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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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street. >> investigators have been here most of the day have just departed. nobody can say how long these skeletal remains have been here but there are indications that it's a year or longer or can they say with certainty of the gender. but they say it's probably the remains of a woman. >> that is sad. >> tracy alston drawn to the scene of the crime scene investigators at this vacant line at this railroad line and 17th street. yesterday they discovered human bones showing from underneath a blue tarp. yesterday searching a wide area of the lot at least a dozen human rib bones and a portion of a pelvis and sneaker werer found
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and a skirt and what is believed to be a head scarf. now it's a case for the medical examiners office and they hope to find the name of the person here today and the cause and manner of death if that is possible. and depend ago and what they do find this could become a police matter again. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> now to the terror attack in brussels where there is a massive manhunt underway in one of yesterday's bombings. >> we are learning new details in the suicide bombers responsible for the attacks that killed 31 and wounded over 260 others. >> with one dangerous terror suspect still on the run, police are chasing every lead after the deadly attacks. turkey detained one of the brussels bombers on the syrian
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border last year and then deported him and he made his way to belgium. so far the belgium prosecutor have identified two of the suicide bombers. brothers one killed at the subway bombing and one at the airport. >> he said, i don't know what to do people are looking for me everywhere and if i give myself up, i will end up in a cell. >> the brothers had criminal records but nothing related to terrorism and the focus now is tracking down this fugitive who authorities say left behind the most powerful bag of explosives at the airport but fortunately only detonated after the bomb squad arrived. continues prayers continue in the country and from around the world. president obama weighing in from
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argentina. >> you do not have power over us. you offer nothing our values are right. you offer nothing except death. >> secretary ash carter says that america will destroy isis. and he will be here to pay his condolences on friday. >> the brussels victims were honored thousands of miles away at philadelphia international airport airport workers held flowers during a moment of silence and a show of solidarity for the dead and wounded. they were originally planning a strike today to express concerns overpay and safety but after yesterday's attacks they changed course and gathered for vigils. >> we are here to show support and let them know there are people here who care and we understand what they are going through and we want to make sure this doesn't happen here or anywhere else again.
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>> the tribute was outside of the departure hall where double bombs went off at the brussels airport yesterday. the continued coverage of the brussel bombings can be found at developing right now after months of negotiations pennsylvania finally has a deal on a budget. but it didn't exactly come as part of a compromise, governor tom wolf says he will not sign a deal that the republicans sent to him last thursday, but he also says he won't veto it, that means it will become a law sunday night. wolf threatened to kill the deal and faced pressure from his own party. some threatened to vote with the republicans stop a potential veto. now to focus on next year's budget.
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>> it's time to move on and i'm think being this, it's time to move on. the real battle is in the 16-17 budget, we need to embrace that openly and honestly and we need to move on. >> the current plan does not include the multibillion tax increase that would have gone to public schools and would have wiped out a deficit that damaged the state's credit rating but it does have school aid, half of what wolf wants and the two sides are start monday for the budget for the next fiscal year that begins on july 1st. >> thank you. police in west philadelphia are trying to figure out how a child ended up ingesting crack cocaine. the child went to the hospital after a day care worker spotted
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the problem. sara bloomquist has more. >> reporter: police are on this since last night and cannot figure out the source of the crack cocaine, but the child remains in the hospital under watch. police are commending her day care provider saying she did everything right. >> parents showed up to drop their children at the day care at haverford. a girl was sent to the hospital after ingesting crack cocaine. >> at end of the day it's a child, the baby could have overdosed. >> day care employees including the owner, serena thompson noticed the little girl had something on her mouth, we noticed she was chewing on something and we pulled out a substance we didn't know what it was.
