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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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declaring their solidarity with belgium after the attacks. this is just one of the scenes following the explosion, smoke filled the brussels airport as people laid on the ground and took cover. >> about an hour ago isis claimed responsibility for at tacks and they come after a top suspect in the deadly november 13th attacks in paris was arrested in a police raid in brussels. one of the explosives appears sophisticated. they will examine them and see if they have the same characteristics as those used in paris. the mayor announced that the eiffel tower will be lit in the colors of the belgium flag this morning and president obama offered the assistance of the u.s. to catch the attackers and that the world must stand united against terrorism. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the
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people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning attacks against innocent people. >> more than 200 flights are diverted or cancels because of these attacks and airport security has been tightened across europe. the deadly violence overseas is affecting security here at home. >> vernon odom is live at amtrak but first john rawlins live at philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: hi sara, if you come to the airport it's pretty much business as usual but at this point we are not seeing anything out of the ordinary, but we are told there may be a step-up in uniform presence here. as images of the destruction and death at the belgium airport, travellers here 3700 miles away went about their business.
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>> thought again, how sad that we have to watch something like that and how pointless and useless, but i'm glad we are getting on an airplane in the united states. people here at all the airports we have been at, try to make sure everyone is safe. >> it probably won't change my travel plans, because i feel like i can't be scared. >> have you to go on, yes. >> american airlines issue aid statement challenging that the blast was near the american checkin desk. saying american airlines is octobered at row 8 and it did not occur at row 8. this morning police commissioner richard ross signals it could change. >> we have no threat as cording to the federal authorities but we are taking every precaution. increasing our visibility down at the airport area and transportation hubs working in
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conjunction with septa and making sure people in this region are safe. again, the commissioner expressed no known threat in this area but to be vigilant especially a crowded area where people are concentrated that could become a soft target and be alert and if you see something say something. back to you all. >> lets switch to vernon odom, with more on the increased security on the rails. >> reporter: sara, federal sources tell me there is a heightened law enforcement presence on transit and rail systems in major cities across the country. 30th street station here is of course no exception. >> this is the way it is at 30th street station today. high alert, security ramped up more notches than normal and visibility in the wake of this morning's brussels attacks. bomb sniffing dogs checking out
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everyone and everything heading to new york city for example. >> the chances of anything happening to yourself is remote and i know they have extra security out and i just can't stop my life, got to keep living and do what i need to do. >> i was nervous and concerned. but the police are around and it gives you a sense of safety. >> in the wake of the brussels massacres, amtrak issued this statement, amtrak is working with state and local law enforcement partners to gather and share intelligence and extra officers are deployed and we have alerted employee oz look for and report any suspicious activities or items. >> in new york police and dogs and all the rest -- >> i'm happy that new york is quite vigilant, i really am. but i can't help but being
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concerned. >> reporter: sara septa's police chief says that security is beefed up at all the major septa locations across the city and the suburbs. live at 30th street station, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. our coverage of the belgium attacks continues at, you'll find the latest updates as they come in, we have posted photos and videos from the aftermath and reaction from world leaders. meanwhile president obama reacted to the terror attacks in brussels, speaking in cuba he said the u.s. will do everything necessary to bring the attackers to justice. marcy gonzales is live in havana, cuba, with more on what the president said and as his historic visit continues. >> reporter: hi rick, he was speaking at the national theater here behind me and talked about
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the trade embargo and other issues impacting people here after briefly touching on today's terror attacks. >> president obama in havana makes history here again giving a nationally televised speech to the people first adding the attacks in brussels. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand with them in solidarity. >> and the hopes for change with the relations between cuba and the u.s. could have on this impoverished nation. and the doors gradually opening to bring more american tourists here. >> have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas, very come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. >> and the president meeting with political dissidents, some
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in prison just for speaking out against the castro regime. where raul castro denied holding any political prisoners. >> what political prisoners give me a name or names? >> castro hosted the first family at a state dinner and today a bit of baseball diplomacy, president obama taking in a game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. >> the common bond between the two countries is baseball. >> the terror attacks are not expected to impact president obama's schedule. after the baseball game he and the first family plan to leave here to travel to argentina. rick back to you. >> thank you. there is more on the president's visit in cuba and the terror attacks in brussels coming up on world news tonight with david muir. at 6:30 following "action news"
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at 6:00. turning to the forecast, as the week goes on the weather keeps getting better, it's warmer today and plenty of sunshine. david murphy joins us outside with more from accuweather. better each day david? >> yes that is the way it is going. let start with satellite, sunshine is digs its way through the clouds and clouds fall ago part south of washington and philadelphia, but additional clouds coming in from the west and we'll change over to partly sunny skies and it was cold again this morning, we dropped all the way down to 33 in philadelphia, a good deal of the suburbs down into the 20s but we have a southwesterly flow underway, 53 in philadelphia and wilmington and cooler spots are close to 50 and some case as above it. winds not as strong as yesterday and a bit of a breeze can you feel it. jacket weather today with the 15 miles per hour wind but not like the strong breezes yesterday.
