in from the west, it's going to be even warmer on thursday. in fact, on thursday afternoon we may challenge a record high temperature in philadelphia. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today 57, partly sunny and nice. tomorrow turning warmer with sunshine and a few clouds and a high of 70 and then thursday near record warmth with a high of 75 degrees. sun will give way to clouds. the record is high is 76 by the way so we will be close and then later thursday night into friday morning, we'll have the chance of some showers. good friday, though, does feature drying in the afternoon, the return of some sunshine and a pleasant high of 64. for the coming weekend 57 degrees mostly sunny on saturday a little cooler but still not bad for this time of year and easter sunday right now we're going to go cloudy skies with some sunny breaks, a high of 63. decent enough for your out and
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about family get togethers and what have you. there is the chance of some late day or night time rain. most of the models want to hold it off until night, though. so, pretty decent chance right now that easter stays dry. >> good news. >> thank you david. it is 6:10 we couldn't to follow that terrible breaking news in brussels. it's still a very volatile situation in the city that has come under attack from multiple explosions. we'll bring you the very latest next. >> plus, bill cosby loses a legal fight in the defamation case filed against him by several women. karen. >> we have a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. you can see meals on the scene with this one on the ramp from i-95 northbound to allegheny. traffic's getting by at this point. just watch for. that we're going to take a check of the schuylkill expressway, some bridge inspection is going to cause big delays today. all the details coming up. >> ♪
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>> here's what we know about a series of explosions that have rocked brussels. at least 13 people are dead and many more are injured. the entire city is on lockdown and authorities are calling these acts of terrorism. first this morning two explosions ripped through the departures area of the brussels airport. witnesses reported seeing the ceiling cave in, pipes rupturing and water mixing with the blood of victims. the airport explosions were followed by a series of explosions at subway stations, the transportation system in
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brussels has been shut down. the belgian people have been told to shelter-in-place. this all comes two days after a terror suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in brussels. again, officials now can consider this to be a terror attack and the terror level has been raised to the maximum level. it happened about an hour after a flight from philadelphia landed and about 90 minutes before a plane headed for philadelphia was scheduled to take off. our annie mccormick is gathering very latest as it comes in. she'll have the full report straight ahead. >> look at the pictures of those windows blown out. everybody has been waiting at the departures gate to imagine that happening to people is frightening. let's go to karen rogers to take a look at your traffic. good morning. >> such a terrible situation and if you're just trying to wake up and head out to work right now i'll give you an idea of what's happening on the roads. we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway. we're here at montgomery drive and you can see traffic's moving really nicely here. that's your westbound traffic headed towards the boulevard. not seeing any delays or problems. no weather related issues
6:15 am
impacting you but we did have bridge inspections today on the schuylkill and this is going to cause problems from 9:00 until 3:00 westbound between montgomery drive and lincoln drive they're going to be blocking a lane. expect big delays starting in just a few hours. construction here on the turnpike eastbound approaching bensalem has just cleared. they were blocking two lanes. traffic is moving a lot better now that all lanes are back opened. this accident in moorestown burlington county has been pushed off to the side now on westfield road at bridgeboro road. let's go to your commuter traffic report. we found firefighter wfc here on 206 in southampton talking about an object on the road so just avoid that. thanks to the firefighter out there for giving us the latest details. let's check the current numbers. it's a cold start. 24 in martin's creek. just at 28 in fleetwood, 27 in coatesville, 30 in saint davids, 32 in levittown, 35 in the city. and some of the suburbs in new jersey are just in the upper 20's like glassboro and vineland sitting at 27. 29 degrees in dover delaware but we've got a nice day
6:16 am
ahead. it's milder than yesterday. partly sunny an high of 57. nydia and tam. >> all right, karen, thank you. developing overnight the tennis tournament director who said women's pro tennis players "ride on the coat tails of the men" has quit. raymond moore stepped down from his post one day after his comments about female tennis players drew outrage from many in the tennis world including the tournament's runner up serena williams. moore apologized for his remarks. the 69-year-old former touring pro from south africa has been ceo of the bnp paribas open since 2012. a mysterious case of bald eagle deaths is concerning wildlife officials in delaware. they're trying to figure out what's killing the birds of prey. a total of 11 birds were found in dags borrow over the weekend sick and disoriented. five died. three are now being treated at tri-state bird are cues in newark. tests are being performed to determine what is sickening them and whether it can be stopped. >> we need to figure it out so we can stop any kind of spread if -- you know, whether it's