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>> it was a small plastic bag containing a white residue, thompson immediately called her mother and brought her to the hospital. where they determined she did ingest crack cocaine. >> i hope she is okay and i hope i followed the proper procedures, that is all i can do, and i hope and pray everything is okay with her. >> police agree she handled it exactly as she should have. parents are pleased more so after hearing how the incident was handled. >> i am more happy with her now. >> i don't know the parents. but i do know who my parents are sent to every day. >> reporter: police have talked to the 3-year-old's parents and searched her home, but they have not been able to determine the source of the crack, although they think the child care
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provider did everything right. dhs and licenses for day cares have been notified. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> an awful situation there thank you. turning now to accuweather, as promised we have both sunshine and warmth today. meteorologist, adam joseph is outside. we can see the sun behind you, you have the accuweather detail s. >> you can see where the front is sitting in the temperature department. binghamton 59, and new york city 6 and 72 here in philadelphia and mid-70s for washington as well as richmond. we had a lot of clouds earlier this morning and notice how they developed over the mountains, almost directly around the 76 icon and then moved to the east and then finally fell apart late morning in the afternoon. a little extra moisture with the wind coming in off the mountains expanded the cloud cover.
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as you go through the next 12 hours, decent amount of stars and a drop in temperature as we go down to 50 degrees when the normal is 36 this time of year and two more days in the 70s. and morning showers on friday, and a gorgeous easter weekend is setting up and guys we'll show you that exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> it's looking good thank you. >> it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> lets see if we can keep it looking good. matt pellman has the update. >> roll down the windows and enjoy the weather, we'll put it that way. it's not looking fantastic but we have seen worse. this is the schuylkill by the vine street expressway it's definitely looking busy, the westbound taillights coming off the vine street expressway getting on to the schuylkill, that travel time is almost double what it should be this afternoon. speaking of the vine we have a
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broken down vehicle by the parkway and that is cleared out and everything is open at 676 and 76 but they are both very busy. pratt street is not open, because of the shooting, blocked from frankford avenue and duffield street and west town township, chester county, fire and police helping you around a crash at street road at 352 chester road and a crash in chester taking out the right lane at sullivan way and if you are lucky enough to be down the shore, route 9 is blocked in middletown township. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. in delco a crash along the blue route, mostly off to the side and minor and not a huge deal
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there. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead the race for the white house is tighter today after the latest round of primary contests. we'll break down the map. and the wildcats are in louisville kentucky and we have a live report as they get ready for the sweet 16. and uber is offering anyone to pay anyone that can hack their app s their unusual offer coming up. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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the villanova wildcats are getting into last minute practice before tomorrow's sweet 16 match-up with miami. the teams have a lot of history together but what happens next is what matters. jeff skversky is live covering it all. how is this team looking? >> they are confident and
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focused and not getting caught up on the big stage. villanova is finally back in the sweet 16 for the first time in seven years, you would think they are just satisfied to be here but oh, no that is not the case they are eyeing the final four in houston. look at jay wright and the cats practicing in louisville. they are getting ready to take on miami tomorrow night at 7:10. they have been dominating teams but jay write is trying to keep them focused on miami and the big dance on national tv. he had a simple message for his team than is to play with no fear. >> we have to have the worst case scenario and we can handle this and move on and play basketball. >> as long as we go try to play
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villanova basketball for 45 minutes, whatever the end result is we are satisfied with it. we know we'll be success and we know there will be a good result in the end. >> reporter: villanova head coach, jay wright says the most important thing for him at this point is to make sure this run doesn't end for his senior, he wanted to keep it going for those guys because he says they will get another shot at this but that's those guys will not. now to the latest on another contest, the race for the white house, hillary clinton and donald trump walked away big winners last night in the latest round of primary voting, both won arizona primaries last night. bernie sanders declared victory in both utah and idaho but still
