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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 24, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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airlines. this bolsters the theory the plane went down in the indian ocean when it disappeared in 2014. >> president obama wraps up his visit to argentina with a visit later today to patagonia. >> and the president and first lady were honored last night in buenos aires with a steak dinner. the visit has not been without controversy. mary bruce is traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. another international trip overshadowed by another devastating international crisis. president obama came herer to boost relations with the ju president but instead this trip has been adopted by the brussels attacks and questions whether the obama administration is doing enough to tackle the threat from isis. at a news conference, he insitsed defeating isis remains his top priority but he pushed back forcefully against calls many of them from the republican presidential candidates that his administration needs to shift strategy. >> we are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working and it will work.
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and we're not going to do things that are counterproductive simply because it's political season. we're going to be steady. we're going to be resolute. and ultimately, we're going to be successful. >> despite the attacks, president obama has stayed the course here. he spent much of yesterday meeting with the argentina president and held a town hall with young people here and enjoyed a lavish state dinner. he's receive aid lot of pushback for doing so. many critics say he should have returned to washington to deal with the aftermath of the attacks in brussels, but the president says it was important that he didn't do that because he says the terrorists intended to disrupt american society and it was important to send a message that they will not have that kind of power. so instead today, the president will be traveling to patagonia with his family to enjoy some of this country's most beautiful sights before traveling back to the white house. >> i like that tango. >> oh, yeah. we didn't get to see it. take a look. this happened last night at the
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state dinner. initially this tango dancer tried to get the president to join in and he was like no, i'm good. finally he gave in. it was quite a dance. that's breaking the internet right now. >> yeah. >> and michelle obama right on the right side of your screen. that beautiful silver dress had her own partner so she was not without a dance partner. >> i think their form is pretty good. >> i like he's trying to keep her at a little bit of a distance. he gets it. >> she's not keeping at a distance, clearly. >> thank negotiation mr. president. >> she tweeted after this event, this is the most amazing experience and thanked the president as well as the argentinean president for allowing her to do that. >> our favorite video. congratulations, mr. president. you've gone viral. coming up, reena gets some style tips from a 6-year-old. >> boy, do i need them. and how social media is helping it kids become major trendsetters. you're watching "world news now."
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you know kids in the digital age grow up very fast. in fact, so fast indeed that before they reach preschool, some are setting style trends. a growing army of small fry fashionistas with millions of instagram followers among them. >> they're known as instakids
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and having a sweeping impact on the fabric of social media. >> what ald wear is this with my converse. so this is a yes. this is a yes. >> littlehaly talks style like an advanced fashionista. >> what i like about this is it could go with this. this is so nice. this is perfect. >> reporter: to say she's obsessed with fashion is an understatement. haley vasquez is an instagram model. her page hail's world has over 123,000 followers. >> this is dolce gabbana. >> wow. how does it feel to wear these super luxury high end designers when you're only 6? >> it's really fun. i like wearing cool clothes. because kids in my school say i love your outfit. >> reporter: she's just one of many tiny trendsetters pages
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filled with children wearing an the latest fashions like 4-year-old ryan secret with his signature faux hawk smiling for 119,000 followers and 6-year-old gavin giving his best blue steel look to his over 200,000 followers. behind the kids are the parents, fueling heroine sta gram stardom. haley's mom says her first post was when haley was just three. >> first first picture was like it literally broke the internet. >> and that instagram fame catapulted haley onto the runway and for some kids, that can mean big money. >> for some parents it's just posting cute photos of their child but for others there's another goal. it's getting exposure. it's setting their kids up for modeling or angting careers. >> what do you say to critics that say you're just capitalizing on your daughter's good looks. >> for us this is a hobby. she just happens to get paid for it. i feel like i built her up for
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the future. her confidence. she looks at herself and says i'm beautiful. >> what do you want people to know about your instagram account. >> i want them to know that i'm really fun and i love pictures, fashion shows. >> when you grope up, what do you want to be in. >> a fashion designer. just like carl. >> carl lagerfeld? is that who it is? >> yep. >> and we were there as haily sashayed down the runway in new york's fashion week joined by other pint sized prodigies taking the fashion world by storm. >> whether he people see haily's pictures what do you hope they walk away with. >> i would hope that people would just see her for who she is, an amazing person. >> and she is an amazing girl. she really is lovely. and has a better fashion sense than me. i think what was cut out of here, i wore jeans underneath a dress it was so cold.