6:17 am
biological or natural, you know, whatever has caused this. >> the lab results should be back in a few days. officials say if you see any dead or sick birds, do not touch them. call fish and wildlife. >> new here on "action news" bill cosby's legal team has been dealt a blow in the defamation case that seven women have filed against the comedian. federal judge in philadelphia ruled attorneys for women can examine the case file belonging to their lawyer for andrea constand. constand sued cosby for sexual assault decades ago. constand reached a settlement with cosby in a civil case but prosecutors have reopened their case in a criminal case against the comedian. cosby in the criminal case has pleaded not guilty. >> 6:17 now. it is travel day for nova nation. we'll tell you why the sweet 16 matchup has special meaning for the team. david. >> all right, guys, we are dressing the kids up warmly this morning with temperatures down below the freezing mark in some neighborhoods. this afternoon, though, we get a little milder than yesterday
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>> a dog in new york is getting a bit of a reputation as an artist. this is dagger also known as dog vin cle. he's a black lab who loves to paint. dagger paints by holding a brush in his mouth and following his owner's commands. his paintings sell for about $100. and all the proceeds go to animal related charities. >> really knocks them out. >> i'm done painting. >> the dog's life. let's take a look outside right now and check out a problem here on the ramp from i-95 northbound to allegheny. we've got a disabled vehicle. it's a guy with a flat tire out there. penndot is on hand trying to help him out but traffic is getting by.
6:21 am
southbound meanwhile on 95 seeing a delay for northbound. watch for that guy off to the side. we have a building fire here in pottstown on elm street at berks. it's just coming in to us now. expect some restrictions. stick to glasses go street as your alternate. mass transit is looking pretty good. everything on time david. >> winds running in the single digits. we have temperatures down around the freezing mark and in some cases below freezing. so do bundle up. we're at 35 degrees currently in philadelphia. expecting to get up to a high this afternoon of about 57 degrees. that should slot right in there around 4 o'clock and then you can see how we're still holding 50 as late as 10 o'clock tonight. and that is a good sign as we are going to get even warmer tomorrow as we go into the afternoon. but a nice one ahead today, not as windy. jacket weather but a pretty decent day overall. tam and nydia. >> we want to bring you up to date on those terrorist attacks in brussels. a series of explosions across the city. >> let's join abc news coverage already in progress.
6:22 am
>> metro stations and mass transit areas here in the united states. they know what has happened. they're assessing whether or not they need to add on additional security >> does it actually pose a risk to the homeland. they're trying to assess that. i've lost you george. i'll send it back to you. >> david thanks very much. let me bring that to pierre thomas as well. we have heard from the new york police department there will be enhanced security presence across the city. from the reports from belgium
6:23 am
this morning the explosions occurred outside a security setup. how far can you expand that perimeter? >> that's a question that will be asked today. i was thinking about it as alex gave his report. clearly they wanted to get an attack quickly after this arrest. that's what the u.s. law enforcement officials were assuming this morning when i spoke to them. the quickest way to do it and make a big splash if you will is at an airport. they were concerned they couldn't get through the airport security so they did it on the outside so-called soft target. >> these cells could simply be inspired by the attack they see and take matters in their own hands. >> exactly. again right now u.s. officials i spoke to have no specific information that anything is planned here what they will be most concerned about is the potential for copycats sympathizers in the united states who would want to act out based on what they saw in brussels. >> we have had the concern here in the united states as well with so many of these people who might be inspired by isis and others, can learn
6:24 am
to communicate and in a way that's kept secret and to go dark. >> exactly. the garland texas attacks from last year and to this day law enforcement officials can not get inside the phone that was used by one of the suspects. also, with the san bernadino attack there's a big ongoing fight right now between the fbi and apple about the issue of what's inside one of the suspect's phones. now, we heard yesterday that the fbi is pursuing another route to get to the information inside those phones but it's stunning that u.s. law enforcement with all the technology available cannot breach the encryption on some of these phones. >> in the meantime wife learned that europe the entire -- most of europe on the high state of alert. i'm going back to alex in brussels this morning near the airport on the scene. we know that belgium is on the highest state of alert. we're also getting reports from england and france they're raising the threat levels as well.