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clinton maintains a sizable lead in the delegate count. now on the republican side, cruz swept up all the delegates in utah and idaho. donald trump now needs to pick up the pace a bit and pick up 55% of the remaining delegates to clinch that gop nomination. and we should remind you, the deadline to register to vote in the local primaries here is fast approaching in pennsylvania you have until next monday the 28th and delaware the deadline is april 2nd and new jersey voters may 17th, head to for ways to sign up. meanwhile uberer is daring hackers to attack it and offering to pay for it. the ride sharing company is launching a program that will reward anyone that can fine bugs in its app. hackers get $10,000 for each critical problem they find and uber will pay $5,000 for what
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they call significant issues and 3,000 for medium issues. other companies have similar programs but uber's payouts are particularly high and uber is creating a loyalty reward program for hackers. >> interesting. >> i dare anyone to find anything to complain about, in the forecast. a picture perfect day. lets head outside where adam is enjoying the day. >> reporter: it feels good the temperatures moved back into the 70s this afternoon and a lot of clouds this morning and the clouds have now passed on, if philadelphia 72 degrees and 71 in wilmington and 71 in dover, and even the lehigh valley, berks county coming in at 70 degrees or better, and a bit cooler at the shore temperatures there in the low 60s with the wind out of the south and a big change from yesterday it jumped up to 15 degrees in philadelphia from this time yesterday
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afternoon, the same for trenton and 14 degrees warmer in cape may. the shore is 15 degrees above yesterday. we have clouds that developed east of the appalachian mountains, they just bubbled up out of nowhere and now moving off the coast. a clear sky for the remaining overnight hours. there is a blizzard going on in eastern colorado east of denver, they have 50 miles per hour wind gusts and blinding snow and that stretches all the way up to the great lakes. you are looking at 6 to 12 great lakes. you are looking at 6 to 12 inches north o
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crews are still trying to figure out what start aid fire at a townhome this morning in montgomery county. it started just before 3:30 a.m. on livingston court in montgomeriville. firefighters said there were flames on the second floor when they showed up and they were able to stop it from spreading any further. we are trying to find out how many people were inside at the time but everybody was able to get out safely. it was six years ago today that president obama signed the still controversial affordable care act into law, in recognition of that anniversary, katie mcgwinnty held this town hall, and they spoke about affordable health care.
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they celebrated flag day, the 100th celebration of the philadelphia flag. they held a special flag raising and even sang happy birthday. the growing tech community of old city will be included in the keystone innovation zone. mayor kenney says it includes the startup company as long north third street, that means they now have access to up to $100,000 in sellable tax credits a year, and they can use the money to hire more people or advance their technology, the city is trying to attract and keep more companies in their early stages. well, students at the archdiocese of philadelphia were asked to get creative to help
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fight hunger, they submitted their artwork in a place mat contest be today the winners were announced include that young man, alvin. students cheered as his winning design was revealed. alvin won the second through k category, the goal of the artwork on the place mats were to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. >> good stuff. still ahead today. plans to close a local school is worrying parents and putting teacher's jobs on the line, it hangs in the balance because of the budget issue. plus, a viral facebook post has people across the country help this woman find her real life fairy god mother, her emotional store why i have grad toot coming up.
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"action news" continue with adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a lucky break for a school bus full of kids. >> and pizza shop employees managed to fight off a robber. the thieves' plan backfired in the most painful way. >> hands down i feel like she saved my life. >> she say 5-year-old girl whose quick thinking is the reason her
4:26 pm
mom it alive today. first, 160 staffers could be forced to look for new jobs, trenton school district has plans to shut down a community school and it's not sitting well with parent worrying about what will happen to their kids. as nora muchanic explains, the district says it doesn't have a choice. nora is live in trenton with the full story. >> reporter: hi there sharrie, it boils down to money, with state aid down flat of the last few years, and school costs going up. they say it's the only way to balance the $298 million budget. community members met at a local church to respond to the trenton school district's plan to shut down the early childhood learning center and lay off 172 teachers and staff throughout the district. the cuts they say are necessary because they are facing a $2.9
