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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday march 23rd. i'm tamala edwards here with erin o'hearn. matt o'donnell is off today and we're following brand new developments out of brussels. >> officials have identified two brother they believe may be connected to the deadly bombings. we're live with the very latest. >> donald trump and hillary clinton extend their delegate leads clinching some big wins out west. >> the boy who a neighbor said looked like a ball of fire after a gas can mishap.
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>> sad story there. >> but first up let's take a look at a warming trend when it comes to your accuweather. dave murphy has that and karen rogers is taking a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody and we are off to a nice start this morning. partly cloudy skies. there are some breaks in the clouds. some of are you going to get some early sunshine and the temperatures are treating us much better across most of the region. we're only at 50 degrees in philadelphia right now. we have dipped to 35 in allentown but even that's better than yesterday when we were down into the upper 20's. 43 in reading, 46 in wilmington, 45 currently in trenton and close to 50 in millville. same story down the shore. as you head out to the drive way or on to the bus stop partly cloudy skies to begin, not as cold, between six and 8 o'clock we'll be up close to 50 probably in the upper 40's in philadelphia and as we roll through the day, it is going to be mild this afternoon with a high of 70. we'll probably hit that high right in there around 4 o'clock and 69 leading into it. by 3 o'clock, by 5 o'clock we're still very close at 69 degrees so a very nice
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afternoon ahead. a little bit on the breezy side. pollen counter is running medium high today and we're looking at a jump in the pollen both thursday and friday before it eases back a bit on saturday so keep those medications handy. now for the very latest in traffic on the roads and rails, let's go to the birthday girl, karen rogers. >> quite the introduction. i was working myself up for it. thank you day. looking outside live right here at 422 at 23, we're watching these construction crews getting ready to clear on out. they've been blocking the left lane on 422 westbound. eastbound is already cleared. westbound one car left. i think they're going to move out of here any time now. in upper providence we still have this downed pole from an earlier accident causing a problem on long ford road. they've blocked it off while they try to fix the downed pole and wires here at port providence road. stick to hollow road as your alternate for that one. i-95 right here looking good. we are clear, we are dry. no weather related problems. good start to the day. southbound traffic headed towards cottman a little bit of light volume, no problem out there at this very early hour. no delays. on the big picture speeds
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reflecting that. in the 50's on all your area highways. we still have the falls bridge shut down due to open april 1st. i know it's been awhile but almost out of the woods just yet and for now the rest of the roads looking pretty good. tam and erin. >> thank you karen. >> new developments now. overnight belgian police identified two brothers as the suspected suicide bombers in those terror attacks in brussels. >> at least 30 people were killed and hundreds more injured in two explosion that is hit the brussels airport and a third ripped through a subway station at the belgian capitol. >> let's get you the latest on what we know now and and go to "action news" reporter katherine scott live in the satellite center. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam and erin. those two brothers were apparently known to police for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism. a search continues this morning for a third suspect seen on airport surveillance footage with those two brothers. last night authorities were
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searching a brussels suburb looking for suspects connected to the explosions that killed at least 31 people. also new this morning, a belgian state broadcaster has now identified two of the attackers as brothers khalid and braheem bakraoui believed to be dead. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: we have a photo of three of the suspect. the third man in the light colored jacket and a hat is being searched for at this moment. >> reporter: the report continues khalid el-bakraoui had rent he an apartment raided by police last week in an operation that led authorities to a top suspect in the paris attacks. isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks and promises more are coming. two explosions rocked the international departure hall. several americans were among the injured including an air force officer and his family and three mormon missionaries from utah. >> i heard an explosion. when we came out of the elevator, on that moment the
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second bomb exploded. >> reporter: you can hear the terrified cries of a child after the blast at a downtown metro station about an hour later. the state department is now warning americans about potential risks to travel in europe. they say terrorist groups continue to plan near term attacks throughout europe targeting sporting events tourist sites restaurants and transportation. and the airport in brussels remains closed this morning. no flights going in or out. we're live from the satellite center, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> katherine thank you for that. the obama administration stepped up security at major transit hubs across the can country. at the subway in new york city police perform bag checks on commuters. security has also been stepped up at the world trade center site. in l.a., chicago, miami and most other airports there's also a higher police presence. the department homeland security stress there's no specific credible intelligence about a copycat threat here. but as a precaution security
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has been stepped up at philadelphia international airport. this time security concern is not on board planes as had been the focus since 9/11 but inside the airport terminal. "action news" caught up with passengers who were traveling by air yesterday. >> didn't know until i changed over in frankford and watched it on television like many of us did and to say the least it was very frightening and disturbing to see those kind of events unfold. >> i'm not afraid. >> reporter: you're not afraid. >> if anything else should happen it will happen. >> there was also a visible increase in police presence during the evening rush hour last night at septa suburban station officers patrolled on bikes and with k-9 units that specifically are trained to sniff out bombs. our coverage of the terror attacks in brussels continues on our web site we posted photo galleries and videos from the scene along with reaction from around the world and of course you can always keep track of the latest information. stay with 6abc for further reporting this morning on "good morning america." that will start at 7:00 a.m.