6:25 am
high alert and short a after they raised it to 4 which means there are fears of another imminent attack. not something that they do callously or casually but something they do in light of what happened and obviously because of the fears of possibly more attacks and soon after that the u.s. embassy triggered by that warning from the belgians put out a notice to its citizens that threat level had been raised to 4. what that mes is already in cities like brussels and paris, you have an increased police presence, you have an increased military presence and that's -- we haven't seen that in years in europe. to see soldiers in camouflage in flak jackets with their automatic weapons patrolling some of the pose famous sites in the world like the eiffel tower, the champ elysees is jarring for american tourists but also for the residences but they're quiet in the background patrolling.
6:26 am
what you'll see with that terror threat raised to level four is a more vocal, a more stronger presence checkpoints everywhere for example around the grand-place like times square here in brussels. you will avery a perimeter set up and people checking bags, checking i.d.s and checkpoints on the roads and after those explosions happened after 8:00 the entire public transportation shut down so the belgian authorities are not taking any chances. >> okay, alex marquardt, thanks very much. alex at the airport also an explosion in the brussels metro this morning. ian mccafferty was near that explosion near the station of maelbeek. can you tell us what you saw and heard? >> yeah, of course, i just -- i was at the met to station one stop away from where the bomb was detonated at arts-loi and we
6:27 am
heard a loud muffling reverberation inside the metro station and cloud of dust was in the air. people started picking up the pace trying to leave the station pretty quickly because a lot of construction goes on and you have to know so sometimes there's loud noises that we can't really give reason to -- but it was only when we started getting to the top of the stairs we noticed the soldiers eagerly evacuating the metro station at which point more panic set in. some people started running, some people started crying, some stood still in disbelief and tried to make sense of whatever was going on. there was a quite deal of confusion, i have to admit. >> could you tell, did you hear one explosion or two? there's some reports there were more than one. >> i have to admit at the time i wasn't even sure it was an explosion. it was this loud muffled thud and a shake throughout the
6:28 am
station. there was nothing clearly for us to say it was an explosion. at the time we still didn't even know. i only heard one loud muffled thud like that. you have to realize the metro stations are actually quite chose to each other here in brussels, it's not like it is in new york or a little bit further away so we're only a tone's throw from the explosion itself so people are just trying to get information, they remembwere on to evacuate the stations. the area itself is known as the european quarter. where the european commission and council are all based. so there's normally a high security presence anyway especially in light of what happened back in november and obviously the capture of salah abdeslam on friday in brussels here would have led to heightened security measures. >> and, ian, excuse me, interest
6:29 am
where you were did you see any injured, any casualties? >> no, i didn't see because there was just slightly further down. obviously we have been keeping a close eye on what's going on on social media and a colleague of mine, in fact, was at the next station down and she has been sending us messages. she's -- she's seen a lot of injured people taken from the station and she's quite distraught about that at the moment. >> what else has she been able to tell you about what she's seeing? >> saying she's -- kind of on a lockdown at the moment. everybody is being advised to stay inside the building. one of the european commission buildings right beside the metro station has been completely evacuated. most others we have people in them, however they're being advised to at the time they're being advised to stay away from the windows and nour this he just being advised to stay indoors and the police and the army are just assessing the
6:30 am
situation as far as we're aware. >> ian mccafferty, thanks very much. coming up on 6:30 on the east coast and continuing our coverage of a major terror attack in europe this morning in belgium. two explosions at the airport in brussels this morning. two explosions shortly after 8 a.m. their time, 13 people have been killed. several dozen injured. a separate explosion at the brussels metro, the maelbeek station of the brussels metro talking to ian mccafferty a witness a block away. i want to go to abc's david kerley at reagan national airport with more on the kind of precautions being taken here. >> reporter: as i mentioned earlier a lot of security officials here in the united states waiting to see what actually has happened, what the target was, what the motivation was but you will see additional security at airports and mass transit areas around the country today. just out of an abundance of caution. but let me point out a couple other things about what happened in brussels, u.s. airlines do fly that that airport.
