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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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teach. she is accused of doing the unthinkable and committing the ultimate betrayal. that nicole vertrosea was sending sexually explicit messages to a 13-year-old child. >> you think the people they are around in school are taking care of them and not obviously taking advantage of them. >> i am a mom and my first instinct is to protect my kid. i can't imagine. it wouldn't be pretty. >> people are concerned with about the troubling news in middletown, delaware. it started in january when the teen victim's mother said she found sexual content on her child's cell phone. the school contacted police and they determine that the teacher was in a relationship way 13-year-old since december of
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2015. he said i don't understand my feelings or how you have this effect on me. >> a 13-year-old is not an adult he is not a man. as a woman i can't fathom it. as a woman i don't understand it. i don't find children attractive. >> the music teacher is terminated and in jail facing charges, including dealing in child important and solicitation of a child under the age of 13. >> i can't put my finger on it. i don't know what their processes are. >> bail was set at $215,000. we learned she taught private classes and anybody thought to
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be have had inappropriate contact with the teacher is asked to call police. now police in brussels believe there was a fiveth man involved in the terror attacks and is still alive. he was spotted just before his bomb exploded in the maalbeek subway station. they are continuing their feverish manhunt for this suspect believed to have escaped gist after the bombing. the two terrorists who were killed, left behind potential clues and police found what appears to be a suicide night and he wrote, quote he is in a bad situation and if he didn't act immediately, he would be in a prison cell like him. he believes this is in reference
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to salah abdeslam who was captured last week. this after the attacks in belgium leaving 31 dead. sebastian pelin was among the 270 injured. >> i remember seeing an explosion and the whole time i was just trying to tell myself i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it. >> today as the memorials to the victims continue they hold out hope for those that are still missing. coverage continues at and we are constantly posting updates on the information and you can find pictures and video from the scene as well as reaction from around the world. >> thank you. >> atlantic city continues to move towards financial collapse and officials remain not knowing what to do about it.
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new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic, live in atlantic city once again today where the deadline is fast approaching. >> reporter: hi there brian, while the political posturing continues, mayor don guardian says that he wants to meet with governor christie to talk about all of this. but come april 8th essential services will be in operation. >> the streets are going to be clean and the trash picked up and the police are in full service. all over the city and the fire department is going to stand ready. surrounded by city council and police and fire chief they say that some city services will shut down, exactly what offices will be closed is still being worked out. city officials want the state to rescue city finances but the governor says atlantic city
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doesn't get any money without the state taking over control. >> i will not have the taxpayers of this state get their pockets picked again by atlantic city. >> they say they have cooperated with the state and they are angry the governor has not done more to avoid a looming bankruptcy. >> he is more concerned about being a groupie with donald trump than making sure this situation could be avoided. >> the take over bill has passed in the senate but the assembly speaker says he will not post it because it takes away collective bargaining rights from city workers and that they already control finances in the city. brian and sharrie -- >> thank you. we'll stay on top of all the developments as this unfolded in atlantic city. >> it's time fow for a check of the accuweather forecast.
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>> a bright spot in the day. lets head outside. >> a lot of sunshine outside today. we are looking at 60s and 70s and 50s across the area. 67 in philadelphia and baltimore 74 but trenton right now the shore and new york city only in the 50s with a back door cold front trying to swing in from the north and east cutting the numbers in parts of our viewing area. also attracting a cold front to the west low pressure in chicago on double scan live radar that low tracks past the border of canada and the united states sending warmer winds in and showers to start your good friday. as we take a look at the planner here for the next 12 hours, temperatures hold steady but dry at 10:00 and then rain arrives tomorrow morn between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. west of philadelphia. mild southerly winds overnight and showers develop in the
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predawn hours and a wet start to your friday and sun returns tomorrow afternoon and temperature goes back into the 70s for most of the area. we are tracking cooler changes for the easter weekend, we'll have the numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. after days of anticipation, the wait is finally over, the villanova wildcats take the court for their sweet 16 match-up against the miami hurricanes, jeff skversky is live in louisville where the cats tip-off in a few hours. hi jeff. >> reporter: this is what nova nation has been waiting for the a painful wait and finally the cats are back in the sweet 16, the seven year drought is over and they take on miami at 7:10. can you wait especially after the way they played up in brooklyn and everyone is expected them to get to the elite 8 tonight. villanova takes the floor