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let's end this. ♪ oh, i need someone to read me stories ♪ ♪ oh, someone to turn the page >> and it's just in. americans are still not able to read books and drive. but there are some other things that the latest models at the international auto show here in new york can do. >> and here with a look at all the latest automotive innovations is wabc's joe torrez. >> foreign or domestic, hard top or convertible, super economical or exotic. if you're in the market for a new set of wheels there's one place to be, the new york had automobile show. bring a camera because there are
2:56 am
plenty of cars you've never seen before. >> i think there are 26 all new models that are debuting there year across model lines. there's lots of new iron out there to check out. >> naturally, it's the high end performance cars that will get plenty of attention. but reality for most car driving new york area he commuters is something like this. the chevrolet sonic costs about $16,000. >> great fuel efficiency. great infotainment technologies, the addition of apple car play and a number of new safety features. we know new york traffic can get fussy. >> more luxurious interiors. they're making them nicer. even though it's an economy car, you won't be in an economy space on the interior. >> reporter: economy is not a word you would associate with many of the super cars at the show. some will set you back an arm and leg and maybe a pair of kidneys. that still might not be enough. perhaps that's one reason porsche unveiled the box sister.
2:57 am
price tag roughly $60,000. >> we don't like to talk price. we like to talk performance. this car 0 to 60 goes in four seconds. that gives you a kick. you can have that kick from $55,000 upwards. >> joe torrez, eyewitness news. >> interesting. >> do you want a car just like that. >> why not? as long as it has heated seats. oh, the old throwback. >> why do they have to make it seem like a scene out of sanford and son. >> i love sanford and son. >> it looks like a cuban car is what noel was saying. you look dressed up. >> i always bring my finest threads for you. >> even if we're driving a hoopty. >> that's me starring in driving miss lazy. >> oh. "driving miss lazy. >> oh. " >> oh.
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this morning on "world news now," the search for a terrorist. >> the manhunt for a suspected bomber in brussels as belgium observes a day of mourning today. we'll take you there live. stories of survival told by american who's made it out of the brussels attacks alive. the latest on who is unaccounted for and who is in the hospital. >> political feud. the new dispute between donald trump and at the time cruz and it has to do with their wives. their fight and latest polls. >> and later in the mix," let's call it a presidential tango. president obama and the first lady strut and sway turning a state dinner argentina into something viral overnight. it is thursday, march 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. it is thursday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan.
3:01 am
>> we're going to start overseas with the very latest coming in right now from brussels. officials there say the city's airport is going to stay closed until at least saturday. understandably after the attack. in the meantime, authorities are still working to find the suspect on the far right of that now well-known airport surveillance photo. >> and also today in brussels, paris terror suspect salah abdeslam appears in court. he was arrested last friday after months on the run. we get the latest on the current manhunt from abc's molly hunter in brussels. >> reporter: in the air and on the street, police in a manhunt for this runway terrorist trying to stop him before he strikes again. his name unknown but we know his companions. sources in belgium say the man on the left is the master bombmaker from brussels and paris, 24-year-old najim laachraoui. the man notice middle 29-year-old ibrahim bakraoui.
3:02 am
both died in the airport. his younger he brother khalid also dead after carrying out the subway bombing. prosecutors reveal both brothers had extensive criminal records. but not tied to terrorism. however, last june, interpol sent out a worldwide alert for khalid back rou i wanted for terrorism and ibraheem had been deported warning belgian authorities he was a foreign fighter. >> they do train their people in the fundamentals of being a spy, of being a terrorist cell. >> reporter: this is the suspect's safehouse. a building in the suburbs. inside forensic investigators found a virtual bomb factory. pounds of explosives, the same kind used in the paris attacks along with detonators and more. the news shocking neighbors. >> you didn't know? >> no outside in a trash canon the street, investigators found one bomber's computer. on it a last will talking about
3:03 am
being in a rush and not knowing what to do. molly hunter, abc news, brussels. secretary of state john kerry expected to visit brussels tomorrow. the city is torn apart by the fear and grief. >> we're going to continue our coverage right now with abc's aaron katersky who is joining us live right now in brussels. the question on many people's minds, where does the manhunt stand at this hour? >> reporter: they're still looking for the third as yet unidentified airport suicide bomber. they thought he was going to be a suicide bomber because prosecutors here said he brought a suitcase full of explosives that did not go off as planned. it would have been the biggest of the three bombs at the airport, but the bottom squad was able to get there and help neutralize that explosion. so it didn't go off until it was more of a contained explosion by
3:04 am