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right after "action news." >> ♪ >> and now to the race for the white house. last night's primaries and caucuses out west were a mixed bag with big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump. billionaire businessman donald trump took arizona early with ted cruz coming in a distant second. trump easily picked up all 58 delegates in arizona's primary. overnight we learned texas senator ted cruz took utah ohio governor john kasich was shut out from the night. bernie sanders was -- has won the democratic presidential caucuses in utah and idaho but both wins don't give him enough delegates to make up for his loss earlier to hillary clinton. clinton the arizona democratic primary which was a big prize of the evening. to date clinton has a total delegate lead of 1,214 to sanders' 925. >> going to be a great day today. time to talk about that. >> yeah, absolutely beautiful
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out there. already feeling a lot better this morning. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you we are indeed dry and as we head outside, looking pretty good out there with partly cloudy skies over the airport. little bit breezy at times so occasionally we've seen these cameras bounce around a little bit. as we take a look at numbers across the region, still a little bit cooler up in allentown. we dipped to 35 there but down the pike in reading, 43. 39 out in lancaster. 45 in trenton, 46 in wilmington. there's that 50 in philadelphia. and close to 50 in millville and cape may, new jersey this morning as well. satellite shows you how the clouds have gotten a little thicker overnight but generally speaking thin enough to allow some sunshine through and i think overall we're looking at partly sunny skies today. the big story will be that temperature. up in the lehigh valley, a lot milder. we're going get all way up to 68 degrees, partly sunny, little bit on the breezy side today and down the shore an improvement to 66 degrees, partly sunny and pretty comfortable t little bit of a breeze blowing this afternoon. but otherwise, not bad. and in philadelphia, we're going to go for 70 this
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afternoon. partly sunny, really nice, winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. still a little on the breezy side but overall no complaints. tonight continuing that mild trend. 49 degrees the overnight low, similar to this last overnight. mainly clear and comfortable and winds slackening off to just four to 8 miles per hour overnight. for the next couple days we've got a ridge of high pressure building in the east. jet stream off to the west. the next cold front taking its time pushing east and that means we're going to continue to see a surge of warm air. 70 today. probably the mid 70's in a lot of areas tomorrow. keep in mind, though, that in this pattern we are also high on the allergy report. tree pollen and also mold are high right now. it will be later in the summer when we start worrying about weeds and grass. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 70 turning warmer as we go into the afternoon. already feeling a lot better out there in most neighborhood. near record warmth on thursday with a high of 75. on thursday evening there's the chance of showers building in and some of that probably spills into friday morning.
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good friday afternoon, though, looks better with at least some sun returning. drying out and another mild high of 69 degrees. for the coming weekend lots of sun on saturday but a little cooler. we're going to bump that number up to 60 though when is whichs a little above average and actually pretty nice on saturday and then on easter sunday any threat of late day rain now appears to be out of the picture so we're going for partly sunny and nice conditions on easter and a high of 65. we were kind of leaning toward it being dry anyway and now it really does look that way. early next week, monday and tuesday, could be damp with some showers around. could even see a monday thunderstorm. numbers still not too bad though. no easter bunny won't need those light gloves. >> no. >> thanks, david. >> all right. thank you. it is 5:10. all new on "action news" three boys in western pa were burned badly after playing with a gas can. >> new information on the pizza shop robbery foiled due to some quick thinking employees. karen. >> we're looking pretty good right here in delaware county on i-95 at the commodore barry bridge. we're going to take a look at 4:22 coming up next.