4:27 pm
billion deaf stit. >> it's the most painful process i have ever been through in my life. the money coming into the school districts just does not match the costs. >> it affects teachers, para professionals. >> another 90 residents not being able to pay their city taxes and not being employed. >> and it's home to an early childhood learning center that serves students. and they have concerns about moving them to other schools. >> you are splitting them up and spreading them out. >> it's not safe to put the 3 and 4-year-olds in the other schools with the other kids. they are none verbal and disabled. >> 2800 are attending charter
4:28 pm
schools and that drains dollars from public schools, every time a child leaves the trenton district their dollars follow them. >> activists plan to fight the layoffs, we plan to fight we are fired up and we are going to save our school district. >> now different meetings are going on since the cuts were announced. including the summit at mountain zion church, the residents and teachers are looking for ways dial these cuts back. >> thank you nora. there are charges pending today for a robbery suspect who was shot with his own gun. but first he has to get out of the hospital, newly released surveillance video shows the 37-year-old suspect being chased out the grill and pizza by a worker there. the man was tackled off camera
4:29 pm
and his gun went off during the struggle and they held him down until police arrived . night vision cameras caught a man breaking into a pharmacy in the park side section of philadelphia, the crime happened at the 52nd street pharmacy, the man made it to the wall and then tripped an alarm and ran off without taking anything. children on a school bus were involved in a crash this afternoon. right here on i-95 south in wilmington. no word on what led to the crash or where the students were headed. delaware state police are vest dirting. a fire damaged part of a senior living facility in camden county, the flames initially started outside as a brush fire and spread to parts of the building on route 130 in
4:30 pm
pennsauken. senior living evacuated everyone as a precaution and they have since been allowed to return inside. >> adam joseph is joining us now. it's a spectacular day outside. >> yes some morning clouds and now sunshine and temperatures stay in the 70s for the next two days. >> as we take a look right now. ben franklin bridge, right above it you see the cirrus clouds and overall a decent amount of sunshine, with temperatures sitting at 72 degrees with the northwesterly wind at 14 miles per hour and the pressure is just under 30 inches and kids are out of school on spring break but we head back into the classroom. it's something you don't want to see. here is your question of the day. -- it is spring break but you get a test today -- how many snowfalls of 2 inches of greater did we see this past winter. the amount of storms we have
4:31 pm
seen that gave us more than 2 inches. one, three or five storms? tweet me your best guess to me on twitter and i'll give the person that gets it right to me a shout-out on the air with that answer. >> i'm sit that one out because i am on spring break as well. >> wow. >> that makes two of us. >> then you are not getting your seven day. >> all right. dozens of philadelphia police officers are receiving special recognition the department held a merit commendation ceremony honoring 77 officers, recipients were honored for going above and beyond and their valuable acts of service. dozens took part in a prayer vigil at saints peter and paul. they heard arguments challenging parts of president obama's health care law, they object to
4:32 pm
the mandate in an employees and students get free birth control. today they showed support from the sisters of the poor, the nuns are among the groups challenging the law under religious grounds. and a company has a new high tech way to improve contamination and food bacteria when it starts to form. rick williams is here with more on this story. >> reporter: it uses dna to determine if bacteria started to grow in food or drink and comes on the heels of new regulations set by the fda. coming up tonight ali gorman explains how the tool works and how to keep what is in your fridge fresher and tastier and the scam warning in delaware, the men posing as del/dot works and how they are stealing thousands of dollars from unsuspecting residents. until then back to the studio we'll see you later.
4:33 pm
>> thank you rick. young patients being treated at cooper hospital now have a comfort from home thanks to a new donation, teams participating in operation guardian run by the camden police department dropped off bags of blankets today as a way to give back to the community. the program helps former gang members and teens at risk of joining gangs to turn their lives around. each blanket was made by a participant. still ahead on wednesday afternoon? >> a mom says that her 5-year-old daughter saved her life. the message she wants every parent to know in big talkers. and with vitamins and nutrients added to food are we getting too much? and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast. despite his threats to withhold it for us. he will deliver.