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when you check out temperatures, you notice a change, we get milder this afternoon getting up 57 at 4:00, but check out the numbers after dark and in the overnight hours, remember i showed you it got down around freezing this morning, not so tomorrow morning we'll only dip to 48, and the flow will keep tucking the warm air, and by tomorrow afternoon we'll see the number bounce up. and a bit a fall back for the weekend we'll have the details from accuweather, if you want to head out it's jacket and sun glass weather but not a bad day. >> thank you. the villanova wildcats are on their way to kentucky to complete in the sweet 16. >> this morning the team got a big sendoff, friends family and fans cheered the team as they boarded the buss to louisville. villanova is the only team from philadelphia still in the tournament and coach jay wright took a moment to thank the fans.
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>> i want to thank everybody for their support sticking with us through the years and this season. we take great pride in representing philadelphia basketball and we'll play hard like the city of philadelphia and villanova basketball always does. "action news" sports reporter jeff skversky will be with the cats in louisville look for his live reports starting tomorrow. and more ahead at 12:30, an animal found abuses is getting much needed treatment, what happened to a puppy inside of an upper darby home. and a way to stop wasting is food that goes unsold. next.
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a case of disturbing animal abuse in upper darby. the spca is treating a puppy that was a victim of animal
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abuse. she was tied to a banister and left to die. she nearly decap acetated herself trying to chew through the cable. >> the dog chewed itself off the cable and it may have taken a while. we got it out and the remaining of the collar out of his neck. i cannot seeing having a kid and dog in that house. >> clover as a handful of surgeries left and weeks of recovery. the spca is asking for donations to cover her medical costs. charges are pending. >> los angeles, airport security stopped a flight attendant with nearly 70 pounds of cocaine, it's employee took off leaving owner shoes behind. the tsa found the drugs after removing her from the line for random screening, the come is
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not identified or captured. they hope to solve their pesky sea lion problem, they installed it and it seems to be working as soon as the dancers were turned on the sea lions got back in the water. they hope it works because it has caused thousands of dollars of damage to the dock. 80,000 honey bees were removed from a tree in a lake florida neighborhood. they put them in a box and relocated them. the bee keeper had to take apart the hive piece by piece, they believe the honey bees are in the tree for more than a year. starbucks wants to donate all of their food from 7,000 plus locations. they want to donate 100% of their left over food to feeding america. starbuck ceo, howard shultz says
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the idea came from baristas. they need to keep the food safe until it is consumed. looking live from center city philadelphia, from sky 6 hd meteorologist, david murphy, has your update from accuweather and a nicer day tomorrow especially when we come right back.