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>> and also when we come back, sarah palin, the former governor of alaska she's embarking on a new gig. going to be interesting to see how it goes. we'll tell you a little bit more in the morning buzz. >> ♪ katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look now into center city. before you know it the sun will be up and dave murphy says you're going to want to get out there. it's going to be a beautiful day up into the 70's. right now it's 5:13 and 49 degrees. >> before you know it it will be friday. right now though it's only wednesday. >> if only. >> happy birthday karen. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. thanks everybody. if you're about to head off to
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work let's show what's going on. we're looking live here at 422 and we have a construction crew. hasn't quite left the scene. we saw a lot of vehicles earlier. we've got a couple left here on 422 westbound at 23. they had been wrapping up for the most part at 5:00 a.m. running a little late but they're still out there right now. officially though don't need to clear until 6:00. let's take a look at an accident that's been causing a problem because it brought down poles and wires on langford road, blocked at port providence road. watch for that with police on the scene. stick to hollow road as your alternate for that one. and here's a fire location in livingston court right near montgomery glen drive so look for that to be a bit of an issue in montgomery county. as we look at these temperatures, what a great day. 35 in allentown, pretty cold start there and 39 in lancaster but 43 in reading, 50 in philadelphia. 50 at atlantic city airport and temperatures this morning 15 to 24 degrees warmer than they were yesterday morning. not bad. yesterday's high 58. not today. a high of 70, partly sunny skies, just beautiful.
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no weather related problems as you head out the door pretty early you're looking good erin. >> moving in the right direction. thanks karen. new on "action news" a pizza shop owner in strawberry mansion along with his employees turned the tables on a roche. the foiled robbery happened around 9:30 last night at takka a's pizza and grille on the 2300 block of cecil b. moore avenue. a armed man got into a scuff pell with the owner and employees. now during the scuffle the brazen brook's gun went off hitting him in the foot. the employees held him down until police arrived. >> new this morning, three boys were badly burned in an explosion while playing on a pittsburgh street. police say the incident happened while the boys were possibly playing with gasoline monday night. and neighbors surveillance camera captured video of one of the boys engulfed in flames. >> i just saw a fire ball go across the street. that happened to actually be him. >> you saw a fire ball. >> yes. >> how big was this fire ball.
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>> it was his whole body. >> i've called the police on them many times and as far as i'm concerned, you know, they get what they deserve playing with fire. >> a 13-year-old boy got second and third degree burns all over his body. a seven-year-old boy suffered second degree burns. the age of the third boy and his injuries were not immediately released. also new this cuddly pink teddy bear was filled with a lot more than stuffing. hidden inside was liquid codeine a medicine you're only supposed to be able to get with a prescription. police were tipped off by a shipping clerk saying the man came in asking to send the toy to memphis, tennessee. police are still looking for the man. the information he provided to the delivery service turned out to be bogus. >> to sports. the flyers have two games remaining on their road trip starting tomorrow in colorado. the flyers face the columbus blue jackets last night. they blew a two goal lead in the final 55 seconds losing three to two. but the flyers still earned a point. they are tied with detroit for
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the final playoff position in the eastern conference. the villanova wildcats are in louisville, can kentucky ahead of their sweet 16. they face mamie tomorrow. "action news" sports reporter jeff skversky is in louisville to cover the big game. look for his live reports beginning later today here on 6abc. and the sixers say center jahlil okafor will begin rehab today. he had rookie yesterday to repair a slight tear of the men this can can you say in his right knee. that is painful. okafor will miss the remainder of the season. >> sad to say he won't be missing much. hopefully he'll come back to a much better season. 5:17. stock markets reacting to the terror attacks in brussels. >> starbucks announces a new food donation program. we'll be right back. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1
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fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. >> atlas five rocket with supplies for the crew. >> nasa launched a supply
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mission at the international space station. the atlas five rockets blasted off with 8,000 pounds of supplies and science experiments. the liftoff was picture perfect as you saw there. the capsule will arrive at the space station on saturday. those images never sees to amaze me. >> they never do. always great when everything goes the way it's supposed to. >> let's see if your commute can go like it's supposed to. this is fort washington 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike, no problems on 309 coming down from make quakertown montgomeryville or ambler you're looking good. on the turnpike no extra overnight construction but they're doing work here in clementon camden county on route 30 the white horse pike eastbound past gibbsboro road. they're doing a traffic shift until 6 o'clock while they work on a water main there, david. >> some of your kids probably off for the spring break but if they are headed to school or if they're just headed out doing something else light jacket probably works this morning for temperature in the 40's. this afternoon, though, shirts and tease for the kids. here's are temperatures are going to go. they're going in the right
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direction. noon up to 63, by 3 o'clock 69 degrees and we're going for that high of 70 right in there at about 4 o'clock. still 69 by 5 o'clock. a partly sunny somewhat breezy but really nice afternoon ahead. at the airport no major delays, all green aircraft and no sign of precip in any of our big travel destination. tam. >> the fda says there will be new warning labels and levels on prescription opioid medications. the labels will warn consumers about the serious risk of abuse addiction overdose and death. in a black box label, the most severe warning will be required on immediate -- excuse me -- formulations. the u.s. is dealing with an opioid abuse epidemic. experts say 40 americans die every day from prescription opioid overdose. >> it's become a major problem. 5:21 now.