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against miami, the third seeded hurricanes in about three hours and this is uncharted territory for this group of villanova players, they have never suited up in the sweet 16 before but it doesn't sound like they with getting caught up on the big stage of the big dance, they are expecting to be calm, cool and collected as they tip-off. >> i think i'll be ready to go, i'm eager to play the game right now, i don't think there will be nerves and everyone is prepared because the coach has done a great job with the scouting report. >> when things tip-off, what are the emotions going on in your head? >> once it tips off a lot of the emotion is gone and you are dialed in. the emotion is everything else. standing there for the national anthem and looking around and seeing the crowd and getting the feeling of where your guys are and what they get to experience. be down the court with them here. all of that is emotional. once the ball goes up that is
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the fun and it's like every other big game and it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: villanova has been a lot of fun to watch over the last few years, over the last few years they have the best winning percentage in the country and they expect to get a little further tonight to the elite eight, they have to beat of course miami tonight at 7:10, we'll have more at 5:00, jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. brand new now at 4:00, we have good news for commuters, the falls bridge will reopen tomorrow ahead of schedule. the bridge over the schuylkill river is closed for almost two months for emergency repairs but will be open for tomorrow morning's rush and the work wasn't set to be finished until april 1st and they close tropical disturbance to make the money fix and the bridge needs a new project to repair or replace
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it in the future. that sounds like a note to get a first check of your "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is here with more. >> reporter: i have been watching the falls bridge this afternoon. but i have been seeing a couple of cars crossing the span over the schuylkill river, this is welcome news that it is opening substantially earlier than we thought, it was scheduled to reopen next friday but the falls bridge in the process of reopening in east falls, the bad news is, coming up next friday we lose the walnut lane bridge for construction until september. a little bit of good news at least in east falls this afternoon. that is extra beneficial because the city avenue bridge is a problem. in is southbound at presidential where joe's crab shack sits on the right side. a vehicle fire here and the fire truck is blocking off several of
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the southbound lanes, coming off the city avenue bridge on to city avenue southbound expect delays. we are also watching a crash in the holmesburg section of the city but traffic can squeeze by. and in south philadelphia, avoid it's isn't section of south broad and ritner, and across the river a crash at 295 northbound near 47 speeds in the 30 there. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday. a rough morning today in delaware, but this afternoon a lot of heavy volume and a pothole on 141 northbound by newport. >> thank you matt. still ahead at 4:00, we have word of a recall involving a popular baby product. >> plus, a local amusement park have plans to build a massive solar farm. why people are opposed to this.
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as the race for the white house heats up, a brand new 6 abc brandon and marshall college poll shows that one presidential candidate is surging in pennsylvania. donald trump leads the pack here with 33% in the upcoming primary, but john kasich is a close second with 30% and ted cruz is in third place with 20%. and it's worth noting that they nearly doubled here in pennsylvania now that marco rubio dropped out. kasich recently campaigns here in our area at villanova university. and hillary clinton continues to hold a sizable lead of 53% over bernie sanders 28%. and if you compare the numbers in a general election match-up they are worth looking at.
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clinton leads trump and cruz by double digits in pennsylvania. and in the race for pennsylvania senate, joe sestak is in the lead with 31% and the closest competition is from katie mcginty. and here is a big number to consider, those that are still undecided at 46% in this latest poll and in the numbers here. and finally something else to think about when it comes to the state budget, it was backed by republicans and it will go into effect on sunday and even though governor wolf did not sign it or veto it either. and when they held the polls the state legislate your was held responsible rather than the governor. >> a lot to follow thank you. meantime, vice president, joe biden, is calling for the
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confirmation of president obama's nominee merrick garland. some republican leaders are refusing to meet with garland, because they believe the next president should she's the nominee. during the speech at georgetown law school, he called it a threat to the constitution, it leaves eight justices to decide controversial cases and the possibility of a tie leaving them possibly unresolved. >> cases in limbo will remain in limbo, suspended in midair. more than two centuries ago -- >> biden defended his marks from 1992, some say he supported blocking a supreme court nominee during an election season but he says his remarks were taken out of contest. >> great vent got approval to cut down 13,000 trees to make
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room for a solar farm. they agreed to the theme park's request from an environmental activists. they say it gives them a bad name because it is destroying habitat, a good project but being built in the wrong place. and gerber is recalling food because of the packages, organic second food pouchs, the carrot and pears variety. the second is the carrots, apples and mangos variety. with a use by date of july 13th or 14th, the packaging defect could cause the food to spoil. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> all right just a beautiful day outside. we return there once again and meteorologist, adam joseph soaking up the sunshine on city avenue. >> grabbing vitamin d before the