bomb squad. so as bad as these attacks were, they could have been worse. >> you spent a great deal of time when you're here in the u.s. covering the nypd and the police department. so many people pointing firks at brussels officials. how could they not know? it's so easy for us to blame. can you explain to us maybe the difference between how things are done with the nypd here versus what you're seeing on the ground and hearing from officials? >> reporter: it's been a consistent drum beat from american authorities ever since 9/11. the importance of information sharing. and that kind of talk among different law enforcement agencies as territorial as they can be, just doesn't exist here in belgium. brussels which is a small european capital, is carved up into multiple jurisdictions. each with hair own police agency. and they don't always talk to each other. you combine that with some of the europewide problems of information sharing and border control and migrants and all of
3:05 am
those problems that help fuel the attacks in paris and that raise so many questions four months ago are still lingering and may have complicated some of the counter-terrorism efforts. it seems if things unfold the way they seem to have here, that the belgium attacks were planned under the noses of counter terrorism officials even as they were searching for suspects in the paris attacks. >> such a fascinating points about the different jurisdictions. thank you for explaining that to us. >> a lot of people are asking a lot of questions as to what went wrong. aaron, thank you joining us from brussels. look for more live reports in our next half hour. coming up, the american who are unaccounts for since the attacks. that's later this half hour. turning to politics now, the new feud between the top republican presidential candidates comes as the latest polls show donald trump with a commanding lead over his two challengers. among the democrats, hillary clinton is 12 points ahead of bernie sanders. abc's kenneth moton is covering
3:06 am
the campaign. >> republican ted cruz rallied in donald trump's territory taking on the billionaire in new york city. >> we reached a new low. it's one thing to try to attack another candidate. it's another thing to come after my wife. >> reporter: another nasty gop feud sparked whether he a pro-cruz group used a racy near nude image of trump's wife in an ad. trump threatened to spill the beans on cruz's wife. heidi cruz responded. >> most of the things he says have no basis in reality. we are not worried in the least. >> trump won big tuesday night. both men made controversial comments after the terrorist 0 attacks in brussels, pushing for surveillance of muslims in the u.s. on his latin american tour, president obama called out cruz. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. which by the way, the father of
3:07 am
senator cruz escaped for america. >> trump told bloomberg politics he wouldn't rule out using a nuclear weapon on isis. >> at a minimum i want them tony maybe we would use if. >> democrat hillary clinton who lost idaho and utah in a land slight to bernie sanders also railed against the republicans. >> slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> in a surprise move, former gop contender jeb bush endorsed ted cruz. the next big contest for both the republicans and democrats will happen in wisconsin in two weeks. reena and kendis. >> our thanks to kendis in washington. there is a potential bombshell and hush money case involving former house speaker dennis hastert. a man who says he was sexually abused by hastert could testify about his emotional trauma. the sister of another alleged victim also says she wants to speak in court. hastert has pleaded guilty to
3:08 am
violating banking laws for paying for more than $3 million to ensure an alleged victim's silence. he's due back in court for sentencing next month. joe garagiola is being remembered as a decent baseball player who left his lasting mark on the world nearly 60 years of broadcasting. he played nine years in the majors winning a world series with the cardinals in 1946. after baseball, he went to the broadcast booth and stayed on tv well into his 80s. he retired about three years ago after a spell as an analyst for the diamondbacks. jair joe la died yesterday after being ill. he was 90 years old. >> speak of baseball, yankee slugger alex rodriguez set out his path to retirement. a-rod says he will leave baseball after next season when his $275 million contract with the yankees expires. he enters this season fourth on the all-time home run list behind barry bonds, hank aaron
3:09 am
and babe ruth. he will be 42 at the end of his contract. he says at that point, it will be time to go home and just be a dad. >> oh, the giant pandas are the most popular exhibit at the national zoo in washington. and it wouldn't do to have anything less than squeaky clean pandas for the public. >> yes. you need that. >> so zookeepers giving tee entee ena boubl bath taking advantage of the warm weather this week. >> the tweet from the zoo says the nontoxic bath was "foreign richment but he could have used a bigger tub clearly. >> you know who he's getting ready for? for easter panda. going to show up at the zoo on easter on the 28th. >> there's an easter panda. >> yeah. >> okay. >> by the way, tientien is the only doult male in the national zoo community. >> that's a good role to have. got the pick of the litter. better clean up. >> exactly. better be smelling good there.
3:10 am
coming up in "the mix," the president and the first lady attempting to tango in argentina. trust us, you got to see it. >> you got see this one. from luxury living in new jersey to a jail cell. real husband joe giudice says bye to his family and hello to plimpb. >> we return to our top story. the terror attacks in brussels. stories of survival from americans who escaped the worst. you're watching "world news now." everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel. and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks. let's get these dbut these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast-max.