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celebrities gathered for last night's european premiere of batman versus superman. stars strolled the red carpet but there was no press line. we'll explain why in the morning buzz. >> the florida girl whose got 10 herself into a real pinch. details on her cheeky attack. that's at 5:30. first up meteorologist, david murphy america's money. >> investors are cautious after the brussels attacks. >> asian markets were mostly down this morning but europe in positive territory. in the u.s. yesterday travel related stocks dragged the markets down. >> one analyst says the effects on the markets of attacks like this do not last. airlines around the world are waiving rebooking fees for passengers flying to or from brussels. >> they're allowing one change to itineraries without change fees. >> starbucks will help the hungry. the coffee giant will donate all of its leftover perishable food to charity each night. >> many locations have been donating he extra pastries for
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years. now the food that needs refrigeration will go to food banks as well. >> it was all going to agent. that's america's money. >> good day. ♪ ♪ you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children all over the world.
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i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> ♪ >> in the morning buzz, the terrorist attacks in brussels caused ripples of can't across the world including the world of entertainment. warner brothers scaled down last night's london premiere of batman versus superman.
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they said early yesterday the premiere will go forward as scheduled. "rather than deal to terror" but it did ditch the traditional red carpet interviews. you're looking at video from the new york premiere on sunday with those red carpet interviews. happening today, the husband of one of new jersey's real housewives is heading to prison. joe guidice husband of teresa guidice is expected to report to fort dix federal prison this morning. he is set to begin serving a 41 month sentence for bankruptcy fraud. theresa finished her 15 month sentence in december. the couple has four young daughters. former alaska governor sarah palin may make a comeback to the reality tv world. she recently signed a deal with a production company for a judge dude dee type show. judy type show. palin does not have a law degree. back in 2010 palin starred in
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sarah palin alaska. a judge-like show with somebody without law degree. go figure, tam. >> she's very opinionated and i'm sure we will hear about all of that. thank you erin. still ahead on "action news" controversial comments. a north jersey police chief temporarily steps down over his purported support of racial profiling. a toddler ingested more than a sandwich at a philadelphia day care. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> terror in brussels. we've just learned the identities of the airport suicide bombers there as the search for that accomplice goes on. >> day care scare. staff rush a little girl to the hospital when they see her chewing on something that could cause serious harm. >> good morning. 5:30 now on this wednesday march 23rd. matt o'donnell is off. erin o'hearn is joining us. let's go right over to dave murphy. good morning. >> we are starting out in pretty good shape this morning temperature-wise. i'll get to that in a moment. cloud cover has filled in a little bit. we have some holes in the clouds and the clouds themselves are high and thin enough that i think we'll be table get some sunshine through and overall we're
5:30 am
going for partly sunny skies today. but check out these numbers. in most neighborhoods this represents a vast improvement over this time yesterday. 50 degrees right now in philadelphia. we were down closer to the freezing mark at least down into the low to mid 30's the last couple of mornings so a lot better there. 46 degrees in wilmington, 45 in trenton. in allentown, we have managed to dip down to 35 degrees so in the lehigh valley and some of those northern areas you might be more inclined to get maybe a heavier coat early on. 43 degrees in reading. 39 degrees in lancaster. 49 in millville and 50 at the airport in atlantic city. it's a little bit breezy out there with breezes running in the 10 to 20 miles per hour range as we go through the day. right now we've got them up into the low double digits in isn't cases. partly cloudy on the bus stop this morning. not as cold as it's been the last couple of mornings. we'll see about 48 at 6 o'clock and i can see us improving to about 49 degrees by 8 o'clock this morning. and as we roll through the day, it is going to be mild. 65 degrees by 1:00 and a high of 70 slotting in probably right in there at abo


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