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clouds increase and showers coming in to start your friday morning to end the week and depending on your location, is how it feels in the sunshine, take a look at the present numbers. you don't have to go far from bucks county, 63 with sunshine and levittown, and 70 to oxford, 59 in quakertown, there is a front setting up in parts of montgomery and bucks county and even philadelphia county and swinging down into burlington county where hammonton 55 and 46 in toms river and glassboro and dover sitting in the low 70s. really this front has no precipitation with it. just a wind shift in certain locations. you can see the southerly winds philadelphia to the south and west and then the east-northeasterly winds moving in as the front moves in from the ocean and along part of the shore, long beach island and monmouth and ocean up to new
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york city, it has been a raw miserable day with clouds coming in with the easterly wind and temperatures there only in the upper 40s. we'll take the sun even if it's 50s in some of our region. some clear skies on the eastern seaboard but a front is to the west and we track that in cincinnati and parts of the tennessee valley sweeps through here in the first half of the day tomorrow. the clouds thicken up today tonight and the rain arrives late and we drop to 58 in philadelphia around 9:00, 10:00 and then the temperatures rise, by tomorrow morning's rush hour we'll be in the mid-60s area wide at 7:30 as the shower as approach the lehigh valley and lancaster but it's a dry morning rush, southern new jersey but midmorning there could be a hit of downpours and the rumble of thunder and temperatures mild and the front is off the coast. and middle part of the afternoon the temperatures soar back into the 70s in much of the area.
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your four day at 4:00 forecast, we start with rain on and off with returning sun in the afternoon and temperatures in the lower 70s and much cooler as the northwesterly winds and northerly winds take over and sunny and beautiful and just 60 degrees and easter sunday clouds developing throughout the day and a dry day at 64 and then the rain arrives on monday and it's a dreary day from start to finish and downpours and a rumble of thunder and temperatures in the lower 60s. we'll let you know where the next seven days go in the next half hour. >> have you conversation go throng. you never know on city avenue. the stars of a brand new movie come to philadelphia to give a boost to city schools. and villanova plays in loui tournament going on here in philadelphia and it's giving our economy quite a shot in the arm
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alicia. >> and it's the viral image of an officer and a woman warming hearts across facebook. ♪
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two famous faces are lending their support to philadelphia students. ice cube and dion cole gave $5,000 to the wrights book campaign, that money going to special classroom library for kids in kindergarten to third grade, the two actors stopped here for a tour promoting the next movie in the barbershop movies. well, you call the wardrobe at this school this morning colonial chic. they traveled back in time as part of the colonial day celebration, it's part of a district wide social studies unit focusing on america's earliest history, the kids wore
4:26 pm
period costumes and played games and listened to music. >> a mass was celebrated this morning at the cathedral of saints peter and paul, all archdiocese priests were invited to come celebrate. during the mass archbishop charles chaput gave a mass for those new to christ and blessed the sick. a sandwich is being honored around the country, it's national cheesesteak game. they made free deliveries to the police officers at the 21st district. some of the most legendary shops donated the goodies to thank the police for everything they do to keep us safe. >> just love cheesesteaks, i could eat them for breakfast. >> i think you have. >> coming up basketball fans from across the country are
4:27 pm
descending into philadelphia while march madness is on their minds. an overdue movie rental has a man in trouble with the law. think vhs. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do. she doesn't work 21 percent less. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less?
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for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie
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williams and brian taff. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a local family doing more than their share to help victims of flint water crisis. and a local man is calling on the public to help find the driver who killed his brother. a powerful message for the person that did it. and new emergency braking systems are put to the test. how they actually work and how they are already saving lives. and march madness is ininviting philadelphia. basketball fans are here to watch their teams compete and also boosting business across the city. john rawlins is live now at the wells fargo center where they let fans get a glimpse of practice. >> the fans of the badgers, hoosier, tar heels or fighting irish, are here or heading here. they are rooting for four different teams tomorrow that is
4:30 pm
for sure. but the people in the tourism and hospitality industry hope they do one thing and that is open their wallets. >> a freebie, fans could watch their teams practice at no charge. this is the mens basketball regional in philadelphia, last time was 2001. they estimate it will draw 17,000 people to the area and they will snap up 10,000 room nights at area hotels. >> we brought cash and we are ready to spend it. the thing is when you are on vacation and traveling, you are looser with your money. >> they hope so. >> yes, and so far great. the hotel was fabulous when we checked in today sfwr the games will only take a few hours to play and they hope that the out of towners will spend the rest of the time taking in the sights and spending money.