6:31 am
there was some discussion about these bombs inside what at the call the entrance hall. this would be you walking into the terminal near where the ticket counters are. was any one of those airlines targeted. one official said they don't think tear airline was targeted but the bomber may have been looking for the biggest crowd of people and may have detonated there or detonated a bomb there. but i can tell you about delta air lines which had two planes going into brussels. one from atlanta has landed and it has been moved to a remote area and is waiting to deplane. a second flight from new york has been diverted away from brussels and is landed in amsterdam, so brussels, the center of everything, brussels itself being shut down. the planes that are there off to secure areas, those that were going at this point being diverted tory airports. >> what will happen with all those planes that took off from brussels this morning like the delta flight you just mentioned, what kind of screening will they go through now? >> reporter: the screening will
6:32 am
probably be the same. i mean everybody is on heightened alert. when you hear something like this, the tsa agents, police officers, the canine units that work in the airports will be hierapoliser vigilant and see that all across the country. the question is how many flights will actually go to brussels? the ones that haven't taken off for brussels will they actually stay on the ground in the u.s.? may they possibly go to other airports in europe to get somebody close to where they want to go if they're trying to get to belgium. >> david, you cover aviation for us, you cover tsa, as well. it appears that, you know, the attackers in brussels went after a point of major vulnerable, any airport, that perimeter before you get into security. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. this is the nonsterile area that security officials call this. i'm here at reagan national in washington, d.c., and, yes, right now anybody can walk through those doors into the ticketing area and that's true with just about every u.s. airport, most airports around the world, it isn't until you get to the security checkpoint and try to cross into the
6:33 am
sterile area where you're actually checked by authorities. now, you will see police up and down near these doors but they're not checking everybody going into an airport as you and i have seen every time we fly. >> okay, david, thanks very much. want to go back to brussels right now. joining us by skype is zo zoisheftalovich. are you with us right now, zoi? apparently we don't have zio yet. martha raddatz, our chief global affairs anchor and, martha, you know, still trying to run do you exactly who perpetrated this whether or not it was indeed a suicide bomber. what we do know is there was a great concern after the takedown after salah abdeslam earlier this week, one of the perpetrators of the paris bombings this could trigger on a follow-on attack. >> reporter: very worried about that, george, i do believe they will probably find some correlation between those two events, whether his arrest
6:34 am
triggered these attacks, whether they were going to wait to carry out attacks and that because he was arrested, whether they thought he might talk, whether they thought they might get some sort of information out from him, they may have gone ahead and carried out these attacks, you know, i'm watching piece pi -- when you see that police presence, it really can back in november when they had police all over the streets, when they had soldiers all over the streets, it seemed like an attack that was supposedly imminent at the time, was prevented but what happens is these terror cells then go dark, they go silent, they don't communicate anymore because they know that people are tries to track them down and trying to listen, but eventually they come out and try to carry out the attack that they probably had planned for some time. if those were suicide bombers, if there was a suicide bomber,
6:35 am
they will know who those people are undoubtedly within days, within hours if they can track back and that is the real problem. think about terrorist attacks a long time ago and think about hijacking, it's so different in this day and age because people do not seem to care whether they die in the process. whether that's a suicide bomber, whether that's a gunman who knows he will get killed and that is the kind of threat we're facing now and that is why this is so, so difficult. >> if someone is willing to die you cannot have perfect security. excellent point, martha raddatz. want to bring that to pierre thomas here, as well. homeland security here, the fbi, constantly monitoring those who they think might be preparing to set off a kind of attack here in the united states. what kind of increased scrutiny will happen afterwards. >> the fbi will look at all the suspects they have been monitoring, as of december there were about 100 that were under very intense monitoring by the
6:36 am
fbi, intense surveillance, they will go back, look at those people and look at the threat matrix anticipate all the intelligence, was there something that they might have missed that could be a precursor to an attack here in the united states but really i was speaking to an official recently, he talked about the fact that europe faces an existential kind of threat mainly this since in the span of a year, charlie hebdo attacks in paris then the attacks in paris in last november, now this. so they are now looking at a new normal in europe. and u.s. officials are concerned that that could spill over here in terms of people being inspired to do something. >> smaller scale attack on the train as well. brian ross our chief investigative correspondent joining us as well and, brian, one of the things we saw that has differentiated perhaps the attacks in europe from those we saw here in san bernardino, we know that paris attack according to the french president was something conceived in syria as he said organized in brussels, carried out in france.