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a dog in new york is getting a bit of a reputation as an artist. this is dagger also known as dog da vinci. dagger paints by holding a brush in his mouth and following his owner's command. his paintings sell for about $100 and all the proceeds go to charity. >> i love the beret. >> stormtracker 6 live double
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scan so it's sunny out there. pretty nice and clouds popping up. lets take a look at sky 6 hd, not much cloud cover over the commodore barry bridge, that is chester south of the union stadium. they are off to a good start. bright and blue over the bridge today. temperature is 50 and dew point 21 with the indication of the spread between the two numbers with just how dry the air is. and yesterday i was out there chopping large stalks off the top of a bush and they were going sideways, today not bad, southwest wind at 15 miles per hour and not as blustery. and 49 in allentown and 49 in reading and 50 in wilmington and out in lancaster, and 53 in cape may, by the ocean water. here is satellite, there is additional clouds trying to streak through, they are high
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and thin enough where we see a fair amount of sunshine through the afternoon and we call it partly sunny on the account of those clouds. yesterday we stopped close toward 50 degrees, today closer to 60 with the high of 57. 58 in reading and wilmington and 56 in trenton and over towards toms river and down to the airport in atlantic city and 54 in cape may, you are just about at the high in cape may. as we go in the afternoon and evening, 54 by 2:00, 57 late in the day at 4:00, might still be holding on to that close to 5:00 and 6:00, 54 and sunset at 8:00 down to 50 but temperatures don't plunge the way they have the last couple of mornings. by the way if you are out we have partly cloudy skies and you may have a shot at seeing this, a full moon and jupiter is off to the left hand side of the moon as we look to the sky this evening, jupiter is that bright star you see next to the moon.
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and tomorrow we wake up and we are not as cold, mid-40s in most neighborhoods and the southerly flow beneath the warm front continues and up to 70 degrees with a good deal of sunshine and 15 degrees above average, and again with a cold front to the west moving to the east. the southerly flow only continues to build on thursday, thursday we expect to get up into the mid-70s and that happens to be close to a record high. good stuff on the way this afternoon but especially tomorrow and again on thursday. 57 is your high today. partly sunny and nice, a few more clouds possible as the afternoon goes on and tomorrow turning warmer, getting up to 70 for a high and we'll still have a good deal of sunshine and thursday near record warmth and your record high is 76 on philadelphia, we are certainly close, and touching that. a chance of a shower and spilling into friday morning, it
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cools down to 64, still isn't bad to this time of year. perhaps the return of some sun. saturday mostly sunny and 57 and easter we still go clouds mixing with sun and a nice high of 63. and yet another front that keeps rain out until sometime monday. at this point we are learning for it being dry and monday look for showers and even a thunderstorm as we do have a front coming in that will get things a little choppy. thank you david. season 22 of dancing with the stars kicked off last night and ended with a three day tie. among the top three, philadelphia native juana morris and ginger zee. >> reporter: boyz ii men star morris and "good morning america's" ginger zee and miles demarco all scored 23 points to
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top the leader board. >> i want to bring the technique in. >> i enjoyed it and i want to do it again, i would run and do it again now. >> i want to be perfect, more perfect. i want something that the judges can't critique. they are all scoring 21 points a piece and one thing really stood out. >> i am used to fighting barefoot and now i have heels on it's hard. >> my actions work harder than my words could say. >> your love and passion and fear is everything. >> a point behind them, actresses kim fields. they said they wanted them moved for. see how crap gets started. >> and jodi sweeten. >> my feet are killing me, have you to do all of this in three
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inch heels that take its full. >> mischa barton 15 points and geraldo rivera 13 points. >> he can fight and he has been in afghanistan and iraq and he says this is harder than anything he has been too. >> all the couples return thursday for latin night. on the people scene, the stars came out for the new york city premier of batman versus superman. the stars were all there and the science fiction film is a followup to the man of steel and is the second installment to the d.c. universe. the fan following for the characters is unreal. >> it's unreal how the characters have fields of people followers since the 1930s, i
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feel an obligation to the fans and i'm an actor so i'm honored to be part of a tradition. >> it opens in theaters this friday. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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david with a final text from accuweather. a nice afternoon with lots of sunshine, you get to your numbers, we'll be in the upper 50s in the northern and western suburbs and partly sunny skies and not as windy as yesterday with the 8 to 16 miles per hour wind blowing and 57's and 58's on the i-5-corridor and cooler in places like sea isle city and cape may. a nice afternoon and not as windy and getting milder tomorrow. >> thanks david. before we leave you we want to update you on the breaking
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news deadly explosions in brussels, 34 people killed and 180 hurt two explosions at the airport and a third explosion at the subway station there. isis claimed responsibility. this after the top terror suspect from the attacks in paris was arrested on friday in brussels. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> i'm sara bloomquist have a nice afternoon. it out of rhythm.
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