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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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terror attacks in brussels. security stepped up here and abroad. the very latest for you next. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. terror in brussels. we have breaking developments tonight in the wake of the three deadly bombings. dozens of people have been killed, hundreds more wounded. the hunt on now for this suspected murderer who got away.
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europe's most wanted man. late tonight the u.s. warned that it may not be over. more attacks are being planned, they believe, and they are alerting americans abroad. tuesday night, jim is off and i'm monica malpass. the big story on "action news" is the terror in brussels. months after the carnage in paris another capital under attack. and once again, isis claimed responsibility. this time the terrorists targeted transportation systems, an airport and subway. belgium authority say 250 hurt including at least nine americans. it could have been worse and police discovered a third bomb at the airport that did not blow up and they were able to destroy it in a controlled explosion right there. just after the airport bombing attack, an hour later a bomb went off at the metro station during the morning rush killing more people. passengers had to evacuate down
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darkened subway tunnels. and surveillance cameras captured three suspects at the airport before the deadly blast, two in matching outpits. they are pushing carts of luggage that may have contained the bombs. and another clue investigators are focusing on and the gloves worn only on the left hands possibly holding the detonators. and the man here has disappeared, the fugitive. and they turned up more bomb-making equipment and an isis flag. and belgians are gathering to mourn the victims. the united states issued a travel alert to american citizens from now until june 20 to understand the risk as terror groups continue plotting attacks throughout europe, particularly at sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and in transportation hubs. the terror attacks are prompting questions about how prepared we are in the united states, particularly our mass transit. and we have team coverage
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tonight, "action news" reporter christie alletto is live at the airport speaking with travellers. we begin with dann cuellar along the security tracks seeing how the trains are rolling. dann? >> where is the outpouring for support for the belgian people is coming in. people pouring out hearts, sending thoughts and prayers. and also, as you say, officials have increased security at soft targets in philadelphia, as is the case in the wake of the horrific attacks. as the evening rush hour at the suburban station police presence on patrol, bikes and k-9 units to sniff out bombs. even with that they cannot be everywhere and asking for the public's help. >> we are asking the public to be more away. it's time for folks to see something and say something. >> across town at the eulogy belgi
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belgian tavern on edge most of the day, reaching out to family, friends and business contacts in brussels making sure they are ok. >> grateful that none were hurt that i know, but it doesn't really matter. people died, people are scared, people are hurt. >> coupled with the attacks in paris in november, he says this is europe's 9/11. like new york and washington, he says the terrorists were trying to hit major targets. >> and belgium we have the headquarters for nato, also the economic headquarters. they are very desperate. >> and a belgian cafe similar concern for friends, thank fully ok. and then attention turned to a beer festival supposed to take place in belgian, here and around the world and it will not be cancelled. >> they said proceed without fear and celebrate pass we were
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intended to. >> and the xofrconversation on potential for future terror attac attacks. >> it is worrisome in america but i think it will bring us together with our european neighbors. into and officials concerned about terrorists operating under the radar, increase the security continues at septa, amtrak, phl airport and other soft targets until further notice. live in center city for channel "action news." >> thank you. and live to christie alletto at philadelphia international. this time the security concern not just on the planes, the focus since 9/11, but inside of the airport terminal. >> that's right, monica. anxiety is running high for those traveling to and from europe. they say even the worst tragedies won't keep them from flying. >> going from amsterdam, a lot of security, a lot of machine
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guns. >> away from belgium, audrey feared boarding her flight back to philadelphia. >> what was going through your mind at that point? >> is this a bad day to be traveling. >> welcome back. >> i didn't know until i changed over in frankfurt and watched on television, like many of us did. and to say the least it is frightening and disturbing to see those events unfold. >> you have to worry. >> over departures in terminal a. >> a lot of after preapprehension, nervous and praying it all goes well. >> this morning i was technically thinking of deplaying the whole trip. >> and heading to frankfurt. >> worried at all that that can spill over to where you will be vacationing? >> hopefully not. i mean i try not to think about it. >> the department of homeland security stressed there's no specific credible intelligence of a copycat here, but philadelphia's airport had a steady, visible presence of officers, layers of protection
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we don't always see. >> we would hope that there is some vigilance in having bags checked and be able to have the security measures in place. >> and while this may be the new normal -- >> i am not afraid. >> you are not afraid? >> if anything should happen, it will happen. i don't expect anything to happen, but i am not afraid. >> all flights between here and brussels are canceled. the next scheduled flight is this friday, but that could also change. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, christie alletto. and increased security at subway, baggage checks on commuters. and also security stepped up at the world trade center site. chicago, miami, most other airports also a high police presence. speaking with terrorism expert about what today's attacks tell us about the isis threat. he says they reiterate that the
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islamic state is more capable and lethal than other groups that proceeded it, because of its reach. isis campaign, its propaganda through social media helped to radicalize home-grown terrorists. >> there is nothing that happens in europe well active to isis and terror activity that isn't going to come here in one form or another. >> but he does not believe brussels attack shows an imminent plot, rather the situation four days ago in brussels. >> and they felt there would be a retaliation strike and it would be more difficult to do here. i would like to say it would be impossible. >> and the americans must remain vigilant. the former sixers center and
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nba hall of famer dikembe mutombo at the brussels airport when the bombs went off. and he was napping in allowance and startled and disoriented as hundreds were screaming and running away. and mutombo says he is safe and unharmed an outpouring of love and support around the world in the famous landmarks eliminated in the colors of the flag, the eiffel tower, and paris knows too well the carnage brought by the islamic state terrorist. back here president obama ordered american flags to fly at half staff in honor of the victims. presidential candidate ted cruz says it is time for law enforcement to patrol muslim neighborhoodings before they become radicalized.