6:37 am
it took something of a network. >> reporter: exactly. a directed attack from the beginning. organized out of syria, in fact, isis has organized its foreign fighters into battalions based on language and country of origin so there are french, brussels, belgian units, german units, uk units, even an american unit and the great concern, of course, those other units at some point could be activated as well. george, you know, the airport areas before security have long been considered one of the most vulnerable targets because there are people -- soldiers roam the area but no real hard security. anybody can have access to an airport area. as people go to the ticket counter to check this those are vulnerable. >> let me bring back matt olsen. matt, talk about the kinds of precautions that will be taken across the united states right
6:38 am
now in the wake of these attacks in europe. >> well, certainly the fbi will work closely with their counterparts in belgium to learn as much as they can. that will mean as you suggest that there will be security precautions taken here at airports, i think we'll see stepped up security at transportation hubs, the kinds of things we've seen in the past in the united states when there have been attacks in other places, similar to what we saw late last fall in after the paris attacks. >> and what kind of coordination was it with the european intelligence? >> well, certainly -- there's a long-standing relationship european intelligence, european services and the u.s. services. that's been going on for a long time but it's been stepped up over the past year with the threat in syria and in particular in response to the foreign fighter flow which is really pose acute in europe where you have thousands of fighters traveling to syria and then back into europe.
6:39 am
>> let me bring back brian ross as well. investigations of these kind of connections, so much concern that where learn interest some of the paris attackers they were able to go back and forth between syria and europe. >> reporter: that's the astounding thing even though alerts up, number of the people in the french attackers were wanted by the french police, they were interpoll notices -- they were able to go back and forth to syria primarily through turkey. some came in as refugees, supposedly coming out of syria into greece and then albuquerque so there were serious issues about the ability to control the borders and talked after the paris attacks about tightening those borders and making it less easy for the terrorists to find a way into the country and the ability to go back and forth is something i think you have a hard time for the terrorists to do in the u.s. but in europe, the borders there
6:40 am
are very porous. >> to jon karl traveling with the president in cuba this morning. jon, the president was expected to continue his trip through this afternoon and go on to argentina later this week. what do we know about what the president has been told and his plans? >> reporter: no official word from the white house yet but, unfortunately, this is something that's become awe too common. i am certain he was informed virtually immediately of this. his homeland security adviser lisa monaco is tasked with that traveling on to argentina but does have many of his top national security advisers with him including white house national security adviser susan rice, secretary of state john kerry is here on this trip, as well. so i am sure this is something that is front and center for the president although no expectation that the actual schedule of his trip will be changed, in fact, he's addressing the cuban people in what is a nationally televised address later this morning. i imagine in the course of those
6:41 am
remarks we'll hear something from the president about what happened. >> keep us posted. back to brussels. alex marquardt on the scene and, alex, now getting some report from the brussels transport that at least 15 people were killed, 55 injured just in the metro attack this morning. that means the death toll is likely to climb. >> reporter: it looked like the death toll now is closer to 30, george, waiting for final numbers but what we do know is that there were around 13 killed here at the airport which is just behind me, you can see a stream of people still coming out. now this is almost three hours since these explosions happened and these are still travelers who are either landing or leaving still coming out. you can see it's very orderly. not much chaos but if you look at their faces, very drawn, concerned. a lot of confusion about to go. a police presence there. this is as close as we can get. everybody has been pushed away from the airport. in fact, no traffic coming into
6:42 am
the airport so the police are trying to direct people away from the airport and then put them on buses or at least take them somewhere where they can leave. now that's going to be a bigger problem because it's not just the airport that's been shut down. it's the entire brussels transit system. after that attack, in the metro where we now understand 15 were killed. the entire brussels metro system was shut down. this is a crucial transit system for people who live in brussels, at this time of day to get to work and then on top of that the buses have been shut down and trains have been shut down so there's a lot of chaos on the highways around the airport. absolute gridlock. the belgian authorities after the double explosion at the airport raising that terror alert level from 3 to 4. the highest indicating they believe there could be a serious and imminent attack, george. >> alex, we saw the crowds streaming out of the airport
6:43 am