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the final report says that snyders administration is most accountable by decisions made by the environmental regulators and state appointed regulators. residents were exposed to led after switching its water source in 2014. it's a story not only tugging at the heart strings today but also bringing social media together to find a very special woman, a fairy god mother, if you will. we start in disney world in orlando, florida, where something happened to a woman named janice murphy and her daughter, analise, analise own
4:37 pm
lived for an hour and 25 minutes, janice carries her little girl's ashes in that teddy bear there, when she met cinderellas fairy god mother, she penned a letter to thank her. when you hugged her and kissed her cheek, you made me feel like analise mattered to you and you hugged her like she was injure child and felt like a place she was never able to visit while alive. and now the search for the fairy god mother, who didn't need a wand, just a big heart. her post is shared 26,000 times and counting with people eager to help janice find the fairy god mother again. one mother in texas is thank her daughter for saving her life. she is calling her 5-year-old daughter allison, under the
4:38 pm
blanket there, a tiny hero. after the little girl rescued her from drowning in a relative's swimming pool. the rescue was captured on home surveillance video and you can see tracy facedown in a pool and not sure why she had a seizure and lost consciousness and was under water for five minutes when allison came to the rescue and flipped over and got her out of the water and running for help there, getting her aunts and sisters. >> hands down i feel like she saved my life. >> well mom is doing great but doctors say that had she been under water even a minute longer she would not have made it. here is the thing that tracy wants everyone to know. allison learned to swim at 2 years old and mom says that is where she learned the skills that saved her life. a message for parents, get those
4:39 pm
kids in swimming lessons. >> when is too young? and apparently never too young. lets get a check of the roads right now, matt pellman standing by with an update. a beautiful day to go for a ride, the bad news is you go for that drive you move at a slow pace because of a lot of big delays, one here on 95 northbound side appears to be extra heavy from washington avenue, the whole way up to bridge street. that is where there is a crash on the shoulder, like i mentioned the last half hour. way back when the crash happened and was blocking lanes for a time and that gave us the extra slow speeds on i-95 this is the scene from the vine street expressway, and from the bushes in chester county, a crash at shady grove way and one in white marsh township along butler pike
4:40 pm
and skippack pike and one along allen road where you turn into the ikea, and by the way they have cheap ice-cream cones. good on a day like this. out ridge pike at rupert road there is an accident to be avoided and reports of a bus accident in galloway township, avoid the white horse pike, if you want to use the a.c. expressway instead no problems report there had. and galloway, a crash along jimmy leads road at the parkway. and still the poll blocking route 9 dennis road gets you around that one. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. the necessities for a great party ended up all over the road this morning in florida.
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we have schooling going on. >> you want me to leave the room? >> if are you not going to play along with me here? >> oh i'll play along. >> this winter we saw marathons worth of snow, 26.2 inches. that is how much snow we saw this winter season, the question was how many snowfalls did we see that ranks 2 inches or more per storm? remember we had 26.2 inches this winter storm, one, three or five. >> we know it's at least one. >> i'm going with b. >> i'm going with a. >> b was the majority on my twitter account but the a. it was just that one block bluster blizzard when we saw 22.4 inches and devin demar was
4:44 pm
the first to get it right. congratulations to him. we had four more inches but they were all below the 2 inch mark per storm. the temperature now 70 degrees in allentown and near 70 in millville and atlantic city airport and along the shore the upper 50s to low 60s, we are thinking spring here given it's spring break. the phillies home opener is just nine days away and we are now under the three month threshold of when summer begins. as we look at satellite and radar, most of the country or at least parts of the country not thinking spring. northern chicago into southern canada, and all the way back into parts of colorado and the rockies, while south of that front it's warm and sunny, so
4:45 pm
mostly clear overnight and on the mild side 42 to 50 degrees. and that should be 56 degrees, and for thursday, a front is just to our north. it could be the case where new york city is only in the 50s tomorrow afternoon while we are in the 70s as the front tries to push in from the north and the southerly wind tries to keep us on the warm side and low pressure goes to the northern and west and dragging a cold front here late thursday into friday and friday morning showers come through a .25 inch and brighter finish to your good friday with sunshine returning. as we head into easter weekend it looks great, easter sunday it's south and mostly sunny and a beautiful afternoon. 9:00 in the morning 56 degrees and 4:00 your temperature of 63 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 70s for the
4:46 pm
next couple of days, we kind of peak here during the day tomorrow. morning showers friday and afternoon sunshine of 71 and shown sunny and cooler and still above average with 61 degrees and sunshine and 64 on sunday afternoon for easter and we are timing this perfectly, sunday night and monday, thunderstorms arrive and 63 degrees, we cool it off a bit behind that on tuesday. partly sunny and 56 and seasonable on wednesday of 60 degrees. it's pretty hard to think. one storm we had the whole winter season. only one storm had 2 inches or more. >> my kind of winter. >> my current answer is under protest. >> he was technically off. >> thank you adam. here today on "action news," manufacturers are adding nutrients to packages foods but
4:47 pm
the additions may be too much of a good thing. we have a warning from consumer reports next in what's the deal? .