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♪ some images there. we're continuing our coverage of the aftermath of the brussels terror attack. an american couple previously thought to have been located actually still missing. > justin and stephanie schultz were last seen at brussels airport by their mother who had been visiting the couple in belgium. fortunately other americans in the attacks are reconnecting with loved ones. david muir is in brussels. >> ashley bruggeman still wearing the same clothes she had on when she fled the brussels airport. late today in new york, still
3:15 am
gaetane pauwels from houston, texas, getting word that her 21-year-old stepson, gaetan, has been found. he woke up in a hotel lobby, turned triage center, with no memory of the subway attack. >> yes, it's over, it's like -- >> reporter: heroic stories of survival emerging. at the airport, american physician laura billiet, triaging the injured with the help of her friend, laura harper. >> with my pair of scissors that i found, i cut off so many pairs of pants to find, you know, just massive shrapnel wounds underneath them. >> reporter: former marist college and oakland university basketball player, sebastian bellin, going into surgery for his left leg, after the blast reportedly threw him 65 feet. >> his first words were, "dad," and then he paused, and then he said, "you have no idea what i saw around me. the carnage." >> more than 100 others wounded there. some 12 americans, including three mormon missionaries. richard norby, mason wells, and joseph empey. joseph's family grateful he's alive. >> we love him a lot. we're just excited to see him again. >> while so many others still search, new york city natives alexander and sascha pin zo ski
3:16 am
feared missing. they i don't know ifs their mother tuesday but the phone line went dead after the explosion. >> he lives for those scenarios. you think about those but you can never imagine that something like this would happen to your own daughter, your own family and it's horrible beyond imagination. >> reporter: and the first face of the confirmed dead here. adele ruiz on her way to new york to visit family. her husband and twin daughters at the airport to see her off. an hour later after that airport attack, the other explosions seven miles away on that crowded subway. we went to find the young american brian carole from washington, d.c. who pry pried open the door on that subway after the explosion. he told us he knew about the airport attack that morning and even debated whether or not to get on that subway. he did. >> as we were arriving to the platform, there was a massive
3:17 am
explosion. we heard it. we felt it in the train. to me, immediately, i knew it was a terrorist attack. that's exactly what it felt like crazy to believe that i was just a few cars down and i'm very, very thankful and lucky to have gotten out alive. >> you and some of the other people on the train pried the door open. >> that's right. >> reporter: we went down into the subway before it closed early. armed guards making us open our coats before we could board. on the subway, brian shows us where he was standing just a couple of cars away from the bomb. brian telling me he's just grateful he and the others on that car had the instincts to pry that car door open so everyone could get out. david muir it, abc news, brussels. >> the survivors you're hearing about every single one saying the carnage was so incredible. they just could not imaginen what they saw. secretary of state john kerry will arrive in brussels to express formal condolences on behalf of the us. >> must have been so eerie to
3:18 am
see that subway again for brian there. >> coming up in our next half hour, the security crunch back here at home in the wake of the attacks. the new warnings to travelers and what airports are doing to ensure safety. >> first, splitting time with the giudices. the reality tv family serving felony sentences but with joe now behind bars, could an even tougher punishment be on the horizon? you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
all right. going to move on now to some realtime behind bars for real husband of new jersey. >> just months after his celebrity wife was released from prison, joe giudice surrendered to authorities to take his turn. for more now, we're up "up all nightline" with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> we're in a situation now we just need to slowly climb out of it. and never look back. >> reporter: it's joe's turn to
3:20 am
face the music. >> you never know how strong you are. until it's the only choice you have. >> reporter: just three months after his wife real ho"real hou of new jersey" star theresa giudice was released from prison, he's collect inside for a 41-month stay giving his wife one last kiss. >> i'm the queen. >> reporter: the couple once were accustomed to mansions than cell blocks fell into legal trouble in 2014 when they pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud. they spoke about their ordeal with andy cohen on watch happens live." >> joe do you feel guilty? i mean. >> i do. i mean, i do. but i mean at the same time, what am i going to do? >> i did everything i could to get her out of it but didn't work. >> reporter: a judge allowing them to serve their sentences consecutively so someone could be home to care for their four daughters. >> love, love, love you. >> reporter: did you know you were committing a crime? >> definitely not. the government saw it differently. >> reporter: in her first tv interview after her release, she
3:21 am