relatively calmly just now but you were talking about scenes of real chaos at the airport after this explosion after these explosions were heard. >> reporter: total chaos. we understand from eyewitnesses inside that the explosions happened one after the other. there was one that was smaller and then that was larger. we spoke to someone checking in at the american airlines ticket counter and he said that the explosion came from the direction of the delta counter about 30 yard as way so trying to figure out now if there was -- if it was some kind of targeted attack if they were targeting the area where the american desks were, that's all very unclear but what is clear is that it happened in the heart of this departures hall. this would have been the area outside where the security was where you would take off your shoes and go through x-ray machines. and so that happened right back there. people have been streaming out this way and the people who we've been speaking with telling
6:44 am
us that there was carnage, there was blood on the floor. people lying dead and wounded and tiles from the ceiling debris, everywhere, scenes of absolute chaos. >> alex marquardt in brussels, thanks very much. do we have richard clarke with us in washington, former counter terrorism czar. i want to go back to richard in washington. if indeed this was a suicide bomber at the airport, what would that tell you about the nature of the attack? >> well, the brussels authorities are now saying it was a suicide bomber at least one. that is indicative of the isis mode of attack. it probably means there was also a suicide bomber in the metro. ha this points out is the need to get the cells before they act and the near impossibility of defending targets like metros,
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> we continue to watch this live picture there out of belgium people on the ground, the reports of the explosion
6:47 am
knocking people to the floor, blood everywhere. serious situation going on right now belgium frightening as a series explosions have been detonated across that city. >> european security officials have been warning that a major attack might happen. they have been warning about this for weeks. today this morning it started to happen. there have been a number of explosions, two at the airport, more in the subway and now authorities have declared these to be acts of terror. >> so, it's go on over to annie mccormack with the latest it on wha on what is com. >> reporter: that number of people that have died from various explosions in brussels has now climbed to 15. there are more that are injured. we're told that that number, though could rise. now, they are confirming that there were two explosions at the brussels airport and there were several more explosions at several subway stations around brussels. now, this just in, a photo of one of the victim tipples.
6:48 am
some of his injuries have been blurred because they're so extensive. around 8:00 a.m. there were two blasts in the departures area of the airport. you heard alex talking about it's not clear exactly which airline that was at. wasn't sure if it was from the dealt air area or american airlines area. passengers have been evacuated from the airport many onto the tarmac. we have been in contact with american airlines. they're saying flight 750 left philadelphia last night and landed in brussells just before 7:00 a.m. their flight 751 scheduled to leigh brussells bound for philadelphia, that flight has been canceled. now, brussels is five hours ahead of us here eastern standard time. all departures from brussels airport have been canceled and incoming flights have been diverted. now we also have an interview with a man who was headed to his gate at the time of the explosion. luckily he is okay. take a listen. >> suddenly about two to 300
6:49 am
people went rushing away from the security checkpoint towards the gate. obviously no one knew what was going on. only 20 or 25 minutes later that we got confirmation from the federal police of the bomb explosion and the deaths in the main airport building. >> and a spokesperson with american airlines has been in contact with 6abc saying that there are no reports of any injuries to their employees in brussels at this time. now, these explosions come only two days after the prime suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in brussels. authorities also launched a manhunt just yesterday for another terror suspect. at this hour again of course they are confirming that they do believe that this was a terror attack that is coming from brussels prosecutor and at this hour also the terror alert there in brussels has been raised to the highest level and all people that are in the city are asked to stay indoors. of course we'll have more updating you throughout the morning throughout the day. for now we're live in the satellite center, annie
6:50 am
mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you. of course as the death toll continues to climb be sure to stay with 6abc and a. bc news for the very latest. "good morning america" will have complete coverage coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> a number of european nation raised their terror level and imagine people of brussels all in their homes afraid to leave. we'll continue to keep an eye on this. let's go over to dave murphy and karen rogers to give you the latest on your weather and traffic. >> we've got clear skies over the immediate region. sun will be coming up nice and bright over the horizon start out today. then we'll look for some of these clouds out to the west to filter in and we'll change over to partly sunny skies. cold to start out. 35 degrees in philadelphia, still in the 20's in allentown and reading and the freezing mark in wilmington and trenton and dover. 24 degrees in millville. not a lot of wind but cold enough for coats. your seven-day from accuweather shows a high this afternoon of 57 degrees with partly sunny skies. it is going to be a nice one an bit milder than yesterday.