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>> if you are a jihadist we are not coming after you to negotiate with you, we are not coming after you to interrogate you, we are coming after you to kill you. >> and cruz also says the u.s. should ban refugees from countries with significant numbers of al qaeda or isis. >> and donald trump said torturing a terrorist in the prior attack would have stopped the carnage. and criticizing president obama for not cutting his cuban trip short. >> and hillary clinton, a reminder of how important it is to have a strong, smart search to keep us safe and saying terrorism needs to be defeated online where they radicalize.
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and saying it is a need for a specifically improved surveillance and sharing within tell against from countries around the world. our coverage of the terror attacks in brussels on our website. we have photo galleries and videos from the seen and, along with reaction from around the world. and keep track of the latest information. also, stay tuned for further reporter from abc news on 12:30 after "jimmy kimmel live." and a driver crashes into a building, but a bullet could be to blame. and seeing red, hearing from angry residents who say it is dangerous now after some traffic lights were taken down in their neighborhood. plus, hundreds of students take to the stage at the kimmel center for a very special concert. adam? >> a seasonal average but spring fever blooming across much of the country. chatting about the record highs
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in the middle of the week in accuweather. and the flyers against the bluejackets and you see what happens in the final seconds of regulation when "action news" continues tonight.
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in camden, new jersey the police investigating a shooting causing a victim to crash into a building. chopper 6 overhead at about 9:00, the police say the victim was shot while driving, and then hit the building. that person was taken to cooper medical center, their condition not known at this time. an armed standoff in north philadelphia this afternoon ended with the arrest of an accused killer from south carolina. police swat officers and u.s.
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marb marshals descended. and they captured mckenny wanted on a fugitive murder warrant from south carolina. the rear of a house collapsed today in philadelphia's fish town section in the 1100 block of earl street about 6:00 p.m. l&i will determine in the property can be salvaged and if neighboring structures in danger. tragic in delaware county a trash worker killed by his or her own trash truck. in ridley park this afternoon, where a trash worker fell from the truck and was crushed by it. the driver did stay at the scene. the district attorney's office is reconstructing exactly what happened. you are on your own, that is what governor chris christie told atlantic city today after the mayor said he will shutdown city hall and furlough city workers without pay. christie said they are unwilling and incapable of fixing the problem. the mayor don guardian said the
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question is broken and asked for a bridge loan until the taxes come in, but chris christie says it is a band-aid that won't help. saying unfairness drives the stop-and-frisk policy by the police department. and the report by civil rights lawyers shows in 2015 a third of stops and 42% of all frisks were reportedly made without reasonable suspicion. blacks were the subject of most of them, far more than the city's population accounts for. police commissioner richard ross says the policy is still essential, but lawyers say they will seek sanctions in court if it doesn't improve. a philadelphia community demanding change after some traffic signals were taken down. yesterday, penndot installed new overhead pedestrian beacons in their place in overbrook park. the city says they are designed to improve traffic flow reducing congestion. and neighbors say that drivers are not slowing down or stopping anymore for pedestrians. >> creating chaos and confusion.