spoke to amy robach how it felt to be reunited with her husband. >> what was it like seeing joe. >> if. >> it was amazing. he couldn't keep his hands off of me. >> it had been a long time. >> reporter: but there could be more than years of jail time separating them now. he still faces possible deportation to italy. >> would you move to italy with the girls if that ended up becoming reality? >> we're just taking one day at a time. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, her lawyer said it was obviously a very emotional day. they will get through this. just as they did when teresa was away. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> i always think of those little girls and how difficult it must have been for them. >> it's going to be difficult for joe, as well. apparently once he goes there, he will undergo a special scan for anything metal internally, as well according to a source. "us weekly." >> okay. coming up, it takes two to tango
3:22 am
or some version of it. >> uh-huh. the president and first lady danced, are but not together. "the mix" is next. , are but not together.erations. "the mix" is next. everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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megared. the difference is easy to absorb. ♪ >> now, that is how you tango. >> whew. >> look at the moves. the concentration. >> uh-huh. >> classic movie scene there. >> elegant. >> yes. >> and something similar to that took place overflight in argentina. that is going viral at this hour. >> you judge it for yourself. you know there's a big state dinner. potus. >> potus, president of the united states. >> thank you. he's down there in argentina. they had a big state dinner and then he tried to say no, but then out of the dark. >> you don't say no to the tango. >> you captain resist a tango. just mr. president concentrate on her eyes only. >> look that the. >> i was kind of curious where
3:26 am
is mrs. obama. >> off on the side in the dark. >> she's dancing right there. >> the lighting director for this dinner was a little clumsy. it looks elegant. i think he did a good job. >> a little clumsy. i think there's a reason we don't see michelle obama's face. >> whoa. >> wow. >> she got a leg up on the competition there. >> very nice. >> he can tango. >> a lot of people, yeah. >> a round of applause for the president of the united states. >> did he good. >> tangoing on behalf of the united states and argentina. >> and i can read lips. mirnl is telling her leave my man alone. but a lot of people have been giving him a lot of heat saying his moves were a little stiff. we give you an example if you want stiff moves. >> this is where he went wrong. before he went out there, he should have done prep and gotten advice from this man. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> ♪
3:27 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, we present to you. >> the one and sneenl geraldo rivera. >> go, geraldo. so some moves. go, geraldo. >> his moves are still hidden in al capone's tomb, his vault. >> oh, that was just an amazing performance. we cannot get enough. >> so in case you want to criticize the president, there's always these moves to say you know what? it gets worse. >> it could get worse. we should have spoken to geraldo about dance moves. the gang here, i just want to know, i do believe geraldo rivera will be in the next round. jack, you vote yes. >> bk. >> he will not make it. >> we're hoping no. >> deb? >> deb. >> my eyes can't take it. >> deb is the only one that's not listening to the show. >> deb doesn't care. >> so 3-2 that geraldo remains for
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," terror manhunt. the search for the surviving suspected attacker in brussels. it goes into another day as belgium observes a day of mourning. we're going to take you live there. >> terror cell. the newly uncovered link between the brussels bombings and the paris attacks. frightening details about isis. >> the state of emergency in the great plains. >> the rapidly spreading grass fires burning in several states. the evacuations and concerns about gusty wind conditions. >> later in "the skinny," bridget jones returns. renee zellweger and her loveable character is back. a glimpse at her role in a new movie years in the making. it is thursday, march 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning on this thursday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan.
3:31 am
let's get started this half hour with the latest in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. as the investigation and the manhunt continues, more and more links are being made between brussels and the attacks in paris. >> those responsible are now known to be part of the same isis terror cell. for the very latest we're joined right now from you brussels by abc's aaron katersky. good morning. >> kendis, good morning. there was supposed to be a third even more powerful explosion at the brussels airport on tuesday and this morning, the hunt is on for whoever placed that bomb. wearing masks and body armor, police hunt for a terrorist, they're looking for this man seen in a surveillance image moment before the two blasts at the brussels airport. authorities said he left a bag containing the biggest bomb that did not detonate as planned. the two other attackers seen pushing luggage that contained their bombs have been identified.
3:32 am
one of them has been linked to the paris attacks. the three were picked up in a taxi from an address where police later discovered signs of a bomb factory, explosives, chemicals, bags of nails. the shrapnel wounded 300 people at the airport and the metro station. at least 31 are dead. this is the second day of national mourning. the airport is closed to passengers till at least saturday. the subways are running on a limited schedule. and today a new worry. the main suspect from the november bombings and shootings in paris is due in a belgian court. sal la abdeslam was captured here last week after his fingerprints were found in an apartment rented by one of the brussels suicide bombers. >> his court appearance had been delayed over security fears here in belgium. there are still fears of the potential for follow-on attacks either here in this european capital or in another one as we get ever closer to the easter holiday.