4:48 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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it's no secret eating a healthy diet with nutrients is good for you but could you be getting too much a good thing. consumer reports has a caution. supermarket aisles are filling with fortified food including drinks and snack bars. >> if you have too many nutrients it can be harmful. >> take calcium, say you start your morning with a bowl of total whole grain cereal. each is fortified with your daily needs and that is without
4:50 pm
need. and add the milk and a double dose you have doubled the amount of calcium your body needs. >> too much supplemental calcium could increase your risk for kidney stones. >> and most healthy adults need 8 milligrams of iron a day, a bowl of kellogs product 19 has 18 milligrams. >> too much increases the risk of diabetes and heart problems and can cause other serious heart issues. >> and keep an eye on folic acid. most healthy adults need 400 micro grams a day. >> it can hurt people over 50 gl and most american adults get these nutrients without eating the fortified foods or eating
4:51 pm
supplements look for leafy greens for folic acids. >> and you don't need to avoid fortified foods all together and unless your doctor recommends a dietary supplement, consumer reports says it's best to skip them. finally at 4:00, a korean war veteran from central pennsylvania came home from breakfast to find quite a surprise at his house. a construction crew was redoing his entire roof for free. 83-year-old donald hills noticed the crowd of people and was overcome with gratitude. >> what can i say? my god. they know we appreciate it. >> the owner of a clinton county construction company had been looking to help someone out for a few months before he got connected with the former
4:52 pm
paratrooper, and his crew managed to measure the roof without him even noticing. the job would have cost the veteran $6,000 but this son the house. >> a deserving guy saluting the crew there. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, i'm brian, hope you'll join me along with sharrie and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. and here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> hi there, coming up next at 5:00 we are continuing to follow developments overseas after the brussel terror attacks, new details emerging as the city continues to mourn. and pennsylvania's budget impasse comes to an end and why the state has a fiscal plan come sunday even if the governor doesn't sign off on it. >> i'm nadia han, spring scams are popping up one in particular
4:53 pm
for homeowners, coming up.
4:54 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
4:55 pm
the world is standing in solidarity with the people of belgium after the country's capital was attacked by isis. tonight a city remains paralyzed and the investigation continues to grow as they identify people behind the bombings. today president obama declared the fight against isis his number one priority. this as the state department issue a warning for any american traveling through europe. this surveillance picture becomes the center for the investigation, the two on the left died in the bombing and both are identified and the man on the far left was the suspected bomb maker in last year's paris attack and on the left an unidentified man in white he is the suspected terrorist they are looking for right now. gray hall is live in the satellite center with the latest from belgium and a local show of support. >> reporter: rick, police say
4:56 pm
that dna from paris showed up at an airport site there in brussels and more importantly tonight police are aggressively searching for the suspect still on is the run. the picture being circulated around the world and police are focusing their attention on the fugitive seen here in the black hat walking through the brussels airport. and believe he is connected to the terrorist attacks in belgium. >> left a bag which contained explosive detonators the most important one and he ran away. >> the manhunt continues ash the clock and police arrested two people overnight and the other remains in custody, two of the


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