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and it's also created accidents. yesterday we had three accidents on this stretch just after they remove the traffic signals. >> we need to have a traffic engineer out here from penndot to take afternoon assessment and maybe look at the unintended consequences of cutting costs. >> penndot says the volume of traffic at these sido not war a signals. and going to the primaries, long lines in utah as folks v waited to vote. and donald trump and hillary clinton have sizable delegate leads heading into the contest and that is not expected to change after tonight. we're still waiting for official results to come in. look for the latest on the website at president obama wrapped up his historic trip to cuba this evening. earlier today he gave a steech
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dire -- speech directly addressing the cuban people, and called for the economic embargo to be lifted. and also he attended the first baseball exhibition game in cuba in nearly 20 years. and president obama heads to argentina tomorrow spending two days there. the former toronto mayor ford died today after battling a rare form of cancer. his time as mayor plagued by scandal. in 2013 videoed of him using drugs and intoxicated in public. and he checked into rehab, but in 2014 he was diagnosed with cancer. ford was 46. he leaves behind a wife and two children. we have lift-off. >> in the past 10 minutes, nasa launched a supply mission to the international station station. the rocket blasted off from cape canaveral with 8,000 pounds of
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supplies and science experiments and it was picture-perfect as you can see. the capsule arrivals at the international space station on saturday. really a gorgeous sight there. >> never gets old to watch something like that. no, and it never gets old to have nice weather, which we are about to embark on ourselves. >> and a nice stretch come can go. looking at radar, nothing to track in the sky over than a full moon and the planet jupiter. in fact getting photos on my social media changes. this cell phone snapshot sent in by indy saying that they are son took this picture. just a short time ago. and again, you can see that bright full moon, and just on the northern end of the blue moon, that very bright-looking star is the planet jupiter. and you have plenty of time, the rest of the night to go out there and they can it out. if you haven't, jupiter is the brightest near the full moon. and the full moon is name the
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mull -- full worm moon. and a pretty clear sky. and lower 40s in lancaster, 50s and holding onto that number in philadelphia with the rest of the region in the upper 40s as you head to the shore. looking at satellite and radar, a few clouds trying to push in. notice they try to evaporate in the dry air. and a perfect view for the star gazers and scar lovers. and the clouds and showers to our north and west at the present time. so first thing tomorrow morning, there will be some high clouds and eventually they will push in here, but mainly sunny into the to chilly. 47 to 49 degrees to start the week. and wednesday and thursday the jet stream way up into the northern plains over the great lakes and into canada, creating a bubble of warmth on the east coast with southerly winds and
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temperatures 15-20 degrees above avera average. 70's the forecast shy of the report in 2012. and then a possibility of records set back in 1988. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 70 tomorrow replaced by 75 on thursday. lots of sun both days, high clouds. and thursday night a cold front with a round of rain and lingering showers friday morning. and returning much of the day friday, 66 degrees. the cold front comes through dropping the temperatures on saturday to 59. but wall-to-wall sun. easter services, sunrise here at 7:00 a.m. a little chilly, but bright sun, 41 degrees. and climbing into the upper 40's near 50's. and rounding out at on easter sunday afternoon. and rain sunday night into the day on monday, staying mild.
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and then we drop the temp a little bit here on tuesday. but the sun will return at 58 degrees. so enjoy the next couple of days, and overall a pretty decent forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you so much. more than 500 philadelphia high school students took to the stage for a night of music. ♪ >> from schools throughout the archdiocese of philadelphia performed tonight at the kimmel center in center city. it was all part of annual concert of excellence. performing classical, jazz and pop music. and "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:35 tonight right after "action news." and here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks monica, and hello, philadelphia. feast your eyes on this. tonight out walking around on hollywood boulevard talking to people. >> i love doing that >> does the secret service hate when do you that? >> yes. ♪
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for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. ducis here with sports. the flyers with a close one. >> you hope it will not come back and haunt them. one eye on their game and one on the redwings and perhaps both should be on the blue jackets. white stabs at the puck.
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and up 2-0 and they pull the golly -- goalie down to 1. and the shoot out jenner beats mason. and they must score and don't. and they get a point and detroit loses, tied for the wild card spot. and two wins between villanova and the final four and four games between them and the championship. and thursday's game is against the miami hurricanes. [cheers and applause] >> the players and coaching staff got a huge sendoff when they left campus this morning. 68 teams when the tournament began a week ago, and we are down to 16. that's a big deal.
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>> i think they realize each step of the way how big it gets, i think they do. and our job is when we get to practice to make it the same. but they definitely feel this energy, i think they feel the city of philadelphia behind them and that's a great experience for them. i am glad they get to enjoy it. jeff skversky is in louisville to cover the cats. look for his live reports beginning tomorrow here on 6abc. getting his due, in the collegiate hall of fame in november, third in the ncaa division i's all-time scoring list. and jahlil okafor surgery today to repair his partially-torn meniscus. he will miss the remainder of the season and rehab begins tomorrow. and the phillies' starter taking a huge step forward.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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13 days until the phillies opener, another tune-up today this time against the minnesota twins. jerad eickhoff gets the start. the righty's first start of the spring working back from a fractured thumb. and struck out seven in four innings of work. not so good, 3 runs including the solo shot to palka. and eickhoff could be ready for the start of the season the phillies lose 7-5. president obama is not the only american making history. the rays play the cuban national team in an exhibition. and a 2-run homer and they win 4-1. the rays the first major league baseball team to play in cuba since the baltimore orioles in 1999. that's a look at sports. >> pretty cool, thank you. spring may be here but it did not stop some folks from bundling up for ice skating at
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the penn ice rink in university city. the university of pennsylvania hosting the spring event. some children, it was their first time actually but they seemed to catch on pretty quickly. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." and his guests tonight are bernie sanders, tom hiddleston, and music from granger smith. and "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. you have a good night tonight, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- senator bernie sanders! tom hiddleston! and music from granger smith! with cleto and the cletones! and now, stay put, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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