4:31 pm
>> will probably buy more cheesesteaks in the next two days than i have in the last 365. >> i'll be with 20 irish fans, they don't drink the coca cola, they drink the cold stuff. we are looking forward to a great weekend in the city. >> reporter: well practice is over and tomorrow night the games, and he is previously from philadelphia and will hopefully be out spending money. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. meanwhile, "action news" is in louisville kentucky, as villanova gets ready for a match-up against miami tonight. jeff skversky joins us with a live report at 5:00. we are following developing news now, parking meters in the city of philadelphia are having major issues, the parking authority says that none of the kiosks are
4:32 pm
accepting credit card payments because of a wireless problem, they accept cash and coins and the meter up app. motorists will still be required to pay for parking despite the disruption. >> the brother of a deadly hit and run victim wants to make sure that no one forgets about his case. fred mccarthy is asking anyone with information to come forward. his brother, jeremiah was hit and killed at the end of february trying to walk across lancaster pike and hockessin, police released the blurry image of this dark suv they believe was involved. fred has this to say to the person responsible. >> what you have done is wrong and i like you to understand that i am willing to forgive you and my family is willing to forgive you. >> take a look at this. the brother fred is circulating this image on facebook urging the driver to do the right thing
4:33 pm
and turn themselves in. deadly gun fire erupted early this morning in the kensington section of philadelphia. police say that a man was shot several times on the 1800 block and first responders rushed him to the hospital and he was pronounced dead and officers are checking surveillance cameras with the hopes of getting a trips of the person that pulled the trigger. a freak industrial accidents land aid person in the hospital, a 35-year-old man became trapped under a bale of paper injuring his leg. it happened while he was operating a piece of equipment. police are looking into the circumstances surrounding this. we are talking about another beautiful day outside. as we look forward to the weekend here. >> yes, bright out there now and depending on your location, it's how warm or cold it is with the front coming in from the north and west and then over the weekend a big change comes in and a little rain tomorrow. as we look live at penn's
4:34 pm
landing, 67 degrees in the city of philadelphia but in northeast philly it's 60 degrees, a big change in a short amount of real estate. the wins out of the east-northeast at 15 and pressure 28.89 inches. cape may choppy waters there and dew point 48 with the southerly winds, you can see how they are whipping with all of those white caps of the ocean and the ocean water temperature just 47 degrees, and the temperature of 47 that is why the numbers are cooler right along the shore. we are tracking rain from the west and we'll check the timing for that and what it means for the easter weekend. >> it makes you chilly. we'll let you know what the weekend has in store. >> a truck load of water is on its way from new casting delaware from flint michigan.
4:35 pm
carline and her family collected wipes and water and other supplies to help the people of the crisis. spencer says she feels it's important to help others in need. >> they have been dealt a hand that they did not deserve. they didn't do anything to deserve the position they have been put in. this is a tangible thing we can do. >> spencer also wants to teach her children about humanitarian work, she says she received more donations than she ever expected. >> a mascot fanatphanatic and p phoebe met at 5th and market to celebrate the flash of the bus root to reach a dozen center city destinations. safety advocates say that installing cameras on roads in
4:36 pm
philadelphia will make them safer for everyone from pedestrians to drivers. rick williams is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> safety was the topic of discussion at jefferson university. to make speed cameras on streets. they are breaking down the plan and the help needed from the state to make it happen. and coming up a major gap in concussions reported by the nfl, the high-profile football star whose injuries were left out of league data despite them being public knowledge. two of the stories we are following for you for "action news" at 5:00. sharrie we'll see you in a few minutes. >> thank you. the push is on to get more young people excited about math and science, the final competition for go i.t. was held today.
4:37 pm
the goal is to get students to embrace science and projects. it's put on by tada who partners with boy scouts of america. they fight fires and crime and today they kicked off efforts to fight fat. philadelphia fire commissioner, derek sawyer was joined by myron paterson. the competition pits the departments against each other to see which can lose more weight in the next 13 weeks. the event benefits the families of fallen police and firefighters and all the officers that are working to get if shape. a friendly competition. i'm sure they want to win. next on "action news" an overdue video rental lands a man in jail more than a decade after he rented it. and cracking down on hackers, a group of iranians is
4:38 pm
accused of hacking and costing americans millions of dollars. meteorologist, adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast. "action news" at 4:00 comes right back.