6:51 am
and then tomorrow here we go. turning warmer, partly sunny, 70 degrees the high. and on thursday, it looks like near record warmth with a high of 75. the record is 76 in philadelphia. a shower possible late in the day or at night. some more morning showers on friday and then good friday afternoon we're expecting a return of some sunshine with a high of 64. for the weekend sunny on saturday 57 and for now easter sunday looks like clouds, some sun, a high of 63. the chance of some late day or night time rain but most of that rain is holding off until sunday night. we're still hoping sunday itself is dry and then showers and a thunderstorm possible on monday. guys. >> all right, david let's check on this big accident on i-95. i'm watching live as they're trying to push, you see emergency vehicles up ahead, push it off to the side. this is i-95 northbound past 322. an accident involving a box truck was blocking the two left lanes, then they pushed it in the right lane. now we're seeing emergency vehicles trying to get it up ahead off to the side so traffic can get by because it's been creating a real
6:52 am
mess. i want to show you the delay on i-95 northbound. this is in delaware county and you can see this traffic is really jammed solid from the delaware state line to past 322. now that they've opened up the lanes, hopefully this delay is starting to ease. an 18 minute ride from delaware to the blue route on i-95 northbound. you're going to be delayed because of that accident involving a box truck. your normal delay is i-95 southbound. we're looking here approaching cottman and it's just a regular ride. 27 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. you're jammed academy to cottman and betsy ross bridge to girard. let's switch over to essington. another accident here in delaware county. this is industrial highway near wanamaker of a. we're hearing this accident involving two vehicles. there are injuries on the scene so emergency workers out here and watch for some restrictions here as well as a building fire reported here in pottstown on elm street. tam and nydia. >> all right, karen, thank you. >> we're going to take a short break and then when we come back we'll recap and give you the very latest on what's going on in brussels.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. here's the latest on our breaking news. what we know so far about that series of explosions that has rocked brussels in what is has been confirm as acts of terror. the death toll has just jumped. abc just now reporting at least 28 people are dead, many more people injured. first this morning two
6:56 am
explosions ripped through the departures area of the airport. witnesses reported seeing the ceiling cave in and blood everywhere. mixing in with the water from burst pipes. people were knocked to the ground and luggage blown across the room. that was followed by a series of explosions at subway stations. that system has been shut down and the belgian people have been told to shelter-in-place. this all coming two days after a terror suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in brussels. the terror level in brussels has been raised to the maximum level and it's also been raised in nations across europe. these blasts happened about an hour after flight from philadelphia landed there in brussels and about 90 minutes before a plane was headed back to philadelphia from brussels. it was scheduled to take off so of course we're keeping an eye on these local connections for you. "gma" going to have much more after our coverage. >> and the belgian federal prosecutor now saying that at least one of the explosions at the airport attributable to a suicide bomber. >> now we're looking at i-95 and you can see a big delay still here. even though that accident with
6:57 am
a box truck has just cleared past 322 on i-95 northbound. otherwise we've got an accident as well in norristown so it's getting busy on the roads. >> of course abc having special coverage of what's going on in brussels. we'll be back in 30 minutes to give you the late he on weather and traffic. for nydia han, what morning nydia, karen rogers, matt o'donnell, dave murphy on tamala edwards. please stay with abc news coverage. >> ♪
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good morning, america. at least three explosions rocked the capital of brussels this morning. a suicide bomber reportedly targets the crowded airport. >> there were explosions in the main building. >> ceilings collapsing. running for their lives. another blast rocks a metro station. just days after a major suspect in the paris terror attacks is arrested. americans in europe told to shelter in place. nypd set to ramp up security here in new york. the hunt is on right now for who's behind these blasts. >> announcer: live in times square, this is "good morning america."


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