3:33 am
and as you can see behind me, belgians have left the usual mementos we've seen after attacks around the world of terrorism and these mementos are going to linger. this has been a spot of gathering for people to stand in solidarity and defiance in the face of the latest terror attack. kendis, reena. >> aaron, what are police most concerned about when it comes to the terror threat there in belgium? >> reporter: i think there are two things. one the urgent manhunt under way for someone who may know about the attacks themselves on tuesday and perhaps their direct connection to the paris attacks and whether there are any more operatives out there. they've been searching for one person they believe but they've also continued to search for others at least somewhat linked to the paris attacks. so all of these hunts are quite urgent because as the belgians have found in the bomb factory, there are signs around this city that other attacks may have been
3:34 am
in the offing. >> abc's aaron katersky joining us from brussels city and a country that is observing an official day of mourning there. aaron, thank you. we're going to continue with brussels. because there's been some confusion about an american couple who remain unaccounted for in brussels. justin and stephanie schultz were last seen at brussels international airport. they had just been visited by her mother who was returning home to kentucky. one of the blasts separated them but the state department had told their family they had been found and were being treated at a hospital when in actuality, they are still missing. >> well, a troubling report from the "associated press" quotes officials as saying that isis has trained at least 400 fighters to target europe in deadly waves of attacks. it says that those fighters have orders to choose the time, place and method to create maximum chaos. abc's brian ross has more. >> it's increasingly clear to
3:35 am
u.s. authorities that the deadly terror attack this week in brussels and last november in paris were the work of one interconnected isis cell based in belgium made of at least 16 terror recruits, 13 of them now dead, one under arrest. and two still being south. >> it's got more moving parts. it's got people attacking in different ways. it's a more resilient kind of terror cell i think. >> reporter: the culmination of more than a year of careful planning by isis central command in syria that allowed the cell to avoid detection for so long. >> they do train their people in the fundamentals of being a spy, of being a terrorist cell. fundamentals of secure communication. >> among those of documents ties to both paris and brussels is that suspected bomb maker, 24-year-old najim laachraoui who's weres were discovered in the brussels airport. authorities say they have found his dna and fingerprints at bomb factories that produced
3:36 am
explosives for both paris and brussels. authorities now believe that cell in brussels is out of people, out of explosives. but the concern remains about other terror cells across europe still covert and still actively plotting. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> this morning there are major new very manies in the cyberattack on a new york area dam. the justice department is expected to announce as soon as today a criminal indictment against seven iranian-backed hackers. it's believed the group is behind the computer intrusion of the small new york dam and dozens of u.s. banks. the indictment is expected to directly link the iranian government to the attacks. the governor of kansas has declared a state of emergency because of a rapidly spreading grass fire along the border with oklahoma. the fire has burned more than 100 square miles and closed roads. about a dozen homes have been evacuated. winds are strong. and the fire is still out of control. ranchers and farmers are worried.
3:37 am
>> it's the worst possible situation as far as wind. >> if they don't get this thing shut down pretty quick, it's going to rank right up there. >> smoke and ash from the wildfire is making the air unhealthy as far away as wichita about 0 miles away. authorities say parts of new mexico and northwest texas are also at risk for wildfires. >> and the strong winds in the southern plains are creating other problems for drivers. highway crews are having to remove loads of tumble weeds. they're even rolling in from the mesa onto the streets of albuquerque. one resident says it's the worst she's seen in a decade in ten years. and there's been a run on pitchforks at hardware stores, as well. and travel through the denver area is even worse. look at this. a spring blizzard closing major highways. the plows having trouble with the heavy blowing snow. the denver international airport reopened but many flights today still canceled. the full force of the blizzard hasn't reached wisconsin yet.