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just process that image for a moment as we enjoy a nice spring day we can be thankful we are not digging out from this, that is what people in denver are doing, last night's blizzard dumped a foot of snow and shut down the airport for hours and the same system brought severe weather to texas and golf ball-size hail caused damage to roofs and cars and repair companies are working overtime and people are left hoping that tape and tarps hold up for now. meantime a jetblue flight
4:41 pm
attendant that allegedly had 80 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase, a judge just issued bail for marcia gay reynolds. she fled the airport last week, she was trying to smuggle drugs on to a plane but panicked when she was chosen for a screening, she ditched her bag along with her designer heels and ran barefoot through lax. attorney general loretta lynch says all the suspects on the run today are linked to the iranian government, they are accused of hacking into dozens of u.s. banks and causing customers from accessing their accounts online and that the crimes happen between 2011 and 2013 and cost victims millions of dollars and the group is accused of hacking into a small
4:42 pm
dam in new york state and the fbi says it will be difficult to arrest the suspects but will do everything they can to hold them accountable. call it a sign of the times, forget a love interest, tinder wants you to find your perfect match inside of the polling booth, the dating app wants you to find the presidential candidate best suited for you, the swipe the vote feature asks people important questions like what do they think about same-sex marriage to legalizing marijuana and it's death penalty and more. it matches candidates with a user and they hope it will get more millennials to the voting booth this election year. and the facebook post eliciting big smiles today. the sheriff's office in maryland captured the moment here. the story starts when a woman called 911 to report her
4:43 pm
81-year-old mother missing, mom went out for her daily walk and never returned. scary for the family because mom has dementia, when officers found her she said she lost her way and asked too if they too were out taking a walk and they said yesterday and took her hand and showed her the way home and this is the rewarding part of policing. >> this is sweet stuff. >> it's like forgetting to return a library book but everybody can use a book but not everybody can play a vhs tape. a north carolina man was arrested, yes cuffed, the whole nines for failing to return a vhs rental he took out in 2002. james myers says he was driving his daughter to school and was pulled over for a taillight out and when they ran his license he was arrested and served with a warrant for failure to return
4:44 pm
the vhs to the video store and it's punishable with a fine of up to $200, obviously he turned himself in he was arrested and a twist to this, the star of the film he rented, tom green, called him after hearing the story and offered to pay the $200 fine, no word on where the vhs is or who has a player. >> i have a player. >> i have the tapes so -- >> maybe you can watch this movie. >> the poor guy. arrest seems excessive. lets get a check of the road. matt pellman is here. >> the question is did he rewind because that would be double the offense. blue route 476 it's busy this afternoon. some people may be heading out of town early for easter weekend nonetheless it's just busy on
4:45 pm
southbound 476, 53 minutes should be 18 between the schuylkill and 95 and you are moving at a slow pace from the schuylkill to the route 1 media bypass, the falls bridge is back in business after having been closed since february 1st and they wrapped things up early so go ahead and use it and enjoy falls bridge opened to you as of 3:00 this afternoon, that is good news because we have problems on city avenue, the alternate, but that vehicle fire is out of the way. and our overturned vehicle crash in philadelphia at ritner has also cleared. a crash at holmesburg near ashburner, and a crash inwity pan township at 73, and norristown by st. paul roman catholic church at new hope street. also, a fire police directing
4:46 pm
you around a crash in avondale at baltimore pike, that too is a good spot to avoid. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right. we were just talking about our vhs tapes here. thanks my friend. >> everyone under 21 is like what? .
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
we have peaked at perfection here on this thursday afternoon. >> a lot of sunshine out there and there is a front coming in from the north and west and it has really dropped the temperatures up towards trenton and some areas are in the 70s but beautiful no matter what out there with the sunshine and the action cam capturing the early blooming magnolias, i have one in my hard. it bloomed early to mid april,
4:49 pm
running three weeks ahead of schedule from last winter and a beautiful sight to see that contrast of the blue sky and the white and pink pedals. there will be rain coming in late tonight and early tomorrow morning with the cold front from the west. but as we look at numbers from philadelphia county alone, in northeast philly, it's 59 degrees. south philadelphia at the airport 67 degrees and it's an 8 degree drop in temperature in just 20 miles because of a front that is coming in from the north and east. trenton it's just 50 and beach haven 49 and the shore 50 to 57 degrees and millville and dover all in the lower 70s now and reading 67, and lehigh valley 64 degrees, it's all about location the direction you see the wind come in. satellite and radar, a cold front from the west and low
4:50 pm
pressure from chicago the low is to the north and that warms all of us with the southerly wind taking over and rain arriving first thing tomorrow morning. clouds are thickening up and rain arrives late and temperatures settle near 58 across the area, and jump late tonight into early tomorrow morning, in fact for the morning rush hour, temperatures in the 60s area wide with showers coming in from the north and west and there will be spotty areas of rain north and west of philadelphia and 11:00 in the morning with the cold front and quick downpours and a rumble of thunder and it doesn't last long and a quarter inch of rain and just after lunch into the middle part of the afternoon, sun returns west to east and nice friday afternoon on tap after rain in the morning. we look at saturday lots of sun and cooler northeast winds come in on saturday with temperatures honestly only around the 60
4:51 pm
degree mark and then easter sunday itself, 46 degrees and bright and cool first thing in the morning for easter egg hunts and if you are going to be at church services, noon 56 and 4:00 in the afternoon nice and mild despite clouds taking over sunshine with temperatures in the lower 60s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showers to sunshine here for tomorrow, with a temperature coming in at 72 and cooler at 60 on saturday, and wall-to-wall sunshine, and clouds filter back in for easter sunday but it's dry and temperatures at 64, and lower 60s a rainy dreary day on monday as low pressure rides through and drops the temperature as we dry out on tuesday at 56 and temperatures go back up and turns breezy and milder at the end of the next week into the upper 60s. we'll get the showers out in the front part of the day tomorrow and into the afternoon and weekend it's dry and not too bad. >> thanks adam. coming up we take a look at
4:52 pm
what's the deal? and car braking systems.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
many car makers offer emergency braking systems on model or not at all. 20 auto makers just committed to making the life saving feature in the coming years. >> this new commitment by auto makers is really good news for all of us, as a result of this news to make automatic braking systems standard they are changing their rating systems. mike and janice was driving for hours on the highway and the next thing mike zoned out and the car braking and linda yelling my name mike and all of a sudden we have this concrete
4:55 pm
abutment right dead ahead of us. >> it was avoided because the collision prevention system in their dodge durango stopped their car. these sensors anticipate a frontal crash and it applies the brakes as the vehicle approaches an object without the driver even touching the pedal. this system is saving lives already. >> we would have been seriously injured and probably killed. >> 60% of all new cars offer similar technology but often as an optional package costing $500 to $3,000 extra. >> manufacturers of nearly all new cars have agreed to include this as standard equipment by the year 2022, until that time we'll continue to evaluate them as they are introduced.
4:56 pm
consumer reports has changed their car rating system including bonus points for those that include this standard on their streamlines. >> consumer reports surveys subscribers on how well the system works, they found 30% said it saved them from an accident. you can find out which cars have the safety features at nydia han, channel 6 "action news." that does it for "action news" at 4:00. i'm brian taff i hope you'll join me along with sharrie and adam joseph for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. and now rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> hi sharrie thank you. coming up next at 5:00, we are on the road with villanova as they gear up for their sweet 16 showdown, jeff skversky is live in louisville, kentucky. two hours and counting jeff. >> can't wait rick, nova nation finally ready for that return to
4:57 pm
the sweet 16, a long awaited return. we hear from nova nation and jay wright coming up in a few minutes. all right those stories and more coming up next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we are running out of money because the governor withheld $33.5 million, no one else to blame here. harsh words from the mayor of atlantic city. less than an hour ago the mayor put the blame on governor christie. and the countdown to closure in a.c. city officials say they are expected to run out of money two weeks from tomorrow. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic, is live in atlantic city with the details. >> reporter: sharrie and rick, in a local radio interview, christie warned the mayor and
5:00 pm
speaker not to play chicken with him or test him but that appears to be what is happening. and as they prepare for a shut down the city is making preparations, mayor don guardian says that maintenance workers will still pick up the trash and fire and police will be on duty even though they will not be getting paid until later. the resort is headed for bankruptcy. >> if we go to bankruptcy, it's because this governor drives us into bankruptcy, it will be a christie bankruptcy that atlantic city has to pay for. >> governor christie refuses to bail out atlantic city without giving sweeping powers to government. they say the state already controls the city's finances and


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