3:38 am
but the governor has already declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard. >> today's forecast, up to a foot of snow in green bay as the blizzard moves east. rain from the eastern great lakes to new england. rain in the pacific northwest. severe weather and a threat of tornadoes in the deep south. >> 40s in minneapolis and boston. 50s in great falls, montana, and portland. 60s in dallas and new york. 70s in atlanta and l.a. >> a california college student is recovering after a freak accident involving e cigarettes. the 20-year-old was skate boarding across the campus of orange coast college when two spare e cigarette batteries suddenly burst into flames in his pocket catching his pants on fire. he suffered burns to his thigh and groin before a friend came to his rescue. >> one of his friends tried to put out the fire with his shirt. trying to put out the fire so he doesn't get hurt. >> authorities say batteries can explode when they come into contact with other metals such as keys or coins but the
3:39 am
student's father says he had nothing else in his pocket. one other excuse to give up smoking i guess for some. >> good point. so this is, you can't make this stuff up. a flying saucer stolen from the ufo museum in roswell, new mexico has been found torn to pieces. >> surveillance video shows three men loading the model spaceship into a pickup truck early saturday, then driving off. the fiberglass and metal ufo was later discovered in a ditch, ripped apart and ultimately destroyed. >> so the flying saucer had been a fixture outside the museum for years but it was recently knocked off its mount in a snowstorm. do we really think those are humans getting the flying saucer? or they just came back for what they own? >> definitely not humans. >> nice theme. >> coming up in "the skinny," the tribute to a rap legend. not from a fellow celebrity but from a tv news track reporter. >> this is a good one. >> also ahead, the super hero scene stealer. we'll meet the actress playing
3:40 am
wonder woman in the batman versus superman movie. >> that's supposed to be a good movie, too. >> as we return to our top story, the security concerns amplified here in the u.s. after the terror attacks in belgium. you're watching "world news now." sarcasm. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years.
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and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. look at what federal agents discovered. a tunnel used to smuggle drugs from mexico into the u.s. it runs more than 400 yards from a restaurant to a three-bedroom house in southern california. and authorities say the house was built specifically for the tunnel. the contractor was told to leave space in the foundation for a
3:44 am
floor safe. agents seized more than a ton of marijuana and arrested four people. >> a flight attend suspects of leaving behind 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at l.a.x. is due in court today. the dea says marsha reynolds you see her here with her luggage in two turned herself in yesterday in new york. she's a jetblue flight attendant. she was randomly chosen for a screening last week when authorities say she left behind her suitcase and then she ran from the airport. >> returning to our top story that we've been talking about, security at many of the nation's airports remains high this morning following the attacks in brussels. >> abc's david kerley has more on what's being done to protect soft targets. >> reporter: at atlanta's airport -- >> they're making us rush out of the terminal here. passengers run from the baggage areas after a dog alerted on a piece of luggage. it's the anxiety after brussels. it was a plane landing in orlando, searched. the denver airport shut down because of a suspect bag.
3:45 am
at most u.s. airports, it's only beyond tsa checkpoints the boarding gates, the actual airfield that are secure areas. but should that circle of security be extended to the ticketing terminal or even out to the access road where identification and bags might be collected? -- checked? >> do we need to do that at this point after brussels? >> i don't know if after brussels those types of measures are necessary in this country yet. >> reporter: with an estimated 9.5 million americans expected to travel to europe this spring and summer, that state department travel warning is active. terrorists plan to target european sporting events, tourist sites and transportation. experts say the additional officers and dogs do make these open areas safer but to make them secure would take the radical and expensive step of moving security all the way to the outside doors or beyond. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. >> spring break time. a lot of people concerned about air travel. >> this was supposed to be a
3:46 am
very, very, very busy year for air travel. so a lot of concerns indeed. coming up, why madonna finally has some good news to enjoy. >> plus a traffic reporter's hip-hop tribute. "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
♪ here we go, yo, so what, what is the scenario.
3:48 am
here we go, yo. >> here we go, yo, with the skinny scenario. starting with the tributes pouring in for hip-hop icon phife dog. >> malik taylor, phife dawg, was a founding member of the pioneer group a tribe called quest. he died late tuesday the age of 45, due to complications from diabetes. >> the other members of tribe including q tip released a statement saying they are devastated by the news as well as countless others remembering the emcee for his unique sense of wordplay, his lyrical flow, his fun loving attitude. it's not just other rappers influenced by phife. check out the traffic reporter from our atlanta station honoring the rapper by quoting his lyrics throughout the broadcast. >> you want point mark? we're on point, fred. absolutely seeing stone mountain freeway highway 78. one for the treble, two for the bass. you know the style, mark mackay. time to flip this.
3:49 am
mark mackay my man going each and every place with traffic tracker 2 in his hand. mark mackay, are things ludicrously speedy or infectionious with the slow mo? >> infectious with the slow mo currently. ♪ >> nice. >> i love it. >> that was awesome. >> the traffic reporter says a tribe called class was the sound track to his youth and credits phife dawg as one of the big influences in his life. >> he does traffic and rap. he does all of that and refuses to come back. >> good one, brian. >> if mark ever wants to do a hip-hop newscast, i'm in. was that good? did you approve of that? he actually wrote that because i'm not that cool. >> he was so proud like in the commercial break beforehand, he was like -- >> coaching me through it. >> here's how you have to hit it. >> then he laughed like this is not going to work. >> nice job. >> nailed it. >> nailed it. >> you needed to work in a little bonita applebum, as well. >> i'll perfect it for next time. >> good job. let's talk about bridget jones
3:50 am
back. a recognizable, that's key, renee zellweger emerges with the third installment of the beloved british character. we last saw bridget jones in 2004 when she was engaged to mark darcy. >> but the just released trailer for the sequel reveals she got jilted at the altar. so jones is still single and working in tv. but there's one major turn of events. she's pregnant and caught in a love triangle between the two suspecting fathers played by colin firth and patrick dempsey. >> oh. >> i'm pregnant. >> surprise. >> oh, no, bridget. who's the father? is it mark? >> there's at least a 50% chance. >> a 50% chance? did you have a three-way. >> >> i guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. "bridget jones baby" is set to hit theaters september 16th. i look forwarded to that one. >> it's so good to see her smile with all that botox. >> kidding.
3:51 am
next, madonna reaching another milestone on the road. >> the material girl has been under some stress recently with the custody battle over her son rocco and australian fans outraged over the singer's extreme tardiness. finally some good news. based on billboard's box 4 archives madonna has now grossed over $1.3 billion on tour throughout her career. >> her reb heart tour helped push her out in front of bruce springsteen as the top selling touring act of all time. >> finally a little throwback thursday here in "the skinny" with david hasselhoff going shirtless with a red switching trunk. it's 2016, and the hoff is back on the beach. >> this image circulating online showing hasselhoff in character on the set of the new "baywatch" movie with the tough task of having to stand next to the rock. >> yeah, it is tough. >> the hoff says he has been working out for the role in the film reboot set to hit theaters
3:52 am
in may of next year. looking good, hoff, looking good. >> 63. >> he looks fantastic. >> he looks awesome. >> fantastic. >> wonder woman next. ♪ music ♪ introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. garden party for her birthday. a fabulous so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster.
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3:55 am
♪ wonder woman, get us out from under wonder woman ♪ >> that's the theme music that we play as reena walks onto the set every day. >> every morning. >> absolutely. >> before the show and after the show. >> now you know there's a new wonder woman that is in town and just in time, word is a couple of other guys are about to go at it in batman versus superman dawn of justice". >> the actress is primed for a breakout role and sat down with abc's nick watt telling him that this is just the beginning for female superheros. >> reporter: yes the movie is called batman versus superman but did you know that wonder woman nearly steals the show? >> is she with you? >> i love everything about her everything she stands for and
3:56 am
had everything she symbolizes is things that i love and believe in. truth and love and compassion and justice. i want to be her. >> reporter: you are. >> yeah, but in real life, no, i am. you're right. i need to get used to the fact. >> reporter: gal gadot is actor, model and one-time israeli soldier. >> you were in the idf. right. >> i was, yeah. >> doing what? >> i was a combat trainer. >> reporter: training to play wonder woman, she says, reminded her of boot camp. by the way, a stand alone movie ready in the works. >> we're shooting wonder woman as we speak. >> landing at l.a.x. after a long flight from home. >> i saw 30 missed calls from my agents. so i caused them while still sitting in the airplane. and then they said, gal, you can't say anything to anyone yet but you got the part. and then i started yelling and screaming and i melted and i became one big puddle of myself. >> reporter: her life will never be the same. >> as a mother for a 4-year-old girl, my daughter is very much into princesses.
3:57 am
the princess, she always falls asleep and then the prince is the one to wake her up. she doesn't do anything. i mean, she's passive. so for me, it made me feel really, really good about the fact that we're bringing wonder woman to life. what an amazing great role model she is. >> i don't think you've ever known a woman like me. >> i think that everyone are going to be very surprised when they're going to step out of the theater. don't you think? you signed the papers. >> reporter: yep, they made blabber mouth promise to keep my mouth shut. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, do you know that they hired a trainer, the director hired a trainer for her because she was so skinny. they wanted her to hold her own against the men. >> you didn't need a trainer. >> are you trying to say i'm not so skinny? >> thank you for that very skinny mini and looking fierce. >> i did have a tennis match today. into is that
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, massive manhunt for one of the brussels attackers. raids across the country for a second straight day, plus new details on the bomb that didn't go off. and the intelligence failure allowing the bombers to plan the attack. we're live in brussels. and searching for the americans still unaccounted for after the attack. their families holding on to hope. severe weather on two fronts, high winds and drying conditions sparking wildfires. a state of emergency declared and springtime blizzard. over a foot of snow falling right now. smooth moves. president obama kicking up his heels, dancing the tango.


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